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Netanyahu under Pressure from International Community to allow a Viable Palestine State; Ron DeSantis Ends Presidential Campaign, Endorses Trump; Indian PM Modi Inaugurates Controversial Hindu Temple; Mass Destructions against Country's Far-Right Party; Chiefs Win a Thriller over Bills, 27-24. Aired 9-10a ET

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ELENI GIOKOS, CNNI HOST: This was a scene just moments ago above Khan Yunis. It is 4 pm in Gaza and 6 pm here in Abu Dhabi. I'm Eleni Giokos. I'm

in for my colleague Becky Anderson. This is "Connect the World".

Also happening this hour, protesters disrupt Parliament's in Israel to demand a deal to release the remaining hostages in Gaza. And it's down to

two in the Republican primaries after Ron DeSantis dropped out. Will Nikki Haley be able to put a dent in Donald Trump's bid for the White House? Plus

the Indian Prime Minister inaugurates a controversial Hindu Temple.

Welcome to the show and we start with emotional scenes in Israel as relatives of hostages held in Gaza forced their way into a parliamentary

committee meeting Monday, demanding fresh efforts to free the hostages. A separate group of demonstrators blocked the entrance to the Knesset calling

for an immediate election.

It comes a day after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he rejects outright the conditions Hamas is demanding in exchange for freeing the

hostages. Meantime in Gaza the longest near total communications blackout of the war is now over. The already isolated people of Gaza spent more than

a week not only cut off from the world but also from each other.

Unable to even call for help after Israeli bombs hit. The Hamas controlled Health Ministry in Gaza says now more than 25,000 Palestinians have been

killed since the war began. Our Jeremy Diamond has been following this war since the beginning, both inside and outside of Gaza.

Right now he joins us from Tel Aviv. Jeremy, great to see you, so much happening right now I want to drill in on what we've been seeing happening

in Gaza. We know over 25,000 that is the death toll right now, big focus over the weekend on hospitals for the IDF as well. Take us through some of

the most significant moments that we've seen over the past couple of days.

JEREMY DIAMOND, CNN JERUSALEM CORRESPONDENT: Yeah, that's right. Well, as the Israeli military says that it has moved to a lower intensity phase in

Northern and in Central Gaza in terms of its military operations, we are still seeing very much a full throated ground defensive in Khan Yunis where

the Israeli military has really been engaged in heavy fighting.

They say with Hamas militants in the center of that city, the second largest city in Gaza, the largest city in Southern Gaza. And on Friday

Palestinian officials reporting that the Israeli military actually stormed part of Al-Nasr hospital, the largest hospital in that City of Khan Yunis.

Heavy fighting is continuing to be reported around that area.

And the Israeli military also saying that they are discovering more of what they say are dozens of miles of tunnels that exist just below that City of

Khan Yunis, including revealing a tunnel where they say that about 20 hostages were held at different points in time. So that is the kind of

status of things in Khan Yunis where the Israeli military, Israeli devoting efforts there even as they withdraw troops from Central and Northern Gaza.

GIOKOS: Yeah, exactly. And as of course communication blackout starts to lift, we are starting to get a lot more images some of those we're showing

you right now. Jeremy, very important in terms of hostage families. In the meantime Netanyahu is saying there is no real proposal that he's willing to

work with.

And we saw families protesting questioning where hostages release is a priority for Benjamin Netanyahu? In fact, the protesters even disrupted the

Knesset today.

DIAMOND: Yeah, this the pressure is really mounting on the Israeli government to find another deal to free more of these hostages about a

dozen hostage family members storming a meeting of the Finance Committee inside the Knesset calling on those officials to do something, to get their

relatives out of Hamas captivity inside of Gaza.

There were also protests outside the Knesset from people calling for new elections. There's a series of pressure points that are building on the

Israeli government. But the Israeli Prime Minister for his part is effectively rejecting out of hand a proposal that would see hostages free

but also all Palestinian prisoners freed and Israeli troops withdrawing from the Gaza Strip.

Today telling the families of hostages that Israel is rejecting this proposal by Hamas and saying that Israel has its own initiatives.


