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CNN Transcripts for February 21, 2024

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Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees


The Lead with Jake Tapper

CNN News Central
• Informant Got Information from Russia; House Grills President Biden's Brother; Additional Sanctions on Russia; Ian Bremmer is Interviewed about the Sanctions on Russia; Jury Selection Beings in "Rust" Trial; Biden and DNC Have Cash Edge over Trump and RNC. Aired 9-9:30a ET
• Pro-Haley PAC Drained of Cash Reserves; Haley Vows to Stay in Race; Trump Lawyers Preparing Challenges in Classified Docs Case; Man Tries to Open Exit Door on Plane. Aired 9:30-10a ET
• Soon: House GOP Grills President Biden's Behind Closed Doors; House GOP Tries to Flip Script On FBI Informant Charged With Lying; Trump Calls Navalny "A Very Brave Guy," Doesn't Condemn Putin; Haley Vows To Stay In Race, Continues Attacks On Trump. Aired 10-10:30a ET
• Trial of "Rust" Armorer Commences with Jury Selection; Trump's Lawyers Preparing to Get Classified Documents Case Thrown Out; Trump Continues to Maintain Deceptive Claim That He Was Not Obliged to Turn Over Documents; Governor of Georgia Disclosed He Was Questioned in Federal Case Involving Election Subversion; 2015 Decision That Allowed Same-Sex Marriage has Drawn Criticism from Justice Alito Once More; Search Revealed 11-year-old Audrii Cunningham Found Dead in a Texas River; Arrest Warrants Being Prepared by Police for the Suspect in the Disappearance of Audrii Cunningham. Aired 10:30-11a ET
• Jury Selection Begins in 'Rust' Trial; Trump Allies Plotting Mass Deportations and Detention Camps?; Were Republicans Relying on Russian Informant in Hunter Biden Probe?. Aired 11-11:30a ET
• Putin Rewards Soldiers After Avdiivka Takeover; Hundreds Walk Out Of Coors Brewery Amid Strike; New Starbucks Latte In China Blends Braised Pork With Coffee. Aired 11:30a-12p ET
• Man Tries to Open Plane's Emergency Exit Door; Republicans' Collapsing Case Against Joe Biden. Aired 1-1:30p ET
• Trump Compares His Legal Troubles To Navalny's Persecution; No Decision Yet As Assange Appeals, Fights Extradition To U.S.; Suspect In Death Of 11-Year-Old Girl Charged With Capital Murder; Biden Administration Cancels Another $1.2B In Student Loan Debt. Aired 1:30- 2p ET
• Impeachment Inquiry Amid Russian Disinformation; Dual U.S.- Russia Citizen Detained In Russia; Ecuador's Notorious Gang Leader Escapes; Republican Probe Continues Despite Charges; Trial Begins For Armorer In Rust Movie Shooting; Biden Campaign Fundraising In California. Aired 2-2:30p ET
• Soon, Biden Speaks From California Amid Fundraising Tour, Cancels Another $1.2B In Student Loan Debt; Interview With Rep. Robert Garcia (D-CA); Ecuador's Armed Forces Attempt To Restore Order To Lawless Prisons; Report: Switching To Electric Vehicles Could Help Improve Health Of Millions Of Children In U.S. By 2050. Aired 2:30-3p ET
• DOJ Filing: Indicted FBI Informant Told FBI He Got Dirt On Hunter Biden From Russian Intel Officials; Alabama Fertility Clinic Halts IVF Treatments After State Supreme Court Rules Frozen Embryos Are Children; Haley Sides With AL Supreme Court: "Embryos To Me Are Babies"; Being Replaces Head Of 737 Max Unit After Door Plug Incident. Aired 3-3:30p ET
• Russia Make Gains in Eastern Ukraine After Avdiivka Falls; Laundrie, Petito Parents Meet in Emotional Distress Lawsuit. Aired 3:30-4p ET

