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Mass Shooting at Wisconsin Spa; George McGovern Dead at Age 90; Obama, Romney Debate Monday; Debating the Middle East; Armstrong Stays Mum on Scandal

Aired October 21, 2012 - 13:30   ET


ANNOUNCER: This is CNN breaking news.

MARTIN SAVIDGE, CNN ANCHOR: I'm Martin Savidge at CNN center in Atlanta. We want to bring you up to speed of a development that's taking place in suburban Milwaukee. And there are reports of a shooting now that has occurred at a shopping center. This is in the community of Brookfield, Wisconsin, it's a suburb, as I say, of Milwaukee.

There are said to be, according to witnesses, multiple victims. The shooting supposedly took place at a spa across the street from the Brookfield Square Mall. So it's -- as you can see, there is a heavy confluence there of emergency vehicles, firefighters. There's also, we're told, a SWAT presence that's now on the scene.

It appears that this is an active shooter investigation going on as would be described and that a search is underway to find that shooter. Again, very little is known about the number of victims and we'll caution here and say that we do not know how many and we don't know their conditions.

But I want to bring in right now Nalissa Wienke. She is with the Schroeder hospital in the Milwaukee area.

And, Nalissa, if you would, just tell us what you know.

NALISSA WIENKE, SPOKESWOMAN, FROEDTERT HOSPITAL: Hi. Sure. Right now I can confirm that we have had four victims transported to our hospital. They are currently all being evaluated but all of their injuries seem to be noncritical. We're also expecting potentially three more victims to be coming to the hospital.

SAVIDGE: And how were these people -- they were transported by ambulance, I believe?

WIENKE: As far as I know, yes.

SAVIDGE: And are they victims of gunshots?

WIENKE: Unfortunately I can't confirm that right now. I don't have that bit of information yet.

SAVIDGE: I would imagine that you're also on some sort of -- you know, beefed up alert that you have perhaps had to call in staff? I mean where do things stand as far as the emergency for your particular medical hospital?

WIENKE: I'm sorry. I can't -- I can't hear you.

SAVIDGE: OK. Are you under an emergency footing at the hospital there?

WIENKE: Certainly, yes. We're -- we have the active resources and the personnel in place to take care of the situation and manage it appropriately.

SAVIDGE: And when did this happen?

WIENKE: Pardon?

SAVIDGE: When did this happen?

WIENKE: I don't have that information. I don't know.

SAVIDGE: And as far as the treatment, these are people -- are all being handled in your ER right now?

WIENKE: That is correct.

SAVIDGE: OK. And are you bringing in additional staff to help?

WIENKE: At this time I'm not aware that we are needing to bring in any additional staff for this.

SAVIDGE: All right, Nalissa. Thank you very much. We're going to move on. We'll be back to you when we can.

Let's listen now to our affiliate WISN to hear their reporting.

ABE LUBETKIN, WISN 12 NEWS: And was immediately put in the back of a squad car, was raced a short distance to the McDonald's next door which is hard to see from where we are. So we'll just continue to show you the emergency vehicles here.

We're told that emergency personnel started working on her medically in the back of that squad car. We know of those two. Additionally we're told that there were people. One witness described it as perhaps 10 to 15 who came running out of that building surrounded by police, perhaps other law enforcement officials, and were taken to the -- to a building nearby.

Just because it's not entirely secure scene I don't want to describe specifically where they were taken, but we'll just say they were taken, we're told, to a nearby building. So what remains at this point to be seen and to be determined is what is still taking place inside that building right now. That is, what's taking place inside that spa.

We have some new information, I understand, that's coming in to our newsroom. For that I'm going to go back to Dario.

DARIO MELENDEZ, WISN 12 NEWS: Thank you. Yes, we do. We do have some new information according to Froedtert Hospital. They have treated four patients, all noncritical, with three more on the way. Conditions are not known. Again, Froedtert Hospital is telling us that four patients have been treated, noncritical with three more on the way.

Now we're going to go back up to Chopper 12, Matte Salemme.

MATTE SALEMME, WISN NEWS CHOPPER 12: Hey, Dario, we're looking down at the emergency area where the emergency crews are parked Abe was telling you about. You can see, looks like they've added a few more ambulances to the line that are waiting here to take the injured parties away.

So far we haven't seen any depart. We've only seen them re-shift and move into a -- more of a let's get ready mode. As you can they've lined up now instead of being parked two by two next to each other.

A Flight for Life helicopter is still sitting there. Again, they shut their engine down and they're -- they have not put up passenger on board yet. Their stretcher is still sitting there empty at this point. So it looks like they're waiting for the passenger as well.

Now what we can do is widen out here and show you the area where they're sitting is in the mall parking lot. They're sitting between the U.S. Bank and the Brookfield Square Mall itself. They have closed off an area there. The bank itself is shielding all the emergency personnel from the active scene, which is across the street. We're widen out here so we don't show any of those tactical positions.

I did zoom in while you were talking to Abe and I saw that they still have dozens of tactical officers, a couple of armored vehicle and SWAT trucks in the area there. They are still searching that area around the Azana spa. The Azana spa itself is directly in the center of this frame. And it's the building in the center of the frame. You can see they've got Brookfield Road, Moorland Road shut down, I should say, across from Brookfield Square in both directions. That is from the entrance of the mall that is just north of I-94 all the way up to Bluemound in both directions.

And it looks like there are still people at the country club there across the way, as well. It's in -- adjacent to the Azana spa as well as a couple of hundred vehicles still with shoppers at the mall itself. And you can see that there is a bit of a headache coming through the area on the roadways. They do have delays coming directly off the freeway ramps and on to Moorland Road and in the opposite direction, folks heading along that mall drive that goes along the west side of the building.

That is where they're detouring traffic to get around the scene itself, as you can see here. The road, Bluemound Road itself, not looking too bad at this point but it is shut down on Moorland Road in both directions and it looks like they may be closing down sections of Bluemound at this point as well. They do have a couple of vehicles and you can see the officers with the barrels out.

Again, we never show a live tactical situation. We never give away police positions so that they can stay safe. You never know if they have a TV on inside the mall. The perpetrator could be using that to see -- try to gain knowledge as to where the tactical officers are set. So our policy here at WISN is to never show their positions. We only show the staging areas so that's what we're going to stick to as we continue to monitor this situation.

Dario, back to you.

MELENDEZ: Thank you, Matt.

And if you are just joining us we are following a mass shooting outside of the Azana spa in Brookfield. We will now send it back out to 12 News' Abe Lubetkin who is near the scene. Abe.

LUBETKIN: Yes, Dario, we are here in the parking lot right now of the Brookfield Square Mall. And there is a sea of ambulances that's continuing to descend. Here's one fire vehicle right now joining that fleet. Let's spend a moment looking at the cluster of ambulances that's gathered over there.

