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Hungarian PM Viktor Orban is a Supporter of Former U.S. President Donald Trump; White House Director Releases Letter with Details of Visits by Parkinson's Disease Specialist; Baldwin Facing Charge of Manslaughter Pleads not Guilty; Trump to Hold First Rally since CNN Debate; Beryl now a Tropical Depression but still Threatens U.S. Aired 9-9:45a ET

Aired July 09, 2024 - 09:00   ET




BECKY ANDERSON, CNN HOST, CONNECT THE WORLD: Well, this is the scene in the capital of Ukraine, one day after Russia carried out a deadly daytime

bombardment including of a children's hospital in Kyiv. It's 4 pm there. It is 5 pm here in Abu Dhabi. I'm Becky Anderson. This is "Connect the World".

Also ahead NATO leaders set to gather in Washington. And all eyes will be on U.S. President Joe Biden as his reelection campaign is under pressure.

And the trial begins for actor Alec Baldwin on trial for involuntary manslaughter and the fatal shooting on the set of the movie Rust three

years ago. We are live outside that court as jury selection begins.

And the stock markets open in New York in about 30 minutes from now on the indications as far as the futures are concerned is that this will be a

largely unchanged opening, "Wall Street" looking to Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell his congressional testimony which starts today for clues

about the direction of rates of course.

Well soon the world's largest security alliance will mark its 75th anniversary under the shadow of war. A crucial NATO summit kicks off in

Washington today with Russia's ongoing war in Ukraine raging right on NATO's doorstep. The conflict is of course high on the summit's agenda this


And Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is attending just a day after a series of Russian daytime air assaults killed dozens across his country,

one of those deadly strikes seen here moments before partially destroying Ukraine's largest children's hospital in Kyiv. CNN's, Fred Pleitgen at the

scene of Monday's deadly strike on that children's hospital, Fred.

FREDERIK PLEITGEN, CNN SENIOR INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Hi there, Becky. Yeah, I'm actually right at the impact site where that rocket hit and

you're absolutely right. It destroyed and literally annihilated part of the building. You can see right here. This is that part of the building that

was actually destroyed the whole floor is essentially ripped out.

There's just some debris that's still lying around here. Now the Ukrainian say at this site alone, two people were killed. But dozens were also

wounded. We saw that videos of the first responders and hospital staff trying to come and dig people out. However, in total, in Kyiv alone in

Ukraine's capital, 29 people were killed in those strikes which were rare daytime attack. Let's have a look at what happened.


PLEITGEN (voice-over): A massive attack in broad daylight. The social media video purporting to show the moment a Russian missile hit Kyiv's main

children's hospital, the building flat. Desperate first responders but also hospital staff trying to find survivors under the debris. There are people

under the rubble Kyiv's Mayor says there may be children among them.

This woman in tears, we came here five minutes before it all happened, she says. We managed to get to the pediatric ward it's a nightmare. Just days

before Vladimir Putin's military bombed Ukraine civilian infrastructure. Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban, currently holding the European Union

presidency was in Moscow.

A trip that, other EU leaders have rejected and criticized, Putin using the platform to attack the U.S. and its allies. The sponsors of Ukraine

continue to try to use this country and its people as a battering ram Putin said, a victim in the confrontation with Russia. Orban is not only arguably

Vladimir Putin staunchest ally in Europe.

He's also a major supporter of Former President Donald Trump. Celebrating a March visit to Mar-a-Lago on his Instagram page and telling German outlet

built he supports Trump's presidential bid in an exclusive interview.

VIKTOR ORBAN, HUNGARIAN PRIME MINISTER: So he's from businessman. He's a self-made man. He has a different approach to everything. And I believe

that will be good for the world politics. Don't forget that he is the man of the peace.

PLEITGEN (voice-over): Orban cozying up to other U.S. adversaries as well currently on a visit to China meeting President Xi Jinping. Beijing saying

they're pleased with Orban's efforts to end the war in Ukraine. This as China has just sent troops to neighboring Belarus close to NATO's eastern

flank for military exercises.


