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China Launches Massive, 2-Day Military Drills around Taiwan; Surprise UK Elections; Donald Trump Returns to Campaigning During Trial Break; DOJ Expected to Sue Ticketmaster Parent; Filmmakers Gather to Debut New Movies at 77th Annual Event. Aired 9-9:45a ET

Aired May 23, 2024 - 09:00   ET




BECKY ANDERSON, CNN HOST, CONNECT THE WORLD: I'm Becky Anderson live from Abu Dhabi. Time here 5 o'clock in the afternoon. You are watching "Connect

the World", coming up this hour, vast crowds of mourners are gathered to lay, to rest the late President Raisi will be live in his hometown of

Mashhad in Iran.

Just miles from Taiwan's shores, China kicks off a round of military drills as quote, punishment. We're live in Taipei later this hour, and a horrific

scene of the stage collapse at a campaign rally in Mexico, what caused it and the latest on the rising death toll.

Well stock market in New York will open in about 30 minutes from now and is 9 am there or just after. And if we take a look at the futures market for

you, the arrows are all pointing north at this point. Certainly on the NASDAQ it looks like it could be quite a positive opening.

And Wall Street indices clearly closed lower Wednesday after notes from a Federal Reserve policy meeting showed that officials are worried about the

lack of progress on curbing inflation more on those markets, bottom of the hour. We begin with a funeral of Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi who is

today being laid to rest in his hometown.

Happening now you're looking at the arrival of Raisi's coffin in Mashhad in Northeast Iran, which is also an important pilgrimage destination. The

writing on the top of the coffin carriage translates to I have come oh King, give me shelter. Raisi was killed on Sunday after his helicopter

crashed near the Azerbaijan border.

Iran's Foreign Minister and other officials were also killed. Our Fred Pleitgen is in Mashhad for us. And he joins us now. And just describe the

atmosphere if you will, Fred?

FREDERIK PLEITGEN, CNN SENIOR INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Hi there, Becky. Yeah, right behind me, you can actually see the Imam Reza Shrine, which is

where that coffin is going to be brought to that procession heading exactly in that direction, of course, where there is then going to be that final

funeral prayer and where he then Ebrahim Raisi will be laid to rest inside the Imam Reza Shrine.

It is really a pretty remarkable crowd that we're seeing here on the ground, hundreds of thousands of people that appears -- obviously very

vocal, a lot of them very much in mourning. Of course, one of the things, Becky that we have to remind our viewers -- that this is of course one of

the main pilgrimage sites here in Iran, as you mentioned before.

But it is also in many ways, both the spiritual and also the political homeland of Ebrahim Raisi, comes from the south and protests on province

and, of course, today already a procession in the town of -- But he's also very much affiliated with the Imam Reza Shrine. His father in law is still

is the prayer leader here at the Imam Reza shrine.

And also, Ebrahim Raisi himself had some functions at that tribe as well. In fact, in 2021, when he was first elected as President of Iran, one of

the first visits that he made -- thank you supporters who were here -- when that happened. And so now, people hear coming out -- in full force --

Obviously, a lot of people very much in mourning and very much sad, but a lot of people also telling us that they will remain loyal to the policies

of Ebrahim Raisi, which of course, were very tough against the United States, also against Israel. We saw that big flare up in the tensions

between Israel and Iran just a couple of weeks ago.

But then also saying that they hope that Iran will continue down that political trajectory that it has been on since Ebrahim Raisi took office,

obviously a big setback for the Islamic Republic having killed in that helicopter crash also, of course, the Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-

Abdollahian as well.

This entire week rally has been one of processions of mourning that really illuminates and what you see right behind the -- at the right -- hours from

now will be laid to rest. You think that the casket in that procession we're actually passing by dislocations in just a couple of minutes, Becky.

