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Taiwan's President to meet with U.S. House Speaker; Western Officials Tell CNN: Russia has a Problem Generating "Trained Military Manpower"; Trump Facing 34 Felony Counts in Hush Money Scheme; Prominent FOX News Hosts Set to take Stand in Defamation Trial; Lamborghini Rolls Out Revuelto Electric/V12 Hybrid; Tiger Woods back in Augusta Seeking 6th Green Jacket. Aired 9-10a ET

Aired April 05, 2023 - 09:00   ET



JULIA CHATTERLEY, CNNI HOST: A warm welcome to "First Move", this Wednesday. Fantastic to be with you as always and here's a look at what's

coming up this hour including delicate diplomatic dancing in China and the U.S. French President Emmanuel Macron in Beijing to apply some European

style pressure to Xi Jinping over Ukraine.

Meanwhile, in California, Taiwan's President set to meet with us House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, and meeting the White House Calls "private and

unofficial" and Beijing calls "Sneaky" plus.


DONALD TRUMP, 45TH U.S. PRESIDENT: With a local failed District Attorney, charging a Former President of the United States for the first time in

history. On a basis that every single pundit and illegal ANA said there is no case there's no case.


CHATTERLEY: Former U.S. President Donald Trump defiant after his arrest in New York. He pleaded not guilty to all 34 criminal charges tied to

falsifying business records. Just how strong is the case and how much does it really matter. We'll discuss later in the show. A similar moves though

of uncertainty I think over Wall Street at this moment.

U.S. futures tilting slightly to the downside after the latest jobs data from ADP private employers, adding 145,000 jobs last month that's actually

well below most estimates, Wall Street retreated Tuesday after job openings in February hit their lowest since 2021.

A sign that firms are less eager to hire and could point to further signs of slowdown. All tied, of course to the banking sector volatility that we

saw in a bit more cautiousness from employers which you would expect in the meantime, mixed bag for markets over in Asia with Japan's NIKKEI slipping

1.7 percent.

Construction and sentiment, sent cement excuse me stocks under pressure over there. While over in Korea, the KOSPI gained over half a percent.

Liquidity also likely a factor with both Hong Kong and Shanghai closed for a holiday. Certainly no holidays here on "First Move", then we begin here

in New York. It was a historic day as Donald Trump pleaded not guilty in a Manhattan courtroom Tuesday.

The 34 charges stemmed from a hush money payment. Trump allegedly made to adult film star Stormy Daniels. Prosecutors say he was at the center of a

scheme to suppress damaging information about him before the 2016 Presidential election. Paula Reid has more.


PAULA REID, CNN SENIOR LEGAL AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT (voice over): According to the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, Former President Donald Trump

was at the center of an alleged catch and kill scheme to suppress negative stories about him in order to influence the 2016 Presidential election and

to benefit his electoral prospects.

Trump appeared in a New York courtroom on Tuesday and pleaded not guilty to 34 felony counts of falsifying business records. Speaking at Mar-a-Lago

Tuesday night he lashed out at the District Attorney, the judge in the case and the indictment itself.

TRUMP: And I never thought anything like this could happen in America, I never thought it could happen. The only crime that I've committed is to

fearlessly defend our nation from those who seek to destroy it.

REID (voice over): According to Manhattan prosecutors, the alleged scheme involved Trump, his Former personal attorney Michael Cohen, and there then

Head of American Media Incorporated David Pecker during an August 2015 meeting at Trump Tower. Pecker said he would act as the eyes and ears of

the campaign by alerting Cohen to negative stories about Trump according to court documents.

CYRUS VANCE JR. FORMER MANHATTAN DISTRICT ATTORNEY: I found that the document actually quite detailed. I mean, it is a speaking indictment. And

it has quite a bit of detail about the history and laid out the facts underlying then the various counts that are listed.

REID (voice over): Before the 2016 Presidential election, payments were made to at least 3 individuals to suppress their negative stories involving

Trump, including alleged affairs with adult film star Stormy Daniels, and playboy model Karen McDougal. According to court documents, Trump denies

both affairs.

ALVIN BRAGG, MANHATTAN DISTRICT ATTORNEY: These are felony crimes in New York State. No matter who you are.

REID (voice over): Cohen has also pleaded guilty to federal crimes pertaining to this indictment.

MICHAEL COHEN, FORMER TRUMP ATTORNEY: I will continue to speak truth to power I will continue to provide transparency to the American people. It's

amazing how once again, Donald is trying to shift all of the blame which he's so good at. It's always somebody else's fault.

REID (voice over): Trump's lawyers vowing to fight the charges.

