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Pence Has a Near Disaster with His Plane. Aired 4:30-5a ET

Aired October 28, 2016 - 04:30   ET


[04:30:02] JOHN BERMAN, CNN ANCHOR: Fresh off the trail with r Michelle Obama. What is next for this campaign as it continues to deal with WikiLeaks? Welcome back to "Early Start." Everyone, I'm John Berman.

CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN ANCHOR: I'm Christine Romans. It is 30 minutes pass the hour this Friday morning.

Breaking news. Mike Pence is OK this morning. But he barely nearly wasn't after a near disaster involving his plane. An NTSB team is on the ground in New York right now, after Pence's 737 skidded off the runway at Laguardia overnight during a landing in rainy -- very rainy windy weather. The plane came to rest just several hundred feet from the major interstate, no one was hurt.

CNN producer Liz Landers traveling with the Pence campaign described what happened.


VOICE OF LIZ LANDERS, CNN PORDUCER: You could feel the plane skidding. You could feel the back of the plane too which is where the press, felt like it was fishtailing and moving side to side. Plane came to a very pretty sharp halt. And Governor Pence came to the back of the plane to check with the press. Asking if everybody is OK. And we ask him if he was OK. He said yes and his family were fine. He remarked there was some dirt and mud on his window at the front of the plane.


ROMANS: Officials say a special breakaway concrete bed at the end of the runway helps stopped the plane after it skidded.


PATRICK FOYE, EXEC. DIR. PORT AUTHORITY OF NEW YORK & NEW JERSEY: Runway 22 is a 7,000 foot runway. The plane ended in the arrester bed at the end of the runway destroyed about 80 arrester bed blocks. It is currently in the grass off the runway.


ROMANS: No word yet on the cause. Pence spoke to emergency crews on the runway. And he quickly tweeted "So thankful everyone on our plane is safe. Grateful for our first responders and the concerns and prayers of so many. Back on the trail tomorrow." BERMAN: Yeah, Pence ask get speak on the phone with Donald Trump just before Trump took the stage at the rally in Ohio. CNN's Sara Murray was there. Sara

SARA MURRAY, CNN POLITICS REPORTER: Good morning, John and Christine. Well, everybody knows the last two weeks of a presidential campaign are particularly stressful. Mike Pence had a very harrowing evening on Thursday night. That because his campaign plane skidded off the runway at Laguardia airport. Now, even though everyone was fine. The press on board and the candidate, it was still the talk of the evening. And Donald Trump even discuss it at his campaign event in Ohio.


DONALD TRUMP, (R) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I just spoke to our future vice president. And he's OK. Do you know he was in a big accident with the plane? The plane skidded off the runway and was pretty close to grave, grave danger. But I just spoke to Mike Pence and he is fine. Got out. Everybody's fine. Everybody's fine.


MURRAY: Now despite the setback with Mike Pence his campaign plane, both Donald Trump and his running mate has a packed schedule set for Friday. Pence is expected to get a new plane and be back out there in Pennsylvania as well as North Carolina. Donald Trump is headed to Iowa, New Hampshire and Maine. Back to you guys.

ROMANS: Also overnight Donald Trump provided a new aggressive take on the infamous "Access Hollywood" tape. The tape where he bragged he would grab women's genitals and away with it because he is famous. Asked about by Bill O'Reilly. He did not deny or deflect but he suggested but he might sue.


TRUMP: The microphone was not supposed to be on. Not that I make that as an excuse for myself. But certainly it was an illegal act that was NBC. It was not supposed be on.

BILL O'REILLY, FOX NEWS HOST "THE O'REILLY FACTOR: You think it was illegal? What they did putting that tape out?

TRUMP: Oh, absolutely. No, that was a private locker. You know that was a private dressing room. Yeah, that was certainly ...

O'REILLY: Are you going to take any action after the election against NBC?

TRUMP: Well, you'll see. You'll see.


BERMAN: They set a private locker room when in fact it was a bus.

All right the Trump campaign is denying report that is trying to suppressing minority voter turnout. Bloomberg business week is putting unnamed senior Trump campaign official saying "We have three major voters suppression operations under way." Trump spokesperson Jason Miller tell CNN that the anonymous quote came from someone who had no idea what they were talking about. Miller says the contrary, Trump is running to be president of all Americans.

