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Navy Veteran Accused Of Ramming SUV Into FBI Field Office Gate; HHS: Invasive Exams Require Patient's Written Consent; 75-Plus Million People Under Threat For Severe Storms Today; White House Reacts To Killed Aid Workers In Israeli Strike. Aired 1:30-2p ET

Aired April 02, 2024 - 13:30   ET




BORIS SANCHEZ, CNN HOST: The man accused of trying to enter the FBI's Atlanta field office after ramming an SUV into the front gate has been identified as Ervin Lee Bolling.

Sources tell CNN that he is a Navy veteran and he's now being treated in the hospital.

CNN senior national correspondent, Ryan Young, has the latest for us.

So, Ryan, what are you learning about this suspect and whether there's any word on a potential motive?

RYAN YOUNG, CNN SENIOR NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Yes, Boris, still so many questions about this. We know he is still in the hospital at a downtown Atlanta hospital, but we know he's under evaluation for what, we're not sure exactly just yet, because they're working through the process.

We also know at that point after he's done with his evaluation, who'll be turned over to the DeKalb County Police Department. From there, he'll be taken to the sheriff's department. And that's when that mug shot will be produced. That has not happened as of yet.

That first court appearance could happen within 12 hours of that first sort of booking in terms of the jail.

But we want to focus on that gate, because you can still see that orange-colored car that was pressed to that gate yesterday.


What we do know is an employee was going through that gate and he tried to tailgate behind that car to gain access to the FBI building. And that's when that barricade, the ramp system came up, stopping the car, according to the FBI officials.

Then the bomb squad came in, surrounded that vehicle and made sure there was nothing inside. Well, we can confirm there were no weapons found in that area

yesterday as this was breaking news during this you just yesterday. We've also been able to figure out at this point, he will face a state charge. That state charges interference with government property. There could be more federal charges coming his way as well.

But of course, as this evaluation continues, there's just been drops of some sort of inklings about what exactly happened yesterday as he tried to follow that person in.

We know there were two other FBI agents that were in the area. They were able to apprehend him. And then once he was in custody, he was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

So this process is starting to play out, Boris. What we don't know is if there was any social media rantings about the FBI. We do believe he traveled here from South Carolina.

But not sure if this was his only place that he wanted to go because this is obviously a new facility, an FBI facility that a lot of folks have talked about because security is enhanced there. Was able to stop him very quickly.

So as this process moves forward, Boris, we'll continue to look and see when that first court appearance will be. And maybe, when he gets a lawyer, we'll kind of figure out what was behind this attack and ramming of that FBI center yesterday?

SANCHEZ: Yes, a lot of questions about motive, given the political environment specifically, in that area of Atlanta and the cases against former President Donald Trump's.

Ryan Young, live for us in Atlanta, thank you so much.

Coming up, we're tracking a severe line of storms moving across the east right now. More than 75 million people under a severe weather risk. We're talking possible long-track tornados, very large hail, and destructive wind. Your forecast is coming up.

Plus, a surprise announcement in Uvalde. Another official stepping down just weeks after a city report cleared responding officers of blame in the deadly shooting at Robb Elementary School. CNN News Central returns in just moments.



BRIANNA KEILAR, CNN HOST: A warning to hospitals and medical schools and also students, of course, there, examining a patient's pelvis, breast rectal or other sensitive areas requires their explicit permission, especially when anesthesia is involved.

The Department of Health and Human Services is issued this new guidance reiterating that written consent is required whenever those invasive procedures are performed. Let's bring in CNN's Jacqueline Howard.

This seems kind of obvious, but clearly there's a reason why they're doing this with new guidance. What prompted this?

JACQUELINE HOWARD, CNN HEALTH REPORTER: That's right. Brianna. The reason is we know that recently some media reports have surfaced that have detailed some cases where patients were subjected to these kinds of intimate exams without their consent.

And in some cases, patients were under anesthesia. They did not previously discuss these exams with their medical care team.

