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State Officials to Testify on Being Pressured by Trump; Macron's Centrists Lose Absolute Majority in Parliament; Leftist Gustavo Petro Winds Presidential Race in Colombia; Second Day of Mass Testing in Macao Amid COVID Case Surge; Holiday Marking End of Slavery Celebrated Across U.S.; One-on-One with Tournament Champion Matt Fitzpatrick. Aired 4:30-5a ET

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KATELYN POLANTZ, CNN SENIOR CRIME AND JUSTICE REPORTER: This week we're going to see another aspect of Donald Trump trying to manipulate the laws to take the election. This Tuesday the public hearing before the House Select Committee is going to focus on the states, specifically battleground states like Arizona and Georgia. Where Donald Trump and his lawyers were trying to get state legislators and party officials to change the outcome of the popular vote in those states. And I should remind everyone, those were states that Trump lost.

So, we know there are two aspects the Trump team focused on in 2020, 2021, and that we'll be hearing more about. One was how there was this direct pressure campaign that Donald Trump was placing on state officials. That would include people like Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. He will be testifying on Tuesday. He's the one who received that phone call from the president in early January asking him to, quote, find votes in Georgia.

There is also Rusty Bowers from Arizona. He's also set to testify. He received a similar call from Trump and others about his state using Republican electors who would back Trump as a way to supplant Biden's electoral college votes there. And this hearing won't just be about the maneuvering in the states that we know that the Trump campaign and many lawyers were taking part in. It will also focus on Donald Trump himself and his role. Here is what committee member Adam Schiff said about that Sunday on CNN.

REP. ADAM SCHIFF (D-CA): It will show evidence of the president's involvement in this scheme. It will also again show evidence about what his own lawyers came to think about this scheme. And we'll show courageous state officials who stood up and said they wouldn't go along with this plan to either call legislatures back into session or de-certify the results for Joe Biden. The system held because a lot of state and local elections officials upheld their oath to their Constitution. A lot of them are Republicans as well as Democrats.

POLANTZ: Schiff mentions there was both Republicans and Democrats taking part, and that's an important point to remember going into this hearing. The officials who we know will be testifying from Georgia and Arizona about Donald Trump's pressure campaign and how they pushed back against him, those men are all Republicans.

Katelyn Polantz, CNN, Washington.


SOARES: And we are following the results of two elections that are taking their countries into uncharted territory. Today finds the French political landscape changed in a way not seen before. President Emmanuel Macron's centrist coalition has lost its absolute majority in the national assembly. They will be the largest block but fell short of the 289 seats needed in the final round of elections on Sunday. Our Nada Bashir has more.


NADA BASHIR, CNN REPORTER: Well, less than two months since his presidential election victory, Emmanuel Macron has been dealt a stunning and historic blow. His centrist Ensemble coalition may have won Sunday's Parliamentary election, but it failed to maintain its strong majority in the national assembly. That is, the lower house of Parliament here in France. Macron's alliance secured 245 seats, falling short of the 289-seat threshold he would have needed to secure that absolute majority.

In contrast, major gains were achieved by a newly formed left wing alliance led by far left Jean-Luc Melenchon which followed behind in second place. And in third Marine Le Pen's far-right National Rally party with 89 seats. That's a record for the party. Now, in a jubilant speech to supporters, Melenchon described the results as totally unexpected. And as warned by the French Prime Minister last night, they could certainly throw French politics into turmoil.

ELIZABETH BORNE, FRENCH PRIME MINISTER (through translator): The situation is unprecedented. Never before has the national assembly experienced such a configuration under the fifth Republic. This situation constitutes a risk for our country given the challenges we face, both nationally and internationally. Tomorrow we will work to build a majority for action.

BASHIR: Now, these results mark a significant shift in the balance of power for President Macron's second term, making it more difficult for him to govern. And placing new limits on his capacity to deliver on domestic policy areas. The results were interestingly characterized on Sunday by one government minister as a disappointing first place for Macron.

And after five years of largely undisputed control, the president will now be forced to strike new compromises and look for alternative allies in the National Assembly to push his agendas through, although that may prove a challenge in itself. [04:35:00]

The president of France's conservative Republican party which came in fourth place on Sunday has already ruled out an alliance with Macron placing the French president in a precarious position for his second term.

