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Major Fighting In Eastern Ukraine As Russia Intensifies Attacks; Justice Department Blocks National Archives From Sharing Details About Mar-A-Lago Boxes With Congressional Probe; Tiger Woods Makes Big Comeback On Golf's Greatest Stage. Aired 11:30a-12p ET

Aired April 07, 2022 - 11:30   ET



BRIANNA KEILAR, CNN ANCHOR: Thousands of people have fled Eastern Ukraine as fighting there intensifies and Ukraine is now asking NATO for more weapons to combat the Russian invasion. In the southeast, a Ukrainian commander telling CNN that, Russian forces are trying to wipe Mariupol "off the face of the earth."

And here in western Ukraine, we heard air sirens multiple, times today, a day after the region was targeted by Russian strikes. Joining me now is Deputy Mayor of Lviv, Serhiy Kiral. Mayor, thank you so much for being with us. I do appreciate you being here.


KEILAR: Can you just tell us a little bit about is the focus is shifting to the east and what it is meaning for Lviv?

KIRAL: Well, things in the east are intensifying, as you report and according to the statements from our military, the Russian forces are trying to focus on Donbass, and that's where the battle is now going quite fierce. They also see that there are more people who are trying to flee that area.

So, for us here in the West, I guess we have to be prepared as we have been throughout all these 14 days to accept more people who will be displaced and to be prepared to provide them with everything they need, with accommodation, with food and all the essentials. And then the city, together with more than 3000 actually volunteers who are involved in that -- in that operation be all ready.

KEILAR: Here, a couple of nights ago, Ukrainian forces say that they intercepted a Russian missile strike. Are you worried about the region being targeted? Why do you think it's being targeted at times when the focus is supposed to be on the east?


KIRAL: It's probably one of the ways of intimidation by the Russian aggressor and Russian forces to create -- on one side, to create panic to see it sort -- some sort of anxiety among the local population. But on the other hand, to sort of cripple part of the Ukrainian armed forces so that they stay here because of some potential danger and are not mobilized to fight with the rest of the Ukrainian army where it's really most needed.

But it's also -- it's part of that larger debate at the international level of the need for Ukraine to be supplied with the air defense system because there is not a single city right now in Ukraine, which is, cannot be targeted by the Russian missiles and rockets.

And only was the modern air defense, anti-rocket, anti-missile system in place, the no-fly zone is so cold. We can get rid of that -- of that risk, of course -- of course. I mean, we understand that NATO right now doesn't have unity on that, but let Ukraine do it ourselves. Provide us the weapon we need and we will do it ourselves.

KEILAR: I think one of the things that strike so many people is how Ukraine and Ukrainians are living lives that are just like theirs. You know, I think a lot of people in our audience realize that and I wonder what your message is, to them about what you need and what you want them to know about this invasion?

KIRAL: Yes, that's a very good question. I think the whole world now have understood that the Ukrainians are really a nation of fighters, that we are ready, and we will defend our sovereignty and our state, and our people. What we need is all the support we can get and that means the international community, NATO, U.S., and EU, in terms of weapons.

Our foreign minister today is in Brussels, and to "him," you know, his message -- his agenda actually said weapons, weapons, and weapons. I mean, we need not only defensive weapons right now, but if you want to free other territories, we need really heavy offensive weapons. And the EU has to get together.

And also the U.S., the Biden administration, I think, has to finally stop speculating on this risk of getting too much involvement with Russia and maybe he's triggering the third world war. You just need to understand that the time is now. You're either with Ukraine on the right side, and we're doing the right thing or you are weak. And that's how you will be pursued by the history.

On the other hand, what we need also is to -- in order to end this war and to deprive Russia of the resources, to pay for the -- for the atrocities, for the -- for the army and for all the bad things they do and we see right now, is the full embargo on Russian oil and gas, more sanctions, heavier sanctions, and more sanctions on Russian banking system. Right now, it's only 23 percent of Russian banking system, which is deprived -- cut off the Swift.

KEILAR: It's an important point that you make. We keep talking about it, we're hearing it from many Ukrainian officials and we really appreciate you, Deputy Mayor Kiral. Thank you so much for being with us and talking with us today.

KIRAL: Thank you for reporting.

KEILAR: Thank you. Kate, back to you in New York.

