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"Mass Casualty Incident" After SUV Plows Through Holiday Parade; Waukesha Police Give Update After Car Runs Through Parade. Aired 9-10p ET

Aired November 21, 2021 - 21:00   ET




PAMELA BROWN, CNN HOST: Welcome to our viewers in the U.S. and around the world, you're watching Breaking News coverage of the mass casualty event in Wisconsin at a holiday parade.

CNN special report, China's Iron Fist: Xi Jinping and the Stakes for America will now air at 10 p.m. And if you're just now joining us, we are following breaking news out of Waukesha, Wisconsin. At least 20 people are injured after a vehicle plowed into a crowd of people, gathered to march in and watch a holiday parade. There's a news conference and that's starting right now. Let's go to it.

MAYOR SHAWN REILY, WAUKESHA, WISCONSIN: Thank you. Shawn Reily, Mayor City of Waukesha. Today we experienced a horrible, senseless tragedy. I walked in the parade at the beginning, I saw the happy children sitting on the curb. I saw the happy parents behind their children. I can still see the smiling faces. A parade is a celebration for our community.

Today, our community face horror and tragedy in what should have been a community celebration. I'm deeply saddened to know that so many in our community went to a parade but ended up dealing with injury and heartache.

My heart goes out to all those affected by the senseless act. My heart goes out to those injured as well as to their families. My heart goes out to those who are witness to these events. My heart goes out to those who lost a loved one tonight.

I want to thank all those who sprang into action tonight to provide health and comfort to those who are injured. I pray for all those that were injured that they recover. I pray for those who lost a loved one.

Thank you to our police and fire departments as well as many others that have helped the city of Waukesha. There's other departments, the county, the state, the federal government has contacted me, they've all asked how they can help. I know that our first responders are also deeply affected by the events of the day, and I pray for them and that they find healing and that everyone involved in this situation finds healing. Chief.


Today's tragic incident occurred on November 21, 2021 at 4:39 p.m. at Casper Avenue and Main Street. The Waukesha Christmas parade was taking place when a red SUV drove through the barricades westbound heading down Main Street.


THOMPSON: Yes, I can. The vehicle struck more than 20 individuals. Some of the individuals were children and there are some fatalities as a result of this incident. We will not be releasing information on fatalities at this time while we are working on notifying the family members of the deceased.

An officer did discharge his weapon at the suspect vehicle to try to stop the vehicle. No bystanders were injured as a result of the weapon discharge. Jobs are involved. It has a six -- has been with the department for six and a half years. Victims are transferred by watch our fire department to the hospital, Chief Howard will speak on that. Police officers also transferred victims to the hospital and family members also transferred victims from the scene to the hospital.

We're no longer looking for a suspect vehicle. We do have a personal interest in custody at the moment. But this is still a very fluid investigation. As President, this tragic event and saw firsthand the resiliency of the community coming together. I also want to thank all law enforcement partners both federal, state DCI, State Patrol, Washoe County Sheriff's Department, Brookfield Police Department, Newbern police department, FBI, ATF, and all our other partners who responded to assist in this tragedy.

It's unknown at this time whether the incidents any nexus to terrorism. To the families involved, you are in Waukesha Police Department's thoughts and prayers. To Waukesha community the scene is now safe and secure.

I'll take a few questions at this time.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Chief, just for a minute, let's Chief Steve Howard speak too about the victims?


THOMPSON: Sorry, no problem.

HOWARD: Thank you. I was just going to provide you some brief information regarding the patients that we transported. The City of Waukesha was actually part of the parade, we normally have an engine in the parade. Soon as the call started coming in, we heard radio traffic and immediately responded from five of our stations.


We activated our mass casualty protocols and use the MABAS Box Alarm System and activated a box to the second alarm. That means that we received assistance not only from our five fire stations with all personnel on duty, but from approximately 12 other fire departments.

The City of Waukesha Fire Department and its partner -- its partners and MABAS transported a total of 11 adults and 12 pediatric patients to six area hospitals. We do not have any specifics on the injuries at this time, all the patients were transported. There are -- there were some fatalities. We do not have any detailed information on the fatalities at this time. Mayor?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: OK. We'll open up for a few questions for all three, Mayor, Police Chief and Fire Chief.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How many people are (inaudible)?

