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New Year's Eve Live: Countdown To 2020. Aired 8-9p ET

Aired December 31, 2019 - 20:00   ET




CHARLIZE THERON, ACTRESS: Hi, Anderson, Andy. I just wanted to congratulate you guys on hosting the most incredible New Year's Eve party -- also the hottest, if I may say so myself. I know you guys are going to kill it. I wish I was there, but unfortunately, I need to be in my pajamas in bed. Sorry.



ANNOUNCER: From the heart of Times Square, it's CNN's "New Year's Eve Live". Wild. Star-studded. Unpredictable.

Welcome to TV's hottest party with performances and appearances by Christina Aguilera, Lenny Kravitz, John Mayer, Patti Labelle, Lindsay Lohan, Shania Twain, Shaquille O'Neal and more surprises.

And now, your hosts, Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen.

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST: Hey, welcome to Times Square. How are you doing?


COOPER: Great, too.

It never gets old. People from all corners of the earth converging on several blocks of Manhattan celebrate the dawn of a New Year. Welcome to Times Square. I'm joined by my good friend Andy Cohen.

Back for our third year. We have an amazing night ahead of you. This is actually going to be the best one yet.

COHEN: It is. It's our biggest show yet.


COHEN: We are live in 12 hot spots across America tonight. We have some amazing party guests. Christina Aguilera, Dead & Company featuring John Mayer, Patti Labelle --

COOPER: I think you're going to handle the Dead & Company. COHEN: Great. 50 Cents, Shania Twain, Lenny Kravitz and Shaq is

letting us into his VIP DJ party. We have games. We have celebrity New Year's resolutions and maybe a surprise guest or two.

COOPER: I've heard rumors.

COHEN: And a lot of alcohol. I brought -- I brought my own booze.

COOPER: Yes, I tried to get away -- get out that of this year.

Everyone is on it, Brooke Baldwin, Don Lemon are in Nashville. Normally, they're in New Orleans. I'm told Nashville has alcohol as well so they agreed to go there.

COHEN: Oh, yes. They will find it.

COOPER: Richard Quest is down in the crowd and I believe all night long, Richard Quest is going to be doing various salutes to the Great White Way.

COHEN: Broadway. Yes, Broadway.

COOPER: The Broadway.


COOPER: To show business.



COHEN: Something else.

COOPER: Yes, Randi Kaye is on a floating tiki bar. Yes, hopefully she's not going to get in trouble. Was it last year?

COHEN: No, it was two years ago, the pot.

COOPER: Was the stoner vehicle, the pot vehicle? Ay-ay-ay.

COHEN: And then Gary Tuchman is at a rave?

COOPER: That I didn't know.

COHEN: Is Gary Tuchman like --

COOPER: He's rolling.

COHEN: -- rolling tonight?

COOPER: He's rolling to rave. I don't know what that means.


Bill Weir is tailgating at the Dead & Co concert. COOPER: Yes. I mean, that's on branch.


COHEN: In San Francisco. I'm psyched about that.

All right. We are live inside "The Brady Bunch" house with two cast members of the Brady Bunch.

COOPER: You've actually visited "The Brady Bunch" house.

COHEN: I did, and it was one of the highlights.

COOPER: I don't quite understand the whole concept.

COHEN: It's incredible.

We're going to check in with all of them as the night rolls on. First, last year, we did a shot of tequila every hour in the lead-up to the New Year.

COOPER: It was a major innovation for us because I don't drink.

COHEN: Well, it was innovation for you because I drink on TV for a living.


COHEN: Anderson had a memorable reaction. This was not put on, you guys. Let's take a look back at Anderson doing shots.

COOPER: Great, yes. Please.


COHEN: First one of the night.

I feel better already.

Anderson made me promise not to complain about the weather because --

COOPER: My lungs are scorched.

COHEN: Good, just the beginning.

COOPER: What was that?

COHEN: It's tequila.

COOPER: It's our hourly toast.

COHEN: Not making it any less fun.

COOPER: Another toast.

COHEN: Cheers. COOPER: If you're not into driving, but feel free to toast along with


COHEN: Absolutely.

You know what? Everybody here seems to be having a great time. He's not a big drinker.

COOPER: It's like burning your lungs.

COHEN: It's burning your lungs. It feels good to me.

We have some great guests and musical acts.

Another tequila shot? This is number three.

COOPER: With us at home --

COHEN: Cheers.

COOPER: Cheers.

COHEN: You know what, that felt good. That felt good.

COOPER: Ah, ew!

COHEN: For real? Are you kidding?

COOPER: I don't drink.

COHEN: Let's celebrate a shot of our own, another tequila. All right.



COHEN: Wow, it took all that time for it to really go down. And before we do our first shot of the night --

COOPER: By the way, what is this?

COHEN: That's Casamigos Tequila.

COOPER: Oh, is that George Clooney thing?


COOPER: Oh my God.

COHEN: They didn't pay for this integration though. So --

COOPER: Oh, wow, I feel so fancy --

COHEN: Everyone had a lot to say about Anderson's reaction on Twitter. Here are some of our favorites. Someone said: Anderson is every white sorority girl during your first rush weekend college.


COHEN: Someone else said: Andy is me drinking at 19. Anderson is me drinking now.

Someone said: Poor Anderson sounds like a dying seal or something. Anderson Cooper sounds like Grape Lady falls.

COOPER: Oh my God, Grape Lady --

COHEN: And this is such a vibe starting the year -- I love Grape Lady.

COOPER: I feel -- if you don't know who Grape Lady is, I want to play the video.

COHEN: Do we have the video of Grape Lady?

COOPER: Of course, we're CNN.

COHEN: Never gets old. One of the first viral videos.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What kind of grapes?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: These are filled with chambourcin grapes and the winner this Saturday. International foods, having wine tours and tasting. Vineyard tours, seminars, arts and crafts.

It's a lot of fun, the whole day. Stop.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh! Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch.


