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Violence Worsens in Hong Kong; Update on U.S. Impeachment Investigation; Project Between a Tech Company and Healthcare Provider Stirs Controversy

Aired November 13, 2019 - 04:00   ET


CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Thank you for taking 10 to watch CNN 10. I`m Carl Azuz at the CNN Center. We`re happy to see you this Wednesday. The

violence is getting worse in a special administrative region of China. Massive protests have been going on in Hong Kong for more than five months

now and police say what happened early this week has pushed society to the brink of a total breakdown. They blame rioters for the ongoing violence in

the city. Protestors blame police for using excessive force. The demonstrators have made five demands of their government one has been met

but Hong Kong`s leader Carrie Lam has refused to meet the other four which include her resignation, an investigation into police actions, the release

of protestors who`ve been arrested and more democracy in Hong Kong.

The city used to be a British colony. Its residents generally have more freedoms than those in mainland China but China says it ultimately has

control over Hong Kong and that it supports the city`s leader. More than 300 demonstrators were arrested on Monday and Tuesday alone. They`ve set

fires, built barricades, disrupted transportation and thrown gasoline bombs at police. Police have fired tear gas at them and on Monday an officer

shot and injured a protestor with a live round. The policeman said he was afraid the protestor would try to take his gun. An international human

rights group called the shooting a reckless use of force. Also on Monday, the BBC reports that a person who spoke out in favor of China was set on

fire by the protestors. The violence is having ripple effects across the city.


IVAN WATSON, CNN SENIOR INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: We are in Central in downtown Hong Kong, the heart of the financial district, of luxury

shopping. Demonstrators had occupied this square. Police ran them out with several rounds of tear gas and then detained dozens and now a force is

leaving and they`re being pursued by residents. Come take a look at the defense posture they`re taking right now. This is not a police force that

feels secure and confident in its own city and it gets to the heart of the problem here. The administration is relying on this police force. A

substantial portion of the population does not agree with the policies and you get scenes like this. With the crowd hurling abuse and curses at them

and there is no end in sight to these sharp political divisions and this crisis that has plunged Hong Kong into economic recession. The worst

crisis the city has seen in a generation. Ivan Watson, CNN, Hong Kong.


AZUZ: Ivan reporting at the moment tear gas was fired towards demonstrators. Our next story takes us to Washington, D.C. where public

hearings begin on Wednesday in the House of Representatives impeachment inquiry. It`s investigation concerning U.S. President Donald Trump. Did

the president abuse his power as many Democrats say he did? In a summer phone call he had with Ukraine`s leader, was President Trump illegally

trying to get Ukraine to dig up dirt on potential Democratic challenger Joe Biden?

Or was the phone call perfect as the president says it was and is the House impeachment inquiry just a partisan attempt to hurt President Trump and his

fellow Republicans in the 2020 elections? We`re not sure how the next few weeks are going to play out in the investigation. There are a few things

we can expect according to a CNN editor. There will be witnesses. There will be documents reviewed and there will be two political parties doing

everything they can to tell the story that looks best for them. As far as the process itself goes, CNN Tom Foreman explains what to expect with that.


TOM FOREMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Any effort to impeach a president must begin in the U.S. House of Representatives. The Constitution says so and

even though such efforts are exceedingly rare, certain procedures are more or less standard. Most often the Judiciary Committee kicks it off although

other committees may be involved by investigating allegations which have been raised against the president. Now this can happen with or without a

vote to authorize an impeachment inquiry. We`ve had such votes in other impeachment proceedings but the law doesn`t require it. In any event, what

comes next is lawmakers from both parties listening to witnesses, reading documents and reviewing evidence to see if the president might have engaged

in treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors, such as using the office for personal gain or abusing power.

If they think he has, than those committees can push for a full vote of the House on Articles of Impeachment. A simple majority can`t impeach the

president. Does this mean he is guilty? No, not necessarily. Does it remove him from office? No, not necessarily. All this really does is

formally charge the president and move the process over to the Senate where the Senate must hold a trial according to the Constitution. The Chief

Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts which sit up front presiding while House impeachment managers would present the charges against the

president and the president`s lawyers would dispute them.

Witnesses can be called. Questions can be raised. Senators sit and serve as jurors in all of this. Many pitfalls could come up to short circuit the

process but so far, Republican leadership has suggested any trial would be allowed to run its course. At the end, each Senator must deliver their

verdict. If two-thirds say guilty, then the president is convicted and would be removed from office. Something that despite three serious pushes

towards impeachment has never before happened.


AZUZ: 10 Second Trivia. Which of these companies was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin? Facebook, Google, Microsoft, or Amazon. The

only one of these companies that Page and Brin founded in 1998 is Google.

Next topic today involves Google, Ascension and "Project Nightingale". You know the technology company Google. Ascension is a non-profit healthcare

organization and "Project Nightingale" is the codename for a partnership between Google and Ascension. It was first reported by the Wall Street

Journal earlier this week. Why is this significant? Ascension is one of the largest hospital systems in America and by teaming up with Google, it`s

allowing at least 150 Google employees to access the medical information of millions of Americans.

Why are the two companies doing this? Google wants to be a major player in the U.S. healthcare industry. It wants a big share in that very large

market and Ascension is hoping Google`s artificial intelligence technology will help doctors provide care by using patient`s data to predict possible

health problems. Google says the medical information it gathers will be kept separate from user information, like the website`s People Visit or the

YouTube videos they watch and it says it will follow laws that will keep people`s health information and medical records private.

So why is this controversial? Well Google does not need to notify patients who`s medical information it gathers. So they may not know if Google is

accessed things like test results, birthdates or diseases they`ve been diagnosed with. Like other tech companies, Google has been criticized and

sometimes fined for illegally mishandling people`s private information and according to the Wall Street Journal, some Ascension employees have

questioned how Google is collecting and sharing patient`s information. Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft are also trying to increase their involvement

in U.S. healthcare.

Last headline of the day, Florida man goes kayaking, captures monkeys raining from the sky. OK, they were actually raining from the trees.

There are hundreds of Rhesus monkeys that live in Silver Springs State Park and whole barrel of them apparently decided to swim across the Silver River

while the man who captured this video was paddling by. He says he believes the animals were being chased, possibly running from a fight with an alpha

male. So better to run than to be left in "Rhesus pieces". Not going to have a better pun than that. We`ll just leave it there. I`m Carl Azuz and

that`s all the "monkeying" around we`re going to do today on CNN.