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U.S. and UK Strike Dozens of Houthi Targets in Yemen; Storm Downs Trees, Floods Communities in California; Millions of People at High Risk of Flooding in California; Internet Suspended Amid Protests Over Election Delay; Key Vote on Bipartisan Bill Expected by Wednesday; Lionel Messi Misses Out on HK Friendly Game. Aired 9-9:45a ET

Aired February 05, 2024 - 09:00   ET




BECKY ANDERSON, CNN HOST, CONNECT THE WORLD: Well, it's 6 pm here in Abu Dhabi. I'm Becky Anderson. You are watching "Connect the World". America's

top diplomat will try again to salvage a deal for the release of dozens of hostages in Gaza.

Extreme weather hits California. Heavy rain and high winds bring power outages and potentially serious flooding. Deadly wildfires sweep through

Chile, leaving little but rubble and ash thousands of homes there has been destroyed. And Taylor Swift makes history at the Grammys and announces her

next album on the same night.

Well, the markets in New York will open in about 30 minutes from now. The futures markets at least indicating a lower opening assume some profit

taking on at least the DOW Jones Industrial average after another record close on Friday. We'll check in on those markets as they open at the bottom

of the hour.

Well, the top U.S. diplomat back in this region, today pushing for a truce in what is now the nearly four month long war and urgent humanitarian help

for Gaza. Antony Blinken faces even more challenges this time around and this is his seventh trip to the region since the war broke out with the war

spilling outside of Gaza's borders.

Now the Secretary of State's first stop is Saudi Arabia where he has just arrived after that he'll visit Egypt and Qatar. Both have been heavily

involved in truce negotiations. Blinken then visits Israel and the West Bank. This is happening as Israel's military again warns civilians to leave

parts of Gaza City and Khan Yunis.

It's not clear how many people are aware of the orders with internet and mobile service once again unavailable across much of Gaza. Meantime, the

U.S. National Security Adviser promises there will be further action against the Iranian backed militia in Iraq and in Syria.

The U.S. says dozens of targets were hit over the weekend in retaliation for the deaths of three American soldiers in Jordan, the U.S. and U.K. also

hitting Houthi targets in Yemen. Again, it's -- there continue trying to attack commercial shipping in the Red Sea.

Excuse me, there's a lot to unpack. We've got Natasha Bertrand connecting us from the Pentagon. Ben Wedeman is in Jordan's Capital of Amman. Let's

start with you, Ben. And a sense from you about what happened over the weekend, these retaliatory strikes as we are sort of terming them by the

U.S. on targets in Iraq and in Syria. And what may happen next, where are we at?

BEN WEDEMAN, CNN SENIOR INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, I think this weekend we got very close to the brink of a direct war between Iran and the

United States with the strikes on Syria, Iraq as well as the Houthis in Yemen. Now what was interesting was that it certainly the Americans

certainly gave enough time for anybody important among the IRGC Quds Force that might have been in Iraq and Syria and affiliated militias.

To go in fact, just hours after the strike on the U.S. position Tower 22. Here in Jordan, we received reports that they were evacuating their

facilities in Eastern Syria. So the strikes were important very symbolically, but to the United States made it clear it wasn't going to

strike Iran.

And I don't think that's their intention at this point. And I think the Iranians probably would welcome a lessening of tension. I don't think the

United States or Iran wants to go to war against one another. Iran's allies in the region are a very useful tool for complicating U.S. efforts, making

the U.S. sort of squirm in a very difficult position.

But the Iranians are well aware that the Americans are far more powerful than they are and therefore their specialty is asymmetric warfare. Going

basically in fact, Aaron David Miller on our air this weekend said the United States has a strategic problem with Iran but the United States does

not have a strategy with Iran.

Iran has a strategy and that is just to make American involvement in the U.S., in the Middle East, excuse me, so complicated that the Americans

scale back their ambitions and the Iranians would like to see the Americans leave the region altogether.


The Iranians obviously have a much longer view of the challenge in the region than the United States do. So they perhaps might be spared a direct

round this time. But next time, it might be different, Becky.