COHEN: Ooh, ooh, ooh!

COOPER: Not funny.

COHEN: I kid not, but this is the most untimely thing we've ever done. I mean, we're bringing Grape Lady back.

Oh, by the way, the last tweet, do you know that James Woods weighed in?

COOPER: Wait, he's alive?

COHEN: Oh, that's shady.

COOPER: No, I mean --

COHEN: He tweeted --

COOPER: He was great in casino. COHEN: He tweeted, men in 2019.

COOPER: Oh, that's sweet of him.


COOPER: You know what's funny, the only time I met him -- can I say this?

COHEN: Say it. What happened?

COOPER: He was getting out of an elevator and the hotel -- what's that hotel, used to be the Hermitage.


COOPER: It's late at night. He'd had a few is all I'm saying.

COHEN: All right.

COOPER: It's the only time I ever met him.

COHEN: We're about to have a few too.


COHEN: All right. Cheers. Cheers, everybody.

COOPER: I doubt if he remembers.

COHEN: If you are joining us at home, don't drink and drive. Just want to say.

COOPER: No, don't drink and drive. If you're staying at home, drink along with us. Oh, my God.

COHEN: It's starting to rain.

COOPER: Don't get me started.

COHEN: This is hilarious. This is not -- don't get you started?

I brought the shot glasses from home.

I have to say, it's 43 degrees out tonight and it feels kind of balmy. I cannot believe it's starting to rain right now. This is kind of funny.

Are you OK, sweetie?

COOPER: I'm just trying to breathe to get the taste out.

COHEN: The past two years, we first -- we went from --

COOPER: It was -- your first year was disastrous.


COOPER: It was freezing cold.


COOPER: It was coldest on record.


COOPER: We were wearing electric clothing --

COHEN: Yes, we were.

COOPER: -- that we got from the heating store, the warming store.

COHEN: And then last year.

COOPER: Last year was lovely except for the rain.

COHEN: Ye, it was heavy rain falling forever for the entire night.


COHEN: I may have freaked out and had a hissy fit on the air. I did.

COOPER: Let's show -- it's starting to rain a little bit. But I -- let's show.


COHEN: It's in the 40s tonight. I don't even care about the rain.

COOPER: No one cares about the rain.

COHEN: Boy, the rain is picking up. No talking about the weather.

COOPER: No talking about the weather.

COHEN: No, I'm enjoying it. I'm cozy as (INAUDIBLE)

COOPER: They don't want us to have the umbrella. It's been a fight.

COHEN: Yes, we've been fighting about the umbrella.

COOPER: Yes, you would be proud of your son, though. He literally was like, put me in a paddy wagon.

COHEN: I did. I just said, take me away.

COOPER: I'm not getting rid of this umbrella.

COHEN: It's true.

I mean, this is some grade-a B.S. It was (INAUDIBLE) anybody. It's like a joke.

What do they care about an umbrella? I was so happy before. I just want to say, it's pouring.


COOPER: So, here's what the mishegoss was. We had umbrellas. We were told we were not --

COHEN: I just changed coats, by the way. I'm not wearing a corduroy coat in the rain.

COOPER: Andy tried to get me to wear this coat. And I just felt like it's a beautiful coat. I just feel it's too shiny for me.

COHEN: Anyway, I did lose my marbles.

COOPER: Oh my God.

COHEN: I want to say, during the commercial break last year, Anderson gave it to me. He yelled at me.

COOPER: Because I turned to him. I was like, get it together.


COOPER: No one wants to hear you complaining about the freaking weather or your umbrella.

COHEN: I just want to thank all of you who tweeted me the next day because you wanted me to know that Steve Harvey, Chrissy Teigen all had umbrellas.


COOPER: Yes, everyone else had umbrellas.

COHEN: Everyone else had umbrellas.

COOPER: We were ordered and Andy made a whole stink about it, it got in the paper that he went to war with the folks here about the umbrellas.

COHEN: Yes. Anyway --


COHEN: It's all good.


COOPER: Yes, it's all good. Steve Harvey doesn't just have an umbrella. I mean --

COHEN: I mean, that's huge. That's crazy.

COOPER: Look, Steve Harvey gave me --

COHEN: What is that? COOPER: That's me with one of Steve Harvey's suits. He used to make

-- sell these suits which were very big, and I asked -- I said, I would love one. And he gave me one of his suits. Now his new suits are much different. They're leaner, I love them.

COHEN: I wonder if he's marketing those big golf umbrellas. He should. They're like Steve Harvey size umbrellas.

COOPER: Yes, they are.

COHEN: Anyway.


COHEN: This is lovely, this rain right now.

COOPER: By the way, just so you know, all day long I'm talking to Andy on the phone. We had a meeting. We were working.

I say, Andy, what's -- Andy was in charge of the weather and, I say, Andy, what's the weather going to be? Oh, I -- can I say?


COOPER: Oh, I talked to Janice Huff. Janice Huff --

COHEN: Well, Janice Huff tweeted me --

COOPER: I got the full details of Janice Huff.

COHEN: She tweeted the weather.

COOPER: Local NBC weather forecast, for NBC.

COHEN: The empress of weather dubbed on NBC.

COOPER: Yes, yes.

COHEN: Absolutely.


COHEN: Anyway, she tweeted me. We're all clear, Janice Huff says we're good.

Hey, Janice, hey, I already changed clothes.

COOPER: I don't understand -- I don't understand -- I'm not -- we're not going to complain.

By the way, this is not a night about weather. Nothing could be more boring.

COHEN: It's also not a night about politics.

COOPER: It's not a night about politics. COHEN: Yes.

COOPER: We're not doing politics. We're just not talking about it.


COOPER: We're just having fun.


COOPER: We want everybody to have fun. Doesn't matter.

COHEN: I think you might be a little drunk from that one little shot.

COOPER: I'm already drunk. I am, I am, yes. I'm glowing.

