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CNN Transcripts for August 6, 2017

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• United Nations Security Council Just Voted 15-0 To Sanction North Korea; "The New York Times" Suggested Vice President Mike Pence May Be Launching A 2020 Presidential Bid. Aired 4-5p ET
• Rosenstein: Mueller Probe "Not A Fishing Expedition"; Sen. Tillis: No Evidence To Suggest Mueller Conflict; Christie: Special Counsels "Have Felt The Need To Produce"; Russia Probe Expands Focus To Possible Financial Ties; U.N. Passes Tough New Sanctions Against North Korea; Pence Slams Report He's Planning 2020 Presidential Bid; FBI Monitored Social Media Sites On Election Day; Princess Diana's Private Tapes To Air In U.K.; History of Comedy Airs Tonight 10 E.T./P.T. Aired 3-4p ET
• Schiff: Special Counsel probe now in "new phase"; Trump blames Congress for Russia, Health care woes; China's FM: North Korea crisis at "critical point"; Man released in Australia's terror plot probe; Pence: report of 2020 bid is "disgraceful and offensive"; Officer points gun at man for nearly nine minutes; Arizona publishes traffic stop guide for guns in cars; Princess Diana's private tapes air in the U.K.; New episode: the History of Comedy tonight Aired 5-6p ET
• North Korea Sanctions; Russia Sanctions; White House Shakeup; Crisis in Venezuela; British Model Kidnapping; Typhoon Noru; Race Loss by Usain Bolt; Focus on the Hamptons. Aired 4-5a ET
• North Korea Sanctions; Russia Sanctions; White House Shakeup; McMaster Difficulties; Crisis in Venezuela; British Model Kidnapping; Atlantic Storm and Typhoon Noru; Race Loss by Usain Bolt; Paris St. Germain Win; African Basketball; Upcoming Airing of Princess Diana Interviews. Aired 5-6a ET
• Special Council Team Investigating The Trump White House In The 2016 Election Is Working; Vice President Mike Pence To Run As President In 2020; 7-Year-Old Transgender Girl Rattles The Bathroom Door Asking Lawmakers In Texas Let Her In; The Jobs Report For July On Friday And The Numbers Are Looking Very Good For The White House; Stock Market In Multiple Record High This Week. Aired 7-8p ET
• Rex Tillerson And The Russian Foreign Minister Meet For The First Time After Sanctions Have Been Placed To Russia And Was Reported To Be Lengthy And That The Russian Fm Was Disappointed Saying The Sanction Is Unfriendly And Dangerous. China Claims They Have Been Reaching To North Korea To Stop Missile Test Yet Some Experts Say China Is Even Supplying And Facilitating North Korea's Missile Tests. Aired 2-3pm ET
• New Sanctions Toughest Yet on North Korea; Mike Pence Pushes Back on Report of a 2020 Bid; Curbing the Influence of Money in Politics; Trump's Approval Ratings at All-Time Low; CNN Goes to the Heart of the Opioid Crisis; How Trump Almost Became President in "Sharknado 3"; Dow Tops 22,000 as Earnings Take Center Stage. Aired 6- 7p ET
• New U.N. Sanctions Target North Korea's Major Revenue Streams; Sanctions on the Agenda at ASEAN Meeting in Manila; Aired 2-2:30a ET
• New U.N. Sanctions Target North Korea's Major Revenue Streams; U.S. Prepared for Military Option Against North Korea; Kislyak Denies Speaking with Flynn About U.S. Sanctions; Stephen Miller May Be Considered For Communications Director; New Assembly Dismisses Venezuela's Attorney General; Iran's Hassan Rouhani Begins New Term and Slams the U.S.; Nearly a Million South Sudanese Flee to Uganda; Aired 3-3:30a ET