ROMANS: This is something the First Lady Michelle Obama address head on at North Carolina. She campaigned with Hillary Clinton for the first time. And the former First Lady was more than happy to have the current First Lady's help.


HILLARY CLINTON, (D) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Seriously, is there anyone more inspiring than Michelle Obama? Let's be real. As our first African-American First Lady, she's faced pressures I never did.


ROMANS: CNN's Jeff Zeleny was at the event, he brings us the latest.

JEFF ZELENY, CNN SENIOR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT: John and Christine, Hillary Clinton heading back to Iowa today returning to the state that she first won in those Iowa caucuses so many months ago. Now she is now trailing Donald Trump ever so slightly. But through early voting there, they're trying to get more Democrats out to campaign for her.

[04:35:01] She also has receiving the seal of approval from Michelle Obama appearing with here side by side for the first time during this campaign. Michelle Obama one First Lady to another First Lady told votes why they should pay attention and vote in this race.


MICHELLE OBAMA, FIRST LADY OF UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Here is where I want to get real. If Hillary doesn't win this election, that will be on us. It will be because we did not stand with her. It will be because we did not vote for her. And that is exactly what her opponent is hoping will happen. That's the strategy. To make, this election so dirty and ugly that we don't want any part of it.


ZELANY: Now with 11 days to go on this election Hillary Clinton after Iowa today is going to return to Florida for another weekend campaign swing there. They are trying to make sure that all paths to 270 for Donald Trump are blocked. She has clearly has the advantage now, but they want to ward off complacency and ward off being too confident. John and Christine.

ROMANS: All right, Jeff Zelany. New campaign finance numbers are out. The two candidates' very different financial positions right now heading into these final days of the race.

Donald Trump trails Hillary Clinton in cash on hand. He has nearly 16 million in the bank. Clinton has almost four times that amount in cash. Look at the total contribution for the entire election cycle. Clinton now topping $500 million. Trump collecting $200 million.

Now Trump gave just $30 million to his campaign in October. That despite these claims that he may have -- that he's going to spent at least 40 million more before the election. One number that maybe more important to the campaign to be out later this morning when the government releases data on third quarter economic growth.

Forecast is around 2.5 percent. That would be a nice increase from the second quarter. The slow but steady growth rate is frequently slammed by Trump. He says he can get the economy to grow 4 percent. Something that hasn't happened since Bill Clinton was president. And about those spending numbers, I mean aren't many Republicans urging him to spend on TV ads? Spend, spend, spend.


ROMANS: Spend, spend, spend.

BERMAN: Yes. I mean there's two big thing that happened overnight in fundraising. Number one, Hillary Clinton got, you know, way more cash on hand than Donald Trump does right now. And number two, Donald Trump who has claimed he has or will put $100 million in his campaign. He claimed both. Isn't anywhere near it. You know he is $40 million short. But just $30,000 in the first two weeks of this month, so that's really interesting to see.

All right, there was a Senate debate in the State of Illinois last night. You we're going to want to see this. This had head shaking, tongues wagging. A very, very surprising comment. You'll see it next.


[04:41:49] ROMANS: And welcome back to "Early Start." Donald Trump is still a problem for Marco Rubio months after Rubio dropped out of the Republican race. The floor, the senators now locked in a tight reelection race for the Senate while he officially backs Trump. Rubio is not eager to answer questions about his once bitter primary rival. As CNN's Manu Raju found out.

MANU RAJU, CNN SENIOR POLITICAL REPORTER: Good morning John and Christine. Now Marco Rubio really in a bind over Donald Trump. Remember that vicious presidential primary with the two engaged and personal nasty attacks for weeks on and end.

But now Marco Rubio of course supporting Donald Trump for president. Why? Because Rubio is running for reelection in a tight race and he needs Donald Trump's legions of supporters here on the state. And he also need Donald Trump to do well in the state. But he also does not want to recant his past criticism because a lot of voters simply are put off by Donald Trump. So he's walking this very fine line, which is very evident from my exchange with Marco Rubio yesterday.


