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We`re Going Globetrotting Today To Report On What`s Reopening And What Isn`t In Other Countries; New Theories About Famous Dinosaurs Featured

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CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Get your passport ready, CNN 10 is traveling around the world today to give you a sense of where different countries are

in their responses to coronavirus. I`m your tour guide Carl Azuz. It`s great to have you watching. First stop is in South Korea where schools are

supposed to start reopening on Tuesday.

It didn`t happen though. The government postponed those plans for another week after a flare up of coronavirus cases in the nation`s capital. They

were linked to a number of nightclubs in a district of Seoul. Dozens of people who visited them got sick.

Moving now to the United Kingdom, that country`s been under lockdown for more than six weeks and Prime Minister Boris Johnson has just laid out a

plan to start reopening Britain. It`s not going to happen fast.

Starting Wednesday, people will be allowed to exercise outside again or relax on park benches. Workers are encouraged to continue doing their jobs

from home but if they can`t they are allowed to return to the office. On the European continent, coronavirus cases continue to decrease in Germany

so it continues to open up more places.

Restaurants and cafes will welcome customers across Germany this week but the country`s Center for Disease Controls says it`s possible that the virus

could pick up speed again in its spread. And Prime Minister Angela Merkel says if there`s another spike in cases, the lockdown could return.

People in Spain still aren`t allowed to travel across their country but they are increasingly able to get out and about in their home regions.

Churches, stores and outdoor dining areas in about half the nation have begun reopening though they have to limit the number of people who gather


Beaches and nightclubs in the Island of Evita have reopened but not to tourists yet. The island`s president says if people from other parts of

Spain want to travel there, they`ll have to wait until this summer at least and they may have to be tested for COVID-19 before they`re allowed on the



DAVID CULVER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: It is a strange contrast as some cities in China are going on lockdown. You`ve got places like this, Shanghai

Disneyland reopened. CNN getting rare access to what it took to pull this off. Welcome into Shanghai Disneyland where we are getting a sneak peak of

what the new operations are going to look like for this park and reopening three and a half months after they had to shutdown because of the novel

coronavirus outbreak here in China.

Now normally when you`re in the park as they reopen, you`re going to have to wear a mask. We`ll take ours off because the crowd isn`t in just yet.But

as you can see the preparations are underway.

They`ve used this time to rethink how they`re going to have people coming in safely, keeping that social distance and avoiding any sort of contact

not only with each other but also with cast members. So, it`s going to have things looking a little bit differently. I`m going to take you outside the

park to show you how we got in with Senior Vice-President of Operations Andrew Bolstein.

ANDREW BOLSTEIN, SENIOR VICE-PRESIDENT OF OPERATIONS OF SHANGHAI DISNEYLAND: We ask our guests to do a few things now differently than

before. One is that we ask everyone of our guests to have temperature screening as they arrive here at the resort. We also ask them to show their

QR code, which is a Shanghai specific health code.

We put a little more structure decaling and markers in place. So, these are very clear. Don`t stand here and then you stand in the blank spaces in

between. As always we require a government ID to redeem your tickets at the entrance. But we`re also going to be capturing government ID information

for every guest that comes into the park not just one per party as part of the traceability measures that we have in place now per the government


CULVER: Give us an idea, I mean as we`re walking through what folks will notice that`s different? One thing that stands out to me is the constant


BOLSTEIN: Yes. So, we have a very dedicated team of custodial cleaners that we`ve even increased the numbers of those throughout the park that are

constantly wiping down all the surfaces.

CULVER: And - - and noticing that big parade go buy, obviously a distance but you can still see the characters.


CULVER: Not the big hug and high fives. Right?

BOLSTEIN: Exactly. More - - more of a selfie moment and take the photos but again it gives the guests that ability to have an emotional moment and that


CULVER: As you`re walking along the line here, you`ll notice places you can stop and the places you need to keep a distance. Then eventually you make

it to the attractions. Notice this, I want to point this out. If I go into number one, normally you have number two to go into. They`ve got it roped

off. Stepping off the ride, the new normal and they`ve got several more along the way out.

BOLSTEIN: As for the guests understanding for you health and safety, the table`s unavailable. So basically you`re asking the guests not to sit here.

Sit there and again creates, kind of, that separation between all the parties.

CULVER: Safe spacing even before the performances. This is one of the stages. Look here in the crowd. Pick a box. That`s where you and your

family unit will stand keeping that distance.

BOLSTEIN: We`ll be able to strike that right balance between the safety and health and confidence side and then the magic that we`re able to deliver


CULVER: Do you feel in many ways that not only other parts of the company are - - are looking here and other parks hopefully, you know, are going to

be reopening? But maybe even other companies saying, let me see how they`re doing it. Maybe this could help us reopen too.

BOLSTEIN: Every where`s a little bit different though. There`s different regulations. There`s different environments. People are at different phases

of the epidemic but I think what we have can be a model. Hopefully some inspiration for them and they`ll adapt it for what their local conditions


CULVER: Same thing with the other operators around the world.

BOLSTEIN: We - - we communicate and share. In this type of environment where we want to focus on safety and health, that`s - - that`s an area we

all share together.

CULVER: We decided to end our day in "Tomorrowland". The reality is the future is uncertain and not only here in China but across much of the

world. And places like this, well they operate a little bit differently than we`re used to. You wear the face masks. You`ve got to keep that social

distance. You still find it to be an escape from the noise of the rest of the world and a place to soak in the joy. David Culver, CNN, Shanghai



AZUZ: 10 Second Trivia. What is the largest living lizard in the world? Marine Iguana, Monitor lizard, Komodo dragon or Gila monster. "Komodon`t

you know" it`s the Komodo dragon which can grow to a length of 10 feet and a weight of 300 pounds.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s a Velociraptor.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Welcome to Jurassic Park.


AZUZ: OK. On first glance this is weird. Hey, it`s a cute little squirrel having a cute little snack. Next to some cute little bottles of raisins,

ketchup and oatmeal. OK. Thankfully there`s an explanation. It`s art. A student at Carnegie Mellon University was inspired by children`s books of

the idea of squirrels doing stuff people do. So for an art project, she made tiny kitchen sets, tea sets and a desk with a notebook computer and an

acorn on it and recorded squirrels hanging out nearby.

Needless to say, she got an A. Now critics might say it was a little "nutty". Maybe a little too "acorny". Maybe a little too "tree to life" but

if you had gathered that much talent "rodent" you want to show people and not "squirrel" it away.

Beatrix Potter called and she says you should share it with the whole wide "squirrel". I`m Carl Azuz. Puerto Rico Christian School is watching today

from Peru. Hello to all of our viewers in Lima. That`s a wrap for CNN.