JOE TACOPINA, ATTORNEY FOR FORMER PRESIDENT TRUMP: A motion to dismiss is coming on several grounds prosecutorial misconduct, selective prosecution,

for sure will be to have them, legal insufficiency is another one.



CHATTERLEY: Now as we mentioned the French President is in Beijing marking the start of a three-day visit to China. Emmanuel Macron will be joined by

the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. He will meet his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping on Thursday.

President Macron is expected to urge President Xi to help facilitate an end to the war in Ukraine. Meanwhile, Beijing sees its resolutely opposes,

"today's meeting between Taiwan's President and the U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy". The visit has already drawn warnings and condemnation from


President Tsai Ing-wen arrived in Los Angeles earlier. Selina Wang joins us now from Beijing. Selina, let's talk about President Emmanuel Macron. I was

actually looking at the trade data because I believe he's taking a business contingent with him too and $1.1 billion worth of daily trade between the

EU and China argues there's leverage and interest to protect on both sides. What do we expect to come from this three-day visit?

SELINA WANG, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yes, that is a staggering number, Julia, and it really points to the fact that yes, a big part of this meeting, as

Macron has been telegraphing for months is to try and push China to do more of resolving the conflict in Ukraine, but as you say, economic interests

here are key.

Macron he's traveling with a delegation of about 50 business leaders. And the backdrop here is that all EU leaders are trying to figure out how to

navigate this relationship with China. They're worried about China's increasingly aggressive foreign policy about Beijing's close ties to


But China is also a key trading partner as those number points too. Now for Beijing, this meeting is a chance to also boost Xi Jinping's image as this

global statesman and it is also helping China to reconnect with the world and revive its economy after three years of damaging COVID restrictions.

They need positive relations with these major trading partners. Now Macron is in Beijing, along with European Commission Chief Ursula von der Leyen.

Both of them have recently spoken to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Von der Leyen has also pledged that Ukraine would be an

important topic of meetings, but this visit is also drawing a lot of skepticism.

Lithuania's Ministry of Foreign Affairs urged caution in a series of tweets, writing "We should remember that attempts to contain Russia by

offering economic partnership failed. Putin was in fact, emboldened by our flexibility, not persuaded. Similar tactics would also embolden China.

Let's not make the same mistake twice."

Now remember, throughout all of this, Beijing has claimed neutrality when it comes to Ukraine, but China has still refused to condemn the invasion or

even to call it an invasion. Instead, China has been bolstering ties with Russia. We're not too far off from when Xi Jinping made that trip to Russia

to meet with Putin, where they reaffirmed their partnership on a whole host of issues, Julia?

CHATTERLEY: Yes, I guess one could argue that backing away from diplomacy in light of that visit by Xi Jinping to Moscow is not the way forward

either, but a delicate balance certainly. And speaking of delicate balances, Selina, I saw her Taiwan's Foreign Affairs Ministry said

criticism of the President's trip to the United States, which has never controlled Taiwan has become increasingly absurd to criticizing China in

that manner.

I saw the consulate also in LA saying that sighs putting on a political show. How is all this being covered? Where you are?

WANG: Well, no surprise here. We're seeing the standard harsh rhetoric that China is promising to fight back against this meeting and that they see

this meeting as a violation of its sovereignty. Washington has been trying to downplay this meeting as part of a stopover on Tsai's way back to


But not surprisingly, Beijing does not see it that way, because remember, Beijing sees Taiwan as a breakaway province, that's part of its territory.

So it is extremely against it has strong opposition to any types of these high level meetings between Taiwan's leaders and American leaders.

Now remember, when Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan last summer, China responded with these unprecedented military drills that simulated a

blockade around the island. Now, the reaction may be more muted this time and so far, we haven't seen any strong military response, because these

leaders are meeting on American soil.

They're not meeting in Taiwan. But of course, that's not going to stop the angry rhetoric. And remember, every day already, Taiwan is dealing with

Chinese fighter jets around its skies and military ships sailing off its coast. We have seen Beijing significantly up its intimidation of the island

as these unofficial ties between Taiwan and the U.S. have been strengthening.

But there are also reasons for Xi Jinping to hold back a little bit this time, as we were talking about earlier, he's trying to position himself as

this global statesman, a potential peacemaker in Ukraine. Plus, war games over Taiwan would overshadow this meeting between French President Emmanuel

Macron and Xi Jinping and China's leaders in Beijing.


And there's also another symbolic meeting I want to point out that's taking place in China while Taiwan's leader is on American soil. So Taiwan's

Former President, Ma Ying-jeou is currently touring China. This is the first ever visit to China by a current or Former Taiwanese leader.

