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Shocking Behavior Gone Viral

Aired November 04, 2014 - 21:00   ET



DR. DREW PINSKY, HLN HOST (voice-over): Tonight, shocking behavior gone viral. Teachers, bus drivers, vegans, all caught in the act, all caught on


And then, there`s the naked hamburger thieves.

Let`s get started.



PINSKY: Good evening, everyone. I`m here with my co-host, Samantha Schacher.

Sam, good evening.

SAM SCHACHER, CO-HOST: Good evening.

PINSKY: Indeed, we have an hour of raw, unverified viral videos.

But first up, a school bus carrying dozens of elementary school kids swerves all over the highway and you are witness. The bus driver allegedly

under the influence. Guess what, prescription pills. Take a look.


CALLER: I don`t get scared very easily, but my heart is pounding.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A frantic chaperon on a field trip on this Davis School District bus dials 911 on the road to Provo.

CALLER: Oh, oh!

DISPATCHER: What happened?

CALLER: She almost hit this van next to us. OK, I am honestly shaking at this point.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Thirty-nine-year-old Lisa Martinez (ph) is behind the wheel just before 8:00 Monday morning with 67 elementary students and seven

adults on board, where passengers and other drivers along I-15 through Salt Lake County are nervous.

CALLER: Whoever is driving this thing can`t maintain a lane.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: After a couple of close calls --

CALLER: She is freaking us out, man.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A trooper pulls the bus where Martinez fails a field sobriety test. Inside her the purse, four bottles of prescribed pills.


PINSKY: As it turns out, the bus driver mixed her anti-anxiety medication, which is sort benzo valium clash with her pain medication, the opioid,

opiate medication, which is by the way, a common and potentially really dangerous combination. Then she decided to get behind the whale and, of

course, our panel got into it.

SCHACHER: Yes, your one sole job is to drive these kids. Carefully.

PINSKY: I -- well, see what the panel had to say. Take a look.


SCHACHER: So, Dr. Drew, how impaired would somebody not only be taking the muscle relaxers but also anti-anxiety pills?

PINSKY: Well, personally, I would never prescribe those things together except under extreme circumstances. Muscle relaxants, you`re talking about

Soma, Robaxin. Anti-anxiety medications, you`re typically talking about Benzodiazepine like Valium, Xanax, Ativan.


PINSKY: And either should not be operating a vehicle. Together, you can lose insight and not know what`s going on. You really are so out of it,

Anahita, that you don`t realize you`re as bad as you are. My question is, is this the patient`s fault or the doctor`s?

ANAHITA SEDAGHATFAR, ATTORNEY: Well, I think arguably it is the patient`s fault, Dr. Drew. She should have known better, but thankfully no one got

hurt. She shouldn`t have been hurt knowing that she`s on the medication, knowing that there could be these types of side effects, and she`s going to

be criminally charges if she hasn`t, but I think it should be a misdemeanor, not a felony.

And I certainly don`t think, Dr. Drew, she should be terminated. I heard the school is thinking of terminating her. I think she needs to be

suspended. Maybe get some more education. But termination --

PINSKY: Hold on. Counselor, I think you`re making a moral judgment here. What if it were alcohol or pot? Would then she be terminated?

SEDAGHATFAR: Well, I think you have to look at the history. This shouldn`t be a felony, number one. But her history is she`s been with the

school for six years, Dr. Drew. She`s had no prior instances of misconduct. It`s a matter of educating her.

PINSKY: All right, all right.

Karamo, you say no?

KARAMO BROWN, #OWNSHOW: I say no definitely and I disagree wholeheartedly. When I heard the story, I was full of rage. You cannot say that, oh, she

had six years of not doing anything, so she gets off with a misdemeanor.

They need to throw the book at this woman. Sixty-seven children could have died! Sixty-seven children could have lost their lives! That is not

something to play with here.

PINSKY: That`s right. I think Karamo`s making a good point, Sam, is that if there had been a catastrophe, we would be having a very different


SCHACHER: Oh, yes, she would be facing a whole different onslaught of charges. But, listen, I do have empathy for the fact that she had six

years, the whole time she was unemployed without incidents. However, her sole job is to drive and to drive --

BROWN: Thank you, Sam.

SCHACHER: -- children at that, and to get them from point A to point B safely. So, I`m sorry if she was a receptionist or a barista. Then, yes,

she can keep her job. But a bus driver? No.

PINSKY: But, Sam, the physician that prescribed the meds knew, I hope, that he or she prescribing to a bus driver.


SEDAGHATFAR: Do we know it`s from the same physician? Sometimes people go to different doctor.

PINSKY: You`re right. If she didn`t -- you`re absolutely right.


SCHACHER: Isn`t it on the prescription label every time, do not drive?

PINSKY: Yes. Don`t drive.

SEDAGHATFAR: She should have known better.


EVY POUMPOURAS, SECURITY EXPERT: Yes, I have to say, you know, she is a bus driver. Her job is to drive children. That is your job. Knowing

that, you understand that obviously you`re not supposed to be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol and or prescription medications.