ANDERSON: Well to continue, thank you, Ben. To continue Aaron David Miller's line there, strategic problem that Washington has with Iran, but

no strategy with Iran. Let's bring in Natasha. I mean there are those in this region that suggest that frankly, Washington has no strategy for the

wider region at this point. And that is worrying and frustrating many governments around this region and leaderships.

The Middle East currently resembling a cauldron that risks really boiling out of control at this point this is Antony Blinken's latest visit to help

defuse tensions. It is his seventh visit as far as I can account since October the 7th. And frankly, things have got worse not better. What do we

understand to be his very specific priorities on this trip?

NATASHA BERTRAND, CNN NATIONAL SECURITY REPORTER: Well, I think Blinken is hoping to get more of a sense for the appetite for a ceasefire deal, right.

I mean, that is the primary goal of the United States because everything is kind of stemming from that. The U.S. understands that these Iranian backed

proxy militias they have ramped up their attacks on U.S. and coalition forces since Israel and Hamas went to war in Gaza.

And the Iran-backed militias are saying they're doing it in solidarity with the Palestinians. So are the Houthis. These Houthi Iran-backed attacks

coming out of Yemen towards commercial vessels in the Red Sea. Those are also linked to the war in Gaza. The Houthis also saying that they are going

to continue their attacks until that war is over.

And so one of the key priorities for Blinken while he's in the region, is going to be trying to come up with some kind of solution here whether that

is a further path towards Israel and Saudi Arabia's normalization of diplomatic relations which would then come with some kind of recognition of

a Palestinian state, maybe once after this war is over.

Or whether it's just making additional progress on hostage release where the Israelis are with where Hamas releases the hostages that are still in

its custody. And Israel agrees to a longer term pause in the fighting that would then ideally subsume these attacks by these Iran-backed militias and

the Houthis coming out of Yemen.

And so the really the priority here is to try to get to some kind of even temporary peace. So that the wider region, the tensions there are eased a

bit. But that is obviously going to be a huge, huge task for Blinken who has gone to the Middle East before has come back relatively empty handed.

And so I don't think hopes are particularly high for this trip. However the U.S. as of it's still working very hard of course, to come to some kind of

ceasefire or temporary peace in the region.

ANDERSON: Natasha, I free-lanced on those numbers and I was wrong. So I'm going to correct myself very specifically and say this is his fifth trip to

the region since October the 7th. His State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller, saying ahead of this. He will work to establish a more integrated

peaceful region that includes lasting security for Israelis and Palestinians alike.

That seems to be the very loose sort of definition of what this trip is all about. As you rightly point out, the expectations seem to be rather low at

this point. And there is an awful lot of sort of tear when it comes to how we might get a more integrated, peaceful region that includes lasting

security for Israelis and Palestinians.

But the region of course needs that. Thank you, both of you for your time. Houses reduced to ash and dozens of cars burned to shells. That is just

some of the nightmares trail of destruction left behind as more than 160 forest fires rage across parts of Chile. The death toll now stands at 112

and Chile's President warns that number is expected to increase significantly, his words.

Hundreds of people are missing many from the Port City of Valparaiso, where the country's Finance Minister says early damage from that region estimated

alone could reach hundreds of millions of dollars.

Well, CNN En Espanol Correspondent Christopher Ulloa joins us live from Vina Del Mar in Chile and CNN Chile reporting one person detained in

connection with these fires. What do we know at this point?


CHRISTOPHER ULLOA, CNN EN ESPANOL CORRESPONDENT: Hi, Becky. Just like you're saying it's been a terrifying situation for all of the people in the

region of Valparaiso. And the wildfires are likely to continue in the next days due to a heat wave that it's been affecting the country in the last

past days. As you can see in the images is a real nightmare.

Not only houses, but also the parks that -- and even animals and a lot of other stuff and very popular things that are recognized here in the region

of Valparaiso have been totally consumed by the flames. At least at this point there are 112 people that have been killed due to these wildfires.

