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Mubarak Said to Be in Coma; Second Afghan Official Assassinated; Top Murdoch Executive Arrested in London; Women's Soccer Team Takes on Japan for World Cup; Casey Anthony Released from Jail

Aired July 17, 2011 - 14:00   ET


FREDRICKA WHITFIELD, CNN ANCHOR: You're in the CNN NEWSROOM this Sunday, July 17th. I'm Fredricka Whitfield.

Breaking news out of Egypt this hour. There are conflicting reports that ousted Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak has collapsed (SIC) into a coma.

Let's get right to CNN's Fred Pleitgen in Cairo. So Fred, this story just breaking. Tell us what you can about Mubarak's condition.

FREDERIK PLEITGEN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Hi, Fredricka. Yeah, we're still trying to verify that information. We're making calls to all sorts of ministries and other people here in Egypt. But the information that we've gotten is that Mubarak's lawyer, the man who's representing him, says that Mubarak fell into a coma at midday Egyptian time today -- that's about 6:00 AM U.S. time -- the lawyer also saying that Mubarak's health deteriorated throughout the day and then he finally fell into a coma.

Now, conflicting to that, the hospital where Mubarak is being treated in the town of Sharm el Sheikh said that he has not fallen into a coma. So there are conflicting reports as to what is going on. Some news agency reports are saying that it's not unusual for him to dip in and out of comas, but that his situation is still a very stable one.

And we've also then reached out to the health ministry here in Egypt, and that basically says that it has no information as to whether or not Hosni Mubarak is in a coma.

What we have to know about the situation is that Hosni Mubarak's health, since he's been ousted from power, has been deteriorating. A couple of months ago, he collapsed during an interrogation. He is, of course, being charged here in Egypt with crimes in portention (ph) to his rule of almost 30 years, and of course, also cracking down on the uprising that started here on January 25th.

During an interrogation, he apparently collapsed. He's also suffering from complications from stomach cancer. And quite frankly, this is an 83-year-old man. And so we are going to monitor these reports very, very carefully, Fredricka.

WHITFIELD: And so Fred, the hospital in Sharm el Sheikh is at least confirming that Mubarak continues to be treated or continues to be at that hospital to be treated for this stomach cancer, or perhaps for those heart problems?

PLEITGEN: Stomach cancer, heart problems, you said it. He is still at that hospital. That is something that the hospital staff and the head of the hospital have been saying all along.

He did suffer from some more complications just a couple of days ago. Apparently, his heart stopped for about two minutes, where he had a cardiac arrest. Doctors there rushed into the room and had to resuscitate him. So there have been complications with Mubarak's health over the past couple of weeks.

His trial here in Egypt is actually supposed to start on August 3rd. It's anybody's guess whether or not that is actually going to happen. Certainly, health complications are things that have been slowing down that process recently, Fredricka.

WHITFIELD: All right, Fred Pleitgen, thanks so much, from Cairo.

And now on to Afghanistan, where for the second time in less than a week, an assassination has claimed the life of a senior Afghan official. Barbara Starr joins us now from Washington with the latest on what's happening -- Barbara.

BARBARA STARR, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Fredricka, Afghan officials say a key ally of Afghan president Hamid Karzai was assassinated in his home west of Kabul earlier today. This man is the former governor of Uruzgan province and a key ally of the Karzai government.

Now, as you say, this is the second one in just a few days. Of course, earlier, the half-brother of President Karzai was assassinated in Kandahar, in southern Afghanistan.

All of this comes, of course, as we are seeing the first U.S. troops begin to come home from the war zone. We are seeing the beginning of the turnover to Afghan security control in Afghanistan. And tomorrow, General David Petraeus scheduled to give up his command to the next general coming in from the United States to command the war.

Things are moving very rapidly in Afghanistan, but the security situation certainly remains very tenuous -- Fred.

WHITFIELD: All right, Barbara Starr in Washington, thanks so much.

Well, let's go to Kabul now, where we find CNN's David Ariosto. What are you learning about this assassination?

All right, it looks like we still need to work on some audio problems there. We'll try to check back in with David Ariosto, when we can, from Kabul.

All right, meantime, on to Britain now. A top executive in the Rupert Murdoch media empire was arrested in London today. Rebekah Brooks was once the editor of Murdoch's London-based tabloid, "News of the World." She was taken into police custody in connection with the phone hacking and police bribery scandal that is rocking Britain. Brooks resigned as the head of Murdoch's British papers on Friday and becomes the tenth Murdoch employee that arrested in this widening scandal.