And he also says that if Israel were to accept those kinds of conditions, then the soldiers who have died in Gaza would have died in vain. And what's

also worth noting is that the Israeli Prime Minister is also facing pressure from his right flank to not end the war in Gaza, to not agree to

some kind of terms that would see the release of all hostages, as well as the end of the war.

So there is pressure on both sides that the Israeli Prime Minister is facing, but there's no question that if you look at the polling, he is not

in a good place. And a big part of that of course, has to do with this debate over these two main objectives of the war, destroying Hamas and

freeing the hostages and the fact that those are increasingly it seems in conflict with each other.

GIOKOS: Yeah. Jeremy Diamond, thank you so much for that reporting. Well, Israel's Prime Minister says his country must have security control over

Gaza moving forward. Benjamin Netanyahu rejecting the prospects of a Palestinian state, their remarks upsets the U.N. and U.K. And here's what

the EU's top diplomat said a short time ago.


JOSEP BORRELL, EU FOREIGN POLICY CHIEF: We have to discuss even if they don't disagree, even they disagree. They have to come here. They will

discuss with us and we'll start there which other solution they have in mind, which are the other solution they have in mind, to make all the

Palestinians leave, to kill off them.

But if I failed on a reading guide 70 percent of women and children, certainly, the way you're trying to destroy Hamas is not the way they are

doing because they are seething the hate for generations.


GIOKOS: Well, U.S. has long believed a two state solution is the only solution to achieving real peace. Is it still viable? CNN's Arlette Saenz

is at the White House for us Arlette, great to have you on.

And frankly, there are many countries that are lining up, speaking out against Netanyahu's statements about no Palestinian state being an option

for him and his government right now. And this is frankly a rift that is playing out between Israel and the United States very publicly at this


ARLETTE SAENZ, CNN WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: It really is. And President Biden told reporters that he will continue to try to convince Israeli Prime

Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to support a two state solution even as so far Netanyahu has shown no signs of budging on that.

As you mentioned over the weekend, he posted on social media saying that he will not compromise and that there needs to be full Israeli security

control in Gaza. This episode really highlights the latest tension point between Biden and Netanyahu as several of their disagreements have now

spilled into public view, most recently around this case about what to do in Gaza once the conflict ends.

Now, Biden and Netanyahu spoke on the phone for about 40 minutes on Friday. And a source says that came just one day after Netanyahu had appeared to

publicly push back on the idea of a Palestinian state. A source says that in his call with Biden, Netanyahu did say that his comments were not meant

to rule out the possibility of having that outcome in the future.

And the two men spoke at length in serious detail official says about the possible attributes for a Palestinian state that would need to be

negotiated. One thing that Biden Administration officials have been speaking about is the future of a possible demilitarized Palestinian state

that is an idea that has intrigued President Biden.

After his call with Netanyahu, Biden told reporters that he does still believe it's a possibility that a Palestinian state could reemerge. But it

simply remains unclear how that can happen, especially right now when you have Netanyahu are putting up these verbal roadblocks to the possibility of

a two state solution.

Now, it all really speaks to the challenges President Biden is facing in this moment, as he's trying to apply pressure on Netanyahu on several

fronts while the U.S. has very publicly supported Israel. There has been some frustration bubbling up behind the scenes with the fact that Netanyahu

continues to push back on these American ideas and proposals.

And it comes as Jeremy was outlining at a time when Netanyahu was facing a lot of political pressure back home when it comes to securing the release

of hostages as well as how he is waging this campaign within Gaza.

So it really highlights some of the difficulty President Biden is facing in this moment as he is trying to pressure Netanyahu not just on the path

forward for the war in Gaza, but also what comes after and specifically this U.S. belief that there needs to be a two state solution.

GIOKOS: Arlette Saenz, at the White House for us thank you. Well, Jordan's Foreign Minister suggests Minister Netanyahu may have an ulterior motive

for some of Israel's actions.


Ayman Safadi tells Al Jazeera, the Prime Minister could be provoking confrontations on France outside of Gaza to quote, delay political

reckoning. Israel calls this absurd. Mr. Netanyahu is facing three corruption trials and a new poll shows his party would not win enough seats

for him to retain power if elections were held today.

