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Six Year Old Girl And Boy Arrested at Their Elementary School; Trump Stops by Climate Event, Leaves for Religious Freedom Event; Trump to Send Troops to Saudi Arabia After Attacks on Oil Fields; Trump Says I Deserve Nobel Prize, Process Is Rigged Against Me; Belichick Slammed for Giving Reporter Death Stare; Antonio Brown: I Will Not Be Playing for The NFL Anymore; "Fleabag" Upsets "Veep" And "Maisel"; Emmy Winners Encourage Women to Step Out Of Line. Aired 3:30-4p ET

Aired September 23, 2019 - 15:30   ET



BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN HOST: -- at 16 he was reprimanded for excessive force after he tasered a man five times --


BALDWIN: This is all according to the "Orlando Sentinel." You heard Rosa say, you know, they didn't get the approval, he has been suspended, how does a guy with that kind of background end up working around kids?

COLEMAN: So there are two issues with that. The first issue is as you've already indicated this is not someone who should have ever been in a position, retired or not, to be a school resource officer or safety resource officer with children. That's bar none. When you have an officer who has a history of excessive use of force, that's just not the situation you want to put this officer in. Not to mention that there were two arrests of minors, of 6-year-olds that this officer made in the same week, right? So we can already understand this is not someone individually who should be there.

But I think that there's an important conversation that has to be thrown in the context of larger, what's going on in Florida, in particular. They have had on a repeated basis, for years now, a serious problem with students, particularly students of color being referred to law enforcement. Florida has approximately 30 percent learners of color, black learners, brown learners in their school system. Yet of that 30 percent, approximately 60 of the referrals to law enforcement are constituted by black and Latino children. This is a real problem.

So even if you want to sort of put this officer to the side and say, well he was a bad apple in the bunch, this is a systemic issue that needs to be addressed and examined.

BALDWIN: I appreciate you bringing it to light and wanting to come on and talk to me about it and for being appalled. COLEMAN: I am appalled.

BALDWIN: Charles Coleman Jr., I appreciate you very much. Thank you very, very much.

Coming up next, President Trump makes a surprise appearance at the U.N. climate meeting today, after first saying he would not attend. This as he complains once again, that he should get a Nobel Prize instead of President Obama.



BALDWIN: We're back, you're watching CNN, I'm Brooke Baldwin.

And President Trump made a surprise visit today to a meeting he had not planned on attending whatsoever. That being the Climate Crisis Summit. The President stopped by for 15 minutes as world leaders discussed the issue on day one of this year's United Nations General Assembly. He then left to attend another meeting regarding religious persecution. But today sets up a huge week for President Trump who will go before the United Nations General Assembly tomorrow. And with me now, CNN's Wolf Blitzer, here of course for UNGA as always, good to see you, my friend.


BALDWIN: So big week, he shows up within like the first, you know, 30 seconds. He starts talking about Joe Biden. He's asked about it, but he starts talking about him. Talking about, you know, meeting with the President of the Ukraine. I mean it's clear what is on the man's mind this week.

BLITZER: Well, the whole controversy now is hovering over this United Nations General Assembly. As far as President Trump is concerned, there's a lot of concern especially in Washington over what exactly happened, why aren't they making all this information from the whistleblower available as they're required to do under the law? What's going to happen Thursday when the acting director of National Intelligence testifies in open session on Thursday?

So there's a lot of questions, and whether or not the Trump administration is willing to make available the transcript of that conversation that the President had with the new Ukrainian leader? And if he makes that available that will clarify a lot. But they really also beyond that want that whistleblower complaint. What exactly is in there? They want that at least to be made available on a classified confidential basis before the House and Senate Intelligence Committee.

BALDWIN: I wanted to ask you also about something that came out Friday evening that perhaps people missed. Trump is sending troops to Saudi Arabia. We heard the announcement from the Pentagon. What do you know about that? BLITZER: It's a really serious development late Friday night, all of a sudden, the Secretary of Defense, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, they appear at an on-camera press briefing which is very rare over at the Department of Defense. And they announce the U.S. is going to be deploying troops to Saudi Arab and the United Arab Emirates in the aftermath of attack which the U.S. believes the Iranians did on the Saudi oil facilities. In addition, they're going to be making available some very sophisticated air defense systems and other military hardware to the Saudis and the Emiratis.

And there are a lot of questions about how many troops will be going. A lot of Democrats are already asking, is there going to be mission creep? Does the President have the authority without Senate and House resolutions to go ahead and deploy these troops who will clearly be in harm's way? And specifically how many troops are involved? It was seen largely as a way for the President to avoid any direct military action, which could lead according to the Iranians to all-out war.

But it's still potentially a very risky maneuver right now to start deploying additional U.S. troops to the region, especially in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates which potentially could be a target for the Iranians.

BALDWIN: Sure. And then one last question. I just wanted you to react to the sound, this is the moment that the President sat down with Pakistan's Prime Minister.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I think I'm going to get a Nobel Prize for a lot of things, if they gave it our fairly which they don't. Well, they gave one to Obama immediately upon his assent to the Presidency and he had no idea why he got it. And you know what, that was the only thing I agree with him on.


