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Shocking Revelations On Mama June`s First Interview; Anna Cardwell`s respose to her mom`s interview; A Plastic Surgeon Came Up With The Procedure To Give Women Bigger Boobs For 24 Hours; New Procedure Called Vacation Breasts That Lasted Two To Three Weeks; The Drama Surrounding Honey Boo Boo`s Family Goes On; The Husband Who Says The Deaths Of His Two Wives Were Accidents, New Details Now In Their Suspicious Deaths

Aired November 13, 2014 - 21:00   ET



DR. DREW PINSKY, HLN HOST OF "DR. DREW ON CALL" SHOW (voice-over): Tonight, Mama June`s first interview. Hear more shocking revelations.

And, her daughter Anna is back with us tonight live to respond to her mom`s interview.

Plus, new details in the case of a woman who fell off a cliff. Her husband suspected of murder. Now a judge is calling him a dangerous man. Let us

get started.


DR. DREW: Good evening, everyone. Big show tonight. My co-host with me, of course, is Samantha Schacher. And, coming up, bigger breasts in an

instant, Sam.

SAMANTHA SCHACHER: Oh, Dr. Drew, they are called Insta Breasts. OK?


SCHACHER: A plastic surgeon came up with the procedure to give women bigger boobs for 24 hours, but that is not it. He has a new procedure

called vacation breasts, everybody. We are going to tell you about Vacation Breast later.

DR. DREW: We got so much so, though. First -- and, Sam, you seem a little gleeful about the Vacation Breast -- but, it is OK. I got something first.

First up, I got the drama surrounding Honey Boo Boo`s family goes on.

Mama June responding to my interview with her daughter, Anna `Chickadee` Cardwell. You would hear her surprising statements and Anna will come back

live with us. You will be seeing some pictures coming up here and some of these are from TMZ. Take a look.


ANNA `CHICKADEE` CARDWELL, HONEY BOO BOO`S OLDER SISTER: She has never apologized to me for ever seeing him or being around him.

ANAHITA SEDAGHATFAR, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: I think it totally changes the complexion of the story when the guy you are dating was convicted of

molesting your own daughter.

CARDWELL: Mama did not believe me for a while. And, she is like, "Why would you do that? Why would you that to me?"

VANESSA BARNETT, SOCIAL COMMENTATOR: And, it really makes me emotional, because her sole purpose is to love you and to care for you, and she did

not do that.

CARDWELL: Mama does not know who Pumpkin dad is, and Pumpkin thinks it is Mark, which kind of hurts my feelings, because mama was making her believe

that someone that did to me is her father. Now, Pumpkin hates me for it.

DR. DREW: She was having sex with so many men, she does not know who the father was?


DR. DREW: And, now pumpkin is, this is her dad?

HEATHER MCDONALD, HLN CONTRIBUTOR: It is so depressing. It is so sad, and Mama June is awful.

CARDWELL: I am waiting on her side of the story to come in.


DR. DREW: Well, Anna and the rest of us, we are waiting for Mama June`s side of the story. And, here now is what she said ET`s Brook Anderson

about reconnecting with the sex offender, Mark McDaniel. He is the man that had molested her daughter. Have a look.


BROOK ANDERSON, ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT: Well, let me just cut to the chase. Knowing this man, Mark, was convicted of molesting your

daughter, why would you let him around your family again?

JUNE `MAMA JUNE` SHANNON, MOTHER OF ANNA CARDWELL: OK. The very first time that we saw him was a coincidence.

ANDERSON: Do you believe your daughter was molested by Mark.

MAMA JUNE: I do believe that, you know, something happened.

ANDERSON: You did not read these court documents?

MAMA JUNE: I did not.

ANDERSON: You would be horrified if you read the details of what she said he did to her.

MAMA JUNE: I told Anna that -- not to bring up the past again.


DR. DREW: Joining us, Mark Eiglarsh from, Melissa McCarty, reporter, T.V. host, author of "News Girls Don`t Cry"; Diana Aizman,

Criminal Defense Attorney, former prosecutor and on the phone, Brooke Anderson, the very ET Correspondent who done that interview with Mam June.

The interview, of course, now is trending on Twitter. Brooke, I have got so many questions. Even that last little bite we just saw there. She said

she had not read the court report and she had told Anna -- she said it claims that Anna said she did not want the past brought up. Anna says the

mom did not want the past brought up.

ANDERSON: Yes, Dr. Drew. I was in disbelief at times with what she was saying. I could not believe that she had not read the police report. But,

she did tell me that Anna told her what had happened.

So, she felt like she was aware of what went on, even though I was telling her some things that were in the case documents that she was not aware of

and then she was saying, "Oh, that is awful."

You know, I said it was your daughter. It was your boyfriend. But, I think it was just too much for her. She does not want to cost herself any

more pain if she can help it, any more guilt if she can help it.

DR. DREW: Yes.

ANDERSON: And, she does want Anna to move past all this. But, she said she did not want Anna to talk about it anymore because she feels it is too

painful for Anna.