And this trip is symbolic because it really reflects a split inside Taiwan about what is the best way to deal with the threat from China is the best

way forward to have better relations with their more hostile neighbor, or is the way forward to have better relations with a powerful leader in

across the Pacific that could in the meantime, anger is hostile neighbor, Julia.

CHATTERLEY: Yes and that balancing act tying the two stories here, which and what is the best form of diplomacy to defuse tensions. Selina Wang,

thank you so much for that. Now, that visit leaves the White House with another delicate balancing act with Beijing.

It's so far declining to say whether it supports the meeting. Lauren Fox is in Washington for us. And again, once again, being cautious Lauren, but I

just wonder behind the scenes whether this trip is seen as being less provocative, perhaps than Nancy Pelosi's trip in August of last year to

Taiwan itself.

LAUREN FOX, CNN POLITICS CONGRESSIONAL REPORTER: Well, certainly that could be a factor the expectation, of course, today this meeting is happening in

California at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. It is a meeting with heavy and symbolism for Kevin McCarthy, the House speaker who has made a

central tenet of his speakership about shoring up that U.S. relationship with China and ensuring that the U.S. does not get behind either in

economic growth or in terms of its own national security with regard to China.

The meeting today, of course, coming with not just Kevin McCarthy going out on a limb and being a Republican meeting with the Taiwan President, but

instead that this is a bipartisan meeting. You know, I was told from a source familiar with McCarthy's thinking that he thought it was really

important to include Democrats in this forum today out in California.

Peter Aguilar, who is a member of the Democratic leadership, will be in California at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library for this meeting. But

Kevin McCarthy sees this meeting as important and something that wouldn't be deterred even given Beijing strong response and condemnation of this

meeting, Julia.

CHATTERLEY: Yes, one of the few things those politicians of both sides can agree on a stronger stance, and then increasingly so it seems against

China. Lauren, great to have you with us, thank you. Lauren Fox there! And Ukraine's President Zelenskyy has received the oldest and highest award.

Poland bestows the Polish President Andrzej Duda says the order of the White Eagle is only given to outstanding individuals. President Zelenskyy

is on a state visit with the First Lady Olena. Poland has been a key ally to Ukraine following Russia's invasion and the trip will be an opportunity

for the two leaders to strengthen that alliance.

Further, David McKenzie joins us now from Kyiv. President Zelenskyy said that the Polish people have stood shoulder to shoulder with Ukrainians.

It's not just about defensive support, but also welcoming in an estimated I believe 1 million displaced Ukrainians too.

DAVID MCKENZIE, CNN SENIOR INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Yes, Julia, that's right, if you cast your mind back to the start of this war, and all of

those Ukrainians are fleeing the rocket attacks and missile attacks here into Kyiv and across the country. Many of them went to, of course, Poland

on the western border.

And it was that welcoming nature of the Polish people, as well as the ongoing support both militarily and financially from Poland that President

Zelenskyy highlighted in his meeting with the Polish President. The discussion though did of course turn to the war and the state of the war.

Interestingly, President Zelenskyy did say that they would potentially consider withdrawing troops from the highly contested City of Bakhmut in

the east. Should those troops be encircled fully by Russian and private military contracting forces? You said it depends, of course on the amount

of ammunition and support they are getting.

Well, that is, if not an admission, certainly a reality check from the President of how the combat is going on in the Eastern part of the country.

But I think it is a significant moment that he is there with the First Lady in this very choreographed state visit in Warsaw, Julia.

CHATTERLEY: Yes, and the first time he stayed there, having transitioned through Poland, of course, the number of times to visit other countries in

the world. And David, as you mentioned, let's bring it back to the conflict. And there's questions once again being raised about Russia's

ability to replenish its forces with military trained soldiers. What do we know about the concerns on this?

MCKENZIE: Well, this is coming from a Western Officials speaking to CNN.


They say that Russia might need at least up to 400,000 soldiers not just for the ongoing conflict, but also potentially to have placed at the border

with the expanded NATO, which now of course, includes Finland. Russia has been mobilizing troops from the general population.

That official and those officials speaking to CNN said it's unclear whether the Russians can manage another mobilization and what the reaction would be

amongst the Russian people. It is worth noting at the beginning of this war, though, the Ukrainian soldiers outnumbered the individual soldiers

from Russia fighting because of the impact of the war and the mobilization by Russians for this conflict.

That has if not equaled out, certainly it's less of a lopsided nature of this fight. You've also had the Ukrainian Military complaining repeatedly,

as I noted earlier, about ammunition coming in the country, particularly artillery shell. So it's unclear what impact this assessment has on the

actual day to day fighting, but it's certainly a notable bit of information that may bear out in the next few months, Julia.