RAJU: How confident are you that Donald Trump would be a good commander in chief and keep this country safe? Do you think ... SEN. MARCO RUBIUO, (R) FLORIDA: Well, I have concerns about Hillary Clinton. Now she was the secretary of state and the policy that she supported and lend the chaos and disaster around the world. Quite frankly I don't trust Hillary Clinton with intelligence information. And as president, certainly handle a lot of intelligence information.

RAJU: Will Donald Trump keep the country safe?

RUBIO: Again, the military will keeps us safe. And we have to rebuild our military and she is a supporter of the defense cuts and sequester that would be damaging to our country.


RAJU: Now Democrats sensing they could have an opportunity here to beat Marco Rubio, actually injecting the last minute infusion of cash to help Democrat Patrick Murphy, that's Marco Rubio's opponent. Murphy has been trailing for some time in this race, but some polls have him down by as little as two points. So Democrats think maybe there is a chance to knock off a potential threat. Another treat possibly against Hillary Clinton come 2020 if they were to put in a lot of money in the last minute.

But guy still very difficult to beat Marco Rubio. The state is so expensive and Democrats and a lot of other targets to take back the Senate majority. John and Christine.

BERMAN: All right, one race to look at it as Illinois. And there was a wow moment in a Senate debate there last night. The Republican Senator Mark Kirk seemed to mock or at least question the heritage of his democratic challenger Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth. Watch this.


REP. TAMMY DUCKWORTH, (D) ILLINOIS SENATE CANDIDATE: My family has served this nation in uniform going back to the Revolution. I am a daughter of the American Revolution. I've bled for this nation. But I still want to be there in the Senate when the drums of war sound because people are quick to sounds drums of war and I want to be there to say, 'This is what it costs. This is what you're asking us to do. And if that's the case, I'll go.

Families like mine are the ones that bled first. But let's make sure the American people understand what we're engaging in. And let's hold our allies accountable because we can't do it all

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Senator Kirk, 30 second to rebuttal.

SEN. MARK KIRK, (R) ILLIOIS: I forgotten that your parents came from Thailand to serve George Washington.


BERMAN: All right, so Tammy Duckworth was born in Thailand, her mother is a Chinese decentered. Her father is a marine veteran whose traces his heritage back to the American Revolution. And Tammy Duckworth herself is an army war vet who lost her legs in partial use of an armed in Iraq and was awarded the Purple Heart.

[04:45:03] ROMANS: I mean, I can't think of anybody who knows more about the cost of war than Tammy Duckworth.

BERMAN: Yeah. I mean there's that. And it's also just factually wrong what Mark Kirk said right there. He was questioning, you know, her family heritage.

ROMANS: But to diminish her personal experience with war.

All right, the party maybe over for Amazon shareholders. So we'll tell you why the stock is set to tank today when we get a check on CNNMoney stream next.


BERMAN: All right, new this morning the battle to liberate Mosul is growing bloodier. Offical say nearly 900 ISIS militant have been killed. In the first 11 days in the fighting, the few thousands that remain are now kidnapping civilians as possible human shields and they have retreated to the center of the city perhaps ready for the advance of the coalition forces.

[04:50:01] CNN's Michael Holmes watching the developments for us from Erbil in Iraq. Michael, what is the latest on the offensive, or the possibility the coalition troops will move on the city center?

MICHAEL HOLMES, CNN INTERNATIONAL ANCHOR: Yeah, the push continues John. I think its fare to say they're not there yet. There is a lot of activity and a couple of towns and villages outside of Mosul. You've the most forward Peshmerga positions about four kilometers outside of the Mosul. There is an Iraqi counterterrorism unit with eyes on Mosul at the moment.

But you still have fighting going on in various places. We were in Bashiqa or near Bashiqa yesterday. That's a town about 20 kilometers from Mosul and it was being pounded by coalition war planes. A couple of big 500-pound bombs. It was artillery going in there.

So that fight continuing. Hammam al-Alil that is place where there are a number of foreign fighters (inaudible) Tunisian, Moroccans, that is 90 percent surrounded. We hear that an assault will happen via today. And we look further south from there, there's a place called Churros (ph) better news. Iraqi forces have overtaken that place and freed 5,000 to 6,000 civilians from under ISIS rule.