DR. DREW: Well, that is June`s -- that is right. That is June`s strategy for dealing with her own emotional turmoil. She revealed a number of

things on that interview that just jumped right out of me.

But the fact that she is in such denial about this and insisting that the daughter manage her emotions the same way June does is really quite

striking. Now, she said she had only heard about the sexual abuse a couple of years ago. Is that what she clams?

ANDERSON: She claimed that she did not know details until a couple of years ago. She told me that when it all went down, more than ten years ago

-- actually about 12 years ago, that she was not a part of being in the courtroom during the process.

Now, he did strike a plea deal and then he did go to prison for ten years. But, she told me that her mother blocked her from being part of all of it

and from going to court, that she was very young and very naive and very uneducated about the court process. So, she did not know how to navigate

all of it.

But, she is adamant that, you know, had she fully realized the extent of everything that would have gone down. She said, "Yes. Maybe it was a

mistake to meet with Mark McDaniel, to give Pumpkin closure that he was not her father."

So, she did admit, after speaking with her for a while, "Oh, I probably should not have done that." But, she is also very adamant that she has

only seen this guy twice. Once was a coincidence, and the second time to give Pumpkin closure and that there is nothing there between them. And,

she is not going to see him or talk to him again.

DR. DREW: All righ, Brooke. Thank you so much for joining us. Really appreciate the update. And, be sure to catch Brooke`s interview with Mama

June. It airs tonight on "ET," Entertainment Tonight. Mark, is it even legal for Mark McDaniel to be around Pumpkin and June`s other children,

including Honey Boo Boo?

SCHACHER: Thank you.

MARK EIGLARSH, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Well, that is the shocking legal revelation tonight. I hope everybody is sitting down. In Georgia, the law

allows this kid lover, this convicted pedophile who must register, to be around all three of her young children.

The only one who he cannot be around is the 20-year-old that he was convicted of molesting; but, he can legally be around Honey Pboo Boo, who

is only 9 years old, around the same age the victim was -- her sister was when he molested her.

DR. DREW: And, Diana, the circumstances almost too much to get your head around. So, Anna thought that perhaps -- well, Pumpkin believed that her

father was McDaniel, but turns out no. She is not -- he is not -- that child abuser -- it is another child abuser --


DR. DREW: That is the father of both those children.

AIZMAN: Apparently, this woman has mixed up with Megan`s law. It is a real problem. Obviously, she has serious issues. She attracts

child molesters and fathers children with them is alarming. But, what is more alarming is that she is actually bringing these people back into the

lives of these children that they have victimized. It is horrible.

DR. DREW: Yes. It is really horrible. And, Melissa, you are a reporter. What did you learn from this interview?

MELISSA MCCARTY, REPORTER & T.V. HOST: Now, let us take a tally at this point. We are talking about two convicted sex offenders. We are talking

about a thief, an arsonist. These are the men that she is bringing into, you know, the lives of these children.

And, what bothers me so much is she keeps saying the past is the past when her children are begging her for details and answers and she keeps lying to

them. And, all these skeletons that she kept, you know, continue burry over the years are now surfacing and now being revealed.

She needs to own up to it, be a mother and say Pumpkin, I know you want closure, but this man hurt your sister and I will give you the answers that

you seek. You will never be in this room with this man ever again. And, I do not care if there are 20 people in the room. What she is doing is just

something that blows my mind.

DR. DREW: It is a little mind blowing.

SCHACHER: Even if that story is correct, we do not even know if that is an accurate portrayal of the events.

DR. DREW: Yes.

SCHACHER: But, why is it so difficult for her to tell Anna, "I am sorry."

DR. DREW: She cannot tell I am sorry and she cannot say it happened. It must have been horrible. How awful for you.


DR. DREW: Because it evokes so much pain in her she cannot deal. She has to push it away and say -- let us not worry about the past. The past is

the past.


DR. DREW: What is that, Mark?

EIGLARSH: She must deal with it. In the unlikely event that she is actually watching this show, and I doubt it because it is a bit too high

brow for her; but somebody who is watching this show who has access to her needs to sit her down and let her know, her daughter, her flesh and blood

will never fully heal until she embraces what she allowed into their lives that caused her daughter so much harm.

DR. DREW: Well, next up, more on the family drama with Mama June and Anna Cardwell will come back. We can ask her about this very issue. She will be

with us live. And, later, the husband who says the deaths of his two wives were accidents. New details now in their suspicious deaths. Back after




DR. DREW: Was it a one-time episode that he abused you or was it an ongoing thing?

ANNA CARDWELL: It went on for about six months. I do really want to hear mama`s side of the story, which will kind of -- I hope it will kind of

clear up things and more. And -- But -- you know, I really want to hear her side, honestly. That is what I want to hear.

DR. DREW: Why is she --

CARDWELL: She keeps saying that she is going to call up different people and thought, you know -- and people are like, "Hey, we are offering you.

You know, say your side. Hear your side." I do not want to say my side. I do not want to say my side. Say it, ma. I want to hear what you have to

say. I want to hear what comes out of your mouth.