CHATTERLEY: Yes, but a vital point that you make that this is actually not just about the battlefield. It's about the fact that the border with NATO

just doubled as a result of Finland's a session that we were discussing yesterday. David McKenzie, thank you so much for that.

To Jerusalem now, Israeli police stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque arresting more than 350 people. Videos posted on social media appear to show Israeli

Officers attacking some of the people inside. The police say officers entered the holy site after youth with fireworks sticks and stones

barricaded themselves inside.

Since the clashes the Israeli Defense Forces say 10 rockets were fired from Gaza towards Israel. The IDF retaliated saying they struck Hamas targets in

Gaza. Hadas Gold joins us now from Tel Aviv. Hadas, what do we know about the events that led up to the entry of the mosque and what efforts were

made to verbally negotiate with the individuals inside?

HADAS GOLD, CNN JERUSALEM CORRESPONDENT: Yes, Julia, I mean, tensions have been high now for some time as we've been recording, and especially now as

it's the holy month of Ramadan and Passover. Jewish holiday Passover actually begins tonight and just a few hours the tensions were even extra


Now there have been several nights now, where Israeli police say youths have been barricaded themselves in the mosque overnight. Now that is

traditional to stay in the mosques overnight for prayers. But part of what has prompted this is caused by Jewish extremists who wanted to go up to the

Al-Aqsa Mosque compound which is the third holiest site to Muslims.

But it's also known as temple mount to the Jews, and it's the holiest site in Judaism. And there have been calls by Jewish extremist for Jews to go up

to the site. Some of them they've even talked about bringing goats to engage in some sort of very, very ancient ritual sacrifice that is no

longer engaging today.

So there were calls for people to stay in the mosque, to essentially protect and defend it. Now Israeli police say that they had tried to go in

and verbally get them to leave the mosque. And now they say that what they had to do is overnight, when these people were not leaving, they entered

the mosque, and we've seen videos now of them entering with their riot shields up.

We see fireworks being fired at them, the police responded with a stun grenades and rubber bullets. And then we also see them arresting. They say

the arrest of more than 350 people. We see them in some videos, even seemingly beating some people inside of the mosque and arresting them and

laying them on the floor of the mosque.

Now, to give you some context, of course, there's a very sensitive and delicate status quo that governs what happens at the holy sites. And

Israeli police even stepping foot into the mosque will be seen as a violation of that and also would be very offensive and provocative to many

Muslims and then not only stepping in but then arresting and engaging violently as they did no matter what else was going on there.

And there's also of course, now damage to the mosque that is seen as even more incredibly provocative and offensive and condemnations have been

raining down across the Arab and Muslim world from Jordan and Egypt and Saudi Arabia. We're also now hearing from the U.N. Special Coordinator for

Middle East peace.

He's saying that he's appalled by the images of the violence and disturbed by the apparent beatings he says the Palestinians by Israeli security

forces. He says he also strongly rejects the stockpiling and use of fireworks and rocks by Palestinians inside the mosque.

Now the Israeli government is defending what the police did the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying that Israel is committed to maintaining

freedom of worship and access to all religions saying they will not allow what he called violent extremists to change this.

And then shortly after these events took place overnight, of course, what happens in Jerusalem doesn't stay in Jerusalem because rockets were fired

from Gaza into Israel, Hamas saying that they would not allow such provocations to go unanswered.

Now that there were no injuries reported by those rockets, although one fell on a factory with workers inside and the Israeli Military responded

with air strikes and what they said were Hamas targets but also no injuries reported on either side.


Now the question is of course what will happen tonight? What will happen next? What will happen on Friday with Friday prayers? There are hopes of

course that things will be calm but there are no guarantees and the situation right now is very tense. It's calm, but it's very intense and we

also have to keep in mind of what that could be for not only Jerusalem, but also the occupied West Bank and of course, Gaza, Julia.

CHATTERLEY: Yes, we're waiting to see. Hadas Gold in Tel Aviv for us there thank you. OK, coming up here on "First Move". Why have one when you can

have three I'm not talking about the car sadly, I'm talking about electric motors and we're full speed ahead at the New York Auto Show with

Lamborghini new hybrid. Stay with us.


CHATTERLEY: Welcome back for the first time in U.S. history. A Former President has been arrested and charged with a crime. Donald Trump pleaded

not guilty to 34 charges of falsifying business records in a New York courtroom on Tuesday. His lawyers say they plan to "fight it hard".

Just to give you a sense of what's coming up. They have until August 8 to file any motions the prosecution then must respond by mid-September of this

year. And then the next in person hearing is scheduled for December 4. Now after his historic day in court, the Former President returned to Florida

and accused the Manhattan District Attorney of targeting him politically.