ANDERSON: It's good to have you on the ground, Fred, thank you. Fred is in Mashhad in Iran, where the time is 4:34. Well, a tense scenario playing out

right now in the waters between China and Taiwan as China launches a massive 2-day military drill near the self-governing Island.


Now dozens war planes and warships encircling Taiwan and what China is calling and I quote here, punishment drills, in response Taiwan has

deployed its warships and is wanting China to stay away. CNN's Will Ripley joins us now from Taipei with the latest on what are these punishment

drills explain what is China mean by that?

WILL RIPLEY, CNN SENIOR INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: So the context here, Becky, is that Taiwan has a new president whose inauguration was just a

couple of days ago, and he gave the speech President Lai Ching-te, where he made statements about sovereignty that were seen as highly provocative by

Beijing. Now, it is almost certain that they were already planning these drills ever since his election earlier this year.

But now that the weather is conducive in the Taiwan Strait, it seems like inauguration week was the week that they were likely going to pick anyway,

but they specifically pinpointed his words to try to make him look weak and vulnerable to Beijing's formidable military.


RIPLEY (voice-over): A chaotic start for Taiwan's New President Lai Ching- te just days after taking office, China launching large scale military exercises, and protesters taking to the streets of the capital Taipei.

Operation Joint Sword 2024A, set to encircle Taiwan over two days.

Dozens of Chinese aircraft, warships and coast guard vessels, Beijing describing the drills as a powerful punishment for so called separatist

forces in Taiwan, a dramatic increase in military pressure on the island democracy,

WEN-TI-SUNG, FELLOW, ATLANTIC COUNCIL'S GLOBAL CHINA HUB: I think Beijing will likely respond with fire theory. That's almost to be expected from


RIPLEY (voice-over): Senior security officials in Taipei tell CNN, most of the aircraft crossed into Taiwan's self-declared air defense identification

zone. A move the islands Defense Ministry calls a serious provocation.

SUN LI-FANG, TAIWAN DEFENSE MINISTRY SPOKESMAN: Their military exercise is not helping with the situation around Taiwan Street.

RIPLEY (voice-over): China's military says the exercises are a direct response to the separatist provocations and external interferences. They

say the motherland must be reunified and will inevitably be reunified. In his inauguration speech this week, Lai calling on the communist mainland to

stop, its military and political intimidation and recognize the sovereignty of democratic Taiwan using the islands official name the Republic of China.

LAI CHING-TE, TAIWAN PRESIDENT: I hope that China will face the reality of the Republic of China's existence and respect the choices of the people of


RIPLEY (voice-over): Word seen by some as a departure from the cautious tone taken by his predecessor signing when. President Lai's first days have

been anything but calm. Massive youth protests erupted outside parliament, demonstrators protesting a push by opposition parties to subject the

island's new leader to tighter scrutiny from China friendly lawmakers.

-- chaos inside Taiwan's fiercely divided parliament, a massive brawl broke out last week over those legislative reform bills, in the Taiwanese

capital, confidence in the government and the military.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If the Chinese Communist Party does attack Taiwan, it won't be easy. Taiwanese people are not afraid of war.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I believe leaders will prioritize people's happiness. So I'm not worried. I think peace will be maintained.

RIPLEY (voice-over): A fragile peace in tumultuous times for President Lai, military threats across the Taiwan Strait and deep divisions at home.


RIPLEY (on camera): It's just after 9 pm here in Taipei and tomorrow morning, local time, a fresh wave of protest is set to happen outside the

Taiwanese Parliament. Thousands, possibly tens of thousands are expected out there at the same time that China will be right in the middle of day

two of these drills, quite a busy and chaotic first week for this new Taiwanese President, Becky.

ANDERSON: And China's yeah, Chinese military drills, of course. And you point this out in an article that you've -- for CNN digital, they're off

times a play for the domestic audience. I mean, there's no doubt about, you know, the purpose of these optics. Question is does this go any further

than just this show of force?