KATE BOLDUAN, CNN HOST: Brianna, thank you so much. Coming up still for us. Why is the Justice Department blocking Congress from getting details on some Trump White House Records? New reporting next.



BOLDUAN: New this morning. The Justice Department is blocking the National Archives from sharing with Congress details of White House records that President Donald Trump took to Mar-A-Lago after leaving office. CNN's Evan Perez is live in Washington with more details on this. Evan, why is this?

EVAN PEREZ, CNN SENIOR JUSTICE CORRESPONDENT: Well, this is now officially a Justice Department investigation, Kate. We now know that the Justice Department is investigating whether there was any mishandling of classified information that the National Archives says were among the things -- the materials that were found in these 15 boxes that were retrieved from Mar-a-Lago.

Now, this is a routine thing that the Justice Department and the FBI would do whenever they find that information -- that classified information may have been mishandled or not stored in ways that are required by the federal government. This is routine. But for some reason, until now, the Justice Department has been torturing itself trying to avoid saying that this is an investigation.

That's a reason why Carolyn Maloney, the chairwoman of the Oversight Committee wrote to Merrick Garland, the Attorney General saying, why is the Archives being prevented from sharing information? They say they're doing a consultation, which is obviously, a word that they were trying to use to avoid saying that this is under investigation.

But we can now say that this is officially an investigation by the Justice Department to see whether there was any mishandling of classified information there.


BOLDUAN: Got it -- clearly, much more to come.


BOLDUAN: It's good to see, Evan, thank you. Let's turn now to some incredible videos. In New York, residents and officers are racing to help a four-year-old child who fell six stories out of an apartment window in the Bronx. This is police body camera footage, and you can see the boy, being wrapped in what clearly appears to be a blanket.

He's then carefully handed off to an officer who rushes to a nearby police vehicle to get him to the hospital. They arrive about two minutes later to the hospital, and the four-year-old is quickly put on a stretcher. Remarkably, the NYPD says the boy is now in stable condition and is expected to recover, six stories.

They're crediting residents who called 911 and started to help immediately along with a very quick action and care of the officers and EMS on the scene. Unbelievable. Coming up for us, an improbable comeback on golf's greatest stage, Tiger Woods is back at the Masters. He just teed off. We'll take you there live next.



BOLDUAN: Right now, the highly anticipated return of Tiger Woods is underway at the Masters' Golf tournament. Woods is teeing off moments ago, roughly 14 months after nearly losing his leg in that horrible car crash. CNN's Coy Wire is live in Augusta, Georgia with more on this. Coy, what are you seeing?

COY WIRE, CNN SPORTS ANCHOR: Kate, adrenaline pumping through my body right now. You didn't have to watch for Tiger coming out of to that first tee, all you had to do was listen. Tiger is like a human tractor beam, turning golf courses into rock concerts. He walked right past me on his way to the first tee and he looks jacked up, as strong as he's ever looked, focused, as he's ever looked.

And he lined up his first shot. He reached down through up some grass in there to check the wind and then he gripped it and ripped it. Tiger is back. I did notice, Kate, that he walked much more slowly than Louis Oosthuizen and Joaquin Niemann, his playing partners when he walked to the -- to the ball there pacing himself. There was a slight limp, as would be expected. He says his swing is good. It's the course that concerns him.

The Masters' feature on one of the most grueling walks, miles, and miles of steep hills are tough on healthy legs even right, Kate? So, can Tiger's leg hold up? It's clear that he's worked hard to -- for this comeback and he's not just happy to be here. He said earlier this week he thinks he can win it. And perhaps it wouldn't be a surprise. He continues to shock the world, proven doubters wrong, his mind is like an iron fortress when focused.

Well, Kate, those images, seeing Tiger back, I saw one man with a young kid on his shoulder to get a view of Tiger. I saw one woman lifting her daughter in front of her, blocking her own view so their daughter can get a glimpse of the GOAT in action. He's back.