TRUMP: This fake case was brought only to interfere with the upcoming 2024 election and it should be dropped immediately. I have a Trump hating judge

with the Trump hating wife and family they can't beat us at the ballot box so they try and beat us through the law.


CHATTERLEY: And joining us our CNN Legal Analyst Elie Hoenig. He's also the Former Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. He

also served as Federal Prosecutor with current Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg who has bought those 34 charges forward.

Elie, great to have you with us! I think the disclaimer on my side rather than on your side just so that we understand your relationship which I

think is important too. Forget the legal dramas, what about what Donald Trump said last night about the judge in this case his wife and his



ELIE HONIG, CNN SENIOR LEGAL ANALYST: Completely inappropriate and dangerous in fact, Julia. Look a person is entitled here in the United

States under our constitution to criticize prosecutors and judges. I wouldn't advise it if you're a criminal defendant, but you're certainly

allowed to do that.

But there is a line that gets crossed, where the rhetoric is dangerous, where it's likely to incite people to commit acts of violence. And this is

not merely hypothetical in Donald Trump's case; his rhetoric was certainly a contributing factor, at least to January 6.

And if you remember when Trump's home at Mar-a-Lago was searched by the FBI lawfully back in August, his rhetoric inspired somebody to try to storm an

FBI office in Ohio, and that person was shot and killed. So there is real concern here, as you say, I am friendly with and Former colleagues with

Alvin Bragg.

I'm concerned for him and his family, I have criticized the substance of the indictment, which I will continue to do, regardless of the friendship,

but these attacks are absolutely over the line on their dangerous.

CHATTERLEY: Yes, I mean, I think we have to separate that from broader questions that I think to your point about, perhaps the relevance of this,

the importance of this, and the timing, which I think opens everybody up here involved to questions of some form of political interference. Let's

start there. Where is the crime, Elie?

HONIG: So this is all based on the payment of hush money by Donald Trump to Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election. That's right, 2016, it goes back

that far. Now paying hush money is not a crime on its own, the crime under New York State law is falsifying a business record.

And the theory here is they mischaracterize these payments as legal fees within the Trump Organization. But that's just a misdemeanor, Julia; nobody

goes to prison that's the less serious type of crime. The only way to make it a felony is if you can tie the falsification of records to some other


And one of my big criticisms of this indictment is it doesn't specify what that other crime might be. Now, the DA sort of mentioned a few potential

crimes in his remarks but that's not sufficient. The purpose of an indictment is to give notice to the defendant, here's what you're charged


Here's what you're defending yourself against. And I think there's a legitimate question as to whether this conduct is serious enough to merit

the first ever charge against the Former President?

CHATTERLEY: When will that become clearer, because surely, you can't keep it quiet for that much longer?

HONIG: So the defense lawyers will surely go into court when they make their motions, you just put the timetable up there and say. We need to know

we're entitled to what's called the bill of particulars, meaning you have to lay out exactly what the theory is here. Frankly, the DA should have

done that right off the bat. And the failure to do so is confounding and I think, not a good indicator.

CHATTERLEY: Also confounding the timeline is it normal to wait for the first in person hearing and so many months, we're talking December? And

then if it does end up going to court, we're talking smack bang in the sort of midst of peak political negotiations where Trump could be the

presumptive nominee for the Republican Party. It's really messy.

HONIG: It's not at all normal to have the first in person appearance eight months out, I've never had a first appearances that far out. And I

understand there are complications here, in moving Donald Trump around, he caused gridlock in some parts of New York City yesterday, but still eight

months out is an incredibly long time.

And if you do the math, here, the political calendar comes into play, because if they're in court for the next time in December, they're not

going to set a trial for a month later, any lawyer is going to demand and be entitled to at least three or four months. Now, are we really going to

try this case of criminal trial in the middle of 2024 when Donald Trump will be in the middle of primaries and debates and the convention coming


I'm not sure that a judge would even agree to try it, then. And this is a problem with all the pending Trump cases, which is they've let so much time

passed by that now they're on a collision course with the political calendar.

CHATTERLEY: I was going to ask, actually beyond that and just to get your gut feeling on this. I mean, the burden of proof lies with the prosecutors,

if he turned around and said, look, I made these payments, because I simply didn't want my family hurt. I didn't want my wife to know. Does the judge

go? You know what? We're not going to hear this in court. It doesn't hold up.

HONIG: So that would be an issue ultimately, for a jury to decide. And you raise a really important point here is in the United States, the

prosecution bears the burden beyond a reasonable doubt. And so people have said, well, who would the jury more likely believe.

