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Kobe Bryant Memorial At The Staples Center; Vanessa Bryant Honors Her Soulmate Kobe At Memorial; Jordan, When Kobe Bryant Died, A Piece Of Me Died; Thousands of Miles Apart but United by Common Goals; Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty of Two Sex Charges; Coronavirus Uptick Raising Alarm Bells in South Korea and Italy. Aired 3-4a ET

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SAM KILEY, CNN SENIOR INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: And of course, he means by that the close relationship he's established with Donald Trump. Whether that translates into a great trade deal as Donald Trump said it might, there has been downplaying of expectations of that in the short term.

There's no great surprise about that. These things are not done over the last-minute negotiations between the leaders of nations, but it takes many, many months indeed, sometime years of painstaking negotiations to sort out.

I think what we likely to see, and there have been some indications from the White House that we might get some side deals on, for example, a set of fighter jets and other aspects coming as part of this meeting, though.

ROSEMARY CHURCH, CNN ANCHOR: All right. Sam Kiley bringing us the very latest there from New Delhi. Many thanks.

I would like to welcome our viewers, joining us from the United States and of course, our other viewers across the globe.

We have been taking this live event, the joint statements made by the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and by his side is the U.S. President Donald Trump.

Let's go there now.

NARENDRA MODI, PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA (through translator): -- leadership. Friends India and the United States are committed to openness and fair and balanced economic sector. Over the last two years our (Inaudible) has lift us to double digit. And it has also become more (Inaudible).

Whether it is energy, civil aircraft, defense, or a higher education, over the last four or five years, these are four sectors that have contributed $70 billion to the relationship between India and the U.S. And a lot of this is due to the policies and the willingness of President Trump. And I am fully confident that in the years to come this will further

grow bilateral (Inaudible) concern (Inaudible) have had very positive discussions. President Trump and I we have both agreed that understanding this (Inaudible) we'll take it forward to give it a legal shape.

We will also, we want to agree that to initiate negotiations for a bigger deal. We are confident that this will be the result that will be in our mutual interest.

Friends, cooperation between India and the U.S. as a global level is founded on our common democratic values and (Inaudible) especially in the Indo-Pacific region and other global commander.

Both of our countries agree on the importance for sustainable and (Inaudible) financing in the development of connectivity infrastructure across the (Inaudible). This mutual understanding and (Inaudible) is in the interest of not just our countries but also (Inaudible).

Indeed, the cornerstone of the special friendship between India and the United States is our people to people relations where it is as professionals or students the Indian diaspora in the U.S. has contributed the most (Inaudible) relations.

These (Inaudible) of India are not only contributed to the U.S. economy but they're followed in hard work, they are also (Inaudible) between the American society with their democratic values and rich culture.

I have requested President Trump that the contribution of our professionals in terms of social security should be discussed further within the framework of a globalization agreement. It should be of a mutual interest so far.


President Trump has placed a historic role in strengthening our relationships in all its dimension.

Once again, I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to President Trump for coming to India and taking India/U.S. relations to new heights. Thank you.

DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: What can you say? Very, very wonderful to be with you. Thank you very much. And Melania and I have been awed by the majesty of India and the exceptional kindness and generosity of the Indian people.

We'll always remember the magnificent welcome the citizens of your home state showed us upon arrival. It was a profound expression of strength and of real love. Really it was love and I think everybody saw that, everybody witnessed that for themselves.

The first lady and I also reflected on the memory of Mahatma Gandhi at his Ashram this morning in Delhi, we laid a wreath in his honor. We visited one of your nation's most stunning cultural treasures, the world-famous Taj Mahal and we look forward to continuing our visit tonight during a wonderful state banquet with President Kovind at the presidential palace.

I know Prime Minister Modi will agree that this has been a very productive visit for both of our countries. Earlier today, we expanded our defense cooperation with agreements for India to purchase more than $300 billion of advanced American military equipment including Apache and MH60 Romeo helicopters, the finest in the world.

These deals will enhance our joint defense capabilities as our militaries continue to train and operate side by side.

In our discussions Prime Minister Modi and I affirmed our two country's commitment to protecting our citizens from radical Islamic terrorism. In this effort the United States is also working productively with Pakistan to confront terrorist who operate on its soil.

