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CNN Transcripts for November 11, 2023

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The Amanpour Hour

CNN Newsroom
• Biden Speaks After Wreath-Laying At Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier; President Biden Speaks At National Veterans Day Observance; Israeli Troops Continue To Advance In Northern Gaza; Israel And Hezbollah Exchange Fire Today Across Lebanon Border; Pro-Palestinian Protest Grows Near Biden's Home In Delaware; Major Summit Of Arab And Islamic Leaders Today In Saudi Arabia; Surgeon Used Breast Implants To Help Save Lung-Transplant Patient's Life. Aired 12-1p ET
• Rep. Glenn Ivey (D-MD), Is Being Interviewed About House Speaker Mike Johnson and House Republicans' Plan To Avoid Government Shutdown; Doctors Without Borders Loses Contact With Staff At Al-Shifa Hospital; United Kingdom Police Crack Down On Counter-Protesters At Pro-Palestinian March; FBI Director Raises Concerns About Selection Of Maryland As Site For Bureau's New Headquarters; Red Cross: Health Care System In Gaza Passes "Point Of No Return"; SAG-AFTRA Board Votes To Move Tentative Deal Forward; Ukraine Says It "Sunk" 2 Russian Ships In Crimea; Putin Pushing To Get Wagner Fighters Back On Battlefield. Aired 1-2p ET
• Israeli Defense Forces Agree To Pauses During Invasion Of Gaza To Allow Civilian Evacuations And Humanitarian Assistance Into Gaza; Tens Of Thousands Take To London Streets Demanding Ceasefire In Israel-Hamas War; Democratic Candidate For Congress In Maryland Joel Rubin Interviewed On Criticism Of Biden Administration's Support For Israel In Its Invasion Of Gaza; New Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson To Unveil Plan To Prevent Government Shutdown; Man Who Believed His Daughter Was Killed By Hamas Militants Now Informed She May Be Alive As Hostage In Gaza; FBI Agents Seize Devices From New York City Mayor Eric Adams As Part Of Investigation Into Campaign Fundraising; Senator Joe Manchin Announces He Will Not Run For Reelection To West Virginia Senate Seat; Rise Of Antisemitism In America Since Hamas Terrorism Attack On Israel On October 7th Examined. Aired 2-3p ET.
• IDF Denies Claims It Has Laid Siege To Gaza's Al-Shifa Hospital; Israel Says It Has Taken Control Of 11 Hamas Military Posts; Growing Resistance To U.S. Support For Israel War Effort; GOP Holds Conference Call On Spending Bill; SAG-AFTRA Board Votes To Move Tentative Deal Forward; Red Cross: Health Care System In Gaza Passes "Point Of No Return"; Migrant Allegedly Shot By Texas Brothers Breaks Silence; Biden Honors Veterans At Arlington National Cemetery Ceremony; Converted Hotel Provides Shelter And Hope For Homeless Vets. Aired 3-4pm ET
• House GOP Unveils Plan To Keep Government Open; Israeli Troops Continue To Advance In Northern Gaza; Pro-Palestinian Rally Near Biden's Home In Delaware; Iran's President Travels To Saud Arabia For Wartime Summit; Source: FBI Seizes NYC Mayor Eric Adam's Phone & IPad; Police: About 300,000 Join Pro-Palestinian Rally In London; Col. Elad Goren, Chief Affairs Department Head, Coordinator Of Govt Action In Territories, Israel Defense Ministry, Discusses Israel-Hamas War. Aired 4-5p ET
• In Fundraising Email, Trump Claims Primary Is "Effectively Over"; Biden Trails Haley, Trump In General Election Poll; IDF Denies Claims It Has Laid Siege to Gaza City Hospital; Arab And Islamic Summit; FBI Seizes Phones & IPad Belonging To NYC Mayor Eric Adams; Red Cross: Health Care System In Gaza Passes "Point Of No Return"; "Anti-Semitism In America" Airs Tomorrow At 9PM ET/PT. Aired 5-6p ET
• IDF Denies Claims It Has Laid Siege To Gaza City Hospital; Blinken: Far Too Many Palestinians Have Been Killed; Interview With Rep. John Garamendi (D-CA); Trump Calls For Federal Election Trial To Be Televised; House GOP Pursuing Two-Step Plant To Avert Govt Shutdown; Report: October Warmest On Record, 2023 Likely Warmest Year. Aired 6-7p ET
• Interview With Presidential Candidate Asa Hutchinson; Gaza Hospital Director Says Facility Is Surrounded by Tanks; House GOP Pursuing Two-Step Plan To Avert Government Shutdown; Donald Trump Claims Jack Smith And His Family Despise Him; RFK, Jr.'s Polling and Election Impact; Abortion Rights Activists Look To Galvanize Voters After Big Wins. Aired 7-8p ET
• Gaza's Al-Quds Hospital Almost Out of Fuel; Saudi Arabia Hosts Emergency Joint Arab-Islamic Summit; U.S. and Chinese Presidents to Meet in California Next Week; LockBit Claims Ransomware Hack on China's Biggest Lender; Hollywood Strike Ends. Aired 3-3:30a ET
• Gaza's Al-Quds Hospital Almost Out of Fuel; Number of Palestinians Displaced Nears 1.6 Million; Potential Deal to Free Many More Hamas Hostages; U.S. and Chinese Presidents to Meet in California Next Week. Aired 4-5a ET
• Gaza's Al-Quds Hospital Almost Out Of Fuel; According To WHO, 250 Attacks On Medical Facilities in Gaza, West Bank; Israeli Ambassador Says They're Helping Gaza More Than U.N.; NYC Mayor Eric Adams' Phones And iPad Seized; U.S. President And V.P. Work To Build On Recent Democratic Victories; Number Of Gazans Displaced Nears 1.6 Million; Woman Shot Crossing Texas Border Speaks Out; Hollywood Strike Ends. Aired 5-6a ET

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