All right, and then there were two Florida Governor Ron DeSantis suspended his presidential campaign Sunday just two days before the New Hampshire

Republican Primary. The decision coming as a new CNN poll showed DeSantis with single digit support in the states way behind second place Nikki Haley

and front runner Donald Trump.

DeSantis endorsed Trump Sunday leaving Haley with a big uphill battle to cut into Trump's lead. Omar Jimenez has the details.


DONALD TRUMP, 45TH U.S. PRESIDENT: Thank you New Hampshire.

OMAR JIMENEZ, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): It's officially a two person race for the Republican presidential nomination with only a day to go until

New Hampshire votes.

NIKKI HALEY, U.S. REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: It's now one fella or one lady left.

JIMENEZ (voice-over): Nikki Haley is now the only Republican left challenging Former President Donald Trump after this announcement Sunday

from Ron DeSantis.

GOV. RON DESANTIS (R-FL): If there was anything I could do to produce a favorable outcome, more campaign stops, more interviews, I would do it. But

I can't ask our supporters to volunteer their time and donate their resources if we don't have a clear path to victory. Accordingly, I am today

suspending my campaign.

JIMENEZ (voice-over): It's an incredible fall for the Florida Governor who had both money and momentum early in the race. Now he's wasting no time in

backing Donald Trump.

DESANTIS: Trump is superior to the current incumbent Joe Biden. That is clear. I signed a pledge to support the Republican nominee and I will honor

that pledge.

JIMENEZ (voice-over): With that endorsement, Donald Trump is now thanking the man he attacked relentlessly for months.

TRUMP: He ran a really good campaign. I will tell you it's not easy. They think it is easy doing this stuff, right? It's not easy. He was very

gracious and he endorsed me, so I appreciate it.

JIMENEZ (voice-over): On the trail in New Hampshire, Donald Trump is aiming to deliver a knockout punch to his Former U.N. Ambassador.

TRUMP: Nikki Haley, I know her well. She is made an unholy alliance with the RINOs, the Never Trumpers, Americans for no prosperity, globalists, the

radical left communists and they want to get liberals and Biden supporters.

JIMENEZ (voice-over): Meanwhile, Haley is doubling down on attacking Trump's mental fitness.

HALEY: He claimed that Joe Biden was going to get us into World War II. I'm assuming he met World War III. He said that he ran against President Obama.

He never ran against President Obama. Don't be surprised if you have someone that's 80 in office. Their mental stability is going to continue to


JIMENEZ (voice-over): Both Trump and Haley will be on the ground in the Granite State again today battling for votes. Haley will hold five campaign

events after a new CNN poll shows she has 39 percent support among likely Republican primary voters in New Hampshire compared to Trump's 50 percent.

Still, she says she's in it to win it.

DANA BASH, CNN CHIEF POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT: It's you and Donald Trump. So if it's not you, I know you hope it will be and you're working so that it

is but. If it's not, if it's Donald Trump, will you support him as a nominee still?

HALEY: It's going to be me. And I know you don't want to talk about it like it's still him. 70 percent of Americans don't want to see a Trump, Biden



GIOKOS: All right. Omar Jimenez is on the campaign trail in New Hampshire for us. Good to have you on the ground there. You know, we didn't know how

this was going to play out a few weeks ago. And here we are. It's a two man race, Haley and Trump. And frankly, Donald Trump was being very kind

towards Ron DeSantis after DeSantis endorsed him. Take us through what we can expect.

JIMENEZ: Yeah. I mean, at this point it's pretty surprising for many people especially when you think about what Ron DeSantis was projected to do about

a year ago when there were talks of him getting into this race or there were projections of what he would do in this race.

It was really a fall from the beginning to where we are now. His campaign bus or his Super PACs campaign bus is still here. It seems to be getting

out of town shortly a remnant of the campaign that was, but as far as what to expect it is a two person race, Nikki Haley.

This was something she said or declared after a third place finish in Iowa. Many doubted at the time because Ron DeSantis was still in the race. Well,

that declaration has now become a reality but also a reality is that this is a very much uphill battle for Nikki Haley.

