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CNN Transcripts for July 13, 2012

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Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees


CNN Newsroom
• JPMorgan Loss Twice as Big as Thought; JPMorgan Loss Affects CEO's Image; Penn State Responds to Freeh Report; Bombarded with Negative Ads; Rebels: Bloodiest Day Yet in Syria; Blind Teen Competes in Beauty Pageant; It's a Big A-Shark
• Wall Street Reacts To JPMorgan Loss; Obama On His First Term "Mistake"; Cop Reassigned For First Lady Threat; Bill Clinton On 2012 Race; Tying Test Scores To Teacher Pay; Team USA's Griffin Sidelined; Daredevil Videotapes Daring Joyride; Courting The Undecided Voter; Starbucks Factory Breaks Ground; Florida Woman Rescued From Car; Opposition Wants Annan Out Of Syria; New Questions On Romney's Bain Exit; Furor Over Team USA Uniforms; Big Buzz for Frank Ocean; A Hidden Passage; Limbless Woman Regains Independence
• Another Syrian Massacre; Penn State Report; JP Morgan Fallout; Feds Uncover Drug Tunnel at Border; Paterno Expressed Sadness about Sandusky in Last Interview; Ohio Links Teacher Pay to Test Scores; Different Side of Lenny Kravitz
• Syrian Troops Massacred Villages, 287 Killed in One Day; JPMorgan Opens Books; Cuba Fights To Contain Cholera; Tattoo Stops Man From Entering U.S.; Rock Star To Interior Designer
• Soccer Player not Guilty Of Racism ; Airline Pilots Needed Now; Chatter On Rice As Possible Romney Vice President; Obama Reflects On First Term; Obama Campaigns In Virginia; Impact of JP Morgan Big Loss; DC Mayor Accused In Scandal; Downpours and Flooding Slam Houston: Debate Over Paterno Statue Grows; Mitt Romney's Departure from Bain Takes Center Stage; Gen. Michael Hayden Discusses Syria; Controversy over China-Made Team USA Olympic Uniforms
• Emergency Crews Rescuing People; PSU Board Meets After Scathing Report; JP Morgan Bad Trade Loss; Shooting People For Fun; Syria Moving Chemical Weapons; Massacre In Syria; Flooding Kills 19 In Japan; Police Hunt YouTube Motorcycle Rider; Dangers Of Running Red Lights; "Forbes" Young And Wealthy In Hollywood; Lenny Kravitz, Rocker And Designer; Military Dog Charity A Scam; A Hidden Passage
• Protests in Syria; U.S. State Department Targets Tattoos; Joe Paterno's Legacy; Cuban Cholera Outbreak

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