Nada Bashir, CNN, Paris.


SOARES: Meanwhile Jean-Luc Melenchon is taking a victory lap as he said to lead France's new main opposition block. He addressed supporters in Paris on Sunday.


JEAN-LUC MELENCHON, FRENCH NATIONAL ASSEMBLY MEMBER (through translator): It is a totally unexpected situation, absolutely unheard of. The route of the presidential party is total and no majority is presented. We have achieved the political goal we set ourselves. In less than a month to bring down the one who, with such arrogance, had twisted the arm of the whole country to be elected without anyone knowing for what.


SOARES: Well, and there celebrating on the left in Colombia as well. Gustavo Petro will become the first leftist president of Colombia after capturing a slim margin on Sunday. He says he wants great national agreement to end violence associated with the drug trade.


GUSTAVO PETRO, COLOMBIAN PRESIDENT-ELECT (through translator): The government that will begin on August 7 is a government of life. It's a government that wants to build Colombia as a global power of life. If we want to synthesize in three sentences what that consists of, I would say first in peace, second in social justice, third in environmental justice.


SOARES: U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken reacted to Petro's win saying in a statement, quote, we look forward to working with the president elect Petro to further strengthen the U.S.-Colombia relationship and move our nations toward a better future.

There's been an uptick in COVID cases in two regions of China, Hong Kong and Macao. Earlier the world's biggest gaming hub began its second day of mass testing with banks, schools, government services as well as other businesses shutdown. Yet casinos remain open. For more on that I'm joined by CNN's Kristie Lu Stout in Hong Kong. And Kristie, why are casinos still open if that's that bad?

KRISTIE LU STOUT, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Oh, because this is the only industry in Macao. Its entire government is reliant on the takings coming in from the gaming and gambling industry. Look, on Sunday, Macao due to the uptick in infection, it has started a massive city wide testing campaign for all 600,000 residents there. And this because they detected 31 new cases of the virus on Sunday.

That means schools are closed. Museums are closed. Number of public venues are closed. But the iconic casinos, they remain open. And for those who wish to leave Macao, they have to provide proof of a negative PCR test taken within the previous 24 hours. Again, Macao is the world's largest gambling hub. This is something that the government there relies on 80 percent of the revenues from the gambling and gaming industry. And it has suffered tremendously throughout the COVID-19 pandemic along with the zero COVID rules that have been in place.

The latest uptick in infection comes shortly after the government made that decision to relax quarantine rules for new arrivals last Wednesday. We are also continuing to monitor the situation here in Hong Kong. The other special administrative region here in southern China, cases are rising here. The government is on high alert. Number of new daily cases surpassing 1,000 over the weekend. But the government is not showing any indication that it will bring back those tightened restrictions that we've seen earlier this year, especially ahead of July 1, a very key date because that is the 25th anniversary of the hand over. It's also when the incoming leader of Hong Kong John Lee will be sworn in.

Now the outgoing leader of Hong Kong, Carrie Lam, has been making some pretty interesting comments in regards to the zero COVID policy that's been in place here. Calling it in her words untenable. We have a statement for her. This is what she said to local media over the weekend.

She said this, quote, there is less time to make the decision if the city is sticking to the existing border control measures in the coming half-year, or by the end of this year, I will be a bit worried, unquote.

Now Lam added that members of the business community and financial community have been losing patience with the zero COVID measures that have been in place here. Back to you, Isa.

SOARES: Thanks very much, Kristie Lu Stout live for us from Hong Kong.

An all-star lineup comes together for a musical celebration of freedom. We'll show you the festivities marking Juneteenth right across the United States. That is next.



SOARES: Celebrations took place across the United States this weekend to commemorate Juneteenth, the holiday marking the end of slavery in the United States. Some of the biggest names in music as well as entertainment joined CNN on Sunday for a special live concert at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. President Biden addressed the crowd in a video message and said the work towards equality is far from over.


JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: It is simply not enough to commemorate Juneteenth. For emancipation did not mark the end of American work to delivering a promise for equality. It only marked the beginning. To honor the true meaning of Juneteenth, we must never rest until we deliver the promise of America to all Americans, all Americans. That's what Kamala and I and our administration are committed to do.


SOARES: Well, Mr. Biden signed the bill recognizing the holiday last year. June 19 marks the day the last slaves in Galveston, Texas, learned they were free in 1865.

Well, she is known as the grandmother of Juneteenth. It was Opal Lee who pushed for years to make the national holiday a reality. Hundreds joined the now 95-year-old activist for an annual walk for freedom in Fort Worth, Texas, on Saturday. The track is 2.5 miles long. Because that's how many years it took before Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation was enforced in Texas freeing the last slaves.


OPAL LEE, "GRANDMOTHER OF JUNETEENTH": When they learned they were free, they started celebrating and we've been celebrating ever since.


SOARES: Well, CNN's Nadia Romero has more now on how the holiday was celebrated in Atlanta, Georgia.


NADIA ROMERO, CNN U.S. CORRESPONDENT: Well, now that Juneteenth is a federal holiday and a state holiday here in Georgia. The festivities are bigger and better than ever. I spoke with the grand marshal of the Juneteenth Atlanta parade and she said she saw more people out this year than in years past. And she's also seeing more diversity, more people coming out and celebrating.

So, the parade began on Sunday afternoon and wind it through the city with marching bands, double Dutch and then landed here in Centennial Park. And you can see behind me plenty of vendors. Organizers say they expect to see some 100,000 people come out to different Juneteenth events in Atlanta all throughout the weekend.

But it's not just about celebrating when the last enslaved African Americans learned they were free in Galveston, Texas 2-1/2 years after the Emancipation Proclamation. It's also about what can be done now to help the black community move forward. And I keep hearing to common themes at this Juneteenth celebration. It's about voting, and it's about supporting Black businesses. Take a listen.


CASSANDRA KIRK, FULTON COUNTY, GEORGIA JUDGE: I am a sitting judge. And so, what's important for me is that everyone that's out here celebrating, remember that they must vote. That it's not enough just to come and do the party, do the dance, to buy the items, it is more important, it is equally as important to make sure that we vote.

MESHA MAINOR, GEORGIA STATE HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE: Last year we did the Juneteenth festival like this, it was much smaller. I think now since it's the state holiday, there's more advocacy for black-owned businesses. And so, this entire weekend, there were people supporting black businesses that normally would not support black businesses. And I hope that that continues beyond just Juneteenth because maybe those people that have never supported a black business, say, oh my goodness, I actually liked that service, or I liked that product.

ROMERO: So, the message today is about celebration and enjoying but also that there is still plenty of work to be done.

Nadia Romero, CNN, Atlanta.


SOARES: Well, after a two-year hiatus caused by the pandemic, pride events returned in the streets in Sao Paulo in Brazil on Sunday. Thousands turned out for the city's 26th event. June is Pride Month when LGBTQ communities come together to celebrate the freedom to be themselves. It pays homage to New York City's Stone Wall Uprising in June 1969 which helped spark the modern gay rights movement.

And just ahead right here on the show. It was a thrilling final round of championship golf at the U.S. Open which came down to the last hole. We'll hear directly from the tournament winner. That's next.



SOARES: English golfer Matthew Fitzpatrick has won the U.S. Open. It was thrilling final round which came down to the last hole on Sunday. The 27-year-old won the amateur championship there in 2013, and nine years later has won his first major championship at the same course. CNN's Don Riddell spoke with him after his big Victory in Massachusetts.


MATT FITZPATRICK, 2022 U.S. OPEN WINNER: It was incredible, you know. I thought about what it potentially could feel like, and it felt like that and more. You know, is just like a big relief. You finish the tournament and you've won, and you realize you've achieved your lifelong goals. And, yes, just the emotion kind of floods in and, yes, just a special day for me.

DON RIDDELL, CNN WORLD SPORT: And you did it on Father's Day. I admit I got a lump in my throat just watching your family and your mom in particular what it meant to her. How special was it to have all the family around?