As Matt Salemme mentioned, this right now, all indications are, is an active scene at the moment. And as such, there are police officers surrounding the area where this shooting is believed to have taken place. Right now, more and more fire vehicles and ambulance vehicles, medical personnel are responding to a section of the parking lot of Brookfield Square Mall.

If you are just joining us, we'll continue to look at the ambulances here, but if you are just joining us, we'll tell you that what we know at this point is that three -- excuse me, four people were taken. We have confirmed to Froedtert Hospital with what are described by officials at Froedtert as noncritical injuries.

So far, again, to repeat that, four people have been taken with what are described as noncritical injuries. We're told that three others are on the way. They are clearly here, though, ready for more victims if there are any. If they have reason to believe there are any given the sea of ambulances that existed that we saw a moment ago.

What you're looking at now is the Azana spa, and that is the area where the shooting took place. Whether it took place inside or whether it took place outside in a parking lot at this point remains to be seen.

We are getting varying reports on that from the witnesses who came to this area just moments after that shooting took place. But we're watching right now, let's get off of that for a moment. Let's get off -- let's get off of -- let's get off of that shot right now because we're live. And I don't want to relay a live image of what's taking place.

Can we get off of that? Let's toss it back to you, Dario.

MELENDEZ: Thank you very much, Abe.

As you can see something was going on. We cannot show that. That is against our policy. So what we can tell you is that there has been a mass shooting near the Azana spa. Whether it took place inside or outside we do not -- we have not confirmed. What we do know is that Froedtert Hospital has confirmed that four patients had been treated with non-critical injuries, with three more on the way. And this is all happening near Azana spa.

Now Waukesha County and the Sheriff's Department has said that it is still an active scene. It is not secure. Local area hospitals have been put on notice. And we do have Chopper 12 in the area. We have Abe Lubetkin on the ground. But right now we cannot show what is going on because of obviously a police pact that we against our policy do not show.

Again, if you're following us, we have a mass shooting that happened near the Brookfield Square Mall at Azana spa. We do not know if it's inside or outside. According to witnesses, they heard people screaming and crying. One witnesses said he's witnessed two people come out of the spa with gunshot wounds, treated immediately and taken to the local area hospital.

There are many emergency response vehicles near and around Brookfield Square Mall. We have learned that Moorland Road has been closed down. That the mall has been locked down. And everybody in the area is obviously responding to this. And I think we have a live picture of News Chopper 12. And we might be sending it back to Matt Salemme as we speak.

SALEMME: Hey, Dario, we are watching the area across the street. I did get a chance -- we were talking to Abe there. They are still active with the tactical officers a the spa itself. They do still have the area surrounded. They have their guns drawn and their full tactical gear on at this point. So I can tell you that for sure.

And what we can tell you here is that the emergency personnel, they're still waiting, waiting for some victims to be taken across the street from the spa itself sits directly east of Brookfield Square Mall. And you can see they've got plenty of emergency equipment here. Dozens of ambulance, a hand full of fire trucks, as well as the Flight for Life helicopter to take the most critical out in the fastest matter.

But as you can see the Flight for Life is still shut down. They have no passengers to take at this point. What I did see when we were looking across the way they still have tactical officers fully geared up and they did have their guns drawn and they were all in defensive position. Staying safely in cover at this point.

We never showed those positions if we can help it from the helicopter or anywhere else because we don't want to give away any tactical positions during a live scene. Now I'm going to widen out a little more here so we don't give away any position to show you that the spa itself is directly in the center of the frame here. And it's surrounded by officers. They do have the -- the roadway shut down. Moorland Road there from I-94, the entrance to the mall, just north of I-94 up to Blue Monday Road is where the closure point is at this point.

We do see some delays on the -- delay as well and I guess, Dario, you've got some more information so I'm going to toss it back to you.

MELENDEZ: Thank you, Matt. And we're going to get out straight to Abe Lubetkin who has some new news and information for us. Abe.

LUBETKIN: Yes, Dario, we right now, as the tactical situation is unfolding at the actual, location are in the parking lot. And I can tell you exactly what it's like here. The parking lot of the mall, and what we're told, the mall itself has been locked down. And the parking lot is where a number of people who were in the mall are leaving right now. And we see, of course, a lot of people, given that it's a Sunday, are here with their kids. Remarkably everyone has remained quite calm as we've watched people.

They seem to have been very much in control as they leave here with their kids trying not to alarm anyone right now. Total numbers at this point, how many people may have been shot inside the spa across the street from the mall here, that, at this point, is not known. There are some sources that are telling us it may have been approximately seven people.

We do know from Froedtert that four people were treated for what we're told are noncritical injuries and then we're told that three other people are on their way there. Whether there are additional victims beyond the four and three remain to be seen. But we do know that four were taken to Froedtert, and treated for what we're told were noncritical injuries and three still on the way.

There is, in this parking lot, quite a large presence of emergency vehicles. Right now in the parking lot here, and I mean communication with our producer at the moment. If our producer could just repeat the information to me once more that would be helpful to me, as well.

So we're going to continue to provide information about what's taking place it sounds like here in this parking lot where vehicles, emergency vehicles, ambulances from all over -- and I'm pausing here to listen to an announcement that police are making. Emergency vehicles from all over the area have come here and the emergency announcement asking people who are in the parking lot to clear out.

And presumably that is because they have been using this as a staging area. And one of the things we observed earlier was that crews had to navigate in this breaking news situation around the other vehicles that were in this parking lot. It's a busy day. It's a Sunday. You have crews descending here in response to a shooting. They had to weave their ways in and out of the other people who were here shopping, who in many cases had no idea what was going on.

Let's take a look now so you have some sense of what I mean when I describe the number of vehicles who are here, who are in this vicinity who had to make their way through the traffic, make their way through this parking lot to get in here to see what was taking place.

Now police have roped off the area. They are trying, as you see with the tape there and with the people leaving this area to make this an area where they can do what they call staging essentially where they can set up, where they can strategize, determine what they're going to do and how they're going to respond.

As you're -- we have observed throughout the time here and for those of you who are just tuning in, the emergency vehicles, the medical personnel are clustered in one area. Police are clustered in another. That is the tactical element. And the tactical element is taking place across the street. We're not showing it to you right now because it is the policy here at WISN not to broadcast live images of a tactical situation. We would never want to compromise the work of law enforcement officers.

But in response to this shooting there is a large, large presence, as you're looking at right now, from all over the area of ambulances at the ready waiting to take victims that may still be here on the scene.

Let's recap a little bit of what we've been told so far by the witnesses who we've been talking to. And we'll emphasize that so far we have not heard from law enforcement, on any sort of confirmation of the number of people who may have been shot out here or the circumstances that led up to this. So what we're relying on at this point is what we're hearing from the witnesses who came out in the moments after the shooting.

