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Troops Serve During Holidays Away From Their Families; Star In Stunning Upset Inspires Fans Beyond Basketball; Alisyn Camerota Cooks Her Thanksgiving Meal. Aired 8:30-9a ET

Aired November 28, 2019 - 08:00   ET



ERICA HILL, CNN HOST: So, Happy Thanksgiving to you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That's very kind. Thanks, Erica. Happy Thanksgiving to both you and John.

JOHN BERMAN, CNN HOST: Right. This next story maybe one of the best of the year. The star in this stunning sport upset has inspired fans to take action be on sports. Everyone on earth will love this, except if you're a Duke fan. Nate Bain joins me next.


BERMAN: So, if you're a fan of historic electrifying underdog sports stories, you will be thankful for this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They just couldn't secure it. Lose (ph). Ken Mills got it. They've got a timeout. They don't use it. Bain, yes. The Lumberjacks have done it.


BERMAN: I have to tell you; I've seen this like 15 times and I still can't believe it. This team at Boston University, Lumberjacks ranked.


222nd in the world upset number one ranked Duke in last second layup, and that last second layup by Nathan Bain, a man who has got such an incredible story to tell beyond basketball. And the man behind that layup, Nate Bain joins me now. Nate, thank you so much for being with us. Happy Thanksgiving to you. You've got an incredible story, but I want to start with just the basketball for a moment.

You're at Duke, rank number one. You guys are 27-point underdogs. They have the ball. What was going through your head at that moment?

NATE BAIN, MADE LAST-SECOND LAYUP TO UPSET #1 DUKE: Thanks for having me today and Happy Thanksgiving to you too. In that moment, you know watching Duke, in their final possession that was on the court. I saw my teammates hustling for the ball. I made eye contact with Kevin, who would pick the loose ball out and he just thrown it ahead to me and I took a quick glance at the clock and I saw there was about three seconds on the - inside my mind, I was thinking I've just got to go as fast as I can, just don't look back because I could feel Duke player hustling behind me, trying to get back into play.

I laid it up and I didn't even look at the ball go inside the rim, I laid it up and I looked towards the bench real quick and I saw my teammates running at me and during that moment I knew like I think we won the game.

BERMAN: You did too.

BAIN: You know it was true, it happened. We did the impossible.

BERMAN: Oh, what a feeling that must have been. I keep saying, I keep watching the replays here. You say you looked at the clock with three seconds left and even though I know you made it. I still don't think you had enough time to get down the court and lay the ball in. I mean were you sure you had the time?

BAIN: No, I really wasn't 100 percent sure, I had enough time like I saw the clock ticking like I know I had three seconds on the clock. I glanced up. It was at 2.6 and I was like I don't think I can make this. So, I mean I just given my all, sprinted down the court as fast as I could and put it on the glass and you know hope for the best.

BERMAN: It is an incredible story and even if that was the whole story, it would be amazing. But wait there's more. And that's because you Nate are from Freeport in the Bahamas and your family went through Hurricane Dorian, this powerful Hurricane Category 5 strength storm that just sat over the islands and devastated it. What did your family go through during this storm?

BAIN: I mean they went through a lot of - it was lot of adversity, lot of devastation and destruction that happened. My house got gutted out. My family's church got gutted out. And luckily the school didn't save too much damage, but you know what, it was hit and you know not just my families, church and school, but a lot of families back home, their church and schools, their homes was just completely devastated from the hurricane.

My family - we had to evacuate 12 from my house and my grandma's house and just keep trying to move, trying to move away from the storm because it just kept on coming and it just sat on the islands for so long. It has been so far away. Just as a scary thought to think because you just seeing on the news, people coming up and they're saying, people being trapped inside their rooms and stuff. You can't help but to think what if your family gets trapped. So, it's just a scary thought, it's scary thing to be a part of, especially in watch.