Michael Cohen, who's going to be the star witness for the prosecution or Donald Trump? That's not the right way to think about this. First of all,

no defendant ever has to prove anything; a defendant can just sit back and say the prosecution hasn't met the burden. It's not 50-50.

The prosecution has to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt unanimously, you need all 12 jurors so with 1 juror added 12 says, I'm not quite sure about

this. You're not going to get a conviction.

CHATTERLEY: Yes, but you also raise a really important point which is the time has passed the amount of time that's passed for all of the brewing

investigations, potential charges, and of course this one. Elie, great to chat to you get your wisdom. Thank you.

HONIG: Thanks Julia all right.

CHATTERLEY: OK, still to come. Some Fox News is biggest names are set to take the stand and a billion-dollar defamation case the details after this.



CHATTERLEY: Welcome back to "First Move". Let's take a look at where U.S. stocks are opening up this morning and we're a touch lower for the NASDAQ

and the S&P 500. Though the DOW Jones at least for now, bucking the trend, what investors are poring over this morning at least in the United States

is latest a private sector employer's jobs data.

Those employers added just 145,000 jobs last month that actually missed Wall Street's estimates according to the payroll firm ADP. Of course, this

data was collected during the banking sector instability so that might have played into some of the cautiousness that we saw in that data. It's a case

of waiting for the next one.

In the meantime, shares of Johnson & Johnson rising after it proposed a $9 billion settlement over claims that its talcum powder products caused

cancer. No admission of guilt was made, but that payment will be made over 25 years through a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary that has now filed for


Johnson & Johnson itself will continue to operate as usual. And lawyers for the plaintiffs say they support the plan. In the meantime, several Fox News

hosts will be called to testify in Dominion voting systems defamation trial against the network. Dominion is suing Fox for $1.6 billion, claiming the

network pushed various pro-Trump conspiracy theories about the election technology company.

Fox said Tuesday it would call Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and other high- profile hosts and executives as part of its defense. Joining us to discuss this is Oliver Darcy. Oliver that's convenient, let's say because Dominion

also wanted to speak to them too. But while they're not making progress, it seems on their desire to call Rupert Murdoch himself and Lachlan his son to

the stand. What do you make of the presentation of these hosts and what likely it means?

OLIVER DARCY, CNN SENIOR MEDIA REPORTER: Well, I think this is going to be a pretty agonizing trial for Fox News. And that's because you are expected

to see at this point in time some of the highest profile stars like the people you mentioned Sean Hannity, Maria Bartiromo, Tucker Carlson, Bret

Baier, those people testify at this trial.


And they're going to be asked about what they knew about Trump's election lies did they believe them, and what they broadcast on there and what the

network broadcasts on there. And we know from the private messages from the private emails that people at Fox News, the executives that host they did

not believe Trump's delusional election lies in the aftermath of the 2020 election.

However, they allowed those lies to take hold on the network. And so, it's going to be very uncomfortable for Fox as a network to have to endure weeks

of this kind of testimony at a trial. In terms of Rupert Murdoch and Lachlan Murdoch, obviously Fox does not want them testifying.

But the judge in the case presiding over the case, he has indicated that he might compel them to testify. He has said that Rupert Murdoch is a very key

figure at Fox, and that he likes having live witnesses in court. And when Fox tried to suggest it might be inconvenient for the 92-year-old Fox

chairman to travel to Delaware for the case, the judge pointed out that he recently got engaged. Now he's not engaged.

But he recently did get engaged. And he has said that he likes to travel between his residences across the world. So, the judge not buying that

excuse likely, I would say that he is compelled to testify. And so it's really shaping up to be a very high wattage trial in Wilmington, Delaware,

set later for this month.

CHATTERLEY: Now you've done it. What about the disengagement? Do we have any details on what happened there? I believe that was set to be his fifth


DARCY: That was set to be his fifth marriage. And they just announced it like a couple of weeks ago in the New York Post via a gossip column from

Cindy Adams. But a source told me yesterday that the engagement has been called off so this media wedding of the summer is going to be no more

unclear exactly what happened there.

But like you said, was supposed to be his fifth marriage. And Murdoch at the time had said, he hoped it was his last marriage because you know, he's

92 years old.

CHATTERLEY: Yes. No comment. Oliver Darcy, thank you so much for that. We wish them both well.

DARCY: Thank you.

CHATTERLEY: OK, I've got a moving story for you after the break. Lamborghinis, potent mix of a V12 engine and not one, but three electric

motors we're live at the New York Auto Show with the CEO, next.



CHATTERLEY: And welcome back to "First Move". Just take a listen to a new twist on this supercar sound. Wow, the latest offering from Lamborghini may

sound like pure petrol power, but under the hood is a potent mix. This new model is a plugin electric car with three motors and a V12 engine. It's

called the Revuelto, which means mixed up in Spanish. And that sums up the combination quite nicely.

