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Yale, Harvard Law Schools Abandon U.S. News College Rankings; U.S. Faces Adderall Shortage amid Skyrocketing Prescriptions; Mega- Blizzard could Disrupt Bills versus Browns Game Sunday; Op-Ed: Walker "A Pawn in a Game he's not aware is being Played"; Op-Ed: GOP Treating Herschel Walker like a "Prop" in Georgia Runoff. Aired 6:30-7a ET

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MARC STEWART, CNN CORRESPONDENT: They are very different. And I think what the Dean of Yale said reflects what many universities have felt. I reach out to a number of people in the world had academia and no one is really a fan of these lists.

Because education in general, as we see with our families and our children, it means very individualized, even law school is very individualized. I was talking to one source last night who brought up a point that if you look at some of these broader college rankings, which are very popular, they look at some pretty finite factors, including percentage of alumni that gives back.

That is significant, because it's not the amount that they're giving, but it's the percentage. If you are a school where a majority of your student base is first ever first generation college graduates, they don't have this history of giving that perhaps a more established school would have. So is that more important in ranking than perhaps classroom size?


STEWART: Yes, and teacher accessibility. That's why these lists get a little bit murky and uncomfortable.

CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN CHIEF BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT: And I think the most important number is the student's number. What is the right school for the student because we have a student debt crisis in this country; people who are going to schools they can't afford that aren't the right match. And that's a list doesn't give you that, right?

It should be the reach school; it should be the financial reach school is what people should be really looking at here. And so I feel like it's like the hundred best songs of all time. We're going to have a different list all of us, you know, how can you rank the hundred best anything, when the students, whether they're first generation going to college, whether they have money saved, they don't have money saved, they're going to be getting loans, there's so many different factors. I think the list sometimes it's just too simplistic.

KAITLAN COLLINS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: But also the idea that you take out these massive student loans thinking you're going to like the number one, two or three law school and then it's actually like 15 in reality. But I think people still want a list, they want to be able to say I went to the number one law school in the country. So how does that work?

HARLOW: Like just bragging rights?

COLLINS: People love bragging rights though.


STEWART: Yes and universities as much as they condemn them. If they have a good ranking, I'm sure it's very much active in their marketing portfolio. But we do like lists. I mean, whether we're talking about colleges or microwaves, I mean, it makes these easy.

HARLOW: Here's why I think the danger is and where I think this is a really good move. Companies often only recruited certain universities and certain law schools, right? And they just go to what's the best on the list, and then you miss all of these amazing people at other schools, like my husband made this change where he works.

And he said why are we going to these schools? Why aren't we talking to these students? And the people he's hired have been remarkable, you know? So it's like really dangerous for people who aren't going to those tops.

LEMON: The bias is baked into the system.

HARLOW: Totally.

ROMANS: I am sorry about the people who take on a whole bunch of debt because they're going to a number one or number two school and they take a year-off. Or God forbid, they don't make it and then you're stuck with a number one not degree and a number one pile of, of debt.

Well, also, we know that Harvard and Yale are the best. I mean, we know they're really, really good, right? I mean, they're not being on that list is not going to mean that people don't want to go there. There's a very good schools.

STEWART: I did hear from a recruiter last night, though, who talked about the point you brought up. And she feels now that companies are looking they really don't care where you went to school or it matters in some here.

HARLOW: I hope so.

STEWART: It matters in some areas like recruiting from - like if you work in finance, certain schools are right for recruiters, but company's recruiters they are still looking for strong skills no matter where you received your education.

LEMON: And you know it's all about your initiative and how motivated you are.

COLLINS: Just said as a -

ROMANS: I love state schools.

LEMON: Our Michigan state is here.

ROMANS: I know, I know.

HARLOW: It's state school table.

LEMON: We know you went to Harvard, Harvard.

ROMANS: Harvard of anxiety.

HARLOW: Thank you Romans, thank you Marc very much. Many fans love a snowy football game, but historic snowfall is causing a huge concern for bills and browns fans, we'll take you live to the weather center. And there's a nationwide shortage of Adderall as demand for the drug is skyrocketing. We'll tell you what officials are saying about that next.