COHEN: OK. By the way, the CNN forecast earlier said the ball drop looks to be very nice this year, dry with temperatures around 40 degrees, feeling slightly cooler.

COOPER: Listen, I love the weather, folks. I admire what they do. They have a better education than I do.

I do not understand why in almost 2020 --

COHEN: 2020.

COOPER: -- we cannot figure out what the weather is going to be in an hour. We have no idea. There's people walking around on Mars -- not yet, but there's rovers going to Mars.

COHEN: Yes, there are.

COOPER: I already am. It's going to be a long night.

COHEN: It's really not.

COOPER: What is this other bottle?

COHEN: This is like a telethon -- this is like a telethon with no disease. I'll say that. We're counting down --

COOPER: What is Jager --

COHEN: I brought us Jagermeister for midnight. That's really going to mess you up. That's for midnight.

COOPER: Doesn't sound good.

COHEN: Yes. Yes, I'm upping the ante.

By the way, this is how much he knows about alcohol. He says to me, two days ago, he texted me, I think it would be interesting if you gave me a different kind of shot every hour, and that way you could teach me about a different shot every hour, like a fireball one hour, a lemon drop another. I go, dude, you will be puking. What --

COOPER: I didn't realize that. Do you remember when what's his name, Danny DeVito went on "The View" after drinking Limoncello all night long.

COHEN: Yes, classic.

COOPER: Classic.

COHEN: Classic DeVito.

COOPER: Classic Danny.

Do you know he also likes to take off his shoe and put his foot, naked foot on your desk at work and take a photo.

COHEN: No, is that real?

COOPER: He's done it in my office.


COOPER: I got a call from my --

COHEN: Is he seeing anybody?


COOPER: I got a call from my assistant.

Like, two years ago. It's like, Danny DeVito is here. He wants to go in your office and photograph his foot on your desk.


COOPER: I was like, sure, that's what Danny does.

COHEN: Classic DeVito.

COOPER: Yes, classic Danny.

So we're on the risers in Times Square. Richard Quest --

COHEN: I mean, obviously, I'm not going to ask for an umbrella right now.


COOPER: Oh, let's see if --

COHEN: I'm not going to do it.

COOPER: No one else has one. The folks from radio station --

COHEN: Oh, my God, look at Richard Quest. COOPER: Oh my God!


COHEN: Oh, my God!

COOPER: Richard!

COHEN: Richard, the theme is Broadway and what cat are you, Richard?

COOPER: Are you Rum Tum Tugger?

QUEST: Rum Tum Tugger, the curious cat.

We are tonight celebrating Broadway in all its glory. The different shows, and I've got a Broadway trivia quiz for you later.

Let's meet the crowd. Believe me, so this is 46th street, the famous street. You've got Hamilton down there. You've got Tootsie.

There are 42 theaters that correctly call themselves being on Broadway, the White Way. Call the Great White Way because it was the first to have electricity which lit the way. Lit --


QUEST: Oh, yes, trust you to point out the glasses.


COHEN: That's part of the costume.


QUEST: Memory -- I can't remember the words. Hi, how are you?

All right. Where are you from? Where?


QUEST: Philadelphia.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Canada. I love Sam Hunt.

QUEST: Canada.


QUEST: Texas.

COOPER: Love Sam Hunt.

QUEST: How long have you been here for?

They've been here for about nine or ten hours. COOPER: I love the way -- Richard, I love that you're talking to

people and no one is fazed by the fact that you're dressed like a crazed cat.


QUEST: Do you think it's strange that you're talking to a cat?


QUEST: What can I say?

All right. Where are you from?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: New Jersey, Newfield.

QUEST: New Jersey. Why would you come to stand in the rain?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Because I love New York city.

QUEST: New York, absolute.

COOPER: Yes, good answer.

QUEST: All right. Are you down-hearted that it is raining?


COHEN: Dressed as a cat.

QUEST: I think they're downhearted. It is raining. It's not as bad as last --

COOPER: Richard, let me ask, how long have you been in cats on Broadway? Because I know you were one of the earliest performers. Is it like Google employee number four, aren't you the fourth employee for cats?

QUEST: I think it's a future career for me when it all goes wrong in this.

COHEN: Well, by the way --


COHEN: Arguably your performance so far is as good as the fever dream that is the movie "Cats."

QUEST: Oh! That is unkind!

COHEN: Is it or was I complimenting you?

QUEST: They're getting a bit down hearted because the rain is picked up.

COOPER: Yes, understandable. QUEST: But you will get --


COOPER: Because we were told by Janice Huff that there would be no rain.

COHEN: I know.

COOPER: All of New York was told by Janice Huff there would be no rain.

COHEN: All right. Thank you, Richard. Wow, that was something.

COOPER: Richard, thank you.

Richard, am I to understand every hour you are going to be doing a different homage to a Broadway theater?

QUEST: You are right.

COOPER: I tip my hat to you.

QUEST: And I will be up with (INAUDIBLE) -- I will be with you with a Broadway quiz in an hour.

COOPER: Oh, I'm not going to do well with that.

COHEN: Wow, that is a unitard for the ages.

COOPER: That is a unitard for the ages. It is.

COHEN: Absolutely.

Wow, the rain is really coming down now.

COOPER: Which cat would you be?

By the way, yes, it's huffing. We call it huffing.

COHEN: Is this what we call it?

COOPER: It's Janice Huffing. Yes.

It is -- yes, this is actually --

COHEN: This is funny.

COOPER: It's interesting because about an hour ago, we were told 50 percent chance of drizzle. Not a drizzle.

COHEN: Now it's just pouring.

COOPER: It's not drizzle.

COHEN: It's funny. COOPER: Yes.

COHEN: This is -- someone is saying --

COOPER: How does no one know what the weather is going to be?

COHEN: Someone's trying to mess with me.

COOPER: It's almost 2020.

COHEN: 2020.

COOPER: I've heard rumors -- Barbara Walters, I've heard rumors -- I --

COHEN: May be appearing up here?