Let's bring in CNN's Atika Shubert, who has been covering this story for us in London. So Atika, Rebekah Brooks already scheduled to appear before Britain's Parliament on Tuesday to answer questions about this hacking scandal. So how shocking is today's arrest?

ATIKA SHUBERT, CNN CORRESPONDENT: It is pretty shocking. People certainly had expected police to talk to her, perhaps, and she was obviously expected to show up at the hearing. And on Friday, her spokesperson told us she got this -- basically, this appointment set up by police, so she expected to be able to answer their questions. She did not, however, expect to walk in on Sunday and be arrested. So it clearly was a shock to Rebekah Brooks herself, and it certainly sent shock waves throughout the media.

So this investigation -- the reason why she was arrested was because of an ongoing investigation not just into the phone hacking allegations but also into allegations that "News of the World" had paid off police officers to get information.

So it's important to point out that she was arrested earlier this afternoon, and she still remains in their custody. She's now been questioned for more than five hours, and we're -- frankly, we're just waiting, at this point, for police to give us more details. And we are expecting a press conference any minute now.

WHITFIELD: Wow. This is fascinating stuff. So this arrest hits perhaps closest to Rupert Murdoch, especially since he has said she is like a daughter to him. So is Mr. Murdoch and his son James still scheduled to face Parliament this week?

SHUBERT: Well, all three of them are still scheduled to face Parliament, but there is a question as to whether Rebekah Brooks will be able to. Because she -- we don't know about her release yet, what the conditions of that release may be. And clearly, now that she is very closely linked to this investigation, lawmakers will be restricted in what they can ask her because they can't prejudice the ongoing police investigation. So it could really constrain that hearing at Parliament.

Of course, James Murdoch and Rupert Murdoch will also be there, but they, too, may be constrained by what they can say because of the ongoing investigation.

WHITFIELD: Yes, and this seems like it would present other problems because Scotland Yard questioning her, arresting, you know, Rebekah Brooks, about at the same time, Scotland Yard is being investigated, some of the police officers being investigated for their inappropriate relations with this media empire.

SHUBERT: Well, that's just it. A lot of people are asking just how close were reporters at "News of the World" with police, especially with new revelations that a former "News of the World" deputy editor was a paid consultant -- communications consultant for the police at the same time that he seemed to be reporting back to News International. So there's a lot -- it's a big tangled web here of police contacts, reporters at "News of the World," not to mention high-level politics. Remember, Rebekah Brooks was the same woman who wined and dined Prime Minister David Cameron and other senior political figures for the Murdoch family.

And that's what makes this arrest so fascinating. She is the highest- profile arrest so far, and she is very close to Rupert Murdoch. At every step here, at every arrest, it seems to have gotten closer and closer to the Murdoch family. This is the closest arrest yet.

WHITFIELD: All right, Atika Shubert, thanks so much, from London.

All right, back to that investigation now after an assassination taking place in Afghanistan of a top Afghan official. We're going to try again to connect with CNN's David Ariosto, who is in Kabul. So David, what more can you tell us about this investigation and how this assassination took place?

DAVID ARIOSTO, CNN (via telephone): Hi, Fred. Well, first of all, there is a firefight under way here in the west of Kabul between Afghan security forces and militants, or gunmen, who broke into the house of a key President Hamid Karzai ally. This would be the second ally and half-brother, actually, last week, who was killed in an attack that targeted these officials at their homes.

It raises all kinds of questions about the reach of militants and whether the Taliban are involved. That's not yet confirmed at this point, but we're getting all kinds of information about the nature of the attacks. At least three attackers entered the home of this former governor of the Uruzgan province, killed him and his security detail.

Now, one attacker was also killed. And again, those Afghan security forces have now reengaged in a firefight with the remaining attackers. It's not yet clear whether NATO forces have joined in that fight -- Fred.

WHITFIELD: All right, David Ariosto, thanks so much, joining us from Kabul.

All right, back in this country, expect a key nomination from the White House tomorrow. Administration officials tell CNN the president plans to name Richard Cordray to head the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Right now, he's the bureau's chief enforcement officer.