BERMAN: And the good news is they're all OK. I mean they're OK. Rebuilding will be hard, but they're OK. Now, the other part of the story is your college even Austin University put together a Go Fund Me page to help you and your family, raise money to rebuild. And it was doing well beforehand, but since the game, since the layup, what's happened to that fundraising. BAIN: Since the layup I mean God just had it so just that the layup

will just coincide with the with the Go Fund Me, I know people saw it and that was the opportunity for the Go Fund Me to really take off and really help because it slowed down quite a bit. And just thinking of closing it. And just given we could have - whatever we could collect, just hand it out for the hurricane relief and we saw that it had skyrocketed to about 20,000, then it kept on climbing - it kept on climbing for hours like for a whole day. People kept donating from all over and I mean it was just truly a blessing that I mean the way things played out.

BERMAN: And we looked at this point, I think it's over $100,000 this morning, which shows yes on the one hand, there were a lot of people who root against Duke.


BERMAN: But on the other hand, there's a lot of people inspired by your fast action and your race across the court to lay that ball and Nate Bain, congratulations. We're so happy to you. So, happy for you and you're a lesson in perseverance and speed. You're inspiring. So, thank you.

BAIN: Thank you.

BERMAN: We'll let you get a drink of water this morning, talking on TV sometimes give you harder than winning a big upset game like that.

HILL: Yes. That again.

BERMAN: All right. So, Alisyn is off this morning but that doesn't mean she's sleeping, and the work never stops for Alisyn Camerota. She is busy getting Thanksgiving ready.

HILL: I'm just happy that we're doing the cooking segment this morning, because I love a good cooking segment as you know and I don't know, maybe Alisyn, maybe we should call you The Barefoot Camerota.

ALISYN CAMEROTA, ALISYN'S KITCHEN: Oh, thank you guys. As you know, welcome to Camerota's kitchen. This is where the culinary magic happens. I'm not exactly barefoot. I do have on my very slippers this morning.

HILL: Perfect.

CAMEROTA: Which are super - cooking, so I'd like to give you a little tour of what I'm preparing. We're going to have 18 people here. So, I'm just up early. Here's our Turkey.

BERMAN: Don't drop it.

CAMEROTA: So obviously I'm going to need a second. I deep fry it as you know and I'll just show you what I'm working on back here, I've been par boiling sweet potatoes as one does. We're going to roast chestnuts and then a crowd pleaser, this is the stuffing recipe that I make every year. This is my Aunt Carol's Italian sausage stuffing. And this is why everybody shows up because white bread and sausage is a winning combination, I'm told.

And then my kids are teenagers, so strangely they haven't been up yet this morning to help.

BERMAN: I'm sure they'll be a great help as the day goes on. Especially if there's white bread and sausage.

CAMEROTA: (Inaudible). Thank you. Great to see you. Yes. What's your favorite part of Thanksgiving meal? He's going to show us, I guess. (Inaudible) How long are you going to make them. You're making it all night.


CAMEROTA: Can you share your recipes with the viewers?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's family secret. I'm sorry.

CAMEROTA: All right. Well, obviously only Nate knows the secret to that.

BERMAN: Maybe significantly taller than you at this point by the way. I think that's the headline here. Whatever you're feeding him, he's like a foot taller than you.

HILL: Maybe it's the pumpkin pie.

CAMEROTA: And I'm even wearing, my slippers have heels of courses, because I'm never without heels. So, he's grown since last Thanksgiving. So, how are you guys spending Thanksgiving.

BERMAN: We're doing New Day this morning, which is a show that airs 6 and 9 AM every single morning. No, it's been great. You told me there were going to be seasonal cocktails as well.

CAMEROTA: Yes. I mean we have Manhattans. I haven't started drinking yet (inaudible), but very soon. And we have a large jug of those that begin at noon. So, I don't know if you guys want to call that--

HILL: That's perfect, actually. I'll be on my way to my mom's and I have to be there at 1 and you're on the way. So, I'll be there by like 12:15.

