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CNN Transcripts for August 07, 2022

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• Senate Vote-a-Rama Underway For The Inflation Reduction Act; Interview With Rep. Kathy Castor (D-FL); NYC Mayor Claims Migrants Are Being Forced Onto Buses From Texas; Gaza Death Toll Rises To 43 As Israel And Islamic Jihad Trade Fire; China Conducts Fourth Day Of Live-Fire Military Exercises Near Taiwan; District Grapple With Teacher Shortage As Students Return To School; Heat Alerts In The Northeast, Flood Threat Expanding In The Midwest. Aired 2-3p ET
• Senate Voting On Final Passage Of Democrats' Inflation Reduction Act; Interview With Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE); New Mexico Governor: Killings Of Muslim Men Were Targeted. Aired 3-4p ET
• Senate Passes Landmark Climate And Health Act Along Party Lines; Interview With Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN); Last-Minute Crisis Averted As Dems Land Compromise With Sinema; Ceasefire Agreement In Gaza Set To Begin This Hour; Anne Heche Car Crash; Killings Of Four Muslim Men; Aging Spacesuits; Rescued Haitian Migrants. Aired 4-5p ET
• Inflation Reduction Act Passed In The Senate; Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) Is Interviewed About The Inflation Reduction Act And January 6th Committee; Ceasefire Reached Between Israel And Islamic Jihad; Space Junk Falling Into Earth; Four Muslim Men Killed In Albuquerque. Aired 5-6p ET
• Senate Passes Sweeping Climate, Tax And Health Care Bill Along Party Lines; Interview With White House National Climate Adviser Gina McCarthy About The Passage Of The Inflation Reduction Act; Murders Of Four Muslim Men In Albuquerque May Be Connected; LAPD Investigating Car Crash Involving Actress Anne Heche; Secret Service Gives Agents' Cell Numbers To Investigators; Florida Hiring Military Vets To Fill Vacant Teaching Posts. Aired 6-7p ET
• Senate Passes Sweeping Climate, Tax and Health Care Bill; Albuquerque Police Looking for Information on Vehicle of Interest; Ukrainians Crossing into Russian-Held Territory; China Conducts Fourth Day of Military Exercises Near Taiwan; Chinese Embassy Official Warns of War with US over Taiwan; Heavy Rains, Flood Threat Expected across Midwest; Credit Card Debt Surges as Inflation Drives up Cost. Aired 7- 8p ET
• Did Not Air 8-9p ET
• Senate Undertakes "Vote-A-Rama" On Health & Climate Bill; Indiana Is First U.S. State To Ban Most Abortions Post-Roe; Teachers And District Strained As New School Year Begins; 60 Million Plus People Across U.S. Under Heat Alerts Sunday; Climate Change Causing More Female Sea Turtles To Be Born; "Smart Glasses" Add Subtitles To Real-Time Conversations. Aired 3-4a ET
• Renewed Tensions Between Israel And Islamic Jihad Raise Fears Of Escalation; IAEA Chief Grossi Alarmed By Shelling Of Zaporizhzhia NPP; Senate Begins "Vote-A-Rama" To Advance Democrats' Sweeping Health And Climate Bill; Roads Remain Closed In Death Valley National Park After Flash Floods. Aired 4-5a ET
• Biden's Economic Agenda; Escalating Tensions in the Middle East; Senate Holds "Vote-a-Rama" on Health and Environmental Legislation; Trump Hints to Run on 2024; Republican primaries in Key States Won by Trump Allies; Indiana's Abortion Bill; Israel and Palestinians Trade Blame for Gaza Explosion; More Grain Ships Depart Ukraine; At Least 631 Children Killed in Russian Invasion on Ukraine; Eastward Advancement by Russian Forces; Concern Raised by IAEA Chief Regarding Shelling at Nuclear Site; China's Military Exercise Near Taiwan; Big Political Wins for Biden; Heat and Floods Across U.S.; Volcanic Fissure Erupts Near Capital Reykjavik; LA Dodgers Honor Late Vin Scully. Aired 5-6a ET

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