When you go to a pharmacist, and they give you a prescription medication, they tell you, hey, read the label. The sticker is right there. That is

her responsibility. Responsibility to know and I don`t care if they give her a felony.

They should give her a felony. She should not drive again. That is a serious, serious, seriously bad choice she made.

PINSKY: Well, now, of course, let`s talk about the school district guidelines. All the drivers go through drug screenings before being hired

and subject to at least one random drug test a year and any driver that takes a prescription medication is supposed to inform their supervisor --

so, again, Anahita, it`s unknown if she had done that. Perhaps the supervisor plays a role, here, too.

SEDAGHATFAR: If she told them, yes. But I think, ultimately, it is her responsibility, but the issue is what should the penalty be? Luckily,

thank goodness, no one was hurt. No children were injured. I think this was just a bad judgment call and she obviously needs more education, Dr.

Drew. She`s obviously mentally --


POUMPOURAS: What if she`s flying the plane, Anahita? Would you be saying the same thing? Think of it that way. What if she was commandeering a

plane instead of a bus?

SEDAGHATFAR: Of course. I`m not saying she should not be held responsible, like I said, the issue is what is the penalty for her.

BROWN: The penalty should be, she should lose her license and --

SEDAGHATFAR: That`s not going to happen.

BROWN: -- she should never work with children and the book thrown at her. These are children`s lives. My child on that --


PINSKY: I think our attorney is -- once our attorney takes a position --

SEDAGHATFAR: But, Dr. Drew --

PINSKY: -- she can`t change it I think is what`s happening here. You can`t convince he otherwise.

SEDAGHATFAR: But she is suffering from a mental illness.

PINSKY: I don`t know that.

SEDAGHATFAR: She`s taking anxiety medication!

PINSKY: Well, I have generalized anxiety. Damn it, I have a generalized anxiety disorder.


SEDAGHATFAR: Is that not a mental disorder --

PINSKY: Well, in our case -- yes, severe mental disorder in our case. But the facts is --

SEDAGHATFAR: I`m just --

PINSKY: But the fact is, not major mental illness in the sense of somebody, you know, losing touch with reality. Sam, sometimes I wonder.

SCHACHER: That`s true.

PINSKY: Anyway, no. Just -- but the medication, when you take these medicines, you lose insight. You lose insight. I really want to put some

of the blame with the medical practitioners if they didn`t properly prepare their patient for this, even if she had gotten the prescriptions of two

different doctors, they should be aware of what`s going on.

The pharmacist should be part of the story, too. I hate blaming the patient in these situations though I am sympathetic.


PINSKY: Well, I hate doing it. I`m not saying --

SCHACHER: Come on, she`s an adult. She`s not like 14. She knows better.

SEDAGHATFAR: The reality is, Dr. Drew, pharmacists rarely ever talk to you about medications that you pick up at the pharmacy. I don`t think I`ve

ever had a pharmacist come to me and say, this medication has this side effect or that side effect.

PINSKY: I`m not going to let you criticize my pharmacological colleagues quite that severely, because if you`re taking a medication that`s affecting

your sensorium, I think somebody will come out from behind the counter and give you a talking to. I`m just saying.


PINSKY: Sam, I stand by that. However, the Twitter verse responded, didn`t they?

SCHACHER: Oh, yes. We have a number of tweets, Dr. Drew, from Tanisha Jones-Lynch. She writes, "I`m sick of these school bus incidents.

Somebody could have gotten hurt. #craziness."

PINSKY: No kidding.

SCHACHER: And then from Stephanie Colon. There is a little hyphen there, you see that little accent. "How did someone not see her out of it prior

to starting to drive?" That`s a really good point.

PINSKY: It is a good question and I thought of that. And I wonder if she took it and became intoxicated as the drive was going along.

SCHACHER: There are parents on the bus, eight or nine adults.


PINSKY: If she was that impaired, she would have been stumbling or slurring or something. By the time she got off the bus, she was that way.

So, she may have taken stuff. Maybe it`s the first time she ever taken.

SCHACHER: It says it on the pill. On the container?

PINSKY: It says don`t drink and drive typically on the pill.

SCHACHER: Don`t operate heavy machinery, don`t drive.

PINSKY: The combo is so problematic, the benzodiazepine, the opiates. Guys, if you`re into that combo, if somebody prescribes it for you for a

long period of time, please be careful. When patients die, they die of that combo as prescribed. Because they sometimes don`t remember they`ve

taken it, not taken, take a little more and it can be quite serious.

Next up, a high school student gets a birthday present from his teacher. She spanks him in front of the class.

And later, the naked hamburger thieves, hamburger thieves. I`ll explain what I`m talking. But there they are. Talk about them after this.


PINSKY: I`m back with Sam. And tonight, we`re playing some of the wildest viral videos you have ever seen. And this next one has all of us just

shaking our heads.

A teacher gives birthday spankings to a high school student. Of course, one of the students records this and posts it online and everybody reacts.

Take a look.


PINSKY: A teacher administers birthday spanks to a male student. He`s there lying across her lap in the middle of a busy classroom. The educator

described as a longtime teacher was reprimanded.

