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Israeli Military Video Shows Tunnel near Al-Shifa Hospital; China Steps Up Mediator Efforts in Gaza Conflict; U.S. Defense Secretary Makes Unannounced Visit to Kyiv; Microsoft says Altman will Head up its AI Research Team; Legal Team Reached Deal to Avoid Tax Evasion Trial. Aired 9- 10a ET

Aired November 20, 2023 - 09:00   ET




BECKY ANDERSON, CNN HOST: Welcome, you're watching "Connect the World" with me Becky Anderson. It's 6 pm here in Abu Dhabi, 4 pm in Gaza. And in the

past few hours, premature babies from Gaza have arrived in Egypt via the Rafah border crossing.

An Egyptian official says 28 babies made it into the country a short while ago. Now these newborn babies were transferred from the Al-Shifa Hospital

in Gaza which has become a flashpoint of course in the Israel Hamas war. On Sunday one father whose son was born three days before the war, spoke of

his relief as he heard his child would be taken to safety. Have a listen.


ALI SBEITI, SON WAS BORN THREE DAYS BEFORE THE WAR: Thank God, we now feel that our son is safe after not seeing him for more than two weeks. We

didn't know whether he was dead or alive, especially when communications were disconnected with the doctors.

They called us in the beginning to tell us that the child feels better and that we can come to take him, but the Israelis had already cut -- in the

street. And we were new -- . We can only pray for his safety and he is here safe. I'm taking him home. But may God help the rest of the parents.


ANDERSON: Well, Eleni Giokos is in Cairo. And Eleni, you've got the very latest on these smallest youngest victims of this conflict, at least some

of whom are now in the safe hands of the Egyptian health authorities. What do we know at this point?

ELENI GIOKOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yes I mean look, we've been tracking this story for over a week now. In fact the Egyptians have been waiting and

ready with ambulances with incubators with ventilators at the border every single day this week.

And there was just no movement in terms of getting the babies out of Al- Shifa Hospital. And we've described those harrowing and catastrophic conditions within the hospital and then no safe passage out, eventually

moved to the Emirati Hospital in Rafah to stabilize the babies.

Here's what we know because we're seeing 28 babies right now have crossed over into Egypt. We know the number was much higher. We were expecting 36

babies initially. Doctors in Al-Shifa said some of those babies tragically died. You've got to remember there wasn't oxygen, not enough incubators,

running out of fuel to keep those incubators going. No milk.

In fact, one of the mothers described what she experienced inside Al-Shifa. She said during the siege, there were no milk and a condition worse. And

she was talking about her baby girl who she went back to Ziro (ph) and she relied solely on artificial oxygen.

The Egyptian Health Minister had said that they were putting three babies in one incubator just to keep them alive. We saw those images of the babies

being carried by hand Becky, when they had to be moved from the neonatal ward in Al-Shifa to another section of the hospital.

And then warm water bottles placed next to them just to keep them alive. When they were eventually moved to the Emirati Hospital, we saw images

again of those babies crying and of course major intervention stabilizing the babies and then moving them over the border.

In terms of why we got -- we only saw 28. We know that some of the babies were reunited with their family that was healthy enough to leave the

hospital. We heard from one of the fathers. But we also know that according to officials, only four mothers accompany those 28 babies and six nurses

what has become of the family members what has become of their parents, we just don't know.

Frankly, there's just been so much uncertainty and very little information. What we do know is they live in critically. They are in critical condition.

All of them are fighting infections at the moment. The Egyptians tell us that will be moved to two hospitals in the country. And the ones that are

in serious condition will be flown into Cairo.

They're talking about some of the babies being very underweight. And we're talking about a very fragile health situation for these babies that just

have frankly, have been through the absolute worst. If you think about the war that was raging around them and also not enough resources to help them

really in that -- that very fragile state I have to say that the people that I spoke to say they are relieved and they are happy they're in Egypt

and now the work begins to get them stable and healthy.