DR. DREW: There it is. That was in our After Show on our Facebook page. And, she wanted to hear Mama June`s side of the story. Now, she has. Anna

Cardwell will tell us exactly what she thinks about all this in just a second.

But, first, let us bring in our behavior bureau. I got Wendy Walsh, Psychologist, author of "The 30-Day Love Detox;" Danine Manette, Criminal

Investigator, Author of "Ultimate Betrayal," and Kirsten Haglund, former Miss America, anchor of the "Morning Briefing" on

Let us listen to a little more now of Mama June`s exclusive interview with Brooke Anderson on entertainment tonight.


MAMA JUNE: I do not think that my experience -- my sexual experiences at a young age makes it more anything different than what Anna went through, no.

ANDERSON: She was 8 years old.

MAMA JUNE: It does not make it any better -- It does not make it --

ANDERSON: Do you think you became less sensitive, though, to your own daughter and what she went through because you were having sex at age 12?

MAMA JUNE: You do not think for somebody you have been with somebody for five years would do anything like that, honestly.

ANDERSON: But, you believe your child, do not you?

MAMA JUNE: Yes, yes.

ANDERSON: And, you did not.

MAMA JUNE: No, at first because I knew nothing about the situation up until almost 2 1/2 years ago, I knew nothing.


DR. DREW: Wendy, she says she was having sex at age 12. I am betting it was with an older male, and there you have it. That is sexual abuse of a

child. Go see a 12-year-old. They are prepubescent. That is profoundly impactful on a child`s development.


DR. DREW: And informs us -- tells us everything we need to know about how she is behaving now.

WALSH: And, also this kind of defense, Dr. Drew, that she is kid of saying, that you know my early sex life, it is almost like you hear -- you

are hearing her say, "Hey, I had sex when I was a kid. I turned out fine" --

DR. DREW: Right.

WALSH: "So, these kids are going to be fine" --

DR. DREW: Which is how people think who are traumatized.

WALSH: Just dismissing it all and the trauma. And, then to hear her daughter begging to hear her mother`s side of the story is like begging to,

you know, attach to her mother, to get her avoidance away, to have the mother see her and feel her as a child. This is not happening.

DR. DREW: Well, we have Anna Cardwell with us. This is Mama June`s oldest daughter. Anna, thank you for coming back and talking to us. What is your

-- your mom -- she did speak. You heard her side of the story. Now, what do you say?

ANNA CARDWELL, MAMA JUNE`S OLDEST DAUGHTER: Yes. I am kind of upset my mama did not read the report. I wish mama would read the report, honestly.

And, I think there are times that she was lying because I know when mama is lying is when her eyes are starting to blink. She is stuttering a little

bit. And, you know, some of the things I did not believe. And, when she said the past is in the past, I am the one that said the past should

literally be in the past.

DR. DREW: Wait, Anna. Say that again. Say that again. So, you were the one that said "The past is the past" or your mom had said that and she did

not want to talk about the event?

CARDWELL: I told mama that "The past should be in the past and it should stay in the past." Not she did. I did.


SCHACHER: Meaning maybe not to go and talk to Mark McDaniel? Is that what you were saying or you just wanted to not have to rehash with Mama June?

CARDWELL: Do what?

DR. DREW: The question is, did you say "The past is the past, and I do not want to be ever be around Mr. McDaniel," or "The past is the past. Let us,

you and I not talk about the abuse?"

CARDWELL: I said the past should be in the past, you know, should not be around Mark period or anything like that. You should not be even be near

with him or be anywhere around him.

DR. DREW: And, you said you wanted an apology from her. How would that change things?

CARDWELL: It would change a lot of things. As I said yesterday, it would change a lot, maybe me and her could get back on the same page. Because,

last night she texted me last night and said, "I did say I am sorry, Anna."

You know, she told me that, you know, that I should get move on from this thing. If I cannot move on from this thing, I really should think about

getting counseling. I am like, I am not the one that has moved on -- I am the one that is slowly moving on from it, but you are not because you are

still seeing him.

DR. DREW: She is still seeing him?

CARDWELL: Not now -- when she was seeing him, when she wrote him back.

SCHACHER: That is like the tweet we had, Dr. Drew. Can I share this tweet --

DR. DREW: Please. Please.

SCHACHER: Because it is really relevant. It is from Amber Marone. And, she tweeted in, "The past became the present the moment June saw him."

There you go.

DR. DREW: Oh, Anna, how are you doing? You sound little more upset this time.

CARDWELL: Actually, you know, I am either kind of, you know probably mad a little bit. I do not care what she has to say knowing that me and my

husband both kind of agree that, you know, most of it was kind of a lie, you know, what she said about, you know, seeing him for two days.

I know it was more than two days because she was down looking at the house for more than two days. She was there for almost two to four days, almost

for the whole week looking at the house.

DR. DREW: I am going to ask my producers, can I keep Anna around. Yes. Anna, would you mind going on hold for a second. Let me talk to some of my

panelist. Are you cool with that?


DR. DREW: OK, hang on for a second. Let me talk -- Kirsten, I will ask you first. This woman, Mama June, has had two relationships, both with men

who served for sex crimes. What do you say?