THOMPSON: Out of respect for the family members, we sought to make notifications. So that number and to be honest with you, the investigation is still fluid. So, I don't have an exact number at this time to give you.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The marching band that you see in a video, what was that? The marching band with the car drove through.

THOMPSON: I couldn't even tell you what band was playing at that time.


THOMPSON: Yes, great question. So, the reason why that shelter in place call came because we're still doing a canvass, still ongoing crime scene. So, we didn't want members of community coming into the crime scene. So, we wanted the members of the community to shelter in place. So that's why that alert went out.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is that still in effect to you?

THOMPSON: No, it is not.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (Inaudible) car, was that person struck by the officer?

THOMPSON: That's still ongoing investigation of how many are involved at this time. We're still working those details out.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mayor, can you figure (inaudible) tomorrow?

REILY: We do not know at this time.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: One more question.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You said earlier that --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: How long do you expect the street to be closed?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Excuse me, earlier you said you were unaware of any gunshots from the vehicle. We heard a lot about on social media, can you clarify right now that the suspect driving -- THOMPSON: At this, we don't believe there's any shots that were fired

from the vehicle. We believe that officers discharge a firearm to stop the vehicle for going to the crowd. Because the vehicle went through the barricade.


THOMPSON: That's still unknown at this time.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That's all the questions we're going to take right now. We will be putting more information. Any more information will come out in the city social media accounts with regards to a further press conference or further information. That's all we can put out tonight at this time. Thank you.


BROWN: There you heard official speaking there in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Reporters are still trying to ask questions there. But we just learned some really sad news tonight. You heard the police chief there say that there were some fatalities as a result of what happened there earlier today in downtown Waukesha when a car plowed through a holiday parade.

We know 11 adults and 12 kids were transported to the hospital, according to one of the officials to six area hospitals. And we know there were some fatalities among the 11 adults and 12 kids.

We don't have any more details about the victims, how many fatalities? You heard the police chief there say they're still notifying families and so forth. And they're not ready to give a specific number. This is clearly still there in the very early stages as this unfolds and one person is now in custody. So that is a major development as well. They have one person of interest in custody.

Joining us now is CNN National Security Analyst and former Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security, Juliette Kayyem. Also, with me former Acting Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Barksdale.

That was just such a sobering press conference, Juliet, to know that there were several fatalities that children are among the victims. And now they have a person of interest and custody.


BROWN: What stuck out to you from this?

KAYYEM: So, the family notification is taking a little bit longer than they have anticipated because they push this press conference, so we have to respect that order. That is exactly how it should go. So, we will get a number that's larger than one. But we don't know how much larger.


Remember a mass casualty event is just a way to describe an incident with fatalities and injuries. So, we don't know what combination of that 20 is fatalities. But this is a serious event and one that doesn't happen all the time. So obviously, we are interested in the motive issue that they have someone, this is, you know, that they have someone in custody, that that person is a person of interest, either the owner of the car or someone affiliated with the car, and that they have a wave now the shelter in place, as well as notify the public that there's no ongoing harm. They are beginning to build a case about motive. They are beginning to build a case about who this person is, and why they feel confident of no greater threat. That's no consolation right now, because a lot of people are suffering, but it does help the community and notify law enforcement throughout the nation that, you know, this is not a part of anything bigger. And that's important going into this this weekend and this week.

BROWN: That is certainly important.


BROWN: We also found out, Anthony, we had been hearing throughout the night from eyewitnesses that shots were fired. The police chief said an officer discharged his weapon to try to stop the vehicle. Clearly police there trying to intervene to stop the mayhem. Here's one video we have from someone who was able to record this. We also have that video on the parade route from Waukesha. The Waukesha City actually live streaming it and you see the car go by this marching band, going fast as you can see, not actually hitting anyone in this screengrab that we have from the feed. What do you make now after this information that we just heard from this press conference and pieced together with the videos and so forth?