And out west, a demolition of a bridge that is part of that massive $1 billion construction project in Los Angeles is finished. Construction shut down a 10-mile stretch of the 405 freeway this weekend, but it did not produce the feared gridlock some were ready to call "carmageddon." The work went so well, the 405 is expected to actually reopen this hour.

And day 10 of the final shuttle mission begins with a celebration.

Cool and the Gang provided this morning's wake-up call. And the crew has something else to celebrate. Mission control says the shuttle's main computer that had some sort of glitch on Thursday is up and running normally again. The shuttle is scheduled to leave the space station Tuesday.

All right, the U.S. women's soccer team hopes to be celebrating later this afternoon. We'll take you to Germany for the World Cup soccer finals. But first, do you know how many team members played on the 2008 U.S. Olympic team? The answer right after this.


WHITFIELD: So earlier, we asked you the question about the current U.S. women's soccer team and how many of them played in the 2008 Olympics. Well, here we go. The answer is 10 -- 10. And they actually played against Japan twice.

All right, the Japanese and American women's teams have faced each other 25 times, and so far, Japan has never beaten the U.S. team. Never!

Live to Frankfurt now, Germany, where Zain Verjee is there and joins us on the phone. So Zain, both teams fought hard to get to this point, to the finals. Is this match a shoe-in for either team?

ZAIN VERJEE, CNN CORRESPONDENT (via telephone): Well, the U.S. is the hot favorite, Fredricka, going into this. In about 30 minutes is when the match is going to start. But you know what? The U.S. has the strength. The U.S. has the stamina, and they have the fighting spirit.

But the Japanese are the more skilled team. They know how to control the ball. They know how to do pass it. And they've been doing an amazing job. They knocked out the hot favorite, Germany, which was expected to at least be in the final, and they kicked out Sweden, too. Everyone was totally shocked by this. But the Japanese are on top form. They may give the U.S. a pretty tough time.

The U.S. team, though, is pretty confident. I talked to some of them. They're relaxing. They've been playing on their iPads and tutors (ph) during the day and spending time with family and friends, taking a walk, just getting some fresh air to clear their minds. They are feeling good, and hopefully, they'll be able to deliver and make history in just a few hours -- Fred.

WHITFIELD: OK, and so talk about the fan base. You know, given that this World Cup is taking place in Europe, do the fans seem to be siding with either the U.S. or the Japanese?

VERJEE: Well, Japan is definitely the sentimental favorite. You know, I mean, they've had to deal with the tsunami and the horror and the devastation of that. And this is kind of a game that if they win, it will uplift their entire country because they've been through so much. They have also fought so hard. No one expected them to do this well. And so they're the sentimental favorite.

But the U.S. is a hot favorite to win the tournament. They've got the stamina. They've got the hustle. They have this "never say die" attitude. And the fans are also very pro-U.S. Many of them I speak are not American, have all painted themselves and draped themselves in the U.S. flag.

So everybody expects this to be a pretty exciting game. Japan, probably because of what they've been through, many here want them to win. But the U.S. is going to put up an amazing fight. I'm pretty confident of that. And the players that I've spoken to think that this time, they're going to get it and they're going to relive and redefine 1999.

WHITFIELD: All right, Zain Verjee. We're going to check back with you. We know, we hear, you know, the U.S., of course, they have the hype, but we also hear Japan has the heart. So it's going to be quite the interesting World final. Thanks so much. We'll check back with you.

All right, it's about a half an hour until the championship match, and you don't have to be a die-hard soccer fan to actually get caught up in this whole World Cup excitement. In fact, fans of Team USA are gathered in New York City right now, and CNN's Susan Candiotti is there, ready for kickoff. OK, so what's the spirit like in the room?

SUSAN CANDIOTTI, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Oh, this place is packed already, and as you said, we're still a half hour away. One of the most popular places in New York City to watch a soccer game is Zum Schneider's on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. And mainly, the fan base here, Americans, but outside, they do have both the American flag and a Japanese flag, as well. So it's going to be an exciting afternoon once things get under way, Fred.

WHITFIELD: And so you talked to a lot of die-hard fans, a lot of parents and coaches of a girls' soccer club there in New York. What are they doing today, besides watching the game?

CANDIOTTI: It was fun to stop in on a practice as the boys and girls who play on the same team were watching. And we asked the coach, you know, What does all of this teach them, how far the women have come, that they made it to the finals? What do the kids think about that? And here's what the coach said.