KIRSTEN HAGLUND, ANCHOR OF MORNING BRIEFING ON STYRK.COM: I think that this whole family needs to not be working through this on national

television but really needs to be sitting and discussing these things in a safe space with a counselor. That was one of the craziest things that we

just heard. You know, my heart goes out to Anna.

DR. DREW: Yes.

HAGLUND: And, you know? And she is so brave for speaking out about this and being strong. But, they need to work with this in a setting with

counselors with professionals and ultimately to find reconciliation between themselves.

And, a mother`s number one job is to protect her children. She did not to that. And, there needs to be open dialogue and communication between those

family members.

DR. DREW: And, Danine, I think that is what Anna is complaining about. She wants to feel protected. She wants to feel heard.

DANINE MANETTE, CRIMINAL INVESTIGATOR: Exactly, Dr. Drew. But, I have a different take on this.

DR. DREW: Please.

MANETTE: I am not looking at this as far as June not wanting to deal with it because it causes her so much pain. I think it is like willful

ignorance on her part. I think she is choosing to be in denial.

Why would you not read a court document if you are going to advocate for your child? Who would not do that? Who would not get all the

information possible if your true purpose was to advocate for your child.

I think that she is just in denial because she does not want to deal with the fact honestly that this man that she was in a relationship with chose

to be with her daughter instead of being with her. That is what I honestly think.

DR. DREW: You think it is jealousy?

SCHACHER: Well, that is part of it.

MANETTE: Yes. I do. I think that there is some a jealousy and envy in there. I really really knew.

SCHACHER: I wish she knew. What if she knew --

MANETTE: I am sure she knew.

SCHACHER: -- Maybe she did not want to read the documents because she already knew it was happening.

MANETTE: I am sure she knew. It is willful ignorance. She just wants to put her head in the sand because she does not want to deal the fact that

she was rejected.

WALSH: Dr. Drew --

DR. DREW: Wendy, where are you about those motivation for that about that willful ignorance?

WALSH: I know.

DR. DREW: Yes.

WALSH: You know I love Danine, but I got to say that willful ignorance sounds so victim blaming. I think Mama June was the first victim in this.

DR. DREW: Well, as always, intergenerational transmission --

MANETTE: Maybe so, but she is being an ignorant parent. She is choosing to not listen to the story.


MANETTE: She is choosing to not get the information to help protect her daughter.

WALSH: But, how do you really know that level of her internal pain? How do you know how much she is suffering?

DR. DREW: But, Danine is saying she does not care.

MANETTE: I do not know how much she is suffering, but I do not care.

DR. DREW: Yes. Danine does not care.

MANETTE: I do not care. She is not the victim to me.

DR. DREW: You will be shocked --

MANETTE: She has a child she failed to protect.

DR. DREW: You will be shocked there once Danine has a different opinion or has a different point of view. That is why Danine is with us. Why we love


All right, next up, what does Mama June have to say about the suggestion that she herself was molested? You will hear that answer. And, later,

what a plastic surgeon is calling vacation breast. Bigger breast instantly without surgery. Back after this.



ANDERSON: Have you ever been molested yourself?


ANDERSON: Have you ever been abused in any way?

MAMA JUNE: Not physically, no.

ANDERSON: When was your first sexual experience? How old were you?


ANDERSON: 12 years old. With a friend? With a stranger? With a family member?

MAMA JUNE: No. With somebody I went to school with.

ANDERSON: You had sex when you were 12?

MAMA JUNE: Yes. I had no idea -- I mean what it was, whatever. And then it kind of like escalated from there.



ANDERSON (voice-over): June was only 14 when she got pregnant with Anna.



MAMA JUNE: I was dating men who were in their 20s to 30s. My mom knew about it.


DR. DREW: That was part of Mama June`s exclusive interview with Brooke Anderson on "Entertainment Tonight." I am back with Sam, Danine, Kirsten

and let us welcome Scheana Shay, star of Vanderpump Rules.


DR. DREW: Monday night on Bravo.

SHAY: Yes.

DR. DREW: She is joining us. OK. Anna -- I still have Anna here with us as well. Anna, can you hear me?


DR. DREW: Did you know about your mom`s past as a young teenager first having sex at age 12 and secondly multiple adult men quickly after that?

CARDWELL: I knew about her past. My grandma has told me a lot about her, you know? For what I know is that she got pregnant at the age 14 and had

me at 15.

DR. DREW: No. No. No. I am asking the fact -- what I found very, very revealing about what she had just said, what Brooke just asked her, was

that in my opinion, she was sexually abused at 12, that is what that is, whether it was with an adolescent or an adult. And, quickly after that,

she started having sex with adults, 20s and 30-years-olds. Did you know about that?

CARDWELL: I knew that she slept around, but I did not know, you know, how old they were.

DR. DREW: OK. And, my question then to Kirsten. I guess, you know, Anna, it is hard for her to be sympathetic to her mom, but does not that inform

us a little bit about Mama June?

HAGLUND: Absolutely. I mean those kinds of experiences, you called them abuse, they are traumatic for an individual.