And this number just like you was saying it's very likely to increase. President Gabriel Boric has already said it's a very tragic situation. It's

the biggest tragedy after the earthquake that we had in 2010. At this point we still have at least 300 people that are still reported missing and the

authorities are trying to look for the people but the situation is very tragic.

Their priority as the government says at this point is to rescue people to evacuate the people and try to contain the flames. But as far as the

firemen tried to extinguish some wildfire a couple of minutes later, another wildfire starts. And it's a very complicated situation.

The people right now here in the location of -- in the region of Vina del Mar (ph) is trying to clean the ashes to remove the rubble. But they're

also asking for help for the government for special machines to remove all the woods, of all of the ashes and other things so they can start all over


They're also asking for more security because they also reported that having seen some people trying intentionally to start some other wildfires.

The government so far has already declared a curfew in four towns of the region of Valparaiso but the situation is still very critical. The heat

wave that it's been affecting our country in the last day is going to continue at least until tomorrow.

So this situation is going to be very tough and very -- for all the people here in the region. As you can see in the images of my cameraman -- the

fire consume absolutely all of the hills in the park, in the location of the -- one of the towns that has been more affected by the fires.

We've been talking with the people. They say they're scared. It's a very complicated situation. And they're still asking for more help from the

government. So far, President Gabriel Boric already said we'll have two days of national mourning. And we'll see how this situation is going to

develop in the next days.

But the authorities are also saying they're especially calling all the people to follow the instruction of the military and all of the

authorities, Becky.

ANDERSON: Yeah and the images that your cameraman is shot are just indicative of the sort of damage that has really been wrought, particularly

some of this drone footage which really gives us a sense of the scale of the damage. Good to have you sir. Thank you very much indeed.

Well, in California nearly 14 million people are under flood advisories. Today is an exceptionally strong storm hits that state before daybreak

crews near LA had to rescue three people trapped in a tree because the deluge and emergency has been declared in eight Counties with people in

some areas urge to get out of their homes.

Parts of LA out there, what is they in 20 years after getting a month's worth of rain alone on Sunday. CNN's Chad Myers has more from Ventura in



CHAD MYERS, U.S. METEOROLOGIST (voice-over): Southern California racing for what's to be a historic storm.

KAREN BASS, MAYOR OF LOS ANGELES: Let me be clear, this storm is a serious weather event.

MYERS (voice-over): An historic long lasting atmospheric river is moving across Southern California bringing a heavy, sustained rainstorm for the

second time in a week. California's Governor Newsom has declared a state of emergency for several counties that could see heavy rainfall between four

to eight inches with some areas in the mountains in the foothills seeing up to 14 inches of rain.

This morning major cities from Sacramento to San Diego are under floodwaters compromising roadways with rushing water and downed trees.

TODD GLORIA, MAYOR OF SAN DIEGO: I recognize that fatigue may be settling in. But I can assure you this decision to issue this warning is not taken

lightly. It is becoming clear that these kinds of rain events might become our new normal.

MYERS (voice-over): Residents in some of the affected areas like Ventura County are contending with potentially life threatening flooding and

mudslides with 3 to 7 inches of rain already falling there.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's almost washed the bridge level.


MYERS (voice-over): Many rivers can be seen with high rushing water, creating concern for additional flooding in those areas where the 40

million people across California are under high wind alerts with one reported gust at Pablo Point clocking in at over 100 miles per hour.

Many counties are warning residents in low lying areas to evacuate. In Sun Valley, California police are going door to door warning residents to be.

Firefighters in San Jose rescue six residents and a dozen dogs from rising floodwaters. And in San Luis Obispo, officials are warning drivers to stay

off the roads. This man had to be rescued after getting stuck in the rushing floodwaters.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have heavy winds heavier winds than we've experienced here in a long time with a mix of giant south swells.

MYERS (voice-over): A downed tree in the area broke 10 power poles leaving over 6500 customers without power.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I just heard a loud boom. And I kind of screamed and she yelled mom the power lines are out.

MYERS (voice-over): And in Santa Barbara, heavy rains and downed trees left the roads treacherous.

