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King's Long-Standing Relationship with the Middle East; Gulf Diplomats to Pay Final Respect to Queen Elizabeth; Teen Ordered to Pay Restitution for Killing Her Alleged Rapist; Tennis Legend Roger Federer Announces Plan to Retire. Aired 4:30-5a ET

Aired September 16, 2022 - 04:30   ET



BECKY ANDERSON, CNN ANCHOR: The palace of Westminster, this Friday morning, welcome back to CNN NEWSROOM. I'm Becky Anderson. And if you are just joining us, let me bring you up to speed on what we can expect in the hours ahead here in the U.K.

Right now, the Queen is lying in state, mourners from all over have come to pay their respects. The line is currently about five miles long with an estimated wait time of at least 14 hours. Well in the hours ahead, King Charles and the Queen Consort Camilla will travel to Cardiff in Wales once there they will attend a service of prayer and reflection for the life of the Queen.

Well, leaders from all over the world will attend her state funeral, on Monday. Among them, officials from across the Gulf and Middle East, the region that holds special meeting for King Charles III.


ANDERSON (voice-over): The new King and his Queen Consort dipping their fingers at what is believed to be the baptismal site of Jesus Christ. Then air to the throne Charles' visit to Jordan and Egypt in 2021 was significant being the first overseas tour by a senior member of the royal family since before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Kings affection for Jordan -- like his mother's well-established. Hear a 2015 meeting with Jordan's King Abdullah II, the relationship that dates back more than 20 years.

NASSER JUDEH, FORMER DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER OF JORDON: I have no doubt in my mind, that this friendship between our two royal families, between our peoples, will continue to flourish, prosper, and get stronger by the day under his Majesty King Charles III whom we've had the pleasure of welcoming in Jordan on numerous occasions. He knows Jordan and he knows many friends in Jordan.

ANDERSON (voice-over): Over the years, he's undertaken hundreds of documented meeting with leaders from the region. The Crown Prince of Bahrain, Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa. Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Amir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Oman's Sultan Haitham bin Tariq, Egypt's President Abdel Fattah El- Sisi and the list goes on. DAVID ROBERTS, ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR, KING'S COLLEGE LONDON: There are

an awful lot of very senior relationships that have a bit of history to them. Which I'm sure will help as it were going forwards when it comes to reestablishing those relationships now that he is king. I don't particularly see all that much changing in the sense that the Middle East will continue I'm sure to be a key part of his portfolio.

ANDERSON (voice-over): His a visit to that holy site in Jordan however, an example of the kings affinity with the Middle East going much deeper than mere diplomacy. He's long had a keen interest in Islamic art and culture, having studied history, archaeology and anthropology at the University of Cambridge.

More recently, he spent time learning Arabic, so that he could better understand the Quran and has toured numerous ancient religious sites.

KING CHARLES III, UNITED KINGDOM: How else can we heal the divide between east and west.

ANDERSON (voice-over): Although a Christian, the new monarch has made reaching out to the Muslim community a cornerstone of his public service. He also serves as a patron of the Oxford Center for Islamic Studies.

FARHAN NIZAMI, DIRECTOR, OXFORD CENTRE FOR ISLAMIC STUDIES: For King Charles this search for his spirituality within the Christian tradition and to look out for commonalities with other faiths has been very important.

In his first major lecture at the Center, in 1993, he spoke about the indebtedness that the West has to Muslim civilization. Now that might be a fact well known to historians, but for him to stand up and say this, I think it reminded people that we are talking about the universal civilization to which all people have contributed. And from which, all people can benefit.


ANDERSON (voice-over): Indeed, the king sees himself not as just a defender of the faith, but also as a protector of all faiths. A bridge traversing the Western and Arab worlds.

So, while Queens passing signals the closing of a chapter, Charles's track record in the region suggests a new one is just beginning.


ANDERSON (on camera): And if you are a regular viewer of CNN, you know that I'm normally based in Abu Dhabi in the UAE. British relations than with Gulf countries have been warm since the former protectorates became independent. In 1972, shortly after the Treaty of Friendship was signed, the first Qatari ambassador was given an escort to Buckingham Palace by her Majesty's guard in a traditional horse drawn state carriage.