CAMEROTA: Erica, you know you're invited. I would love to have you swing by.

HILL: You know--

BERMAN: She didn't invite me just for the record. I got no invite.

HILL: She did not, but that's OK.

BERMAN: Can you tell us about Aunt Carol's, a little bit more about Aunt Carol's stuffing, white bread and sausage in love or what else?

CAMEROTA: Well, pretty much. It has celery, it has onions, it has Rosemary. I'll put the recipe up on whatever website we use.

BERMAN: Twitter. Will you put it on Twitter?

CAMEROTA: No Twitter, John. Oh, there it is. OK, so there you can see. So, it's the onion, the celery, thyme, sea salt and pepper. You let all the flavors marry overnight. I made it last night and then you bake it at 350 until the top is browned and it is--

HILL: Now I'm hungry.

BERMAN: Yes. Now you've done it. All right. Well, Alisyn, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your entire family, even those who are still sleeping wisely. Have a wonderful, wonderful day and I have to tell you, it looks delicious.

HILL: Happy Thanksgiving.

CAMEROTA: Thank you, guys. Happy Thanksgiving. I'm very thankful for you guys.

BERMAN: You too.

HILL: Likewise. Thanksgiving of course brings families together--

BERMAN: Or at least part of Alisyn's family. Nate was there.


HILL: You know when they get up eventually then they'll be there, it's still early. There's always the question though of what do you talk about. And you know oftentimes especially the last few years, you're told to leave the politics. At home, not to bring them to the dinner table, but maybe, maybe you should rethink that this year. Maybe just maybe there is a way to do it. And maybe we have those answers for you. Yes.


HILL: Talking politics is typically a no-no on Thanksgiving and frankly most holidays. But if it comes up, here's a little advice.


CHRIS WALLACE, FOX NEWS HOST: Hi, I'm Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace, you may know me from your parents' TV when you go home to do laundry. I'm used to moderating presidential debates and political roundtables, but there is nothing more combative than the Thanksgiving dinner table.

So, I'm here to share my Thanksgiving dinner moderating tips. The loudest person in the family should be seated next to the quietest person in the family.


WALLACE: And that's the garden gnome in the backyard. If your family is fighting about whether to serve roasted turkey or fried turkey, just go ahead and serve them wild turkey. Do not let family leave the table without saying excuse me or freedom of the press is the cornerstone of our democracy. Can't decide who else to clean up after Thanksgiving dinner. Do the smart thing. Just move. Happy Thanksgiving.


BERMAN: Feel like there's a lesson to be the straight man there.

HILL: There absolutely is--

BERMAN: You can't get straighter than that.

HILL: I thought that was fantastic. No, you can't. And also, the wild turkey. I mean can't go wrong. Let's get a little bit more advice from comedians Paul Mecurio and Maysoon Zayid. So, when we look at all of this, I've talked to more people this year and you were saying this a little bit during the break. It seems like this is maybe not the year that everybody is putting the kibosh on politics that everyone has resigned themselves to the fact and maybe it's impeachment, it's going to come up.

So, if it's going to come up, what are we supposed to do with it?

MAYSOON ZAYID, COMEDIAN: OK. So, in my case, let's be real. I'm a Palestinian Muslim American woman of color with a disability. Absolutely no one, no one in my family is donning a red cap. It's not happening, and like neither are my friends. You know Diamond and Silk can't sit with us. If you're amplifying people that want to send me back or want to ban me, but are frustrated, they can't, because I'm born in the USA. We're not breaking bread together.

But if you do have the chance, you have to do it. It's so important. You can't be silent. And I have an icebreaker because if you're aggressive, people are not going to listen. What I say is, print out the Trump Rocky tweak as a placement. And they go around the table and ask people to discuss what is happening right in front of them to talk about how they feel--

HILL: There we see it, there is your placement. For a minute, I thought you were going to say print the transcript.