So we want people to know that, you know they really shouldn't be driving out here -- in the rain like this. And if they do if they're walking

around, be really aware of the trees and how they can fall down.


ANDERSON: Well, Chad is joining us live from Ventura County in California. Good morning. Are people heeding those warnings? And staying in or getting

out and staying out as it were?

MYERS: Not exactly. We've already seen a number of people cross over the barricades go around the barricades and the police are waiting for them

because they don't want to have to rescue them later down the road. So yes, people are turning around but not all of them.

Some people think that my car is big enough. I can go through this. Well no, you can't. You cannot go through a half a meter of water lying on the

road it is going to stall your car. It's going to intake into the air cleaner and all of a sudden you've ruined your car. There are highways that

are open.

Yes, but this is like a game of trying to move the barricades where the flooding is happening because water is going up and the water is going

down. We've had 300 millimeters of rainfall on top of the mountain right here and another probably 100 millimeters to go. That all has to come down

through the rivers, creeks and streams and out into the Pacific Ocean.

This is going to take a while. This flood may last two to three days for some people that are all the way down river. Up on top where the land is

moving because people put really big houses on dirt cliffs up there. And all of a sudden that dirt turns to mud and that mud wants to run downhill.

So, a lot of things going on here in Ventura County all the way over toward Los Angeles. People see pictures of Los Angeles and it looks like its big

flat place. But it's not a flat place. It is surrounded by -- geography, by mountains. And those mountains are moving, Becky

ANDERSON: Always good to have you sir. Thank you very much indeed you stay safe there. Why don't we check in with CNN Meteorologist Allison Chinchar

then for an update in? Just how long Allison this storm may stick around? What's the forecast at this point?

ALLISON CHINCHAR, CNN METEOROLOGIST: Yeah, we're still looking at least another 24 hours for a lot of these communities to continue to see more

rain, very strong gusty winds and then snow into the mountains. Right now it's raining in northern, central and Southern California.

They're all getting these different waves of rain and even snow coming in. But some of the heaviest rain at the moment is down across Southern

California. And that does include the City of Los Angeles. This is where we have flood watches and even some flash flood warnings.

Now the red area that's where the flash flood warning is that means the flooding is imminently occurring. So you have these roadways that are

underwater, cars that are submerged, swift water rescues that are being taken place, not only now but through the overnight hours.

Here's a look at Mission Creek, you can see that water all the way up right there to the bridge. And it's likely going to go up from here because you

have more of that water flowing into it not to mention more rain on the way. Looking at some of these numbers again you're talking 9 inches that's

roughly between 225 to 250 millimeters already for some of these areas.

And they're looking at an extra few inches or at least about up to 100 millimeters of additional rain on top of what they've already had. So

that's why there is such a widespread concern for flooding. And you can see it's across many areas of the state from Sacramento down to Monterey into

Los Angeles and even San Diego.

But the target point really today is going to be across Los Angeles and Long Beach. Here we have issued a level four out of four the highest risk

that can possibly be issued by the Weather Prediction Center. And to emphasize how rare these are?

They are issued on fewer than 4 percent of the days annually on average, but they account for more than 80 percent of the flood damage and nearly 40

percent of flood related deaths. So again, these are very serious. They want people to take them seriously and also not just the flooding but power

outages. We're looking at over half a million people without power right now, in the State of California.


No surprise again these winds have been incredibly strong not only yesterday, but also for today. A lot of them still dealing with some of

these high wind warnings for the remainder of the day today is we still anticipate having some decent gusts there, that's going to lead to

additional trees coming down. And likely some increase in power outages.

Eventually, this system is going to make its way and traverse a little bit eastward into States like Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico by the

middle of the week. Finally, at least giving California a little bit of a reprieve from this, but again, it's after seeing images like this of the

trees and power lines down across some of the roadways as well as flooding along many of these streets as well.

