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CNN Transcripts for September 15, 2021

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• Newsom Survives Recall; North and South Korea Test Missiles; New Book Sheds Light Around January 6th; FDA to Meet on Booster Shots; Dr. Saju Mathew is Interviewed about Booster Shots. Aired 9-9:30a ET
• DOJ asks Judge to Block Abortion Law; Senate Hearing on Nassar Investigation; Key Democrats Meet with Biden; South Carolina Man Planned his Own Hit. Aired 9:30-10a ET.
• Pew Research Poll Shows 54 Percent of Adults Say Worst of Outbreak is Still to Come; Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) Easily Survives Recall Election in Blowout; Sources Say, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) to Meet Separately with Biden Today. Aired 10- 10:30a ET
• Louisiana Faces Major Flood Threat as Nicholas Slows over State; Senate Judiciary Committee Examines FBI Handling of Larry Nassar Investigation. Aired 10:30-11a ET
• FBI Director and I.G. Testify on Failures in Nassar Investigation; Top Gymnasts Testify on FBI Failures to Investigate Nassar Abuse; 1 in Every 500 Americans has Died of COVID-19. Aired 1- 1:30p ET
• Gov. Newsom Easily Survives GOP-Led Recall Effort; CNN: 50 Percent Of Americans Say Democracy Under Attack Or Being Tested; Police Say Prominent SC Lawyer Arranged Failed Hit On Himself So Son Could Collect $10 Million Life Insurance Payout; SpaceX To Launch First All-Civilian Crew Into Orbit Tonight. Aired 1:30-2p ET
• Gymnasts Call Out Federal Government Over Nassar Investigation. Aired 2-2:30p ET
• U.S. Gymnasts Speak After Testifying About FBI's Nassar Investigation; Biden Speaks Out Amid Calls For Gen. Milley's Resignation; Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-IL) Discusses Gen. Mark Milley's Actions After 1/6 Riot, Preparations For Justice For J6 Rally, Poll Showing 50% Of Republicans Believe Biden Not Legitimate President; Judge Issues Decision In Defamation Lawsuit Against Trump. Aired 2:30-3p ET
• Trump's Chaotic Final Days in Office; Gymnasts Call Out FBI Over Nassar Investigation. Aired 3-3:30p ET
• Pentagon Defends Milley Without Confirming Details in New Book; CNN Poll: Most Americans Feel Democracy is Under Attack; Prominent South Carolina Lawyer Tells Police He Hired Someone to Shoot Him; WSJ: Internal Docs Show Facebook Knows Instagram is Toxic for Teen Girls. Aired 3:30-4p ET
• CNN Projects Newsom Landslide, Will Remain Governor; New Book Reveals Chaos During Trump's Last Days; Republicans Still Using Trump Playbook During Elections. Aired 2-3a ET
• Governor Newsom Remain in His Seat; Larry Elder Used Wrong Strategy; COVID-19 On Top of Voters' Minds; General Milley Crossed a Red Line to Save the Country. Aired 3-4a ET
• CNN Projects Newsom Landslide, Will Remain Governor; Republican Larry Elder Acknowledges Defeat; Pediatrics Group: Cases of Covid-19 Rising Exponentially in Children; New Book Reveals Chaos During Trump's Last Days; South Korean Military: North Korea Fires Two Ballistic Missiles. Aired 4:00-4:30a ET
• CNN Projects Newsom Landslide, Will Remain Governor; Investigating the Afghan Drone Strike; "Wicked," Hamilton" and More Reopen to Packed Houses; Nicholas Weakens, Flood Threat Continues. Aired 4:30-5a ET

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• California Governor Survives Recall Election in Blowout; Both North & South Korea Test Missiles; Top General Secretly Called China Over Fears of Trump. Aired 6-6:30a ET
• Debate over Booster Shots; Louisiana Faces Flood Threat; Warnings of Violence in D.C. Hawley Holds up Nominees; SpaceX to Launch All-Civilian Crew. Aired 6:30-7a ET
• SpaceX to Launch First All-Civilian Crew into Orbit Today; Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) Easily Survives Recall Election in Blowout; Trump Calls on Milley to be Tried for Treason over China Calls. Aired 7- 7:30a ET
• Top General Secretly Called China Over Fears Of Trump; WHO Says First Substantial Case Decline In More Than Two Months; McCarthy To Trump Before Biden's Inauguration: You're Not The Same. Aired 7:30-8a ET
• California Governor Gavin Newsom Projected to Defeat Recall Effort in Special Election; New Book Details Joint Chiefs Chairman General Milley and Former Vice President Mike Pence's Dealings with Former President Trump after 2020 Election Loss. Aired 8-8:30a ET
• Bill Kristol is Interviewed about Pence's Advice Request; Lawyer Accused of Arranging his Own Shooting; Katie Hobbs is Interviewed about Election Fraud Claims; Xavier Becerra is Interviewed about Health Plan Enrollment; Justice Department Seeks to Block Texas Abortion Law. Aired 8:30-9a ET
• California Governor Newsom Easily Survives Recall Election in Blowout; Top General Secretary Called China Over Fears of Trump. Aired 5-5:30a ET
• Trump Still Angry At GOP, McCarthy For January 6th Blame; California Gov. Newsom Easily Survives Recall Election In Blowout; U.S. Officials: Al Qaeda Could Rebuild In Afghanistan In 1-2 Years. Aired 5:30-6a ET

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