TRISO TARO, COACH, GOTHAM GIRLS CLUB: A lot of times, I think girls, they see that, you know, only men sporting events are given a lot of hoo-rah and sort of the attention, and I think that this is a good -- a good opportunity for them to see that women can aspire to the same level, if not more.

STEPHANIE IBARRA, COACH, DOWNTOWN UNITED SOCCER CLUB: They know the players. They -- you know, they know the plays, they know the goalies, and you know, they know all the scores. They watched most of the games. So it's really nice to have, you know, the boys also look up to women for future women's soccer and for other girls and stuff. And it's great.


WHITFIELD: This is probably the last time we'll be able to hear ourselves think, once the game gets under way. I think I'm pretty sure of that. So we'll what happens as the afternoon goes on -- Fred.

WHITFIELD: I think you called it right. This is just the warm-up. Brace yourself! All right, Susan Candiotti, thanks so much.

All right, South Africans are gearing up to celebrate Nelson Mandela's birthday. The former president turns 93 tomorrow. It is also the second annual Nelson Mandela International Day declared by the United Nations to recognize Mandela's contribution to the culture of peace and freedom.

More than 5,000 people have now fled the area where a volcano roared to life just a few days ago. It's in northern Indonesia. The mountain sent smoke so high that officials are worried about the effect on airline flights.

And then on to Pakistan. Someone sent off explosives beneath a parked oil tanker carrying fuel for NATO troops. It happened at a bazaar near the Afghanistan border. The explosion started a fire that killed at least two people, including a child.


WHITFIELD: Acquitted of murder, Casey Anthony is a free woman. She walked out of jail minutes after midnight, her lawyer and her -- and armed police by her side.

Our David Mattingly is outside the jail in Orlando. So were people surprised that she simply walked out the front door?

DAVID MATTINGLY, CNN CORRESPONDENT: That was a bit of a surprise, Fredricka. There were so many people there. There were hundreds there. Almost all of them were there chanting -- not chanting but saying things about their displeasure about the verdict and about Casey Anthony. And yet they let her walk right out the front door.

The entire thing took about 30 seconds. She came out of the jail accompanied by her attorney, Jose Baez. They immediately walked out and got into a waiting SUV and then sped off into the night.

The police were there on the scene, some of them on horseback, keeping the crowds back. They were also blocking the road to make sure nobody tried to pursue the SUV. So they got on the expressway. They were followed by news helicopters, and they lost them when the SUV pulled into a parking deck at a building in downtown Orlando, where one of her defense attorneys has an office.

There's some sort of discussion about where she might have gone from there, but at this point, it's believed to be parts unknown. But for now, Casey Anthony is a free woman, and she was able to get out remarkably easy from that jail last night.

WHITFIELD: And David, any comment from her family or any information about whether she's had any contact with them?

MATTINGLY: Well, we heard a short time ago from the attorney representing her parents, and he says that there's been no contact from her attorney, Jose Baez, about her whereabouts. In fact, they say that Jose Baez actually contacted the parents, hoping that they would act as decoys last night to help draw attention away from Casey Anthony as she left the jail. They didn't go for that idea, and they haven't heard from him since.

But they are confident that she is safe. They would like to know where she is and they would like to reestablish contact with her. So the attorney publicly put that out to Jose Baez, that that's what they would like to do at this point.

WHITFIELD: All right, David Mattingly, thanks so much, from Orlando.

Now, news overseas. General David Petraeus ending his command in Afghanistan. We're talking about his immediate future and that of the mission he leaves behind in Afghanistan next.


WHITFIELD: We're following news that is breaking out of Egypt. We have conflicting reports that ousted Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak has lapsed into a coma. The hospital where Mubarak is staying denies the reports, but state-run Nile TV is reporting that Mubarak slipped into a coma after months of ill health. They cite Mubarak's lawyer as a source.

And a top executive in the Rupert Murdoch media empire was arrested in London today. Rebekah Brooks was once the editor of Murdoch's London- based tabloid "News of the World." She was taken into custody in connection with the phone hacking and police bribery scandal that has already landed nine other Murdoch employees in jail.

And Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez is back in Cuba to begin chemotherapy. It's not clear how long he'll be there. About a month ago, Chavez flew to Cuba to have a cancerous tumor removed. He has not said what type of cancer he has.