Together the prime minister and I are revitalizing the Quad initiative with the United States, India, Australia and Japan. Since I took office, we have held the first Quad, ministerial meeting -- I guess you would call it a meeting but it seems like so much more than that. And expanded cooperation on counterterrorism, cyber security and maritime security to ensure a free and open Indo-Pacific.

As we deepen our partnership with India, we remember that our two countries have always been united by shared traditions of democracy and Constitutions that protect freedom, individual rights and the rule of law.

During our visit we discussed the importance of a secure 5G wireless network and the need for this emerging technology to be a tool for freedom, progress and prosperity, not to do anything where it could be even conceived as a conduit for suppression and censorship.

To guarantee that the infrastructure of the future is built in a safe, transparent and accountable manner. The United States is working with a range of partners including Australia and Japan to create the Blue Dot network, a major initiative to ensure countries around the world. To have access to private sector led sustainable and trustworthy options for high quality infrastructure development and that's what's happening.

Another major focus of my discussions with Prime Minister Modi is forging bilateral economic relationships that is fair and reciprocal.

Our teams have made tremendous progress on a comprehensive trade agreement and I'm optimistic we can reach a deal that will be of great importance to both countries.

Since I took office U.S. exports to India are up nearly 60 percent. And exports of high-quality American energy have grown by -- thank you very much -- 500 percent. That's great. As India grows, so do its energy needs. Yesterday, ExxonMobil signed a deal to improve India's natural gas

distribution network, so that the U.S. can export even more LNG to India.

We are pleased to be joined by the chairman of ExxonMobil LNG market development Alex Volkov. Thank you, Alex. Wherever you may be. Where is Alex? He's here someplace. Alex, thank you very much. Thank you very much, Alex.


TRUMP: And the CEO of Chart Energy and Chemicals, Jillian Evanko. Thank you very much. Thank you both. Thank you, Jillian. Thank you very much. That's a big deal, Alex, right? Can you handle it? I think so. Right? It's great.


To further strengthen our economic ties, the United States is pleased to announce that the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation will be establishing a permanent presence right here.

America is especially committed to working with India to improve development and empower women entrepreneurs. That is why my daughter Ivanka attended the global entrepreneurship summit in Hyderabad to highlight women's economic empowerment. Ivanka, please, great job you've done. Thank you very much. Thank you.


TRUMP: We have since launched the W-GDP initiative, which is now spearheading projects supporting women in the economy from New Delhi to Kolkata.

In our meetings with the prime minister we discussed and agreed to create a counter narcotic working group to confront the growing threat of elicit fentanyl and opioid reduction. We must rid our societies of these lethal, horrible poisons. We will rid our societies of these bad drugs that are pouring in.

Prime Minister Modi, we have made tremendous advancements for our people over the past two days and working together. I know that our two nations will continue to achieve new breakthroughs, unlock new potential and forge even brighter futures in the years ahead.

We think we're at a point where our relationship is so special with India. It has never been as good as it is right now, and I think that's because the two leaders of each country really, we feel very strongly about each other and we have done something that's very unique and we've made some wonderful deals for each of our countries.

Once again, we want to thank you and the entire nation of India for honoring the United States with its outstanding welcome. And I'm pleased to say that the U.S./Indian partnership is now truly stronger than ever before. This was a great visited with a tremendous friend and a tremendous

leader, Prime Minister Modi. We won't be taking questions now. I'll be having a news conference at 5 o'clock and we'll take plenty of questions.

Thank you all very much. Thank you.

MODI: Thank you, excellency. This concludes the president --

CHURCH: All right. Listening there to U.S. President Trump nearly at the end of his two-day state visit to India. Clearly, a very close relationship he has there with India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They were making their joint statement there together.

Let's turn to our Sam Kiley who joins us live from New Delhi. And as we have been talking, we have seen a great deal of pageantry. This was our opportunity to see the substance. Talk to us about what all we learned from that joint statement.

KILEY: Well, largely as trail, largely as expected, there hasn't been a great breakthrough in terms of a massive bilateral trade agreement. Donald Trump had dialed down expectations ahead of the meeting yesterday at Ahmedabad. He again said he would like to do a good or great deal and he's sticking to that line but it hasn't been done yet.