ANDERSON: Absolutely. It's going to be some time but at least they are through that border, Eleni, thank you. Well, Israel's military has released

video that it says shows evidence of a Hamas tunnel network underneath Gaza's Al-Shifa Hospital. It begins on the outside before a camera is

lowered down revealing a set of spiral stairs and later tunnel walls.


Israel says Hamas is used Al-Shifa to cover up an extensive terror infrastructure underground, something Hamas and hospital officials denied.

And CNN's Oren Liebermann and his team visited the hospital complex and other areas of Gaza over the weekend under IDF escorts. CNN retained

editorial control over his final report. Here it is.


OREN LIEBERMANN, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): We go in under cover of darkness as we crossed the border fence its lights out across the Gaza

Strip. Escorted by a tank, we switch into an armored personnel carrier for the final stretch. Even through a night vision screen, you can see the

magnitude of the destruction on the streets of Gaza City.

We offload at the Al-Shifa Hospital, pick our way along given synastry (ph) or what's left to be. We'd have to keep our lights off most of the time or

risk exposing our position. CNN reported from Gaza under Israel Defense Forces Escort at all times as a condition for journalists to join this

embed with the IDF. Media outlets must submit footage filmed in Gaza to the Israeli military censors for review.

Now at the hospital compound, we wait inside a structure to make sure the area is secure before moving the short distance to the exposed tunnel


LIEBERMANN: And here's the entrance you can see what looks like a ladder accessing to it. And as I step over here, it's very difficult to see how

far down it goes. But it looks like there's almost a central shaft for a staircase and then the shaft of it disappears then down into the darkness.

LIEBERMANN (voice-over): We move around the opening for a better look at the shaft itself. What's clear from here is this is meant to go deep


LIEBERMANN: Which direction does the tunnel go?

MAJOR NIR DINAR, ISRAEL DEFENSE FORCES SPOKESPERSON: We assume that the tunnel is built out and it has another corridor to this way.

LIEBERMANN: Towards the hospital?

DINAR: Towards the hospital, meaning it connects the hospital to outside which implies with the way that Hamas is working. Hamas is going out

somewhere shooted our forces and going back inside to a safe place.

LIEBERMANN (voice-over): We weren't allowed to enter the shaft but the Israeli military sent special gear down to see where this leads. Inside the

video shows a spiral staircase and as the camera orient itself, it moves forward into a tunnel. The tunnel makes a sharp left turn and at the end of

another path with concrete walls and an arched concrete top, a metal door they say they have not yet opened because they fear its booby trapped.

IDF Spokesman Admiral Daniel Hagari says some of the Israeli hostages taken on October 7th were also brought to the hospital. He says the body of Noah

Marciano was discovered 50 meters from the compound.

REAR ADMIRAL DANIEL HAGARI, ISRAEL DEFENSE FORCES SPOKESPERSON: But we have evidence that they were holding hostages in -- but also we have evidence

that they were bringing them to Shifa Hospital, we're still looking for the places they might have held them.

LIEBERMANN: This is not proof of a Hamas command center headquarters underneath the hospital. But Israel continues trying to build its case that

Hamas uses the sanctuary of the hospital for cover, which Hamas and hospital officials have denied.

LIEBERMANN (voice-over): The IDF's ability to continue its operation in Gaza and the credibility of Israel are at stake here as the number killed

in the fighting surpasses 12,000, according to the Hamas Iran Ministry of Health.

The IDF says one of its missions is to destroy Hamas. But with international criticism mounting, Israel has to show the terror

organization is using Gaza civilians and infrastructure as cover to justify an ongoing war. Oren Liebermann, CNN in Gaza.


ANDERSON: Well, Qatar and the U.S. are expressing cautious optimism that a deal to free some of those hostages held in Gaza could happen in the coming

days. Sources familiar with those talks tell us that under a draft proposal Hamas could release 50 hostages during pauses in fighting over several

days. It's believed more than 200, of course are still being held.

