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Category 4 Hurricane Beryl Churns towards Jamaica; W.H.O. Chief says it's "Devastating" to see European Hospital in Gaza "Out of Service"; British Voters Poised to end 14 Years of Conservative Rule; 120+ Killed in Crowd Crush at a Religious Event; Son of Asia's Richest Man to Marry Girlfriend Next Week. Aired 9-9:45a ET

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BECKY ANDERSON, CNN HOST, CONNECT THE WORLD: Well, there's panic in the Democratic Party over U.S. President Biden's fitness for office concerns

for his campaign are taking center stage. We are outside the White House where it is 9 in the morning. It's 5 pm here in Abu Dhabi. I'm Becky

Anderson. You're watching "Connect the World".

Also happening over the next two hours of this show, we're tracking hurricane Beryl after leaving destruction in the Windward Islands, the

powerful storm now heading for Jamaica. And is Britain ready for change in 24 hours, voters will go to the polls there to decide between British Prime

Minister Rishi Sunak and Opposition Leader Kier Starmer.

Well, stock markets in New York will open about 30 minutes from now at 9:30 local time. We are looking at a mostly lower picture as far as the futures

are concerned. Investors breathed a sigh of relief on Tuesday after the Federal Reserve Chairman said inflation is moving lower.

Again that's the picture as things stand back there in half an hour. The hurricane Beryl is fast approaching Jamaica as a powerful Category 4 storm.

The latest forecast shows the storm center may just miss direct landfall but it is still expected to bring life threatening winds and a storm surge

of six to nine feet.

The small island nation of around 3 million people is now under curfew after residents scramble to stock up on essential supplies. CNN's Rafael

Romo is standing by in Kingston, Rafael.

RAFAEL ROMO, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Becky, we are seeing right now the kinds of conditions just before a hurricane that confused a lot of people, because

just a moment ago, we saw the sun peeking through the clouds and then we see the low line fast moving clouds in the area. We also had rain earlier.

But make no mistake, a major hurricane is coming our way and it's expected to be here in the next few hours. As a matter of fact, Jamaica's Prime

Minister Andrew Holness said that people here in Jamaica, the entire population of 3 million. They need to take this hurricane very, very


A top government official told CNN that one of our main concerns was warning people who live in the low lying areas so they would move to safer

ground. I'm talking about Senator Andrew Masuda who also told us that the government has made available 780 shelters across the island in case people

need them.

And the reality is that there's a lot of anxiety, people that we have talked to hear because they have seen what happened in Barbados. They have

seen what happened in Grenada and they know that it may happen here again, let's remember, this island was very hardly hit by hurricane Gilbert in

1988 again, hurricane Ivan in 2004.

They both cause great devastation, and people have that concern that it's going to happen again today. Let's listen to what the Prime Minister

Holness have to say warning people to seek shelter.


ANDREW HOLNESS, JAMAICAN PRIME MINISTER: If you live in a low lying area, an area historically prone to flooding and landslides. Or, if you live on

the banks of a river or a gulley, I implore you to evacuate to a shelter or to safer ground.


ROMO: And Becky, there's a curfew that started at 6 am goes to 6 pm today. Also the government is deploying the armed forces to assist in any way they

can. The Prime Minister has said that they have two goals in mind at making sure that people who are going to need help after the hurricane they get

the relief they need.

And also to make sure they can maintain public order in situations like that as the risk of looting is always present. So they want to make sure it

doesn't happen here. But again, people are seeking shelter right now. What we have seen also in the last 24 hours is that people flocked, supermarkets

getting water, getting food, all the necessities to prepare for this major hurricane that's about to hit Jamaica in the next few hours, Becky.


ANDERSON: Stay safe. Thank you for the time being local Jamaican official, Desmond McKenzie spoke to CNN last hour about how the government has

prepared the country. Have a listen.


DESMOND MCKENZIE, JAMAICAN LOCAL GOVERNMENT MINISTER: We are now facing the early rounds of the hurricane. We have already completed all the

preparations in regards to our shelters we have over some 870 shelters. All the shelters have been activated. The reports that I've been getting so far

that a number of shelters have started to accept persons in the shelters.

The government has ensured that all unnecessary steps have been taken to ensure that the country you know manage the passage of this really major

hurricane the first one we've been having in almost 40 years. So the country is ready. The people understand they're bought into the message and

I am hoping for the best as we maneuver. The next 48 hours is going to be a telling one for the country.


