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CNN Transcripts for July 15, 2017

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• White House Hires New Lawyer in Response to Russian Investigation; Some Republican Senators' Support Questionable on Health Care Reform Bill; Representative Charlie Crist Discusses Potential for Bipartisan Compromise in Government; Six Women Come Forward about Their Experiences with Sexual Harassment in Silicon Valley; Some Police Officers File Lawsuit Against Ford for Allegations that SUV's Cause Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Aired 2-3p ET
• Trump at Golf Club as Russia Crisis Grows; Senate Health Care Bill One "No" Vote Away from Collapse; Rep. Rodney Davis Talks Health Care Bill; Russian-American Lobbyist Confirms He Was at Meeting; Kushner Faces New Scrutiny over Russian Lawyer Meeting; 2 Cousins Charged with Murder of 4 Young Men in Pennsylvania; Police Officers Passed Out from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Patrol Cars. Aired 1-2p ET
• Eight People Attended Trump Jr Meeting with Russia Lawyer; White House Hires High-Profile Washington Lawyer for Russia Response; What Did Trump Know about Don Jr's Russia Meeting?; Trump Working to Save Senate Health Care Bill; Conflicting Accounts in Deputy Shooting of Louisiana Man; Soldier Gives Up Medal of Honor. Aired 3-4p ET
• New Twist in the Scandal Involving the President's Son; Republican Operative who Apparently Hunted for Hillary Clinton's Missing Emails Now Found Dead; Blast from One Passenger Plane Sent a 57-year-old Woman Flying into the Retaining Wall; President Trump and VP Mike Pence Making Phone Calls This Weekend; President Trump's Friend Named Jim. Aired 4-5p ET
• At Least Eight People in Trump Jr.'s Russia Meeting; White House Names Ty Cobb as Special Counsel; GOP Rep. Bill Flores: Remove Trump Kids & Kushner From White House; Krauthammer: Trump Jr's E-mails Proof of Collusion; Trump's Legal Fight over Golf Course Taxes; Sexual Harassment Scandal Rocks Silicon Valley. Aired 5-6p ET
• Russian-American Lobbyist Accused of Being Soviet Counterintelligence Member; Democrats Want Kushner's Security Clearance Revoked; Health Care Reform Bill May Be an Uphill Battle for the White House; Lobbyist With Alleged Russian Intel Ties Says He Attended Trump Jr. Meeting; Cousins Charged In Grisly Murders Of Four Men. Aired 11a-12p ET
• New Details on Russian Lawyer Meeting at Trump; White House Brought in Additional Attorney with Specific Role to Play; Trump and Pence Working the Phones; Cousins Confessed to a Role in Killing Four People; Two Republican Senators Will Not Vote Yes to Health Care Plan; The First Living Medal of Honor Recipient Since the Vietnam War Has Refused to Keep the Highest Award For Valor. Aired 7-8p ET
• At Least Eight People In Trump Jr.'s Russia Meeting; Russian- American Lobbyist Confirms He Was At June Meeting; Krauthammer: "Bungled Collusion Is Still Collusion"; Trump Making Calls Throughout The Weekend On GOP Bill; Shooting By Louisiana Deputy Leaves Man Dead; Lawmakers Call For Probe Of GOP Operative Suicide. Aired 12-1p ET
• Russia Investigation; Turkey's Failed Coup Anniversary; Kid Rock Running for U.S. Senate? Aired 12-12:30a ET
• Russia Investigation; Wounded U.S. Airman Honored at ESPYs; Venus Williams Chasing History. Aired 2-2:30a ET
• Russia Investigation; Turkey's Failed Coup Anniversary; Mayweather versus McGregor. Aired 3-3:30a ET
• Russia Investigation; Turkey's Failed Coup Anniversary; France- U.S. Relations; Charges in Grisly Pennsylvania Murders; Mayweather versus McGregor. Aired 4-5a ET
• At Least Eight People in Trump Tower Meeting; How Conservative Media Covering White House Handling of Trump Junior E-Mails; Louisiana Deputy Investigated Over Shooting Death; The Politics of Hate; How to Win a Friend and Influence a President; Police Pull Ford SUVs Over Carbon Monoxide Fears; Aired 8-9p ET
• Russia Investigation; France-U.S. Relations; Turkey's Failed Coup Anniversary; Chinese Dissident Cremated; Venus Williams Chasing History. Aired 5-6a ET