How has Taiwan been communicating with the U.S. about what is going on? And what sort of support do we understand Taiwan's government is getting from

Washington at this point?

RIPLEY: Well, obviously most of the defensive weapons that Taiwan possesses those that they've not produced domestically come from the United States,

which has continued both under Former President Trump and President Biden to sell billions of dollars in weapons to Taiwan for its own self-defense

as well as providing training sometimes Taiwanese troops go to the U.S., sometimes U.S. trainers come here.


And this has been happening and publicly acknowledged by Taiwan in recent years, that these drills that China does, they certainly serve two

purposes. Yes, propaganda one, but also they are essentially practicing in the Taiwan Strait, real life maneuvers that could potentially be used down

the road in an actual military event.

And what's happened is that Taiwan says that China is doing this so often, Becky. They've sort of normalized this activity. So what used to be unheard

of, you know, these planes crossing over the median line, that imaginary line that the dividing line in the Taiwan Strait were both were used to for


They respected the other side and stayed on the other side. That's gone out the window that really went out the window after Nancy Pelosi's visit. And

so these military drills, these are not the biggest that we've seen. These aren't the most provocative that we've seen from China, there was a day

last year when more than 100 Chinese aircraft were spotted near Taiwan and in a single 24 hour period.

But it just goes to show how the status quo if you will, of the old is gone. And this new status quo is routine, regular military activity by

China near Taiwan, which nobody knows for sure where it's headed. But China certainly hasn't ruled out military action if the Taiwanese government

doesn't agree to this reabsorption into the mainland that they've been calling for more than 70 years.

ANDERSON: Will Ripley is in Taipei. Thank you, Will. Let's get you to Mexico now where 9 people are dead and dozens more are injured following a

stage collapse. This happened during a campaign rally for presidential candidate Jorge Alvarez Maynez on Wednesday. Powerful wind gusts sent this

stage crashing down. Maynez explains what happened moments before that collapse.


JORGE ALVAREZ MAYNEZ, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE FOR THE CITIZEN'S MOVEMENT PARTY: I first saw that the drums of the musicians who were about to play

were going to get blown away. When the others noticed they ran in different directions. Some jumped to the sides, and I jumped back.


ANDERSON: Our Stefano Pozzebon following this closely. He is joining us from Bogota. What are we hearing at this point about the status of those

injured, Stefano?

STEFANO POZZEBON, JOURNALIST: Yes, Becky, we're learning early this morning that more than 70 people have been treated for injuries in relation to

these incidents and this tragedy. Thankfully, no more updates on the death toll. At least the 9 people have been killed later on Wednesday because of

the stage collapse.

But one thing they want to bring to you, Becky, is their thanks to CNN weather team up in Atlanta. We know a little bit more in detail what

happened late last night up in Monterrey. They've sent us a fresh report in the last hour or so saying that the location was hated by gusty winds to at

least 40 to 50 kilometers per hour.

The stage was likely impacted by a gust front which is when gusty winds push out in no direction from those thunderstorms. And that such an event

is very difficult to forecast. That is right now Becky, the main question that many Mexicans are asking as they're waking up these Thursday.

How could these events go ahead when we know that the Mexican mythological service had issued a stark warning? Warning, that there were forecasts of

gusts of wind up to 70 kilometers per hour for the City of Monterrey which is one of the largest cities in Mexico and the capital of the State of

Nuevo Leon.

The main person who is trying to answer those questions is Jorge Alvarez Maynez who was on that stage when it collapsed there and who said that the

sewer production service had given the organizer -- go ahead and that these event it was an extreme climate event that was not possible to forecast.

But of course, his words and his justification are not lining up with what the metrological service are saying and actual CNN weather team also sent

us that warning that these event was actually thought to take place, Becky.

ANDERSON: Stefano, thank you, Stefano Pozzebon on the story for you. You're watching "Connect the World". I'm Becky Anderson. Time here in Abu Dhabi in

the UAE is just before quarter past 7, quarter past 5 in the evening. Still had the U.K. sets a date for early elections.