We're told that there was a young woman who left the spa area frantic. She was screaming. She was describing that there -- was a shooting taking place inside or near the spa. And according to one witness, this young woman said that her mother had been shot. She was looking for help. There were people, we're told, in the area who did help her go into a store who called 911, who got authorities into the area.

Additionally we're told that there were two people, at least, who came out with gunshot wounds. One of whom, we're told, sort of crawled out, in the words of a witness here, and was quickly swept up by emergency responders, taken into an -- put into an ambulance and another we're told was put into the back of a squad car where emergency medical personnel began working on her right away. We're told both of those were female. Again, that's what a witness is describing.

We have Terry Sater now with us helping to contribute to this coverage. And I want to toss things over to him. Terry?

TERRY SATER, WISN 12 NEWS: Thank you, Abe. And I know it's important for people to know they need to stay away from the Brookfield Square area right now, because as I drove past on 94, I could see that police had blocked off northbound Moorland right where you would turn left into the mall there. It looked as if they were turning people around.

We're still waiting for confirmation from authorities. Of course they're scrambling to this. You can see the massive number of emergency vehicles on the scene right there from News Chopper 12. And it appeared that the -- one of the command vehicles, it looked like Waukesha County's mass command vehicle was entering the scene from that south side heading north and trying to set up a command, as obviously anytime they activate that unit that means that they are looking at being some place for a long time, trying to coordinate the activities of multiple police and emergency response agencies. And again, right now, it appears, our early information is that there's been a shooting at the Azana spa, right there across from Brookfield Square. Apparently seven people wounded, four being treated for non-life-threatening injuries. Three on the way to the hospital.

Flight for Life is on the ground preparing to take any patients that might need to get to a hospital or a trauma one center more quickly. It's not clear right now, because we are trying to contact authorities, all of the details, as you heard Abe talk about right there.

Do we have someone live in News Chopper 12, as well, that can tell us what they are seeing right now?

SALEMME: Hey, Terry. It's Matt. I'm in the chopper and we have been watching for about the last half hour, 45 minutes, and we've seen numerous ambulances come to and from the scene. And they have repositioned themselves now. As opposed to being parked in parking spaces they are lined up and ready to go just in case they are needed to take anymore injured parties away.

Flight for Life is parked. They are on standby right now. They have turned the blades off and they're waiting to see if they're going to be needed to remove anymore injured.

You were talking about Moorland Road being shut down, just north of the freeway, and I can show you that as well. It is shut down. They're not turning people directly around but they are sending them around on the mall drive that goes west -- actually it looks like now they are actually turning them around. They have been sending them on the mall drive, now they've shut them off down completely and they're turning traffic back south.

They should probably, over the next step once they get this traffic cleared here, they'll probably shut it down right at the freeway ramps, to start sending traffic immediately south on to Moorland.

Moorland Road is shutdown in both directions between Bluemound and the south boundary of the mall at this point.

Now the Azana spa itself is directly in the center of this frame. We never zoom in tight on police (INAUDIBLE) because while Abe was talking, and we're on a different shot, I had a chance to look in and they still do have tactical officers fully dressed with their out -- with their guns drawn. They are taking tactical positions around the spa so that they could get ready to go in and try to clear the scene to make sure that everything is secure.

But they have not been able to do that so far. And from what Abe was telling us we have heard from Froedtert that there have been seven people that they are treating at this point for -- four of them that are already there and three that are on the way to the scene. And as you can see, we zoom back in tight here to the parking lot as folks get ready to prepare the mall which has been put on lockdown. Folks are leaving in an orderly fashion at this point, and we're still waiting on some confirmation on the exact number from authorities, and when they are able to get the building across the street via Azana spa where this incident has taken place, cleared and completely. So fat though, Flight for Life ambulance still on the scene. They have not taken any passengers at this point and we'll continue to monitor the situation and let you know if we see any changes. Terry?

SATER: Thanks, Matt. And I guess one bit of good information here is that they are close to probably the largest and best equipped trauma 1 center here, and then of course we're talking about Froedtert hospital very close to where this all happened.

Right now, again, we've been having Abe Lubetkin update us from the scene, and Abe, you've been live there all this morning, and what can you tell us about this as we now head into the early afternoon here?

LUBETKIN: Yes, Terry. As we head into these early afternoon hours, just to provide some context for those of you who may just be joining us. This all -- it sounds like unfolding, shortly after 11:00, maybe 11:15 here. That's when witnesses told us that they first saw a young woman run out of the Azana spa across the street, barefoot, they told us, screaming that someone was shooting inside.

So you have a situation where there is a shooting, but it sounds like at this point seven people shot across the street from the mall on a Sunday. That creates a situation for the mall to deal with as well, especially given that there was a tactical situation and still right now it's unclear what the status of the shooter is.

So let's show you what it looks like in the mall parking lot right now. As we've mentioned to you numerous times, there are emergency vehicles staging, but there is also a cluster of people gathered. They are in some degree journalists, but in other cases people who are here who have been here over the course of really the last hour waiting to see what might unfold. A number of these people were the first on the scene. In fact, one of the gentlemen who was first out here who described to me what he saw, who described to me the young woman who ran across the street, was after we finished speaking, saying that he really didn't feel at this point like he wanted to leave because he felt like he wanted to -- now that he was involved in this, even though it was the last thing in the world he expected to be involved with on his Sunday morning, felt that he wanted to see what came of it and certainly see what happened with the young woman who, as his description was, had not been shot but was quite frantically describing a shooting that had taken place inside that mall.

They are in the process, it appears, and we heard an announcement as we're in fact live just about 10 minutes ago, 15 minutes ago, they are in the process of clearing out this parking lot. They are using this as a staging area and doing whatever they can to try to get as many people as possible into safety. So they're in the process of doing two things here, trying to eliminate people who might potentially get in their way as they bring emergency vehicles in and out, but also eliminate people who could potentially be -- SAVIDGE: This is Martin Savidge at the CNN center in Atlanta. You are following developments as the come off a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Brookfield, to be exact, where there has reportedly been a shooting taken place at the Azana spa, it's a day spa. There are reports of at least seven casualties we know of that are being treated at a nearby hospital. Unknown whether there are more casualties. We do know that spot teams are on the scene. We also have police and fire and medical emergency teams on the scene.

This is actually taking across -- taking place across the street from the very busy Brookfield Square Mall. It began around 11:00 local time, a little afternoon Eastern Time. And again authorities are still gathering on the scene. You can see the large collection there of fire, ambulance, and we also know that roads have been blocked off in the area and that there is a SWAT team presence seen moving in on the spa itself at one particular time, and it was pretty clear they had a serious intent as they made their move.

We don't know the whereabouts of a shooter if that's what we're dealing with here. It does appear, though, that the suspect or suspects are still on the loose just by measuring the posture of authorities. But again, we have a number of people who have been apparently shot, and this is taking place near a mall in suburban Milwaukee at a spa, and the story is continuing to develop.