ANDERSON: Desmond McKenzie speaking to CNN last hour. Elisa Raffa is tracking the storm at the CNN Weather Center, Elissa.

ELISA RAFFA, CNN METEOROLOGIST: Becky, we're still looking at a major Category 4 hurricane with 145 mile per hour winds just incredible. We're

seeing it lose some of its organization on the north side, but it's still maintaining that major strength and Jamaica hasn't seen something like this

in 40 years.

I mean, we had a couple of hurricanes make a pass around it as a major hurricane. But Gilbert is the only one that only major hurricane that made

landfall if we can get to that next graphic to show you where Gilbert made landfall with a major category of a hurricane. And in that was 1988.

That was more than 40 years ago. So just they haven't seen something like this and such an incredibly long time it has been decades the island is

small, we're talking about a direct hit possible, we need to watch that I closely what it looks like could happen is it could scrape the southern

edge of the island.

You know whether that eye goes directly overland or not, you're still looking at storm surge up to nine feet possible that's two to three meters,

we're still looking at rain up to 300 millimeters. So with this island also being mountainous that could also cause flash flooding and mudslides.

So that could be a problem as well as something that we'll need to watch after Jamaica, you have hurricane warnings in effect for the Cayman

Islands. And that's where we can find those impacts going into Thursday in the Cayman Islands as well as something that we'll need to watch.

Something that we also need to watch very closely is the intensity. Right now with maintaining major category for strength and it will maintain that

major strength as it passes by Jamaica. But as it gets past Jamaica, there are a couple of ingredients in its way where it could knock down that

intensity just a little bit.

So we'll need to watch that closely. Because we have some of those ingredients that can knock it down like dust and maybe some wind energy.

But we also have record warm ocean temperatures that we've been talking about as well. That's what let it intensify so many times and really

devastate the Windward Islands a couple of days ago.

So we'll have to watch these things incredibly closely as it continue to track through the Caribbean Sea, eventually making it towards the Yucatan

Peninsula in Mexico by the end of the week watching that closely, that area has already gotten too much rain from the tropical systems in the last

couple of weeks, Becky.

ANDERSON: Good to have you. Thank you. Well, the White House is in damage control mode trying to calm nerves if not downright panic after President

Biden's halting debate performance last night. What critics say is a lackluster response. Sources tell CNN. In just a few hours, the White House

Chief of Staff will hold an all staff call, to convey this message keep on governing.

The president is also set to meet with Democratic governors all while the White House fends off increasing calls for Mr. Biden to drop out of the

race including this one from a House Democrat.


REP. LLOYD DOGGETT (D-TX): I salute President Biden I just feel that it's time for him to step aside if we were to be able to protect what he allowed

us to gain and 2020 he delivered us from Trump then he could be delivering us to Trump this year.


ANDERSON: Well, Arlette Saenz joins me now from outside the White House, busy times there. Arlette, what are you learning about this call, firstly?


ARLETTE SAENZ, CNN WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Well, Becky, in a few hours, the White House Chief of Staff will have an all staff phone call meeting,

we're told that this is basically a call to touch base with staffers at a time when many questions are swirling about President Biden's future in

this 2024 race.

But it comes at a time when the Biden campaign and the President himself are really engaging in these private and public pushes to try to reassure

voters that he is up for a second term. The President has started placing phone calls to top Democrats on Capitol Hill, including House Minority

Leader Hakeem Jeffries, as well as a top ally of his Former Senators Chris Coons of Delaware.

The president is expected to continue those calls today, as well as hosting a meeting with Democratic governors this evening. Some governors will be

here in person and others attending virtually but it comes after a group of Democratic governors held a phone call on Monday.

Sources tell us with some expressing concerns about President standing in the 2024 race. But you are starting to see some cracks in the Democratic

coalition in support of President Biden pointing to that comment that you heard from Congressman Lloyd Doggett. There are other Democrats who have

openly said that they believe President Biden would lose in November if he remains at the top of the Democratic ticket.

Now, in addition to the President's campaign from here at the White House to try to reassure allies, his campaign team is also preparing to get him

out on the road. He'll be traveling to Wisconsin on Friday and to Philadelphia on Sunday to meet with voters. The President also will be

sitting down for a high stakes interview with ABC News on Friday, something that many of his allies have encouraged him to do face tougher questions in

the days after his debate performance.