DR. DREW: Yes. Yes.

HAGLUND: Especially that early in the developmental process. So, the rest of their thinking regarding what age is appropriate to have sexual

experiences and normalcy surrounding any kind of relationship is going to be skewed.

So, we can have compassion from Mama June from that respect, but that just enforces the point that she also needs treatment.

DR. DREW: Yes.

HAGLUND: Needs counseling.

DR. DREW: Yes.

HAGLUND: Needs therapy.

DR. DREW: Yes.

HAGLAND: All these women need healing. Every single one of them.

DR. DREW: And, here is what you did not see was Danine rolling her eyes. It is not an excuse, Danine. It is an explanation so you can have some



MANETTE: I understand that.

DR. DREW: Does not excuse it?

MANETTE: I understand that. We all have stuff that we went through as children. I get that. But once you become a parent and you become

responsible for someone else`s life, you cannot dump your stuff on your kids. You got to do what you do to get yourself healthy, to get in

counseling, to get therapy, to do what it takes --

DR. DREW: Yes. Agree.

MANETTE: But you cannot dump your crap on your kids. You cannot do it. It is not their responsibility to carry your burdens from your past.

DR. DREW: Yes. Agree.

MANETTE: It is not their responsibility.

DR. DREW: I agree.

SCHACHER: Anna? Is Anna still on the phone?

DR. DREW: Yes. She is still there. Yes.

SCHACHER: Anna, can I ask you a question. When you watched or heard this interview, what did it feel like? Did you cry? Where were you? Were

you home?

CARDWELL: I was at home. I was sitting watching it and there are some part that kind of like, you know, aggravated me, and kind of made me mad,

and kind of, you know, thinking about what my mama did. When I heard that mama has kind of like -- when I was little mama had --she goes hanging out

and party and have fun with her friends and do things, you know? She was only 15 years old. When you are 15 years old, you do not worry about a

child, or you having a child. You just worry about having friends, hanging out and doing what you want to do.

DR. DREW: And, she not copping to that made you feel bad?


DR. DREW: Yes. I can understand that. But, you at the same time seem to be able to understand that, that is how a 15-year-old -- that is why a teen

pregnancy can be such a problem.


DR. DREW: Anna, are you crying?

CARDWELL: No. Sorry.

DR. DREW: OK. OK. Scheana, I want to ask you. You were engaged and married on reality television. You have some sense of how having a private

life becoming so public and Kirsten said this all should be happening in the therapist office, not on television. What are your thoughts?

SHAY: The one thing I can say that is good about this coming out publicly is now Mama June has to take accountability for her actions and she is

responsible to fix this, not to make excuses for it.

And, you know, whenever you are on a reality show, if there are any cracks in that family, they are going to be exposed and they are going to come

out. So, you really just have to know what you are signing up for, and it is difficult, but it is just a really tough situation. I feel so badly for


DR. DREW: It is. It is a sad situation. Danine, you had something?

MANETTE: I do. I have question for Anna.

DR. DREW: Yes.

MANETTE: I am just wondering. Honey, have they offered you, guys, the network, any counseling, any family or individual counseling? Because they

made a lot of money off of you. And, I would think that they would may be -- it would be in their best interest to invest a little bit back into help

you all get through this.

CARDWELL: They offered me counseling at first, you know? They said, "Hey, you know, would you like to -- I said, "I will try." I have not had any

contact with TLC in about to two or three weeks after that conversation.


DR. DREW: Well, you know, I know some of the people at TLC and I believe that they would support you and help you in that endeavor, Anna. And, I

would urge you to reach out to them and ask for it. And, I believe that they would be willing -- I want to believe that they would be willing to do

that to help you.

Scheana, let me ask you this also. You know, this family now is losing this show because of all this trauma and chaos. Now, the cameras are gone.

What do you think is going to happen?

SHAY: That is what worries me. Because when the cameras are there, you know there are certain things that you do not do that you would do in your

normal life. So, now that the cameras are gone, it really worries me. It is like what is going to happen to these girls if -- you know that sex

offender is hanging around them?

It just -- it really worries me. And, I feel for all of the daughters. It is a sad situation. I hope that they can all get the help they need and I

hope the cameras going away does not mean that this will just be buried.

DR. DREW: And, Kirsten, I am looking at you throughout this conversation. You really look upset about this whole thing.

HAGLUND: Well, because I am not sure that the incentives are correct. Because, what television -- especially reality television, it breeds on

conflict and disruption and disorder and they want that because that brings viewers in. I mean that is just part of the culture we have leave in.

So, I am not so sure that continuing to keep them in the public eye is actually going to help. It might bring more dysfunction and it might

perpetuate that. So, I feel like, yes, it is great for it to be exposed but there is also a lot of healing that needs to take place behind closed


DR. DREW: All right. Fair enough. Next, we are going to have more on the Mama June`s drama. A lot more to talk about here. And, later, the

suspicious deaths of two wives and the husband that says they were accidents. We have new details tonight and we are back after this



MAMA JUNE: It is about getting the truth out there. I have nothing to hide. I have nothing to lose. I just want me to tell my side of the


ANDRSON: I am so confused, because when people saw you with him, they were angry. They were outraged that you could let this man who molested your

daughter back into your life. Do you not understand why people are so upset about that?