We'll take a break and be back with more after this.


ANNOUNCER: This is CNN breaking news.

SAVIDGE: Hello, I'm Martin Savidge at the CNN NEWSROOM in Atlanta. We continue now to follow developments that are coming out of Milwaukee. Reports of suburban Milwaukee, Brookfield to be specific, where there has been a shooting at the Azana spa. That would be a day spa that's located across the street from the very busy Brookfield Square Mall. Law enforcement has converged on the scene. There's also been a very heavy presence of emergency and fire personnel as well.

This began a little afternoon, Eastern Time, a little after 11:00 local time. And we are told that the shooter, the suspect, is still on the loose. The number of people, we know that one hospital in the Milwaukee area has received four people there being treated for non- threatening injuries. There are three more supposedly on the way, so a total of seven people injured in some way. We don't know exactly how the hospital wouldn't confirm.

Mike Brooks, the CNN legal analyst who's also well connected in the police community, joins us now on the telephone.

And, Mike, what are you learning?

MIKE BROOKS, CNN LAW ENFORCEMENT ANALYST: Marty, I'm hearing from my sources close to the investigation there in Wisconsin, in Waukesha County, that they have transported seven people to the hospital. We don't know the condition. We don't know if they -- any of them are suffering life-threatening injuries.

The scene, it is still not -- they have still not secured the scene. They're still searching for the subject. They believe they know who the subject is, and they think he possibly may have fled the scene. But they do know who this person is and they do know what town he lives in not too far from where the shooting took place, Marty.

But we don't know if they have him in custody, we don't believe he is in custody right now, as I said, and there are still -- the SWAT teams are there still clearing now. This is an equivalent of a third alarm, if you will, for Emergency Medical Service response. A third alarm EMS, which brings a number of different emergency medical services, resources to the scene, and as we said, seven people so far have been transported but we still do not know how serious the injuries are, Marty.

SAVIDGE: You mentioned that the law enforcement may have an idea of who the suspect is. Do we have any idea what the motive was?

BROOKS: No, they're still not -- they're still not saying what the motive is. We don't know if it was a domestic kind of situation. They are not saying right now. But, you know, it's still early on in the investigation so they're going to be there for quite some time.

There are a number of different law enforcement and fire, and EMS (inaudible), on the scene, Marty, assisting, but and they're probably going to be there for quite some time. So it is, you know, it was an active shooter crime scene, if you will, with seven people shot. Fairly large crime scene.

SAVIDGE: Mike Brooks, who was joining us there on the telephone there, giving us the latest from talking to his sources up there in suburban Milwaukee. Mike, thanks very much, we'll stay in close touch.


And we are resetting for you at the top of the hour, wanting to bring you up to date on the latest developments coming out of suburban Milwaukee, where we are told there has been a shooting that's taken place at a day spa. There are a number of victims. We don't know exactly how many. However, the term mass shooting has been used by authorities in describing the scene there. We know that at least seven people have been transported to at least one hospital in the Milwaukee area. We are told that four of those people have non-life- threatening injuries, and that three more victims were on the way, and that is to Frederick Hospital, which is specializing in dealing with people with trauma. SWAT teams are on the scene at the shooting, possibly searching for the suspect. Mike Brooks from CNN was just on our air, and he was talking that authorities seem to know who this suspect is, and they know where he lives. The searchers trying to find out why and where that suspect may be. Let's go back to our affiliate WYS and listen to their coverage.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Keep folks away from the area, so that folks don't go into harm's way. Again, we never show life tactical positions on the air so its officers' positions aren't given up. You never know if somebody inside the spa has a television set on and they could be using that information against them. So, we'd like to try to do our best. We're staying a safe distance away from the scene itself. I'll widen out here and show you that were a good couple of miles off of the scene itself. We're south of I 94. We're going to keeping a safe distance from it the entire time.

But again, the new information is at the Westmore Country Club there, close to the center of the frame, it's on lockdown at this point, in addition to the mall as well. So, we'll continue to keep an eye on it and let you know if anything changes from this angle. Reporting live In News chopper 12, that's WISN 12 News. Terry, back to you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All right, thanks, Matt. And we've got Brookfield Square on lockdown right now, so if you've got loved ones who went out to the mall there, know that they are inside. They are not being allowed to leave right now. We also have Westmore Country Club now on lockdown, and we have Joe Cohen (ph), who is one of the managers out there at Westmore Country Club. He is joining us now by telephone, what can you tell us about what you've been told there, Mr. Cohen?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Basically we're in just in a lockdown, just trying to keep everyone safe, and that's been for approximately an hour and a half.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Of course, it's a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. What was going on with your country club there today? What were people doing when all of this happened?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We obviously had a number of golfers, and we had a Sunday brunch. We had quite a bit of an activity, but everyone now is in the building and we're completely shut down.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It must be a difficult situation for you. I'm sure people are coming up to you and asking you what's going on, and as we are trying to effort information, I'm sure you are as well there. What are you telling people?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, pretty much what we're seeing on TV, you know. We don't really know much more than what you all know, so we're just abiding by the lockdown orders at this time.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Were you given any indication by police or the sheriff's department there in Waukesha County whether they thought the suspect might be somewhere near where you are? Obviously, when you're on lockdown there, that implies that the situation is not necessarily stable, that there might still be some danger to people being outside.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We really were not given any indication that he was in our vicinity.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK. So that's good news for you, but was it the sheriff's office that contacted or Brookfield police?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That was the Waukesha County dispatch. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Waukesha County dispatch. So you're just telling your guests right now that they can't leave the building. They're just supposed to stay there. I'm sure that's difficult for people. Are they calling their loved ones or people are calling you asking for information about them?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yeah. Yeah. We've had a number of calls with people not being able to get to the golf course who are anticipating playing. We are fielding those calls and pretty much just asking them to stay away at this time.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All right. Well, Mr. Cohen, we appreciate that you joined us by telephone. Have you been able to hear anything? I mean have you gone outside to see -- describe the scene for us outside the country club. What are you seeing, what are you hearing?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I really haven't heard anything, no shots, just an awful lot of squad cars and helicopters and sirens, and that's been going on pretty much the last two hours. But nothing more than that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All right. Thank you. Mr. Cohen from Westmore Country Club. We appreciate you joining us by telephone. We're going back to 12 News Abe Lubetkin (ph), who was one of the first reporters on the scene if not the first reporter out there. And Abe, you talked with the man who saw one of the people who is in the salon, this salon that is right across the street from Brookfield Square, why don't you walk through again, Abe, what they told you?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yea, Terry, it truly was a chilling account, and to provide a bit of context before we relay that. We're standing in the parking lot right now of Brookfield Square Mall just across the street from where all of this is taking place. What he told me was this, the man said he was going to Barnes & Noble. He had just left church when a woman came out of the spa across the street, was screaming that someone inside had been shooting. She said that she had seen people get shot. He said that he was in the mall as we -- just a little bit here. We're told that the man said that the girl was coming out of that store, that she was barefoot, that she said that someone had started shooting inside of the spa and that she needed help. And this man said that he immediately went with her inside the Brookfield Square Mall, called authorities and that police came out here within, he said, five minutes.