BALDWIN: We keep doing the segments on all the times President Trump keeps bringing up President Obama. Why do you think?

BLITZER: Well, you know, he doesn't like President Obama. He's always going after President Obama. And he's looking for excuses to go after President Obama. He doesn't like the fact that President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. He thinks he deserves it.


He probably thinks he deserves it already. Let's see if he can make peace with North Korea, let's see if he can bring peace to the Middle East. Then he would clearly deserve a Nobel Peace Prize. If he gets an Israeli-Palestinian deal of the century and gets that done and there's peace between the Israelis and Palestinian, and a two-state solution and all that, then --

BALDWIN: Then we'd be shocked.

BLITZER: -- would deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. But right now it's a little premature.

BALDWIN: All right. We'll see you in the "SITUATION ROOM," 5 Eastern with Wolf Blitzer.

BLITZER: Please.

BALDWIN: Thank you very much.

Coming up next here on CNN, you'll see the tense moments between a reporter and Patriots Coach Bill Belichick when she asked him about Antonio Brown, the former NFL star who was fired amid rape allegations. This as we get new details about what Brown plans to do next.



BALDWIN: Former Patriot's wide receiver Antonio Brown says he will not be playing in the NFL anymore. But that has not stopped the questions for Patriots Coach Bill Belichick. His death stare in just a moment. But first, just to some of Brown's thoughts on Patriots dropping him which was announced back on Friday. Brown is being sued for allegedly raping his personal trainer. And now a second woman says Brown approached her while wearing just a hand towel over his groin area.

It is still not clear why Brown was released. But it happened after the second accuser says she received texts from Brown. The star wide receiver pointed out on twitter the troubles of Patriot's owner Robert Kraft, charged with solicitation and Steeler's quarterback Ben Roethlisberger who received a four-game suspension after sex assault accusations just a couple years ago.

Brown's final tweet then came in Sunday, he wrote, that we will see if the players union will hold the team owners accountable. Sad, they can just void guarantees any time. So as Brown molds his own future. It's clear that his former coach does not want to get into it, finally led to Brown's departure. To the death stare now.

Belichick's final moments in this interview.


DANA JACOBSON, CBS CORRESPONDENT: I think I'd be remiss if I did the ask, what was the final straw with Antonio Brown?

BILL BELICHICK, PATRIOTS COACH: They were focused on the Jets today.

JACOBSON: Thank you, coach.


BALDWIN: CNN's sports analyst Christine Brennan is a sports columnist for "USA Today." I mean, he had to know the question was coming. Come on.

CHRISTINE BRENNAN, CNN SPORTS ANALYST: Absolutely, Brooke. And Dana Jacobson did her job and she did it magnificently. In fact with kindness, not just hitting him over the head with the question but asking you had to know this was coming. Lovely question. Perfect question. Journalists are not fans. We're there to ask the question for the fans to be able to find out information. Bravo to Dana.

Bill Belichick did his job also, but he did not do it anywhere near as well as Dana did hers. He's allowed to glare. I've had many, many a coach glare at me over my career, Brooke. And in fact, I've had Bill Belichick glare at me. But he doesn't look good there, and Dana looks great there.

If Bill Belichick doesn't like the question, look at your owner. Your owner is the one that signed Antonio Brown. He didn't have to do that. And think of what could have happened, Brooke, if Bill Belichick had said, you know, it's a big issue in our country. I understand that. We've got a game, so I'm going to focus on that. But we do care about issues of alleged sexual assault.

BALDWIN: We do care. Now with this second woman, I mean, how can the Pats just like put on blinders and not say anything, are they not going to address this at all?

BRENNAN: Apparently not. And they made a big mistake here. The New England Patriots, Brooke, as you well know, take flyers on players and they've had some great successes. This was an epic fail for the Patriots.

The NFL coexists in the world with me-too. Things have changed. The NFL's listening. In fact, I think I could give credit for investigating the way they are and apparently still investigating it. Issue a warning shot for other teams saying, hey, if you sign him, which no one has, thank goodness, that in fact, you might go on the Commissioner's exempt list, which is paid leave. You might not have him. So the NFL is actually telling clubs now to look out for this in the future. That's good news.

The Patriots, the mistakes here are -- they're numerous. And what could have been done, what could have been said to the community was not said. It's all about football for the Patriots. And again, I guess so far, Brooke, no one's throwing their season tickets into Boston Harbor. So there are no repercussions for the Patriots to act this way.

BALDWIN: But when you read these Antonio Brown tweets and how he points out, not just of course there's what he said about Bob Kraft, but Ben Roethlisberger, Ray Rice, you know, how big is the NFL's problem?