And Acquitted of murder, Casey Anthony is out of jail and out of sight. She walked out of the front door of the Orlando jail just minutes after midnight, her lawyer by her side there. For her protection, her lawyers are not saying where she is now. Her parents apparently don't even know.

And phase one of the 405 highway construction project in Los Angeles that coined the phrase "carmageddon" is finished, and it did not produce any of the feared traffic nightmares in LA. In fact, work went so much smoother than expected.


MAYOR ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA, LOS ANGELES: Mission accomplished. We will open up this freeway as soon as possible. It looks like 11:30 is the time. And it's some 16 or 17 hours ahead of schedule. (END VIDEO CLIP)

WHITFIELD: The closed 10-mile section of the 405 is expected to reopen now, within just a few minutes.

All right, in Nebraska, the rising Missouri River is causing a lot more damage. South of Omaha, parts of Interstate 29 are under water. And all that water is washing away dirt that shores up some of the overpasses.


JEFF MCQUEEN, NEBRASKA TRANSPORTATION DEPT.: This will all have to be inspected. Our engineers will have to come down. And everything is going to have to be possibly redone. But I mean, this is way down the line, in the future.


WHITFIELD: State transportation officials say it could take months to fix.

An Oregon vet used an unusual method to save an injured bald eagle -- right there. He performed mouth-to-beak resuscitation on the bird, now named Patriot. Patriot suffered a fractured wing apparently after being hit by a car. He was undergoing physical therapy under anesthesia when he stopped breathing. The eagle will -- now that the eagle is getting better, you can follow his recovery actually on Twitter. His account, @bendsbaldeagle.

All right, history was made in San Diego. Apparently, for the first time ever, some U.S. service members marched as an organized group in a gay pride parade. They were not in uniform, but they wore T-shirts representing every branch of the service.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's about human rights, men and women standing up for what they believe in.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is a dream come true.


WHITFIELD: About 200 active-duty troops and veterans took part.

The NATO mission in Afghanistan enters a new phase from today forward and the man in charge, General David Petraeus, his professional life changes as well. He will relinquish his command in Afghanistan in just a few hours.

Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr is with me now. So Barbara, you have traveled with General Petraeus many times. You know him personally. What do you suppose his feelings are about his mission there? BARBARA STARR, CNN PENTAGON CORRESPONDENT: Well, I think for General Petraeus it's probably bittersweet, Fredricka. You know, he has served in the U.S. military for more than three decades.

Everybody has got to retire at some time. Finally, he will take off the uniform, retire, and go on to his next job, of course. The chain of command ceremony will be 9 a.m. tomorrow morning, Monday morning in Kabul.

This is what he leaves behind though certainly is a still a very tenuous situation in that country. Petraeus both in Iraq and Afghanistan really was the godfather of this face of modern warfare that we call counter insurgency.

Rebuilding a country politically, economically, militarily it costs billions of dollars and can take decades. The U.S. will be out of both Iraq and Afghanistan, but nothing to say that those countries won't remain very troubled in terms of their security, Fred.

WHITFIELD: All right. So talk about the security issues and how things are so tenuous there especially with this hand-over.

STARR: Well, you know, the next several months really will be telling, won't they? Because now you're sort of in this mandated end game, if you will. U.S. combat forces, all combat forces, in fact, foreign troops are scheduled to be out of Afghanistan by the ends of 2014.

This week, we saw the first of the U.S. surge forces return home, a hand over in a particular province now to Afghan security control. You're going to be seeing more and more of this, more of this responsibility being shifted to Afghan security forces.

This is the test of whether Petraeus' strategy will work over the long haul. This is what he wanted to do. This is what they've all been working for, for the last many years.

But will it work once the Afghans really have control, will they be able to deal with the Taliban and all of the insurgent and warlord groups that really torment so much of that country.

WHITFIELD: And for General Petraeus, will this be an easy transition for him to become a civilian in his position with the CIA?

STARR: You know, it's not unprecedented. There have been generals and admirals who have headed the CIA before, but taking off the uniform, General Petraeus has already made it clear, he understands his main challenge in these opening days in December, when he takes over as CIA director will be to convince that agency's workforce, very highly skilled, very technical operatives who work around the world at great risks to themselves.

He's going to have to convince them that he can be a CIA director, that he's not just an Army general that has come in the front door to run things. So he will have a real transition period. I tell you, there are two nicknames for David Petraeus. One is King David. The other one is Peaches Petraeus.