He said it may have been even quicker than that. The chronology was tough to really remember in such a frantic moment, in such a frantic situation. We heard from another witness who also was just out here at the mall around - shortly after 11:00 this morning. That witness told us she was walking through the parking lot when she saw a woman who appeared to have been shot come out of the salon. She said she rolled out and that police immediately came in, swooped in, picked her up and put her in an ambulance and that the ambulance sped off. She said that shortly after that, a second woman actually came out of the salon. This woman, she said, was taken by police, put into a squad car, taken a short distance to a nearby building and that emergency medical personnel started working on the woman actually inside the squad car. What we've learned at this point is that seven people were shot, four of them taken with what we're told are non-critical injuries Frederick Hospital, but that three others should just be arriving now at Frederick Hospital and their conditions right now are not known.

We're still waiting to hear from the hospital. I'm going to step out of the way and give you some sense for the sea of ambulances that gathered behind me. So that you can see - I'm also hearing right now from my colleague Nick Bore, 12 News 12 Nick Bore who is reminding me of the fact that this is a spot where there tragically was a shooting previously. We're by the Sheraton just down the road, and that in 2005 was where a man killed seven people and then himself at a church service. So it's something that is, indeed, a chilling irony that here we are just -- especially on this side of the Brookfield Square Mall, a block, essentially, maybe at this point, the entrance is about a block. We actually are probably three blocks distance from that, maybe four or five blocks, but very close to where there was another shooting, and that shooting in 2005, seven people were killed there and the gunman killed himself.

I'm also told by my colleague Nick Bore (ph), who is on the scene that customers are leaving the mall for the West Side and that a number of stores inside have closed, but not all of them have closed. The mall is on lockdown right now. The indications that we're hearing from witnesses are that none of the shooting took place inside the mall itself, but given that there is an active tactical situation going on, meaning that police may at this point still be looking for the gunman, it's not known to what extent the mall may be involved in all that they're doing here. What we do know is that it's involved as a staging area for the sea of emergency crews that is sitting out here right now. Waukesha County, West Dallas, I'm just going through Hale's Corners.

I'm reading the names of the towns that have sent ambulances here to the parking lot just to give you some sense for the size of the response out here right now. So, what we know, Terry, also is that people have been asked to leave this section of the mall. The mall is on some sort of lockdown. We, in the last probably 15 minutes from where we are, haven't seen anyone come or go, but we're told again by Nick Bore inside that - who was inside that some of the -- or at least is in contract with people inside, that some of the stores in there have closed, but not all of them have closed.

SAVIDGE: And you're listening to our affiliate WISN in this suburban Milwaukee area. Brookfield specifically where there has been a shooting at a day spa. There are a number of people, at least seven that have been transported to an area hospital. We know that they had not life-threatening injuries. We do not know if there are any other victims beyond that point. We also know that there is a suspect that is supposedly on the loose and authorities continue to look. We're going to take a break. When we come back, we'll follow the story more.


SAVIDGE: Hello, I'm Martin Savidge, CNN. In case you're just joining us, we continue to follow developments that are coming out of Brookfield, Wisconsin. This is a suburb that is located to the west of Milwaukee. There has been a shooting now that has taken place outside of the Brookfield Square Mall, it's actually in what's described as a day spa, the Azana Spa. We know that at least seven people have been transported to hospital, four of those people were described as non-life-threatening conditions which they were suffering, three others were en route, and that's as much as we know. There is supposedly a suspect on the list. We are going to continue to follow this through the benefit of our affiliate up there, WISN. Let's listen into their reporting.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: -- victims specialists. And other command staff in to support Brookfield police in response to this mass casualty, mass shooting there. Again, seven people wounded and now the FBI is getting involved. But we've not been told that there are any hostages but the FBI is offering whatever resources they have here in the Milwaukee area to that scene there, outside Azana Spa in Brookfield Square. Again, this happened at Azana Spa, Brian. A few minutes after 11 o'clock this morning, and I know in the early stages of this, officers have been trained to respond to things like this differently than they used to. And how has that changed since, say, the Columbine shootings?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yeah. Well, the officers are setting up that we would use the instrument command system where they get all the resources that are actually needed for that location at a staging area, and a lot of planning goes into this, and certainly with the FBI it's certainly a good partner to have, they're able to bring a lot of resources to the table, and so it's a good resource to have available to local law enforcement as they are enveloped in this situation.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And this is a difficult situation from the sense of the size of the building where this supposedly happened, Brian. We've got about a 9,000-square-foot, a very large building. This is a spa. We've got multiple rooms. If you can, anyone who has ever been inside a spa knows there are multiple places where people are getting services throughout that spa. And we had, apparently from one of the witnesses described having a relative, according to our reporter Abe Lubetkin (ph), who is on the scene, who had some sort of an automatic weapon or semi-automatic weapon who was in there engaged in the shooting. What does a law enforcement officer have to deal with when you're going into a building like that, trying to make sure that you get everybody out who you can get out but also save yourself? I mean, we just saw this play out with the Sikh temple shooting in early August.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yeah, that's an excellent point. You have the building where the incident occurred. A lot of different rooms, different -- you know, perhaps the layout of the building, again going to a lot of different rooms, but it's also right across the street from a major, major mall where you have a high volume of people moving throughout. It's on a major thoroughfare, with Moreland Road (ph), where you have a high volume of traffic that is going through until law enforcement can shut that down and contain it. Ultimately what law enforcement wants to do in this situation is what we see isolate, contain, evacuate. You isolate the building, which they have. You contain it so it does not grow any larger, and start evacuation around the immediate area, and that's what law enforcement is currently doing as we speak.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All right. Brian Doro (ph) from Waukesha Technical College, where a lot of police officers receive ongoing training. We thank you for bringing your expertise into the conversation. We're going to go back out to 12 News Abe Lubetkin (ph), who has been on the scene now for more than an hour, and Abe, this happened about two hours ago out there near Brookfield Square Mall. Again, this is the Azana spa. It's sort of a landmark business out there near Brookfield Square.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Right. A landmark business, Terry, as you say, just across from the mall, a very large spa. And as we were headed to the area a few hours ago, that was one of the questions that I had, not knowing the name of the spa, trying to imagine, was this one of those very small type of business establishments or is this a large one? To provide some context, this is a large one. We're not showing you a live picture of it even though it is across the street, because we don't want to give away the tactical positions of the officers, and we are told that this is still an ongoing tactical situation, meaning there still could be a shooter on the loose there or a shooter, at least, on the premises.

