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New York City's Parade for World Cup Champs; Brits Balk at Markle's Privacy Request; Trump Lashes out at U.K. Ambassador; Gulf Coast on Alert for Possible Storm; Engine Fails Mid-air on Delta Flight. Aired 6:30-7a ET

Aired July 10, 2019 - 06:30   ET


[06:30:00] UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Where they put the children.

ALISYN CAMEROTA, CNN ANCHOR: Wow. I like that you're trying, Errol, that's really -- that's great.

All right, everyone, thank you. On that note, thank you very much.

Up next, Meghan Markle wants privacy at a public event. Her request at Wimbledon has caused an uproar in the U.K.

JOHN BERMAN, CNN ANCHOR: Plus, this video is terrifying. An engine on a flight fails, leaving passengers bracing for an emergency landing. We're going to show you much more of this mid-air scare and tell you how it all turned out. Stick around.


BERMAN: Just the pictures get me excited. The excitement is building here in New York City this morning, frankly around the entire country, as we all get ready to celebrate the World Cup champions with a ticker tape parade.

Alisyn Camerota will be in the middle of it all.

CAMEROTA: That's the biggest news from it.

BERMAN: That is the biggest news from it.

[06:35:01] But in the meantime, CNN's Dave Briggs is live on the parade route.

You are a pioneer, one of the first people there, Dave. It's going to be a big day.

DAVE BRIGGS, CNN ANCHOR, "EARLY START": You've got that right. We are one of the first people here about three hours ahead. But this is one of the parade -- one of over 200 parades they've had here in the Canyon of Heroes. The New York Yankees, lead the say, lead the way with six of those. But this is the first parade through New York City since this very U.S. women's national team had the last one in 2015. So the local paper's celebrating the occasion of "United We Stand." And where we stand right now, the media and police presence exponentially outweighs the fans. But we are seeing a couple of fans stake out their spot with a couple of chairs. You can see the float's about a hundred yards or so from us. All the stars will be out for this parade.

Megan Rapinoe continued her media tour late last night on Anderson Cooper and she talked about their fight for equal pay and also the criticism she's taken for protesting the flag. She did kneel at one point before the Soccer Association required them to stand. She defended her right to protest last night.


MEGAN RAPINOE, U.S. WOMEN'S NATIONAL SOCCER TEAM CAPTAIN: I think that taking care of others, standing up for yourself and other people, if they don't have the ability to do so, is very uniquely American. I think everybody in America would -- would say that. And I think we have a rich history and a pride in saying that in those words and oftentimes in doing that in the world.


BRIGGS: There will undoubtedly be some chants here for equal pay as well as USA. Rapinoe says she's not visiting the White House, though no invitation has been extended. She's very exciting, though, to visit the House and the Senate, even shouting out AOC on AC last night.

Guys, it should be a fun day. We'll check back with you in just a bit.

CAMEROTA: Dave, can't wait to see you down there. It's going to be a really fun day. And just exciting on every single level.

BRIGGS: You too.

CAMEROTA: It's more than a -- I mean who doesn't love a parade? But it's more than a parade.

BERMAN: It is.

CAMEROTA: And it's for everything that it represents.

BERMAN: And he couldn't even ruin it by bringing up the Yankees. Almost, but not quite.

CAMEROTA: You can watch the Parade of Champions. CNN's live coverage begins at 9:30 a.m. Eastern.

OK, meanwhile, Brits are balking at Meghan Markle's request for privacy, asking that no photos be taken of her while she watches tennis matches at Wimbledon.

CNN's Max Foster is live in London to explain.

This is unusual, correct, Max? MAX FOSTER, CNN ANCHOR AND CORRESPONDENT: Yes, Alisyn. It goes back to

a match actually last week where Meghan was with a couple of friends and her entourage watching Serena Williams play. If we look at the images, we can see, the seats around her were clear or cleared for her. It's not quite clear. But there were certainly some other people watching around her a few seats away.

One woman was Sally Jones. And she's actually written in "The Telegraph" this week saying that she was taking pictures of Serena Williams. But this is what she told "The Telegraph." Watching Serena Williams in action in Court One at Wimbledon, I was happily snapping shots of the superstar American powering down huge serves when I felt a tap on my shoulder, would you not take pictures of the duchess, a voice ordered politely. She's here in a private capacity. Team Sussex's demands for ever more privacy is alienating even committed monarchists like me, she says. She says she didn't even know that the duchess was there.