WHITFIELD: My goodness.

STARR: Yes, that is from his days at West Point. One of his fellow cadets would call him Peaches Petraeus. Now that he goes to the CIA, who knows. Maybe a third nickname, we'll try and find out what it is.

WHITFIELD: All right, definition of a complicated man, as they say. All right, thanks so much.

STARR: Sure.

WHITFIELD: All right. No matter how many times you delete messages, keeping up with e-mails can be a huge challenge. So what is more annoying, many of the messages that you need to delete that are spam. Here's a question for you. What percentage of e-mail is spam? The answer after this.


WHITFIELD: All right. Back now to the phone hacking scandal in the U.K. Apparently, a police official has now resigned. Let's bring in CNN's Atika Shubert who's been covering the story for us from London. What has happened, Atika?

ATIKA SHUBERT, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Paul Stevenson, who was the chief commissioner here at the London Metropolitan Police, has resigned. This is amid all of the investigations going on, not only of the phone hacking scandal, but also police payments by "News of the World" to receive information.

Now, he has resigned over increasing public pressure, but he has denied any wrongdoing. He has come under increasing scrutiny because of the high level connections between "News of the World," the tabloid, and senior police officers specifically Neil Wallace, a former deputy editor at "News of the World" had basically been paid by police to become sort of a communications consultant.

And while he was a communications consultant, it appears he was also reporting back to News International and this is what the police have now come under close scrutiny for. And this is what Sir Paul Stevenson is now talking to in his press statement that has just been released, Fredricka.

WHITFIELD: So, Atika, is this the resignation the result of the questioning of Rebekah Brooks who's also been arrested today as it relates to this scandal?

SHUBERT: It's actually a separate part of the same scandal. The Rebekah Brooks arrest was a separate part of this, but the fallout of not only the phone hacking allegations.

But the police payment scandal has been increased scrutiny on police relationship with the media and this is why Sir Paul Stevenson has resigned, because of that increasing scrutiny as to how police and the media work together. WHITFIELD: Atika Shubert, thanks so much. Keep us posted throughout the day from London.

OK, you can probably identify with this. We all feed them, get the rich quick schemes, ads you're not interested, bogus scams all that stuff. Spam over loads our e-mails and can be a hassle to delete every day.

Before the break we ask you what kind of percentage of e-mail is spam? Now we finally have a result for you, nearly 73 percent. That is actually down from 90 percent last year. But it is still a lot to get through.

So with all the junk e-mail or spam, whatever you want to call it, in our e-mail accounts, it's a miracle that we get anything done. In our gadgets and gaming section today, there are steps that you can take to reduce the amount of spam that you receive.

Our tech guy, Marc Saltzman joins us now with five very simple tips on how to get rid of all of that spam and kind of control that inbox. How do we do that?

MARC SALTZMAN, SYNDICATED TECHNOLOGY WRITER: You got it. Let's start off with number one. Go into your favorite e-mail program settings and you'll likely find a junk mail filter. By default it may be on low, but in some cases it's a little slider so you take the mouse and move it across.

So it will catch or what they think is junk mail, what the program is going to try to guess to be junk mail, with either key words or not knowing who it is from. It's not a bad idea once in a while to go into your junk e-mail and find false positives.

The first tip is to definitely by default move it from low to medium to even high within the settings. I know with Outlook it's easy to find.

WHITFIELD: OK, and then there is software to reduce the spam mail. How does that work?

SALTZMAN: Sure. So there are different pieces of software out there that will also add another layer of protection from junk mail. A free plug-in for Outlook is called spam fighter. It's a very powerful tool that is free to use.

You can go to And then there's also bigger packages from the likes of Symantic and McAfee, best known for internet security solutions and they have either as a stand-alone product or as part of a bigger internet security package.

They'll also have more aggressive anti-spam tools to help reduce the amount of junk mail you're getting in your inbox.

WHITFIELD: And then you say set up a secondary web mail address for coupons and contests that will attract weird spam stuff. SALTZMAN: Yes. Not only is spam annoying, it can reduce your productivity especially if you're using that one e-mail for everything. So my tip is to -- for things like online shopping, those group social coupon services, use a separate e-mail address.

You could set up one for free like Gmail, Yahoo! or Windows Live or Hot mail. So set up one for all things you do online and make it separate from your main work e-mail or your main internet service provider, ISP mail.