Before, Mike, you say anything, I`m fearful of what you might say. I want to get to Kirsten.


PINSKY: What are saying? I`m just saying.

KIRSTEN HAGLUND, FORMER MISS AMERICA: Well, you know, of course, if I had a child and she or he was in this classroom getting spanked, why aren`t you

learning, why are you getting spanked for your birthday?


PINSKY: You know, when I first read the headline for the story I thought, oh my gosh, the kid is getting spanked in school? But then I realized that

it was a birthday thing. You know, and a punishment should fit the crime. So to speak.


PINSKY: So, you`re cool with it. Kirsten is cool with it. I agree with Kirsten. No, I`ll support you on that.

Mike, what do you say now?

CATHERWOOD: But from a lady`s point of view it doesn`t seem that threatening. It seems kind of innocuous. She was just kind of - but you

have got to understand. He`s a teenage boy pressing his body into his female teacher. Believe me, it was sexualized for him. If that happened

to me, she would get a hole poked right through her leg.

MANETTE: Isn`t she, like, 100 years old?

HAGLUND: Oh my gosh.

PINSKY: Hang on. But it`s a boundary problem.

Mike, listen, let`s bring a little of "Loveline" in here, if you don`t mind. Are you prepared to talk about, you know, your perception, you know,

what you were lucky enough to have been participating in when you were a young boy and realizing when a young child is exposed to some of this

stuff, it`s not good for them.

CATHERWOOD: Well, no it really isn`t. I mean I certainly was hypersexualized as a kid, far too young. And I don`t mean that as like a

joke. I mean from the kind of comments I say on the show. I really was exposed to sex probably far too young and it was something I thought I


And even things that aren`t necessarily sexual contact, when you`re dealing with a teenage boy, you have to understand you`re essentially dealing with

a testosterone-fueled like Cro-Magnon man who`s just a vehicle for a boner. That`s what a boy is at that age, he is just constantly thinking about sex.

So, any type of inappropriate contact, which I do think teacher/student contact like that is, you know, tremendously inappropriate. Any type of

inappropriate contact is going to accelerate that kind of breakdown between intimacy and sexuality.

PINSKY: Right. And that`s right. The breakdown and body boundaries are being violated. Here again, big people have to take care of little people.

You have to really make issues of body boundaries so people understand those are meant to be respected. And kind of inappropriate teacher/student

conduct may be going on for a long time, but it may be just now that we`re seeing it because everyone holds up a cell phone and gets a picture of it.

And so, once again, the boundaries between public and private are breaking down with mixed results. I think it`s a good thing in this result, in this


SCHACHER: We`re actually getting a lot of tweets about that.


CATHERWOOD: Yes, look, look, if Sam needs a birthday spanking, though, don`t get me wrong, she`s still going to get it.

PINSKY: Thank God she`s in New York with her husband.

SCHACHER: Yes, and I`ll be sure to call you.


PINSKY: Did you call him, Sam?


PINSKY: Just saying.

Next up, the viral vegan goes off in front of diners. What is she actually ranting about?

And later, a teacher brings up a fate with a broom and, of course, students record it all. Back after this.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Excuse me, everyone. I have a little girl. She was very abused for her entire life.

I can see you laughing. But to her, this is not funny. I went in there with other humans and I took her out of there. And if I hadn`t, she

wouldn`t be with me right now.

Right now, their egg and their milk and their bodies are on plates inside this restaurant, and that is so unfair to them. My little girl`s name is

Snow. And every time you see someone eating somebody else`s eggs, or somebody else`s body, you`re going to remember her name.

Please think of her name every time you see somebody`s body on a plate. Her name is Snow. And she just wants to live.


PINSKY: Well, I`m back with Sam. That woman`s rant makes more sense if you realize she`s talking about Snow, the chicken. Wasn`t that her name,



PINSKY: Oh, you`re sympathetic?

SCHACHER: Yes, I am. I feel bad for the chickens and how they`re treated for our consumption.

PINSKY: And she explains to us what she`s trying to accomplish. Have a look.


PINSKY: Let me just be a little polemic for the sake of conversation. And I think people got a little confused when in your presentation there,

thinking you were speaking about a child. And does that dilute your message?

KELLY ATLAS, VEGAN: If I started talking about a chicken, people simply wouldn`t have listened. We`re in a culture that devalues chickens and

doesn`t care about what they feel or what they want. So if I said she was a chicken, people wouldn`t have listened. And I wanted to tell her story

the way she --


PINSKY: You said she was a girl. And that`s just - again, you`re just being dramatic, when you say she`s a girl, right? She`s not a girl?

ATLAS: Actually, a lot of Americans in the country call their dogs and their cats our little girls and our little boys.

PINSKY: So, it`s a colloquial term for that. OK.

But my thing is, that chickens there, they are domesticated animals. I mean your girl would not survive in my backyard. I have got coyotes all

over the place. You know, and in the restaurant that is our backyard, in nature would have -- it would be difficult for this animal.

So, how do we understand where you sit with this? I don`t understand.

ATLAS: So, I certainly don`t think that any violence in nature justifies us committing any violence to other animals. To other animals, of course.