CNN's Arlette Saenz is at the White House. And we know Arlette these negotiations have been ongoing pretty much since the beginning of this

conflict back at the beginning of October. And certainly we've understood the sort of parameters of any deal for some weeks. What is it that we now

know which suggests that we are close to seeing at least in principle the release of some of those hostages?

ARLETTE SAENZ, CNN WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Well, Becky administration officials have been showing these glimmers of hope, optimism that a deal

could soon be reached. So they do caution that there have been fits and starts throughout these negotiations so that they caution that the

agreements just haven't been reached quite yet.

Now as you noted, there is a draft proposal that has suggested. There could be a four to five day pause in fighting in order for Hamas to release

around 50 hostages that is according to sources familiar with the talks.


The Israelis have a list of about 100 hostages that they want to see released. But so far, Hamas has been only closer to agreeing to that 50

hostage individual grouping that would occur over a multi-day pause. Now there are a host of other issues that would still need to be resolved in a

potential agreement. There is concern about how to get humanitarian aid into Gaza.

And there is debate over how many trucks of aid that could include? How they would inspect these trucks, as well as how they would ensure that the

aid is actually getting to civilians instead of Hamas fighters? But these talks have been ongoing for weeks.

You have senior administration officials here at the White House, who has been in constant contact with foreign counterparts with the Qataris really

serving as that main mediator between Israel and Hamas. There have been moments where Hamas has pulled away from these talks, one of the concerns

that they had was based on that Israeli raid and Al-Shifa Hospital.

But sources have indicated that those talks did get back on track. Now as the White House has pushed for these humanitarian pauses to not just get

aided, but also trying to get those hostages out. President Biden over the weekend reiterated that he is not budging when it comes to calling for a


The President said that a ceasefire is not the way to peace, that that would simply give Hamas an ability to replenish and rebuild and restock as

they're continuing this campaign against Israel. But the White House in recent days has really been expressing that cautious optimism that ideal

could be closed. President Biden himself yesterday telling reporters that he wasn't ready to predict when that could happen. He just wants to ensure

that the hostages get out.

ANDERSON: Absolutely. Arlette Saenz on the story for you, Arlette is in Washington. Well, China appears to be stepping up its efforts to play more

of a mediator role in the Gaza conflict. Earlier today, China's Foreign Minister hosted his counterparts from a number of majority Muslim and Arab

countries, including Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, plus the Palestinian Authority.

Now the delegation has made Beijing its first stop as it plans to tour other countries to push for an end to the Israel Hamas war. China's top

diplomat says the world in his words must act urgently to prevent the tragedy from spreading. CNN's Ben Wedeman is here in region watching the

very latest diplomatic movements live from Beirut.

And Ben this is a group of ministers. It was agreed back in Riyadh a couple of weeks ago, that there would be this sort of grouping that would fan out

to other countries around the world to gain some sort of support and momentum for some sort of conflict resolution.

And some sense of what might happen next, both in Gaza and with the sort of the Palestinian file going forward. I wonder what you make of firstly, what

their first stop is, that being Beijing today. And whether -- you know given that I think the world agrees that there needs to be some Arab

leadership at this point in a sort of post conflict sort of scenario whether this is anything more than just optics at this point?

BEN WEDEMAN, CNN SENIOR INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, it might be optics to some, but I think it's highly important that these countries,

these Foreign Ministers of countries, those countries have been calling for an immediate ceasefire so has China.

China of course has the rotating Presidency of the United Nations Security Council, where it has strongly pushed for a ceasefire. And this is in

direct contradiction to the American position. The Americans seem to want it both ways. On the one hand you know they're supporting Israel, on the

other they're ignoring their Arab allies who are calling urgently for a ceasefire.

And the United States continues to -- with some reservations or watches the Israelis continue with their war in Gaza and an increasing civilian death

toll going up every single day. So it's not surprising that the Foreign Ministers of these Arab countries plus of course, the Head of the

Organization of the Islamic Conference which represents many other countries, as well are going to the Chinese.