What we do know is this. On the mall here, a sea of ambulances is gathered behind me waiting at the ready to respond. Already emergency crews have managed to take seven people to Freader (ph) hospital. Four of them we're told have non-critical injuries. Three of them we don't know about. Three of them would just be arriving, have been there for a short time, probably, and we've not got an update at this point from Freader on their status.

We heard a number of things since we first got here.

SAVIDGE: We continue to follow developments that are coming out of Brookfield, Wisconsin. This is to the west of Milwaukee, it's suburban Milwaukee. There has been apparently a shooting that has taken place in a day spa. At least seven people have been transported to a hospital. That's all we know at this particular time. And authorities continue to look for a suspect. You can see there is a large gathering now of emergency equipment that is on the scene. We continue to follow developments after this break.


SAVIDGE: Hello, everyone. I'm Martin Savidge. We are continuing to follow events that are happening in suburban Milwaukee, Brookfield specifically, outside of a mall. It's actually a day spa across the street from that mall, the Azana spa, where there are reports now of multiple people having been shot. This is still an active scene. In other words, they are looking for a suspect. SWAT there, as well as a heavy representation of emergency equipment and fire personnel as well. We are following this through our affiliate WISN. We know seven people have been injured in some way. We can't specifically say they've been shot. Four are said to be non-life-threatening. Three others were in the process of still being transported. Let's continue to listen. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I want to welcome my colleague, Shelby Croft (ph). What an incredible situation on a Sunday. A lot of people in church or just wrapping up church services, people heading out to the mall, and again, their peace and tranquillity shattered by a mass shooting again.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Exactly, learning of a mass shooting now near Brookfield Square Mall, the Azana salon, which lies directly across from Brookfield Square Mall, obviously a very busy area. A lot of people just learning about this heading out to the area. The roads are shut down, and a very, very active on a Sunday morning.

Also, Terry, very eerily similar when we were here on a Sunday for the Sikh temple shooting as well. And this is just remarkable to see this happening again.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It is, and of course, a lot of people from Brookfield and really around our area will remember that in March of 2005, not very far away from where this current scene is playing out, another shooter walked into a church service at the Sheraton Hotel and killed seven people, and then himself. Now we've got a different situation from the standpoint that we've got an active shooter, and authorities apparently at this point have not secured that shooter or the suspect in this. At least, we've not been informed of that, and they are still geared up for tactical, what they call a tactical situation, and that means specially trained officers have been called in there, with automatic or semiautomatic weapons, and are shielded, so that if they confront this person, they are equipped to take care of the situation as best they can. We have got multiple emergency crews out there, including ambulances, flight for life.

Again, let's recap. If you're just joining us, this happened about 11:15 this morning outside the Azana spa or inside the Azana spa. This is right across the street from Brookfield Square. Four of those victims taken to Fraeder hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. We don't know the condition, Shelby, of those other three people involved.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That's right. The other three, the hospital tells us they're still awaiting for those victims to be still brought to the hospital. You bring up the fact that a number of people have been brought in here because there is still an active shooter, they believe, on the scene. We also know hostage negotiators from the FBI are on the scene. So we are not even sure if there could possibly be more people in that spa. That is a very large spa. It is a very busy spa. I know on a Sunday, it's probably not traditional that people would be in the spa, but that's such an active one in our area that there are definitely appointments, there are definitely things happening on a Sunday, even. It is a very active area.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We just learned that Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms -- this is a federal agency equipped to respond to incidents where there have been either guns or weapons of some kind involved in an incident, they have ten agents now on the scene. They were joined also by FBI hostage negotiators and specially trained federal agents who deal with victims of incidents like this. We don't know that there's any kind of a hostage situation, but these people are obviously highly trained and very effective at their jobs. If you have loved ones that are at that area --

SAVIDGE: Again, we're following these developments that are coming out of Brookfield, Wisconsin, it's a western suburb of Milwaukee. There has been a shooting that's taken place. It happened about two hours ago. We still understand that this is an ongoing investigation. You can see the huge response of emergency personnel. Seven people have been transported to hospitals. They're being treated for, they've said, non-life-threatening conditions. We don't know the conditions of the other three and we don't know if there are other suspects -- sorry, other victims. That is a suspect that is on the loose and authorities continue to search for that person.

We have been following this through WISN, our affiliate there, and there is a lockdown team in place in the mall there, that's the Brookfield Square Mall. There is also a lockdown of the country club. And a number of roads in the area have been closed down. Authorities, according to Mike Brooks for CNN, do know who the suspect is, they do know where he lives, but right now they don't know where that suspect is currently.

We're going to take a break. Before we do, I will remind you, we'll be back with not only this story but the rest of the day's news. We're following the death of George McGovern, also increased violence now in Lebanon, and the candidates. Remember the campaign? They're preparing for a big debate on Monday. All of that begins right after this.


SAVIDGE: You're in the CNN newsroom. I'm Martin Savidge in for Fredricka Whitfield. We begin with breaking news that's coming out of Wisconsin. There has been a mass shooting at or near the Azana spa. That's across from the busy shopping mall in the city of Brookfield, that's a suburb of Milwaukee, and there are multiple victims. Four people are reportedly hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries, and three more victims are on their way to the hospital. SWAT teams are on the scene of the shooting, possibly searching for the suspected shooter. Law enforcement sources say that police know who the suspect is, and that he is believed to have fled the scene, but the mall reportedly is on lockdown.

And joining us right now on the telephone is Lisa Mallone. She is the alderman for the Brookfield, Wisconsin, area. Lisa, any more you can add to it as far as what we know?

LISA MALLONE, ALDERMAN, BROOKFIELD WISCONSIN (via telephone): No, unfortunately, I'm not privy to these details. Our professional police are obviously pretty busy in an ongoing tactical situation and don't have time to call us at the moment, but I can tell you a little bit about our community, if you're interested.

SAVIDGE: I am, of course, and I was just going to say that it's a given they wouldn't necessarily call you first, but do, tell us about the community.

MALLONE: Well, the community is probably one of the more affluent suburban community outside of Brookfield area. It's a highly desired place to live with great schools, et cetera.

Where the shooting took place is in a large retail commercial corridor. In fact, it's probably one of the largest in Southeast Wisconsin, so the city of Brookfield population is about 38,000, but with this commercial corridor, you know, we almost triple that in population in daytime hours with transients who come to shop in the area and so forth.

So although we are typical sleepy suburban area because of the commercial corridor, you know, it invites in a lot of other people which has been to the benefit of the community but then also it, you know, creates situations like this. Not to say that this happens on a regular basis, because certainly it does not.