And we also saw another protection officer speaking here to this other member of the audience and asking him to pull back as well. But, actually, if you look closely at his camera, he's actually taking a selfie. So a bit of a misunderstanding there. Certainly a big backlash, though, guys, in parts of the media really looking at many of Meghan's moments in a negative prism right now.

BERMAN: Thoughts?

HARLOW: Well, I mean, I think that when you're a royal, don't you sort of belong to the people? And I think that asking for privacy at a public event is dicey and challenging. I can understand why the British people are annoyed about this because they think that the royal family is theirs.


BERMAN: Royal commentary this morning from Alisyn Camerota.

CAMEROTA: And silence from John Berman.

BERMAN: I'm not allowed to talk about the royal family.

CAMEROTA: That's good.

BERMAN: The president's thin skin with possible new, global repercussions. Is the British ambassador to the United States about to lose his job because he said critical things about the president?


[06:43:26] CAMEROTA: British leaders are defending the U.K. ambassador to the United States as President Trump lashed out at Ambassador Kim Darroch again after Darroch called the Trump administration, quote, inept and clumsy.

Joining us now is Peter Westmacott. He is a former British ambassador to the United States from 2012 to 2016. Mr. Ambassador, thanks so much for being here with us this morning to

help us understand how unusual all of this is.

Let me just read the original cable that was leaked that got Ambassador Darroch into trouble with President Trump. It says, quote, we really don't believe that this administration is going to become substantially more normal, less dysfunctional, less unpredictable, less faction-riven, less diplomatically clumsy and inept.

Were you surprised by the language in that cable?


I'm thinking that yesterday a senior member of the United States Senate told me that he thought that Kim Darroch had used typical British understatement in describing the administration.

I personally was not particularly surprised. It's quite sensitive commentary. But, of course, the ambassador would have sent that to a limited number of people in London as his personal judgment as to what kind of administration we're dealing with or the British government is dealing with. The problem is that it was made public. But I'm not surprised by the language.


WESTMACOTT: Imagine if Ambassador Woody Johnson in London was to write back about how the British government has been handling Brexit. He probably would say it was inept and dysfunctional as well.

CAMEROTA: You're probably right.

WESTMACOTT: If that was leaked by WikiLeaks or "The New York Times" or somebody, would we call for his head and say he's got to lose his job? No, we wouldn't.

[06:45:04] CAMEROTA: I'm just wondering, ambassador, is -- was there a different way to deliver this information? Could Ambassador Darroch have picked up the phone? Was it dangerous to put it in this cable?

WESTMACOTT: Well, you touch on a very important point, Alisyn. I think it's crucial that ambassadors around the world, of whatever government, can communicate with their head offices in confidence. That's why we've got encrypted communications so that they can say, in a considered way, which you can't always do on the telephone, and to a number of people who need to know those views, what you think is going on and to offer your political advice you're your tactical judgment and so on.

Now, that does rely on the people at the other end playing by the rules, respecting the code, even the law sometimes because we have a thing called the Official Secrets Act. And what we've seen this time is what looks like a very substantial breach of the rules. That's the problem. It's not how Kim communicated or what he said. He did nothing wrong. He did his job. That's what he's asked to do, paid to do, does it very well. The problem is at this end somebody's made that public for whatever reason.

CAMEROTA: And let's talk about that. Who leaked these?

WESTMACOTT: Well, there's an inquiry going on to try and tell us the answer. And I hope that this time is produces a conclusion because frequently these inquiries just run into the sand. Because this is important. It's not one document that's been given to a friendly journalist. This is a dump of documents that go back a couple of years, clearly made public for some political purpose.

Does this come from people who are hostile to the foreign office and want to put some sort of political appointee in Kim Darroch's place? I don't know. Is it somebody who wants to end his tour of duty in Washington because they think he's too critical of the Trump administration or too pro-European, because his last job was as permanent representative in Brussels? I doubt it because he's towards the end of his tour of duty anyway. Are they trying to put new pressure on whoever the next British prime minister will be, perhaps Boris Johnson, to choose somebody very different who is going to be a Trump lover, who doesn't give an honest judgment back to London of what's going on in the United States? I don't know the answer to that too. There's even a conspiracy theory that because the person who wrote it is close to a big financier of Brexit and close to Russian financial sources, that maybe this is something even more sinister, that outside powers are involved in sewing discord between the United States and the United Kingdom.