And let's keep in mind you well remember, Becky that in March of this year, China pulled off -- was a major diplomatic achievement, which was the

renewal of full diplomatic ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran.


These were countries at polar opposites for more than a decade when it comes -- came to every major issue in the Middle East. So the Chinese who

haven't thrown in their lot with Israel, like the United States are using their diplomatic muscle which is growing by all accounts to support these


And as I said, to continue to push for a ceasefire because the U.S. and many of its European allies seem largely deaf to the growing calls for an

immediate ceasefire in Gaza, Becky.

ANDERSON: Yes, Ben making a couple of really good points. Firstly, that China has a revolving Presidency of the United Nations Security Council.

And the resolution that was got through last week that sort of children's resolution is it were at least the first resolution since this conflict

began at the U.N. Security Council has gotten through was under the stewardship of the Chinese.

And two, there is some significance Ben and thank you of the fact that the Chinese are actually hosting this meeting of like-minds and let's call it

that the Arab and Muslim Leaders in Beijing -- this first meeting once again, urgent calls coming from all parties involved for an immediate


One has to understand and believe that there are conversations going on behind the scenes about what happens next? And what is the -- you know, to

use a diplomatic phrase the day after scenarios? Well, the U.S. is in it for the long haul. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin reassures Ukraine's

President America stands with his country even as divisions grow at home over support for Kyiv that is coming up after this.


ANDERSON: Let's get you up to speed on some of the other stories that are on our radar right now. And dissident Iranian Rapper Toomaj Salehi is out

of prison after a successful appeal. He was arrested during last year's protests and convicted of anti-government propaganda and other crimes

punishable by death. He says he spent most of the past year in solitary confinement.

And attempts to rescue dozens of construction workers trapped underground after a tunnel collapsed in India have entered a second week. Authorities

have been supplying the workers with food and water as they explore possible ways to get them out with the help of drilling machines and other


Icelandic officials are reiterating that there is a high likelihood of volcanic eruption in the grinned avec area (ph). This threat could impact

the entire town. Well, authorities are also concerned about a geothermal power plant. They're working 24/7 to dig a trench to try and redirect the

larva if it comes to the surface.


Funeral services are being planned for next week for Former U.S. First Lady Rosalynn Carter. Jimmy Carter's wife of 77 years died on Sunday at the age

of 96. Their marriage was the longest in U.S. presidential history. Wolf Blitzer has a look back at their life together and at the legacy left by

the Former First Lady.


WOLF BLITZER, CNN SENIOR INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): A soft spoken small town girl, Rosalynn Smith Carter became one of America's most

charming first ladies. Born in Plains, Georgia on August 18th, 1927 she was valedictorian of her high school class and met and married Jimmy Carter

when he was in the U.S. Navy.

JIMMY CARTER, 39TH U.S. PRESIDENT: My love and respect and cherish and honor, my wife Rosalynn.

BLITZER (voice-over): When Mr. Carter's father died in 1953, they moved back to Plains to manage the family's Peanut Farm.

ROSALYNN CARTER, WIFE OF JIMMY CARTER: I didn't want to go home. I was having a good time. I think I had thought ahead outgrown Plains, Georgia. I

was -- had gotten a little too big for my britches. I'm really proud of it for about a year after we got home.

BLITZER (voice-over): They had four children three boys, Jack, Chip, and Jeff and later daughter Amy. In 1962 Jimmy Carter entered politics and

Rosalynn hit the campaign trail.

R. CARTER: Campaigning was fun, up to a certain point because I got to travel and see the whole country, the most fun of the people you meet.

BLITZER (voice-over): She supported her husband's successful bids to become Governor of Georgia and later President of the United States. Mrs. Carter

was actively involved in her husband's presidency, attending Camp David meetings and cabinet briefings. She was a strong advocate for equal

treatment of the mentally ill.