HARLOW: I cannot believe they're making me say bad news for Wolf Blitzer, but it is and Harry Enten and Bill's fans everywhere. Sunday's game against the Cleveland Browns may get disrupted as a Mega-Blizzard could bring historic snowfall to Western New York. Let's get straight to our CNN Meteorologist Chad Myers with the forecast. You too right, Bills?

CHAD MYERS, CNN METEOROLOGIST: We're in - which is just north of East Aurora, she is where the game will be played. Yes. I spent 13 years there shoveling now for money as a kid.

Well, you're talking amidst Minnesota over here, so same here.

MYERS: Right? That's right. Yes. Well, you're at Minnesota, yes, you beat us last week.

HARLOW: Yes, we did eight and one. Wait for us patriots, just wait.

MYERS: Participation trophy for the bills. Anyway, two to three feet of snow right over the Niagara Frontier from Southern Genesee County all the way down into Erie County and to Wyoming County. We're going to see snow already seeing snow here in the parts of Michigan from the same cold air its cold everywhere.

And that's the key to Lake effects snow. You ever sit out on a dock on a cold morning and watch the steam come-off the lake because the lake is warm, that's the steam that this lake effect snow machine is going to use.


MYERS: That's the extra moisture that you get off of the lake, Lake Erie and also Lake Ontario. And that's where that moisture that's where the humidity. That's where the snow will come from. It'll be cold air, it'll be not brain, and it will be absolutely snow in some spots, two to four feet of snow. It's going to be difficult to get there. Hopefully they can play because I love watching a game in the snow.

HARLOW: --is like dangerous, be careful people. But when you said, do you ever sit and watch a lake and watch this team off a bit?

LEMON: Yes on a - dock.

HARLOW: Don's like.

LEMON: No. From my warm, cozy couch of the window, I can see the steam rising off the water. That would be too cold.

HARLOW: Good luck, Chad. I wish you better luck than last again.

MYERS: Thanks.

LEMON: Good luck all right.

COLLINS: All right, now the United States is facing a nationwide Adderall shortage. Millions are feeling the impact as demand for Adderall has skyrocketed. But it's been raising concerns that people cannot get the medicine they rely on.

For more let's bring in CNN's Medical Correspondent Dr. Tara Narula. This is a big concern that people have obviously a lot of people have Adderall subscriptions. Why the shortage?

DR. TARA NARULA, CNN MEDICAL CORRESPONDENT: Yes, so we heard about the shortage initially in February, when the FDA announced that there was a lack of Adderall immediate release that short acting form of the drug and it has left a lot of patients scrambling. And we know that around 16 million prescriptions were written for stimulants back in 2017, that number has only gone up since COVID.

It's important to really understand the scope of this problem; about 10 percent of children are diagnosed with ADHD. And that is a disorder that in many times persists into adulthood. It's characterized by inability to pay attention, or inattention and also impulsive behavior.

So you can imagine if you can't get your medication, it can affect your career, it can affect your home life, it can have safety ramifications. And that abrupt withdrawal, let's say you're taking all the sudden you can't get it can cause fatigue, irritability and other real withdrawal effects. So unfortunately, a lot of patients are scrambling and struggling. And it's a difficult time right now for many waiting weeks or months to get their drug.

LEMON: I asked you about this yesterday and then I should have I didn't go on to follow up my data's got ahead of me. But what is it? Is it a supply chain? Is it for people who are that what it is?

DR. NARULA: It's a multi.

LEMON: Is it for people who are taking it and don't need it like college students who just to study or what's the deal here?

DR. NARULA: It's a demand, it's the supply. And it's the fact that it's a controlled substance by the FDA. So it's a schedule two drugs. So basically by the DEA, I'm sorry, so it is limited, the amount that drug companies can produce, there's a quota. So even if we said produce more, they can't really produce more than the amount that they're allowed to number one.

Number two; there have been supply chain issues. So Teva Pharmaceuticals, which produces about 30 percent of the market had an issue with workers a year ago that has led to kind of a backlog, other companies who make it also have had issues producing. And then demand as you said, Don.

