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CNN Transcripts for March 12, 2023

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CNN Newsroom
• California Braces For Another Round Of Dangerous Downpours; Three Women Vanish After Traveling From Texas More Than Two Weeks Ago; Power Fully Restored To Kharkiv After Russian Bombardment; CNN: Harris Hasn't Returned Warren's Calls After Perceived Slight; U.S. Senators Unveil Bipartisan Bill Empowering Biden To Ban TikTok; Treasury Secretary Yellen Rules Out Bailout For Silicon Valley Bank; New AI Tool Creates Convincing Fake Of Anyone's Voice; Source: Biden Administration To Approve Controversial Willow Project; Kennesaw State's Incredible Turnaround. Aired 11a-12p ET
• Eight Dead After Smuggling Boat Capsizes Off San Diego Coast; First Responders Race To Rescue People Caught In CA Flooding; Three Women Vanish In Mexico; Supply Routes Into Bakhmut Still Functional; Treasury Secretary Yellen Rules Out Bailout For Silicon Valley Bank; CNN: Dems Fear Years Of Harris Negativity Could Pose Political Problem; Oscars Return Tonight After Last Year's Infamous Slap. Aired 2-3p ET
• Officials: Eight Dead After Smuggling Boats Capsize Off San Diego Coast; 15-Million-Plus Under Flood Watches In California And Nevada; Treasury Secretary Yellen Rules Out Bailout For Silicon Valley Bank. Aired 3-4p ET
• Biden Administration Weighs Protecting All Depositors At Silicon Valley Bank; Eight Dead After Smuggling Boats Capsized Off San Diego Coast; California Braces For Another Round Of Dangerous Downpour; Former VP Mike Pence Ramps Up Criticism Of Donald Trump. Aired 4-5p ET
• Protecting Depositors Of Silicon Valley Bank; Two Migrant- Smuggling Boats Capsize Off San Diego Coast; Democratic Leaders Want Party To Stop Criticizing Kamala Harris; Interview With Rep. Josh Harder (D-CA); Judge Quietly Schedule Abortion Pill Hearing; Navalny Documentary Nominated At The Oscars. Aired 5-6p ET
• Officials Weight Protecting All Deposits At Silicon Valley Bank; Interview With Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) About Silicon Valley Bank Collapse; Florida Set To Pass Permitless Concealed Carry Legislation; Treasury Department To Protect Depositors At Collapsed Silicon Valley Bank; Searching For War Crimes In Ukraine; Stars Arriving At The Oscars For Hollywood's Big Night; Selection Sunday In College Hoops In Underway. Aired 6-7p ET
• Fifteen Million Under Flood Alerts In Western U.S.; The Fallout From The SVB Collapse; Israelis Protest Netanyahu's Plan. Aired 3-4a ET
• California Faces Deadly Storms and Dangerous Floods; Anticipated Strong Storms in Southeastern and Central U.S.; Upper Plains and Midwest Forecasted Heavy Snow; Disappearance of Three Women from Texas Missing After Crossing the Mexico Border; Mexican Kidnapping Victim Expresses Gratitude for Being Back Home; Immigration Policies by Biden Resembles Trump Administration; Use of "CBP One" App Presents Challenges for Migrants Seeking Asylum; Russia's War on Ukraine; Wagner Boss Claims Progress in Bakhmut; Wives and Mothers Makes an Appeal to President Putin; Secret Talks that Ended Mariupol Siege; Mass Israeli Protests; French Government Pushing Ahead with Plans to Reform Its Pension System; BBC's Director General Will Not Resign in Light of Lineker's Dismissal; Interview with Protest Organizer Shikma Bressler; Hollywood's 95the Academy Awards; Interview with The Hollywood Reporter Senior Diversity and Inclusion Editor Rebecca Sun; Most Asian Nominees for Oscars in a Single Year are in 2023; Best World Cup Skier in History is Now Mikaeli Shiffrin. Aired 4-5a ET
• Deadly Storms, Dangerous Flooding Hit California; 3 Women Missing After Crossing Border from Texas; Medical Tourism Now a Growing Business in Mexico; Ukraine Braces for Potential Future Russian Strikes; BBC's Saturday Football Show Airs From Empty Studio; Biden Speaks with California Gov. About Silicon Valley Bank; White House Says it has Expanded Legal Pathways for Migrants; Mass Rallies Against Judicial Reform Plans Enter 10th Week. Aired 5-6a ET

CNN This Morning
• Millions Under Flood Warnings As Parade Of Storms Pound California; Three Texas Women Believed To Be Missing In Mexico; Pence Takes Aim At Trump Over January Sixth; Real Concerns Over Artificial Intelligence; Storm Breaches California River's Levee, Thousands Forced To Evacuate; About 1,700 Under Mandatory Evacuations After Levee Breached; Another Atmospheric River System To Hit California Early Next Week; More Than 15 Million Under Flood Watches In California And Nevada; Two Americans Survive Deadly Mexico Kidnapping; Power Fully Restored To Kharkiv After Russian Bombardment; Drone Hunters Defend The Skies Over Ukraine; Biden To Focus On Reducing Gun Violence During Western Trip; Biden To Meet With Leaders Of The U.K. And Australia; Biden To Visit Site Of Monterey Park Mass Shooting; Pence: "History Will Hold Donald Trump Accountable For January 6"; Manhattan Prosecutors Weighing Trump Charges As Stormy Daniels Hush Money Probe Winds Down; New Bipartisan Bill Would Allow Nationwide Ban Of TikTok. Aired 6-7a ET
• Storm Breaches CA River's Levee, Thousands Forced To Evacuate; Five More Arrested In Deadly Kidnapping Of Americans In Mexico After Cartel Issues Apology Letter And Hands Over Members; Power Fully Restored To Kyiv After Russian Bombardment; Organizers: 500,000 Demonstrate Against Israeli Government; Silicon Valley Bank Collapse Shakes Business Community; Iran Detains Over 100 Individuals Over Alleged Schoolgirl Poisonings; Major Oil Drilling Project In Alaska Will Be Approved By Biden. Aired 7-8a ET

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