There's apparently and we'll check the facts and 18 months wait now for new Lamborghinis. And after a record year for sales, in 2022, the firm's CEO

says the company is in the best shape ever. Joining us now Stephan Winkelmann, he joins us from the Lamborghini lounge at the New York

International Auto Show. Stephen, fantastic to have you on the show! Let's talk about that new hybrid car because it does feel like a truly pivotal

moment, I think for the brand.

STEPHAN WINKELMANN, CEO, LAMBORGHINI: Yes, it's the beginning of a new era actually, it's the first plug-in hybrid car ever built in Lamborghini. And

we will hybridize all of our line-up in the next 24 months.

And the Revuelto, the Lamborghini Revuelto, which we presented as a world premiere last week in Italy is the halo car. So, it's the most important

car. And it has to keep the dream alive to possess the Lamborghini, to promise always more performance and now even more sustainability.

CHATTERLEY: We'll get to the performance because clearly, I'm very excited. But actually, the design of this is quite interesting to me too. Some

things are the same. Some things are very different. We've still got the V12 engine, but the positioning is different, it points towards the back to

make space for the three electric batteries. Just talk to me about this because the weight distribution, clearly, you've maintained, and that's

very important for performance.

WINKELMANN: Right, you know, the classic layout of a Lamborghini was all with the gearbox and the metal and the longitudinal engine in the back. Now

we have the battery system in the middle. So between the driver and the passenger, then we turn the engine, which is a complete new V12 engine by

180 degrees, and we have the clutch in the back.

And then as you said, we have three electric motors, two in the front and one in the back. So also, to assure that we can always drive in a permanent

four-wheel drive system. And this is very positive for a car like Lamborghini because it's part of our heritage, the four wheel drive system.

CHATTERLEY: And particularly when you - speeds that we can see in that video as well for cornering in particular. So, we talked about the weight

distribution between front and back. But it has to be a heavier car, if we're talking three electric vehicle batteries. Just talk to me about the

weight saving that you've managed to achieve on the V12 engine. And overall compared to previous cars, how much heavier is this?

WINKELMANN: The car is heavier also comparison to the Aventador Ultimae. We save weight on the engine and on all the system which is made out of carbon

fiber. So, our car is weighing less in these terms, but in total together with the batteries is heavier. The big advantage is that the power to

weight ratio is the best ever, because the super sports cars is about acceleration about top speed.

But the most important thing for us is how emotional the car is getting in the corner out of the corner. So at the end of the day, what you can

achieve doing a lap in our lap time. And this is something which this car is very good to do. And it's easy to handle. And it's very fast in every


CHATTERLEY: I was about to ask you that, talk to us about speed.

WINKELMANN: The speed, we have an acceleration of -

CHATTERLEY: Yes, go on.

WINKELMANN: Sorry, no, you go ahead.

CHATTERLEY: No, no, please, you're getting to the exciting part the top speed. Tell me.

WINKELMANN: The exciting part is the acceleration from zero to 62 is just 2.5 seconds. The top speed is 217 miles per hour. And this is something

which is very important. But at the end of the day, it's how you can express how you can enjoy this power.

So, with the end on of the battery system, you really have a boost, you have the opportunity to drive smooth but also to accelerate and to be very

handling oriented in every moment. Because we have more than 1000 horsepower combined with the battery. And this is something which is the

best ever ahead in a Lamborghini so far.


CHATTERLEY: Yes, I mean, I think a lot of people now will be shouting, what about the price? What's going to be the price differential between, as you

mentioned the Aventador? I mean, that the base on that $500,000? Approximately how much more expensive is, is this going to be? Can you give

us a hint?

WINKELMANN: We are speaking with Revuelto about the price, which is starting from 600,000. All the people will put a lot of options and

individualization sites, so it will be even more expensive. But at the end of the day, the individualization is something, which is very important.

And we already have now sold the production of the next 24 months. So, this is very good for Lamborghini. And this means that even if very few people

have seen the car, so far, the trust in the brand and in the technology is very high.

CHATTERLEY: I mean, as always, I was sort of shaking down my piggy bank reading about this, and realizing that I needed a vault, actually more I'd

read that that the unofficial order book is two years. So, you're confirming that now. So, it could actually be longer than that when people

actually see it. Because as you said, very few people I'm sure have even seen this or even had the ability to drive on and test it out.

WINKELMANN: Right, this is out nobody so far, because we're still starting the production and the sector or we will start production the second half

of the year. And we will have the first deliveries at the end of the year 2023. But the trust, and we are opening up now this week's for the orders.

