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U.S., Allies Vow to Send new Defensive Weapons to Ukraine; Pelosi Urges Democrats to Hold Off on Biden Criticism; U.N. Experts: Famine has Spread Through all of Gaza; Antony Blinken: Transfer of NATO F-16 Jets to Ukraine Underway; England Face Netherlands for Place in EURO 2024 Final. Aired 9-9:45a ET

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BECKY ANDERSON, CNN HOST, CONNECT THE WORLD: Well, this is the scene in Washington where the NATO Summit goes into full swing today, all eyes on

U.S. President Joe Biden, as he seeks to bolster confidence in the alliance. It is 9 am in the U.S. capital. It's 5 pm here in Abu Dhabi. I'm

Becky Anderson. You're watching "Connect the World".

Also ahead, this hour, we have a very special report on the very visible face of Gaza's invisible victims, a four year old girl with a chronic

condition who escaped the ravages of war, her incredible journey from displacement in Northern Gaza to safety here in the UAE. And the latest on

a corruption case of a high ranking U.S. politician Bob Menendez is fighting to prove he did not take bribes from Qatar and Egypt during his

long career.

Well, stock market in New York will open about 30 minutes from now. 9:30 local time and throughout the morning, new futures have been mixed U.S.

Federal Chair Jerome Powell speaking before the House Financial Services Committee about the State of the U.S. economy.

Investors will be keeping a keen eye on that we will revisit the U.S. markets of course when they open at the bottom of this hour. We start

though with the NATO Summit now in full flow in Washington with a busy day of events planned. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken set to speak at

the alliance's public forum any moment now.

We're watching that and we will bring you any of his key comments. On Tuesday, President Joe Biden opened the summit with a vow that NATO will

help Ukraine win its war against Russia.


JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Our friends, it's good that we're stronger than ever. Ukraine can and will stop Putin.

Especially with our full collective support, they have our full support. Americans, they know we're stronger with our friends. And we understand

this is a sacred obligation.


ANDERSON: Well, Mr. Biden's speech coming just hours after Democratic lawmakers met to try and chart a path forward in the wake of the

president's debate debacle as it's become known. We'll have more on that in a few minutes. First, though, Frederik Pleitgen is in Kyiv still reeling,

of course from that Russian missile attack on a children's hospital earlier in the week.

And Nic Robertson is in London. Fred, let's start with you. What is the very latest on the ground and response there to the promises of new

military support from the U.S. President and other NATO members in Washington?

FREDERIK PLEITGEN, CNN SENIOR INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Yeah, Becky, the Ukrainians of course, still reeling from that missile attack that happened

all throughout Monday, not just here in Kyiv, but of course, in other places in Ukraine as well. The death toll of that actually stands now at

43, with hundreds of people also injured as well.

The scene where I am, of course, we reporting from yesterday as well for that biggest children's hospital in all of Ukraine, where the building that

you see behind me was absolutely flattened. Death toll there continues to stand at two with dozens of people injured the Ukrainians now vowing that

they will fully rebuild this children's hospital.

But of course, everything that happened here on Monday is something that also feeds in to that NATO Summit that's going on right now. And of course,

that's why so many Ukrainians and of course, also Ukrainians who are in government were so keen to listen to President Biden speech last night at

that NATO Summit.

And especially what he had to say about air defense, of course, the president saying that NATO that Ukraine is to receive some five long range

surface to air missile systems for those probing patriot systems from the U.S., Romania from Germany, as well with the Netherlands also contributing

and then also one system coming from Italy of a different kind.

But one of the other things that the Ukrainians are also saying they listened to very carefully as well was the fact that the President said

that there are also dozens as he put it, medium and short range air defense systems that the Ukrainians are going to get in the not too distant future.

Of course, the Ukrainian saying that the particular building that you see behind me was hit by a Russian cruise missile and certainly shorter and

medium range systems are capable of taking down cruise missiles. So in general, the Ukrainians are saying to keep their city safe, but also to

help their frontline troops.

They need more air defense capabilities. And just one thing about this, Becky, that's very important for the Ukrainians as well. The Russians also

currently decimating Ukraine's energy infrastructure, the Ukrainians are saying they need those air defense systems to make sure that they have

heating and electricity once the winter comes, Becky.


