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International Disagreement Centers on World`s Largest Island, Greenland; CNN Hero; Time Capsule`s Secrets Lost to Time

Aired August 22, 2019 - 04:00:00   ET


CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Today`s international coverage on CNN 10 concerns the largest island in the world and despite it`s name about 80

percent of it is covered with ice. I`m Carl Azuz, thank you for taking 10 minutes for our show. Less than two weeks before he was scheduled to visit

the northern European nation of Denmark, U.S. President Donald Trump announced yesterday that he had postponed the trip. The reason has to do

with Greenland. The island we referred to a moment ago. Despite its huge size, the CIA says it`s more than three times the size of Texas. Greenland

is not an independent country. It officially became part of Denmark in 1953, though since then Greenland has been granted a lot of authority to

govern itself making its government autonomous.

Still, Denmark remains involved in Greenland`s security, financial policy and foreign affairs and that`s where the United States factors in. For

more than 150 years, American politicians have expressed interest in buying Greenland from Denmark. President Trump is the latest American official to

mention this and he`s brought it up several times in recent weeks. The island is believed to be rich in resources like gold, diamonds, uranium,

oil, lead and iron ore but a lot of that is covered by the territory`s ice sheet. It`s not heavily populated. Less than 60,000 people are estimated

to live in Greenland but many of them struggle with high unemployment according to the British Broadcasting Corporation and the island relies on

Denmark for most of its government revenues.

On Sunday, President Trump told reporters that Greenland is hurting Denmark and confirmed that the U.S. was interested in buying the island. But

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said Greenland is not for sale and that she strongly hoped the suggestions that the U.S. might buy it weren`t

serious. She called them an absurd discussion. President Trump then wrote that based on those comments, he`d postpone their scheduled meeting for

another time.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: I look forward to going but I thought the Prime Minister`s statement, that it was absurd that wasn`t - - it was an absurd

idea was nasty. I thought it was an inappropriate statement. All she had to do is say no we wouldn`t be interested.


AZUZ: The Danish leader called the postponement regrettable and surprising but said repeatedly that the cancellation does not change the good

relations between America and Denmark. Now we`re visiting the island of Greenland itself. How are some of the people there reacting to all this

news? And what interests besides resources might the U.S. have in Greenland?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Folks in the very beautiful territory of Greenland don`t seem that interested in President Trump`s alleged idea to buy this

place. The official government of the semi-autonomous region said quote, "Greenland is not for sale." They did say that they were willing to

conduct cooperation between what they call equal countries. Now, local residents that we spoke to here in the small village of Kulusuk said the

American`s tried to acquire Greenland in 1867 and in World War II and they failed. And one resident said, it will not happen.

There are some reasons why America might want to have Greenland. It certainly does seem to have a lot of natural resources and the Chinese have

been trying to get in on that business. And it`s not really something that the U.S. really likes seeing with China trying to get a lot of that

business here. Also the U.S. of course has a big military base here in Greenland as well, the Thule Military Base so there are some good reasons

why the U.S. might want Greenland. However, if these natural resources really become exploitable here in Greenland, certainly the folks here would

probably want autonomy, full autonomy and independence rather than becoming part of the United States.


AZUZ: 10 Second Trivia. In what sport would you hear the terms faint, trail horse and enswell? Dressage, Boxing, Surfing or Dog Agility. The

giveaway here was the enswell also known as an eye iron which is used to reduce swelling on a boxer`s face.

In the city of Chicago, Illinois, the sport of boxing is being used to open doors for young people. A co-ed program called "The Bloc" has helped more

than 300 students and all of those who participated and applied to college have been accepted. It was started by Jamyle Cannon who is arrested for

fighting when he was 12 years old. As he grew up he found an outlet for his anger through boxing and he`s using that today to improve lives.

Cannon is a CNN Hero.


JAMYLE CANNON: In a boxing ring, it may be the only place where I can be completely in the moment. Boxing forces you to confront all the things

that hold you back in your life. Growing up, I was upset about a lot of things. Growing up in poverty or drug addiction in the household. It

didn`t take much to make me angry. The sport of boxing made me assess my relationship with anger. I started to recognize things that triggered

anger and reevaluate what I would do when I got angry. I was a (inaudible) boxer in college. After I got injured I became a teacher and then help

found a school on the west side of Chicago.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We`re going to start off nice and simple. Jamyle`s going to throw a one, two at me. Boom. Boom. I`m catching right in front

of my face.

CANNON: I realized that there was so much potential. I`m throwing back and you`re coming right back to your face. These are the types of things

you need to drill into your mind so that you don`t have to think about it when the time comes. All right, let`s work. There are young people who

have experienced things that would break so many people but they keep pushing towards their own success. They just needed a little support. So

I started a program, the easiest part of boxing to hook kids in for academic support and mentoring relationships.

All right you all, listen up. If you have a pen or pencil, take it with you. I`ve got a goal planning sheet pick it up. If you have homework,

that`s what I want you working on instead. We`ve got some kids who (inaudible) kicked out of schools, who come in with a GPA that starts with

a decimal point. Hands up. Perfect. Boom. Boom. Just like that. We have kids who are in trouble with the law. Those are the most important

kids to reach. The kids who`ve been cast out because they are walking around looking for acceptance and there are people in the streets who want

to give them that acceptance.

(inaudible) homework for today.


CANNON: There`s nothing cool about going to an after school program for homework help but there is something really cool about going to a boxing

program. You don`t have to tell anybody you did homework the whole time. It`s a great place to save face. (inaudible) barely underneath me. Yep.

Just like that. Most kids have never boxed before in their lives. Tilt your hips. Two, three, two three. Good. Good. They learn the very

basics of the sport. Step, replace, front foot moves first. Ready, one, front foot first. One, there you go. There is mandatory study time. Be

assigned to one on one tutoring. Every single one of our kids graduates high school in a neighborhood where often half the kids graduate.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I was going down the wrong path, like violence and getting in trouble with my friends. It could have brought me to death or

jail. If I didn`t choose boxing, I wouldn`t be here right now.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Jamyle helped me see that I can actually be something in life. He taught me to believe in myself.

CANNON: I would say (ph) orientation information or anything on here?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I just graduated from high school. I want to be the first to go to college in my family.

CANNON: I see a lot of myself in the kids. They learn that they are capable. They learn how to act courageously when it`s difficult and they

learn how to keep working towards their goals even when it`s not comfortable when they think they`re too tired to keep going. All right.

Let`s bring it in tight. See you back, same time, same things tomorrow. Come ready to continue that work. I want to give our kids the

understanding that they can fight through anything. Sometimes life is going to punch you in the face but you got to get your hands up and keep



AZUZ: After 50 years, the library director in Derry, New Hampshire decided it was time to finally crack open a time capsule. Would it contain film

footage of what the town used to look like? Might it have memorabilia from astronaut Alan Shepard who used to live here before he traveled into space,

but no one expected it would contain absolutely nothing. Nada. Zilch. Well no one except the person who took it. It`s possible that`s what

happened. It`s also possible the capsule never contained a thing.

Give them a second or they might need a minute to spend an hour a day thinking what might be in it. It`s like breaking the bank only to draw a

blank. An open and shut case making an about face, when in place of keepsakes nothing but space. How do you save face? Do you save the safe?

When its artifacts are how to track causing some heart attacks, curious curators interests turning on a dime when they`re city`s stored history is

simply lost to time. I`m Carl Azuz for CNN.