CNN Newsroom
• Kremlin Outraged Over Accusations in Navalny Case; US Veto on Gaza Ceasefire Resolution Draws Criticism; World Food Programme Suspends Aid in Gaza Amid Risks; US to Impose Further Sanctions on Russia Over Navalny's Death; Navalny's Mother Appeals to Putin for Son's Release; Russian Helicopter Pilot Defects to Ukraine Found Dead; Ukrainian Troops Withdraw Amid Chaos in Avdiivka; Ukraine Marks Two Years of War with Russia; U.K. High Court to Decide if Assange Has Right to Appeal Extradition; North Korean Borders Reopen for First Time Since Pandemic; Starbucks Unveils Pork Flavored Latte to Mark Lunar New Year. Aired 12-12:45a ET
• U.S. Vetoes U.N. Security Council Resolution Calling For An Immediate Ceasefire In Gaza; Moscow Court Upholds Detention Of U.S. Journalist; Russian Pilot Who Defected To Ukraine Is Believed Dead In Spain; Gang Leader Escape Shines Light On Nation's Prison System; U.N. Food Agency Pauses Deliveries To The North Of Gaza; IDF Troops Post Videos from Gaza on Social Media; Ukraine's War Effort Hampered by Low Ammo, Slow Recruitment; DOJ Filing Indicted FBI Informant; U.K. High Court to Decide if Assange Has Right to Appeal; Japanese Government to Limit Truck Driver Overtime Hours; Films of the Fab Four in the Works. Aired 1-2a ET
• U.K. High Court to Decide if Julian Assange Has the Right to Appeal Against His Extradition; Widow of Assassinated Haitian President Jovenel Moise Among Dozens of People Accused in His 2021 Killing; Japanese Government to Limit Truck Driver Overtime Hours; Starbucks Unveils Pork Flavored Latte to Mark Chinese Lunar New Year. Aired 2-3a ET
• Mother of the Late Russian Opposition Leader Appeals to their President; U.S. Vetoes United Nations Security Council Resolution on Gaza Ceasefire; North Korea Reopens Borders to Tourists; WikiLeaks Founder to Make Final Appeal in Court; Beyonce's New Country Single Tops the Charts. Aired 3-3:45a ET
• CNN International: U.S. Vetoes Resolution for Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza; Gaza Residents Desperate Amid Hunger, Rising Malnutrition; Navalny's Mother: Let Me Finally See My Son; Putin Calls Ukraine's Withdrawal from Avdiivka Unconditional Success; Ecuador's Chaotic Prison System. Aired 4-4:30a ET
• CNN International: Ukraine's Defense Intel: Russian Pilot Who Defected is Dead; IDF Troops Post Videos from Gaza on Social Media; Former Haitian First Lady Among 51 Indicted in Husband's Killing; Christie's Auctioning Off Items from Elton John's Atlanta Home. Aired 4:30-5a ET
• CNN International: Russia Set To Advance In Eastern Ukraine After Avdiivka Falls; Navalny's Mother Files Lawsuit Over "Inaction" To Release Body, Files Complaint About "Illegal Actions"; Biden Blasts Trump For Not Blaming Putin; Indicted Biden Accuser Says He Was Fed Info By Russians; U.S. Vetoes U.N. Resolution For Immediate Ceasefire In Gaza; U.N.: Gaza Residents Desperate Amid Hunger, Rising Malnutrition; U.K. High Court To Decide If Assange Has Right To Appeal; Jury Selection To Begin For Armorer In Deadly "Rust" Shooting; Navalnaya Vowed To Keep Up Her Husband's Political Activism; North Korea Reopens Borders To Tourists; Video Shows Gang Leader Lived "Like A King" In Prison. Aired 8-9a ET
• CNN International: Putin Hails Troops After Capture Of Avdiivka In Ukraine; Ukraine Urges More Intl. Support After Loss Of Avdiivka; Russians Look To Advance After Fall of Avdiivka. Aired 11a-12p ET

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