We hear vegans (INAUDIBLE) activists all the time, but that doesn`t matter. The humans still are humans. We don`t think that`s OK. These animals want

to live.


PINSKY: And how do people react to these events? What`s the basic feedback you`re getting?

ATLAS: The feedback varies. Some people like Glenn Beck and everyone here - were very hateful, as usual from them. And other people are extremely

supportive and we`re talking about how well, you`re right. If you believe in a world without prejudice, if we think that we should value everyone,

and listen to everyone`s suffering, no matter what body they come in, then that has to stop with chickens.

PINSKY: All right, Kelly, thank you for joining us. I want to get my panel into this conversation.

Tiffany, you`re new to our group. Where do you stand on all this?

TIFFANY SMITH, HOST/REPORTER: I am fully supportive of free speech. I agree that she should be able to go in and speak her mind, but this is a

private establishment from what it looks like.

And so, the only thing I can really compare it to, is that you go to something like comic-con and you see the Christian groups outside speaking

and yelling fire and brimstone. And it feels a little bit like that to me. Where if I was in that restaurant and I heard her saying that first, maybe

I would be plugged in, because, you know, I think she may be talking about child labor or something. And then she turns it into talking about a


And for me, that kind of pulled me out of it. And I was just like OK, if I was in the restaurant, I would hope that someone, a manager would have gone

up and stopped the conversation from happening.

PINSKY: It`s because your rights are being violated to have a quiet meal and eat your burger.

Leeann? Your thoughts?


Look. Everybody -- look, I was vegan for almost five years. So I understand that mindset. I wasn`t vegan because I was against eating

animals. I was vegan for health reasons. Now I`m not anymore. But everybody has the right to choose how they feed themselves.

And if you eat meat, I`m OK with that, too. If you are vegan, that`s fine. You know, her message is OK. She has a right to give out that message.

PINSKY: Well, but she`s --

TWEEDEN: I don`t like the way she did it.

PINSKY: Yes, but she`s saying she has a moral obligation to interfere with violence against any biological entity. And I`m --

TWEEDEN: Well, she -- her point was annoying. The way she came across it.


TWEEDEN: And to talk about it as if it was a girl. Because then you`re thinking, oh, my God, she`s talking about her little girl, her baby. Her

human child.

PINSKY: You feel deceit. Yes.

TWEEDEN: Right. You feel deceit.

PINSKY: I`m just thinking, if she`s upset about milk, are humans not allowed to share their milk with their babies, too? Where we draw the


SCHACHER: Dr. Drew, it`s the conditions of the factory farms.


SCHACHER: The cows, where they literally are breeding the cows to have the babies, so they produce milk, and then they rip the babies away from the

mom, and then the mom is left constantly, for hours, searching for her baby, she`s in distress.

PINSKY: Again, Vanessa --

SCHACHER: So there`s some sadness there, OK?

BARNETT: Look, I get it. I can understand --

PINSKY: Vanessa, we understand cow. We have sad cows. We have got to make them happy.

BARNETT: This lady was obnoxious, she was ruining people`s meals, she was loud, she was borderline belligerent. Like it was just too much. I don`t

even do drama like that during my meals. I like a peaceful meal when I`m eating my steak.


BARNETT: And she went so far, and - Can we be super honest right now?

PINSKY: Oh, here we go.

BARNETT: There is no species equality. Chickens and humans aren`t on the same level. I don`t know any chicken with a mortgage, I don`t know any

chicken with a car. I don`t know any chicken that`s trying to make it day- to-day at their job.

We are not equals. And so, she`s not mad about the 13 ants that she stepped on trying to get home last night, so why is she so mad about these


Let me eat in peace and if I choose to do research on your vegan lifestyle, let me do that. Don`t force it on me.

PINSKY: Tiffany, I feel like you`re on Vanessa`s camp.

SMITH: I mean, I think that there`s something to be said. If she`s looking at the distress of these animals, if I`m in that restaurant, I`m

distressed while you`re telling me all of this stuff. I mean I didn`t buy anything she was saying because of the theatricality behind it. It didn`t

feel genuine to me. And I`m huge proponent of saying -- OK, if I`m going to tell you something, I`m going to tell you out of love. It didn`t feel

like there was any love there. And all of the people behind her, if that`s what I look like, when I don`t eat chicken -- I`m going to keep eating



SMITH: Because they looked so bad.

PINSKY: And Sam, you know, there are philosophies out there about protecting life, and I kind of get that, but I don`t think she would --

like Vanessa said, would protect insects and might not protect fish and crawfish. You know what I`m saying?

SCHACHER: Well, OK, I think that everybody is looking for a reason to argue here on this, at the end of the day, if you watched the videos, that

I`m sure she`s watched, if you eye witness accounts of how these animals are grossly mistreated for our consumption before they`re killed, I think

that -- believe me, I get the idea that the people in that restaurant felt shame, I get that.

PINSKY: It`s industrialization.

SCHACHER: But you have to also put yourself in her shoes. That she`s seen so much of it that she probably feels to have a moral obligation to inform

people and it`s horrific what these animals go through.

