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CNN Transcripts for July 13, 2013

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• Jury Continues Deliberation in George Zimmerman Trial; Gas Prices Set to Rise; Restaurant Features Hugs by Owner; Memento Found in Debris of Super-Storm Sandy
• George Zimmerman's Attorney Speaks About Trial; Interview with Attorney Mark O'Mara
• Zimmerman Jury Back at Work; NSA Leaker Speaks from Russia; Investigation of Asiana Flight Deepens; Wall of Dust Blankets Phoenix Area; State Department Calls for Morsy Release; "Boston Strangler" Remains Examined; Same Sex Marriage Opponents File Lawsuit; Excitement Grows Over Royal Baby; O'Mara: Zimmerman Will Live In Fear; "They Can See The End Of Tunnel"; Jurors Consider Reasonable Doubt
• Zimmerman Jury Back At Work; State Attorney's I.T. Director Fired; Anti Abortion Bill Passes Texas Senate; Third Asiana Crash Victim Dies; NSA Leaker Speaks From Russia; French Train Derails, At Least Six Killed; Runaway Train Death Toll Rises; Zimmerman Jury Deliberating During Lunch; State Department Calls For Morsy Release; Penn State OKs Settlements For Victims; Zimmerman Attorney Speaks Out
• Jurors Deliberating in Zimmerman Case
• Zimmerman Jury Deliberations; Celebrities Black Out Photos to Back Martin Family; What Will Zimmerman Jury Decide; Zimmerman Trial Riveting; NSA Leaker Speaks From Russia; Awaiting Jury Verdict in Zimmerman Trial
• Jurors in the George Zimmerman Murder Trial Ask About the Definition of Manslaughter; Deliberations Continue
• Zimmerman Jury Deliberations Continue; Jurors Asked Question About Manslaughter
• Awaiting Verdict in the Zimmerman Trial
• Jury Weighs Zimmerman's Fate; State Attorney's IT Director Fired; Judge Keeps Lawyers in Check; Getting to Know Zimmerman Jurors; Jury Deciding Zimmerman's Fate; NSA Leaker Speaks from Russia
• Zimmerman Not Guilty
• Zimmerman Found Not Guilty
• Zimmerman Cleared of Murder, Manslaughter Charges
• Zimmerman Found Not Guilty; Robert Zimmerman Interview
• Awaiting Verdict from Zimmerman Jury