The Ukrainians say rather than proposals for their de facto surrender, they need more air defense systems to help prevent strikes, like the one that

destroyed the children's hospital.


PLEITGEN (on camera): Yeah, Becky, you could see there some of those devastating scenes that happened right at this very location about 24 hours

ago, a little more than 24 hours ago, I want to show you this also, this is part of the floor that was destroyed in that building, you can tell the

beams have just completely flat packed down.

There's actually also a car if you look that's also been completely flattened by that explosion as well. Just to give you an idea of the blast

wave and how powerful all of this was. If we pan up now, you can see that the adjacent building, which is a huge hospital building, has also been

devastated as well, of course, well the glass, they're broken.

But also the facade badly damaged as well as the people who are on the ground here certainly had some terrifying moments after that missile came

down, Becky.

ANDERSON: Yeah, absolutely. Fred, thank you. Well, that NATO summit, of course starts in Washington today with Ukraine in the Spotlight lingering

concerns about U.S. President Joe Biden's health and the prospect of another Trump presidency. Well German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, among the 32

leaders convening in Washington this week says he's talked with Mr. Biden and has no concerns about his mental fitness.

Well, this morning on CNN, the White House Communications Coordinator, disputed reports that President Biden told Democratic governors that it

will stop scheduling events after 8 pm. John Kirby says Mr. Biden is available for presidential duties around the clock.



that's a 24 hour job, seven days a week. And from my experience here, and I've seen it firsthand on the road and here in Washington D.C. If the

national security team needs to get to the president, they get to the president.

And it doesn't matter what the hour on the clock says he's always there. He's always available, and they have ready access to him. And he also knows

that the world doesn't take a breather after a certain time of day, those things to keep going on, just like we saw this weekend in Ukraine.

And he's constantly peppering the team with questions again, around the clock. That's the commander-in-chief that I've seen. And more critically,

Kate, as the commander-in-chief, he knows he has to be and he has been here for the last 3.5 years.


ANDERSON: Well, Nic Robertson joining me now from London. Look, the drama around Joe Biden's health, very likely to be front and center in many of

those leaders minds. I mean, Joe Biden has played a significant role in leadership when it comes to Ukraine, but it is Ukraine that is likely to be

at the top of this agenda at what is the 75th anniversary ironically, of the NATO, or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in and of itself, Nic.

NIC ROBERTSON, CNN INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMATIC EDITOR: Yeah, the President Zelenskyy will be there. And he's already said that he wants to get some

concrete answers and steps on additional air defense systems. And he said this in the wake of that horrendous strike on the children's hospital in

Kyiv just yesterday.

And the indications are he's going to get some of what he wants. He also wants a faster path to join NATO. And this is something that is said before

and it appears as if there will be some language in that direction, likely won't go far enough and fast enough for him his feeling as these things are


There's a great sense around the table as well there or there will be in Washington, particularly from the Baltic States, probably from the Nordic

states, as well as the new joiners like Finland and Sweden. And as well from Poland and some of the others that are close to Ukraine and close to


They feel that the threat there is growing, and it's imminent. So this really does put so much focus on Ukraine, but it won't just be focused on

Ukraine. I think in the final communique, we should look at the language that's being used about Russia. It was pretty tough last year and last

year's communique.

Expect more of the same, but see where the nuance and detail is see what they have to say about Russia's modernization of its nuclear weapon systems

that was mentioned in last year's communique, and also about the strengthening of the ties to counter NATO, if you will, between China and


That's something again we should look at see where the dial is moving for NATO on that. And I think again, we can expect the language on that area to

be tougher.

ANDERSON: Right. Nic, the U.K. of course has been a staunch ally of Ukraine and the new British Prime Minister getting his first trip as the U.K.

Leader to Washington.


And some time with not just those other NATO leaders or NATO members of course but with the U.S. president himself. What can we expect?

ROBERTSON: Yeah, this is important for Starmer. You know, the Labor government is far more natural bedfellows with Democrats than we are with

Republicans on the agenda. The White House says they'll be speaking about Ukraine, their common values, the need to sort of strengthen and continue

to support Ukraine, but also positions on new China.