SAVIDGE: Of course not. This would have been a very busy place on a Sunday morning, right?

MALLONE: Yes. It was probably just starting to get busy. I don't think the mall actually opens until noon, maybe 11:00 at the earliest. I was actually kind of surprised to hear that Azana where the shooting might have taken place was in my district.

I was actually kind of surprised that they were even open on a Sunday. It could have been a lot busier time in time, but fortunately, things were probably just kind of getting up and running in the community.

SAVIDGE: I know that, you know, Oak Creek, Wisconsin was not and is not in your community, but we remember the Sikh shooting that took place on a shooting back in August. There has to be this sense of, oh, no, not again.

MALLONE: Maybe. Again, this is such an isolated incident. I can't help but think that there is probably some motivation or connection with the shooter and some of the victims.

I don't know for certain. Obviously, that will all be hashed out once it's said and done, and hopefully we can contain the shooter and prevent any more tragedy from occurring here.

But I can hear my neighbors outside still leaf blowing and others are continuing on. Not to say they're not concerned about the situation, but I don't think that people in the community feel threatened or, you know, feel like they have to, you know, lock up and stay inside for safety.

SAVIDGE: Lisa Mallone, thanks for putting it in perspective, an alderman in the area where this shooting took place. We'll continue to keep in touch with you. We will be monitoring this story throughout and we'll bring you updates as they become available.

Now let's move to other news of the day. George McGovern, the Democratic Party's presidential candidate in 1972 and former three- term senator has died. He was 90.

McGovern was a World War II veteran as the staunch liberal who vehemently opposed the war in Vietnam. He entered hospice care last week near his home in South Dakota. Here's a look back at McGovern's life and his legacy.


SAVIDGE (voice-over): George McGovern lived a fascinating life. America's leading liberal came from Republican parents, an out spoken critic of war who was a World War II hero. He earned a PhD then went on to make history.

McGovern first went on to make history. McGovern first went to Washington in 1957, representing South Dakota in the House and then later in the Senate where he served 18 years. He was among the first to challenge America's involvement in Vietnam.

GEORGE MCGOVERN: I resent the president rubbing this war on his election timetable. I don't think you ought to be playing a numbers game with human lives and that's what this administration has done.

SAVIDGE: His opposition to the war would become a trademark, lesser known, his work helping to reform the Democratic Nomination Party process, scaling back the role of processors and insiders and increasing the role of caucus, primaries and delegates. It's a system used by both parties today. It was McGovern's own run for president in 1972 most people remember. It didn't go well. Already a long shot against President Nixon, it didn't help when his acceptance speech to the Democratic election was delayed until 2:30 in the morning, long after the huge television audience had gone to bed.

Then McGovern was forced to dump his running mate, Thomas Eagleton, after it was learned he had a history of psychiatric problems. Nixon won by a landslide. He boosted the careers of Gary Hart and then unknown Bill Clinton.

McGovern would try again in 1984, only to drop out after poor primary showings, but his words still resonate.

MCGOVERN: The question is not are we better off than we were four years ago, the question is, where will America be four years from now? What is the American future? What kind of America do we want to be?

SAVIDGE: Later in life, the man from the South Dakota prairie refocused on a cause he worked on in the Kennedy administration, using America's agricultural strength to feed families at home and eventually around the world.

It would be the legacy he prided most. One expert summed it up best, saying the same trait that cost McGovern the White House would become the same quality many later admired. George McGovern's ability to say what others would not.


SAVIDGE: Remembering the life of George McGovern who died today at the age of 90.

In other news, in Lebanon, there is growing rage over the assassination of that country's intelligence chief that's Brigadier General Basam Al-Hassan. Protesters clashed with security forces today after Al Hassan's funeral.

An outspoken critic of the regime was killed in an attack on Friday. They protested that it was led by Hezbollah. He refused to step down despite an earlier effort to have him do so.

Foreign policy will be the main subject of tomorrow night's third and final presidential debate. With tensions high in several parts of the Middle East, both President Obama and Governor Romney will be called on to give their vision for that region. CNN's Athena Jones gives us a preview.


ATHENA JONES, CNN CORRESPONDENT: The third and final faceoff between President Obama and Governor Romney will focus entirely on foreign policy. From Afghanistan to Pakistan, to Israel, Iran and the changing Middle East, the candidates will spar over America's role in the world, the new face of terrorism and how to deal with the rise in China.

With polls showing the president's advantage over Romney on foreign policy has narrowed since the summer, Mr. Obama tried to highlight one of his biggest foreign policy accomplishments at a light-hearted charity dinner in New York.

BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Monday's debate is a little different because the topic is foreign policy. Spoiler alert: We got Ben Laden.

JONES: He also used his speech to poke fun at his opponent.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Some of you remember, after my foreign trip in 2008, I was attacked as a celebrity because I was so popular with our allies overseas. I have to say I'm impressed with how well Governor Romney has avoided that problem.

JONES: For his part, Romney could try again to bash the president for his administration's messy response to the attack in Libya last month and link it to what he says is a failed approach to the region.

MITT ROMNEY (R), PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: This calls into question the president's whole policy in the Middle East. Look what's happening in Syria, in Egypt, now in Libya. Consider the distance between ourselves and Israel when the president said he was going to put daylight between us and Israel.

JONES: Both candidates face a challenge Monday night.

JON ALTERMAN, PROGRAM DIRECTOR, CENTER FOR STRATEGIC AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES: The challenge for President Obama is going to be defining the Middle East strategy going forward. I mean, he's had some successes. He's had some things that are still pretty murky.

JONES: Romney's past could be bigger.

ALTERMAN: I think for Romney there is a broad challenge, and that is, how do you drill down into specific policies? The Republican Party hasn't really figured out what a Republican foreign policy looks like. After the Bush administration, I think Romney has been uneager to really delve into that.

JONES: So while important for many voters, foreign policy ranks far below the economy.

RYAN LIZZA, "THE NEW YORKER": If you're Mitt Romney, every second you're talking about foreign policy is wasted, which might mean that Romney tries to break out of that and tries to bring home some of the foreign policy issues to domestic economic issues.

JONES: With time running out, this is their last chance to make their case to millions of voters in a single night. Athena Jones, CNN, Washington.


SAVIDGE: Now we know what the candidates could discuss. We'll hear from an expert on foreign policy for his take, right after this.


SAVIDGE: When President Obama and former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney, face off for the final time Monday night. The Middle East is likely to be pretty high on their agenda.

Joining us now is Aaron David Miller, vice president of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. Thanks for joining us.

When you think of Iran, of Israel, of Syria, Egypt, Libya and Afghanistan, how big will the Middle East be in tomorrow night's presidential debate and what could the impact have on voters in?