ANDERSON: Fred, thank you. Let me bring in Nic Robertson, Fred, laying out there, the obvious needs not least with the context of that destruction of

that children's hospital behind him there in Kyiv. Nic, we've also seen bombardment in Gaza this week, more bombardment, bombardment of a school,

for example, in Khan Yunis.

Turkey, keen to put that on the agenda and before heading to Washington, where he has been invited, of course, as a NATO member, President Erdogan

said, and I quote here, we will bring to the agenda, the ongoing massacres against the Palestinian people in Gaza, where our shared values are being

tested for sincerity.

In the face of this dire situation, we will highlight that the international community has been insufficient to stop Israel. I mean,

ultimately, they're, let's be quite frank, he is called hypocrisy from the Turkish President. What do you make of that statement?

NIC ROBERTSON, CNN INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMATIC EDITOR: Look, Turkey is a major player a massive contributor plays significant roles for NATO thinking here

about Afghanistan, some of the first troops went to NATO got involved in Afghanistan. Why because they are the most powerful Muslim majority nation

within NATO.

And that was a significant role they play. So Erdogan does have a voice within NATO, a voice that will get listened to. But like every politician

there and let's talk for a second about Keir Starmer New British Prime Minister talking about 2.5 percent GDP contribution to NATO 2.5 percent

contribution on defense spending, that's his commitment to NATO.

Back home, the question is when's that money going to come? When you actually going to make that commitment? When's it going to start? So

politicians like President Erdogan have to deal with home constituencies and a vital a piece of news that's happening around the world that's

triggering real emotions and concern and consternation in Turkey.

Is something that President Erdogan feels that he needs to talk about, and that is what's happening to the Palestinians? Of course, you know, we heard

from Jens Stoltenberg earlier today saying, look, we're going to be having these other partners here at NATO, we're going to be having New Zealand,

Australia, South Korea, Japan.

Why because they are important partners. Why because from their region of the world, Russia, and its war in Ukraine gets enabled. So you know, the

idea there for Erdogan, that there are things happening in other parts of the world that NATO isn't dealing with is an important one, but it's not.

And this is I guess the bottom line here for Erdogan and others is that they don't constitute such a greater part of a real threat to NATO

countries, at the moment, perhaps to him more so.

ANDERSON: Nic, good to have you. Thank you very much indeed. Well, there is one NATO member that strongly supports both Ukraine and Israel. The Czech

Republic is among Israel's closest European allies, one of the few nations to vote against Palestinian membership to the United Nations back in May.

It is also a strong backer of Ukraine's efforts to defeat Russia. And the Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky joins me now live from Washington. It's

good to have you sir. Thank you very much indeed for joining us. Let's start with NATO, coming together to give enough support to Ukraine and

President Biden's remarks opening the summit.

Ahead of that you posted on Twitter quote, while the useful idiots are rambling about peace with Putin, he is sending missiles to a children's

hospital. I'm currently heading to the NATO Summit to push for a long term strategy to contain Russia. One cannot yield to aggression. Two questions

to you. Firstly, who do you refer to when you talk about the useful idiots? And what strategy do you suggest, sir, when it comes to Russia, and its war

on Ukraine?

JAN LIPAVSKY, CZECH FOREIGN MINISTER: Thank you for having me. I'm not pointing to anyone, specifically. But this is for us to understand that

talking to Putin while he's bombing Ukraine every day makes no sense. And the real effort we have to make is to support our security support Ukraine

security, to discuss strategy how to contain Russia and its imperialistic project.


Because the idea is simple, Putin has in his mind idea that he can go and with brute force grip on the territory and make it his own. And this is

colonialism. And I think there is no place for such things in 21st century.

ANDERSON: So what do you make of U.S. President's comments, as this summit kicked off, and the offer from NATO, as it stands at present sufficient?

LIPAVSKY: Yesterday ceremony was a very powerful, the 75th anniversary celebration. And I have to say the President Biden has a very strong

message to the world that we are here, that we will be there and that we will support Ukraine, which will win and which will defend Russia's


So today, we are ahead of us his two days of hard work discussions. And let me tell you one thing, there was a peace summit in Switzerland and there

was Zelenskyy and 100 other world leaders. We have this summit was also will be Zelenskyy and many other leaders. And then you have an image of

Vladimir Putin shaking hands with Kim Jong-Un. I think it says where the world is heading and who will win.