Interesting tid bit, we're hearing that a lot of the Iraqi military leadership in these places outside of Mosul are leaving and leaving the fighters to their own device. And one piece of bad news from inside Mosul. We got word that 20 men were rounded up today and taken to Mosul University and were executed by electrocution. This happening in a public area, their bodies left in the street. They were accused of being spies. Just another example of the brutality of ISIS continuing inside Mosul. John.

BERMAN: You get the sense there will be moments of chaos and brutality in the coming days and weeks. That city still much to endure. Michael Holmes, thanks so much.

ROMANS: All right, our federal judge today expected to hear arguments on why a former NSA contractor who allegedly stole the names of numerous covert U.S. agents should be released from jail. Prosecutor says the theft by Harold Martin endangers the lives of agents and risk exposure of American intelligence. Last Friday, a judge found Martin post a flight risk. Detained him without bailed Martin's lawyers pushing for house arrest and no internet access.

BERMAN: Police in riot gear clashed with protesters over construction of the Dakota oil pipeline. At least 117 demonstrators calling themselves water protectors were arrested after setting up camp, tents and TV to block the pipeline's path. The claim the land being used for the pipeline rightfully belongs to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Now two protester were taken at custody in charge with firing shots near police officers.

ROMANS: A stunning defeat for federal prosecutor with the acquittal of Bundy brothers and five of their cohorts because different of ranchers and their armed accomplishes occupied a federal wildlife refuge for 41 days in February. After handing down not guilty verdicts, the judge released all of the defendant except Ammon and Ryan Bundy. They continue to be held on federal charges in they face in Nevada. And their defense attorney claims he was tased by U.S. marshals after demanding his clients be immediately released.

BERMAN: What a blast of winter is moving into the northeast just in time for Halloween. Let's bring in meteorologist Derek Van Dam for the forecast.

DEREK VAN DAM, CNN METEOROLOGIST: Good morning, John and Christine. Well, it really depends on exactly where you live. You can see the below average temperatures across New England. But you jump across the Great Lakes toward the central part of the U.S. and that's where temperatures are starting to creep up. In fact above average weather will start to move eastward through the course of the weekend. Just in time for Halloween.

And well, it might unfortunately be a bit uncomfortable for the Deep South where temperatures will stay in the mid-80s for Atlanta believe or not. Temperatures in New York that is typical of what we see right around the end of November or thanksgiving time. So there's that cold blast of winter-like air. It's all thanks to a departing cold front.

We will clear out in the Big Apple, but look out for few late evening rain showers near Boston and a few snow flakes mixing in at times across of state Maine. We have a remnant of a tropical storm and area of low pressure combing off the coast of the U.S. day bringing some much-need rain to drought steak soak Cal region. Two to four inches of rain possible just north of L.A. Back to you.

ROMANS: All right, Derek, thank you for that.

Two of the most famous names in gymnastics Bela and Martha Karolyi named in a sex abuse lawsuit brought by former member of the U.S. national team. The alleged victim claims she was sexually assaulted by a former U.S. gymnastics Dr. Larry Nassar. And the couple quote turned a blind eye to the abuse. The civil suit accuses the couple of creating a toxic environment that their Texas training facility that allowed this abuse to occur.

BERMAN: All right, a game 71 years in the making. Tonight, the World Series resumes with game three in Chicago. This is the first World Series game to be played at Wrigley Field since 1945.

[04:55:05] ROMANS: If you think of that. Our guys were coming home from World War II to the World Series. Is that amazing?

BERMAN: Yeah, yeah. It's a good point. Right now the Indians and Cubs they're tied at one game a piece. Now, one bit of drama. A Cub slugger Kyle Schwarber, he was out all season and except for two games at the beginning with a hurt knee then came and his lead up the series of the play. He will not be able to start in the outfield. His knee isn't healed enough for him to run around and play defense. So he can only be used as a pinch hitter. In an American league park you can play DH, right? But as you all know. But in the national league parks, there is no DH. So he can't play the field. So he will be used as a pinch hitter.