R. CARTER: If they had coverage for their mental illness, then that the overall healthcare costs would come down.

BLITZER (voice-over): When the Carters left the White House in 1981 they spearheaded a new challenge Habitat for Humanity, building houses for the


R. CARTER: The whole community has come together to get rid of poverty.

BLITZER (voice-over): A year later, they established the Carter Center, a foundation devoted to promoting human rights, resolving conflicts and

eradicating diseases. Mrs. Carter continued to focus on reducing the stigma of mental illness.

R. CARTER: I'm really, really proud. I've been very impressed.

BLITZER (voice-over): Another focus caregiving, an issue closes to her heart, as she told a Congressional Committee.

R. CARTER: It's been part of my life since I was 12-years-old. And my father was diagnosed with leukemia at age 44. We lived in a very small town

and all the neighbors rallied around. But I still vividly remember going to my secret hiding place. The outdoor preview if you can believe that to --

it's a way I could be alone.

BLITZER (voice-over): In 1999 Rosalynn and Jimmy Carter were honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest honor for


J. CARTER: Rose and I have visited now more than 150 nations in the world.

BLITZER (voice-over): Mrs. Carter was often irritated that her husband was praised more for his achievements after his presidency than those of his

administration. But she accepted that was politics.

R. CARTER: Doesn't matter what you do, you're going to be criticized for and so do what you want to do.

BLITZER (voice-over): And they were remarkably close first couple. Jimmy Carter used to say Rosalynn was much more than his wife.

J. CARTER: It's always Rosalynn, to whom I turn for the primary advice and we make the decisions together. She's the matriarch when our 11

grandchildren, our four children have a problem they call Rosalynn first because I know that they'll get a sympathetic ear.

BLITZER (voice-over): She remained by your side, occasionally joining with other first families, and later supporting each other in their twilight,

she with dementia, and Mr. Carter in hospice. And in the 39th President, Rosalynn Carter got more than just her husband.

R. CARTER: My life with Jimmy Carter has been more adventurous than I ever dreamed it would be.


ANDERSON: The United States of America is with you, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin delivering that message of what he calls unwavering support

for Ukraine during a meeting with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. It's Lloyd Austin's second trip to Kyiv since the Russian invasion in February 2022.

This one comes amid deepening divisions in the U.S. Congress over aid funding for Ukraine. CNN's Anna Coren is following Austin's visit from the

Ukrainian Capital. This is a significant trip. There are clearly concerns in Kyiv about what they hear coming from Congress and the Fisher's so far

as support for Ukraine is concerned. How did Lloyd Austin's trip go down?


ANNA COREN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: It's a shot in the arm without a doubt, Becky. You know when we were talking last week about the fact that the West

is very distracted, that the conflict of the Middle East is overshadowing what is happening here in Ukraine.

The sense here was bleak. You know the world has forgotten. But with the Defense Secretary of the United States arriving here on this surprise visit

to say you know we are with you and that what matters here matters to the rest of the world. That is exactly what the Ukrainians are wanting to hear.

Obviously, President Zelenskyy very anxious about that U.S. funding bill, $61 billion is what President Biden wants to pass through Congress. We know

the headwinds that is facing and the deep divisions within the GOP whether Lloyd Austin was able to leave any concerns that remains to be seen.

But certainly President Zelenskyy knows that he has the support of Lloyd Austin and President Biden, and that is critical at this point. We know

this is an incredibly difficult moment in the war. We had 21 months in Becky, this counter offensive has failed. Winter is setting in 2024 looks

tough but if that funding bill can get through Becky, experts told me that Ukraine will be set.

ANDERSON: Anna Coren on the story for us, Anna thank you. Coming up is the latest intelligence on the upheaval in Artificial Intelligence. The CEO of

ChatGPT Firm, OpenAI is ousted after a boardroom battle where he's going and the ongoing fallout is next.



ANDERSON: Pick out from Wall Street Monday morning on the opening bell sounding investors off to a new week of trade of last week's more than 2

percent rally for the S&P 500. This will be a holiday shortened trading week with U.S. markets closed on Thursday for Thanksgiving and a mixed open

for you there.

