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October 14, 2012

August 29, 2012

August 18, 2012

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September 21, 2011

August 28, 2011
• Irene Deluge Hits Vermont; Widespread Flooding in New Jersey; NYC Drying Out After Irene; Irene Not Finished with U.S. Yet; Pan Am 103 Bomber Located;
• Live Rescue in New York; Irene Makes Landfall in New York; Holland Tunnel Reopens in New York; Irene Batters Rhode Island; Gov. Chris Christie's Message to New Jersey; New York City After the Storm
• East River Topping its Banks Now; Tropical Winds Hitting New York
• Continuing Coverage of Hurricane Irene's Trek Up the Eastern Seaboard
• As Hurricane Irene Arrives In New York, 70,000 People Without Power; Hurricane Irene Impacting Northeast U.S.; Long Island Braces For Irene; New Jersey Braces For Irene; Manhattan Braces For Irene; Tracking Hurricane Irene; Hospitals Evacuated In New York
• Hurricane Irene Makes Its Way Up the East Coast; Parts of New York And New Jersey Evacuated ahead of Irene
• Hurricane Irene Now Weakening, Heading for New York City
• Irene's Death Toll Now At 10, Falling Trees Car Crashes; Reactor At Maryland's Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Plant Goes Into Automatic Shut Down Mode; Due To Flying Debris; Five NYC Hospitals Have Been Evacuated; A Surprisingly Smooth Operation
• Hurricane Irene Coverage: Air Force Hurricane Hunters Flying Continuous Missions Into Hurricane Irene; EMS Hunker Down in Ocean City; New York City Bridges Closed Down; North Carolina Highways Flooded
• Hurricane Irene Coverage: Slow-Moving Hurricane Irene Will Drop Heavy Rain; St. Mary's County, Maryland Officials Issue Code Red Alert About Possible Dam Break; Storm Surge Remains Big Worry For Many
• Continuing Coverage of Hurricane Irene's Trek up the East Coast

August 27, 2011
• Hurricane Irene Coverage: Irene Takes Aim at Maryland; Philadelphia in State of Emergency; Sailboat Rescue in Virginia; Assessing Irene's Damage
• Hurricane Irene Coverage: Ocean City, Maryland Feeling Irene's Wrath; Interview With D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray; NYC Emergency Services Prepare to Assist Flood Areas; Interview With New York City's Office of Emergency Management Commissioner Joseph Bruno
• Hurricane Irene Coverage: Hurricane Irene Batters Virginia Beach; Storm Surge Becomes Primary Concern; Interview With Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley; Unprecedented NYC Evacuations
• Hurricane Irene Coverage: Hurricane Irene Makes its Way up the East Coast; Bloomberg Warns New Yorkers to Evacuate Ahead of Hurricane; Interview With NOAA Deputy Administrator Kathryn Sullivan; Obama Returns to White House to Monitor Hurricane; Irene Roars Up the East Coast; Widespread Damage in North Carolina
• Hurricane Irene Coverage: North Carolina and Virginia Hit Hard; President Obama Visits FEMA; Long Island Waits for Irene; Waiting for Irene in Philadelphia; New Jersey Prepares for Irene; iReporters Share Storm Stories; Irene Roars Up the East Coast
• Hurricane Irene Coverage: Hurricane Irene Makes Landfall; Many New Yorkers Not Evacuating; Rhode Island Bracing for Storm; New York City Halts Mass Transit; Mayor Bloomberg Discusses New York Storm Preparations; 370,000 Under Mandatory Evacuation; New Jersey Braces For Hurricane Irene; Beach Erosion Expected To Be Major Threat; New York City Hospitals Evacuating Patients; Interview With Washington D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray
• Hurricane Irene Coverage: Hurricane Irene Makes Landfall in North Carolina; New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Delivers Remarks on Hurricane Irene; Nine-Year-Old Dies in Virginia After Tree Falls Through Apartment; Cities Along East Coast Evacuated Ahead of Hurricane; Hurricane Hunter Flying Into Irene to Collect Data
• Hurricane Irene Coverage: As Many as 65 Million People Expected to be Impacted; Interview With Hoboken, New Jersey Mayor Dawn Zimmer; Interview With Stamford, Connecticut Mayor Michael Pavia; Interview With National Hurricane Center Director Bill Read
• Hurricane Irene Coverage: Irene Lashes North Carolina Coast; Washington Braces for Irene; Irene Disrupts Northeast Travel; New York Cancelling Incoming Flights; Gov. Christie Tells New Jersey Residents 'Get the Hell Out' From Beach Areas; Hospitals Evacuating Patients; IReporters Uploading Images of Hurricane Irene's Effects; Virginia Governor McDonnell Interviewed by Local Media Outlet
• Breaking News Coverage of Hurricane Irene As It Moves Up the Eastern Seaboard
• Irene Takes Aim at Maryland; Bloomberg Speaks Out About the Storm; Philadelphia in State of Emergency; Assessing Hurricane Irene Preps
• Hurricane Irene Erodes Maryland's Beaches; Ocean City EMS Pulled Off The Streets At Height Of Storm; New York City Awaits Irene

August 25, 2011

August 24, 2011

August 23, 2011

August 22, 2011

August 21, 2011

August 05, 2011

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