Polling that came out in this last week showed a double digit lead for Former President Donald Trump over Nikki Haley.


So on these last few days, she is trying to gather as much support as you can. And her campaign has even begun to temper expectations a little bit

saying a strong second place finish. They would still consider a winner.

What also becomes critical to look at is after this contest, you look ahead to the next primary contest, which is in South Carolina that is her home

state. And we've already seen Donald Trump racking up endorsements from South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, the Governor of South Carolina, Henry


And so all of a sudden you start to see the road ahead, start to be a little bit more difficult as well. And why is that significant? Because the

reason Ron DeSantis dropped out yesterday was because they couldn't see a path forward.

So it'll be interesting to watch after this contest which again, we're a day away from at this point. What the road ahead for Nikki Haley is if they

get a strong second place finish as they've declared would be a victory.

And so how they are going to break into what has been a massive lead for the Former President. Demonstrated at least by one voting contest in Iowa

and he's hoping to replicate it again in New Hampshire.

GIOKOS: Interesting times, indeed. Omar Jimenez, thank you so much. Well, Donald Trump returns to court this morning. A verdict is expected this week

in the trial to determine how much he should pay the Columnist E. Jean Carroll in damages. The jury in an earlier trial already ruled that Trump

was liable for sexually assaulting Carroll and then defaming her.

She is suing for more than $10 million. I want to bring in CNN's Kara Scannell at the courthouse in New York. So Kara, court is scheduled to

begin in about 15 minutes or so. Take us through what we can expect.

KARA SCANNELL, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yeah, good morning, Eleni. So Donald Trump and E. Jean Carroll have both arrived in the courthouse behind me

just a few moments ago. They will again be face to face inside this courtroom. And this is expected to be the last day of E. Jean Carroll's


She's going to rest her case, after she calls her final witness. This would be her former boss at Elle Magazine, where she wrote the advice column for

nearly three decades. She is also expected to play excerpts of Trump's videotaped deposition in this case, where he repeats a lot of the denial

saying that he never raped Carroll, that he didn't know who she is.

In the deposition video he though, mistakes her in a photograph for his second wife, Marla Maples. Now they also heard Carroll's attorneys also

said that they may play some other out of court statements that Trump has made just in the past few days, because Trump is continuing to speak about

this case denying he knows Carroll.

All things that the previous jury is you know that already found him liable for. So they want to play that for the jury to consider when they think

about how much of any damages they will award E. Jean Carroll in this case. Now, once she rest the question will be does Donald Trump take the witness


His attorney said that he may, but the judge has made it clear that Trump's testimony is going to be limited. He can't say he didn't rape Carroll. He

can't call her a liar. And he can't make up you know suggest that she came up with this allegation for impure motives. The judge has said all of that

is off the table because the jury can previously found him liable.

So he will have to walk the tightrope of what testimony he can give without running afoul of the judge's orders. And as we saw last week, he's already

clashed with this judge in court. So this will be a real testament of -- the judge keeping controls the courtroom and Trump not getting himself into

trouble with the judge, Eleni.

GIOKOS: Kara Scannell, thank you so much for keeping track on that case for us. Well just ahead on "Connect the World", as a controversial new temple

being used to score political points in India will go in search of answers that's coming up next. Plus tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered

across Germany to protest the far right parties, alleged stance on migrant's deportations. Hear how the party is responding later this hour.



GIOKOS: Ceremony, color and controversy in India. A few hours ago Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated a vast Hindu temple in northern India,

built on the site of a mosque that was destroyed in Hindu nationalists in 1992. It was an attack that turbocharged India's Hindu nationalist

movement. And today's ceremony is expected to give a boost to Mr. Modi's reelection campaign.

India goes to the polls in a matter of months. CNN's Vedika Sud was watching the ceremony and she joins us now live great to have you with us,

Vedika. I can see a lot happening right where you are. It is very loud. I can hear fireworks in the background. I want you to take us through the

ceremony, its significance. And of course Narendra Modi is being there to inaugurate this.