China positions about freedom of navigation and et cetera. In the Indo- Pacific, this is clearly a reference to China of course, but a lot of concerns on the international front. You know, what, Keir Starmer will get

out of this trip to Washington is pretty powerful and big for him just a few days in office, and to be amongst so many world leaders is a real

chance for him to you know, to flex his own diplomacy.

It begins in the White House with President Biden about what he wants strengthening of the transatlantic alliance, which is very important, he

said, But he goes in there knowing that he is the foreign secretary who is just appointed to State Foreign Affairs, David Lammy has been very clear.

And Lammy, let's not forget, in just the last few days, has been to Norway, and has been to Poland, and has been to Germany.

And this really doubles down on his messaging that the UK needs to look to Europe and Europe needs to look to itself for its own security and in an

environment where the United States is becoming, perhaps a tad more insular, but certainly more focused on the Indo-Pacific. So, you know,

expect some of that in that meeting between Starmer and Biden as well.

ANDERSON: Looking after that special relationship as it's known. Good to have you, Nic, thank you. Well, the Biden Administration calls trying to

fend off questions and downplay concerns over medical visits. At the White House overnight, the White House doctor took the unusual step of releasing

a letter with some details about visits by top Parkinson's disease specialists.

Now that came after the White House Press Secretary tried to deflect reporter's questions about doctors coming to the White House and President

Biden's health.


KARINE JEAN-PIERRE, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: Has the president been treated for Parkinson's? No. Is he being treated for Parkinson's? No, he's

not. Is he taking medication for Parkinson's? No, I'm not going to confirm a specialist, any specialist that comes to the White House. I am not

sharing confirming names from here.

It is a security reasons I am not going to do that, Ed. It doesn't matter how hard you push me. It doesn't matter how angry you get with me. I'm not

going to confirm a name. It doesn't matter if it's even in the log. I am not going to do that from here. I am telling you that he has seen or

neurologist three times while he has been in this presidency. That's what I'm saying.


I want to bring in Arlette Saenz. What did you make of those exchanges? And what more do we know about these doctor's visits and the White House's

explanations for them at this point?

ARLETTE SAENZ, CNN WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Well, Becky, that certainly was perhaps the most contentious exchange at yesterday's White House press

briefing as the White House continues to face questions about President Biden's age and health and their transparency around that issue.

Now, as you noted overnight, the President's physician Dr. Kevin O'Connor took the rare step of releasing a letter trying to explain why that top

neurologist who specializes in Parkinson's disease had visited the White House on several occasions to set things up a little bit.

It first came to light but this doctor Dr. Kevin Cannard had been at the White House, visited the White House eight times after people had looked

through the visitor's logs for these White House. That included one visit that specifically was with Dr. Kevin O'Connor in January and at least

another seven visits that did not specify who that doctor was meeting with.

That prompted a lot of questions at the White House press briefing from reporters wondering if perhaps this doctor was here to see President Biden.

Now in this letter, the Doctor O'Connor released overnight he stressed that this doctor Dr. Kevin Cannard, is the neurologist who saw President Biden

as part of his physical exam this year and in the years prior.

And he explained that the president has not seen a neurologist outside of those physical exams that have occurred at three points in his presidency.

Then O'Connor tries to offer the explanation for why Cannard was here. He said that he has often come to the White House to conduct the neurology

clinics for the active duty military members who serve in and around the White House.


Dr. O'Connor wrote, quote, many military personnel experience neurological issues related to their service and Dr. Cannard regularly visits the White

House Medical Unit as part of this general neurology practice. So that is a bit of the explanation that we're getting from the White House at this

time, at a time when many voters are concerned about the President's age and health.

And the White House has consistently faced questions including pressing for more transparency, or relating to the President's medical record and his

health as well. Of course, Biden right now is facing a key test within his own democratic party as he's trying to hold on to support amid these

questions about his candidacy and at a time when voters have also expressed concern not just about his candidacy, but also his age and health.

ANDERSON: 9:15 in Washington, it is 5:15 here in Abu Dhabi, good to have you. Thank you very much indeed. Still to come, President Biden faces

another key test in Washington. We're going to take a look at what Democrats are saying about his debate disaster and whether he should remain

in the race for the White House.

