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CNN Transcripts for March 19, 2023

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• Trump Predicts Arrest Tuesday, Calls For Mass Protests; March Madness; Defiant Putin Visits Occupied Ukrainian City of Mariupol; Rep. John Garamendi (D-CA) Is Interviewed About Russia's War On Ukraine; 20 Years Since The Start Of the Iraq War; New AI Tech Stirs Debate About Spreading Of Misinformation. Aired 11a12p ET
• Defiant Putin Visits Occupied Ukrainian City Of Mariupol; Xi Jinping Begins Three-Day Visit To Moscow Tomorrow; Princeton Punches Ticket To Sweet 16; Israeli Military: Two Civilians Injured In West Bank Shooting Attack; L.A. School Workers Union To Hold Three-Day Strike This Week; 5,000-Mile-Wide Mass Of Seaweed Floating Toward Florida; Coast Guard Fails To Punish Sex Assault On Merchant Ships. Aired 2-3p ET
• Trump Predicts Arrest Tuesday, Calls For Mass Protest; Defiant Putin Visits Occupied Ukrainian City Of Mariupol; NATO Steps Up Efforts To Protect Europe's Energy Facilities; Aired 3-4p ET
• UBS Buying Credit Suisse In Bid To Halt Banking Crisis; Former Attorney For Michael Cohen Expected To Testify In New York Monday; L.A. School Workers Union To Hold Three-Day Strike This Week; Putin Makes Surprise Visit To Ukraine's War-Torn City Of Mariupol; Iraq War 20 Years Later; Trump Indictment Could Have Unintended Consequences; Fundraising To Save Toddler. Aired 4-5p ET
• Credit Suisse Bought By UBS; Former Attorney Of Michael Cohen Expected To Testify Before Grand Jury In Manhattan; Teachers In Los Angeles To Go On Three-Day Strike; Severe Weather For California And West Coast; North Korea Fires Flurry Of Missiles; Vladimir Putin Visits Mariupol; Body Of A Teenager To Be Exhumed In Connection To Alex Murdaugh; Another West Bank Shooting Involving An American- Israeli. Aired 5-6p ET
• Switzerland's Biggest Bank UBS Buying Rival Credit Suisse; Interview With Rep. Jake Auchincloss (D-MA); Trump Lawyer Reacts To Saturday Social Media Posts; Putin Makes Surprise Visit To Ukraine's War-Torn City Of Mariupol; Los Angeles School Workers Union Announces Plan For Three-Day Strike; Second Round Of The Men's NCAA Tournament Ends Tonight; Cast Of "Ted Lasso" To Visit The White House To Talk Mental Health. Aired 6-7p ET
• Trump Believes He Will Be Arrested on Tuesday; Putin Visits Ukraine; What to Expect from Xi Jinping's Meeting with Putin. Aired 3- 4a ET
• Russia's War on Ukraine; Russian President Vladimir Putin Visits Occupied City of Mariupol Since War Started; Anniversary of Annexation of Crimea, Ukraine Criticizes Russia; Interview with International Human Rights Lawyer and Global Rights Compliance Founding Partner Wayne Jordash; Putin, Subject of An Arrest Warrant from ICC for War Crimes Committed in Ukraine; ICC's Arrest Warrant for Putin Praised by Top EU Diplomat; Peace Agreement Reached Between Serbia and Kosovo; Missile from North Korea Landed in Sea Between Japan and Korean Peninsula; Trump Announces Protests and Claims He Will be Detained on Tuesday; Outrage Over Plan to Curb Israel's Judiciary; Protests Against Plan to Reform Legal System in Israel Now in Their 11th Week; In the Midst of violent clashes, Former Prime Minister Imran Khan Appears in Court; 3rd Day of Protests Against Macron's Pension Reforms; Trump Rallies Supporters Before Likely Indictment; Election Irregularities in Nigeria; America's Next National Monument; Moving Idaho's State Line; Spirit Mountain to be Declared a National Monument by Biden; Interview with Fort Mojave Indian Tribe Chairman Timothy Williams; Conservatives in Oregon Want to Redraw Border and Join Idaho; Cancer-Free After Double-Lung Transplant. Aired 4-5a ET
• Trump Says He'll Be Arrested Tuesday, Call For Protests; Putin Makes First Visit to Occupied Ukraine Since War Began; 11-Week Of Protests Against Plan To Overhaul Legal System; Family Questions Army's Findings After Death of Soldier; Istanbul Residents Fear the Worst if Massive Quake Hits; Malawi Confirms More Than 430 Deaths from Storm. Aired 5-6a ET

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