We look at why the Tories -- the Conservative Party of course now and how they may be in trouble. Plus while on a break from his criminal hush money

trial, Donald Trump returns the campaign trail trying to win over voters in what is a deep blue state. Details on that are just ahead.


ANDERSON: In the hours to come. We are expecting to hear from officials in Louisville, Kentucky about an internal investigation the arrest of Golfer

Scottie Scheffler. Now the number one, world number one was detained last week after trying to navigate around police on the scene of an accident

outside the PGA Championship.

Well now high ranking police officials have privately voiced concerns that the felony charge against Scheffler is excessive according to a CNN source.

Let's get you more on the CNN's Gabe Cohen is in Louisville and joins us now live, Gabe.

GABE COHEN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yeah so Becky, you mentioned that news we broke yesterday. This is a significant development because it's the first

indication that we have that at least some top brass at Louisville police department are feeling concerned that the felony charge is excessive.

Source tells me that during a recent meeting, several high ranking Louisville police officials were in the room discussing the Scheffler case.

And -- there was really consensus that that felony charge is excessive, and at the very least should be reduced. Now we don't know if those feelings

have been relayed to the county attorney's office.

They're the ones actually prosecuting the case at this point. And I asked the county prosecutor about this, his spokesperson sent me a statement

saying that no decisions have been made regarding the prosecution of the case involving Mr. Scheffler. And that's a key point, Becky because there's

still a serious possibility that the charges are either amended reduced or even dropped potentially ahead of Scottie Scheffler's arraignment which has

been rescheduled now set for June 3.

We're expecting though, to get a lot more information and hopefully some video at a press conference with Louisville's Mayor and police chief a

little later on this morning 11:30 am Eastern time inside City Hall, the building behind me. They're going to release video from a traffic poll

camera that was in the area around the arrest that will show the arrest.

But Becky it's not clear that there is any video at this point showing the initial encounter what happened between Scottie Scheffler and that officers

that led up to the arrest. We know that the officer's body camera was not turned on. So we expect the police department to also talk about any --

policy violations that might have happened here.

But we don't know at this point if they're going to actually address the charges and make any sort of recommendation especially with regard to that

felony second degree assault of a police officer charged by far the most serious that Scottie Scheffler is facing right now.


And just so you know, Becky, Scheffler will not be here in Louisville today. He will be teeing off at the next PGA Tour event in Fort Worth,

Texas. That'll happen just a couple hours after this press conference gets underway.

ANDERSON: Getting on with the job. CNN's Gabe Cohen is in Louisville, always good to have you. Thank you. Well, Britain's Prime Minister has set

a July the fourth date for snap elections. It's a vote his conservative party is widely expected to lose and to lose badly. Latest U.K. polling

shows the majority of voters say the opposition party has the best plan for the country.

And on Wednesday, Rishi Sunak stood in the pouring rain at 10 Downing Street and said now is the moment for Britain to choose its future. But the

Prime Minister admitted that the Tories have had their struggles. Well, CNN's Clare Sebastian is following all of this from the U.K. capital.

And struggles I think, is an understatement at this point. You know, there are many, many, many people asking a very simple question. Rishi Sunak, the

British Prime Minister didn't have to actually call this election until early 2025. Why would he call it now when the opposition party is soaring

in the polls?

CLARE SEBASTIAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Becky, a lot of people here are speculating today that while you heard this very famous labor anthem

blaring out by protester things can only get better. While Rishi Sunak was speaking yesterday, the government is doing this because they believe

things cannot actually get better from here.

And part of that is to do with the economic data that has been coming out growth upgraded in the U.K. by the IMF. And on the morning of this

announcement, we got the latest inflation numbers that showed inflation rising at 2.3 percent, which is the slowest pace in almost three years,

much, much slower than the 11 percent peak the same month that Rishi Sunak took office.