BRENNAN: I think it's significant and it has been for some time. The difference is, we're five years after the Ray Rice punch, the elevator punch. That of course is a separate conversation as domestic violence. Not allegations of sexual assault or rape as we're talking about here with Antonio Brown. Nonetheless, the NFL now has an ability to investigate itself. And investigate players and look at them. And so there have been some advances. I think to say it's all terrible would be wrong. Because the NFL, Roger Goodell, they have done some things. They've got a Commissioner's exempt list to park players and get them out of the way.


But what needs to be done. Again, with 45 percent of the fan base according to the NFL being women and girls, obviously, the other 55 percent, men and boys would care just as much about these issues. The NFL is living in a world that cares about women. We should be listening to women. We should be believing women. And the NFL has to deal with that. When fans will start getting angry and marching on the stadium, I don't know, probably never. But there's also something called doing the right thing and that's what the Patriots did not do in this case.

BALDWIN: Christine Brennan, thank you very much.

BRENNAN: Brooke, thank you.

BALDWIN: Just in, as the President admits he talked to the former power about investigating Joe Biden, the Senate Majority Leader just weighed in on this. And three House committees just demanded that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo give answers or expect subpoenas.



BALDWIN: The Emmy awards celebrate all that television has to offer and this year it was a little bittersweet. Fans said their final goodbye to series like "Veep," "Game of Thrones," "Big Bang Theory." But the women of Hollywood were front and center last night using acceptance speeches to highlight pay-equity issues and LGBTQ issues for example, take a look.


ALEX BORSTEIN, ACTRESS, "THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL": To my mother, where are you "anyukam."

To my grandmother, Naji, they are immigrants, they are holocaust survivors. My grandmother turned to a guard, she was in line to be shot into a pit, and she said, what happens if I step out of line? And he said, I don't have the heart to shoot you, but somebody will. And she stepped out of line. And for that I am here. And for that my children are here. So step out of line, ladies. Step out of line.


BALDWIN: So good. Lisa France is CNN's senior entertainment writer, between that, Michelle Williams deserves an Emmy for her speech, and then of course, you know, "Fleabag", right, Amazon's "Fleabag" took home the best comedy award. It was a series that grew out of 2014 one-woman show by its creator, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who by the way took home three trophies last night. So huge night for women.

LISA FRANCE, CNN SENIOR ENTERTAINMENT WRITER: Such a big night. They not only gave great award acceptance speeches, but they also had the best products, the had the best projects. I mean "Fleabag" is an incredible show. And Phoebe is, I mean, she is a phenomenon. A lot of people don't even realize that she was the show runner and writer for "Killing Eve" first season. So she's doing it. She's working on a new Bond film.

And when you have like a Michelle Williams take her time, her opportunity to speak for women of color, she totally gets invited to the cookout. We love her. I mean just fabulous. Alex Borstein, I mean I want a t-shirt that says, "Step Out of Line, Ladies."

BALDWIN: Step out of line, ladies.

FRANCE: Yes, it gave me chills, I was moved. It was just a phenomenal night for women. In a show that was a little interesting, but women definitely stepped up and they had great work this year and they got recognized for it.

BALDWIN: How about Billy Porter? He had his moment, the first openly gay black man to win for lead actor in a drama series for his role in "Pose." And now he's what an Oscar shy of -- you got actually sound, hang on, Lisa, let's listen to him.


BILLY PORTER, EMMY AWARD WINNER: I am so overwhelmed and I am so overjoyed to have lived long enough to see this day. James Baldwin said, it took many years of vomiting up all the fifth that I had been taught about myself and halfway believed before I could walk around this earth like I had the right to be here. I have the right, you have the right, we all have the right.


BALDWIN: Quoting James Baldwin. I know, I know. What does that moment mean?

FRANCE: It means everything, because last night felt like the night of other. You had women, you had a gay black man who gave poignant, pointed speeches, especially where we're at right now in this country. I mean for him to win and have this historic win, I mean forget about the fact that he's already won a Tony for "Kinky Boots" and he's already won a Grammy and now with the Emmy he's one step closer to EGOT. It was such a historic moment.

And also it says so much about where television is in Hollywood. Because we often talk about the lack of diversity with movies, but TV, is like we're going to give you LGBTQ stories. We're going to give you women of color stories. You're going to get all of it.

BALDWIN: It's moving along, it's moving along, slowly but surely.

FRANCE: We're going to make it happen -- Brooke. BALDWIN: On more quickly, I have no segue. Just roll the sound.


KIM KARDASHIAN, REALITY TV STAR: Our family knows firsthand how truly compelling television comes from real people just being themselves.

KENDALL JENNER, REALITY TV STAR: Telling their stories unfiltered and unscripted.


BALDWIN: So, yes, there actually is an award for best reality competition series. Do you think they're in on the joke? You hear the laughter.

FRANCE: I felt like that was a girl bi-laugh. I don't think they were laughing with the Kardashian girls, they were laughing at them. So, yes, I think it was like, you guys don't really count as real people, so, yes.

BALDWIN: OK. So yes, so yes. Lisa France, thank you so much for all things Emmys. Have a wonderful rest of your day.

Thank you for being with me. I'm Brooke Baldwin. "THE LEAD" starts right now.