CAMEROTA: Why wouldn't we think that? I mean, at this point, after everything that we've lived through, why wouldn't we think it was hacked somehow by an outside power?

WESTMACOTT: Why wouldn't we? That's why we do need an inquiry that, for once, does its job because there are so many different theories out there. It is bad news for the relationship. I think we'll get over it. It's very uncomfortable for the current British ambassador. But we do need to find out what this was all about.

CAMEROTA: Yes, Ambassador Peter Westmacott, thank you very much for your expertise on all of this. Great to talk to you.

WESTMACOTT: My pleasure.


BERMAN: A really interesting discussion there.

Overnight, a key ally to President Trump says he does not believe Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta will survive the next few weeks. We get the latest developments from the White House coming up.


[06:52:09] BERMAN: We have a weather alert for you. The National Hurricane Center says there is a 90 percent chance of a tropical system developing in the Gulf as early as today. The system could drop as much as 20 inches of rain. CNN meteorologist Chad Myers with the forecast.

People need to pay attention, Chad.


Computer models anywhere from a 60 mile-per-hour storm to a category two hurricane. That's the spread right now. We always talk about the cone, but there's also a miles per hour spread too. There's the zone. 90 percent chance of development. We'll get to that.

This weather is brought to you by Xyzal, all night, all day allergy relief.

So where does it go? It's actually comes off the coast of Florida into the Gulf of Mexico now. So still very disorganized. But the hurricane hunter aircraft will be there later today to look for the center.

Where does the center go? Likely to Louisiana. And the models are saying somewhere probably near Lafayette, Louisiana, later on this week. Probably making landfall on Saturday.

Now, the rub is the longer it stays in the water, the stronger this will get, because there's more time. I just checked buoys out there. The water temperature is 85 degrees there. So 85 degrees could make a very intense hurricane grow quite rapidly. The good news is, it isn't going to have three or four days in this water.

New Orleans, though, you could see, with the American models predicting 10 inches of rainfall. And, Alisyn, with the flood gates closed, all of that water has to be pumped out.

We'll keep watching it all weekend.

CAMEROTA: Oh, we know you will, Chad, thank you very much for that warning.

MYERS: You're welcome.

CAMEROTA: So, listen to this. Passengers on a flight to Baltimore watch in horror as part of their plane's engine comes off in mid-air. The dramatic moments from inside the plane, next.


[06:57:56] CAMEROTA: Passengers on an Atlanta to Baltimore flight began praying and texting their families after a piece of their engine fell off and then smoke filled the cabin.

CNN's Dianne Gallagher joins us now with the incredible story.

What happened?

DIANNE GALLAGHER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yes, Alisyn, that is not something that you want to see if you are on a flight. Absolutely terrifying video that was shot by one of the roughly 150 people who were on board this flight. It appears to show a metal nose cone kind of bouncing around inside the engine of Delta Flight 1425. They were supposed to be going from Atlanta to Baltimore. But passengers say that the captain came over roughly after they heard that boom and they saw smoke filling in the cabin and said they're making an emergency landing in Raleigh, North Carolina. They say the flight crew then began talking to them and working on how to get into the bracing position. Some of those passengers said that they were afraid that this was it for them.


AVERY PORCH, ONBOARD FLIGHT THAT MADE EMERGENCY LANDING: After we heard the boom, we just saw all this smoke come up into the cabin. And that's when we really started freaking out.

TYLER KREUGER, ONBOARD FLIGHT THAT MADE EMERGENCY LANDING: I pulled out my phone and I know I didn't have service. I just texted my mom, I love you.


GALLAGHER: Never the position you want to be in on a flight there, that kind of fear.

Now, look, as to what happened, what caused what you're seeing there on video right now, they don't know. Delta says that it is evaluating that engine here in Atlanta right now. But, look, John, they've already replaced that engine on Flight 1425. And it is back up in the air today. In a couple hours expected to take off, head to Baltimore.

BERMAN: All right, Dianne Gallagher, thank you very much.

We do have major breaking news. The British ambassador to the United States to resign after an awkward back and forth with President Trump.

NEW DAY continues right now.

ANNOUNCER: This is CNN breaking news.

CAMEROTA: All right, we want to welcome our viewers in the United States and around the world. This is NEW DAY.

[07:00:00] And we didn't have to wait long for this breaking news.


CAMEROTA: You and I were just talking about this with our guests last hour about what the future of this ambassador, Kim Darroch, would be. Everybody thought that he would be able to.