FITZPATRICK: It doesn't get much better. Yes, I've been very lucky in my career, you know, this is my 8th win. I think that my parents have been about six of them. So, I would say that's very rare for a lot of guys. And for me to have that is, you know, is really, really special and for them to share that with me this week is amazing.

RIDDELL: So, you didn't just win the U.S. Open today. You also won the U.S. Amateur here. There's only one other golfer that has done both at the same golf course. You know who that is?

FITZPATRICK: Jack Nicklaus, yes.

RIDDELL: How cool is that?

FITZPATRICK It's amazing. It's amazing, you know, the best golfer of all time to share in the achievement that he's done is incredible. And for me to do that as well is, yes, you know, I'm so proud of myself to be able to achieve that and say that. So, yes, when you share records with Jack, it's pretty special.

RIDDELL: So clearly guys like you don't get to where you are without hard work and discipline. I've heard about your discipline, which sounds like it's off the charts. Recently you hosted a bachelor party.


RIDDELL: With all your mates in the house --


RIDDELL: -- and you shut the door and wanted no part of it. How hard is it to make a sacrifice like that?

FITZPATRICK: Yes, you know, for me I just want to win. You know, and whatever it takes for me is what I've got to do. You know, I'm very lucky my closest friends they understand that, too. Some of them are athletes themselves as well, and they understand what it takes and, you know, they were brilliant. They had no issues. They understood that I was playing a major the next week and, you know, I did what I had to do and it worked out. But it seems a lot for me, I feel like give me the edge over other people. It's having that dedication going out when no one else is and working hard, and that's what's got me to this level and hope I just keep doing it.

RIDDELL: You're kind of quirky. You do things your own way. You leave the flag in when you're putting. You chip cross handed. You make notes after every single shot. Is that the kind of rabbit hole you have to go down to give yourself an edge?

FITZPATRICK: I think so, yes. For me, my game in particular. One thing that was holding me back was my length off the tee and I've have, you know, I've improved that significantly over the last year or so. And not only that, it's just, you know, I'm just trying to find every single way I can get better. Whatever it is, and I'll try and find it. And I think because of that it's, you know, some days it pays off a little more than most.

RIDDELL: So, you're known to make notes in your little book after every single shot. Did you remember to mark one down after your final putt?

FITZPATRICK: I don't know. I'll have to check. Let me check. Did I? No, I didn't. I didn't even write -- I didn't write down how close it was. But I can remember it. So, I'll do that later. But, yes, I've done that before a few times maybe -- well, sometimes when I'm in a bit more heat I forget to do that. But yes, today I can let it slide.


SOARES: Impressive discipline. Don Riddell there with that interview.

Well Red Bull driver Max Verstappen started his milestone 150th race in Sunday and he made it count winning the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal. It's his sixth win of the F-1 season and the 26th career win for the 24-year-old Dutch man. Carlos Sainz came in close second while Louis Hamilton took third. The Grand Prix victory is Verstappen's first in Canada.

Tennis star Naomi Osaka will not compete at Wimbledon this year. The four-time Grand Slam champion bowed out with a leg injury on Saturday.


Last week the 24-year-old posted a video of herself rehabbing her Achilles on her under water treadmill. She tweeted, her Achilles is being stubborn still. Last month she withdrew from the Italian Open citing left ankle injury. The world number 43 hasn't played at the at all England club since 2019.

In southern Ukraine, Odessa's opera and ballet theater reopened to the public on Friday for the first time since Russia's invasion began. The Odessa National Opera and Choir are on the bill for the reopening. The concert opened with a performance of the national anthem. All performances are being dedicated to the Ukrainian military. The opera house says its thanks to the troops, the public will go to shows and artist can share their creativity. That is wonderful to see.

And the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge posted a Father's Day photo on Twitter on Sunday. The still image showed a smiling Prince William with his children Prince George, Prince Charlotte as well as cheeky Prince Louie. It was taken in Jordan in August of last year. Williams father Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, also marked father's day on social media sharing snaps on his own official Twitter account.

And that does it here for me on CNN NEWSROOM. Thank you very much for your company. Do stay in touch with details on the screen. Our coverage continues on "EARLY START" with Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett. See you tomorrow. Have a wonderful day. Bye-bye.