WHITFIELD: OK, never reply to a spam or else you're confirming that that address is valid and then you say don't forward those chain mail messages.

SALTZMAN: That's right. So with the first point there, for short, you may be tempted to apply. Get me off your bleeping list. But don't, because you're just going to confirm that your e-mail is valid and be moved up to a possible other layer of spam because you've confirmed that it's a valid e-mail.

The last tip is, definitely when you get those chain mails, be it a joke or those superstition-based e-mails, you probably have seen dozens, if not hundreds of other people's e-mails. That's a big no- no.

Because that means your name is floating out there, your e-mail address. Don't forward them. If you want to forward a joke to friends, put all of your friends' names in the blind carbon copy field and not ccing to everybody.

WHITFIELD: Great tip. Thanks so much. Marc Saltzman, appreciate it. Always good to see you.

SALTZMAN: Likewise, thanks, Fredricka.

WHITFIELD: And for more high tech ideas and reviews, just go to and look for the gaming and gadgets tab.


WHITFIELD: All right. Time for a CNN Equals Politics update. We're keeping an eye on all the latest headlines on the desk and here's what crossing right now.

Former New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, is telling the GOP to butt out of the state's gay marriage debate. He says Republicans should focus on fiscal matters and stay out of the bedroom.

And former Utah governor and presidential hopeful, Jon Huntsman is trying to drum up support on a motorcycle. He rode a Harley in Salt Lake City yesterday. Huntsman is in Utah chatting with Republican governors at their annual meeting.

And the new documentary examining the failed vice presidential bid of Sarah Palin hit theaters this weekend. Some analysts are reporting that it had a strong opening with theater goers. The "Undefeated" charts Palin's rise through politics. The film's director speaks about his expectations.


STEPHEN BANNON, DIRECTOR, "FIRE FROM THE HEARTLAND": The expectations is just to get it out. There's really never been a conservative documentary released in the multi-flex in the middle of summer against competition like Harry Potter. I think the theater owners want to see if the film can find its audience.


WHITFIELD: For the latest political news, you know exactly where to go,


WHITFIELD: Flip-flops are a popular way to beat the heat, but yesterday I talked to Dr. Bill Lloyd and he told wearing flip-flops could actually cause damage to the ankles, heels, and even your toenails.


DR. BILL LLOYD, HEALTHY LIVING EXPERT: These cheap flip-flops are worse than walking around barefoot. Here are the reasons why. First of all, they provide no cushioning so this could be continuous impact against the sole of your foot.

This causes an increase in the stress that for young people lasts all summer long because all they wear are the flip-flops and this, of course, over time is going to lead to problems. Did you know, Fredricka, when you wear a flip-flop? You actually change the stride because the foot tries to stay inside the flip-flop and that alters the way you walk.

Over time you can develop heel pain, ankle pain and even leg pain going up into your chin. Tendonitis caused by wearing these flip flops and finally, when you wear the flip-flops, your toenails are exposed, which means an increase in nail trauma as well as a possibility of the evil nail fungus.

WHITFIELD: My goodness. OK, so this is a problem for both the younger audience of people who wear flip-flops as well as older folks, right?

LLOYD: We associate foot problems with older folks, but for young adults what's important to know is that the bones in their feet are still growing, even when they are 17 and 18 especially the bones in the heel. So, again, without the cushioning, the continuous impact on those still developing bones can cause problems that can last a lifetime.

WHITFIELD: What's the alternative? I mean, just about all of us are going to wear flip-flops, especially when you're at the beach or at the pool. You're saying, rule them out completely or just don't wear them long term? LLOYD: No, I'm saying, be a smart shopper. When you look for a pair of flip-flops, make sure there is a rigid design, that you can't bend it or roll it into a ball. Compared to this one, you can fold it easy like a piece of paper. This is one is stiff.

It's going to have the support that you need and it's going to have the arch support and the cushioning that you're going to want that going to provide the shock absorption to protect your foot throughout the summer.

You're right. You alternate some other footwear. Wear sneakers once in a while, take out a pair of light shoes once in a while and give your stride a break whenever possible and don't forget, Fredricka, price always mirrors quality.

You get what you pay for. So if somebody is trying to sell you a $3 pair of flip-flops, you're going to be in trouble come the fall.