So he said in his speech that they'd reached two major milestones in the economy growing faster than anyone predicted. And inflation, he said, back

to normal. But if you dig into that inflation data, you see that some parts of it are looking decidedly sticky services inflation. Petrol prices

actually rose and to many economists, that actually weakens the case for a bank of England rate cut, which would come some two weeks before the


So the idea then being called into speculation is that the government is trying to get out in front of that data, getting any worse Rishi Sunak for

his party has denied that in an interview this morning, saying that they have no economic stability. And so now is the time to look to the future.

But certainly this was a surprise blindsided by some reports, even members of his, own party and I can tell you that the newspapers have not been

particularly kind. This is the Daily Mirror left leaning paper saying drown and out reference to the rain, of course, the torrential rain. Well, he

made that announcement, The Guardian, calling this a gamble, of course, a reference to those pretty dire polls at the moment, Becky.

ANDERSON: Fascinating, it's going to be an interesting campaign season, all right, thank you for that, Clare Sebastian in the house for you in London,

turning the spotlight on U.S. election politics. Now while on a break from his criminal hush money trial, Former U.S. President Donald Trump is now

returning to the campaign trail, closing arguments and jury deliberations are set to begin on Tuesday.

Meantime, he says he will campaign in New York and his first stop is a rally in the Bronx in the coming hours. Let's bringing CNN's Kristen Holmes

live from New York, which as Kristen, long had been a stronghold for Democrats. You know, what does Donald Trump believe he can do then? Does he

genuinely believe he can get a win?

KRISTEN HOLMES, CNN U.S. NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, Becky, keep in mind that no Republican has won New York since 1984. And that was Ronald Reagan.

Donald Trump's team always says that anything could happen, anything is in play. But I will also remind you that this was scheduled long before court

actually wrapped on Tuesday.

They thought that he was still going to be in court four days a week and only have Wednesday, Saturdays and Sundays off meaning that they were

planning around that actual schedule and looking for stuff to do in New York, including holding a rally in the Bronx.

Now, when I talked to Donald Trump's team and senior advisors, they do think that there's room for Donald Trump to court minority voters that

actually polls show that there are particularly among men, black men and Latino men, some movement towards the Republican Party and in particular

Donald Trump.

And that will be part of what he does today in the Bronx trying to speak to those minority voters. Now, whether or not New York itself is in play, we

can all take into consideration that this is a very blue area, a very blue state, and seems unlikely that this is a place that Donald Trump would be

able to flip read.


ANDERSON: As he reacted to Nikki Haley's endorsement of him. Someone who wants, of course called Trump unhinged and unstable.

HOLMES: What we've seen from Nikki Haley has really been what we've seen from multitude of Republican backs since 2016. Despite the fact, that they

had this personal and at times very bitter rivalry. The fact that Donald Trump called her names, mocked her husband, mocked her husband's military

service, she's still now saying that she is voting for Donald Trump.

And I will tell you there are people within Donald Trump's orbit who hope that he thanks or who hopes that he is gracious. So far, we have heard

nothing from him, nothing from the family and nothing from the campaign. But they also hoped that he was going to be gracious -- when she delivered

her campaign as to spending speech and he was not at that time, either.

When you look at the map within the United States, you see that there are still a lot of people, Republicans in particular, independent voters who

are looking for another option than Donald Trump, and they are hoping Republicans across the country that Donald Trump is going to reach out and

quote these voters.

We know that back in -- just a month ago, in the Pennsylvania primary, Nikki Haley had long dropped out of the race, she's still got 16 percent of

the Republican vote in that state. That is a huge number for somebody who had already dropped out of the actual race. So when take that into

consideration, it would behoove Donald Trump to reach out to these voters and to thank Nikki Haley.

ANDERSON: It might behoove him. He may not do it. Let's see. So it's good to have you, Kristen, thank you very much indeed.