But certainly there are many questions going forward about whether President Biden will remain in this race for the time being. His team

insists that he will, at the same time the President is also facing some questions about his own personal health and mental acuity.

The White House has said that they've been transparent when it relates to the health of the President as well as batting down any suggestions that he

potentially conduct a cognitive test. These are all some of the questions facing President Biden in as he continues to weigh his standing in the


ANDERSON: I want to show you this that CNN poll of viewers and Arlette I'll get you to respond to this, 75 percent of registered voters say that the

Democrats have a better chance of holding on to the White House without Joe Biden, this looks very serious for President Biden's chances.

Let's be quite clear. We are as you've been reporting, beginning to hear concerns, serious concerns from Congressmen and women. What is down ticket

effectively, there are many who will be standing or re standing for election in November themselves, suggesting at this stage many of them that

a Biden candidate is no good for not just the presidency. But for those who are standing in both the House and the Senate. How big are those concerns

at this point?

SAENZ: It's driving a lot of the concerns that Democrats especially up on Capitol Hill have. Now we're still waiting to see what the polling shows

relating to Biden's impact on those down ballot races. But one longtime democratic adviser told CNN in recent days that they believe that likely

the only way President Biden would step aside in this race is if he saw polling, real data that showed that Democrats in House and Senate races

would be negatively impacted by keeping him at the top of the ticket.

One lawmaker yesterday said that he is the President needs to think about what this could mean, not just for next year's congressional makeup, but

also the impact that potentially a Republican Congress with control of both chambers could have on policy and legislation in the years to come.

So we're still waiting to hear if that's having any impact on the President's thinking at this moment. But so far, what the campaign has been

pointing to is the fact that this public polling has shown that the race has really remained stagnant between Biden and Trump in the aftermath of

that debate, of course, that could change in the coming days and weeks ahead as well.

ANDERSON: It's good to have you, Arlette. Thank you very much indeed. U.S. President Biden is expected to meet with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin

Netanyahu in Washington later this month. Of course, Mr. Netanyahu is set to address Congress on July the 24th, despite opposition from some U.S.


A White House official says he'll likely meet the President over the course of that week though no details have yet been announced. Meantime, the World

Health Organization Chief says it is quote, devastating to see the Gaza European hospital out of service.


In a post on X, Director General Tedros Ghebreyesus said that the 650 bed capacity hospital is now completely empty after the Israeli military issued

evacuation orders for the -- Let's bring in CNN's Paula Hancocks, who is back from the region and she's been based in Jerusalem for the past four

weeks also reporting and doing investigative work there.

Back with us here in Abu Dhabi, your home base at this point. Couple of questions, I think really needs addressing at this point. Firstly, what can

we expect to get out of Biden and Netanyahu's meeting?

PAULA HANCOCKS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: It will be an interesting one, Becky. I mean, it's no secret that the two men do not get on at this point. The

frustration that the Biden Administration has felt with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been quite open. And then just in the past

few weeks, you've had Mr. Netanyahu accusing the Biden Administration of withholding weapons, which quite frankly, officials have said that they're

not sure what he's talking about.

And that there are no weapons apart from the very heavy bombs that they don't want used in a densely populated area, like Rafah that are being

withheld. So the rift between the two appears to have become fairly public over recent weeks. And also the fact that we know, have known for some time

he was going to go and talk to Congress. And yet there still hasn't been a direct meeting set up between the two of them that there's a lot for them

to talk about.

ANDERSON: Nine months into this conflict with no end in the sight. The latest proposal on the table is effectively one that was offered by the

Biden Administration. Joe Biden himself announcing this, he says this is an offer that was signed up to by the Israelis. But at present, we do not see

that we have an end to this insight. Meantime, we got 240,000 or 50,000, quarter of a million people on the move, again, in Gaza. What's going on

the ground?

HANCOCKS: So this is an area where the displaced have moved to. This is what we're seeing repeatedly over recent months. So the people that are now

moving out of Khan Younis and Rafah have been moved on once, twice, three times more already to try and find what they say is not possible a safe

place in Gaza.

They say one does not exist. And so the sheer number of people that now have to move once again is quite devastating, especially as the Biden

Administration pointed out when you consider that this is an area that had already been cleared by the Israeli military. That's how they put it Khan

Younis had been fought over quite strongly between Hamas and the Israeli military.

Much of it was devastated and people had been moved back thinking it was a safer area. But now once again, we are seeing that our expectations of this

ground offensive moving back from Rafah towards Khan Younis and of course you have the European hospital that's in this evacuation zone.