But the reason why some of these exams were performed were for teaching purposes. Some of the cases involved medical students or medical trainees watching an exam demonstration.

But in a letter to teaching hospitals and to medical schools, HHS officials those wrote that "informed consent is the law and essential to maintaining trust in the patient-provider relationship and respecting patients' autonomy."

So moving forward, HHS is really cracking down here, Brianna, with saying that you need that written consent from a patient before performing any kind of exam. And especially if that patient will be under anesthesia during the exam.

These requirements are not new, but that's the reason why they're being reiterated right now.

And it's also interesting, in that same letter, officials wrote that the Office for Civil Rights investigates complaints alleging that patients' personal protected health information was either used or disclosed to medical trainees in violation of HIPAA.

So we know that the Office for Civil Rights has also taken a close look at whether some of these cases where exams were performed without -- without consent also may have been in violation of HIPAA laws.

So this is an area that's really getting a close examination here -- Brianna?

KEILAR: Yes. Very interesting. And certainly patients will take note.

Jacqueline Howard, thank you.


SANCHEZ: Now to some of the other headlines were watching this hour.

The mayor of Uvalde, Texas, has abruptly resigned citing what he calls unexpected medical issues. In a statement, Cody Smiths says he is stepping down to focus on his health.

The announcement does come just weeks after the city released a report defending the response from law enforcement during the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School, where 19 students and two teachers were killed. A city council meeting is scheduled for tonight.

Also, were following jury selection and the Chad Daybell murder trial. Remember, he's accused of murdering his first wife. And conspiring with his current wife, Lori Vallow, to kill her two kids.

Authorities say the remains of the two children were discovered in Daybell's back yard. Now, he's pleaded not guilty. He does face the death penalty if he is convicted.


KEILAR: Right now, 75 million Americans are in the path of severe storms from the southeast all the way up the east coast. And this is a storm system that could unleash tornadoes, damaging winds and even gulf-ball-sized hail. Even the possibility of significant long-track tornadoes.


Already more than 200,000 customers are without power because of the storms.

And we have some pictures, as you can see here, of some of the aftermath already in central Missouri. Trees toppled over, obviously threatening homes there.

We have Meteorologist Chad Myers tracking these storms from the CNN Weather Center.

Chad, tell us what you're seeing.

CHAD MYERS, CNN METEOROLOGIST: Brianna, just because you saw a storm go by this morning, doesn't mean you're out of the woods yet because this is a multi-round event here.

Storms already rolled through Nashville. But guess what? In a few hours, you're going to get another round on the backside of the storm system because the tornado watches go all the way back farther to your west.

This is the area that we're concerned about. I just got a call from a friend in Cincinnati. He said, hey, it's beautiful here. The sun's out. How can it be better?

Well, it couldn't be worse because the sun warmed your atmosphere, warmed what you're going to see, primed yourself almost like pushing the primer button on your mower. It doesn't start when you don't do that. But all of a sudden, you get some sunshine, you push the primer button and your mower starts.

This is the area we're going to see the strong tornadoes again today. Last night, yesterday, they were over here. And we knew that they were moved over toward the east. And this is a very significant event for places like Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and later on tonight, all the way down to Atlanta, Georgia.

Yes. We've had a lot of power outages, especially through West Virginia, over 100,000 because of the line of weather. We call it a squall line. The winds there were 70 to 80 miles per hour, knocking down trees and power lines.

Move you ahead to 3:00, you can still see the bright colors here. More storms coming through places that have already had the storms. And so, yes, Boris, all the way to the east coast later on tonight.

And behind this, yes, that color back there is snow, significant snow for parts of the Great Lakes.

For tomorrow, things calm down quite a bit, but move over toward the populated areas of the Atlantic coast. There is your winter storm warning.

Green Bay, eight to 12 inches of snow. And this is the rub. This is why we have the severe weather. The cold air is battling spring. Spring says, hey, come on, I want to get up there. Winter says, wait, not so fast.

And all of a sudden, you get the flash flood threat and you certainly get the snow threat across parts of the north.

