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CNN Transcripts for August 13, 2022

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• According to Unsealed Warrant, FBI Seized 11 Sets of Classified Documents Including Top Secret Material from Search of Former President Trump's Residence at Mar-a-Lago; Senate and House Democrats Pass Climate and Spending Bill; New York Officials Say Wastewater Samples Reveal Presence of Polio Virus; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Easing Guidelines on COVID-19. Aired 10-11a ET
• DOJ Removes 11 Sets Of Classified Documents From Mar-a-Lago; FBI Investigating Unprecedented Number Of Threats Against Bureau; Salman Rushdie Remains Hospitalized After Being Stabbed At Least Twice; Trump And Allies Flood The Zone With Falsehoods After FBI Raid; Dems' Economic And Climate Bill Passes Along Party Lines; Consumers Rack Up A Record Amount Of Credit Card Debt; U.S. Inflation Slows In July But Still High; CDC Ends COVID Social Distancing, Quarantine Recommendations. Aired 11a-12p ET
• Interview With Rep. Dina Titus (D-NV); DOJ Removes 11 Sets Of Classified Documents From Mar-A-Lago; Dems' Economic Bill Heads To Biden's Desk For Signing After House Passage; Biden To Sign Economic And Climate Bill Into Law Next Week; CDC Drops Advice To Regularly Test Students Exposed To COVID In Order For Them To Stay In Class; Salman Rushdie Remains Hospitalized After Being Stabbed At Least Twice; California Expected To Lose 10 Percent Of Water Supply By 2040. Aired 12-1p ET
• Taliban Violently Disperse Women Protesters; DOJ Removes 11 Sets Of Classified Documents From Mar-a-Lago; Gov. Abbot Agrees To One Debate With Democrat O'Rourke; Gov. Abbott Draws Criticism for Busing Migrants Out of Texas; Ukraine: Fierce Fighting Rages In Donetsk; Russia & Ukraine Trade Accusations Over Nuclear Plant Shelling; Heat, Drought Creating Dangerous Conditions Across Europe; Rain Pours Into Las Vegas Casinos And Floods Streets In Wettest Monsoon Season In Decades. Aired 1-2p ET
• Sources Indicate Lawyer For Former President Trump Signed Letter Asserting No More Classified Information Being Stored At Mar-A- Lago Resort In Florida; Senate And House Democrats Pass Climate And Spending Bill; ATF Director Discusses Threats To Law Enforcement Agents And Increased Gun Violence In America; Vanessa Bryant Files Lawsuit Against L.A. County For Showing Photos Of Bodies Of Husband Kobe Bryant And Daughter Gianna Bryant; California Governor Newsom Proposes Plans To Conserve More Water For State; NBA Announces It Will Permanently Retire Bill Russell's Jersey Throughout League; This Year Marks 75th Anniversary Of Jackie Robinson Breaking Major League Baseball's Color Barrier. Aired 2-3p ET.
• FBI Recovered 11 Sets Of Classified Documents In Trump Search; Actress Anne Heche Brain Dead After Los Angeles Car Crash; Vanessa Bryant Takes On L.A. County Over Kobe Crash Photos; Russia Confirms For First Time Prisoner Swap Negotiations With U.S.; Suspect In Salman Rushdie Attack Charged With Second-Degree Attempted Murder And Assault; CDC Ends Social Distancing Guidelines For COVID-19 Control; CDC Official Warns NY Polio Outbreak Is "Tip Of The Iceberg". Aired 3- 4p ET
• DHS, FBI Warn Of Threat Against Feds, Government Officials After Search at Trump's Mar-a-Lago; Author Salman Rushdie Suffers Multiple Stab Wounds During On-Stage Attack; Hardline Iranian Newspapers Praise Salman Rushdie Stabbing Attack; More Buses With Migrants Arrive In NYC From Texas As City Struggles To Accommodate Asylum Seekers; Violent Rhetoric Circulating On Pro-Trump Web Sites After FBI Search. Aired 4-5p ET
• FBI Recovered 11 Sets Of Classified Docs In Search At Trump's Mar-a-Lago; John Klepper Confronts MAGA Crowd On Wild Conspiracies; One-On-One With "The Daily Show's" Jordan Klepper; Vanessa Bryant Takes On L.A. County Over Kobe Crash Photos; CDC Ends COVID Social Distancing, Testing, Quarantine Recommendations; Billionaires Funding Massive Treasure Hunt In Greenland As Ice Melts. Aired 5-6p ET
• Trump Lawyer Claimed No Classified Material Was At Mar-a-Lago; FBI Recovered 11 Sets Of Classified Documents In Trump Search; Interview With Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA); Salman Rushdie Attacker Charged With Second Degree Attempted Murder; West Coast Drought Severely Impacting California Water Supply; Cheney Faces Primary Opponents Tuesday. Aired 6-7p ET
• FBI Investigating 'Unprecedented' Number Of Threats Against Bureau In Wake Of Mar-A-Lago Search; CDC Loosens Recommendations For Some COVID-19; Do Lockdown Drills Help Or Hurt Our Kids; GOP Voters To Decide Tuesday On Whether To Oust Rep. Liz Cheney; Afghanistan One Year After U.S. Withdrawal. Aired 7-8p ET
• Sources: Trump's Lawyers Said In June No More Classified Documents Kept At Mar-a-Lago; FBI Recovered 11 Sets Of Classified Documents In Trump Search; FBI Gets "Unprecedented" Number Of Threats After Mar-a-Lago Search; Salman Rushdie Attacker Charged with 2nd- Degree Attempted Murder; Actress Anne Heche Declared Brain Dead After Car Accident; Rep. Lofgren Weighs In On Threats To Federal Officers After Mar-a-Lago Search; New CDC COVID Guidance; U.N. Watchdog: Ukrainian Nuclear Plant Facing "Grave Hour. Aired 8-9p ET
• Warrant Shows FBI Investigating Possible Espionage Act Violations; Author Salman Rushdie Stabbed At New York Book Event; U.S. CDC Eases Some Of Its COVID Recommendations. Aired 3-4a ET
• FBI Seizes Top Secret Documents From Trump's Residence; Online Violent Rhetoric Soars Following FBI Search; Russia Ramps up Offensive in the East; Dangerous Heat and Drought; Author Salman Rushdie Stabbed at New York Book Event. Aired 4-5a ET
• Ukrainian Civilians in the Line of Fire; Salman Rushdie Attacked at Book Event; Russia's War on Ukraine; U.S. House Passes Sweeping Health Care, Tax, and Climate Bill; Interview with LEARN Founder and Executive Director Pashtana Dorani; Investigation into Trump's Potential Espionage Act Violations. Aired 5-6a ET

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