COOPER: That's -- I can't -- I don't want to --

COHEN: Keep watching. Keep watching.

COOPER: I don't want to go into it.

COHEN: Absolutely.

COOPER: Over the past couple of years, Randi Kaye, she has hitched rides on the pot bus. I believe she --

COHEN: She was on a super yacht last year. That was great.

COOPER: Yes. She's been on a cruise.

COHEN: What is she doing tonight?

COOPER: She is in Key West to get a ride on a floating tiki bar.

Randi, where -- tell us about where you're at?

RANDI KAYE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, we are at the marina in Key West and we are heading to the tiki bar boat. And is this the way to go or what? Check out my transportation tonight. I've got my -- let's go, boys.

COHEN: Yes. Oh my God. Look at this.

KAYE: We are being carried. Check this out, right? Do I have the hottest transportation in town?

COHEN: Oh my God. Wow. Move that chyron.


KAYE: Woo-hoo! OK, boys, thank you. Do you want to come and join the party?

COHEN: There they go. KAYE: All right. Hello.

COHEN: Randi, I think you're barking up the wrong tree.

COOPER: Randi, it's not going to end well. I've been there. You're going to end up on the dance floor all alone.

KAYE: I can move all I want.


KAYE: All right. We are here at the tiki bar boat and we are making cocktails. I brought my own glass.

We're making a key lime martini because that's the big drink here in Key West.


KAYE: But we have our own version of it, the AC squared, we call it. A couple of shots of giggles, some shots of cream of coconut, which is very similar, I'm told, to Anderson's hair color. One shot of snarkiness. One shot of cockiness.

Let's mix it up. We'll have a drink.


KAYE: As we have our drink -- this sort of looks like the real queens of Key West, doesn't it?

COHEN: Yes, it is.

KAYE: The real hot queens of Key West, it kind of looks like.

COHEN: They look great.

KAYE: What are you wearing tonight? Tell me.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is actually an outfit made by my boss Sushi (ph). It was -- I wanted a little mermaid, a little bit of cheerleader, and all whore.



KAYE: Wait, I'm not sure this is big enough. Anybody think it's big enough?



KAYE: OK, that's good. Cheers, gorgeous.

COOPER: This is how it happens. This is how it happens.

KAYE: This is how it happened.

COHEN: Don't go out of the gate too fast there, Randi Kaye.

COOPER: No, no, that's how it happens.

KAYE: What are you wearing? What are you wearing?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I'm wearing a finalist from project runway. My jacket is by Keisha Carr, New York City drag queen. I'm a Key West drag queen and L.A. drag queen.


And I get around and we (INAUDIBLE)

KAYE: We are just getting started here. We have a big show planned from here. We're going to be heading over to the bourbon street bar. We've got a big show drop and Sushi is going to be joining us. It's going to be a blast.


COHEN: All right. Thanks, Randi Kaye. Enjoy that drink.

KAYE: Cheers from Key West!


COOPER: Lenny Kravitz coming up.


COOPER: Lenny Kravitz is like the coolest guy on the planet.

COHEN: Super cool.


COHEN: He's going to be joining us live from the Bahamas. Bill Weir --

COOPER: Is that a tail gate --

COHEN: Tailgating at the Dead and Company concert, I'm so psyched. And he has a surprise guest with him.

COOPER: Really?

COHEN: You're going to love Dead.

COOPER: I've never been to a Dead show.

Andy has been to how many Dead shows?

COHEN: I don't know, a lot.

All right. We got Lenny Kravitz joining us live from his house in the Bahamas.

Stay here. We'll be right back.

COOPER: All right. Live at Times Square.



COOPER: Nice message from Bob's Burgers there saying, let's start that diet.

COHEN: Absolutely.


COOPER: Welcome back. We're live at Times Square.

One place we wanted to focus attention on this year is the Bahamas. Obviously recovering after the deadliest storm to strike there, Hurricane Dorian.

Mike, one much our camera operators on 360, he actually went down to the Bahamas to do work for Jose Andres's organization, World Central Kitchen.


Our next guest wants everyone to know about the recovery that's going on. He needs no introduction. The one and only Lenny Kravitz is joining us live from the Bahamas.

Lenny, you're joining us from your place down there. How is the recovery effort going?

LENNY KRAVITZ, MUSICIAN: Well, first of all, good evening, Anderson and Andy. I hope all is well. I'm sitting here on the beach enjoying some time off. The recovery --

COOPER: Why aren't we on the beach with you?

COHEN: Why aren't we? And look at how good he looks.

COOPER: It's raining here, Lenny.

KRAVITZ: Well, you were invited. You could have come.

COHEN: I didn't get that.

KRAVITZ: It's beautiful here. It's absolutely beautiful.

The recovery is moving forward. It's going to take a lot of time. It's going to take years. There are so many people that are displaced.

And there is so much damage as you obviously know. You covered the whole disaster.

But the one thing that is good is that the Bahamas has many islands, so we're asking people to support the Bahamas by continuing to visit us and to travel here and to spend your vacations here, which will help the economy. But there's a lot of great people doing a lot of work to try to bring these islands back to the way they were, and to get the locals especially back in their homes.

COOPER: Yes, it's such a long process in a situation like this. And obviously --


COOPER: It's a long -- it's going to be a long-term thing. It's awesome. You've raised so much money. I know you worked with your dentist to bring free dental care to the island of Eleuthera.

I think more than 400 people were getting dental care.

COHEN: You even have your own toothpaste line, right?

KRAVITZ: We -- yes, well, we actually -- we did -- we did about ten days of work. We served over 1,200 people, major procedures, gave people their health back and their smiles back. We had a wonderful auction at Art Basel that Sean Penn and I put together and we raised several million dollars. You know, we're trying to do --

COOPER: That's incredible.

COHEN: That's awesome.

KRAVITZ: -- the best we can. It's one step at a time. It's one step at a time.