ZAYID: Also, an appetite--


BERMAN: That's Rocky 3, right. Isn't that Rocky 3, that's the one with Clubber Lang and Hulk Hogan, which is the best of all Rocky.

PAUL MECURIO, COMEDIAN: You can't go wrong with that one. I agree and disagree. You've got to talk but it's hard to talk right now specially to do comedy because it's so divisive. So, first of all, we have to keep the big picture in mind, this is family. Be nice, it's Thanksgiving. You'll never know when you're going to need one of their kidneys. Secondly, do the thing that people say you shouldn't do. Let everybody

text at the table - you know what I mean, there'll be no conversation, no interaction. Everybody leaves well-fed happy and they clean out their inbox. It's simple.

BERMAN: You also think distraction can be useful, right.

MECURIO: Oh, yes, absolutely. I would give people impossible tasks like at the table, make them explain the infield fly rule or help grandpa set up his TV to stream. I mean stuff like that. You know anything that you can do to kind of divert the conversation I think is going to be critical, even though it would be helpful to talk about things, but it's very hard in this environment.

ZAYID: But I think like if you love people you have to channel your inner baby Yoda and coax them away from the dark side. You know just talk to them about things and use Fiona Hill's voice whenever you're answering them. Just keep repeating over and over. This is propaganda. This is propaganda. And then, if you have one of those family members that you hate, flip the table, it's an under--

HILL: You mean all the housewives.


MECURIO: I'm Italian--

ZAYID: Just do it, like you're losing that person anyway. Why not lose them at Thanksgiving and not have to buy the Christmas gift, just be done.

HILL: This is some good strategy right here.

MECURIO: Also slip marijuana into the side dishes.

ZAYID: OK. We can't drug family members.

BERMAN: Don't look at me like - do not look at me--

HILL: You said you weren't going to bring it out, that's all I'm saying.

MECURIO: New York post story about pot gravy. And I'm not going to lie. I may have forwarded it to everyone who's cooking for--

HILL: So, we're saying it's not just for dessert anymore.

MECURIO: Hulk Hogan singing Kumbaya. You know what I mean. Or if someone wants to talk politics.

BERMAN: No leftovers.


MECURIO: People start going, what's with the turkey. By the way, can we not do sausage in the stuffing please. HILL: Wait, really.


MECURIO: You might as well make take a pepperoni pizza and just shove it up the turkey. It's not an Italian. It's not an Italian. I'm Italian--

HILL: Camerota is Italian too.

ZAYID: Can I end with a downer like--

HILL: Sure, that'd be great.

MECURIO: You do this on your shows too?

ZAYID: Because that's who I am. I'd like to just ruin everything. It's a Thanksgiving tradition on my part. If you're uncomfortable just think of all the people who are really uncomfortable because of the heat that's being invoked every day. Think of the people who are uncomfortable because they're in cages at the border.

Think of the families from El Paso that are celebrating their first Thanksgiving without the people that they love, because the person in the White House is inciting hate and be uncomfortable for five minutes. Talk to your family. Do what you can.

MECURIO: You bring up Trump.


MECURIO: You know the elephant in the room. Bring up something less scary like--

ZAYID: It's not like the common elephant.

MECURIO: Well, bring up bring up something less scary like the zombie apocalypse or a root canal being done on Sprint Airlines. Anyway. I just think the whole thing is a little scary right now. I agree with you. So, I think that if anybody wants to talk politics, let him take a hit a helium. You can't get mad at anybody who sounds like that, you know what I mean.

HILL: Is that before or after the pot gravy.


BERMAN: So, Paul, Maysoon, Happy Thanksgiving to both of you.

HILL: Happy Thanksgiving.

BERMAN: We're so luck you come in and make us smile.

MECURIO: Thank you.

ZAYID: Thank you so much. BERMAN: We really appreciate it. So, there are balloons on the streets

of New York and above the streets of New York and flags on the streets of Hong Kong this Thanksgiving. NEWSROOM with Ana Cabrera is next.