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Officials: 5 Dead, 40+ Injured in Wisconsin Parade Incident; Decision on Fed Chair Expected by Thanksgiving; Kremlin Accuses West of Whipping Up Hysteria. Aired 4:30-5a ET

Aired November 22, 2021 - 04:30   ET



MAX FOSTER, CNN HOST: Welcome to CNN Newsroom. I'm Max Foster. If you're just joining us, we're going to bring you up to date with the latest news. The Breaking News this hour officials in Wisconsin say five people are dead. More than 40 injured after a vehicle plowed into a crowd at a Christmas parade in the town of Waukesha. This is the video of the aftermath showing people being treated at the scene.

Police say they have a person of interest in custody, and there's no active threat to the community. CNN's Natasha Chen spoke to one eyewitness who described the chaotic scenes.


NATASHA CHEN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: You actually live in the apartment complex, where the window overlooks the parade and you saw this happen. Tell me about that moment you stepped out on your balcony to watch the parade.

ANGELA O'BOYLE, WITNESS: Well, I was watching it for my kids to say I wish you were here. And then the next thing I heard were screams and turn my head and saw the car come and plow into the band that was just past my balcony at that point. It had at least two people right away rolled over, both of them. And then continued down the road to by like People's Park which is at the end of the block and then kept going.

It didn't stop and he did not stop at all or she, whoever it was, but kept going.

CHEN: This is obviously really, really horrible to see what was going through your mind when you heard the screams, you saw the car. What did you think was happening?

O'BOYLE: I was scared for the parents and kids. I couldn't imagine mine being down there, myself or anybody else that I know. It was not something I wanted to see. And the people who've watched the video I took also are shaking and just can't believe it. So little freaked out.


FOSTER: Do follow CNN for all the latest on this investigation, including an update from city officials which we're expecting in the coming hours. US President Joe Biden is expected to decide who will be appointed to the Head of the Federal Reserve for the next term before the Thanksgiving holiday. Some Democrats are opposed to reappointing Republican Jerome Powell over his response to the climate crisis and his record on Wall Street regulation as well.

President Biden could appoint Powell's Democratic colleague Lael Brainard instead, but then he runs the risk of criticism for partisan selection. Meanwhile, with inflation on the rise, the Fed is expected to make a decision soon on whether to raise interest rates. President Biden will also deliver remarks on the economy on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Democrats will be working to push the president's Build Back Better legislation through the Senate. CNN's Eva McKend has the details.


EVA MCKEND, CNN US NATIONAL POLITICS REPORTER: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says that Senate Democrats will be negotiating with their more moderate colleagues in the weeks ahead, suggesting that the Build Back Better bill will have to be retooled in the Senate before it is sent back to the House and ultimately to the president to be signed into law.

Now of chief importance to Senator Schumer is a provision in the bill that would lower the cost of insulin. He says that this bill could get an insulin injection shot down from about $600 to $30. Take a listen.

CHUCK SCHUMER, U.S. SENATE DEMOCRATS LEADER: This is not one of those things that's protected by patent. So there's no reason the cost should be so high. So today, I'm announcing that as Majority Leader, I will do everything I can to keep this provision in the BBB bill and get the cost of insulin down to $35, an injection.


MCKEND: Lots of arm twisting also expected in the weeks ahead over this issue of Paid Family Leave. It's in the House version of the bill. But Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia has expressed his discomfort with this provision, but congressional Democrats have put a lot of pressure on him as they do want to see this in the final version. That is the latest from Capitol Hill. Eva McKend, CNN.


FOSTER: Now Russia is accusing the west of whipping up hysteria over its troop movements near the Ukrainian border. Ukrainian military official told the Military Times that Russia has more than 92,000 troops amassed around the borders, and it's preparing for an attack by February.

The Kremlin dismisses the accusations and complained about an increased NATO presence in the region. NATO and the US have been raising alarms about the troop movements in recent weeks.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) ANTHONY BLINKEN, U.S. SECRETARY OF STATE: We don't know what President Putin's intentions are. But we do know what's happened in the past. We do know the playbook of trying to cite some illusory provocation from Ukraine or any other country and then using that as an excuse to do what Russia is planning to do all along.


FOSTER: Nic Robertson here with more about this. Translate this diplomatic language because it's completely different, obviously from which side you're looking at.

NIC ROBERTSON, CNN INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMATIC EDITOR: The Russians Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin spokesman over the weekend is essentially calling the conversations we're having and what a Secretary of State Blinken is saying is a provocation in and of itself whipping up this hysteria. The narrative from - from him as you know, NATO needs to stop its military and political expansion towards Russia's borders.

They feel threatened by this process. And if you're on the other side of the fence, there's a real concern. You don't know why Russia has almost 100,000 troops on the border of Ukraine, Special Forces, military intelligence, domestic intelligence, some of these troops are like 3000 miles from their bases in other parts of Russia, not a normal time for Russia to have military exercises in the winter. So from NATO's perspective, what's the intent?