MAMA JUNE: It is not like I am seeing him every day.

ANDERSON: But, at all -- why would you see him at all?


DR. DREW: That was just part of Mama June`s exclusive interview with Brooke Anderson on "Entertainment Tonight." I am back with Sam, Mark,

Melissa, and Diana. And, we are talking about the big revelations from that interview with Mama June.

She revealed the identity of Pumpkin`s father. It turns out he is not the sex offender, McDaniel. He is another sex offender that was caught on an

NBC show "To Catch A Predator."

We have been talking to the oldest daughter, Anna Cardwell as well. Brooke Anderson has stayed with us. She is back with us on the phone. Brooke,

first of all, I want to say, A. Thank you for staying with us.


DR. DREW: B. Really great job. Congratulations on that interview. I thought you just did a wonderful job with it.

ANDERSON: Thank you.

DR. DREW: And, kudos. Kudos to you.

ANDERSON: Thank you.

DR. DREW: Ands, one of the things that I noticed there in that last part of the interview that we just saw is that Mama June says she has nothing to

hide. She just wants to air things out. She does not seem to have any understanding of the traumas in her life and the terrible choices she has

made and the impact this has had on her. This is just her world and she does not understand what it all means.

ANDERSON: You are right, Dr. Drew. And, as I was sitting there talking with her trying to figure out what makes her tick, I thought what happened

to her? What happened to Mama June when she was a child? Maybe that could shed some light on this.

So, I asked her about her own childhood. And, Dr. Drew, it was messed up. She claims that her mother was very neglectful. She told me a story. She

said that she would leave Mama June in the car when she was very young while the mom went into nightclubs.

And, June said that she, herself, was running the streets and having sex starting at age 12. And, You have to remember she got pregnant with Anna

when she was just 14 years old. So, the point that I want to make here is, most of us, as parents, have one or two people that we kind of model

parenting after.

She has no good parenting model. No good positive influence. She had none of that in her entire life. And, I am not saying that is any excuse for

how she is approaching this, but I am saying I think it sheds a little bit of light on what makes her tick.

DR. DREW: Yes. Yes. Yes.

SCHACHER: Brooke, I have a question for you. When you were talking with Mama June, did she ever mention the first time that she confronted or she

ever confronted Mark McDaniel? Was she angry with him?

ANDERSON: She told me what good would it do for her to be angry with him, for her to yell at him, for her to hurt him or put him in the hospital or

even worse, what good would it do for her to do that? And, I said I am not saying you should do any of that. But, I am just saying, how do you not

have intensely negative feelings towards him?

DR. DREW: Yes.

ANDERSON: So, I think that after the conversation, maybe she was thinking about it from a different perspective. But, she also feels sorry for him,

because she said he is very sick and has a blood disorder and this and that. Whereas a lot of parents, a lot of mothers would say, "Well, so be

it. He hurt my child."

DR. DREW: Yes.

ANDERSON: But, I did not detect that anger coming from her.

DR. DREW: Mark, you have a question?

EIGLARSH: Yes. Brooke, I am trying to gauge whether the children are at all in jeopardy, the remaining children. So, I am wondering during that

interview if at any point you asked her, have you ever left this guy alone with your younger children other than the one he molested?

ANDERSON: She said that they have never been alone with him. That she has only seen him twice since he was released from prison. Once was a

coincidence, it was a big group. And, the second time there were -- she also said there were 10 or 12 people there, I think, something like that.

And, that was for Pumpkin to speak to him and to have closure and that she has never left them alone and she believes --

EIGLARSH: You do not buy that?

ANDERSON: She claims that that picture --

EIGLARSH: You do not buy that, do you, Brooke?

ANDERSON: The picture of them in the bed does look photo shopped to me. Now, I was disbelief with some of the things that she was saying, but she

is adamant that she is not going to see him anymore.

Sugar Bear was there. Sugar Bear wants to get back with her. Sugar Bear is upset about the whole thing and her even talking to Mark McDaniel. Part

of it did not seem to compute with her, why people are outraged over this. So, a part of the conversation was, cannot you understand? Cannot you

absorb this? And, I hope maybe she is thinking about it now from a different perspective.

DR. DREW: Diana, what do you have? Any comments or anything to have with this whole nightmare of the story.

AIZMAN: I mean if she is placing these kids in jeopardy, she understands how dangerous this man is.

DR. DREW: Yes.

AIZMAN: She has victimized her own child.

DR. DREW: And, I find it alarming that he is basically allowing -- she is allowing this man to be anywhere near her children.

DR. DREW: Yes. I think Brooke got the point. It just does not compute. Anna, we are going to wrap this story up now. I really appreciate you

sticking around. Do you have anything you would like to say in the way of final comments or you want people to know about your side of this story?