ANDERSON: Well, yeah, it's interesting that you bring up Kim Jong Un because, you know, just this week, we've seen images of President Putin

with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, there was a huge, huge swathes of the world, particularly in the global south who were very neutral when it

comes to Ukraine. At this point,

LIPAVSKY: -- you have to understand -- India is not making any kind of partnership or strategic partnership with Russia on defense. That's the


ANDERSON: Let me ask you this. There have been accusations of hypocrisy levels at the alliance over its actions for Ukraine. And its narrative, is

it the individual member's narrative when it comes to Gaza? I want to bring up some images for our viewers. The one on the left is a school in Khan

Yunis hit by an Israeli missile just this week, and children have died.

And on the right children's hospital hit this week in Kyiv. Now look this isn't about what about ism? Both of those incidents horrific everybody

understands that. NATO member Turkey saying that the alliances by which I assume he means individual members, as well as the sort of, you know,

overall grouping has failed to stop Israel, as I was just discussing with Nic. What's your response to President Erdogan's words?

LIPAVSKY: Both of those incidents are tragedies. But we have to understand that Russia is targeting those places intentionally. There's clearly no

military target. And you know, I had -- with Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I also told him that we have to respect to the north of

international law and international humanitarian law.


LIPAVSKY: So I don't think that we necessarily, through media send images to each other. And definitely, both of those incidents are tragic.

ANDERSON: For minutes, I must follow up on that, because there are, you know, Israel's critics, many within Israel who say that Israel is

assaulting infrastructure in Gaza, which has no military capability at all. There are those who say there is nothing different in what Israel is doing

of times in Gaza as to what Russia is doing in Ukraine. To which you say what?

LIPAVSKY: I say that the norm of the international humanitarian law has to be respected and definitely such attacks not aligned with such a -- So it

has to be follow up upon that. That's the very simple message and we are very consistent with that, even as a --

ANDERSON: It's good to have you, sir. Thank you. I know you're busy. Good luck at the NATO meeting. It'll be interesting to see what we get out of

this in the next couple of days. Thank you. Well, turning now to President Biden's political struggles, a prominent voice from his own party is now

officially weighing in.


Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, the Former House Speaker is urging Democrats to let Mr. Biden deal with the NATO Summit this week before talking about

whether or not he should continue his reelection campaign, but at least seven Democrats already have called for Biden to exit the race since his

port debate showing last month. And a senator told CNN, he fears that Donald Trump will beat Biden in a landslide.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You're worried that your party is not just going to lose the White House if Joe Biden is at the top of the ticket, but that

you're also going to lose both chambers of Congress.

SEN. MICHAEL BENNET (D-CO): I think that we could lose the whole thing. And it's staggering to me in the White House in the time since that disastrous

debate, I think has done nothing to really demonstrate that they have a plan to win this election, that they have a convincing plan to win in the

battleground states where we have to win in order to win this election.


ANDERSON: Well, CNN's Arlette Saenz joins us from Washington, a very, very busy Washington these days. Arlette, Nancy Pelosi basically saying, give

Biden this week before you make a judgment. But we just heard from the lawmaker there who is sick and tired it seems of this and wants to move it

on. What's the latest from the White House?

ARLETTE SAENZ, CNN WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Well, Becky, President Biden and his campaign are simply charging ahead with his plans to run in this

race, essentially sending this message to these Democratic lawmakers that it's time to move on. Now the president has repeatedly said that he is

staying in this race and aids fully believe that the debate over the debate and the path forward has been settled by the president saying he plans to

remain in this race.

One -- saying, that the president firmly still believes that he is the best chance to beat Donald Trump in November. But still, the president's actions

and statements over the past few weeks haven't fully quelled all of the concerns among Democrats up on Capitol Hill, as you heard just there from

Senator Michael Bennet.

Those comments from Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also were quite interesting. Essentially saying let President Biden get through this NATO

Summit when a lot of the world stage, the world eyes will be on the president and that ultimately, she thinks it's the decision for President

Biden to make about remaining in this race.

But according to the president, his advisors, that's a settled case that is closed. He is remaining in this race. But there is still a lot of work that

President Biden realizes he needs to do to shore up support within his party and also ease the concerns of voters. You've seen President Biden

behind the scenes of working the phones, calling the Congressional Black Caucus.