VEDIKA SUD, CNN REPORTER: My camera passes, it's just spanning to the right to show you those fireworks. He spoke about the ceremony, and then he spoke

about the celebrations. Here are the celebrations in the temple town of Ayodhya. It's continues, it's been more than eight hours since the

consecration ceremony. And it continues here. There are thousands of people. I'm not sure if you can see all the mobile phones that are out

everyone's here taking videos.

Everyone's phone is out. Everyone wants to record this moment. And back to us here, while these fireworks are going on, you can still hear me. Like I

said about 12 hours ago, there was a consecration ceremony, the Indian Prime Minister presiding over it. It's controversial because in a secular

country critics say it's not right for the Indian Prime Minister to be presiding over religious ceremony.

There were 7000 guests that were present. This was broadcast across India. And of course, Hindus around the world also tuned in for the ceremony. But

opposition leaders boycotted the event. They said that this is turned into a political event that should be left to religious event. And that's why

they will not be attending.

Now, quick word also on what this means for the Indian Prime Minister, who is seeking a third consecutive as the leader of India, just letting you

know that the firecrackers are still on. But for him, it's a big moment, because it's part of his 2014 election manifesto as part of his 2019

election manifesto. He had promised that he will get the Ram Mandir constructed. And here we are.

We've seen that happen today. For him it's a big moment, because it helps him consolidate the Hindu God base here in India, just to have a huge

election that's coming up. But there's a certain community, the Muslim community, which is a minority community here in India that is not too

happy with the consecration.

Because a lot of them that we spoke to here in Ayodhya, we spoke to Muslim people who have lost their family members back in 1992 where the community

clashes took place, when the mosque was destroyed. And they said that they'd be watching the celebration from a distance perhaps from inside

their homes on TV, perhaps not because it reopens all routes for them.

It reminds them of the violent past. Some of them are yet to accept that a mosque cannot be built here because in 2019, according to the Supreme Court

ruling, at that point, the Supreme Court had said that they will be granted the land to the Hindus and they've given a separate land to the Muslims.

Once again just taking you back to those visuals of the fireworks that are on and continue, it will continue for a while as celebrations here in

Ayodhya will be on for the next few days. The temple office for the general public tomorrow, we're expecting thousands of people to throng the temple

for one visit and one -- just to see blessings from Lord Ram. The Hindu deity here in India, who is highly revered, back to you.


GIOKOS: All right. Vedika Sud, thank you for your great reporting and kudos to you for being able to think and speak with those very loud fireworks

right next to you. Those were live pictures from Ayodhya in India, a very important ceremony.

SUD: I think I'm losing my words now, thank you.

GIOKOS: An important ceremony in India, of course, but also seemed very much in controversy. And we've got analysis for you; CNN is ready to be

your actual guide through what Narendra Modi calls divine India as it gears up for its election season. We also look at what the nationwide vote could

mean to the wider international community and just head to or use the CNN app on your smartphone right now.

We've got brilliant analysis there for you, gives you the context, the history and also the latest on the story. Well, let's get you up to speed

on some other stories that are on our radar right now. U.S. aviation officials are urging airlines to inspect so called plugs on Boeing 737-

900ER airplanes. The door plug which is a large panel in the side of the plane blew out of a newer model of 737 in mid-air earlier this month.

More than 170 Boeing 737 Max 9 planes in the U.S. have been grounded since that incident. Both types of aircraft have the same door plug design.

Russian officials say Ukrainian shelling killed at least 28 people in the market in the Russian controlled city of Donetsk on Sunday. Ukraine's Armed

Forces have denied responsibility and accused Moscow of spreading misinformation.

Meantime, Ukrainian troops have withdrawn from a village in the Kharkiv region as Russian forces ramp up pressure at various points along the front

line. Russia says it captured the village on Sunday and now holds 35 settlements in the Kharkiv region.

And skill to come, mass demonstrations are gaining momentum in Germany over the far right parties allege stance on migrants. It's a plan some compared

to a dark period in German history. We'll bring you those details up next.