COHEN: Lenny, your daughter Zoe who I just love --

COOPER: She's amazing.

COHEN: She got married this summer.

I've been wondering, what was your father/daughter dance at the wedding?

KRAVITZ: We actually didn't have one.


KRAVITZ: We actually didn't have one. We had some people that were performing music. Sue Jorge from Brazil who Anderson I'm sure knows performed.

COOPER: Oh, wow, cool. Yes, awesome.

KRAVITZ: As well as a couple people. It turned into a big dance party. We didn't actually have that. It was very nontraditional in that sense.

COHEN: By the way, I love following you on social media. There was a moment this year where you tweeted -- you were desperately looking for a pair of sunglasses that you had lost.

Don't leave me hanging, man. Did you find the sunglasses? Are those them?

KRAVITZ: No, no, it was a night where I thought it would be a good idea to invite the audience on stage. The stage was loaded with people and it was a wonderful moment. But some things were missing at the end of it.

So if you do find those, you can send them to me.

COHEN: OK, we will. Are you going to rage tonight or what? What's going to go on in the Bahamas after we leave you?

KRAVITZ: We have friends and family coming to the beach. We light some big fires and we hang out on the beach. We hang out on the water even in the night. And we just celebrate, you know?

It's a New Year. We're setting our intentions to represent love as much as we can in the coming year as we will every moment of our lives. So, it's a beautiful night to just celebrate life, man.


KRAVITZ: It's awesome.

COOPER: Lenny, not only in the Bahamas, but a lot of folks in a lot of different places are hurting different ways, or sad around the holidays, holidays are tough for a lot of people.


COHEN: What's your message to folks on New Year's Eve tonight?

KRAVITZ: Well, you know, everybody has a different situation, right, and a different journey. But growing up, I was always taught by my grandparents and the elders in my family that anything is possible.


I've seen so many people in my family, you know, rise up when they were fighting, you know, having so much adversity.

So it's about staying focused and, you know, keeping the faith and doing the best that you can, but the best is always ahead. I believe that in most situations.

COHEN: Awesome. COOPER: Yes.

KRAVITZ: So you know, I wish that everybody would be able to find what is right for them.

COOPER: Yes, well Lenny, we wish you the best. I hope this is your best year ever and for everybody in the Bahamas, we appreciate all you're doing and bringing it up tonight and thinking about it and let's keep -- let's keep the Bahamas in our thoughts all throughout this next year.

COHEN: Thank you, Lenny. Great to see you. Happy New Year.

KRAVITZ: Thank you so much and the Bahamas is -- yes, and the Bahamas is so appreciative. So thank you for all your coverage and all of your help.

COOPER: All right, you take care, Lenny.

COHEN: Thanks a lot.

COOPER: Thank you. We are obviously --

COHEN: We need to start --

COOPER: Thanks, you too.

COHEN: You need to set some intentions.

COOPER: What do you mean? For the New Year?


COOPER: I know that. I've been thinking about that a lot. Yes, we can talk about that.

COHEN: All right, I really like that.

COOPER: We're going to go deep.

COHEN: Oh, yes.

COOPER: We're going to get deep.

COHEN: OK. I am super excited for this next live location, Dead & Company are performing tonight. One of my favorite bands of all time.

COOPER: It is really -- it is your favorite band of all time.

COHEN: Yes, we're going to be talking to the guys later. But we sent Bill Weir to watch over the tailgate in San Francisco. The tailgate area is called Shakedown Street after the song Shakedown Street.

There he is with the Steely on his shirt. Bill, what's going on at Shakedown tonight?

BILL WEIR, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Andy, I have so many thanks to give you because when I was a young punk, a long time ago --

BILL WALTON: Hang on, Bill.

COHEN: Bill Walton, everybody. Bill Walton, yes.

WALTON: It's too early.


WEIR: He jumped his cue.

WALTON: It's too early. It's too early.

WEIR: I knew this was going to happen.

WALTON: Way too early.

PARRISH: Andy, I want my own mic. Come on.

WEIR: So 30 years ago I tried to use my driver's license to get into a show with the CowBuzz, they said, Bob Weir is my uncle and it didn't work.

WALTON: I can't believe that didn't work.

WEIR: It didn't work then, but now look where I am thanks to -- look where I am. Bill Walton --

WALTON: I'm Bill. This is my son, Steve.

WEIR: Big Steve Parrish, Jerry Garcia's long time --

WALTON: We're here to celebrate.

WEIR: Long time --

PARRISH: My allowance hasn't been coming every month, dad.

WALTON: Really?

PARRISH: I want that allowance.

WALTON: Give him that microphone.

PARRISH: Ever since I've known you you've been picking on me because you're bigger than me, man.

WALTON: Long live the Grateful Dead. We're at Chase Center.

PARRISH: That's right.


PARRISH: Long live the Grateful Dead.

WALTON: Long live. WEIR: You said that this band heals you.

PARRISH: I come to his show --

WALTON: I come to -- you know, he doesn't need that. That's for you, Steve.

I come to be healed. I come to learn. I come to think. I come to cry. I come to laugh. I come to be with my friends and family here. And I come to gain confidence because when you're at a Grateful Dead concert, by the end of the night, anything could happen and it usually does.

PARRISH: And it already has. And it's so true.

WALTON: Have you searched him yet?

PARRISH: No, I have not.

WALTON: Is he clean? Is he clean? Okay.

WEIR: Give me my mic back, Steve. Give me my mic back. What is your your New Year's resolution?

PARRISH: To be a better human being and to listen to what Walton says about courage and helping the world get in a better place than it is so that we can all work together.

WALTON: One of the coolest things is, when the music starts, the world becomes a better place.

WEIR: Yes.

WALTON: And then all the healing begins at the joy and the happiness and the venue that we have, Chase Center, brand new.


WALTON: We were all here last --

PARRISH: Now, let me tell you what we first met Bill, he was only three foot four. He started listening to the music, and look how he grew.