ROMANS: Let's go and check on the money stream. The morning a string of weak corporate earnings both here in abroad put master in a bit of funk. Dow Futures lower big loss at the European stock market shares in Asia closing mostly lower night and oil. Oil it's look it's ticked up slightly here.

The volatile 2016 presidential election may be spooking mom and pop investors. An estimated $17 billion was yanked from mutual funds over the past week. Nearly all of it from U.S. mutual funds, it's a fund out close guys. It's the most investors have pulled since August of 2011. Remember when Global markets were in turmoil after the U.S. credit rating was downgraded for the first time ever. Because broader market has priced in a Clinton win. She's a more of known commodity than Trump. But the race has tightened. It's also possible the Democrats could flip the Senate that may be contributing to investors concerns here.

A shares of Amazon, set to tank more than 5 percent this morning. It badly missed the Wall Street profit targets. Why? It spent millions of dollars on new fulfillment centers and digital upgrade ahead of holiday shopping season. The stock hit a record high earlier this month. And some analysts had targets of $1,000 a share. Today's move could put it below $800.

BERMAN: The stock will go down, but it will arrive on your door step within two days. It hit on prime version of the (inaudible).

ROMANS: Right. And the boxes are going to pile at your garage. You'd be mad.

BERMAN: Yes, exactly.

ROMANS: All right, Twitter is killing off the popular the six-second moviemaker called Vine. Oh, you poor Vine fans. Twitter bought the short form looping video app four years ago in an early effort to bring video to the social network. But Twitter is in financial trouble. It has failed to capitalize on hundreds of millions of users around world. Said a pressure to cut costs and is laying off 9 percent of its workforce. Really cutting down here. Fans of Vine took to where it Twitter to voice their frustration. Vine's Twitter account posted this final video a floating candles with the caption leave a light on.

BERMAN: And a couple of things. The guy who founded Vine and sold it to the Twitter. He actually tweet, I wish I remembered his name. But he tweeted yesterday after this news.

ROMANS: From his Caribbean Island.

BERMAN: Never if we tweeted never sell your company.

ROMANS: Really?

BERMAN: Yeah. He was ticked off this happened. And look, I mean, you know, we call Vine the popular video service. The fact this is not particularly popular anymore. People used it when it first started.

ROMANS: It's funny how these some of the things could be a flash in the pan, you know.

BERMAN: Now, people it's all about the Snapchats I'm told. Kids love the Snapchats.

ROMANS: I thought that is whats Snapchat?


ROMANS: OK, a check out the new CNNMoney stream app. It's business news personalized. The story videos, Tweet and topics you want all in one feed. Download it now in the app store or Google play.

BERMAN: And it's great with Vine also. The money stream is terrific with Vine.

ROMANS: Vine goes back to just wine now.

BERMAN: "Early Start" continues now.

All right, breaking news. The NTSB is investigating the near disaster involving Mike Pence's plane here in New York overnight.

ROMANS: Donald Trump talks retaliation. He says he could take legal action over the "Access Hollywood" where he was heard saying he could grab a woman by the genitals because he's famous.

BERMAN: All right, new big fundraising numbers overnight. Who has money? Who doesn't? And who hasn't contributed nearly as much to his campaign as he suggested he might?

ROMANS: His campaign? That's a quite a hint.

BERMAN: It is for shadowing. Good morning everyone. Welcome to "Early Start." I'm John Berman.

ROMANS: It is Friday. And I'm Christine Romans. It is October 28th. It is 5:00 a.m. in the east.

Breaking news Mike Pence is OK this morning. But he very nearly wasn't after a near disaster involving his plane. An NTSB team is on the ground in New York right now after Pence's 737 skidded off the runway at Laguardia overnight during a landing in a rainy, windy weather. The plane came to rest just several hundred feet from a major interstate. And we can tell you no one was hurt.

Our CNN producer Liz Landers was traveling with the Pence campaign. And she describes what happened.


LANDERS: You could feel the plane skidding. You could feel the back of the plane too which is where the press is. It felt like it was fishtailing and moving side to side and then the plane came to a very pretty sharp halt.

[05:00:02] And Governor Pence came to the back of the plane just to check with the press asking is everybody is OK. And we ask him if he was OK. He said yes and his family were fine.