Well, the Queen made her first visit to the country in 1979. In 2010, Windsor Castle brought out royal pageantry for a Amir Hamad Al Thani's state visit. The Queen offered this in her welcoming speech.


QUEEN ELIZABETH II, UNITED KINGDOM: As old and valued friends, you are particularly welcome. I very much hope that you, your family, and all the people of Qatar will always look upon the United Kingdom as a home from home.


ANDERSON: Well, joining me here now is Fahad Al-Attiyah, Qatar's current ambassador to the United Kingdom. Those images that we saw were back from 2010, we have pictures of the current Amir Tamin Al Thani meeting the Queen back in May. As I understand it, he was one of, if not the last foreign dignitary to meet with the Queen at Windsor Castle.

FAHAD AL-ATTIYAH, QATARI AMBASSADOR TO UNITED KINGDOM: As far as we know, he is the last leader who met her Majesty at Windsor Castle. It is a special occasion anytime a member of the royal family, especially our Amir's would have any official engagements with the U.K., it would be an important point for them to meet her Majesty and engage just to build on that long-standing relationship that we've had.

ANDERSON: And somebody has described to me quite aptly as the canopy, the relationship between the royal family is a sort of a canopy under which relations are built to a certain extent. Just talk about that enduring relationship.

AL-ATTIYAH: Well, the relationship with the U.K. has gone on for well over a century, and the engagement with our monarchy, our royalties has been an essential cornerstone of that relationship with the two countries. Her Majesty the Queen represents this constancy for everyone. I mean, she opened the very school that His Highness the Amir has attended in Qatar in 1979. You just mentioned earlier that she has made that state visit to Qatar. And so, it just maintains and since above all this political change that happens below the monarchies so to speak. And this occasion of her passing represents this unity that brings everyone together including our monarchy.

ANDERSON: Let's talk about King Charles, one of his key pillars has been that of tolerance and inclusivity, strongly supportive of the Muslim communities. He has a huge admiration for and interest in Islam. And how do you see this new era and that relationship between the royal family here in yours in Qatar develop beyond what is a new monarch.

AL-ATTIYAH: Extremely important, I mean his understanding of our part of the world is a crucial aspect. I think that will just build on the momentum that already exists between the Gulf and the U.K., to have a monarch who has that level of understanding is crucial, and I think it will just propel the relationships even further.

ANDERSON: And while King Charles doesn't make policy, these trips are extremely important obviously diplomatically, by both trips by Qatari leadership here and the monarchy to Qatar. The U.K. and Qatar has built robust defense ties in the past. The Royal Navy and Air Force will be supporting security for the upcoming World Cup this year for example. How important has the royal family been in building those ties? I want to sort of get to the bottom of that, because you know, it's that they reign , they don't rule, they don't govern here. This is more of a symbolic relationship, isn't it?

It is a symbolic relationship but one that offers a lot of strength for the nation. I mean, to have a symbol of unity. And for us is also important to have people who we can engage with a longer term basis.


So, while we have these commercial ties, military ties, economic ties with the U.K., it is important that we have a direct relationship with some entity, body, symbol that sits above all these commercial interests.

ANDERSON: The politicians who come and go, of course, four or five years periods. I can't let you go without asking you about preparations for the World Cup. And there are exercises ahead of these events to iron out any problems that may occur. And I know frankly, the exercises ahead of the World Cup have shown some issues that need ironing out. Tell me, how are things going, we are, you know, we're talking about, sort of weeks, not months and years ahead at this point. How are things?

AL-ATTIYAH: Things are going pretty well. We just had a huge match a few days ago between two of the most popular Arab clubs Al Hilal and Saudi Zamalek. More than 70,000 people attended. It went perfectly well.

As you rightly said, these exercises are intended to smooth and iron out any issues. I think that we will be testing and continue to test until the very last day. I think the world CNN will experience a fantastic World Cup especially when there are the two national teams coming from the U.K., Wales and England I hope they will be playing some tribute to the majesty given it's also the Jubilee, the Platinum Jubilee and we have two nations and we have a new king. So, we're all very excited.