Those lawmakers have been among the most fervent support the President Biden has heard in recent days. He's also placed individual phone calls to

lawmakers, including a key progressive voice. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a little bit later today, the President will be turning to

try to shore up support to with Union votes.

He'll be meeting with the AFL CIO, this morning hosting about 60 union chiefs from around the country to try to make his case. Of course the Biden

campaign thinks that union and labor is a key support group for President Biden heading into November's election. But then there's a lot of attention

being paid to the president's performance also at this NATO Summit, as he's set to welcome leaders has people here at the White House for a leader --


And then tomorrow, hold that solo news conference which people around the world and people that care at home will be watching very closely to see the

president's performance and stamina.

ANDERSON: Thank you Arlette -- busy times in Washington and do not expect it to get any less busy anytime soon. Still to come, a group of experts

say, a quote, intentional starvation campaign by Israel has resulted in famine across all of Gaza officially. We have details on what is a

heartbreaking report.

And I get on board at a floating hospital just off the coast of Egypt about 40 kilometers from the Gaza border treating what are some of the invisible

victims of the war in Gaza? That report is just ahead.



ANDERSON: Gaza is starving and the alarm bells have been ringing for months. Now, a new report for the U.N. by a body of independent experts

paints a picture of an enclave where nowhere is untouched by famine. And it points the finger of blame squarely at Israel saying, quote, Israel's

intentional and targeted starvation campaign against the Palestinian people is a form of genocidal violence and has resulted in famine across all of


The experts behind that report also calling for a ceasefire. While meantime, the CIA Director is back in Doha to continue talks on a potential

hostage ceasefire deal. This is the Palestinian Health Ministry says at least 25 were killed more than 50 others wounded in an Israeli airstrike on

a school in Khan Yunis on Tuesday.

CNN's Scott McLean, following developments for us today, Scott, we've been hearing high level alarm now over famine in Gaza. We've heard it for

months. What makes this report different?

SCOTT MCLEAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Hey, Becky, yeah, as you rightfully pointed out, there have been previous suggestions that some 90 percent of

children inside of Gaza were already suffering from some degree at least of malnutrition. What's different about this report is that it does not beat

around the bush.

It does not say that Gaza is on the brink of starvation or famine. It doesn't say that it's limited to certain pockets. It says that there's

clear evidence that it is taking place across the entire territory. And the quote that you read, I think is worth repeating. It said that what's

happening is an intentional and targeted starvation campaign, which is a form.

This report says of genocidal violence. They pointed to the case of three Palestinian children who they say died of malnutrition and lack of adequate

medical care. One was 13, on was 9, one was just 6 months old. And this was in Central Gaza, they did have access to medical care, but it was obviously

too little too late.

And what the authors conclude from this, is that famine is not just restricted now to North, which we've to the northern part of the territory,

which we've known about for some time, but it is also taking hold in the central and southern parts of the territory, as well. And they say that,

that is evidence one child dying of malnutrition or dehydration is evidence that irrefutable evidence they say that famine has taken hold.

And perhaps, Becky, none of this should be surprising, because you've had since early May, the Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt that has been

closed off. You've had the Kerem Shalom crossing, which is open but aid is getting through very slowly and even once it gets to the other side.

There's difficulty in actually distributing it to where it needs to go. You've also had this effort from the United States to build this floating

pier to get aid which has been well to say at generously has had its fair share of challenges, and we know that, that is going to be connected for

the very last time this week and then that effort will be abandon.


Part of the problem is that aid there's been rough seas which have damaged it. And then also once the aid actually gets on to the territory in Rafah,

it's finding it difficult to get to where it needs to go. And I should point out very quickly, Becky, that Israel did respond to this, saying that

there is no evidence suggesting that there is a famine.

In fact, they say that the evidence points in the opposite direction, they again accused Hamas of stealing aid, and said that the experts who authored

this report, were supporting Hamas propaganda, Becky.

ANDERSON: Scott McLean on the story for you. Limit this humanitarian catastrophe, small, small, very small glimmers of hope, one in the form of

an Emirati Floating hospital which provides critical medical care to patients who have been able to be medically evacuated from Gaza.

