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CNN Transcripts for March 12, 2011

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• Special Coverage: Quake Tsunami Disaster; Scope of Disaster is Massive; Explosion, Leak Reported From Damaged Nuclear Power Plant; Significant Aftershocks Continue to Hit Damaged Cities; Managing Search and Rescue Efforts on Large Scale
• Special Coverage: Quake Tsunami Disaster; Explosion Reported at Fukushima Prefecture Nuclear Plant; Rescue Efforts Underway in Sendai, City Only 18 Miles From Epicenter; U.S. Military Mobilizing in Effort to Bring Supplies, Help Injured; Examining the Medical Concerns Associated With Large Disasters
• Special Coverage: Quake Tsunami Disaster; Evacuation Zone Around Damaged Nuclear Reactors Continues to Increase; 45 Countries Pledge Support, Rescue Efforts to Help Japan; Properly Managing Large- Scale Rescue Efforts; Social Media as Lifeline; Video, Messages From Moment of Destruction
• Special Coverage: Quake Tsunami Disaster; U.S. and World Respond With Aid; 9,500 Missing in Miyagi Prefecture; Japanese Government Continues Focus on Damaged Nuclear Plants; Was This Earthquake Predictable?
• Special Coverage: Quake Tsunami Disaster: Hundreds of Aftershocks Continue to Bring Devastation to Japanese Cities Already Damaged, Tsunami; Rescue Teams Rushing to Assess Damage; Nuclear Power Plant Rocked By Explosion; International Community Deploying Aid to Japan; Breaking Down the Major Challenges in Dealing with Dual Natural Disasters
• Special Coverage: Quake Tsunami Disaster; Anatomy of a Tsunami; Preventing a Nuclear Disaster; Japanese Media Reporting Three Workers Exposed to Radiation; U.S. Military Sends Help to Japan; The Search for Missing Loved Ones
• Special Coverage: Quake Tsunami Disaster; Evacuations Continue in Area Near Damaged Nuclear Plants; Rescue and Aid Operations Sending Help to Survivors; Landslides Become Newest Threat With At Least 13 People Buried Alive; Sea Water Being Used to Cool Reactors; The View From Inside a Natural Disaster
• Special Coverage: Quake Tsunami Disaster; Deadly Catastrophe in Japan; Military Deployed Unit to Stricken Nuclear Plant; Search For Missing Loved Ones in Japan; Crews Working to Cool Damaged Reactors; Japanese-Americans React to Disaster; LA Firefighters Head to Japan to Help; Social Media Plays Role in Helping Connect Earthquake Survivors; Winter Weather Adds to Japan's Woes
• Special Coverage: Quake Tsunami Disaster; 10 Nuclear Reactors Near Quake Shut Down; The Role of Japan's Strong Building Codes; Fears of Disease Outbreaks Following Disaster; Asian-American Communities Mobilize to Send Help to Quake Victims; The Science Behind Tsunamis
• Special Coverage: Quake Tsunami Disaster; Death Toll Likely To Rise in Japan; Race To Cool Nuclear Reactor; Nuke Evacuation Area Doubles, Again; Hawaii Tsunami Aftermath; U.S. Rescue Teams Head to Japan; Food, Gas, Water Running Low; Survivors Scramble for Basic Necessities
• Fourteen Dead in Bronx Tour Bus Crash; Coverage of Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan; Nuke Meltdown Fears Rise in Japan
• Potential Radiation Exposure Poses Threat; Hawaii Damage in the Millions; Grassfire Across Oklahoma; Japanese Death Toll Expected to Rise Dramatically; Authorities Distribute Antidote for Radiation Poisoning; Wisconsin Citizens Continue Protests at Capital over Union Reform Bill