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Perspective on the Wuhan Coronavirus; Prediction for Global Economic Growth; Pair of Additional Missions to the Red Planet

Aired January 28, 2020 - 04:00:00   ET


CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: As cases of the Wuhan coronavirus spread, so are the international effort to contain the disease and that`s where we start

today`s edition of CNN 10. I`m Carl Azuz at the CNN Center. A number of countries are formally warning their citizens not to visit Wuhan, China

where the disease was first identified in mid-December. A medicine professor at Vanderbilt University suggests the Wuhan coronavirus won`t be

nearly as widespread and deadly as the flu and that people are anxious about it because it`s new and mysterious. Several thousand have gotten

sick from the coronavirus, it`s called that because it`s a type of disease that can cause respiratory problems. It`s killed at least 80 people in

China and it has spread to several other countries from Australia to the United States where there have been at least five confirmed cases so far.

All of them in patients who`d recently returned to America from Wuhan.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control says American`s should avoid going to the Chinese province Wuhan is in unless it`s absolutely necessary. It also

expects the number of cases to increase. The impact of the virus isn`t just hitting travelers. It`s taken a toll on the U.S. Stock Market as well

as number of international businesses. Airlines that fly to China are offering refunds. So are hotels. Disney has shut down its theme parks in

other parts of China and companies like Starbucks, KFC and McDonalds have closed their restaurants in Wuhan and some of the areas around it. Also,

on the first day of the Chinese New Year the event that triggers the largest human migration on Earth, the Chinese government says the number of

trips taken across China has decreased by almost a third. Countries who citizens have been stuck in Wuhan are coming up with plans to get them out

but it`s not an easy process.


PAULA HANCOCKS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Another case has been confirmed here in South Korea of coronavirus as the government has decided to raise the alert

levels. So it`s at the second highest level now. What this means is that the government steps in and takes control of the situation as opposed to

the CDC. It also means an emergency task force will be set up. Where we are here is the National Medical Center in Seoul and this is the area that

the government has decided will be the main hospital that will take in any potential patients. There`s one patient who has the virus already being

looked after in the building behind us. You can see through the doors many of the medical staff are wearing hazmat suits. They don`t want to take any


And what we`re also seeing is that they`re trying to figure out how they can move many of the other patients that don`t have the virus but that are

sick to different hospitals around Seoul that they - - they can free up beds as they are anticipating that they need them in the future. Now

behind me you can see a tent here that they`re making sure that any people coming in with fears and symptoms that they may have this virus are not

going through the regular channels and not mingling with the rest of the hospital. Now this is the sort of thing that we are seeing around the

world as these cases are increasing around the world. Here in South Korea as well there are indications that they are going to try and evacuate their

citizens out of the Wuhan area in - - in China.

We know that the United States is doing that on Tuesday they`ll have a charter flight which will take out about three dozen diplomats and their

families, the consulate in the area has been shut down as well. We understand also that Japan is looking to do this and trying to evacuate

their - - their citizens. Australia saying they have around 100 young Australians they`re trying to figure out how to get them out as well. So

this really is a case of that the numbers slowly but steadily increasing in the amount of patients around the world and countries looking very

seriously at how they can take their citizens out of the worst effective areas in China. Paula Hancocks, CNN Seoul.


AZUZ: 10 Second Trivia. Which of these international organizations is the oldest? World Trade Organization, World Health Organization, International

Monetary Fund or UNESCO. The International Monetary Fund was established in 1944 making it the oldest organization on this list.

The IMF can help countries keep their currency stable and avoid major financial problems by giving them loans. The "Great Recession" began in

2007 brought problems for many countries. Nations like Greece and Spain had trouble with huge amounts of debt and the IMF was one of the

organizations involved in addressing that. This year the IMF expects there to be global economic growth of 3.3 percent but because of the scars of the

"Great Recession", the U.S. government sometimes gives American banks a stress test.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How do you deal with stress? Yoga? A new stress ball. How about limiting stock buy backs and shareholder dividends. Now, well

congratulations you`re not a bank. That`s because after the "Great Recession" the Federal Reserve began testing banks on how they would react

to economic downturns. Stress tests, those scenarios are things like a 10 percent unemployment rate or stock market crash, global recession.

Basically the Feds will throw a scenario at the bank`s books and see how they would react. Would they have enough money to survive calamity "X" or

disaster "Y"? That`s the quantitative measurement, the numbers. But for the biggest banks the Fed also looks at qualitative measures. Is a bank

set up properly to respond to downturns? Does it have the ability to know where it`s money even is?

How much it`s on the hook for? If a bank fails the test, then the Fed can limit that bank and offer its shareholders and dividends and buy backs.

The logic is if you don`t have enough money to survive a downturn, you shouldn`t have enough money to give away to your shareholders. Of course

the banks have come a long way since the financial meltdown but here`s the thing. Some indications show that the tests have become easier to pass.

Last year every major bank passed the test and even if a bank does fail the test it can survive it and that`s not it. A new rollback would limit the

bank subject to the stress test to just the biggest ones, the ones with over $250 billion in assets. That means that some huge institutions like

American Express would be free from having to go through with the test. So what might exempting a bunch of financial institutions from these tests

mean for the economy?


AZUZ: Right now NASA has or is participating in six active missions to Mars. It`s planning to launch another this summer and it`s looking to hire

someone to oversee a new program that`s planned for the years ahead. The Mars Sample Return Mission would have the goal of bringing martian rock and

soil back to Earth and its director could make up to $188,000 a year. But some scientists are concerned that the budget for that mission could be

impacted by the cost of this summer`s project. At almost $3.5 billion the Mars 2020 rover is one of NASA`s costliest exploration missions.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m here inside the clean room at JPL and behind me arguably the most tricked out vehicle in the solar system, the Mars 2020

rover. Among the new features on this rover a terrain relative navigation, if you see that sort of red triangle, a camera in there is going to be

taking images of Mars as it parachutes down into a crater. And why this is important is this camera is going to match images taken from the orbit and

that way they can make much more daring landings such as in a crater. Before they always had the safest bet, a nice flat surface. This will also

allow them to avoid hazards such as a rock outcropping or something else that might endanger the landing of any vehicles.

Also as we look at this vehicle it will take some 300 scientists to operate it. You can`t see this well but back down there in the body. MOXIE, why

MOXIE is important is it will try to convert this martian atmosphere into oxygen and down the road if we`re going to put men on Mars and women.

We`re going to need the ability to convert the martian atmosphere into breathable oxygen. They can`t haul all the oxygen with them so that`s

where MOXIE comes in and as we said converts it to breathable air. Now when does the Mars 2020 rover launch? Right now it`s on schedule for July

or August of 2020. That`s when we will be close to Mars again here on Earth.


AZUZ: For 10 out of 10. What do you get when you cross snow with a mountain coaster? You get a "snoller" coaster. And this here one in

Steamboat Springs, Colorado is reportedly the longest one on the continent at more than a mile in length. It`s called the "Outlaw". It`s not as fast

as the rollercoaster`s at Six Flags. This one tops out at about 25 miles per hour but it lasts 10 minutes and at a cost of $20 per ticket.

Out in the American west, fans of the "Outlaw" are not "Billy the Kidding" when they take a "Wild Bunch" of trips watching the "Sundance" on the snow.

Understanding the "Gravity" of the situation and dropping in like a falling "Belle Starr" who went off the rails without actually going off the rails.

Our viewers in Strasburg, Ohio know a thing about snow. They see quite a lot of that at Strasburg Franklin High School. They also know how to

subscribe and comment on our official You Tube channel. We hope you do to. I`m Carl Azuz for CNN.