We've seen footage of people on stretchers being carried along the roads to a different hospital. We've seen people from the ICU, we've seen babies in

incubators being walked down the streets just to try and get them to another area, hospitals which of course are already inundated with other

patients at this point.

ANDERSON: Paula Hancocks on the story, thank you. Just ahead, Britain's place in the world, how would that change if the U.K. gets its first Labor

government in 14 years? So our U.K. election preview is up next for you.



ANDERSON: Right, welcome back. Voters in the U.K. head to the polls on Thursday for a general election that will likely see the end of the

Conservative Party's 14 year rule. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is almost universally expected to lose. He took a major gamble by calling elections

in the summer and struggled to turn around dire polling.

A conservative defeat will usher in a center left labor government headed by Kier Starmer. CNN's Salma Abdelaziz explains.


SALMA ABDELAZIZ, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): To lackluster candidates in a race with a result that is all but certain. It may sound boring, but

this is a momentous election that could decimate the U.K.'s most powerful political party. In what is widely seen as a referendum on their 14 years

of leadership, the Conservatives are bracing for a very damaging defeat. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called for the snap election that almost

everyone believes he will lose.

RISHI SUNAK, PRIME MINISTER OF BRITISH: Over the next few weeks. I will fight for every vote. I will earn your trust.

ABDELAZIZ (voice-over): But that trust is battered and bruised. From Boris Johnson's party gate scandal to leadership failings that saw three prime

ministers in 2022 alone to a very messy Brexit many are fed up with the Tories.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I mean, I think people are ticked off.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There's a sense of just wanting any kind of change.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There's decimation I think will, can only be expected.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This will be the first election that I've advised to do so I won't be voting conservative.

ABDELAZIZ (voice-over): Current polls indicate the opposition Labor Party could win by a landslide, ushering in a central left government led by Kier


KEIR STARMER, PARTY LEADER OF THE LABOR PARTY: If you want change, you have to vote for it.

ABDELAZIZ (voice-over): The makeup of British politics is sure to undergo a seismic shift. But because of Britain's first past the post system labor

could win but fail to gain a clear mandate.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thanks for coming everybody.

ABDELAZIZ (voice-over): If smaller parties for the far right gain an outsized voice. Amid the political uncertainty, the new prime minister will

inherit a mess, a cost of living crisis fueled in part by a stagnant economy. The country's beloved National Health Service is understaffed and


And immigration remains an unresolved hot button issue. Change is coming but can Starmer should he win, tackle the challenges and deliver on

promises. Salma Abdelaziz CNN, London.


ANDERSON: Well, Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson who left 10 Downing Street in disgrace is now out campaigning to try to keep the

conservatives in power. Here's what he had to say during what was a surprise appearance at a Tuesday night's rally.


BORIS JOHNSON, FORMER BRITISH PRIME MINISTER: How grateful I am to all of you for everything you've been doing over the last few weeks and for coming

so late tonight to this venue as it is way past Kier Starmer's bedtime -- If you are slightly surprised to see me, if you are slightly surprised, it

feels like it's absolutely clear that I was glad when Rishi asked me to help. Of course I couldn't say no.

And I'm here for one reason and one reason only, which is the same reason as all of you, all of us are here. We're here because we love our country

and whatever our differences, they are utterly trivial by comparison with the disaster we may face if the so called opinion polls are right.



ANDERSON: From a landslide victory in 2019 to today that was Boris Johnson. CNN's Nic Robertson has been watching every nuance of this election

campaign. And it was a surprise that Rishi Sunak called this as early as he did. He didn't have to go until actually back end of the year, if not the

beginning of next year.

Nic joining us from London, so whether or not this has been a disaster in the making for the conservatives, as far as you know, when they've called

it is concerned, it's sort of neither here nor there at this point, the FT and the Economist have both declared support for the Labor Party. Nic, why

is this endorsement from these two major business publications considered such a big deal?

NIC ROBERTSON, CNN INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMATIC EDITOR: Because they're showing that they give confidence in the economic abilities of a Labor government.

And that's something in the closing sort of days of the conservative campaign of Rishi Sunak. They've tried to cast you know, the image of labor

coming in and decimating the economy.

Whereas rather, it's been labor reminding voters that it was during Liz Truss's disastrous leadership of 48, 49 days where that where the economy

crashed people's mortgages went up double digit inflation came into play. So you know this is a reassurance for the public. And that's an important

thing in the face of these claims.