ANDERSON: Good to have you thank you very much indeed. You are bang up to date on the headlines including that one. Elections on hold and anger in

the streets a political crisis erupts in Senegal. We will break that down for you provide you some context on that just ahead. Plus the U.S. Senate

has come up with a border and foreign aid package but now the hard part is getting the bipartisan agreement to pass in both Houses.


ANDERSON: Namibia's new president says he won't run when the next presidential election is held in November. 82-year-old Nangolo Mbumba was

sworn in on Sunday just hours after the death of the Former President Hage Geingob. He was being treated for cancer. He served as Namibia's First

Prime Minister after the country won its independence from South Africa in 1990.

Meanwhile, in Senegal the outlook for democracy is uncertain. On the weekend the president abruptly postponed the next election just three weeks

before it was supposed to be held. Police faced off with crowds protesting the decision on Sunday. Senegal's parliament is taking up the matter.

Right now internet service is cut off across the country with the government saying that it is reacting to hateful and subversive messages.

Well, let's bring in CNN's Larry Madowo who has been following Senegal's deepening political turmoil. He joins us now live. Larry, what's the

latest? What are we hearing from parliament at this point?

LARRY MADOWO, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Becky, it's been a dramatic afternoon in parliament debate has been suspended for the second time here over that

attempt by President Macky Sall to postpone the election for at least six months. The deputies are supposed to determine if he can go ahead and do so

and postpone this election until maybe August 25t so delayed by six months and he can stay in power until then.


Some people call it a constitutional coup and they're not happy with that. So there's been disagreement in Parliament regarding even the count of

those who oppose and those who support this. It's supposed to resume shortly as they go back to this really acrimonious session we've seen in


At the same time, the government of Senegal, President Macky Sall's administration, cutting off the internet, as you said, because of these

hateful and subversive messages they claim that could lead to a disturbance of the public order. This is not the first time this has happened. There's

been a lot of disquiet in the country regarding this election.

And the third thing is, we're seeing today for the second time people out in the streets of the car protesting that decision that President Macky

Sall who they feel does not have the authority to do so. Because the Senegalese are very proud of the two term limits and they feel that

President Macky Sall is trying to go against that and valid the Constitution, Becky.

ANDERSON: Thank you, sir. It's good to have you, important context there. Well, leaders in the U.S. Senate say they have agreed on a plan for the

U.S. Mexico border, but that doesn't mean that it is going to get anywhere in the House. And that is important.

The latest on that is coming up. And the Swifties are rejoicing today not only did Taylor Swift make history at the Grammy Awards, she also made a

surprise announcement. We've got that a little later this hour. We are taking a very short break, back after this.


ANDERSON: While you are looking at live pictures of the New York Stock Exchange, it is the CEO of a specialty chemicals company, Element Solutions

who will be ringing in that trading bell by ringing the opening bell today. That starts a new trading day at a new trading week.

And there will be Investors as they hit that bell, there will be Investors who will be hoping that these markets will continue on their clip, a decent

trading day once again on Friday. And as I look at these futures markets which were looking a little bit sorry for themselves, a little bit earlier

on today.


Well, in the last half an hour, futures market just perked up. And the DOW, the NASDAQ and the S&P now off to a positive start. And that is despite a

horrible day, for the -- for example, Chinese market. It's just been a horrible time for the Chinese market of late. But this is not a bad start.

Actually they've -- as I speak, they've just heard mixed, so a mixed opening.

Let's report that, a mixed opening for you. It also is a market that is slightly hesitant at present about what the Fed is likely to do with

interest rates. Of course took a bit of a hit last week when the Fed Chairman gave an indication that perhaps March was a little early for a

rate cut in the beginning of a rate cutting cycle, so these markets, likely taking a little bit of profit out of what was another great week last week.

All right, well, after months of negotiation, welcome back. I'm Becky Anderson in London, let me just remind you who I am. I'm Becky Anderson,

not in London. I'm Becky in Abu Dhabi. You are watching "Connect the World".

Let's get ourselves sorted here. Well, after months of negotiation there is finally a U.S. Mexico border deal in the U.S. Senate. Senators released a

$118 billion package that would severely curb asylum at the border. It also looks to provide $60 billion for Ukraine and send $14 billion to Israel.