And they don't know, they don't know what Putin's intent is? Is it posturing? Or does he intend to cross the border go into Ukraine, secure that area of the Crimea that he annexed from Ukraine that is strategically vital to Russia, port access for its navy? Putin feels under pressure from the west.

But the message from NATO Secretary General, we have to be clear eyed, and essentially, we have to be ready with a posture that will put Putin off whatever his thinking of.

FOSTER: Have they got a posture? Is there an agreed response for any incursion if it does occur?

ROBERTSON: Well, the posture at the moment is verbal. You could say it goes further than that. Because, you know, just last week, for example, we had Ben Wallace, British Secretary of Defense in Ukraine, signing or sort of ratifying a new deal with the Ukrainians to give their military greater support the army, but in particular, the Navy and that's something again, Crimea naval port, increase Ukraine's Navy, Putin feels the pressure, these things are connected.

So, yes, there's an agreed response, verbally that, that Russia should be deterred. But I think what NATO is speaking about now is OK, well, we are going to need to actually have, you know, join this up together militarily. You have obviously, you know, NATO postured and Ukraine and the Baltic states. But that's more of a tripwire for a Russian incursion into NATO territory.

This will be something different. And it's not clear what that is. And it's not clear, you know, how much it's been prepared for, but we know the way militaries work, they game things out, and it seems that they're getting their instructions to firm that game up.

FOSTER: Nic Robertson, thank you. Two of the 17 missionaries kidnapped in Haiti last month have been free. The White House has issued a statement that they welcome reports of their release. Matt Rivers has been following the story from the beginning and has the very latest for you.


MATT RIVERS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, it had been several weeks since we received any substantive updates on the status of 17 missionaries who were in Haiti when they were kidnapped back on October 16 by gang members according to Haitian security forces, the gang being a gang called 400 Mawozo. They kidnapped the 17 missionaries just outside of Port au Prince while this group was on a missionary trip, but the group that they were there working for Christian Aid ministries, they released a statement on Sunday later in the day, saying that two of the 17 missionaries that have been kidnapped have now been released.

They really didn't get too much more information. Part of the statement they said quote, the two people that were released are safe in good spirits and being cared for. We cannot provide or confirm the names of those released, the reasons for their release where they are from or their current location. They went on to say that our hearts are with the 15 people who are still being held at this time.


So basically confirming that two of the 17 missionaries that were kidnapped have now been released, a source in Haiti security forces did confirm to CNN that those two hostages have been released, the White House issued a statement basically saying that they welcome these reports of the hostages being released. They don't have further comment at this time, according to a White House spokesperson.

But this is a big development in this case, and certainly one that is quite welcome at this time, after so many weeks of not hearing anything, you can imagine how thrilled the loved ones of these two people who have released must feel but of course, the focus also remains on the 15 missionaries that remain basically as hostages in Haiti at this time, you know, as they're continuing to be held by that gang. Matt Rivers, CNN, Mexico City.


FOSTER: Abdallah Hamdok is once again the leader of Sudan's transitional government. Ahead, details of the agreement that reinstated him as Prime Minister following last month's coup.



FOSTER: Our top stories this hour. Officials in Wisconsin say five people are dead and more than 40 injured after a vehicle plowed into a crowd or the Christmas parade in the town of Waukesha. This is the video of the aftermath following people being treated at the scene. Police say they do have a person of interest in custody and there's no active threat to the community.

It's not clear yet whether the incident was an act of terrorism. But we'll have much more on this story throughout the day on CNN.

US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken welcomed news of a deal in Sudan that led to the reinstatement of Abdallah Hamdok as Prime Minister. Hamdok and Sudan's military chief reached a political agreement nearly a month after a coup and on Sunday Hamdok again, took over leading the transitional government. As part of the deal, political detainees jailed following last month's military takeover will be released.

Protests broke out on Sunday following us of the deal which is being met with resistance by key opposition groups. CNN's David Mackenzie's following developments for us, joins us from Johannesburg, David.


DAVID MCKENZIE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, that's right. And it's quite striking to see Max that the Prime Minister who had been held under house arrest since that coup in the late October, signing a deal with the generals that put him under house arrest and many members of his cabinet and many other members of the political class in Sudan or the political leaders in Sudan.

They have signed this deal. Some of the devil will be in the details including a restructuring of the political arrangement between civilian and military leadership. Now how that plays out will be a key factor on to seeing whether the Prime Minister has the leverage to continue to rule or is rarely been placed there by the military. For his part, the Prime Minister said he wanted to avoid further bloodshed that through several weeks of protests had seen scores killed, according to the Doctors Association in Sudan.

And immediately after this deal was inked, there were further protests, as you said, Max and a large number of the different civilian groups and professional groups slamming this deal saying that it is in a way, legitimizing the coup of late October by making it directly with those who caused it.