ANTHONY BARKSDALE, CNN LAW ENFORCEMENT ANALYST: I feel that the police officer whoever he or she is trying to do, do their best in this incident. It's usually not best practice to shoot at a moving vehicle. But when you've got a huge truck moving towards citizens, you don't just stand there. So, the officer did what he or she thought was the right thing. And also, the detectives, I'm really would be focused now on detectives, being sure that they put together a tight case for whoever this person of interest is. Be sure that the prosecutors are involved very early on with this process. Even, you know, they are right there with the officers while they conduct this interrogation of this person of interest.

But this is something where the citizens of the city and law enforcement, they came together from what we're hearing. And it's a tragedy but I'm just happy that they cared enough, they love each other enough to come together during an event like this.

BROWN: Yeah, again, we're finding out from the police there, multiple fatalities after the car ran through Christmas parade, hitting more than 20 people -- 23 people, 11 adult, 12 kids.

We just got in this video shot by Waukesha resident, Jesus Ochoa, and he says it shows the red SUV rushing past him and his family before it hits several people further down the block. We want to warn you, it's disturbing.

(Video Clip shot by Jesus Ochoa in Waukesha Christmas parade incident)


BROWN: Wow. CNN National Security Analyst, Juliette Kayyem, I'm going to bring you back in, also Anthony Barksdale. So, we just saw that video, I think we're going to re-rock it for our viewers here. It shows you just how close that red SUV came to hitting the person right there in the pink, and then kept on going. And the parade kept on going, right? They largely didn't know what was unfolding up ahead. And we don't know the timing of that. But what struck me is if this was someone that wanted to cause as much harm as possible, they have a lot more people to hit there, Juliette, what do you make of that?

KAYYEM: Yes. And at the beginning of when this evening started, there was a lot of speculation about what this could be, obviously, we do worry about terrorism. But looking at the way the car was maneuvering through a parade, the fact that the car seemed to already be damaged before it entered the parade, that would say to me just looking at that, that there might be other explanations. And why does that matter? Because when you don't want the wrong explanation going out because people make assumptions and do stupid things and react if it's racially or ethnically motivated. So, we just -- you got to, you know, people need to keep their heads on straight.

The other reason why is because if this is an incident, that's unrelated to sort of unintentional disruption of a holiday parade, that's going to ease a lot of concerns of every mayor, every police chief throughout the United States, who are looking at, you know, the next four weeks of endless parades and events. And so, it is important that we understand what this narrative is, and that we clamped down on false narratives.

So that's just, you know, I've been in this -- doing this a long time. That's what the evidence is looking at. We don't know, specifically, but there are certainly a variety of potential explanations at this stage. And that's why we want to wait the police are telling us they're not telling us much about motivation. I wish they would, because we need to get ahead of social idea and others.

BROWN: But I guess it was a clue that they said, when they came out initially and said that there were there was no ongoing threat.


BROWN: From my experience, that tells you a little bit of something, right? That they had some information or evidence that this was content -- go ahead.

KAYYEM: Exactly, and that they've lifted the Shelter in Place Order. And once again, this is important because that, you know, every mayor and police chief looked at that for hours ago - 4 hours ago and said, holy heck, I've got a problem because I've got these 8, 10, 12 parades going on in the next week. If there's, you know, if there's a belief that it is something bigger than, say a police chase, gone terribly awry. And that's why we wait. We were on yesterday together, I'm very -- the police, if they know -- if they can close out some motives, they really should in this day and age of social media when people will use it for their own political purposes. And so that's just something police departments have to learn.

BROWN: Yeah, that we got to get some information out there soon. It's just heartbreaking seeing this video too. And these families and these children that are out there just trying to enjoy the holiday spirit. And for this to happen and to know that children were among the victims, we don't know who was among the fatalities, but the police chief said that there were some fatalities. So, we're waiting to learn more about, that just really tragic development and this, as this breaking news unfolds, and we learn more police now interviewing a person of interest, person of interest in custody tonight. Thank you both. We'll be back with you later and our breaking news continues after this short break.



BROWN: And if you're just tuning in, police now confirming multiple people are dead in Waukesha, Wisconsin. At least 20 people were injured when a vehicle plowed into a crowd of people gathered to march in and watch a holiday parade. Some of the videos are horrifying, including one by Waukesha resident, Jesus Ochoa, and we want to warn you it is disturbing. It shows victims who were injured when the car drove through the holiday parade in Waukesha.