And key developments, in the trial of actor Alec Baldwin over the fatal shooting on the set of his movie Rust. We'll have more on that after this.


ANDERSON: Welcome back, you're watching "Connect the World" with me Becky Anderson. 18 minutes past 5 from our Middle East programming hub here in

Abu Dhabi. President Joe Biden doesn't only have world leaders to reassure in Washington this week, but also his own party as the Democratic caucuses.

It's, no meets today for the first time since the CNN presidential debate. Now, Mr. Biden tried to head off any revolt within with a letter to party

members saying that he's firmly committed to staying in the presidential race and to beating Donald Trump. President got support on Monday from the

Congressional Hispanic Caucus and the Congressional Black Caucus, as well as the top Democrat in the House. Have a listen.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mr. Leader, do you support Joe Biden staying as your Democratic nominee?

REP. HAKEEM JEFFRIES (D-NY): Yes, I made clear the day after the debate publicly that I support President Joe Biden and the Democratic ticket. My

position has not changed.


ANDERSON: Let's bring in Annie Grayer who joins me now live from Washington. It's good to have you, Annie. Thanks for joining us. We've been

hearing these concerns about U.S. President's health and his age you heard Hakeem Jeffries there suggesting his position on Biden hasn't changed and

he should still be in the running.

What can we expect from those Democrats who are today behind closed doors as I understand it pretty much as we speak about what they believe should

happen next?


ANNIE GRAYER, CNN REPORTER: Well, this meeting is the first time the Democrats are going to be sitting at a table face to face. Since the

presidential debate more than 10 days ago, all these members have gone now back to their districts and heard from their constituents. And a number of

them are returned to Washington with a number of concerns.

And we are expecting a lot of these concerns to be aired out in this meeting. We expect it to go for a long time. But the top leader in the

House, Hakeem Jeffries, who you just played, the clip from is so far standing behind Joe Biden 100 percent. And in meetings up until this point,

Jeffries has very much not tip his hand about where he stands. He's really wanted to listen to members and take it all in.

Members are going to be looking to him this morning to see what he says because he's going to see if he can get his members in line behind the

president. But as we've seen, there are just a number of Democrats with concerns and those concerns just keep building.

ANDERSON: Good to have you, busy times on the Hill in the coming hours. Meantime, jury selection does to begin in the trial of Hollywood actor Alec

Baldwin. He is facing a charge of involuntary manslaughter over the shooting of the cinematographer on the set of the movie Rust.

Baldwin was holding a prop gun that fired a live round that killed Hutchins. A judge has ruled that Baldwin's role as a co-producer on the

film will not be considered. He has pleaded not guilty. Josh Campbell is in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with the very latest. And Josh, what can we expect

from the jury selection process?

JOSH CAMPBELL, CNN SECURITY CORRESPONDENT: Yeah, Becky, you know, this has been a prosecution that had been marked by fits and starts with turnovers

and prosecutors. At one point charges against actor Alec Baldwin were dropped and then brought back, that is all culminated here in this moment

where we're expecting jury selection to start here momentarily.

Of course, all along Alec Baldwin has said that he is not guilty that he was not responsible for the live round of ammunition that made its way into

a gun on a movie set, killing the film cinematographer. Prosecutors have said that under U.S. law, even an accident can still be a crime.


CAMPBELL (voice-over): October 2021, Alec Baldwin was rehearsing on the set of Rust in remote to Mexico, seemingly just another day in the life of a

megastar with four decades in show business. He's handed a real revolver as a prop and told its safe, then an unexpected gunshot.

Hours later, cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was dead, another crew member injured and the film's production in chaos. Baldwin's involved into the

shooting and alleged safety concerns on set suddenly thrust into the spotlight. Flash forward 2.5 years later, the movie's armor is sentenced to

prison for involuntary manslaughter.

