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CNN Transcripts for November 12, 2023

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CNN Newsroom
• Netanyahu: Blame For Civilian Death Squarely On Hamas; IDF Opens Evacuation Corridor Today Near Al-Shifa Hospital; Five Days Left For Congress To Avoid Government Shutdown; Trump's Legal Team To Begin Presenting Its Cases Monday; Rep. Stefanik Files Ethics Complaint Against Judge; 5 Days Left For Congress To Avoid Government Shutdown; NYT: FBI Probing If Adams Cleared Red Tape For Turkish Consulate. Aired 2-3p ET
• Humanitarian Group: Al-Quds Now Out Of Service; Crossfire On Israel Lebanon Border Intensifies; Netanyahu: Blame For Civilian Death Squarely On Hamas, Aired 3-4p ET
• Five Days Left For Congress To Avoid Government Shutdown; Crossfire On Israel-Lebanon Border Intensifies; Humanitarian Group Says Al Quds Hospital Now Out Of Service; Los Angeles Freeway Closes; Unique Transplant; Antisemitism In America. Aired 4-5p ET
• Three-Year-Old American Held Hostage By Hamas White House Claims; Al-Shifa Hospital Currently In Dire Situations; Jake Sullivan, Negotiations For Hostage Release Is Ongoing; U.S. Strikes Iran- Affiliated Targets In Eastern Syria Again; White House: Three-Year-Old American Among The Hundreds Of Hostages; Jim Acosta Interviews Aquilino Gonell; NYT: FBI Probing If Adams Cleared Red Tape For Turkish Consulate. Aired 5-6p ET
• 3-Year-Old American Among The Hundreds Of Hamas Hostages; Palestinian Red Crescent Says Major Hospitals In Gaza City Out Of Service; Kevin McCarthy Rails Against "Crazy Eight" As Government Shutdown Looms; Trump Makes Series Of Gaffes During Speeches; Trump Attacks Special Counsel Jack Smith's Family; Former Hollywood Agent's Son Arrested, Suspected Of Murder; The Difficulty Of Covering The Israel-Hamas Conflict. Aired 6-7p ET
• Toddler One Of Americans Held Hostage By Hamas; Catastrophic Situation In Gaza's Biggest Hospitals; IDF Says Fighter Jets Attack Hezbollah Targets In Lebanon; Biden Set To Meet With China's Xi Jinping Wednesday; Palestine Red Crescent: Major Hospitals In Gaza City Out Of Service; Interview With Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX); NYT: FBI Probing If Adams Cleared Red Tape For Turkish Consulate. Aired 7- 8p ET
• President Biden Discussed Hostage Negotiations With Qatar; Speaker Johnson's Funding Plan Faces Uncertain Fate; Trump Praises Xi Ahead Of Chinese President's Meeting With Biden; Trump Attacks Jack Smith At Campaign Rally In New Hampshire; Former Hollywood Agent's Son Arrested For Murder; Biden's Support Among Latino Voters At Risk; The Rise Of Antisemitism In America. Aired 8-9p ET
• Situation in Gaza Hospitals Grow Dire; Arab Leaders Meet to Discuss Violence in Gaza; Thousands Protest for Peace; IDF Continues Pounding Targets Across Northern Gaza; Pro-Palestinian Protest Outside Biden Home; Acapulco Faces Thrash Crisis in Wake of Hurricane Otis. Aired 2-3a ET
• Situation for Gaza Hospitals Grow Dire; Pro-Palestinian March in London; Megan Rapinoe Bows Out. Aired 3-4a ET
• Israel-Hamas War; Today, IDF Offers to Assist with Evacuation of Infants and Patients; Rafah Crossing Will Open Today, According to Gaza; Largest Hospital in Gaza Caught in the Midst of Fighting; Al- Shifa Hospital Neither Under Siege Nor a Target, IDF Says; Interview with Israel and Occupied Territories ICRC Spokesperson Alyona Synenko; "Point of No Return" Reached by Gaza's Healthcare System, According to ICRC; Israel Accused of War Crimes by Arab and Islamic Leaders; Israeli Boycott Demanded by Iran's President; Why Egypt is Hesitant to Take In Palestinian Refugees; Pro-Palestinian Rally in London; Rise in "Unbridled Antisemitism" in France Addressed by Macron; Worldwide Demonstrations in Support of Palestine; London's Pro-Palestinian Demonstration Sparks Counterprotests; Aid for Israeli Bedouins; Increasing Exchange of Fire on the Border Between Israel and Lebanon; Hostage Talks in Qatar Progressing Favorably; Hamas kills 19 Bedouin Israelis, According to Community Leaders; Government Shutdown Looming Again; Pressure to Call for Ceasefire Mounting on Biden; Acapulco Trash Crisis. Aired 4-5a ET
• IDF Opens 7-Hour Safe Corridor Near Embattled Hospital; Arad And Islamic Leaders Accuse Israel Of War Crimes; IDF Denies Gaza's Al- Shifa Hospital Is Under Siege; Pro-Palestinian Protesters Gather At Biden's Delaware Home; House Speaker Unveils Two Step Funding Plan. Aired 5-6a ET

CNN This Morning
• Gaza's Largest Hospital Caught in Middle of Fighting; Israel Denies Targeting Al-Shifa Hospital, Says Hospital Is Not Under Siege; Arab and Islamic Leaders Accuse Israel of War Crimes; Government Will Shut Down Friday If No Deal Is Reached; Third-Party Candidates Could Shake Up Presidential Election; Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Leading Polls For Independent Voters; Trump Attempts To Tighten Race Early With Focus On Early Voting States; Trump's Civil Fraud Trial Enters Seventh Week Of Testimony; Biden Narrowly Leads Trump Among Latino Voters; Man Receives World's First Entire Eye Transplant; Megan Rapinoe Exits Farewell Game Early With Injury. Aired 6-7a ET
• Netanyahu: War Against Hamas Will Continue With "Full Force"; IDF Offers To Help Evacuate Infants, Patients Today; Diplomatic Cable From U.S. Embassy In Oman: "We Are Losing Badly On The Messaging Battlespace"; President Honors Veterans At Arlington National Cemetery; House Republicans Pursuing 2-Step Plan To Fund Government; Texas Brothers Arrested But Never Charged In Migrant Shooting; Bedouins In Israel Helped By Cooperation Of Jews And Arabs; Weight Loss Medication Wegovy's Heart Benefits Confirmed By Clinical Study; Interview With Obesity Medicine Specialist And Primary Care Physician Dr. Alicia Shelly; Drought May End Thanks To Heavy Rains Along The Gulf Coast. Aired 7-8a ET
• House Republicans Pursuing 2-Steph Plan to Fund Government; Gaza Announces Rafah Crossing to Open Today; Trump Attempts to Tighten Race Early with Focus on Early Voting States; Congress Has Until End of Friday to Pass Spending Bill; Speaker Mike Johnson's Finances Under Scrutiny; Volunteers Supporting Israeli Troops and Civilians; Source Confirms Dems Reached to "The Rock" about a WH Run; Megan Rapinoe Exits Farewell Game Early with Injury. Aired 8-9a ET

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