Doctors just off Egypt's Coast some 30 or so kilometers from Gaza. I met with doctors they're treating victims who have largely been overlooked and

a warning that some of the images that you see in my report may be hard to watch.


ANDERSON (voice-over): It's been a grueling nine months for four year old Julia Abu Zeiter. Diagnosed with an extremely rare neurological disorder

known as AHC, little Julia suffers with attacks of paralysis and epilepsy. Since the war began access to the life-saving medication she needs has all

but dried up.

DR. AHMED MUBARAK, HOSPITAL DIRECTOR: She lives on family vacation. She has started to have a lot of seizures for minimum of two months.

ANDERSON (voice-over): Dr. Ahmed Mubarak is the Medical Director on board this floating hospital docked in El Arish of the Coast of Egypt, just 40

kilometers from the Gaza border. An ER doctor by trade, Mubarak says Julia is an invisible victim of the grueling conflict.

Caught up in what medicine -- Head of Emergency Programs describes as Gaza's silent killings. In a recent op-ed Mari Carmen Vinoles says, quote,

delivering life-saving supplies into Gaza is nearly impossible amidst the Israeli authorities' blockades, delays and restrictions on humanitarian aid

and essential medical supplies.

Quote, the people of Gaza are paying the price. Not only the tens of thousands already injured in the war, but also all those with other medical


ANDERSON: Since Julia arrived here about a week or so ago from Gaza, the staff has been able to stabilize her with the appropriate medication. And

they all are sufficiently confident that she can be evacuated back to the UAE where her care will continue.

Real work that goes on here for some 2500 patients who have come through over the last eight weeks has been any critical care for the severely

wounded in the intensive care unit, like this one and here in what is a makeshift operating theater.

ANDERSON (voice-over): Doctors on this UAE medical ship have performed nearly 1000 surgical procedures since late February.

ANDERSON: -- is nine years old, he was born with a deformity to his leg. The surgeons here are absolutely confident now he is here on this ship.

They are going to be able to correct that.

ANDERSON (voice-over): The team of doctors and nursing staff here tell me they've seen some of the most difficult cases of their careers.

ANDERSON: What's your biggest challenge?

MUBARAK: My biggest challenge is opening the borders so that we are allowing the injured Palestinian people will come to our facility and to

have advanced level of care and to secure all of their --

ANDERSON (voice-over): Since Rafah's border crossing was destroyed during Israel's operation in May, evacuations have almost completely stopped. With

the help of the Palestine children's Relief Fund, a U.S. based NGO Julia made it through Israel's Kerem Shalom crossing, with only her 21 year old

Aunt Doreen (ph) allowed to cross with her.

Displaced from Northern Gaza where her aunt says Julia witnessed explosions and shelling. A journey to safety now continues.


Along with a group of mostly critically ill children and cancer patients bound for Abu Dhabi aboard a specially equipped at Etihad Airways flight as

part of the Emirati initiative to relocate some of the conflicts most vulnerable for further treatment.

ANDERSON: And it's been a very long day for this little girl. It's half past 5 in the morning here now, in Abu Dhabi.

ANDERSON (voice-over): Julia will be given the long term medical support she desperately needs the very visible face of Gaza's invisible victims.


ANDERSON: And you can read more about Julia's story and the stories of the other seriously ill patient's that we met aboard that ship on the website,

in an article that we've penned with my colleagues, Nadeen Ebrahim and Mustafa Salim. Please do have a read of that, that's in CNN's "Meanwhile in

the Middle East" newsletter. We'll be back right after this.


ANDERSON: Welcome back. I'm Becky Anderson in Abu Dhabi. You are watching "Connect the World". Time here is just after half past 5 in the afternoon.

Time in New York is just after half past 9 top of the hour. We were looking at what the U.S. futures were indicating they suggested at least a mixed

open for Wall Street and that is effectively what we've got.

We have got a bunch of green arrows there but it's been very mixed on the open. Well U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken speaking at the NATO

Conference in Washington. He's been updating us on the war in Ukraine and its defense.