I mean hardly any change, hardly worth explaining what's going on there on the DOW the S&P both marginally off the NASDAQ just holding on to a slight

gain there. You're watching "Connect the World". I'm Becky Anderson.

The story dominating the news on Wall Street today involves the stunning developments in the world of Artificial Intelligence. Now Microsoft

announced hours ago that it is hiring Sam Altman, the Former CEO of OpenAI that is the firm that runs the popular ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence


Now the board of OpenAI fired Altman on Friday saying that they had lost confidence in him. They offered though very few details about why. Well

there is a ton of unanswered questions here including what all this means for AI for AI safety and the future of OpenAI, which is a key player in

what is going on in the world of Artificial Intelligence.

And frankly you know how it affects all of us? Anna Stewart joins me from London. And Anna honestly I mean the fallout from the board decision could

not be more consequential. Some 500 of these 700 odd employees threatening to quit the company, just explain what's going on here and why this

weekend's moves were so significant?

ANNA STEWART, CNN REPORTER: It is hard to keep up with what has been one of the most spectacular corporate fallouts. I think I can remember really in

terms of a board firing a CEO very suddenly seeing the fallout from investors but also within the company. And this is just the latest.

This is a letter to the Board of Directors of OpenAI. As he mentioned, over 500 employees have agreed to this. And when I say it's the letter to the

Board of Directors Becky, there were six directors as of last week. One was fired Sam Altman, the other Co-Founder Greg Brockman actually resigned on

the basis of this news.

And a third is actually signing this letter. So it's almost a letter to them at this stage, which means there are three directors that are being

very much targeted by this letter. And I'll just highlight a few bits that we've had in the last hour. It says they believe the board is incapable of

overseeing OpenAI.

They say, they may choose to resign and join Microsoft with Sam Altman and Greg Brockman join that new entity. They've been assured they have

positions. And these are their turns. They say they will take this step imminently in less all current board members resigned. That's the three I


And the board appoints two new lead independent directors. They mentioned a couple and reinstate Sam Altman and Greg Brockman. So that is the most

extraordinary laying down of the law from over 500 employees, the CTO and a board member on that as well.

So now you have to wonder is the Microsoft move going to happen are we going to see a complete -- again at the top. And are we going to see Sam

Altman, Greg Brockman going back to OpenAI?

ANDERSON: Just remind us who Sam Altman is, for those who you know -- for those who aren't in the kind of in the weeds of AI. They may not know who

he is. This guy is a very, very, very significant player, not just in business but in U.S. and global politics these days as well.

STEWART: He's become the biggest voice really, when we talk about artificial intelligence. He's the loudest voice at least. There are just a

handful of companies really running the AI debate, I guess, in terms of a few companies that lead the way. There's Google DeepMind with Demis

Hassabis and the Sam Altman with OpenAI.

He is the biggest voice. He's one of the Co-Founders of the company. There are quite a few co-founders there. But he's become very vocal and very

eloquent particularly, as you mentioned at Senate Committee Hearings. In the political level, you see him on the international stage. And he's very

vocal on Twitter.

And one of the big questions for all of us right on Friday was why has he been fired from the board? And there's lots of speculation about this. From

the company we actually didn't get very much. There was something about a lack of communication with the board but no more detail.

Other people wonder whether his popularity had eclipsed the board. And therefore frankly, they've lost control of what Sam Altman wanted to do

with the company. Or whether his part in terms of trying to commercialize the profit part of OpenAI because it is a non-profit entity generally,

whether they felt that was undermining or risking AI safety.


ANDERSON: Where is he going?

STEWART: Well, he's signed up for Microsoft. But as of the last hour with this letter from over 500 employees demanding he goes back to OpenAI, you

have to wonder Becky, check back next hour.