PINSKY: Leeann, what about - what about the industrialization of meat packing and that sort of thing?

TWEEDEN: Oh, I think it could be better. And you know, I think that Dr. Tempa Grandon (ph) and we all know the movie from HBO, she`s autistic and

she`s a doctor, but she has an animal husbandry. She created this -- the gates that where the cows have to walk through.


TWEEDEN: And like 80 percent of the slaughterhouses today actually use her gates because they`re more humane. They keep them from being scared, they

keep them from having that real stressful time right before they`re killed for -- to go to the slaughterhouse.

PINSKY: All right. We are not - No one here is interested in animal suffering, that`s for sure, Sam.


PINSKY: So, we`ve got your back.


PINSKY: But we also like chicken, we like hamburgers. I`m not sure anyone is going to give up meat. And surprisingly, Ann was a vegan. I learned

that tonight.


PINSKY: All right. Sam, what did the world say to us?

SCHACHER: OK, let`s see, Dr. Drew. We have from Joseph Livingston. He writes, "Why didn`t the restaurant kick her out? I`m vegetarian but I

think this woman is a complete kook."

From Miss Shannon. "You can believe how you want. Don`t interrupt my meal that I paid my hard earned money on."

I feel like that`s the alter ego, that`s her other account.

PINSKY: That`s what we were looking at, and watch the cow because of what might come out on it.

SCHACHER: Exactly.

PINSKY: But that`s sort of the argument, which is my rights are being violated as somebody who`s chosen to spend money in this restaurant versus

raising awareness about the industrialization of the food system, right?

SCHACHER: Yes, I agree with you.

PINSKY: Are the two competing points of view?

SCHACHER: Right, I`m curious, though, if the reason she close that restaurant and chain is because there is gross mistreatment with animals,

within that farming factory. I wonder if farming, factory farming --

PINSKY: I wonder or she could get a big room with a lot of people. We don`t know.

But we have something else next. It`s these teens called shovel girls. Yes. They are called the shovel girls, we`ll show you why, and more of the

video behind these nicknames. There they go.

And later, naked guys steal hamburger and bacon while revealing their own butts. That`s right.


PINSKY: Well, you should write that one, Sam.

I`ll explain, after this.















PINSKY: We are back. I`m here with Sam. And that video was big on the Internet. Both of those girls, the so called shovel girls, told us how

they managed all this unexpected attention. Take a look.

So, joining me on the phone now is Miranda. Miranda. She is the girl that was hit with the shovel. Miranda, people are saying this fight was staged

in order to get the viral video. What do you say to that?

MIRANDA, HIT BY SHOVEL: Well, I would say that the fight was not staged at all. I did not have any plans to get hit in the head with a shovel or any

plans of the video to go viral. I didn`t even have any plans for it to end up on the Internet or go famous as it`s been.

PINSKY: Let me ask, I mean - you know, that`s a serious head whack you took. Did you have any post concussive symptoms? Are you OK?

MIRANDA: I still have a concussion right now. And my - there`s blood behind may eardrum and I think I have to have surgery on my ears. As I

think they broke so much. I don`t know. Something - Something.

PINSKY: But are you having - are you having headaches? And mood disturbances and sleep problems and all of the thing that comes with

getting hit in the head?

MIRANDA: Oh, yeah, definitely.

PINSKY: OK. Sam, you have a question?

SCHACHER: Yeah, Miranda, I was following your tweets. And you`re embracing the fame. So, is that your goal from all of this? Did you just

- you want to become famous?

MIRANDA: That`s not my goal to become famous. But I look at it this way. If I can`t laugh with it, then I`m just going to be laughed at and get all

depressed and feel bad for myself. When honestly, if - got hit by the shovel, I don`t think that`s funny. Well, I might as well laugh with them.

Not at them.

SCHACHER: Fair enough.

PINSKY: Let me bring in Emily now. It`s actually the girl there who threw the shovel. Emily, this fight is going on. You guys used to be friends.

Where do you stand now?

EMILY, THREW THE SHOVEL: Well, we are sort of friends for real. We talked on the phone before the show. And we, you know, we just kind of, like why

- because I got so many death threats over it - We were like wow, we just need to kind of like cut it out so all that will stop. Getting so much

hate, both of us, our twitters are getting trashed. It is just unacceptable. I don`t like it all.

SCHACHER: Emily, Emily, who posted the video? Did you post the video as well?

EMILY: No, I told them to take it down. And then - it get taken down too fast, because a bunch people already got it, so it was like way too late,

because it`s already been shared, and people already started make fun of us both. And it was just too much .

PINSKY: I hate the fact .

SCHACHER: I hate the fact that you guys are fighting each other.

PINSKY: But I hate the fact that then - then this gets worst when it gets out on Twitter, and people start threatening Emily with death threats. And

then people are going to get on Miranda, too, for saying that she staged it. Twitter is a brutal, brutal environment.

SCHACHER: Ladies, stand by for a second. I want to bring the panel back. Anahita that was an assault. Why weren`t the police involved with this?

SEDAGHATFAR: Yeah, the police should be involved, Dr. Drew. I think both of them can be charged with a crime in this particular instance.