He did say that there been some progress towards it. And significantly saying that a deal involving $3 billion worth of American military, technology, notably Apache helicopters and other aircraft had been struck.

It will be interesting to see whether or not that's a new deal or part of ongoing supplies that have been agreed in the past. The patent had been in the past of course from the White House announcing deals that already existed.

But nonetheless, taken at face value, that would be the side dish of $3 billion in terms of arms exports by the United States to India. But no great breakthroughs. Much more about the optics from both sides, much more about the pageantry.

And from Narendra Modi's point of view, very important to try and draw attention away from what is going on here in the capitol at the moment where just yesterday seven people were killed in demonstrations.

One of them a policeman reportedly killed with a firearm in demonstrations against new legislation being described by opponents of it as anti-Muslim, Rosemary.

CHURCH: All right. Our Sam Kiley there in New Delhi. He's been traveling with the U.S. president and covering this state visit 36 hours. There will be a state dinner and then U.S. President Donald Trump will head back home.

Many thanks to you, Sam Kiley, for following along with all of this. We will take a very short break. We'll be back in just a moment.



CHURCH: Welcome back, everyone.

The novel coronavirus is spreading rapidly beyond mainland China. And the U.S. Centers for Disease Control is telling Americans to avoid all non-essential travel to South Korea.

Now, this comes as South Korean officials scramble to contain the virus. There are nearly 900 confirmed cases and at least nine deaths. The outbreak is also spreading in Italy where there are more than 220 infections, at least seven people there have died.

Globally, the vast majority of cases are still in China. Around the world, more than 80,000 people have caught the virus and nearly 2,700 are known to have died. The World Health Organization says the virus has not reached pandemic levels just yet but it does have the potential to do so. They are keeping a very close eye on that.

And for the latest, CNN's Paula Hancocks joins us now live from Seoul in South Korea. So, Paula, let's talk about the numbers of infections in South Korea, the death toll as well. And of course, efforts to contain this coronavirus. What are you learning?


PAULA HANCOCKS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Rosemary, they certainly scrambled to try and contain it, given that the numbers seem to be spiking so quickly. They do, for the large part, surround one particular religious group, at least in the southeast of the country.

This is the Shincheonji group which we understand there was a base in Daegu which is a city of some 2.5 million residents that has since been closed down as have all of the Church's bases.

But more than half of the people who have infected and confirmed to be infected have connections to this particular group. Now, they say that they have now given all of the congregation, the members names and numbers to police. But that did take some time. We know that police had to have about 600 officers trying to track some of them down as there were many missing members.

So, really, it was a race against time to try and find out where all these individuals were and then find out who they had been in contact with as well. So, as you say, at least nine deaths at this point and around 900 have been confirmed as having the coronavirus case.

And of course, the other angle that authorities are looking at here and the militaries are looking at, is that there are 11 South Korean soldiers that have been confirmed so far. They are clearly living in close quarters in barracks. So that's something the defense ministry is trying to restrict very quickly and also U.S. forces in Korea. They had one confirmed widow of a former member who had been on base. So, they're trying to check with that.

CHURCH: All right. Our Paula Hancocks bringing us the details there. I appreciate it.

Well, European markets have just opened slightly higher after Monday's selloff. You can see the numbers there. Up a third of a percent in Germany and France, 0.41 percent there for the FTSE in London.

And also, we know the U.S. futures are -- they're down, is my understanding. And then after the Dow -- this of course coming after the Dow closed down by more than 1,000 points on Monday. So, keeping a very close eye on that.

All right. We're just hours away from another crucial debate in the U.S. presidential race. On Tuesday, the top candidates in the democratic field will take to the stage in South Carolina and make their case to voters before Saturday's primary.

CNN's Jeff Zeleny has more.

JEFF ZELENY, CNN SENIOR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT: It's debate night number 10. But when Bernie Sanders takes the stage tonight in Charleston, South Carolina, he is facing an entirely different moment.

Yes, he's been in the spotlight before, he's been in the center of the stage before but he has never been a clear and convincing, commanding frontrunner. After winning the Nevada caucuses over the weekend, and of course New Hampshire in that very strong showing in Iowa, it is Bernie Sanders' race to lose at this point. That is why candidates are already stepping up their attacks and their criticisms.