And their claims not just made by the conservatives in this election, their historic claims that labor will come in and mismanage their labor tax the

trader to over fund things like the health service, and other sort of well, meaning social, you know, social support schemes so that having, you know,

authorities like the Financial Times, and the Economist say that actually, they can have confidence in labor's ability to manage the economy is


But it seems like the electorate is actually ahead of them already, that they're sort of following along where the electorate is. And to be honest,

following along were one of Rishi Sunak's cabinet members went today, an active cabinet member today and the Conservative government said that labor

is expected to win.

Its biggest -- the biggest majority of any government so far now that could that be a scare tactic to try and to say to labor voters where it you don't

really need to come out and vote or to scare conservative voters come out and vote. Not clear. But that's the language that's being used.

ANDERSON: What is historic about this election and what it means for Britain's place in the world is what we will be discussing over this two

hour show. Nic, thank you for the time being be sure to watch CNN special coverage. By the way, the U.K. elections on July the fourth, it starts just

before 10 pm right here.

It was certainly in London. And on Friday, the 5th will have full coverage of all the morning's results and big moments. So back in the United States,

one of the biggest questions surrounding Donald Trump's bid for re-election is who will be his running mate on the Republican ticket.

That decision shrouded in secrecy so far, and Trump himself isn't giving away any clues but could a rally plan for Miami next week be an early sign

of which way the former president is leaning. I want to bring in Alayna Treene. For more on that there is a lot of speculation. So who are the most

likely front runners at this point?

ALAYNA TREENE, CNN REPORTER: So as of now, Becky, this has actually stayed pretty consistent over the last several weeks. There are three top

contenders on Donald Trump's short shortlist, as I will call it. Two Senators, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, that's why I think the fact that

he is holding this rally in Miami at his Doral Resort has had raised some people's eyebrows.

I'm told not to read too into the proximity of Florida being Marco Rubio's home state, but then there's also Ohio Senator J. D. Vance, as well as

North Dakota Governor, Doug Burgum, and -- Donald Trump has been kind of all over the place when it comes to who he thinks he wants to serve as his

running mate. When I talk to Donald Trump's top and most senior advisors, they insist that even they do not know who he is going to choose.

They also continue to argue that, depending on the day, Donald Trump's mind does continue to change. However, we do have some new reporting, Becky,

that in the days leading up to the presidential debate last week in Atlanta, Donald Trump had sent some of his team as well as some planning

people tied to his campaign to go to Miami to plan for this rally next week.

That they had considered as being a potential spot for him to roll out his vice presidential pick. Now, I will argue that Joe Biden's poor performance

at that debate has really changed some things for the timing around this.


We know that Donald Trump has said that the convention in Milwaukee, the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee in two weeks, we just have two

weeks until that that is his self-imposed deadline for when he wants to announce his running mate. But there were a lot of questions over whether

it would come sooner.

But given Joe Biden's poor performance, they now want to keep the attention on the Democratic hand wringing and criticism and panic over whether Joe

Biden is fit to serve for another four years and so some of the timing around this has been kind of up in the air. I will also argue that we know

that Donald Trump was supposed to be sentenced in his New York hush money trial on July 11.

Also next week, there was some questions and planning within Trump rolled over whether they wanted to have this vice presidential announcement come

around to that to serve as a distraction for that sentencing. But now following the Supreme Court's decision on Monday in the immunity ruling,

that has now pushed that sentencing date to September and so really, we're looking at. It could still be another two weeks until we really know who

Donald Trump's VP will be, Becky.

ANDERSON: Good to have you. Thank you. Well next up, horrifying scenes from India where more than 120 people are dead after a crowd crush or a

religious gathering. We've got the very latest on what authorities are now saying.


ANDERSON: Welcome back, I'm Becky Anderson in Abu Dhabi, time here just after half past 5 in the evening. You're watching "Connect the World". 9:34

in -- on the East Coast in New York at the top of this show the main indices as far as the futures were concerned indicated, a slightly mixed

open and this is where they are settling mixed to slightly higher.

Markets not quite sure what they are up to as it were. But they are a new settling. Of course we're only four minutes into the trading day in New

York. Let's see where they end up later. To India now where officials say more than 120 people have been killed after a crowd crushing Uttar Pradesh,

most of them women and children.