ANDERSON: I definitely know there are lots and lots of people who will have tickets and we will be looking forward from here including myself -- well, I'll be covering as a broadcaster. But hopefully I will get to a match or two. But very much looking forward to it and that of course with optimism. Thank you very much indeed for joining us, Ambassador. Fahad Al-Attiyah with me here.

With the Houses of Parliament behind me that is the palace of Westminster as it is known, and that is where the Queen's casket lies in state. Thousands streaming past ahead of her funeral which of course is on Monday. That's it for now from London, at least, I'm Becky Anderson, my colleague Kim Brunhuber is in Atlanta and he takes over with more news for you after this.

KIM BRUNHUBER, CNN ANCHOR: All right, thanks so much, Becky. Tropical storm warnings are now up for some of the Leeward Islands.

And a watch has been issued for the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico as tropical storm Fiona gain strength in the Atlantic. This storm has sustained winds of 60 miles per hour and is expects to strengthen. Flash flooding and mudslides are possible with some areas expected to receive up to ten inches of rain.

And wildfires continue to burn across parts of California, the Mosquito fire has now burned more than 67,000 acres, and it's only 20 percent contained. Firefighters say they are making good progress, but the eastern side of the blaze is still expanding. Cooler temperatures and some rain are expected over the weekend leaving officials hopeful the wet weather will help slow the fire.

One teenager is missing another in the hospital after a possible lightning strike in Orlando, Florida. Officials say it happened when a middle school rowing club was practicing in the water Thursday. Authorities still aren't sure if lightning struck the boat or just near enough to cause it to capsize. Five students were on the water at the time, with three being treated on the scene. Firefighters say a dive team is working to locate the missing student.

All right, coming, up just one more tournament to go for tennis great Roger Federer who says he is retiring. We'll looking back at the career of the 20-time Grand Slam champ. Stay with us.



BRUNHUBER: Should a victim of sexual assault be punished for killing her alleged rapist? That's the question in Iowa where a teenager stabbed her reported attacker when she was only 15 years old. Well now she's been ordered to pay his family a large restitution and was told she is lucky to avoid jail. And her story isn't the only one of its kind. Lucy Kafanov reports.


LUCY KAFANOV, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Outrage is growing in the case of an Iowa teen sentenced to five years' probation for killing her alleged rapist, ordered to pay the man's family $150,000.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The court is cognizant that you and quite frankly, your supporters may be frustrated even angry with the imposition of the $150,000 in restitution and Mr. Brooks' estate.

KAFANOV (voice-over): Pieper Lewis was just 15 years old when she stabbed 37-year-old Zachary Brooks to death inside his Des Moines apartment in 2020, where she says he raped her multiple times.

PIEPER LEWIS, VICTIM REQUIRED TO PAY RESTITUTION: I wish the events that took place on June 1st, 2020 never occurred. But to say there's only one victim to this story is absurd.

MEGAN HOXHALLI, SOCIAL WORKER, LUTHERAN SERVICES IN IOWA: Pieper was being used for money or drugs by adults.

KAFANOV (voice-over): In her plea agreement, Lewis laid out the series of events that led to the killing, saying she was trafficked by an older man who forced her to have sex with other men for money, including Brooks. She described being assaulted repeatedly, including while being unconscious. Stating, "I suddenly realized that Mr. Brooks had raped me yet again and was overcome with rage."

Lewis was facing up to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to voluntary manslaughter and willful injury. The judge deferred those sentences on Tuesday, meaning her guilty plea could be expunged if she completes five years' probation at a residential correctional facility.

JUDGE DAVID PORTER, POLK COUNTY: So, this is the second chance that you've asked for. You don't get a third, understand that?

LEWIS: Yes, I do.

PORTER: The next five years your life will be full of rules that you will disagree with. I'm sure of it.

KAFANOV (voice-over): The judge said the restitution was mandatory under Iowa law.