Did it go up after COVID demand?

DR. NARULA: It did? Yes.


DR. NARULA: And so one of the reasons is there have been this kind of growth of online Telehealth companies that were able to prescribe Adderall and some other drugs very easily to patients. So there has been an increase in prescriptions written, some may be necessary, unnecessary, but also a lot of people who maybe weren't taking their drugs and needed to during COVID really got on their Adderall prescriptions or maybe needed a higher prescription. So it's all of those factors that have played into the situation we're seeing now.

HARLOW: Anything parents can do.

DR. NARULA: So the important thing is call your doctor and have a discussion about you know, is there a different formulation of Adderall, I can take, is there a different stimulant drug there are other drugs like Ritalin for example, different class.


DR. NARULA: Cutting the dose, maybe taking a holiday on weekends, certainly calling around to other pharmacies and there are other non- stimulant therapies and therapy as well. So there are other options.

HARLOW: Yes. Big Questions, doctor. Thank you for that update.

LEMON: It is a last senate race still to beat. So thank you very much. I appreciate it. It's the last in the race still to be decided of what our guest has to say about the Georgia run-off and black America. You're going to want to watch this. LZ Granderson has a fascinating new Op-Ed. He's going to join us next.


[06:45:00] LEMON: OK, so cash pouring into Georgia for the senate run-off there and the showdown between Republican Herschel Walker and Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock. They are fighting for the last undecided senate seat, but amid allegations and criticisms that have played Walker's campaign.

So LZ Granderson from the Los Angeles Times, he has an Op-Ed that says that we have to look beyond that and focus on Walker's role in the GOP. This is what he writes - he says, the clips of Walker fumbling over his words, talking in circles and just completely making stuff up are painful.

Some are embarrassingly funny. Most are sad reminders that Walker isn't an electrifying new voice in the conservative movement, just a pawn in a game he's not aware is being played. LA Times Columnist LZ Granderson joins me now. Good morning, sir.

So upon, is he upon and he doesn't know or is he a willing pawn, right. Maybe it's a combination. He's just saying he doesn't know he's just not aware?

LZ GRANDERSON, OP-ED COLUMNIST, THE LOS ANGELES TIMES: Well, well, I think there I think both things are true. I believe that there's there are games happening that involve him that he's not aware of. And I pointed it out in the column because of the fundraising tactic that was being used by not only save America, which is the pack connected to Donald Trump, but actually pack connecting to other white members of the Republican Party, who had absolutely nothing to do with the Georgia race such as J.D. Vance.

Others reported that J.D. Vance's pack or at least the committee connects to J.D. Vance sent out an e-mail, in which they said hey, help us, help Walker defeat, you know Warnock in Georgia click and send donations. When 90 percent of those donations were going to J.D. Vance's pack and 10 percent was going to Walkers unless the donors specifically clicked on separately to allocate otherwise.


GRANDERSON: And we know the campaign didn't know this was happening, because the campaign manager said, this was they didn't know this was happening. And they asked Republican Party to stop. That's one aspect of this game that was happening. When Walker had no idea was going on, if name and image was being used to rise, God knows how much money without his knowledge.

And you know, it kind of reminded me and I included in the piece of like a college football player, - who would then write missing their names being used raise money they'll never have access to.

HARLOW: We were struck when Senator Lindsey Graham said this a few days ago and we wonder what you think. So let's play it and get your thoughts on the other side.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM (R-SC): They're trying to destroy Herschel to deter young men and women of color from being Republicans. If they destroy her show, it will deter people of color from wanting to be a conservative Republican, because she just had the life ruined. The conservative movement for people of color is on the ballot in Georgia.


HARLOW: What do you think he's doing there?

GRANDERSON: A remaining is Sally Struthers with the saving children commercials, I don't know if you guys remember those from back in the 80s and 90s, but that sort of --me up. It was that cynical to me like it reminded me of that because he's making this plea. And I don't want to denounce David children. It wasn't meant to dislike the organization.