PINSKY: Back to Emily really quickly. Emily, before we go again, were you aware that you were being filmed?

EMILY: Yeah. I actually was. I`ve seen the cameras, but I get .


PINSKY: Did you wonder what they were doing? Did you - and Miranda, did you wonder - Miranda, Miranda, you wondered what they were doing? Why the


MIRANDA: But I didn`t understand that they were going to post it on Facebook.

PINSKY: All right. Well, they found out the hard way.

Next up, see how a classroom broom (ph) caused the teacher who also had to learn the hard way to lose her job. And later, a viral video that had -

female guests forgiving these thieves because well, they just looked so good in their undershorts. We are back after this.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This vicious fight went down inside a Pershing high school class from last Friday. Two students pounding on each other. And

when the two go to the floor, it looks like one student is going to inflict serious damage on the other. That`s when 31-year-old first year Pershing

teacher Tiffany Eaton smacks one of the students on the back with a broom handle. Desperately trying to stop the fight. For her actions with that

broom, Eaton was fired.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: My daughter is every bit of 5`2". And her reaction was - it was just in the best interests of the student.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Now she has no job. She was a good teacher.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Instead, teachers are to call security on a two-way radio. But Davis indicates Eaton`s radio wasn`t working.


PINSKY: Sam and I are back. That`s viral video of a high school teacher trying to break up a fight with the broom but she was the one who got

punished. Not the fighting students. She was fired. And we had to fight over that. Take a look.


VANESSA BARNETT: Don`t hit my child with a broom. Because I will do the same thing to you. You don`t know if you`re hitting the attacker or if

you`re hitting the kid that is just defending himself. And what if she hurt the child even more with this random broom that she got out?

SCHACHER: Then that`s their fault, Vanessa, for getting in a fight. This wasn`t a normal little scuffle. These two 17-year-olds were going at it.

Desks were flying. This was insane.

BARNETT: But you couldn`t .

SCHACHER: Thank god this teacher intervened.

BARNETT: If they got hurt with a broom that`s the wrong thing .


BARNETT: Yes, if they get hurt with a broom, then I`m coming there .

SCHACHER: What else was she supposed to do?

BARNETT: And I`m hurting her. Don`t hit my kid with a broom.

BRETT ERLICH: Let me jump in here.

PINSKY: Stop ladies? Brett, go ahead.

ERLICH: Is to find out what is appropriate to hit your kids with? Is it a broom? Is it a mop?


ERLICH: Is it an eraser? Is it a Mr. Clean magic eraser? I think if we agree on something. Because this is a new school that recently got taken

over by an agency that is assigned to come in and fix the problems here and I think that should be one of them.

LEEANN TWEEDEN: Come on, now.

PINSKY: Leeann. Hang on. Vanessa? Hold on - Leeann.

Strangely -- wait, wait. Strangely, myself and Samantha seem to have adopted many of your attitudes lately, and so we are representing you thus

far in this conversation.

TWEEDEN: That`s - Thank you, guys, for supporting me. I just tell it like it is. A, I think the teacher should get her job back. B, thank god she

had the balls actually stand in front of the two of them after she hit them with a broom, they stood up and she was caught in the shuffle. I mean

those two kids were almost twice as big as her. OK, none of the other male students in the classroom were even attempting to help her. One girl was

screaming at the top of her lungs. Everybody else had their cell phones out recording it. But not doing anything to help her. And I think the

school should be held partially responsible. Because they provided a system that did not work, just like if their fire alarm system didn`t work.

They would probably be fined. So, they need to work on that and do better. But they should reinstate - and come on, it`s Detroit. I don`t think

there`s a lot of teachers there waiting in line to get a job.

PINSKY: Well, that`s .

SCHACHER: My mom was a teacher in inner city Detroit. And I`m telling you, it was rough. And so I commend this teacher. And there is a petition going around trying to reinstate her position and I hope that she gets it. And if she didn`t do anything at all, I bet

everybody would be outraged with that.

PINSKY: Well, that`s my .


BARNETT: With broom .

PINSKY: Vanessa, Vanessa, hold on. Vanessa -- I want to challenge you with this. What if these kids had really gone out at each other and one

kid got a severe head injury or God forbid, if one died. Then you would be wondering why the teacher didn`t pick up a broom and hit him ....

SCHACHER: Yeah, right.

BARNETT: And then that is when I would say the school is held responsible. The radio - like you said, the radio didn`t work, they didn`t provide her

with the tool she needed to break up a fight of this magnitude. But where do we draw the line? Everyone is saying, yes, congratulations you used

this broom. But last night we were condemning shovel girl because she got hit in the head with a shovel. Where do you draw the line?

PINSKY: Hold on. Hold on.

ERLICH: She should definitely .

PINSKY: I draw the line .

ERLICH: Go for it, Doctor.

PINSKY: Go ahead, Brett, finish. Last thought, Brett. Then I`m going to draw the line. Brett, go ahead.

ERLICH: She should not have used the broom. Everyone knows this. But every second in a fight like that probably to her seemed like an eternity.

And she didn`t jump right in.