WHITFIELD: All right, Dr. Bill Lloyd looking out for your feet and now we're looking out for you, traffic wise. Take a look at these. Live pictures right now of the Interstate 405 in Los Angeles.

Remember, it's been a 10-mile span closed for a little over 24 hours now. Guess what? They got so far with their construction work that they are opening up early.

The plan was they were going to open it up by Monday morning for traffic, but now it's all open. So if you want to get back on the road and hit the highway, now it's going to get really congested. So all thumbs up now. It worked out pretty good. How are you doing, Jacqui?


WHITFIELD: I'm good.

JERAS: I'm hot. I want to break out my flip-flops.

WHITFIELD: Don't break out the flip-flops. Wear them judiciously.

JERAS: Lots of people are at the beach or staying in the air conditioning. We're talking about some major heat. This is the worst heat wave we've seen all season so far and this is impacting millions of people so many millions of people suffering.

This isn't a quick shot this weekend. We're talking about this lasting well into Wednesday probably longer for some. Keep in mind, folks in the southern plain states, we're talking about day 15, for example, in Dallas, Fort Worth, where temperatures are reached 100 degrees or more.

It's going to be the temperature that your body feels, between 100 and 115. Take it easy there for today. I also want to mention that we're keeping our eye on the tropics. The National Hurricane Center identifying this area as a possible development, very slow, over the next couple of days.

Not all of the conditions are quite there. The hurricane hunters are flying into this right now to try and get a better handle on it. Most of the models bringing it up towards the north, but to let you know, we're keeping an eye on this. It could bring heavy thunderstorms to Florida in the next coming week.

WHITFIELD: All right, thanks so much, Jacqui.

All right, local area codes. Our money team looks out how one beer giant hopes to tie the two together.


WHITFIELD: From foreclosures and beers to a new consumer watch dog, our money team is keeping their eye on all of it. First, Alison Kosik in New York.

ALISON KOSIK, CNN BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT: Hi, Fredricka. The number of homes headed into foreclosure plunged during the first six months of this year. Realty Track says filing dropped a whopping 30 percent from last year, but the report comes with a warning.

The decline is because many banks are delaying many foreclosures pushing them into next year or the year after. Realty Track estimates there are one million homes in this situation and the housing market will not recover until the current threat of foreclosures are brought to a manageable level. Felicia --


Beer giant Anheuser-Busch is looking to capitalize on the popularity of local founding beers. The company has filed applications to trademark the signature area codes of 15 U.S. cities.

The area codes span the country from Philadelphia, Miami, and San Diego. The move follows a success of Chicago-based Goose Islands 312 Urban Ale. Unmistakably the beer was named after its city. It's became the number two selling beer there in 2009. Poppy --

POPPY HARLOW, CNNMONEY.COM: Thanks so much, Felicia. A long awaited dog agency opens its doors this week. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will inspect the books of the country's biggest banks to make sure they're abiding by current credit card laws and also respond to consumer complaints.

But the new sheriff in Washington is without an actual sheriff. The White House has yet to appoint CFPB's director due to opposition in Congress. Elizabeth Warren has been a front runner for that position, but the White House is yet to make an official appointment. Fred --

WHITFIELD: Thanks so much, ladies. It now appears that Elizabeth Warren is no longer being considered for that job. A senior administration official tells CNN the White House tomorrow will nominate Richard Cordray, a former Ohio attorney general and currently serves as the chief enforcement officer for the New Bureau. And we continue to follow breaking news in Egypt. There are conflicting reports that ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has lapsed into a coma. The hospital where Mubarak is staying has had conflicting reports.

At one point the hospital denied the coma reports. Now it is saying that he has regained consciousness after falling into a coma. But state run Nile TV is reporting that Mubarak slipped into a coma after months of ill health.

I'll be back an hour from now. And we're all about the World Cup women's final is under way right now in Germany, USA versus Japan. Winner takes the World Cup title. We're asking today, women's soccer or men's soccer? Which is more exciting? We asked a group of youngsters that had a little bit of a reason to be biased.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's like more a team sport with girls. Sometimes guys think that they can all do it by themselves. With girls we work together.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We're much more interesting to watch.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think we play with more heart, more of an edge to compete.


WHITFIELD: OK, we're all going to be watching. The finals match update. More from the fans in Germany and United States coming up. Right now stay tuned to more CNN. "YOUR MONEY" starts right now.