But the aspect of having Herschel sitting there, you know, sort of blank staring into the camera. While you know, Lindsey Graham is trying to pretend as if Herschel Walker represents the black conservative thought, you know. And the thing that's really irritating to me about that, besides the fact that it makes Herschel look as if he's incapable of raising his own funds intelligently, is that Lindsey Graham knows good and damn well, there are no white southern Democrats.

So when he says they're trying to destroy them in some of the Democrats, what do Democrats look like in the South if there aren't any white elected official Democrats in the South? It looks like people of color.

And so it's a round-about way in which he's trying to suggest that black people are trying to tell Herschel Walker down. But as far as I'm concerned, I can't speak for the entire black community. But we haven't been thinking about Herschel Walker in decades.

We weren't out trying to be story, Herschel Walker, Donald Trump recruited Herschel Walker from Texas to move back to Georgia to pretend as if you weren't to be in the senate to say awful things about the black man who was the pastor of a church of Dr. King's Church, in a state that we just watched all my - video happened.

In a state in which there's a video right now, in which a group of police officers are beating up a black man with dreadlocks like me, by the way, who is in custody already and not resisting arrest. And so this whole notion that they're trying to destroy Herschel Walker, when in fact, it was Donald Trump, who brought Herschel Walker into this conversation just so he can control them and manipulate him.

And then we're sitting back and watching the elected officials in Florida, trying to get Herschel Walker to denounce Donald Trump and to accept their brand of conservatism. The governor and lieutenant governor who I believe was on CNN, the day of the election, or soon after the mid-term election, say Herschel Walker needs to tell Donald Trump to stay home and to you know, go and beg and ask for us to DeSantis to give them help. And once again, Herschel Walker is not in control of any of this. He's just being a pawn in this proxy war that parts of the Republican Party I hadn't with Donald Trump and so different election to me.

LEMON: That was on his show. That was a Kaitlan Collin's question to that he answered into, yes.

GRANDERSON: Yes. And he said there were three things and he didn't say call me black people. Can you imagine being a black man born and raised in Georgia, all states and you're not being advised to call any black people to try to help you win an election. You got to call Florida. It's shameful.

But at the end of the day, this is really about what Georgians are comfortable with representing them. And I guess we're going to find on in December.

COLLINS: Yes. One of the things you wrote, you said the Georgia Senate Race is still an interesting story, even though we already know who's going to control the Senate. You said the run-off election is now about deciding simply what kind of black leadership voters in Georgia are comfortable with.

GRANDERSON: Yes, yes, and absolutely. You know, you may be called you know, the red summer I was just talking about this with the author posts of Everett yesterday, actually. And, you know, the driver for Red Summer for those of you who don't remember, or don't know this history, is that when black men came back from the war, lynching spiked, because racism in the south did not want to see black men wearing uniforms.


GRANDERSON: And black soldiers were actually being targeted, because racism did not want to see black people representing the country representing them appearing to be noble appeared to be leaders. And that has continued to be an aspect of this conversation. Unfortunately, nearly 100 years later, you can look at what happened with the country to sponsor the election of President Obama.

But it doesn't stop there. And it didn't begin there. And we're looking at it again here with Herschel Walker, where we all know he's not qualified to run for office, let alone be a member of the senate.

Nonetheless, he's been kept propped up, almost like the - from American Idol. If you guys had that kind of interesting kind of debacle in which they didn't care that he wasn't, you know the best. They just wanted him there just too kind of stick it to the man. And it feels that's what's happening here with Herschel Walker, they know he's not the best qualified candidate. But it doesn't matter because you're comfortable with him being in that position, because they know he'll never control or run anything in their lives.

LEMON: LZ, thank you, sir. I don't know if there's any follow up to that. I will say that when you talk about this, about him, some of his embarrassingly and funny, I don't know if he ever has funny statements. But I know that there are a lot of people who cringe when he opens his mouth and it's a reflection on the community.

LEMON: Yes. Thank you, LZ

HARLOW: Thank you.


GRANDERSON: Thank you.

COLLINS: A college town is on edge right now in the wake of the murder of four students at the University of Idaho. Why police say they cannot assure the community is safe ahead.


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