SCHACHER: Exactly. And these were big guys.

PINSKY: Right. That`s right.

SCHACHER: Punching each other really hard. That wasn`t like .


PINSKY: I think she should have .

ERLICH: After she hit them, the guys just bounced right back up and punched the guy who got hit in the back.

PINSKY: Maybe if she had taken two of those chalk erasers. You boy cut that out and just slam those erasers together.

SCHACHER: You really thought about that.



PINSKY: And Sam, there`s an update on this story. The erasers, you don`t think would have worked?

SCHACHER: No, I don`t think they would have worked, Dr. Drew. Are you kidding me? Maybe gave them asthma.

PINSKY: I`m kidding you. I`m kidding you. Yes.

SCHACHER: OK. Thank God. Well, after we aired this story, the school relooked at the incident and they did reinstate the teacher.


SCHACHER: Thank God.

PINSKY: Hallelujah! Thank .


PINSKY: Well, maybe something good out of viral videos and social media. Thankfully.


PINSKY: All right, let`s move on to our next story, a girl riding a train in Canada seems to be possessed. And then attacks another passenger. This

video is raw, it is unverified. And it was uploaded to Facebook. Take a look.




UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Chill, chill, chill!



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Hey, hey, hey! She`s probably possessed. (EXPLETIVE DELETED). No, she`s probably .




PINSKY: Jason, do you believe that that is real or fake?

JASON: I believe it is real.

PINSKY: Yeah, me too.

JASON: I believe that she is, that video is actually, she looks very normal right before the transformation. I believe there is some kind of

demon that actually enters her body.


JASON: And I don`t really care about, I don`t want her in my metal band or I don`t want to start a cigarette company with her.


JASON: Because the demon that`s in her, I definitely think that it will be a great band, and I look forward to .


PINSKY: Yeah, we have got some Australian folk anthropology playing out here. Tiffany, help us with this. What do you think this is?

TIFFANY DAVIS HENRY, PH.D.: You know, I actually thought that it was kind of fake. At the beginning of the video, what she didn`t show here-- she is

just randomly looking through her purse, and I do that when I`m on the subway. I will probably do that on my way home tonight. It is what people

do. And then you see this turn of her kind of getting that demonic possessed look. So, my question is, if this is fake, like what`s- or if

it`s real, what was the point of even taping it at the beginning? It is the kind of thing that you would tape starting in the middle, kind of where

we press play here. If it`s real, like, what was the point of even taping her, looking through her purse? And .

PINSKY: Maybe .


SCHACHER: Tiffany .


PINSKY: Let`s make note of what Jason just said. The demon was in her purse.

(LAUGHTER) PINSKY: The demon came out from the purse.

JASON: Then she got possessed.

PINSKY: OK. Well, let`s go back to .

SCHACHER: Tiffany, I agree with you. When I first saw it, I thought that was the case like why did - the bystander just start filming her randomly?

However, there is another video that has surfaced of that same bystander who put it - the video prior .

PINSKY: Earlier.

SCHACHER: And she was demonstrating some really weird behavior right before - and that`s why he started filming. So, that`s when I changed my

mind and thought maybe this was real. So, what would make somebody act that way, Dr. Drew?

PINSKY: It`s what we call, Judy, bear me up on this, it`s what we call a psychotic disorder.

HO: Yes.

PINSKY: It could be drugs. It could be methamphetamine even. It could be a bipolar episode, but probably a schizophrenic episode. Severe psychosis.

HO: Scary.

PINSKY: Where people are seeing things, and they are out of - they really have no idea where they are, what`s going on. And imagine you were - The

way I try to explain it, people, is like imagine you were in a dream and you were dreaming. But you were walking through a reality and responding

to things that were in your dream.

HO: Exactly, right.

PINSKY: That`s the way a schizophrenic is trying to manage reality. And they can look and seem possessed. They can seem very bizarre.

HO: Yes.

PINSKY: Judy, anything else to add to that?

HO: That`s absolutely what I see here. And you see this. She is in a delirious state.


HO: And I see the tough - hallucinations, too. Do you see them in the beginning? The front video where she is like batting at something on her

hair and battling something on her skin. And so you can see it actually leading up to that aggressive moment. I actually believe that it is

probably a combination of schizophrenia and probably some drugs induced .

PINSKY: Yeah, the tactile hallucinations called formication for the Latin word for ants. There is like - So. All right, well, there you go. That`s

where .

JASON: No one was going for the demon in the purse, huh?

PINSKY: Well, I appreciate.


PINSKY: Jason, I - it will make a good movie. I appreciate the color - the color commentary. But I think it is somebody with a real serious

mental illness. And the fact is, these things get better with medication. It is difficult, however, to get schizophrenics sometime to take their


And both those folks in the video were fined $500 for fighting and then released.

Next up, thieves steal dozens of hamburgers while in their underpants. You`ll see it and I remind you, you can find us anytime on Instagram at Dr.