We'll watch it for you here all day long. You should have a radio on or some way to get warnings today, if you live in the zones that I talked about.

KEILAR: All right. That's a lot going on. So hopefully folks are taking that advice.

Chad, thank you for that.

The Iowa women's basketball team is headed to the final four. Why last night's win was about more than just advancing, but also settling old scores.



SANCHEZ: Breaking news into CNN. We want to take you straight to the White House where National Security Council spokesperson, John Kirby, is addressing an Israeli airstrike that apparently killed several aid workers with World Central Kitchen.

Let's listen into the press room at the White House right now.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: -- regarding Israel and Gaza about the floating dock? And how the aid workers be protected?

JOHN KIRBY, SPOKESPERSON, NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL: Worries? What do you mean by worries or concerns?

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: About is high ability -- KIRBY: Well, I mean, let me break that up a couple of ways. I mean,

obviously, the temporary piers, it's known as a JLOS, joint logistics over the shore. It's on its way to the eastern Mediterranean right now. It's not -- hasn't arrived yet. And it'll take some time once it gets there to be assembled and to achieve what we call interim operating capability.

We expect that -- we expect that that happen in coming weeks. There's no concern in terms of our ability and the skills taken to -- needed to build it and to get it up and running.

What we are working with partners in the region are two things. One is the logistics flow, getting -- getting them maritime materials to the pier. And then working with the Israelis in particular about how that pier is protected and secured, and how the aid, the material gets from the pier into Gaza and further distributed. And those modalities are still being worked out.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: And do the recent events like to strike you referenced raise additional --

KIRBY: Oh, believe me, we're under no -- no illusion about the fact that Gaza's a war zone. And force protection of our troops, which will not be entering Gaza, will be first and foremost in the president's mind, as well as our military leaders to make sure that they can operate that pier. Assemble it and operate in a safe way.

But believe me were well aware that Gaza is a war zone. And frankly, that it is a war zone is, again, what makes it so challenging to get humanitarian aid to people in need.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Thanks, John. You said that the White House is outraged by the strike that killed these World Central Kitchen workers. Has the White House already sent that outrage to anyone in the Israeli government? And what was their response?

KIRBY: Well, I won't speak for the Israelis. We've been very clear about our feelings over -- over this particular strike and our expectations of the Israelis.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Have they provided or has the Pentagon been able to get any understanding of what happened here yet? I know it's early, but it sounds, based on what was Andres has said that these workers were doing everything right. Their vehicle was marked. They were in a safe zone.



UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: What more could they have done?

KIRBY: Yes, it's really -- I mean, it's devastating to see these images and to hear these early reports about the steps that they tried to take to protect themselves. But the Israelis -- look, they've already said this was on them. And they're doing this investigation. We obviously want to make sure that that investigation gets completed and is as transparent as possible.

As I said in my opening statement that there's accountability to be -- to be held here.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: What was the question on -- on China? What was the president's message to the president when it comes to Chinese misinformation campaigns or any effort by the Chinese government or people associated with the Chinese government to interfere with the 2024 election?

KIRBY: I would just say that we've been clear consistently, even going back to the November meeting in California, about are concerns over our own election security, and efforts by certain actors, including some from the PRC to effect that.


SANCHEZ: You have been listening to National Security Council spokesperson, John Kirby, live from the podium in the press room at the White House saying that this attack on a convoy of aid workers with World Central Kitchen by Israeli forces is quote, "devastating."

He says the White House is outraged by this development where seven aid workers were killed. Kirby pointing out the fact that more than 200 aid workers, humanitarian aid workers, have been killed in Gaza since the start of the war after October 7th.

He did say that he is glad to hear that Israel is now investigating what happened. And he says the White House is hoping for accountability on this/

Obviously, a very controversial move by the IDF, which has acknowledged that this was a mistake. No official word yet as to how this happened in a zone that Israel itself has described as deconflicted.

We're going to stay on top of this story and many others.

We're going to take a quick break and join you at the top of the hour. Stay with CNN.