They are sounding the alarm about the potential electoral risk of electing a Democratic socialist. Aides to former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg saying they are going to make this campaign this debate all about Bernie Sanders. Well, of course they are because Mayor Bloomberg had a very disappointing first debate last week in Las Vegas.

So, he, of course, will be judge as well on the stage tonight. But this is the last best opportunity for these Democratic rivals to race questions about Senator Sanders. Yes, there's a lot of talk in the Democratic establishment about what a Sanders nomination would mean. Well, this is the time to make those comments and attacks known.

The next week of this campaign, the South Carolina primary on Saturday, followed three days later by the Super Tuesday contest in 14 states where 30 percent of the delegates are picked, that is going to set the mark for this campaign.

How Sanders does in the next week is going to be critical for him. But it all starts at that debate here tonight in South Carolina where he will be defending himself. As you know he is a very good debater. He's had a very consistent performance. But now the night is different, the moment is different. He has never walked in like this much of a frontrunner.

CHURCH: It is being hailed as a landmark moment in the Me Too movement. A jury in New York has found Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein guilty of two sex crimes. The disgraced movie mogul faces at least five years and possibly more than 20 years in prison.

After the verdict, Weinstein was handcuffed and not taken to the jail but to the hospital as his lawyers say he was suffering chest pains. Manhattan's district attorney says the verdict sends a clear message.


CYRUS VANCE JR., MANHATTAN DISTRICT ATTORNEY: The message is this is a big day, this is a new day. And I hope women will -- I hope women will understand the significance of the jury verdict today. My hope is with this verdict, survivors of sexual assault, whether it's a Mr. Weinstein or whether it's of someone else, will come forward.



CHURCH: Weinstein is expected to report to prison later today.

And if you're watching internationally, thanks for being with us. Inside Africa is next for you. And if you're joining us here in the United States, do stay tune. We'll have more news for you on the other side of the break.


CHURCH: Welcome back, everyone.

In Los Angeles, thousands of people came together to celebrate the life of a sports legend Kobe Bryant. The former Laker great died in a helicopter crash last month along with his daughter Gigi and seven other people.

The memorial was held Monday inside a packed Staples Center arena where Bryant played most of his career.

Over the next half hour, we will show you some of the touching moments from that service. And we start with a moving speech from Kobe's widow, Vanessa.


VANESSA BRYANT, KOBE BRYANT'S WIFE: Kobe was known as a fierce competitor on the basketball court, the greatest of all time, a writer, and Oscar winner and the Black Mamba.


BRYANT: But to me, he was KoKo, my bubu, my babu, my poppy chulo.


I was his Bibi, his Principessa, his Reina, his Queen Mama, Mamba, and his Veeski-Maneeski-Fabuleeski. I couldn't see him as a celebrity, nor as an incredible basketball player. He was my sweet husband and the beautiful father of our children. He was mine. He was my everything. Kobe and I have been together since I was 17 and a half years old. I

was his first girlfriend, his first love, his wife, his best friend, his confidant and his protector. He was the most amazing husband. Kobe loved me more than I could ever express or put into words. He was the early bird and I was the night owl. I was fire and he was ice and vice versa at times. We balanced each other out. He would do anything for me.

I have no idea how I deserved a man that loved and wanted me more than Kobe. He was charismatic, a gentleman. He was loving, adoring and romantic. He was truly the romantic one in our relationship. I looked forward to Valentine's Day and our anniversaries every year. He planned special anniversary trips and a special traditional gift for every year of our marriage. He even handmade my most treasured gifts. He just thought outside the box and was so thoughtful even while working hard to be the best athlete.

He gave me the actual notebook and the blue dress, Rachel McAdams wore in The Notebook movie. When I asked him why he chose the blue dress, he said it was because it's the scene when Ali comes back to Noah. We had hoped to grow old together like in the movie. We really had an amazing love story. We loved each other with our whole beings. Two perfectly imperfect people making a beautiful family and raising our sweet and amazing girls.

A couple weeks before they passed, Kobe sent me a sweet text and mentioned how he wanted to spend time together. Just the two of us, without our kids because I'm his best friend first. We never got the chance to do it. We were busy taking care of our girls and just doing our regular, everyday responsibilities, but I'm thankful I have that recent text. It means so much to me. Kobe wanted us to renew our vows, he wanted Natalia to take over his company, and he wanted to travel the world together. We had always talked about how we'd be the fun grandparents to our daughters' children. He would've been the coolest grandpa. Kobe was the MVP of Girl Dads - or the MVD.