AARON DAVID MILLER, V.P. PUBLIC POLICY FELLOW, WOODROW WILSON INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR SCHOLARS: You got six segments and clearly Libya, Iran and Israel are going figure prominently. I mean, one thing we have to keep in mind though I think it's important.

I mean, why are 60 million to 70 million Americans tuning in to these debates? Because in the world of scripted candidates and presidents, these debates, American public broke the code. These debates actually offer the public a chance to see these guys in the so-called wild.

And the winner of this debate, the president slept through the first debate that went to Romney. Second debate went to the president. It's 1-1. This debate is going to be won by the guy who has better talking points.

The guy who can appear to be likeable and presidential on these foreign policy issues, and the guy who has better command of the material. Now, when it comes to the Middle East, the president clearly has some strengths --

SAVIDGE: Let me just walk you through a couple of those talking points, what they may face. Let's start with Syria. What should the U.S. do about Syria?

If we don't do anything, al Qaeda is already there sowing the seeds of their influence. Do we intervene? Do we stay on the sidelines? Romney won't say what he would do if he put boots on the ground, but he continues to say the president has done too little.

MILLER: Well, look, Obama's argument, if, in fact, it comes up, we're coming off two wars in American history where the standard question is not when will we win, but when can we leave?

Romney is going to challenge him and he's going to say, and the great strength and weakness of the Romney foreign agenda is he's got to counteract the presidency. We don't know what Mitt Romney will do or not, so he can basically say to the president, look, you need to arm me the rebels.

You need to seriously consider a no fly zone, but there is a trap there for the governor because that takes America down a road away from the reality that the domestic economy is going to be the key issue. So that's one.

Israel is another key issue, and here I think the Romney campaign really does -- can get some traction in a state like Florida. The fact is, the president went after a comprehensive settlement freeze.

It failed, and in the process he not only alienated the Israelis, but he also alienated the Palestinians and the Arabs as well and made a bad situation worse.

SAVIDGE: I'm going to interrupt you because time is always fleeting, and I want to bring up Iran because that seems to be the critical issue of the moment for both of these men. What do you do with Iran? Should a military strike be considered?

MILLER: It's going to be considered if neither sanctions nor diplomacy -- and you saw the "New York Times" yesterday where these so-called secret contacts, which may lead to one-on-one diplomacy may lead to unarmed Americans.

Regardless of who becomes president, Republicans or Democrats, 2013 may well be the year of the decision, either in coming to some sort of negotiated agreement on the issue of enrichment or the option of going to war.

Three successive administrations have pledged they will not allow Iran to make a nuclear weapon. It's going to be the most important foreign policy challege whether it's a Democrat or a Republican.

SAVIDGE: I agree. Aaron David Miller, as always we appreciate your insights. Thanks for coming in today.

MILLER: Pleasure, Martin. Take care. SAVIDGE: CNN, by the way, has your front row seat to that final debate, Monday. Our live coverage will begin at 7:00 Eastern right here on CNN.

Lance Armstrong, he is in Austin, Texas at a fundraising race with thousands of cyclists. We'll hear what some of them think about the controversy that's swirling around him.


SAVIDGE: Lance Armstrong, he could be on the verge of losing all seven of his Tour De France titles. The international cycling union is expected to respond tomorrow from a report from the U.S. Anti- Doping Agency.

That agency wants Armstrong stripped of his titles. Today, Lance Armstrong was in his hometown of Austin, Texas at a cycle event for his "Livestrong" charity. He avoided talking about directly about the controversy instead focusing on his cancer foundation.


LANCE ARMSTRONG, CYCLIST: If you would have told me that 15 years later that little organization, that little idea would have raised half a billion dollars, would have touched 2.5 million lives around the world, I would have told you you're crazy.

But those are all true. Those have all happened, and it wouldn't have happened without the great support of this city, people like you guys and gals on bikes, people all over the world.


SAVIDGE: CNN's Victor Blackwell is in Austin covering that event. And Victor, I'm wondering, you know, what are we expecting from the cycling union tomorrow?

VICTOR BLACKWELL, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, the president of the International Cycling Union, Pat McQuaid, has scheduled a news conference in Geneva tomorrow and whatever the decision, it will be major.

Here are the possibilities, if the union takes the recommendation of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency and strips Armstrong of the seven titles, then that could start a domino effect where the International Olympic Committee is considering stripping him of the bronze medal he won in Sydney in 2000.

The Oakley Shades, the Iron Man competition, they are considering what they will do after these allegations and they are waiting for that decision from the International Cycling Union. If they decide not to strip him that would be vindication for Lance Armstrong who said this was a witch hunt from the beginning -- Martin.

SAVIDGE: Yes. Well, let's talk about today, the event that you're at. What are people there saying about Lance Armstrong? BLACKWELL: Well, he started this event by speaking to them and saying, I've been worse. I've also been better. He has a lot of support here. I spoke with some cancer survivors who say they support Lance Armstrong whether he won the Tour De France seven times clean and fair or if he indeed did dope.


PAULA IVEY, "TEAM SURVIVOR" MEMBER: I don't know whether he did or he didn't, and for me personally, it's not really relevant. I don't feel like that's the story.

I feel like the story is this phenomenal person who overcame adversity beyond what most people would ever even imagine overcoming. He overcame testicular cancer that had metastasized to his brain and lungs.

And he overcame that to become a professional athlete and used that success to further the cause of cancer around the world. That's the story to me.


BLACKWELL: Martin, we'll see what happens tomorrow, but "Livestrong" is calling this a very successful weekend. They say they've raised $4.2 million. Back to you.

SAVIDGE: CNN's Victor Blackwell in Austin, Texas. Thanks very much and we're back after a quick break.


SAVIDGE: In this week's "Travel Insiders," CNN's Elise Labott takes us to Jerusalem and shows us the unique sights, smells and sounds at a one of a kind market.


ELISE LABOTT, CNN FOREIGN AFFAIRS REPORTER: Jerusalem's oldest city is famous for its history and culture, but I love coming to the market on Joffa Street. This is where you'll find the real tastes and smells of Israel.

Outside the market you have the freshest fruits and vegetables. The produce in this country is really incredible. And inside the market, they have all these breads and sweets and dried fruits and nuts and all these great nibbly things.

There is also an alley of different restaurants where people can come and eat lunch. But the thing I like most about this market is you can find Israelis and Palestinians from all walks of life here. No matter on what the divisions are in this country, people can agree on one thing, good food. Elise Labott, CNN, Jerusalem.



SAVIDGE: An update for you now on the breaking news we told you about earlier. There was a shooting at a spa in the city of Brookfield. That's a suburb of Milwaukee.

At least seven people have been hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. SWAT teams are on the scene of that shooting. Law enforcement says police know who the suspect is, and they believe he's fled the scene.

We are continuing to gather information. I'll be back in one hour with the very latest information on that. In the meantime, "YOUR MONEY" starts right after this break.