(Video Clip shot by Jesus Ochoa in Waukesha Christmas parade incident)

BROWN: CNN's Natasha Chen was at that police briefing. She joins us now. And we learned at that briefing, Natasha, that there are several fatalities we know the EMS said that they transported 11 adults, 12 kids, also some people we know self-transported. So, it's just such a sad development in the story knowing that several died from this.

NATASHA CHEN, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Pamela, I think everybody wanted to know how many people have died, that was one question that was asked here at the press conference, but they simply don't have a number to give us right now. They said that they are still in the process of informing families, informing loved ones.


And frankly, the police chief said, this number may be fluid right now, given that they're still treating people in hospitals. So, we weren't able to ask a whole lot of questions at that last press conference. But it does look like we will get another chance with a new update coming in the next 35 minutes or so. So, we'll try to ask some more details then.

But right now, one of the very crucial things is that they do have a person in custody, the -- a person of interest in custody, they have located the red SUV that you've seen in the video clips.

And one interesting fact is that we probably heard some witnesses say that they heard gunshots. Well, the police chief says that, at this point, they do not believe that there were shots actually fired from the vehicle in question that their law enforcement on scene did fire at the vehicle and attempts to stop it. So that could potentially be the shots that people heard.

Right now, as you said, the focus is on the injured and those killed. They did say more than 20 people injured. They include children. And so, this is truly heartbreaking. You know, in speaking to one of the residents who lives in an apartment complex right on Main Street, who watched this happen and recorded it, she said that parents were screaming out the names of their children, that people really jumped into action immediately. And that's remarkable, just the speed at which law enforcement, first responders, members of the community jumped in to help each other. But this is a devastating, devastating night for a lot of people who are probably still trying to find more information about their loved ones and really trying to find out why this happened to begin with. I think that's a major question they weren't able to answer in the last press conference. So, we don't really have anything to report about the motive yet.

And you know, when somebody tried to ask, what did the person of interest say when they were brought into custody? That wasn't answered clearly either. So, Pamela, a lot more questions. We will try to ask at the next update.

BROWN: Yeah, it is still early on in this investigation. This happened about four hours ago in Waukesha. And there is still a lot more to learn. Thank you so much, Natasha.

Our Breaking News continues after this short break.



BROWN: And we are back now with our breaking news. Out of Wisconsin where police just confirmed a suspect, a person of interest they say is in custody after an SUV blew past police and drove into a crowd attending a holiday parade.

More than 20 people are injured including multiple children. And at least one person is confirmed dead. The police chief there said there were some fatalities. And last hour we heard from one man who was at the parade and saw the tragedy unfold.


ANGELITO TENORIO, EYEWITNESS: I'm an alderman at the City of West Allis not too far from Waukesha, and a candidate for Wisconsin State Treasurer. So I was marching in the parade with Waukesha County Democrats and after the -- after we had finished the route, my family and I and my campaign manager, we decided we wanted to circle back and go head back to Main Street to watch the rest of the parade, grab some food.

But as we were heading back to Main Street, I saw an SUV speeding along the parade route. And then all of a sudden heard a loud bang. And then I heard definite cries screams from people in attendance, people marching in the parade. Folks start running away from the scene and folks were left their belongings behind holding on to their kids running away from Main Street where the parade was.

And then when the crowd cleared out, it looked like that there were people on the ground who were struck by the vehicle. And then it happened also quickly. And then first responders came in ambulances, police officers came in and secured the area. But it was truly horrifying and shocking, and very saddening and upsetting.

BROWN: Because you were in the parade, it was celebratory as we heard from other eyewitness, witnesses, you go through the parade route. And then this happens. What was going through your mind as this man was unfolding?

TENORIO: I was truly horrified. Like the energy at the parade before everything happened was the celebratory. This is a huge event in the city of Waukesha. Folks were -- I was really impressed by the turnout people came together to celebrate. But when I saw the vehicle speed and when I heard that loud bang, I was in shock. I'm still a bit shaken. And a lot of a lot of uncertainty. A lot of a fear, a lot of scared in this for me and my family when this was all occurring.