He never left the toilet seat up. He always told the girls how beautiful and smart they are. He taught them how to be brave and how to keep pushing forward when things get tough. And I'm still thankful Kobe heard Koko say, Dada.

He's not going to be here to drop Bianca and Capri at pre-care kindergarten. He's not going to be here to tell me to get a grip Bee when we have to leave the kindergarten classroom or show up to our daughter's doctor's visits for my own moral support. He's not going to be able to walk our girls down the aisle or sing me around on the dance floor while singing PYT to me.

But I want my daughters to know and remember the amazing person, husband and father he was. A kind of man that wanted to teach the future generations to be better and keep them from making his own mistakes. He was thoughtful and wrote the best love letters and cards. And Gigi had a wonderful ability to express her feelings into paper and make you feel her love through her words. She was thoughtful like him. They were so easy to love. Everyone naturally gravitated towards them. They were funny, happy, silly and they loved life. They were so full of joy and adventure.

God knew they couldn't be on this earth without each other. He had to bring them home to heaven together. Babe, you take care of our Gigi. And I got Nani, Bibi, and Coco. We're still the best team.


We love and miss you Boo-boo and Gigi. May you both rest in peace and have fun in heaven until we meet again one day. We love you both and miss you forever and always, mommy.



ROSEMARY CHURCH, CNN ANCHOR: Incredible words there. We will hear more from the memorial service in just a moment.


CHURCH: Welcome back everyone. Gianna Bryant was the 13-year-old daughter of Kobe and Vanessa Bryant. She was with her father when the helicopter crashed in California. At their memorial on Monday, Vanessa Bryant recalled Gigi as a trailblazer with a bright future ahead of her.


My baby girl.


Gianna Bryant is an amazingly sweet and gentle soul. She was always thoughtful. She always kissed me goodnight and kiss me good morning. There were a few occasions where I was absolutely tired from being up with Bianca and Capri and I thought she had left to school without saying goodbye. I text and say no kiss? And Gianna would reply with, mama, I kissed you but you were asleep and I didn't want to wake you. She knew how much her morning and evening kisses meant to me and she was so thoughtful to remember to kiss me every day.


She was daddy's girl but I know she loved her mama and she would always tell me and show me how much she loved me. She was one of my very best friends. Gigi was confident but not in an arrogant way. She love helping and teaching other people things. At school she offered the boys' basketball coaches to help give the boys basketball team some pointers. Like the triangle offense. She was very much like her daddy and that they both liked helping people learn new things and master them. They were great teachers.

She was looking forward to graduating eighth grade and moving on to high school with her big sister, Natalia. I'm so happy she was given the opportunity to know that she was accepted to the same high school. She was really happy. Gianna made us all proud and she still does. We will not be able to see Gigi go to high school with Natalia and ask her how her day went. We didn't get a chance to teach her how to drive a car. I won't be able to tell her how gorgeous she looks on her wedding day. I never get to see my baby girl walk down the aisle, have a father-daughter dance with her daddy, dance on the dance floor with me or have babies of her own.

Gianna would have been an amazing mommy. She was very maternal, ever since she was really little. Gigi would have most likely become the best player in the WNBA. She would have made a huge difference --


She would have made a huge difference for women's basketball. Gigi was motivated to change the way everyone viewed women in sports. She wrote papers in school defending women and wrote about how the unequal pay difference for the NBA and WNBA leagues wasn't fair. She was a beautiful, kind, happy, silly, thoughtful and loving daughter and sister. She was so full of life and had so much more to offer this world. I cannot imagine life without her.

Mommy, Natalia, Bianca, Capri and daddy love you so much, Gigi. I will miss your sweet handmade cards, your sweet kisses and your gorgeous smile. I miss you, all of you, every day. I love you.





CHURCH: Even in death, Kobe Bryant remains one of basketball's all- time greats. At Monday's memorial in Los Angeles, he was honored by a fellow legend, Michael Jordan. He was number 23's tearful tribute to Bryant and his daughter, Gianna.