WEIR: Look at this. Exactly. What happened?

PARRISH: He is an example of what the Grateful Dead can do to a person.

WEIR: And what do you guys think? Sharing our --

WALTON: Oh, yes.

PARRISH: Come on. No, no. One time, me and him were in Egypt. Andy, Anderson, can you hear me?

COOPER: Yes, we hear you.

COHEN: I hear you, Steve.

PARRISH: He would love it. He would love it, man.

WALTON: It is so beautiful.

PARRISH: He would be able to get here and be in the audience and watch it. He'd love that.

WALTON: The technology, the use of the equipment, the professionalism and the new guys. Yes, we have Bob Weir, Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart, but the new guys, Oteil, John Mayer, Jeff Chimenti -- just absolutely fantastic. Incredible. We were all here last night. Oh my god. What a show.

I'm going to crowd here to the back row. It was absolutely awesome. It was so much fun that even Steve was smiling because Steve, he always had the worst shows.

WEIR: So Andy, if you were me, how would you get the mic away from Bill Walton?


COHEN: I know. You know, you've just got to take it, man. It's like a river of words. You've got to throw that stick in there.

WEIR: I've just got to take it.

COHEN: Especially with Steve.

WEIR: He is -- I can't get it.

COHEN: Hey, Bill, get me some -- get me some shirts and stickers at Shakedown, okay.

WEIR: I just lost my hat. All right, a lot more fun throughout the night, guys.

COHEN: You know when you're at a Dead show and Bill Walton pops up in the middle of the floor, you're like, oh, man.

COOPER: Does he go -- you must go to a lot of his --

COHEN: You go almost to every show.

COOPER: Is that right?

COHEN: And he will be there and there he is in the middle like a beacon of light shining in there. Everybody is so happy to see him. Such a cool guy. Such a great representative of the band.

But I cannot wait to see Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin.

COOPER: Nashville. COHEN: They are in Nashville.

COOPER: They've taken it national now. They're moving from New Orleans.


COOPER: They're spreading across the country. God knows what's going to happen in Nashville.

COHEN: Yes. And we're going to be live inside the Brady Bunch house with two real Brady's. They're going to give us a tour inside the house. You don't want it.

COOPER: Is it Marsha, Marsha, Marsha? Cindy?

COHEN: We'll see.


COOPER: And welcome back. Don and Brooke of course are usually in New Orleans for the show. They are changing up this year for Nashville where Keith Urban's massive concert will be. We're going to talk to Keith a little bit later on.

Don and Brooke, Happy New Year.

COHEN: Wow. You guys look great, Don and Brooke.

COOPER: Wow. You have turned it out.

COHEN: Turned it out. Set your intentions.


DON LEMON, CNN ANCHOR: Guess what? Brooke wore her boots.


LEMON: I had my boots on earlier.

BALDWIN: Yes. Americans in cowboy boots, boys. Somebody is super fancy pants in his velvet.

LEMON: I am going to wear it a little later, but I've traded it in for this --

BALDWIN: I know, listen.

LEMON: This one is Andy's mini --


BALDWIN: Sartorially, you're a 10. You're a 10. So we're in Nashville.


BALDWIN: Can we just first shout out New Orleans in all those many years. We love you New Orleans and we'll be back.

LEMON: It's been what? Like almost 10 years have we been --

BALDWIN: I mean, it's so many years.

COOPER: How is the vibe in Nashville compared to New Orleans?

LEMON: This is a -- it's partying, but it's a little more shall we say, funky with a honky-tonk. We're in the oldest honky-tonk in the city.

BALDWIN: I mean, we are in the oldest honky-tonk still on Broadway. This is called Roberts Western World. They used to sell all of these old school, you know, cowboy boots, and now, this is one of the oldest honky-tonk joints, so it's like still the sort of -- if you love music.


BALDWIN: If you love to get a little funky, it's not just honky-tonk, it is also rock and roll.

LEMON: And the reason we're dressed like this Andy and Anderson, they said, don't wear cowboy hats. This is not Texas. People think of it, they want people to know it's an international city.

BALDWIN: Yes, we were told no cowboy hats.

LEMON: It's New Year's Eve, you should dress up like us. If you want to wear a cowboy hat, fine. If you want to wear your boots, fine.

BALDWIN: Should we tell them how we spent our afternoon?

LEMON: I know that you will appreciate this, Andy.

BALDWIN: You guys.

LEMON: We found a way that you can get your drinks in, your alcohol and your partying and your cardio at the same time.

BALDWIN: It's basically, slow cycle with booze.

LEMON: Check it out.

BALDWIN: Roll the tape.




LEMON: Oh my gosh. It's already starting. It's two in the afternoon. I've got a feeling. Down here. Down here. I'm cheating.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Decided my New Year's resolution is to go to the gym more, if you're like me, just have a good time.

LEMON: Wait, are you drinking?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A little bit. I'm sipping. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

LEMON: It's two in the afternoon.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, well, I'm unemployed.

BALDWIN: It's a marathon, not a sprint.

LEMON: What is the purpose of this?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Clearly, you pedal and you get drunk. There's not really a purpose.

LEMON: All right, let's race them. Let's race them. We need a push. Can you help?

BALDWIN: Thank you, Pedal Bar. Thank you Pedal Bar.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Bottoms up. Happy New Year.


LEMON: So workout and boozing at the same time.

BALDWIN: It was so fun.

LEMON: You've got to love it.

BALDWIN: And every red light, it was like a red light stop. Everyone drinks. So we've got disco now. We're good to go.

This is Emily, by the way, and she's nice enough to have us here at Robert's, and you were explaining to me like, what's that magic sauce that is Nashville?

EMILY: The magic sauce that is Nashville is tradition. Everybody wants to be here for the music and for the tradition. You don't have it anywhere else.

LEMON: You guys are telling us earlier there are people from Ohio. We've met people from Ohio and California. Where are you guys from?


