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CNN Transcripts for October 28, 2021

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• Biden Meets with Democrats on The Hill; Biden Heads to G-20 Today. Aired 9-9:30a ET
• Investigation into "Rust" Shooting; Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) is Interviewed about Biden on Capitol Hill; Heath Officials Worry about New Threats; Poll on Parents Vaccinating Kids. Aired 9:30-10a ET
• Now, Biden Meeting with Democrats on Capitol Hill Before Heading to Europe; Sheriff Says, Focus of Investigation on Rust Assistant Director and Armorer. Aired 10-10:30a ET
• Biden Set to Meet with Pope Frances, Attend Summit G20 in Europe; Zuckerberg Could Reveal Facebook Name Change Today; Wall Street Journal Slammed for Publishing Donald Trump's Lie-Riddled Op- Ed. Aired 10:30-11a ET
• Movie Set Shooting Investigation; Infrastructure Negotiations. Aired 1-1:30p ET
• Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-NY) Discusses Biden Laying Out Core Details of $1.75 Spending Plan & Progressives Pushing Back on Infrastructure Vote Without Social Spending Package; Jan 6th Committee Losing Patience with Mark Meadows As It Seeks His Testimony; Big Oil Executives Face Grilling over Climate Disinformation; Former NHL Player Reveals Alleged Abuse by Ex-Blackhawks Coach. Aired 1:30-2p ET
• Nancy Pelosi Holds Press Conference; Infrastructure Negotiations. Aired 2-2:30p ET
• Pelosi Speaks As Biden Tries To Save Domestic Agenda; Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-PA) Discusses Infrastructure Bill; Facebook Changes Name To Meta, Focus Shifts To Virtual World; Critics Rip WSJ for Publishing Trump Letter Full Of Lies; Tucker Carlson Promotes Special Filled With Lies About 1/6 Riot; Don Lemon Speaks With Chauvin Trial Jurors. Aired 2:30-3p ET
• Movie Set Shooting Investigation; Interview With Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE); Infrastructure Negotiations. Aired 3-3:30p ET
• Taiwan's President Confirms U.S. Military Presence; DOJ To Pay Millions To Families Of Emanuel A.M.E. Church Shooting Victims; Airline CEO Calls For Aggressive Prosecution Of Violent Passenger. Aired 3:30-4p ET
• Top U.S. General: China's Hypersonic Test "Very Concerning"; Taiwan's President Speaks With CNN; WHO: Europe Accounts For 57 Percent Of New Global Cases; Southern Italy Braces for More Rain and Flooding; Trump Endorses Brazilian President; Sheriff: Baldwin Fired 'Suspected Live Round' on 'Rust' Set. Aired 12-12:45a ET
• World Leaders Prepare to Converge on Rome, Glasgow; WHO: Europe Accounts for 57% of New Global Cases. Commission Recommends Charges Against Bolsonaro; Top U.S. General: Hypersonic Test "Very Concerning"; Taiwan's President Speaks with CNN; An Alternative to Single-Use Plastic; Prince Charles to Deliver Opening Address at COP26. Aired 1-2a ET
• World Leaders Prepare To Converge On Rome; Biden Pushing For Ambitious Climate Agenda; Iran Agrees To Resume Nuclear Talks Before End Of November; Global Summits on Rome, Glasgow; Climate Crisis; Interview with Blueprint Earth Executive Director and Co-Founder Jess Phoenix; First COVID case in years in New Zealand; Heavy rain in Sicily. Aired 2-3a ET
• Global Summit, Putin, Xi Won't Be Attending G20 Or COP26; Biden's Agenda In Jeopardy; Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen Speaks With CNN; World Leaders Prepare To Converge On Rome, Glasgow; Biden's Climate Agenda; United Nations COP26 Climate Summit Starts Sunday In Scotland; Severe Weather Drenched Sicily; Rust Movie Set Tragedy; District Attorney, Charges Over "Rust" Incident Not Ruled Out; Pressure On Sudan's Coup Leaders; Iran Nuclear Talks Resume; Politics In Brazil; WHO, Europe Accounts For 57 Percent Of New Global Cases; Nicaraguans Cross Border To Get COVID Shots; Equality For All Passports; World Series, Astros Pulled Even With Braves. Aired 3-4a ET
• World Leaders Prepare to Convene in Rome, Glasgow; Biden Making Final Legislative Push Before His Trip; Sheriff: Baldwin Fired "Suspected Live Round" on "Rust" Set; Storms Keep Millions on Alert in Eastern U.S. Aired 4-4:30a ET
• World Leaders Prepare to Convene in Rome, Glasgow; Biden to Deliver Address at COP26 in Glasgow; International Pressure Mounts on Sudan's Coup Leaders; Trump Endorses Brazilian President; Civil Trial of "Unite the Right" Organizers Gets Underway; Delta Air Lines and TSA Test Facial Recognition Technology. Aired 4:30-5a ET

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