CARDWELL: Well, as Brooke said, mama is saying that all of this stuff going on, that she did not feel angry towards Mark. If that was my

daughter, my own flesh and blood, I would be mad. I would be cussing him out, raising hell, saying "Why in the hell did you do that to my daughter

and all that." And, she did no.

DR. DREW: I think you might kill a guy that did something like that to your daughter. I am not saying you should.

CARDWELL: I would honestly kill somebody who would do that to my daughter and so would Michael. Because, I mean I would be livid. If somebody done

that to your daughter, would not you get mad? If you saw the guy face to face, would you not get mad?

DR. DREW: Oh, I cannot even describe how I would likely react. It would be hard to control. Melissa, I am so sorry. I have just a few seconds.

Any last thoughts?

MCCARTY: It is just interesting Anna has a better perspective and seems to be emotionally stronger than Mama June herself.

DR. DREW: Yes. And, these things, as intergenerational transmission of trauma goes, if you can get some treatment in there, they do get clarity

and these things can resolved. They can get better. Anna, please reach out and get some help.

Brooke, thank you so much for the interview and for letting us share this with you. And, we are going to switch gears now to new details in the

deaths of two wives. What prosecutors are saying about these cases. We are back after with that after this.



TODD BERTOLET, VICTIM`S BROTHER: To have two wives die of freak accidents, the odds are better off that you win the Powerball Lottery.

HEATHER MCDONALD, SOCIAL COMMENTATOR: It does happen. People do fall off cliffs.

SEDAGHATFAR: There is reasonable doubt here.

DR. DREW: Was it the kind of thing when she died, you thought to yourself, "Oh, my God, did he hurt her?"


DR. DREW: Did this man ever talk about his first wife and that how she had died?

TALLY: Yes. Actually, the first time I ever met him he told me that he was a widower.


DR. DREW: I am back with Sam, Wendy, Danine and Mark. Big developments in the case of the man suspected of pushing his second wife off a cliff to her

death. Harold Henthorn has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and prosecutors now say he also killed his first wife. And, Sam, there is


SCHACHER: Yes. So, the additional details is about the current case, wife number two, the 50-year-old ophthalmologist. Now, according to court

documents filed yesterday, it reveals that the feds were conducting electronic and photographic surveillance on the couple`s home. Also the

judge denied his bail, because they thought he was a substantial flight risk.

DR. DREW: And dangerous? Did not they say it?

SCHACHER: And, dangerous. And, then officials at his 9-year-old daughter`s school got a restraining order against him to keep him off the


DR. DREW: Mark, there is so many serious allegations. How would you defend this guy?

EIGLARSH: The same way I do many of my clients. This was an unbelievable coincidence, one will argue, and that only in the court of public opinion

can you consider everything. In the real world where I practice, you try one homicide at a time typically. You do not bring the other set of facts

into the one. And, so, you argue the evidence is equally consistent with this being a homicide and/or a tragic accident. That is reasonable doubt.

DR. DREW: It was so sketchy how the first wife died, under the car, getting crushed.

SCHACHER: A mushy tire.

DR. DREW: The husband says I have a mushy tire, honey would you look under the car? Oops, car fell on you.


DR. DREW: Danine, we heard that the Fed -- Sam has told us that Fed has the couple`s home under surveillance. What do you think they were looking


MANETTE: The other woman. They were looking to see if the other woman as coming and going. They are trying to find something that would give him a

motive for having want to kill his wife other than the money, something else.

DR. DREW: Wait a second. Was he surveyed before the wife died or after?

SCHACHER: I believe it was current, is that correct?

MANETTE: It was probably after, but -- it was probably after the wife died.


MANETTE: But, let me set the record straight about the tire changing thing, because I heard that earlier in the week as far as women not

changing tires. Not only do I have know how to change a tires, but my daughter will, too.

DR. DREW: I have no doubt.

SCHACHER: I know how too, as well.

MANETTE: Thank you. Good.

DR. DREW: I actually -- I am less likely -- there is a book about not being able to change a tire. So, I am actually less likely -- so, I get

into the sexes accusations . Wendy, do you think these women that he has picked fits some sort of profile?

WALSH: Yes. You know, I would venture to guess that, you know, when two people meet, Dr. Drew, they do what I call an unconscious hand shake, where

they promise to treat each other the way their early life traumas say they should be treated.

DR. DREW: Yes.

WALSH: And, I think the target s for him would be women who have more of an anxious attachment style, who are going to stick like glue no matter how

badly he treats them.

DR. DREW: Yes.

WALSH: And, then in his internal world, he actually feels completely smothered by them, engulfed by them. And, in a crazy way, getting rid of

them, knocking them off is the only way he can separate.

DR. DREW: Mark?

EIGLARSH: $4.5 million in life insurance on one. $500,000 on the other. Women, if you find out that your husbands are doing that, I would run.

DR. DREW: All right. Next up, would you get a breast enlargement that lasted only 24 hours? Take our poll on our Facebook Page. We will have

the results after the break.


DR. DREW: Back with Sam, Scheana, Danine and Mark. This is the most tweeted story of the day. Sam, ever heard of Vacation Breasts?

SCHACHER: I can tell you about Vacation Breasts. I never heard of them, Dr. Drew.