Again, a 16-year old boy was tragically killed in Khartoum, according to the Doctors Association, and it shows that the opposition forces or at least the civilian forces that were part of this transitional government show no signs of accepting this deal and the transition towards democratic elections looking pretty shaky despite the US Secretary of State congratulating Sudan on this move and the intense international pressure for them to make this deal. It's still unclear whether it will hold, Max.

FOSTER: David Mackenzie in Johannesburg, thank you. Chile is headed for a runoff next - runoff next month in its presidential election. And the top two candidates are polar opposites politically. Hard right former congressman Jose Antonio Kast, seen on the right here, leads in the vote count but he's well short of a majority still.

He'll face Leftist lawmaker and former protest leader Gabriel Boric in a December 19 runoff. Kast's policy ideas on illegal immigration and corporate taxation have drawn comparisons to former US President Donald Trump. Boric supports abortion rights and the welfare state model.

No runoff needed in Venezuela though. Election officials say Preliminary results show Nicolas Maduro's Socialist Party won a landslide. They took the capital district and all but three of the 23 states, turnout was less than 42 percent though. At least one person was shot and killed at a polling station. The motive is unknown at this point.

Still ahead, a convicted felon is still on the run after authorities say he brought a gun into America's busiest airport and sparked a panic. We'll have the latest on that investigation, coming up.



FOSTER: Based on our breaking news out of Wisconsin officials in Waukesha say at least five people are dead and more than 40 injured after a vehicle plowed through a Christmas parade on Sunday afternoon, children amongst those who were hit. Police say one person is in custody and there's no active threat to the community. According to the police chief the suspect's vehicle was recovered and is still not known whether this was an act of terrorism.

The Green Bay Packers football team released a statement on Twitter saying, "Our thoughts are with the community of Waukesha, this evening and those affected by the terrible senseless act." They added, "we must all come together to support each other in these difficult times." And NFL superstar JJ Watt who is from Waukesha offered his condolences to those affected by the tragedy, saying, "Just now seeing what happened at the Holiday Parade back home at Waukesha tonight. Horrific images. Truly hoping everyone is going to be OK and those not involved on our safe, adding thankful to everyone who rushed to action and helped the wounded."

We're also following a manhunt underway in Atlanta, Georgia. Police there are searching for the man accused of trying to bring a gun through a security - through security at the airport and accidentally firing off a shot. The sound sent people scrambling for safety, just imagine with Saturday's Thanksgiving holiday travel rush as well.

Police say 42-year old Kenny wells mistakenly fire the weapon when he lunged for it inside his bag at eight TSA checkpoint. CNN's Nadia Romero has more.


NADIA ROMERO, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, the manhunt continues for 42- year old Kenny Wells police say he is the passenger that came in through the TSA checkpoint here at Atlanta's airport and had a firearm and accidentally discharged that firearm and then he was able to run away. He was able to flee during all the chaos and the confusion that ensued and so they're still looking for him with multiple arrest warrants out for 42 year old Kenny Wells.

Now this happened at the busiest airport in our country, here at Hartsfield Jackson International during what was a busy weekend, as many holiday travelers were trying to get to their families and friends ahead of the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving. So this was a time when many people were already in the airport and then a scare happened. And then we saw the domino effect of a ground stop, temporarily stopping planes from taking off or landing, hours people were waiting inside of the airport trying to make their way out.

But we do know that there were more security measures this Thanksgiving compared to last year because of more security cameras. Now an airport spokesperson tells us they installed more than 300 new cameras here at the airport back in January bringing that total up to more than 3000.


ROMERO: And they were able to use those cameras to see exactly what happened in this particular incident on Saturday afternoon.

Those cameras are being monitored 24/7 by the TSA and by the airport emergency operations, but the manhunt still continues for 42-year old Kenny Wells. Nadia Romero, CNN, Atlanta.


FOSTER: A brazen robbery caught on camera in Illinois. Take a look at this. Police say at least 14 people forced their way into this Louis Vuitton store in Oak Brook last week. Then stuffed merchandise into garbage bags they brought with them.

The thieves reportedly made off with at least $100,000 worth of handbags and other items Police are still searching for the perpetrators. And in Oregon, Police say they've seized around 500,000 pounds of illegal marijuana with a street value estimated at half a billion dollars. Authorities say they found the drugs in several warehouses along with migrant workers living in what they described as subpar conditions. Recreational marijuana is legal in Oregon but it's illegal to manufacture it without a license.

Now Tiger Woods is getting back in the swing of things.


FOSTER: The golfing legend captioned that short video, "Making progress." It's the first video Woods has posted of him golfing since his car rolled over in February, leaving the champion with serious injuries. Good luck to him. Want to see more of him out and about. Thanks for joining us. I'm Max Foster in London. Early start with Christine and Paula, up next. They'll have much more on our breaking news coverage at Waukesha, Wisconsin. City officials are expected to give more details in the coming hours and we'll of course bring that to you so do stay with CNN.