HOLMES: Thank you.

ANDERSON: Right. In the next hour, U.S. President Joe Biden will host Kenya's President William Ruto at the White House for what will be a

bilateral meeting. The two are marking the 60 years of diplomatic relations between their two countries and they are expected to hold discussions on

security and economic cooperation.

Now Mr. Ruto's three day state visit to the U.S. comes as Kenya prepares to send its troops on a support mission to Haiti. The U.N. sanction mission is

aimed at restoring peace there. 26 minutes past 5 here in the UAE, 26 minutes past 9 on the East Coast. You will work out what the time is

wherever you are in the world, still ahead.

Well started with a Taylor Swift ticket debacle, now the U.S. Justice Department getting ready to sue the owner of Ticketmaster. Also ready to

shine on the red carpet while the Cannes Film Festival brings out the brightest big screen stars but which movies are causing a buzz in 2024 more

on that, after this.



ANDERSON: Well, it's the start of a new trading day on Wall Streets. The bell has just been rung by Insurance Group, Bowhead Specialties. Stock

begins are trading on the New York Stock Exchange today. That's all over. I'm back, Becky Anderson in Abu Dhabi for you. You're watching "Connect the


Let's have a look at the open because the futures are pointed at a higher open after losses yesterday in the DOW Jones just off slightly but both the

S&P and the NASDAQ trading higher. Look investors really keeping a very keen eye on the Fed. Will the central bank keep its powder dry and keep its

interest rates on a whole?

It's certainly sitting on that decision. And it's not helping markets. But you can see that NASDAQ's on a clip as is the S&P today. So there's very

specifically focus on the sectors and tech stocks were always likely to have a good day today after the video posted some stellar numbers yesterday

after the close.

The chipmaker which is of course AI focus and is a big beast in the AI chip market beat estimates and reported $26 billion in first quarter revenues.

This is how the stock is trading today and worth noting that along with its quarterly earnings, NVIDIA announced a 10-for-1 stock split.

That will make it easier for your average solo investor, you and me, if we had the money. To get their hands on a share, perhaps each common share

will be split into 10 putting the price around $100 for a new share. This has been quite the most remarkable run for that company. If you'd invested

a couple of years ago you will be well in the money.

It appears the U.S. Justice Department of -- the U.S. Department of Justice may want to break up the company that dominates when it comes to selling

concert tickets. Now the DOJ in several states are expected to file an anti-trust lawsuit today against Live Nation the company that owns


Ticketmaster is far and away the biggest player in the market for live events. And critics say the industry needs more competition to bring prices

down and provide better customer service. Well CNN's Katelyn Polantz has more.

KATELYN POLANTZ, CNN SENIOR CRIME AND JUSTICE REPORTER: Becky, we're looking for the Justice Department and several state governments to sue one

of the largest ticket providers in the United States for live events. Live Nation incorporated, which runs Ticketmaster. That is the company that sold

the Eras Tour tickets for Taylor Swift last summer that led to quite a lot of public and political blowback.

So this lawsuit has been long expected, and we're waiting to see exactly what it says. But this is something where the Justice Department, the Biden

administration wants to remake how ticketing would happen in the United States for music events. What they want to do is break up what they say is

an illegal monopoly.

Or very likely, they will say illegal we're not monopoly and reduce prices for consumers, protect artists and venues a little bit better and also cut

out some of the service fees that may be out there that people pay when they purchase tickets. A lot of the accusations sprung up after the Eras

Tour went on sale and there were glitches in the system.

People had a lot of trouble getting in contact with customer support, there were fees, and the resale market is quite difficult. But in the past live

nation's leadership has been out there publicly saying that the amount of tickets is set by artists and their teams and that what they have done with

their systems.

And their practices have really protected consumers from scalpers and a lot of other bad issues that can occur in the marketplace. But this suit would

be a major thing and it's something that a lot of people may be interested in because of how much they engaged with those tickets in the past couple

of years with these major tours, the Eras Tour Beyonce, other things in the U.S., Becky.