ANDERSON: Good stuff, thanks Anna. Former U.S. President Donald Trump and Investor Elon Musk are celebrating the results from Argentina's latest

election. Provisional results show Javier Milei won at least 55 percent of the vote, beating out rival Sergio Massa.

He ran a bombastic anti-establishment campaign against the backdrop of one of the world's highest inflation rates. Mr. Trump wrote on Truth Social

make Argentina great again. A familiar ring to it, isn't it? Joining me to talk about that support for Argentina's next President is Journalist

Stefano Pozzebon. What are we looking at here as the new President-elect's first steps?

STEFANO POZZEBON, JOURNALIST: Yes, Becky this morning in Buenos Aires, Milei spoke with a couple of Argentinian radios. And that already gives us

some sign of the how a presidency of Javier Milei will look like in the next four years. So he has for example, said that he intends to visit the

United States or visit the Organization of American States before his inauguration which is on December 10.

But also that he intends to visit Israel before the inauguration. Milei has always self-professed himself as a staunch ally of Israel. And in

particular of the government of Benjamin Netanyahu saying time and again that he thinks Israel should have the right to dissent -- to defend itself

no matter what.

And pledging on the campaign trail, his intention to move the Argentinian Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem we'll see if that actually happens over

the next four years. But clearly some signs in the geopolitical spectrum that he intends to move Argentina decisively in the supporter of Israel and

of course a closer relationship with the United States.

On domestic policies, there is of course, a lot of expectation about his choice for Finance Minister. Milei himself is an economist by trade and he

of course was propelled to victory by proposing to dollarize the economy in Argentina and completely shut down the Central Bank.

He has said to date that he doesn't want to -- say already who he's a preferred choice for the Finance Minister will be. But he intends to go

forth with his plans to privatize the sectors of the Argentinian economy for example, the oil industry and the public TV broadcaster, Becky.

ANDERSON: Good to have you. Thank you, sir. Well, the world is now on track for more than double the amount of global warming and was previously

anticipated by climate scientists. The startling assessment is coming from the UN's latest Emissions Gap Report.

It says the planet's average temperature is expected to climb as much as 2.9, 2.9 degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels. A goal of course for

out of Paris in 2015 was 1.5 degrees. And this comes as the world briefly smashed through the crucial two degree warming limit for the first time


Some sports news for you coming up feeling that Vegas high after a thrilling F1 Grand Prix, Amanda Davies will be in the hot seat with every

twist and turn of what was a spectacular event this weekend that is coming up.



ANDERSON: The Queen of Latin Music Shakira has reached a deal to avoid a tax evasion trial in Spain. In court earlier today, the judge announced a

last minute agreement submitted by all parts to avoid a trial. This legal tax case covered the years between 2012 and 2014.

The Colombian Singer said she was ready to face trial, but instead wanting to "Leave this chapter of my life behind". And from Shakira to the words of

Elvis Presley "Viva Las Vegas" that is what Max Verstappen sang after he won his thrilling race, the F1 Grand Prix in Las Vegas.

The three time world champion secured a record extending 18th win for the season. Surely even the king himself would have been impressed. Amanda,

what do you think? I mean what a race?

AMANDA DAVIES, CNN SPORTS ANCHOR: Yes, I mean, might have been impressed by the racing Becky. But I don't think he would have been by Max's singing.

Max afterwards admitted that he may be needed to tap up Geri Halliwell, of course his team principle's wife, one of the Former Spice Girls for a few


But it was a race that won Max over. He was one of the biggest critics of the race. And the show saying there hadn't been enough focus on the sport

in the days and the build-up to it. Yes, there were a few teething problems I think it's fair to say around the logistics, but it was a brilliant race

from start to finish.

Max was chased all the way that's something we haven't seen of course, very often this season. So I think more people leaving Vegas with a smile on

their face with a tick in the vote for column and of course putting the pressure on the other races, of course next stop the season finale in Abu


ANDERSON: Yes, that's right. All coming here, thank you. And "World Sport" is up next.