BROWN: When you saw the vehicle can you describe any more about what you saw? And I know it happened really fast. And you're probably thinking about your safety and your family safety. But what did you observe with the vehicle?

TENORIO: So, I really just got a quick glimpse of it. I saw a speeding along the parade route. I heard it the engine really putting the throttle down and then heard the loud bang and then from there, it happened so fast. There was a lot of -- it was a chaotic scene. And it was a very, very sad scene and a very, very horrifying.

So yes, there's a lot of emotions running through folks, parents were running around the area looking for the kids, looking for their families, looking for their friends. People quickly trying to get out of the area trying to get to safety so there's so much going on when it all happened.

BROWN: Do you know what the loud bang was?


TENORIO: I'm not exactly sure. But from what I guess it was the vehicle striking the crowd, striking people ending or marching in the parade.

BROWN: And did you know anyone who was injured we know, more than 20 people injured? Do you know anyone?

TENORIO: No. I don't know any of the victims. I'm very lucky that my family and friends are all accounted for. So my heart is with the victims.

BROWN: The ones that were on the ground. Those that you did see were they young? Could you tell? I know there were a lot of young people in this parade.

TENORIO: It was hard to tell but it did look like there were small children who were lying on the ground. I just saw small bodies lying almost lifeless on the ground. So it was really hard to tell. And it was so much happening all at one time.

BROWN: It's just awful. I mean, it's just awful. And we're still trying to find out more about why this happened. We know police said that they're looking into a person of interest that they have located the vehicle. But so many unanswered questions that we hope will get, you know, answers to coming up in this press conference. Angelito Tenorio, I'm glad you and your family were safe. Thank you for coming on to share your story with us.

TENORIO: Thank you for having me.


BROWN: When our breaking news continues after this short break.



BROWN: A grim update to the unfolding tragedy and Waukesha, Wisconsin minutes ago police they are confirmed multiple fatalities and about more than, well, more than we know, 20 people injured when a vehicle plowed into a crowd of -- vehicle plowed into a crowd there at the Holiday Parade.

Some of the videos that are coming in are absolutely terrifying, including one by Angela O'Boyle. We want to warn you it is very disturbing. She videotaped from her balcony as the SUV bore down on members of a marching band.

We edited out the actual collision and showed you the aftermath. There you can see the marching band and families watching, and everyone wearing their Santa hats and then the car plowed in to the crowd. This is the mayhem that unfolded after.

Back with me now CNN law enforcement analyst and corporate security consultant Jonathan Wackrow and CNN Senior Law Enforcement Analyst Andrew McCabe. He is the former Deputy Director of the FBI.

So we have more video coming in, more disturbing video. We have that video that. We showed we have other videos as well, where you see the red SUV speeding down, almost hitting a child right there. Just so close to hitting that child and continuing to go down. And when you watch this, Jonathan, what stands out to you?

JONATHAN WACKROW, CNN LAW ENFORCEMENT ANALYST: Well listen, it -- the one thing that really stands out to me is that these victims never saw this threat coming. The vehicle was traveling in the direction of the parade route. So they didn't even know what was happening. So that just makes a bad situation so much worse. But looking at the vehicle and looking at the video that we've seen one of the SUV speeding down the side of the parade route, almost hitting the child, but not injuring thankfully, that child. To me indicates, again, I think we've said this before, I honestly don't believe that the intent of this driver was to target this specific event, otherwise, he would have been -- he or she would have been causing greater har.

Earlier on throughout the video, when the SUV came up to the marching band, you could see that he tried to -- he or she tried to position the vehicle more towards the left. But again, panic probably set in, hit the accelerator and we saw that tragic event in those victims, again, not even know that vehicle was coming towards them.

So a lot of unanswered questions here. But I just think that the evidence is pointing more towards this not being a targeted attack on this event itself. And I think that should, you know, calm officials throughout the country that, you know, this isn't some sort of directed attack towards your holiday events.

BROWN: Right, because we know to not long after the first update actually, that we got from officials there on the ground was that there was no ongoing threat. So clearly, they determined that this was an isolated incident, Andy McCabe early on, and now they are interviewing, they have a person in custody, I should say, a person of interest is how they called it. What will they be asking this person?