ANTONY BLINKEN, U.S. SECRETARY OF STATE: As we speak, the transfer of F-16 jets is underway coming from Denmark, coming from the Netherlands. And

those jets will be flying in the skies of Ukraine this summer to make sure that Ukraine can continue to effectively defend itself against the Russian




ANDERSON: And Blinken says NATO allies will be unveiling a quote, robust package for Ukraine including a bridge to NATO membership. U.S. Senator Bob

Menendez's Defense lawyer is back in court today to argue that prosecutors have failed to prove their corruption case against the New Jersey Democrat

and his co-defendants.

Attorney Adam Fee is closing arguments are expected to resume this hour inside a Manhattan courtroom. Jurors must ultimately decide whether

evidence against Mr. Menendez and two New Jersey businessmen proves that they were part of a year's long bribery scheme that included actions

benefiting the governments of Egypt and Qatar. All three have pleaded not guilty.

Well CNN's Kara Scannell is following this story for us outside the courtroom. Unless we forget Bob Menendez, I mean, this is a significant

U.S. politician. This is a man who has led the foreign affairs committee for years so on the Hill yesterday in court, his lawyer said New Jersey

Democrats actions in the alleged bribery scheme were lawful, normal, and good. What more can you tell us about the defense's closing arguments at

this point?

KARA SCANNELL, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Becky, so Senator Menendez Attorney spoke for about two hours yesterday. And the thrust of his argument to the

jury then was that the senator's actions were as you said, lawful and normal pointing saying that he was making calls to different law

enforcement agencies to the U.S. agriculture department on behalf of his constituents that he was advocating for them.

It's also trying to distance him from the money that was found in his now wife's home. There was a half a million dollars in cash, multiple gold bars

worth several hundreds of thousands of dollars, and a Mercedes Benz convertible. That's all what prosecutors say were the bribes that Menendez

and his wife allegedly received in exchange for him taking steps to help three New Jersey businessman and the Government of Egypt.

As you said while he was chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, but his lawyers trying to distance him saying that this was his

wife school that Menendez was unaware of the gold until the FBI searched her home, also trying to say that he spent most of his time in Washington

D.C., and then he wasn't in the home in New Jersey where the search was conducted.

So trying to distance him and putting a lot of the blame there on his wife and his wife has also been charged in this case, but she will go on trial.

Later this year, her taste was separated because she's undergoing treatment for breast cancer. But this followed prosecutors lying out to the jury that

they say that this was corruption on a massive scale, saying that Menendez sold the power of his office in order to make these riches and to enrich

these New Jersey businessmen, one of them, a longtime friend of his.

Now Menendez team is expected to continue their closing arguments very shortly, his -- city could go for another hour to two hours, then the two

co-defendants in the case will present their closing arguments, the government will have one more chance to address the jury.

So it's not likely that this will actually be in the jury's hands until tomorrow. But it does wrap up a two month trial with a lot at stake for

Senator Menendez, who you know is still a very important player on the hill, Becky.

ANDERSON: Absolutely, Kara always good to have you. Thank you very much indeed. Well, still to come, the second of the semi-final games can or

should we expect to see a terrific game or a poor game, but ultimately a result it's the Netherlands, England in the semi-final of Euro 2024

tonight, more on that coming up.



ANDERSON: Well, it's a nail biting evening for both English and Dutch fans as their teams meet in Dortmund vying for a place in the finals of the Euro

2024 tournament. If England is going to reach their second successive Euros final they are going to need to dig deep at the Dutch showed remarkable

resilience to come from behind and beat Turkey in their quarter final clash. Carolyn Manno joins me now, Carolyn.

CAROLYN MANNO, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Becky, fans of both of these sides are getting a little bit nervous right now as we're just over five hours to

kick off in Dortmund, England lost to Italy in the Euro 2020 final they are still seeking that elusive European Cup. The Netherlands when they're only

cup in West Germany back in 1988.

So a lot on the line and picking a winner here might be anybody's guess one Dortmund zoo resident is taking the Dutch all the way given a choice

between two identical bags hanging from a rope. This is Walter the Orangutan Oracle as he is known decisively choosing the one carrying the

flag of the Netherlands.

He has a decent track record, Becky. He did pick Spain to beat -- station Germany in the quarterfinals. So Dutch fans with everything crossed hoping

that Walters right, and we'll have more coming up on "World Sport".

ANDERSON: Good stuff. Thank you for that. That's "World Sport" up after the break. We are back at the top of the hour with the second hour of "Connect

the World". Please stay with us.