GIOKOS: Welcome back. I'm Eleni Giokos in for my colleague, Becky Anderson and you're watching "Connect the World". Well, here are your headlines this

hour. Donald Trump is back in court this morning before heading back to New Hampshire to continue campaigning for the Republican presidential


E. Jean Carroll is seeking $10 million in damages for defamatory statements made by Trump, while he was President. The verdict is likely this week.

Relatives of hostages held in Gaza forced their way into an Israeli parliamentary commission, the committee session rather demanding more

action to free their loved ones. A separate group of demonstrators blocked the entrance to the Knesset calling for an immediate election.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he rejected outright the conditions Hamas is demanding in exchange for freeing the hostages. And

cases of Hepatitis A are increasing in Gaza amid overcrowding and lack of clean water and poor sanitation. That is according to a U.N. Relief Agency,

based on data from the Hamas run Ministry of Health.

Last week, the W.H.O. said quote, inhumane living conditions were contributing to the spread of the infection. Tens of thousands of people in

cities across Germany protested over the weekend against the country's major far right party.

The protests were triggered by reports that senior members of the Alternative for Germany party discussed a plan, a master plan late last

year for the mass deportation of German asylum seekers and German citizens of foreign origin. Many are comparing the party's alleged stance to the

Nazi era. CNN's Michael Holmes reports.


MICHAEL HOLMES, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): A huge turnout in Germany to protest against the rise of the far right and an ideology reminiscent of

the country's darkest days. Waving signs that say never again and Nazis are disgusting.

Hundreds of thousands of people rallied in cities across the country over the weekend against the far right party, the Alternative for Germany. And

its anti-immigrant policies that many Germans say are similar to the Nazis.

JORG LAURENTSCH, PROTESTOR: Germany is undergoing a huge shift to the right, just as it was almost before the war or before the Second World War.

And I don't think it's ever been this bad since the war.

HOLMES (voice-over): The AFD struck a nerve with many Germans after it was revealed that senior party members attended a secret meeting last year of

Neo Nazis and other extremists and discussed plans for mass deportation of migrants, including German citizens. The AFD denies it is a racist or

extremist group and denies such plans a part of their policy, although calls to ban the party are growing.

But it has also recorded high polling in some states and is expected to make gains in regional and perhaps European elections this year, something

protesters say needs to change.

KATRIN DELRIEUX, PROTESTER: I hope that it will make people change their minds, some may not yet be sure whether they will vote for the AFD or not.

But after these demonstrations, they simply can't do that anymore.

HOLMES (voice-over): German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has encouraged people to join the protest, saying extremism in the country is a threat to democracy

and a throwback to a time of hatred and violence.

OLAF SCHOLZ, GERMAN CHANCELLOR: If there is something in Germany, which must never ever find a place again, it is the national race ideology of the

Nazis. The repulsive relocation plans by these extremists is just that.

HOLMES (voice-over): Michael Holmes, CNN.


GIOKOS: Well, CNN's Sebastian Shukla joins us now from Berlin, great to have you with us. I mean, looking at these protests against AFD and of

course, the big push back in terms of this master plan that was being discussed by AFD. What can you tell me about the significance in terms of

the growing support for AFD? And how much of a real concern this is for Germany right now?

SEBASTIAN SHUKLA, CNN PRODUCER: You're right, Eleni. So I think the situation here is that given the size of those protests, and one of them in

Munich actually had to be shut down for fears of overcrowding, almost 250,000 people were expected to be there. But within that, what we're

seeing is, is that the AFD are polling higher in those German states, that tend to be the former East German bloc. There are three in particular.

And with the amount of people that we're seeing coming out onto the street, I think that tells you kind of all you need to know about the fear that

ordinary Germans are seeing with the prospect of the rise and the potential successes in those elections coming later in the summer for the AFD.


Now the part of that malaise, though, is also feeding is being fed from the societal issues that Germany is experiencing at the moment. Whereby people

are just, they're being pinched in their pockets, like we've seen in other countries around Europe. And what that means is that when they do that,

often people and voters, they look to other parties to see if they can find a way out of that situation.

And the government of Olaf Scholz, who's been in power now, since 2021, is facing a little bit of a malaise. People are looking at the government and

saying, well, I really think that you ought to be doing more for us, Eleni.