MICHAEL JORDAN, NBA PLAYER: I'm grateful to be here to honor Gigi and celebrate the gift that Kobe gave us all. What he accomplished as a basketball player, as a businessman, and a story teller and as a father, in the game of basketball, in life, as a parent, Kobe left nothing in the tank. He left it all on the floor.


Maybe it surprised people that Kobe and I were very close friends. But we were very close friends. Kobe was my dear friend. He was like a little brother. Everyone always wanted to talk about the comparison between he and I. I just wanted to talk about Kobe. You know, all of us have brothers and sisters, little brothers and sisters who -- and for whatever reason always tend to get in your stuff, your closet, your shoes, everything. It was a nuisance. If I could say that word.

But that nuisance turned into love over a period of time. Just because the admiration that they had for you. As big brothers or big sisters. The questions of wanting to know every little detail about life that they were about to embark on. He used to call me, text me, 11:30, 2:30, 3:00 in the morning. Talking about post up moves, footwork and sometimes the triangle. At first, it was an aggravation. But then it turned into a certain passion. This kid has passion like you would never know.


It's an amazing thing about passion. If you love something, if you have a strong passion for something, you will go to the extreme to try to understand or try to get it. Either ice cream, cokes, hamburgers, whatever you have a love for. You got to walk, you would go get it. You have to beg someone, you'll go get it. What Kobe Bryant was to me was an inspiration that someone truly cared about the way I either played the game or the way that he wanted to play the game. He wanted to be the best basketball player that he could be. And as I got to know him, I wanted to be the best big brother that I could be.



To do that, he had to put up with the aggravation and the late-night calls or the dumb questions. I took great pride as I got to know Kobe Bryant. That he was just trying to be a better person, a better basketball player. We talked about business. We talked about family. We talked about everything. And he was just trying to be a better person. Now he's got me, I'll have to look at another crying me for the next --



I told my wife I wasn't going to do this because I didn't want to see that for the next three or four years. That is what Kobe Bryant does to me. I'm pretty sure Vanessa and his friends all can say the same thing. He knows how to get to you in a way that affects you personally, even though he is being a pain in the ass. But he always -- you have to have a sense of love for him in the way that he can bring out the best in you. And he did that for me.

The thing about him was we could talk about anything that related to basketball but we could talk about anything that related to life. And we, as we grew up in life, really had friends that we could have conversations like that. Well, it's even rare when you can grow up against adversaries and have conversations like that. I went and saw Phil Jackson in 1999, or maybe 2000. I don't know when Phil is here in L.A. And I walk in and Kobe's sitting there. And the first thing Kobe said, did you bring your shoes?


No, I wasn't thinking about playing. But his attitude to compete and play against someone he felt like he could enhance or improve his game. To me, that's what I love about the kid. Absolutely loved about the kid. No matter where he saw me it was a challenge. And I admired him because his passion, you rarely see someone who's looking and trying to improve each and every day, not just in sports but as a parent, as a husband.

I am inspired by what he's done and what he shared with Vanessa and what he shared with his kids. I have a daughter who is 30. I became a grandparent and I have two twins. I have a twins at six.



I can't wait to get home to become a girl dad. And to hug them and to see the love that they -- the smiles that they bring to us as parents. He taught me that just by looking at this tonight, looking at how he responded and reacted with the people that he actually loved. These are the things that we will continue to learn from Kobe Bryant.


To Vanessa, Natalia, Bianca, Capri, my wife and I will keep you close in our heart, in our prayers. We will always be here for you, always. He was an amazing dad, amazing husband, who dedicated himself to his family and who loved his daughters with all his heart. Kobe never left anything on the court. And I think that's what he would want for us to do. No one knows how much time we have. That's why we must live in the moment. We must enjoy the moment. We must reach and see and spend as much time as we can with our families and friends and the people that we actually love.

To live in the moment means to enjoy each and every one that we come in contact with. When Kobe Bryant died, a piece of me died. And as I look in this arena and across the globe, a piece of you died. Or else you wouldn't be here. Those are the memories that we have to live with and we learn from. I promise you from this day forward, I will live with the memories of knowing that I had a little brother and I tried to help him in any way I could. Please rest in peace little brother.




CHURCH: Powerful words there and thank you so much for joining us this hour. I'm Rosemary Church. Early Start is coming up.