ANDREW MCCABE, CNN SENIOR LAW ENFORCEMENT ANALYST: Well, you know, Pam, that's a great question. But I think we need to take one step back. I think it's possible. We don't know this for a fact. But it's certainly possible that one of the reasons for law enforcement kind of scant details about this person of interest and what their motivation or intent might have been, might be that they are actually not talking to law enforcement.

So it's entirely possible that they've taken someone into custody and that person is, you know, exercise their Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and is asked to speak to a lawyer before they speak to law enforcement. If that's the case, they're not learning anything from that person right now.

I thought it was really notable in the press conference, when even though they have repeatedly said they don't believe there are any additional threats. The police chief said towards the end of that brief conference that the nexus to terrorism was still unknown at this point which you know I don't want to read too much into that but it does to me suggests that they are not getting, you know, very robust cooperation, comments or statements from the person they have in custody. We don't know that. But that's just my read on it.


BROWN: I'm just wondering, then if they weren't able to determine that, how can they then say that there's no ongoing threat, Andy?

MCCABE: It really, you know, that's the question, right? It's you wonder how are they so confident that there are no other threats. But there could be other circumstances around this event that are leading them to believe that it was a one off. You know, if they have other reasons to believe, for instance, that this person may have been fleeing another crime or another conflict with someone you know, outside the scope of the parade, then that's likely a one-time event that went out of control. I just -- I would just put that out as a potential example.

So there may be other facts that are leading law enforcement to believe that this is an isolated event. But they may not be able to really kind of nail that down until this person has started to talk to them in a robust way. And that may not be happening yet.

BROWN: And, Jonathan, should we read into anything that they're still labeling this person a person of interest, rather than a suspect? What do you make of that?

WACKROW: Well, I think it's, it's just some odd terminology there that that is being utilized. I mean, they labeled the individual as a person of interest prior to actually taking them into custody. But remember, they obviously have a level of, you know, reasonable suspicion that this individual was involved in the criminal act. So that's allowing them to detain this person.

And, you know, hopefully, question, but as you know, Andy is spot on, you know, this individual, you know, could have asked for a lawyer not -- is not cooperating with law enforcement at this time, that further delays the investigative process, because, again, investigators don't have the ability to directly ask all those really pointed questions around, you know, associated, you know, associated threats, others that may be involved in the criminal act.

So, again, investigators are, you know, really at the infancy of this process. The good thing is they do have that person in custody. But again, we're -- we'll have to wait to see, you know, how the investigative process plays out.

BROWN: Right. And meantime, again, you know, our hearts and our thoughts, prayers go out to these families, right, multiple fatalities. What were learned from the police chief not long ago, we know that EMS transported several children as well as adults, 11 adults, 12 kids, some are self-transported or transported by family and multiple fatalities. We're waiting to learn more about that. Jonathan Wackrow, Andrew McCabe, thank you so much. Our Breaking News continues after the short break.



BROWN: And we're back now with our breaking news out of Waukesha, Wisconsin. CNN just got new video in just shot from a balcony overlooking today's holiday parade. At the moment of speeding SUV blew past police and drove into the crowd. A warning some viewers might find this video disturbing. We edited out the actual collision and showed you the aftermath. We were told that there are multiple fatalities, several others injured. We're also learning that the Waukesha School District has canceled classes tomorrow as police continue to investigate and this community mourns CNN's Natasha Chen is on the scene in Waukesha minutes ago. She interviewed a woman who witnessed the horrifying incident.


NATASHA CHEN, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Yes, Pamela, it's really crucial for people to hear that there's no longer a threat. One of the people who saw this happen is Angela O'Boyle. I just met you, Angela, because you were down here. You actually live in the apartment complex, where the window overlooks the parade and you saw this happen. Tell me about that moment you stepped out on your balcony to watch the break

ANGELA O'BOYLE, WITNESS: While I was watching it for my kids say I wish you were here. And then the next thing I heard were screams and turned my head and saw the car come and plow into the band that was just past my balcony at that point. It hit at least two people right away rolled over both of them and then continued down the road to by like People's Park which is at the end of the block and then kept going, it didn't stop and he did not stop at all or she whoever it was. But it kept going.