Police say quarters of a million worshippers were crowded at the site. Police say the preacher who led the event is absconding. Special

investigative team has been constituted to probe the incident. They are now accusing organizers of culpable homicide and have launched a special

investigation. The organizers have not commented as of yet. Ivan Watson has more. But a warning, this report does contain some disturbing images.


IVAN WATSON, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): This wasn't supposed to happen. Victims wheeled past as grieving relatives arrive at

hospitals looking for missing loved ones. What was meant to be a time of prayer ended in tragedy in Northern India Tuesday afternoon, after a

religious gathering turned into a deadly crowd crush? It claimed more than 100 lives. Most of the victims are women and some children.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: As soon as the function ended chaos ensued. Any person who fell could not get up, everyone was crushed to death.

WATSON (voice-over): Authorities say organizers issued permits for around 80,000 people to attend the event but as many as 250,000 may have showed


ASHISH KUMAR, HATHRAS DISTRICT MAGISTRATE OF INDIA: There was a sudden commotion due to overcrowding and excessive humidity.

WATSON (voice-over): A government officials said attendees may have fallen into an open sewer and on top of each other as they tried to reach the

self-styled god man who led the prayer event. A day after the disaster Subash Lal (ph) waits outside of main hospital here to collect the body of

his mother 65 year old Samdati Devi (ph).

My son arrived first and said, dad your mother is no more, he says. If there was no carelessness he adds, then people would not have died like

this. Police are accusing the event organizers of culpable homicide and covering up evidence. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed

condolences to the victims' families.

But deadly incidents like this happen all too often in India. In January 2022, at least 12 people died in a crush at a shrine in Jammu in Northern

India. Authorities say they'll pay compensation to families of the victims of this week's tragedy. Call to comfort for people who've suffered a sudden

and shocking loss. Ivan Watson CNN, Hong Kong.


ANDERSON: Let's get you up to speed on some of the other stories that are on our radar right now. And six passengers remained in hospital in Brazil

after being injured on board this Air Europa flight that was hit by strong turbulence flight UX 45 flying from Madrid to Uruguay was forced to make an

emergency landing in Brazil. 30 passengers were injured on that flight on Monday.

Well, the U.S. is set to give Ukraine more than $2 billion in additional military aid. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin says the official announcement

will come soon and that the package will include new air defense interceptors, anti-tank weapons and other items. And K-pop superstar Jin --

will be a torchbearer for South Korea at this year's Olympics.

A BTS member will take part in the Olympic torch relay to spread a message of harmony and peace according to a statement from his agents. Jin recently

completed his mandatory service in the South Korean military getting discharged just last month. Well you're watching CNN. I'm Becky Anderson

for you.

Still to come, it was one massive party on Germany's wet streets, Turkish fans waved flags and led of fireworks after their team reached the final

eight in the Euros 2024 more on that after this.



ANDERSON: Well in what promises to be one of the biggest weddings of the year. The son of Asia's richest man is about to tie the knot with his

longtime girlfriend in India. Anant Ambani is the youngest son of business mogul Mukesh Ambani, who has an estimated fortune of $118 billion.

He will marry his partner Radhika Merchant that next week at his parents' 27 storey home in Mumbai. The young couple has already held a series of pre

wedding events attended by everyone from Bill Gates to Rihanna. Austria and Turkey did not let the rainy night in Leipzig dampen their spirits and that

encounter could have gone either way.

Both sides fought hard to try and get a place in the quarterfinals of the Euros, but in the end it was Turkey that ran until they got what they were

looking for which was of course victory. Turkey's Merih Demiral was without a doubt the Man of the Match. Patrick Snell joins me now and that was a

thriller, Patrick.

PATRICK SNELL, CNN WORLD SPORT: Becky, it really was. In the soggy rainy conditions as well Austria, many people thought they were going to get

through. But they were denied by this say, Becky, absolutely amazing. It's from Mert Gunok in the Turkish goal shades of Gordon banks there from the

1970 Mexico World Cup when he denied the great Pele.

That was a stunning save, it kept Austria in pole position to advance and they did full highlights and more on "World Sport".

ANDERSON: 54 years ago. I want to say -- I don't remember the Gordon banks say but we've seen it so many times over our lifetimes.

SNELL: Yeah.

ANDERSON: And you're absolutely right and absolute beauty what a key and a brilliant match. And that is all coming up in "World Sport". Of course

we'll be back after that at the top of the hour.