And Baldwin who's an executive producer on the film, he's facing the same charge. He's pleaded not guilty and in a 2022 interview with CNN denied any

criminal liability. He blamed armor Hannah Gutierrez-Reed and Assistant Director David Halls for the live round that was loaded into the gun. As

his attorneys argued the shooting was an accident. And Baldwin is not criminally liable.

MARY CARMACK-ALTWIES, NEW MEXICO FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT ATTORNEY: Just because it's an accident doesn't mean that it's not criminal.

CAMPBELL (voice-over): The convoluted path to trial has itself all the makings of a Hollywood drama. Months after being charged in 2023, Baldwin's

case was suddenly dropped by New Mexico special prosecutors citing quote, new facts, but the actor was indicted in January with involuntary

manslaughter, this time by a grand jury.

His attorneys tried and failed at multiple attempts to get the case dismissed. At one point alleging improper destruction of evidence arguing

the gun was virtually destroyed by FBI testing.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'd love to do this one again. I'll do it again.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Let's do it again.

CAMPBELL (voice-over): The pre-trial hearings thus far marked by frequent clashes between attorneys from each side.

If a prosecutor is listening to testimony that a prosecutor knows is false, a prosecutor has an obligation to correct it. So this testimony that he is

getting --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: -- stop, stop, both of you.

CAMPBELL (voice-over): Prosecutors also intend to highlight what they say is Baldwin's negligence while overseeing a set allegedly plagued by

dangerous conduct.

CARMACK-ALTWIES: He didn't do any of the things that he was supposed to do to make sure that he was safe or that anyone around him was safe. And then

he pointed the gun at Halyna Hutchins and he pulled the trigger.

CAMPBELL (voice-over): Beyond Baldwin's approaching legal fate.

ELIZABETH WAGMEISTER, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT: The future of Rust is in limbo. There is no distribution partner, there is no release state.

CAMPBELL (voice-over): Beyond this one movie, a larger question remains will the deadly accident on the set of Rust lead to new laws, regulating

safety practices across the film industry.

WAGMEISTER: There's a ton of production in other states like Georgia with Atlanta also New Mexico and of course New York. So it remains to be seen

just the reach of this terrible tragedy and if these laws will go into a fact nationwide.



CAMPBELL (on camera): And Becky, yesterday here in court in Santa Fe, a major win for Baldwin side all along, prosecutors had been arguing that he

was not just criminally responsible for being the actor holding the gun when it went off. But they also said he had a responsibility as a producer

for the movie to ensure the safety of that set.

The judge ruling that there will be no talk of his role as a producer, it will all come down that moment of him actually holding that gun. Of course,

prosecutors have said that he was negligent and should be held responsible, the jury will decide. On the other hand, what they have to grapple with is

when an actor is on a movie set and attended a gun and told that it's safe, is that after criminally liable, a jury will soon decide, Becky.

ANDERSON: Good to have you. Thank you. Well, a day after Israel issued evacuation orders. We're going to get the very latest on the situation in

Gaza City. As the IDF continues its operations there that is up next. Plus, look at the devastating impact of Beryl it's that storm barrels across the

United States. You're watching "Connect the World", I'm Becky Anderson for you, do stay with us.


ANDERSON: Welcome back. I'm Becky Anderson in Abu Dhabi. You are watching "Connect the World" and wherever you're watching you are more than welcome.

Well as Israel continues its operation in Gaza City. Palestinian authorities say they are struggling to reach the dead and wounded amid

fears of double tap strikes as they are known.

A Gaza Civil Defense spokesman said that airstrikes and artillery shelling continued overnight and into Tuesday morning in Gaza City and in the

surrounding areas or hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fled that area following an Israeli military order to evacuate.

The exodus has forced the closure of all medical points and emergency clinics run by the Palestinian Red Crescent Society in the area. The U.N.

says 1.9 million people, or 90 percent, 9 out of 10 Gazans have been displaced since October the seventh.


CNN's Jeremy Diamond is live in Jerusalem. And we know that there are real efforts now to try and secure a ceasefire and secure the release of

hostages. We've been here before and many people watching this will say, what's new? Can we talk our viewers through what we believe is new?

And how, according to Hamas, at least, these new evacuation orders by Israel just might affect the progress of any negotiations?