CHEN: Did you hear gunshots as well?

O'BOYLE: I did not. Everyone says that but I did not hear anything. All I heard was screaming and that people yelling up their children's names. That's all I heard.

CHEN: This marching band that you saw that this car had a run into, you said this was -- the high school marching band? What kind of marching band?

O'BOYLE: I don't know. I missed the beginning. I literally just stepped outside picked up my phone hit record and all this happened. It was perfect timing.

CHEN: Yes, so this is obviously really, really horrible to see. What was going through your mind when you heard the screams you saw the car. What did you think was happening?

O'BOYLE: I (INAUDIBLE) for the parents and kids. I couldn't imagine mind being down there and myself or anybody else that I know. It was not something I wanted to see. And the people who've watched the video I took her also shaking just can't believe it. So, little freaked out.

CHEN: The people you saw that got hit, were they young? Were they old?

O'BOYLE: They looked young to me. I don't know though because again, I was five stories up so I have no idea exactly ages. But it was a band of some sort. And that's all I know.

CHEN: And just to explain where we are, you are watching this from the corner of Maine and Barstow.

O'BOYLE: Correct, Barstow and Maine.

CHEN: And do you know if this was sort of the early part of the parade? Were you watching the middle of it?

O'BOYLE: I don't know. I don't know. I came home in the middle of the parade is what I'm guessing, stepped aside because I was annoyed I couldn't get home fast and then was like oh, it's a Christmas parade and then Oh God, here comes a guy plowing everybody. So I had no -- I don't know what portion of the parade it was in at all.

CHEN: Did you think right after this happened that, you know, there could be a further threat or you frightened at the moment for --

O'BOYLE: I shook up. Yes, for sure but I didn't know what was happening because people were saying gunshots I didn't hear any gunshots.


I'm not sure what to expect. So I just closed my door and went back inside, and waited until it was a little bit clearer and then went down and talked to the police.

CHEN: So you stayed inside, just in case there was the threat of someone firing shots.

O'BOYLE: I didn't know what to expect. So yes, I stayed inside until everything was cleared up.

CHEN: And I know you told me you don't know anyone that you know, that was perhaps at the parade. Does that make you nervous right now not knowing if certain people you know are OK?

O'BOYLE: I'm assuming my friends are okay. I was looking at Facebook, and no one is saying that they're injured or family members are injured that I know personally, but I don't know who was here who wasn't.

CHEN: And how fast did you see and hear the response from police and ambulance --

O'BOYLE: Everybody down the street before he even hit the people. They were already behind him because he hit him -- I think this is the middle of the parade, maybe your portion of blacks up. But they were already running after him. So and it was instant that the crowd ran into the people who were injured as well.

CHEN: So you saw a lot of people jump into action right away --


CHEN: -- even though they were frightened. There were screams but people were really helping immediately. O'BOYLE: Yes, yes, for sure. Everybody was. People grabbed people in front of entire building too. So yes, everybody helps. That was down there, so.

CHEN: What did you see as far as people brought into your building?

O'BOYLE: I just had them when they were leaving my neighborhood took some people in to get them off the street so that everyone can do their job. And then we all walked out together. And we shared our videos with the police. And that was the end of that.

CHEN: What does this feel like to you right now just to try to process in what you saw?

O'BOYLE: It's bizarre. It's -- I've never seen it like it. Just happened to be right time, right place for the video that I took and not something I ever want to see again.

CHEN: And I think that you mentioned that the screams that you heard the parents calling out their kids names.


CHEN: That's what kind of sticks with you.

O'BOYLE: That happened after. When the car went -- hit everybody on the left side and the band members kind of oriented the right and down the block and around the block, then you saw the parents coming from up the block screaming for their kids who either didn't come through the parade yet or were in it. I don't know.

CHEN: OK, I know that you've been through a lot today and --

O'BOYLE: Not me, not just as those people.

CHEN: That's true. It is also very cold. So I'm going to let Angela go here but this is obviously a very shocking event for everyone.


BROWN: And we're expecting an update from authorities. Any moment now we're going to bring that to live as soon as it happens. You're in the CNN NEWSROOM.