DR. DREW: Please do.

SCHACHER: So, the Insta Breast we know last 24 hours, right?

DR. DREW: Right.

SCHACHER: They are $2,500. OK?

DR. DREW: Crazy.

SCHACHER: They are more expensive depending how big you get them. Vacation Breasts last two to three weeks. Now, they will not be available

on the market for they say at least two years.

DR. DREW: All right, they are not like this. They are not a breast implant like this. They are actually -- you are smiling.

SCHACHER: Because you have been using this -- Everybody, he has been using this as a stress reliever in between the break.

DR. DREW: Well, what are you going to do?

SCHACHER: Massaging it.

DR. DREW: It feels right. It is the same. And, what they do is they inject some saline under the breast to lift it up here and then the saline

is then absorbed. And, he has some other sort of solution he is putting in there in the future. $2,500 for a single -- and for the Vacation, he has

not given a prize for that one yet.

SCHACHER: You think that one will be cheaper because more people will want to do that one.

DR. DREW: All right. Let us get the panel to weigh in. Danine.



DR. DREW: What do you think?

MANETTE: You know, if you have the money and you have the time, then go for it. It is like some people want to wear high heels, some get fake eye

lashes, fingernails, hair extensions, whatever. Whatever makes you feel good. No one else is paying for it. It is your money, your time.


DR. DREW: Scheana, would you ever do this?

SHAY: I personally would not do it, but I think it is a fantastic idea. Because instead of going under the knife and having something permanently

done to your body -- I mean, yes, you can take them out, but I think this is a great idea.

DR. DREW: You know, Mark, if people forget -- we get so casual about all these procedures that any time the body is violated with a knife or a

needle, it can get infected, there can be serious consequences.

EIGLARSH: No question. Infection, bruises, but I got to admit on national television, I did it and it was fabulous. My wife could not keep her hands

off of me. The problem was, the next day, she had no interest. The saline was gone.

DR. DREW: You lost her after that, huh? Well, nightline spoke with a patient who had had this breast enlargement, the 24-hour one. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE SPEAKER (1): My boyfriend and I, it was our fifth anniversary. I got this really great dress and I am kind of hoping this

will be a bigger night than most.

UNIDENTIFEID FEMALE SPEAKER (2): He is definitely going to notice.


UNIDENTIFEID FEMALE REPORTER: She said she is grateful for the extra boost of confidence.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE SPEAKER (1): My boyfriend had no idea what is going to be happening and he definitely noticed right away. We had a great time.

He got to touch them, see what they were like.


DR. DREW: Scheana, I cannot imagine no matter how happy someone is with that 24 hours, after having paid $2,000, who has that kind of money? Go


SHAY: No, I was going to say the money is a little ridiculous. I mean for 24 hours? That is a lot of money to spend. If it was, you know, for a few

weeks, then that is not as bad. But, I cannot even imagine how much the three week one is going to cost.

DR. DREW: Sam.

SCHACHER: And, what if a woman was really considering that Scheana brought up going under the knife. She wanted, let us say, a D implant, but she was

not sure. So, she does the 24-hour thing to see if she likes it. I think that makes sense.

DR. DREW: Most surgeons will have them wear certain kinds of bras and things to get used to it.

SCHACHER: But, that is different, though.

DR. DREW: It is just so different.

SCHACHER: You are discussing your bra, basically.

DR. DREW: It is so dangerously. Well, we got --

EIGLARSH: Can I make --

DR. DREW: Mark, go ahead.\

EIGLARSH: Can I make a plug just for one second for self-love?

DR. DREW: Yes.

EIGLARSH: Women, you are perfect the way you are.

DR. DREW: Yes.

EIGLARSH: You are perfectly imperfect. You do not need to try to catch the wave. Just be yourself. Be happy with yourself.

DR. DREW: Mark Eiglarsh --

SCHACHER: Amen, Mark. And, I love your scruff tonight, Mark. I am all about that, too.

DR. DREW: I have questions about it too, but we do not have time. But, yes, women endanger themselves with all the beauty manipulations and anti-

aging. It is really becoming dangerous and kind of sad at certain point.

Alright, here is the poll. Would you get the implants for 24 hours? 40 percent say yes. 60 percent say no. So, most people are saying no. And,

I do not really know if they knew the price at the point in which they had that poll up there.

SCHCHER: That is crazy, $2500.

DR. DREW: It is crazy.

SCHACHER: It is like my first car was $2500, if that.

DR. DREW: It is unbelievable. All right, so here is what we are going to do. We are going to have an After Show on our Facebook page/Drdrewhln and

so of our guest. Scheana, you are going to stick around for us.

SHAY: Yes. I am here.

DR. DREW: Danine and Mark are off sight here. I want to get a little finish up this conversation about the breast implants. I got some

questions still about Honey Boo Boo and it was really just a sad story.

I do appreciate Anna joining us and Brooke for not just the interview but for joining us to share her thoughts on what went down there. Again, you

can DVR us right now and then watch us any time. The "Forensic Files" is the program that follows us and it begins now.