JEREMY DIAMOND, CNN JERUSALEM CORRESPONDENT: Yeah, well, first of all, on that last point, I mean, we have seen Hamas in the past to argue that

Israel needs to stop its military offensive before negotiations can even begin. That is a position that they rarely actually stick to in practice,

they have continued negotiations, even as the Israeli military has expanded its military operations inside of Gaza.

And it seems that the negotiations are continuing despite the fact that the Israeli military is now conducting several operations, not only continuing

its military operation in Rafah, where it's been for over two months now, but also in -- and in Gaza city in northern Gaza.

And we are seeing the impact that those operations are having on the civilian population, as well as rescuers say that they are having trouble

reaching the dead and the wounded as a result of those military operations, as a result of the ongoing fighting between the Israeli military and Hamas,

the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, saying that their medical points and emergency clinics are now out of service amid the intensified fighting.

Now as it relates to the negotiating table, and what we're seeing, we've seen over today, and yesterday, we've been seeing negotiations happening in

Cairo, the CIA Director, Bill Burns, who arrives in the region, usually at very sensitive, very critical moments in these negotiations.

He met today with the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, they discussed obviously the state of those negotiations, as well as some of the

security conditions, which is important to note that one of the key things that needs to be resolved in these talks is what happens to that Egyptian-

Gaza border. What happens to the Rafah crossing that Philadelphi corridor that the Israeli military has said, it has been used by Hamas to smuggle

weapons into Gaza from Egypt.

But also we know that tomorrow, they're set to convene in Doha, Qatar, both American, Israeli, Egyptian, Qatari, all of the top negotiators set to be

in the same place as along with Hamas as well, to try and push this deal forward. And they are indeed, in that phase of detailed negotiations, which

is somewhere that they have not been in the past, at least not since the last truce fell apart in early December.

But now of course, it's also becoming a domestic political story, as the Israeli Prime Minister faces criticism from his right wing, who are keeping

him in power, about the state of these negotiations, about the deal that is on the table, while those in the center and the left in Israeli politics

are urging him to stay the course and make this reality, Becky.

ANDERSON: Good to have you, Jeremy. Thank you very much. Well after more than a week of mostly laying low, Donald Trump, we'll be back on stage

tonight. He's already in Miami as far as big events since the CNN debate which said Joe Biden's campaign into crisis mode.

Well, if you know Trump, you know that he loves the spotlight and it is possible that he will announce his VP choice at the primetime rally,

especially if he has decided to pick Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who grew up in Miami. A source does tell CNN that Rubio will be there tonight.

CNN's Alayna Treene, tracking the Trump campaign for us and she joins us now, I mean, he's been pretty quiet since that debate. It has to be said

Donald Trump, though is now facing a very busy week ahead. And is this the week? Is this the day that we should expect to find out who he has decided

is worthy of running with him?

ALAYNA TREENE, CNN REPORTER: While Becky, it's definitely the week where we will find out, it's unclear if it is the day and you're absolutely right. I

think there are a lot of questions over whether he could announce at his Miami rally or near his Doral Resort tonight. And as you noted, Senator

Marco Rubio, one of his top contenders to become his vice presidential pick will be attending that rally.

It's also where he grew up, so it'd be a fitting location. However, Donald Trump continues to say that he's still mulling his decision over. When I

talk to his top advisors, they tell me the same.


But again, remember, he gave himself one week or gave himself a deadline of announcing at the Republican National Convention which starts just one week

from today, and so the clock is ticking, but listen to what he told Fox News's Sean Hannity last night.


DONALD TRUMP (R), FORMER U.S. PRESIDENT AND 2024 PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I haven't made final decision, but I have some ideas as to where we're going

and a little bit, you know, we wanted to see what they're doing, to be honest because you know, it might make a difference. I don't know. I'm not

sure that it would. But there are those that say Trump's waiting until he finds out what's going to happen with crooked Joe Biden, and we'll see what

happens with Biden.