The proposal comes after Republican governors visited the southern border in Eagle Pass in Texas. The problem, the deal is at risk of failure test

vote in the Senate this week. And that's not to mention its future in the U.S. House was Speaker Mike Johnson called it and I quote him, dead on

arrival. Well CNN's Rosa Flores has the very latest. She joins us now from Eagle Pass in Texas.

I've given our viewers the sort of headline as far as you know; at least the Senate is concerned. Let's talk about what else is included in this

Senate border bill at this point and why it is so important.

ROSA FLORES, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, you know, Becky, what's in this Senate deal is a tightening of asylum law. So it would be a lot more

difficult for individuals to get asylum in the United States, the bar would be really high.

It would also include thousands more border agents from various agencies that would be on the border. It also gives the federal government an

emergency power to close the border between ports of entry and it would up deportations of migrants.

So this is significant. It's extremely significant. A lot of the things that President Donald Trump wanted when it came to the border there in this

bill; it includes money for the border wall as well. Now what does this mean for border communities like the one that I am in here is this is Eagle

Pass, Texas.

I want to show you around because you see that there's this razor wire that lines the area where I am. This area was taken over by the State of Texas

and that's the point here, when the federal government doesn't act on immigration doesn't pass these types of border bills. Its states like

Texas, that then take matters into their own hands.

The State of Texas, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has taken over this public park and several miles of river. And what that means is for communities

like Eagle Pass, it means that they woke up one day and their central park for example, if you live in New York, you have Central Park. If you live in

other parts around the world, well then you have other green spaces where the people here in Eagle Pass woke up one day, and there was razor wire

that lined their public park.

They don't have access to it. There were gates that were erected at the entrance and soldiers with long guns and Humvees and they could no longer

have access to it. Now about the governors who visited, Governor Greg Abbott here in this area, I can tell you that these governors and their

visit were significant because these governors are standing with Governor Greg Abbott on a specific point.

And that point is that states should have the power to enforce immigration laws. Now, Becky, that's significant because the U.S. Supreme Court has

upheld that it's the federal government who has the power to enforce immigration laws.

And so there is this back and forth in the United States right now between state's rights and the federal government's rights when it comes to

immigration and it's communities like these that are caught in the middle. Becky?


ANDERSON: Yeah, absolutely. Really good to have you, thank you very much indeed, Rosa at Eagle Pass there with her reporting. Well, ahead on

"Connect the World" some big names, speaking out at the music industry's biggest night. I want to get you the highlights from surprise announcements

to what were frankly historic moments.

That is the Grammy Awards and that's coming up. And when cheers turn to Gere's a very famous football star turn his Hong Kong fans into critics.

Details in what will be our sports update coming up.


ANDERSON: We have been reporting on frankly, what I can only describe as some pretty wild weather which is plaguing Los Angeles and Southern

California. It couldn't no put a damper on Grammys biggest night. Sunday ceremony saw some history making moments not to mention some emotional

tributes. CNN's Elizabeth Wagmeister wraps it all up for you.


ELIZABETH WAGMEISTER, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): From anti-hero to history maker, Taylor Swift becoming the first artist to win album of the

year four times. Stunned and overjoyed, Swift accepted the award for her 2022 album "Midnights".

TAYLOR SWIFT, AMERICAN SINGER: I would love to tell you that this is the best moment of my life, but the award is the work all I want to do is keep

being able to do this. I love it so much.

WAGMEISTER (voice-over): And award presented by the Legend Celine Dion, who shocked the crowd with her unannounced appearance. The Canadian singer has

been open about her health issues.

CELINE DION, FRENCH CANADIAN POP SINGER: When I say that I'm happy to be here, I really mean it from my heart.

WAGMEISTER (voice-over): Swift, now a 14-time Grammy winner, her first win in the night for Best Pop Vocal Album, then making a surprise announcement.

SWIFT: My brand new album is it's called the "Tortured Poets Department".