PORTER: This Court has no discretion but to impose the $150,000 in restitution payable to Mr. Brooks' estate.

KELLYMARIE MEEK, IOWA COALITION AGAINST SEXUAL ASSAULT: I don't think that justice was served. I think that justice would have not seen Pieper Lewis spent any time behind bars.

KAFANOV (voice-over): Rights advocates pointed numerous examples of victims of sexual abuse and trafficking facing punishment rather than protection.

MEEK: The women of color who've experienced sexual violence, domestic violence, trafficking, any kind of harm, who act in self-defense against their -- the people who harmed them have not been treated well by our legal system historically.


KAFANOV (voice-over): Sara Kruzan was sentenced to life without parole as a teenager for killing a man who sexually abused and trafficked her in 1994. Pardoned by California's Governor this July.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: State of Wisconsin vs Crystal Kaiser.

KAFANOV (voice-over): In Wisconsin, Crystal Kaiser is facing a life sentence for killing the man she said forced her into trafficking when she was just 16. In Tennessee, Cyntoia Brown was sentenced to life in prison for killing a man she claims paid to rape her when she was a 16-year-old trafficking victim.


She was eventually granted clemency and released in 2019, after 15 years behind bars.

CYNTOIA BROWN-LONG, SURVIVOR OF SEX TRAFFICKING/ACTIVIST: You know, it's just a story that has unfortunately become all too familiar.

KAFANOV (voice-over): Reacting to Lewis' sentence in an interview with PBS News Hour.

BROWN-LONG: She was a victim in this situation. Not only is she going to have to serve time in a facility, but over the next five years, anything that she does can trigger her having to serve a 20-year sentence. So, she's not truly free.

KAFANOV: Pieper Lewis avoids prison for now, but human rights advocates point out that vulnerable teenagers and victims of severe abuse like her, need support in healing in their trauma instead of punitive measures. Their message, the justice system should be punishing child sex traffickers rather than their victims.

Lucy Kafanov, CNN, Denver.


BRUNHUBER: And Lewis's supporters have started a GoFundMe page to help pay her restitution, and you go to college. Now the goal was to raise $200,000 but donors have already contributed more than twice that amount. And if you wish to contribute, you can go to the web link you see right there on the bottom of your screen.

All right, we have this just in to CNN. A suspect is in custody in the stabbing of two police officers in central London. The attack happened near Leicester Square around 6 a.m. local time. Huge numbers of police are of course deployed around London as crowds gathered for miles to pay their respects to the late Queen Elizabeth. London's mayor calls the incident, quote, utterly appalling.

All right, you're watching CNN NEWSROOM, we'll be right back after this quick break. Please do stay with us.



BRUNHUBER: Well, it's game set and match for the career of another tennis great. Roger Federer says he plans to retire after the Labor Cup next week. The 20-time Grand Slam winner made the announcement on Thursday via an Instagram video to his fans. Have a look.


ROGER FEDERER, 20-TIME GRAND SLAM CHAMP: As many of you know, the past three years have presented me with challenges in the form of injuries, and surgeries. I have worked hard to return to the full competitive form, but I also know my bodies capacity and limits, and its message to me lately has been clear. I am 41 years old, I've played more than 1,500 matches over 24 years. Tennis has treated me more generously than I ever would have dreamt and now I must recognize when it is time to end my competitive career.


BRUNHUBER: Federer's accomplishments include a 103 ATP titles, the second most in the open era and the gold medal at the 2008 Olympics in men's doubles.

Well, a jersey won by Michael Jordan during one of the most famous seasons of his NBA career has just made history again. Somebody bought the jersey at an auction on Thursday, the price, get this, a record $10.1 million. Jordan wore the jersey during his famous last dance season with the Chicago Bulls in 1998, specifically, during game one of the NBA finals. Now the Bulls lost but went on to win the championship of course. The jersey is not the most expensive piece of game one sports memorabilia in history.

All right, to all of you watching us here in the United States, Canada and all around the world, thank you so much for joining us. "EARLY START" is next, and I'll see you back here tomorrow.