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CNN Transcripts for January 22, 2023

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• At Least Ten Dead, Ten Injured in Mass Shooting Near Los Angeles; Memorial for Lisa Marie Presley Underway at Graceland; Biden Briefed on California Mass Shooting That Killed AT Least Ten People. Sheriff: Suspect Remains At Large, Described As An Asian Male. Aired 11a-12p ET
• Monterey Park Shooting; Jeff Zients Expected To Replace Ron Klain As Chief Of Staff; Source: SWAT Standoff Believed To Be Related To Mass Shooting Manhunt. Aired 2-3p ET
• Source: SWAT Standoff Underway Believed Related To Mass Shooting; Officials Provide Update On California Mass Shooting. Aired 3-4p ET
• SWAT Standoff Underway Believed to Related to Mass Shooting in Monterey Park; California Manhunt Underway; Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA) Interview. Aired 4-5p ET
• Police Standoff Over At Torrance, California Connected To A Mass Shooting In Monterey Park, California; Authorities Released Picture Of The Armed Suspect; Suspect Inside The White Van Killed Himself. Aired 5-6p ET
• Torrance Police Says Standoff Is Over, Declares Neighborhood As Safe; Interview With Representative Judy Chu (D-CA) About Mass Shooting In Monterey Park; Damar Hamlin Visits Bills Locker Room Ahead Of Playoff Game. Aired 6-7p ET
• Police and Lawmakers Give Update on Deadly Mass Shooting in California; President Biden Issues Statement on Monterey Park Shooting. Aired 8-9p ET
• Police: Shooting Suspect Dead Of Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound; Biden Orders White House Flags To Half-Staff In Honor Of California Shooting Victims; FBI Searches Biden's Delaware Home, Finds More Classified Docs; Memorial For Lisa Marie Presley Held Today At Graceland; China Celebrates Lunar New Year With Relaxed COVID Restrictions; Bills Fall To Bengals In First Match-up Since Damar Hamlin's Injury; Crypto Mining Wreaks Havoc On Towns With Noise Pollution. Aired 9-10p ET
• Interview with Representative Judy Chu (D-CA) about the Monterey Park Mass Shooting; FBI Found Six More Items with Classified Markings at Biden's Wilmington Home; Biden Orders White House Flag at Half-Staff to Honor California Shooting Victims; Remembering Lisa Marie Presley; Tight-Knit Community in California Reeling After Dance Hall Shooting; Bills Fall to Bengals in First Match Up Since Damar Hamlin's Injury; Prices High, But Inflation Easing. Aired 10-11p ET
• FBI Search Turns Up More Biden Documents; Ukraine Fights to Repeal Russian Advance on Bakhmut; Over 100,000 Protest in Tel Aviv; NYC to Open Fifth Relief Center for Immigrants; Evacuees from Afghanistan Adjust to U.S. Life; Idaho Student Killings Suspect Visited Restaurant Where Two Victims Worked; Beijing Pushes COVID-19 Propaganda during Lunar New Year. Aired 3-4a ET
• FBI Search Turns Up More Biden Documents; White House Chief Of Staff Leaving Post Soon; Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy Attends Memorial For Helicopter Crash Victims; Atlanta Protest Turns Destructive; Entry To Machu Picchu Suspended; Abortion Rights Debate; Buckingham Palace On King Charles III's Coronation. Aired 4-5a ET
• FBI Search Turns Up More Biden Documents; George Santos Denies Being Drag Queen In Brazil; Ukraine Questions Loyalty Of Some Orthodox Churches; Atlanta Protest Turns Destructive; Entry To Machu Picchu Suspended; Beijing Pushes COVID-19 Propaganda During Lunar New Year; U.S. Nursing Shortage; Jeremy Renner Health Update. Aired 5-6a ET

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