LEMON: Iowa. You're from Iowa. Where are you from? Iowa?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Iowa. LEMON: Who says -- somebody said from California. Where are you


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

LEMON: All over. They come to Nashville. It's a party city. We miss New Orleans, but we're loving Nashville right now, guys.

COOPER: We will check back with you later.

LEMON: We have a little surprise for you later.

BALDWIN: And we even have a little surprise. Yes, a little surprise.


LEMON: We've got a big surprise for you later like two big surprises.

COOPER: A tattoo?

BALDWIN: Standby.

COOPER: Oh, okay.

COHEN: Oh, I like that.

BALDWIN: These are both sharp objects. Sharp objects.

COOPER: Okay. Wow. All right. We'll check back in with you in a little bit. Hey, guess who's coming up?

COHEN: Miss Patti.

COOPER: Miss Patti LaBelle joining us live from her house party. We love Patti LaBelle.

Oh as we get a break, special shout out to the Marriott Marquis for this rooftop shot. We'll be back in a moment.



COHEN: All right, we are back ...

COOPER: Welcome back.

COHEN: ... in Times Square and this is another location I'm really pumped about.

HGTV had a big hit this year when they renovated the house used in the famous Brady Bunch open. They made the interior of the house an exact replica of the show set. This was unbelievable.

I saw it for myself this year. I may have -- I had the best time. Okay, Watch. Watch this. This is me just pretending to be a Brady. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)

COHEN: Shut up, Greg. Mom? Dad? Dad? He is not in there. Shut up, Greg.

Oh --


COOPER: What is it?

COHEN: I'm answering the phone. I'm pretending to be a Brady.

COOPER: No, I know. I get it. I mean, I grew up watching "The Brady Bunch."

COHEN: It was amazing. Did you grow up watching "The Brady Bunch?"

COOPER: Yes, of course. I wanted to be --

COHEN: I feel like your servants reenacted episodes of "The Brady Bunch" for you and that's how you watched it.

COOPER: No. That's not --

COHEN: Anderson, we don't have the episode, so the servants are going to -- they will now perform Cindy Brady has camera-itis for you.

Anyway --

COOPER: Do you remember the trip to Hawaii?

COHEN: Of course, I am not scared of tarantulas because of that. Joining us live from inside the house, it's Nischelle Turner with Susan Olsen and Mike Lookinland who played Cindy and Bobby. Hey, everybody.

COOPER: Hey. Happy New Year, guys.

NISCHELLE TURNER, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT: Yes. Hey, guys. Happy New Year. I mean, listen, we don't have drinking games and we don't have the Grateful Dead, but darn it, I've got two original Brady's, so this is pretty cool.

And by the way, can you see this staircase? Are you not losing your mind and how cool this is?

MIKE LOOKINLAND, ACTOR: This is the real deal.

TURNER: I know the first time I walked in here, guys, I lost my mind. I think I started crying.

SUSAN OLSEN, ACTRESS: I know. I came over and hugged you.

TURNER: I know.

OLSEN: It's okay, it's okay. I had the same reaction.

TURNER: And by the way, Anderson and Andy, I'm actually going to claim, you guys said I'm with two original Brady's. No, there are three because I'm claiming being Brady.

I always wanted there to be a black Brady and so tonight there is one.

OLSEN: Me, too.

TURNER: Because I'm here in the house.

OLSEN: Yes. Yes.

LOOKINLAND: You guys, this place, compared to where you're at is like church. It is so tranquil and calm in here. We're going to try to light it up.

TURNER: But this is like some folks' churches. They love this so much. I mean when you walk in here, and you see how meticulously they recreated the Brady house, it really takes your breath away.

How long did it take you guys to do this entire project? Because I was here I think back in November when you were really about to break ground, right?

OLSEN: Yes, that's when we did break ground and it only took like six months.

LOOKINLAND: it was amazingly quick. It was about seven months.

OLSEN: And that was even with these heavy rains that delayed construction for a while. These guys worked really hard.

LOOKINLAND: Don't we look natural sitting here in our spots?

TURNER: You do. You look really good.

LOOKINLAND: Yes, we go right to them.

COHEN: Show us around, you guys?

TURNER: Go for it. Okay, yes, we are going to show you around.

COHEN: Show us around.


TURNER: So first of all, we're in the living room right here. And disclaimer, if I call you, Bobby and I call you Cindy at any point of the night, forgive me.

LOOKINLAND: I'll smack her.

OLSEN: Three times. You do it three times before I hit you.

TURNER: We're in the living room right here. I know. Right? I'm going to take that smack. And this is --

COHEN: That's a wall that we never saw watching the show.

TURNER: I mean, you recreated this almost to a T.

COOPER: Really?

COHEN: Yes. Well, you never saw it.

TURNER: Absolutely.

OLSEN: Yes, that wall, yes.

TURNER: This wall right here you never saw it.

COHEN: We never saw that wall.

TURNER: Oh, absolutely. But look at this. So one of the things you guys did when you were putting things together is you really reached out to fans and said, we need help recreating this space, right? And fans responded.

OLSEN: Oh, they did. Yes.


OLSEN: A lot of people bought these because it looked like something in the --

LOOKINLAND: The crowdsourcing effort was a surprisingly huge success.

TURNER: Yes. And this was -- these were part of it, right?

LOOKINLAND: And this stuff -- this stuff is -- the things are all over the house.

TURNER: Yes. Cool. Okay, well, let's come in here because this is the living room but I also want to show you guys --

COHEN: Hey, let me ask you, what is the --

TURNER: Go for it.

COOPER: Were there episodes of New Year's Eve on the Brady Bunch? I'm trying to think back to old Brady episodes.


COOPER: I don't think I ever remember or saw them celebrating. Did you guys?

OLSEN: No. There was there was one Christmas episode and that I think was the only Holiday ever reference.

LOOKINLAND: We did a Christmas episode.