GIOKOS: Exactly, yeah, really good point. I mean, the economy is absolutely flailing. And this is sort of a really interesting time when you see this

political party seeming to gain traction. But how is this rise of AFD being handled politically in Germany? We've heard from Olaf Scholz, but these are

words, what does it mean politically?

SHUKLA: So politically, there is a bit of hand wringing going on at the moment about how they handle this. There is a discussion that's being put

forward amongst the lawmakers about whether the AFD should even be allowed to be a political party to even be allowed for people to vote for them.

Now, that is a hot potato, because what that -- what you risk doing in that situation, is giving the AFD a reason for people to come out to vote for

them, it makes them almost like a political scapegoat. Rather than being the party that you know, maybe we put in -- the Germans put in one corner

and hope that they go away, you know, a bit more like a naughty child.

Now, what this has done though, is albeit like I've said about the difficulty of ruling in this coalition, is that it has brought the other

political parties across the spectrum together, and they're all sort of singing from the same hymn sheet.

And as was referred to you back in the package, the prospect or the scepter of history hangs heavy and what Germans definitely seem to be saying and

the political parties seems to be saying is that, we don't want to go back to those dark times, Eleni.

GIOKOS: Sebastian Shukla, great to have you on, thank you so much. Well ahead in sports, an amazing performance on the PGA Tour carries one player

to his first ever victory, but with no prize money. We'll explain why after this.


GIOKOS: Welcome back and now to American football and the NFL playoffs. The Kansas City Chiefs are headed to their sixth straight AFC Championship Game

facing the Buffalo Bills in New York on Sunday. Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes connected with tight end Travis Kelce for two touchdowns in the

game. Kelce's girlfriend Taylor Swift, Kelce's impressed.


The Chiefs held a three point lead late in the fourth quarter when Buffalo missed on what would have been a game tying field. Goal Chiefs win 27-24,

and they'll now face Baltimore Ravens next Sunday for the conference title and a chance at another Super Bowls.


PATRICK MAHOMES, KANSAS CITY CHIEFS QUARTERBACK: There's no weakness there. It's going to take our best effort, defense offense best team, they do it

all. So always a great challenge and that stadium is going to rocking. So we're excited for the challenge.


GIOKOS: And that game is in the spotlight for more reasons than one, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce was spotted at a tailgate party.

Before the game, he was in Buffalo to cheer on his younger brother Travis. And his social media account for the brother's podcast shared this video

taken by a fan on Sunday. Jason Kelce is rumored to be retiring at the end of the season.

Well, the golf world is buzzing today over Nick Dunlap's performance at a tournament in California over the weekend. The 20-year-old college student

did something that hasn't been done on the PGA Tour since 1991. Patrick Snell joins me now from Atlanta. I'm dying to find out what happened.

Patrick, could you enlighten us?

PATRICK SNELL, CNN SPORTS ANCHOR: Yeah, incredible stuff. The first amateur golfer to win on the PGA Tour since 1991, he goes to the University of

Alabama. What a storyline? Those video scenes, those proud parents giving him a huge hug, he's the youngest amateur as well to win on the PGA Tour,

actually to triumph since 1910, would you believe, just incredible scenes.

Now he's got a big decision on his hands. Does he turn pro? Does he stay as an amateur? He misses out on the prize money of just over $1.5 million,

Eleni because he's an amateur golfer. But this victory will mean so much in a sense more to him, in the sense that he's made history. He's rewritten a

sports history books. It's an incredible storyline. It really is.

And it's one that I don't think we're going to hear. We're going to hear plenty more of this guy. 20 years of age. He's going to get to play at the

Masters as well. Those crazy Alabama fans as well the players on his golf team as well this video is remarkable. I just want to quickly show it to

you because the moment he's playing that putt, listen to the roar from those teammates if he's on the golf team incredible, amazing storyline,


GIOKOS: It is. Oh, look at that. Oh, they're so excited. Fantastic, Patrick. What a story? We'll hear more from you after the break and I'll be

back at the top of the hour, stay with CNN.