ANDERSON: Anybody who is the parent of a child who wants a ticket and -- will that is like let's get you up to speed on some of the other stories

that are on our radar right now. And French President Emmanuel Macron is calling for a return to peace in New Caledonia, here right in the French

territory earlier amid deadly anti-government protests which have gripped the islands.

Demonstrations began more than a week ago after the French government voted to approve new changes to Caledonia constitution. Colombia is ordering the

opening of an embassy in the West Bank City of Ramallah. The country says it's not a move against Israel. Colombia has already recognized Palestinian


This video shows Colombians holding pro-Palestinian demonstrations in Bogota earlier this year. I'm Becky Anderson. Still ahead to say, it was a

disappointing night for Bayer Leverkusen does not describe it. So what happened to the darlings of the Bundesliga? That's coming up. And amazing

dresses standing ovations and special tributes only part of the Cannes experience, we're going to take a look at the top movies at this year's

festival and the stars involved.


ANDERSON: Well after a parade of fancy frocks and famous faces the red carpet at this year's Cannes Film Festival will be rolled up this weekend

for another year, added that the festival has been creating a buzz around movies set to hit cinemas soon. CNN's Saskya Vandoorne wraps up the

highlights so far for you.


SASKYA VANDOORNE (voice-over): It's that time of year again when Hollywood glamour comes to the French Riviera. The 77th annual Cannes Film Festival

is underway. This nearly two week event has been full of starlet moments, extraordinary fashion, and show stopping red carpet events, including the

arrival of the Olympic flame.

The torch was carried up the famous steps of the Belvedere festival for the viewing of the documentary -- a film featuring Olympic and Paralympic

champions. However, the real stars of the festival are the films themselves, including Francis Ford Coppola's Megalopolis.

The substance starring Demi Moore, and the new buzz worthy A Mad Max Saga from Warner Brothers pictures, which has a parent company with CNN. Mexican

drug lord musical Emilia Perez by French Director Jacques Audiard starring Selena Gomez, Zoe Saldana and Karla SofA-a Gascon, received a nine minute

standing ovation.

JACQUES AUDIARD, DIRECTOR OF "EMILIA PEREZ": It's that when you show your film here, it's really seen by the whole world. And that's it. I know that

I'm very anxious every time I come. I'm very, very, very anxious and it doesn't get easier with the years.


VANDOORNE (voice-over): Japanese animation studios Ghibli became the first group to be awarded the Honorary Palme d'Or which usually goes to an

individual. And another film causing a stir --


ANDERSON: It seems we have lost that. Apologies, you've got the drift. Well, there were long faces and so much heartbreak because Bayer Leverkusen

came so close to lifting the trophy but the best team in the Bundesliga was simply not as good as their rivals in this tournament act Atalanta and it

was the Italians who won the Europa League Final.

Amanda Davies joins me now they have been on such a clip, haven't they? I mean, he must be a very sort of odd feeling for Bayer Leverkusen and their

fans to actually know come out on top, Amanda.

AMANDA DAVIES, CNN WORLD SPORT: Yeah, painful was the word the coach Xabi Alonso use. And you can understand why after 51 matches nobody has been

able to get past them. They had to go and last night was the biggest of those on the European stage at Europa League Final, but it really did just

prove a step too far.

They were aiming for a Europa League travel of trophies that is now not going to happen. They can still make it two out of three they've got the

German Cup final to come on Saturday, but you have to give Atalanta so much credit.

Their first ever European crown and they did it in such, such style and that is what we are going to be looking at in just a couple of minutes in

"World Sport". And Becky, a seriously exciting French Open draw with a fascinating first round encounter for none other than Rafael Nadal.

ANDERSON: Oh you do know how to tease? Let's get to the break. Amanda is back after this short break. We're back at top of the hour for you.