TURNER: And that was it.



LOOKINLAND: And like, you know, summer vacation.

COOPER: Okay, oh, that kitchen.

COHEN: Wow. There's that iconic kitchen.

OLSEN: Hawaii episode.

LOOKINLAND: No, New Year's Eve.

TURNER: Can you believe where we are?

LOOKINLAND: We can do it now. We can do it now.


COHEN: Wow, this is amazing.

COOPER: Without -- I mean, Alice there.

TURNER: Yes, we're in Alice's kitchen right now. Look at this. Look at these countertops. This is just perfect.

COHEN: I mean, I have a controversial -- I have a controversial question. I mean, when I was watching the show, I always thought -- there was like, do you think there was a universe in which Alice was actually a lesbian? The character Alice?

COOPER: She was dating the butcher.

COHEN: He was dating Sam, the butcher.

OLSEN: Well, remember cousin Sergeant Emma?

COOPER: He was dating Sam.

LOOKINLAND: That's a very controversial question.

OLSEN: Yes, but she had the cousin.

COOPER: Well, yes, that's what Andy does.

OLSEN: Sergeant Emma.

TURNER: Well --

OLSEN: Well --

TURNER: Well, you know, Alice's room was right through this.

OLSEN: Yes. COOPER: Wait. She and a cousin, Sergeant Emma?

COHEN: Yes, I know, not a lot went on in that room, unfortunately. She was waiting to go to that Woodcutter's Ball with Sam.

COOPER: Oh, that's right. The Woodcutter's Ball.

COHEN: By the way, I want to point out Mike Lookinland -- I want to point out that Bobby Brady, Mike Lookinland is a big Deadhead.

LOOKINLAND: I lost them.

COHEN: So it all just comes back.

TURNER: You're a deadhead.

LOOKINLAND: Indeed. Yes, indeed, that last segment was Bill and the boys was a lot of fun. I didn't know what Steve Parrish looked like, but I do now.

TURNER: Can I smell a little tea here in the Brady house since we're here with you two?

LOOKINLAND: Certainly.

TURNER: Back in the day. Did you know there was a little kissy face between the two of these guys when they were shooting the show?

COHEN: I did not know that.

TURNER: I don't think they knew that, yes. Yes, there was. You guys used to smooch in Tiger's dog house, right?

LOOKINLAND: Actually, I think it was actually my idea.

OLSEN: Oh, it was, yes. The whole thing was your idea.

LOOKINLAND: Yes, I lured you in.

OLSEN: Yes, yes. But I didn't say no.

COHEN: Wow, that is.

OLSEN: We liked each other.

COHEN: That is some extra under aged consensual smooching.

LOOKINLAND: We were just playing around.

COOPER: Hey, you guys, thank you so much. Thank you so much for joining us on New Year's Eve.

TURNER: For sure. We're going to be back in a little bit. We're going to take you upstairs.

COOPER: Yes. All right. Awesome. We've got a lot more head. John Mayer.

COHEN: Yes with Dead & Company. Shaq and Shania Twain and Christina Aguilera perform. Plus, we're going to take you to a rave like space party.

COOPER: A rave like? Isn't it like a --

COHEN: It's like a rave-like space party.

AARON NEVILLE, MUSICIAN: Happy New Year, Anderson and Andy. I know you're looking for advice for 2020, but I don't know much.


[20:57:36 ]

ANNOUNCER: From the heart of Times Square, it is CNN's New Year's Eve Live. Wild, star-studded, unpredictable. Welcome to TV's hottest party with performances and appearances by Christina Aguilera, Dead & Company, Dulce Sloan, 50 Cent, Shania Twain, Keith Urban, Shaquille O'Neal and more surprises.

And now your hosts, Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen.

COOPER: And welcome back. We are live in in Times Square.

COHEN: That's too much. Okay.

COOPER: Top of the hour here in Times Square. Yes, okay. It's yes, Casa Amigos.

COHEN: Top of the hour, everybody.

COOPER: Didn't they make like a billion dollars on this?



COHEN: Cheers.

COOPER: Hey, don't be drinking and driving, but if you're at home, drink with us.

COHEN: Of course. Cheers, buddy. Set your --

COOPER: Okay. Oh.

COHEN: It goes down easy. All right. What is New Year's Eve without a legend joining us? Let's go live to Miss Patti LaBelle.

COOPER: Patti LaBelle.

COHEN: I love her.

COOPER: We love Patti LaBelle. COHEN: Gemini triplets. Oh wants to have more fun. Her shoes are


COOPER: Yes, she is taking the shoes off. How are you doing, Patti?

PATTI LABELLE, SINGER: Yes, it's ready for me to talk to you, guys. Happy Shoe Year.


COOPER: Yes, we hear you.

LABELLE: Happy New Year. My tree is full of shoes. And I've got new pumps for you. Okay, I'm ready to walk. Thank you, guys. Here comes Patti.


COHEN: Two pairs of shoes. Walk Miss Patti.

LABELLE: Okay. I am walking, honey.

COHEN: Patti, you look great. Wow, your house is gorgeous.

COOPER: Your house is -- I mean, you go all out for the Holidays.

LABELLE: Thank you. You guys look great, too.

COHEN: Wow. It's so understated.

LABELLE: I go out for you guys all the time.

COHEN: You are as bronze as can be. Are you having a big party tonight? Or an interview or what's happening there?

LABELLE: I'm as blond -- I am having about 200 people, yes, it's a real party, okay. Party, singing and everything.

COHEN: Two hundred people?


COHEN: You want to just give your --


COHEN: Do you want to give your address out so the folks in Philly can swing by?

LABELLE: My address is 2020 18 --

COOPER: No, no.

LABELLE: ... Avenue. Hey, guys.

COHEN: Hey, Patti -- LABELLE: So let me show you --

COHEN: I've got to tell you something before we move on, okay, show us. Show us.

LABELLE: No, I was just showing you my stuff.