WAGMEISTER (voice-over): Music's biggest superstars that made the biggest headlines and a night filled with historic performances. As 8-year-old

legend Joni Mitchell perform for the first time on the Grammy stage. Billy Joel is rocking the crowd with his first Grammy performance in 30 years.


Earlier in the night, the crowd sang along with Tracy Chapman joining country star Luke Combs. SZA had the most nominations in -- three Grammys,

including Best R&B song.

SZA, WINNER OF THREE GRAMMYS: I came really, really far, and I can't believe this is happening.

WAGMEISTER (voice-over): Miley Cyrus celebrated her first win with the powerful performance of flowers, can plea with a tribute to Tina Turner,

which wasn't the only tribute to the legend. Fantasia Barrino part of a star studded memorial to those music lost. As Stevie Wonder sang with

archival video of his fallen friend, Tony Bennett and Annie Lennox bought back tears remembering Sinead O'Connor.

Jay-Z awarded for his lifetime of work with wife Beyonce looking on accepting the award with his daughter Blue Ivy, and taking aim at the

Recording Academy for never awarding Beyonce Album of the Year.

JAY-Z, AMERICAN RAPPER: Think about that. The most Grammys never won Album of the Year. That doesn't work. You know.

WAGMEISTER (voice-over): But ending with the powerful message.

JAY-Z: We got to keep showing up. Until they give you all those accolades you feel you deserve. And today call you chairman. And today call you a

genius, and today call you the greatest of all time. You feel me?


ANDERSON: That's your rap. There's a lot of disappointment in Hong Kong and it's not because their team lost it into Miami, this friendly game was

anticipated with enthusiasm by Hong Kong fans. They were looking forward to seeing Argentinian soccer legend Lionel Messi playing, but that is not what


I've got Amanda with us. Well started with cheers, ended with outraged, boos. Amanda, what's the story behind this, this lack of appearance on the

pitch by Lio Messi because the fans were absolutely apoplectic about this?

AMANDA DAVIES, CNN SPORTS ANCHOR: Yeah, it's a really tough one, Becky, because you got to remember what we're talking about here is sport. It's

not entertainment, but it's how it's sold, isn't it? And we had 38,000 fans buying tickets with the hope the expectation they were going to get to see

one of the greatest footballers of all time, if not the greatest of all time, depending on which side of that debate you stand.

Lionel Messi is taking to the pitch and putting on a show. However, he's 36 years of age, he is managing his career. I think it's fair to say at this

point. And just a few minutes before kickoff, it was decided that the medical team felt he wasn't fit enough to take to the field. So the 36-

year-old is watched on from the sidelines.

And as you rightly say, the fans were angry. The Hong Kong government has said they are extremely disappointed, they're demanding an explanation for

what happened. You can very much see it from Messi's perspective. Tata Martino the boss felt he had to defend the decision, but you know it's a

really tough one. I personally don't think you can blame Messi; he's been put in this situation. But I know a lot of people are not happy.

ANDERSON: Yeah. And you know what? I just wonder whether they might have managed the situation a little bit better. I mean, clearly the expectations

were from the fans that they were paying what between $150 and $700 for these tickets on the open market that is. And so they did expect to see

some sort of entertainment as you describe it.

And yeah I mean, I just wonder whether you might spend a bit more time with them. You know walking around introducing himself you know giving them

something even if it wasn't you know him playing. Anyway, I know that you're going to discuss all of that in "World Sport" that comes up after

this short break.

And I will just leave you with this thought. I was just watching our Grammy coverage Amanda and it's not often that I really want to go to an award

ceremony. We can do these things you know, some of the good, some of them not so good. I really wish I'd been at the Grammys last night, it looks


DAVIES: Well, you were saying --

ANDERSON: Anyway, those are my two -- I'll leave you this poll.

DAVIES: -- so many throwbacks.

ANDERSON: Of course.

DAVIES: So many throwbacks from our brilliant era music, isn't it?


ANDERSON: Yes, exactly. Tracy Chapman being one of them, unbelievable good stuff, thank you very much indeed. Amanda is coming up with "World Sport"

after this.