Drewhln. I`ll be right back.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: They were just a bunch of drunk guys having a good time. But that`s going to land them in jail.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Lou Bangard of Dock`s beach house was at home on Sunday when his kitchen staff called him and asked him to check the restaurant

security footage from overnight.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I see the door open and three guys come in. I go, oh, my god, these guys don`t have any clothes on.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That`s right. No clothes. Besides one thief wearing a pair of underwear, the three burglars didn`t have a stitch of clothing

between them. Banguard (ph) says they broke in a little after 3:00 a.m. on Sunday and stayed about five minutes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They took three cases. Hamburgers, three red peppers and some bacon.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: They seemed to be laughing and having a very good time while they were committing a felony crime.


PINSKY: Back with Sam. The three men were caught on camera stealing more than 60 hamburgers. What do you think, Sam? Was it worth it for them?

SCHACHER: I - I kind of like think it now that I`m rewatching, a hazing. Maybe for a fraternity.

PINSKY: Maybe, maybe. They have to run and get some hamburgers for the whole fraternity.


PINSKY: Some of my guests, some of my guests gave all the same - I wanted to go there just yet tonight. She - they gave these guys a pass because,

well, they`re just so damn good looking, according to them. Take a look.


PINSKY: Really, we`re going to excuse criminal behavior based on how somebody looks?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: First of all, Dr. Drew, I like how they looked. They looked like student athletes. Second of all .

PINSKY: Do you want us to forego the crime? Let them go? Just have a date with them? Or maybe that`s the way you kind of - what would that be?

Coerce them? You know what I`m saying?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So funny. I mean when I was in college, guys did a lot of things for fresh meat but this is definitely extreme.

PINSKY: Oh, my god.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I mean, the funniest part is they left a trail of red peppers a hundred yards from the restaurants. They`re like the Hansel and

Gretel burglars. I mean it`s hilarious.


SCHACHER: Yes. They are like real life hamburglars. I love it. I think it`s hilarious. Do I think that they should have to suffer the

consequences? Absolutely. But I think this was some sort of a dare. I mean the fact that they`re naked and they stole 60 hamburgers. It seem

like they`re going to go take those hamburgers to some sort of a house party. So, I think, though, it is just college shenanigans.

PINSKY: Spirit, here`s what bugs me? Is that these guys get a pass because they`re Caucasian surfer dudes and they look like they`re having a

good time. Think about - Let`s just paint the picture of some other profile going in there at night. All of a sudden, it is a serious crime


SPIRIT: You know, let me kiss you on that, Dr. Drew. Because I`m sitting over here mortified.


SPIRIT: You know, and I`m losing faith in my millennials, really. The fact that we could think that this is cute. And then, you know, a few

weeks ago we had the handsome guy who just got the modeling contract because he looks so good. Never mind that he is a criminal. This is the

same state where we had a child lose his life who was fully clothed, mind you, who paid for his meal. But here we`re talking about college kids who

broke and entered. And because they have nice bodies and they`re college guys, oh, it`s cute. I want to date them. Get real. This is serious, and

it`s disgusting.

PINSKY: Evy, do you agree with that?

SPIRIT: I`m offended.

PINSKY: Yes. Evy?

POUMPOURAS: Look, you know me, equal justice for equal crime for everybody. So, should they be penalized? Yes. And I do agree with you.

If you change the profile somewhat and maybe we change the color of their skin, we change their clothing, we change certain things - maybe we would

be a little bit more judgmental. So I agree with Spirit on that one.

SPIRIT: Maybe?

PINSKY: Right. It`s more than maybe, Spirit. I agree with you. I think we have to like check ourselves always. And we react - but Danielle, you

want to defend yourself.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No, Dr. Drew, I didn`t think about that. And I think changing the profile does change it a little bit. However, they never went

into the restaurant. They were never going to steal money. They were strictly in the kitchen. This is clearly a prank. They were drunk.

SPIRIT: They were never in the restaurant? What do you mean they never went into the restaurant? They broke into the restaurant. This is breaking

and entering.

SCHACHER: Of course. And they should suffer the consequences. But come on guys. Like - in comparison to all the other stories we cover? Could we

have one kind of light story? I think we`re blowing it a little bit out of proportion.


BARNETT: I`m going to tell you. No, I`m going to blow it out of proportion.


SPIRIT: I`m sorry. Because as a black woman, if that was three black males that were walking around in their boxer shorts.

SCHACHER: I get that. I .

SPIRIT: Or this was - or let`s talk socioeconomics. If this was three homeless men who live in that area. It`s not funny.

SCHACHER: I said they should suffer the consequences. But I`m sorry. I don`t think it was that big of a deal.

PINSKY: Evy, Evy, settle this for me.

POUMPOURAS: Look, I agree with both. It is nice to have a nice laugh because we have all these serious stories we cover. But at the end of the

day on a serious note, I agree with Spirit. I really do.

PINSKY: I do too. And guilty as charged, too, by the way. I first giggled at this thing when I first saw it. And I understand Sam and

Danielle`s point of view. But you got to think about these things. You have got to think about it. When you do that, you check yourself.


PINSKY: There you go, Sam. That`s our show. Viral videos. Thanks for joining me.

SCHACHER: Thanks for having me.

PINSKY: You can DVR us and watch us anytime. And "Forensic File" begins right now.