TREENE Now, Becky, I think the key thing to keep in mind there is that Donald Trump, you mentioned he had been kind of quiet since the debate,

unusual for him very uncharacteristic. But that's because Donald Trump and his team have wanted to keep the spotlight on Joe Biden as well as the

Democratic handwringing we're seeing.

Regarding questions over whether Biden is fit to serve as president for another four years. Of course, that is going to end today with this rally.

But from my conversations with Trump's team, they argue that of course, if Biden were to ultimately step aside that could impact who he wants to run

beside him.

Now, I will also note that this weekend, Donald Trump has another rally that one in Pennsylvania on the border of Ohio and Ohio is where Senator J.

D. Vance is from another top presidential pick and so all of this is coming as again, Donald Trump has set his deadline to announce his running mate by

or on the national convention. I'm told that it could even come as late as Monday, the first day of that convention week, Becky.

ANDERSON: Busy times, Alayna, thank you for keeping us bang up to date. Still to come, prepare for some seriously excellent football or soccer if

you are stateside in tonight's Euro 2024 semifinalists France vs. Spain, going head to head in Munich, more on that coming up.


ANDERSON: Beryl has weakened from a hurricane to a tropical depression but it is still very, very dangerous. The storm is expected to trigger

tornadoes, heavy rain and flash flooding as it moves inland across multiple U.S. states this week. CNN Meteorologist Derek Van Dam has been in the

thick of this storm for us now for some days.

He's joining us from Rosenberg, Texas, which is near Houston. Look, I mean it looks as if it's fairly nice out there today. But you're going to tell

us that things are really tough with widespread power outages and a heatwave spreading in the wake of Hurricane Beryl. How are people coping?


DEREK VAN DAM, CNN METEOROLOGIST: Well, that's just that Becky, this combination of a hurricane and a heatwave and a multi-day power outages

really a nightmare scenario for people here in Houston and much of eastern sections of Texas as well. This will only become more common as humans

continue to warm the planet and fuel these extreme weather events like Hurricane Beryl, but income the troops, income the Calvary, you can see it

behind me.

We're at one of about a dozen, what is called utility restoration staging areas. So this is a multi-state coordinated effort to restore power to the

people. You can see the utility crews actively working this is the staging ground they deployed from here. And they go to the various areas that are

have been affected by Hurricane Beryl, which came ashore just roughly 24 hours ago, along the Texas coastline.

Now, of course, their priority is to restore the electricity and the utilities. But they're racing against the clock because as you can see,

this meteorologist is sweating profusely. It's hot. And with so many people without power in Harris County where Houston is located over 70 percent of

the population here without power at the moment, it is going to be incredibly difficult for that recovery effort, the cleanup effort from the

wake of what was Hurricane Beryl.

2.3 million Customers without power. Combine that with heat and to see values in the triple digits 105 degrees, we're talking upper 30s in terms

of Celsius that is uncomfortable. And for anyone heading outdoors to clean up the debris in their yard, they don't get the opportunity to seek relief

with air conditioning because there's no electricity. So that's the combination. The deadly factors here, Becky, that are making things so


ANDERSON: Yeah, very, very difficult. Derek, it's good to have you, thank you, man. Well, France and Spain football giants of course with millions of

fans around the world. Tonight they meet in Munich for the first of the two semifinals of the Euro 2024 Football Championship.

Well, the Spanish team has won all of their games, but you should or would never discount France and Kylian Mbappe. Certainly Patrick Snell wouldn't,

he joins me now. What are you looking forward to most out of this time?

PATRICK SNELL, CNN WORLD SPORT: Hi, Becky. I can't wait. You know, it's just over five hours to kick off every so much buzz around this fixture to

superpowers from Europe on collision because we both know what it's like to be in Germany, don't we, during a major men's tournament going back to the

2006 World Cup.

The atmosphere is incredible. I'll say one thing, Becky, to your point about the French what they will give for a goal that actually comes from

open play. They're still seeking -- their first goal from open play within Mbappe around you does think it's just a matter of time, back to you.

ANDERSON: Yeah, I do think back to that French team of 2006. And you are certainly aging as there. Thank you for that amazing tournament though.

We're going to take a very short break and Patrick back with "World Sport" after this.