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CNN Transcripts for August 4, 2020

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• U.S. Facing New Phase in COVID; Trump Wants to See School Back to Normal; Melbourne Follows Victoria's Strict Measures; One Dies Every Seven Minutes in Iran; Thousands Lost Power in North Carolina; Researchers in Britain Says Second Wave of Coronavirus can be Prevented; Germany Reopened Its Schools; Mexico Faces Problems with School's Online Learning; Arizona Couples Acquired COVID-19 After Ignoring Social Distancing And Masks; Most Brazilian Health Officials Not Using Unproven Drug Sent From United States; North Korea Claims It's COVID-Free And Working On Vaccine; Former Spanish King Leaves Country Amid Financial Scandal; President Trump Sets Deadline For TikTok Purchase; Vietnam Tourist Spots Becomes A Ghost Town; Socially Distance Service In Egypt. Aired 3-4a ET
• WHO: Virus Impact Will Be With Us For Decades; COVID "Out Of Control" Across Much Of The U.S.; Schools Open, Questions Remain; Toughest Measures Yet In Peacetime For Australia; Vietnam: Calm Then Storm Of COVID Cases; Arizona Couple Gets Virus after Ignoring Social Distancing; Hurricane Isaias Makes Landfall in North Carolina; Philippine Capital Returning to Modified Lockdown; Leaked Video Shows Details of George Floyd's Arrest; U.S. Judge Describes Son's Final Moments before Ambush; Vogue Honors Activists. Aired 1-2a ET
• Rate of New Deaths Trending Up in 30 U.S. States; Most Brazilians Not Using Unproven Drug Sent from U.S.; Australian State of Victoria Declares State of Disaster; Mexico to Start Schools Online in Three Weeks; Indiana Student Sent Home from School with COVID-19; Iran: One Person Dies of COVID-19 Every 7 Minutes; North Korea Clams It's COVID-Free & Working on Vaccine; Hurricane Isaias Makes Landfall in North Carolina; Former Spanish King Leaves Country Amid Financial Scandal; Trump Sets September 15 Deadline for TikTok Purchase; Vibrant Central London Now Quiet Due to COVID-19. Aired 12-1a ET
• Trump Says U.S. "Doing Very Well" As Deaths Rise in 30 States; Fauci Says Asymptomatic Community Spread Driving New Phase; Dr. Birx: U.S. Outbreak Extraordinarily Widespread; Isaias Downgraded to Tropical Storm after Landfall; Melbourne Faces New Restrictions as Outbreak Grows; Brazil Reports More than 16,000 New Infections; Iran: One Person Dies of COVID-19 Every Seven Minutes; Outbreak Turns Vietnamese Resort City into Ghost Town. Aired 4-4:30a ET
• Trump Slams Top Health Expert After She Issues Virus Warnings; Postal Service: Ample Capacity To Handle Mail-In Ballots; Leaked Video Shows Details Of George Floyd's Arrest; Northern Irish Nobel Laureate John Hume Dies At 83; Vibrant Central London Now Quiet Due To COVID- 19; Rate of New Deaths Trending Up in 30 U.S. States; Trump Attacks Birx for Warning Virus Is "Extraordinarily Widespread;" Australian State of Victoria Declares State of Disaster; Hurricane Isaias Makes Landfall in North Carolina; Most Brazilians Not Using Unproven Drug Sent from U.S.; Parents Form "Pandemic Pods" to Teach Kids in a Bubble. Aired 2-3a ET
• Trump Says, It is What It is as U.S. Death Toll Passes 155,000; Sources Say, White House, Top Democrats Nowhere Near Deal on Stimulus Bill. Aired 10-10:30a ET
• Arizona Couple Gets Virus After Ignoring Social Distancing; Trump Sets September 15 Deadline for TikTok Purchase; Nevada Approves Plan to Mail Ballots to Voters; Trump Slams Universal Mail-In Voting, Again; Leaked Video From George Floyd's Arrest; NFL Struggling with Virus Even Before Season Starts; Baseball Season Threatened by Virus Outbreaks. Aired 4:30-5a ET
• Trump on 155,000 Americans Dying of Virus, It Is What It Is; Trump Dismisses John Lewis' Legacy, He Didn't Come to My Inauguration; Study Shows Decline in Patients Diagnosed with Cancer During COVID. Aired 1-1:30p ET
• Stimulus Bill Not Close to a Deal; Leaked Video Reveals Floyd's Arrest; Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) is Interviewed about Mail-in Voting, Stimulus and Russia; . Aired 9:30-10a
• President Donald Trump Says Pandemic Is Under Control As Positivity Rates Rise In 33 States; 27 States Reporting An Increase In New Deaths; President Donald Trump: Other Countries Having Big Spikes In Coronavirus Cases; Trump Says He Has "A Lot Of Respect" For Birx After Attacking Her; Court Filing Suggests Wide-Ranging Investigations Into Trump. Aired 12-12:30p ET
• Beirut Explosion; President Trump in Denial Over Coronavirus Pandemic?. Aired 3-3:30p ET
• Trump Says "It is What It is" as U.S. Death Toll Passes 155,000; Trump on John Lewis: "He Didn't Attend My Inauguration;" Georgia Reopens Coronavirus Field Hospital in Atlanta; Two Teenagers in Florida Die from COVID-19 Complications; Futures Down Slightly Amid Stimulus Negotiations. Aired 9-9:30a ET
• Trump Falsely Claims Virus is "Under Control" as Death Toll Rises; Video of Jonathan Swan's Interview with Trump; Trump Denies Virus Reality. Aired 11-11:30a ET
• Nurse Survives Heart, Lung Failure in 117 Day Fight With COVID; Leaked Video Reveals New Details of George Floyd's Fatal Arrest; Pelosi Says Stimulus Price She Will Settle for Is $3.4 Trillion. Aired 3:30-4p ET
• Coronavirus Pandemic; Massive Explosion Hits Beirut Port; Five States Holding 2020 Primary Today. Aired 12:30-1p ET
• Nevada Becomes 8th State Moving Toward Mail-In Ballots for November Election; State Senate Majority Leader, Nicole Cannizzaro, (D-NV), Discusses Mail-In Ballots, Trump's Opposition; Update on Coronavirus Responses Across the Country; Dr. Edith Bracho-Sanchez Discusses Startling Similarities Between Anti-Maskers and Anti- Vaxxers. Aired 11:30a-12p ET
• Kansas City Mayor: Put On A Damn Mask; Trumps Continues Claims Of Mail-In Voting Fraud, Without Evidence; College Football Star Opts Out Of Senior Season Citing Deep Concerns Over Coronavirus. Aired 10:30-11a ET
• Trump Demands Schools Open While Dismissing The Science; Teacher Decides To Retire Rather Than Return To Classroom; Update On Coronavirus Responses Around The Country; Massive Explosion Rocks Beirut; San Francisco: From Early COVID Success To Hotspot. Aired 1:30-2p ET
• Trump Makes False Claims About U.S. Testing, Death Rates; Trump Defends Holding Tulsa Rally By Touting T.V. Ratings; Teachers, Students & Parents Protest Reopening Schools. Aired 2-2:30p ET
• Fact-Check On Trump Comparing U.S. To Other Nations On Pandemic; Trump Reverses Himself On Mail-In Voting But Only In Florida; Interview With Trump 2020 Campaign Senior Advisor, Mercedes Schlapp. Aired 2:30-3p ET