BOLDUAN: He's back. And you're there, Coy. It's great to see you. Thank you. And it's worth repeating and remembering everyone. Tiger Woods has won the Green Jacket five times and has had 14 Top 10 finishes at the Masters. Joining me now are CNN Sports Analyst Christine Brennan, and CNN Contributor Patrick McEnroe. Christine, you're there as well, your latest column again, pointing -- putting it perfectly on how extraordinary this is. You say how many comebacks can one man have? It's a great question, Christine. CHRISTINE BRENNAN, CNN SPORTS ANALYST: Well, and clearly, the answer is we don't know because Tiger is on what, about four or five, Kate, and, Patrick, great to see you. And he's still doing it. And this is the one you know, as Coy was just saying we were both out there on that first tee. I never thought I'd see this day ever. I mean, this is a man who, 14 months ago, had that terrible accident, of course, and he thought he might lose the leg. He thought he may never walk again. He was in bed for three straight months in a hospital bed.

And here he is playing on his favorite golf course where he's won five times at the age of 46, unheard of, one of the most amazing sports stories of all time. I've seen a lot, Patrick, you've seen a lot but truly, this is one for the ages. And you know that first drive wasn't great but he made a par. Second hole, he's made a par. So right now he's looking good.

The key will be as, Coy said, walking up that hill, I watched him as well. And that right leg, it's going to be tough because you don't see on TV is the hills of Augusta National Golf Club. Hills and valleys, and that's going to be a real grind for him over two days or if he makes the cut, four days.

BOLDUAN: Now, Patrick, you and I -- this is reminding me that you and I have talked a lot about what drives athletes and who keeps them and drives them at elite levels at these top levels. What do you think it is that's driving Tiger here?

PATRICK MCENROE, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: Well, some athletes, Kate, love to compete, some athletes love to win. And I think, Tiger Woods, he wants to do both. And Fred Couples, who's his good buddy, who's a former Masters champion himself, they always go early -- a couple of days early and they play around golf, check out the proceedings, see how the course is playing.

And Fred Couple said, listen, Tiger Woods is not here just to play. He's not here just to make the cut. He's here to actually win the tournament. Which is mind-boggling when you consider as, Christine said -- and by the way, great to see you, Christine, away from the Olympic Games, OK, back down there in beautiful Augusta, so enjoy it down there and I know you will, but Tiger Woods, the fact that he's here, and he is here to try to win this thing. This would be if it actually happens, arguably the greatest story ever in sports. And boy, do we need this right now?

BOLDUAN: What -- but talking about you guys about what's short of that, though. If he makes it to the championship Sunday, amazing, if he falls short of that, what's the takeaway, Christine?

BRENNAN: I think the takeaway is still, that it's a triumph even if he makes the cut, frankly, just being out here, Kate and Patrick, you know, this is a story that the likes of which as Patrick said we have not seen before.


BRENNAN: I mean, yes, there was Ben Hogan a million years ago in golf and Willis Reed walking on the court, -- you can see it's a little windy out here at the -- with the New York Knicks. You know, people have come back from injuries, but at 46. And Tiger already won the U.S. Open in 2008, with a broken leg. So, you know, he has gone through so much. He's a 46-year-old man with a body of about a 70- year-old man, anyway.

And then this so to me, triumph, frankly, is already been achieved because of being out here, and this -- the crowds and the noise and the joy, as you said, the escape that he's giving us at this terrible time and in world history and the horrors of Ukraine, etcetera, and I think then, making the cut. Now, he wouldn't say that, of course, but I will say that. Making the cut would be an incredible achievement. And then it's just gravy on Saturday and Sunday.

BOLDUAN: Just a real quick look at you, Patrick, your takeaway if he falls short of winning the whole thing. It's amazing -- I mean, there's clearly so much between those two things.

MCENROE: I very rarely disagree with Christine Brennan, how brilliant she is, OK? But in this case, she's right. In normal situations or normal athletes, they're happy to be out, they're happy to make the cut. I really believe Tiger Woods is different. He actually believes that he can win this thing. And no, of course, all of us will say he's there, it is amazing what he's doing, it'll be great if he makes the cut, it'll be great if he's just in contention on Sunday but trust me when I tell you this. Tiger actually thinks he can win this thing. He said it and I believe him.

BOLDUAN: All amazing athletes have to have that kind of confidence.


BOLDUAN: It's great to see you, Patrick, and Christine, as always. Thanks, guys.

MCENROE: You too.

BOLDUAN: We have to get some breaking news as we end today. The United Nations General Assembly has just suspended Russia from the Human Rights Council as more evidence of the atrocities in Ukraine continues to come to light. CNN's breaking news on this continues on INSIDE POLITICS after this break.