But we know from our partners, our dealers that they have already covered the next 24 months. And as you said, I'm sure about the fact that once

everybody has seen the car and it's more familiar, we will have a lot of orders on top of what we have already like right now.

CHATTERLEY: Clearly, I'm far too excited about this. So, we should talk about the broader business. You did have a record year last year. The U.S.

market was the largest market for you. If we're talking about demand, particularly for hybrid and as you push on to EV, is the United States

still expected to be the biggest market for this? Where do you see the demand really coming in? Is it Europe? Is it Asia, men versus women? What

can you tell me?

WINKELMANN: For sure the U.S. market is the biggest by far. The second one is the Chinese market. And here for the U.S. we are speaking that they're

three times bigger than our second market. Even if we are speaking about hybridization, there will be no difference in the ranking of the big

markets; I'm sure about that with the reception of the hybridization is very, very positive.

And also, in terms of our strategy as I said before, we will hybridize all of our line-up by the end of 2024. We will have our first full electric

Lamborghini starting from 2028. It has to be a car which is more daily driver for the Super Sports guys like the Revuelto and Huracan. We are

thinking that maybe also after 2030 there's still an opportunity for hybrid cars. It depends a bit on the rules which are coming up in terms of - but

also in terms of sustainability.

What we need is a worldwide, let's say equal system which is enabling us to have the same price reducer all over the globe. This is important for a

company like ours which is selling low volumes and so we need to have a global distribution. So, harmonization is key for us.

CHATTERLEY: Makes perfect sense to me. My team are asking because they were hoping to see another car behind you, but we can see what looks like

handkerchiefs. Are they potential colors of cars, because I'm seeing that yellow on over your left shoulder and it would fit perfectly with my outfit

today? Is those colors and we had to come and see to see more cars?

WINKELMANN: You should, but the colors behind me are leather samples for the interior. For the exterior, we have 400 different colors you can choose

upon. So there is a huge variety and the Lamborghini is, let's say the car manufacturer which is celebrating the exterior and also the interior, more

than any other super sports car campaign.

CHATTERLEY: Fantastic. So, I'm not ruling out that yellow. Now I just have to find a bolt to rob joke to find great. Great to have you with us!

WINKELMANN: Thank you.

CHATTERLEY: Stephan Winkelmann, the CEO of Lamborghini. Great to chat to you sir, as always! All right, coming up here on "First Move" a possible

retirement what Tiger Woods is saying about his future, just ahead at the Masters Tournament, that's next.



CHATTERLEY: Welcome back to "First Move". He's seen and done it all, but Tiger Woods knows his journey at the top level of Gulf might be nearing an

end. He's hinted this year's masters could be his last when asked by our Don Riddell. Just take a listen to his answer.


DON RIDDELL, CNN WORLD SPORT: When you're playing this course, does it ever cross your mind? This could be the last time?

TIGER WOODS, FIVE-TIME MASTERS CHAMPION: Yes, it has. I didn't know. I mean, last year was kind of I didn't know possibly I was going to play

again at that time. For some reason, everything kind of came together, I kind of pushed a little bit and was able to make the cut, which was nice.

And yes, I don't know how many more I have in me.


CHATTERLEY: And Don joins us now from Augusta, Georgia. Don, we've all been in one of those press conferences where someone asks a question and the

answer surprises everybody. And suddenly you can hear a pin drop. That was a great question, also a very human response from Tiger.

RIDDELL: Yes, absolutely. You're right, you ask these questions. And you don't quite know what the response is going to be. I left that press

conference room yesterday. And that clip quickly went viral. And I think it really captured everybody's imagination. And it was a very human response.

And I think there was an element of sadness and resignation in there as well. This is his 25th Masters. He's won it five times. His first in 97 was

extraordinary his last in 2019 coming so long after his previous major win was just remarkable. And of course, his fans think he can keep going and

doing it again and again and again.

But we all know what he's been up against most notably that dreadful car accident two years ago where he could have lost his leg. So, he says that

success now to him isn't contending and winning. It's just being able to play that game like that's a win for him. But how many more times is he

going to be able to come back? We don't know.

He did talk about the fact that his game is better than it was this time last year. He says his endurance is better. He's aching more though. The

people that have been around him and playing in the practice rounds with him say that he is looking great.

The question remains, can he hack it over four rounds here? It's a very, very hilly course, he's got a walk at all. Can his body you know, do that?

We will see but you know, there remains a great deal of excitement around Tiger Woods every time. He's at a golf course.

CHATTERLEY: Yes, there's some magic expectation or - a very different tone, I think from him compared to what we saw a year ago when he came back in.

There was still that expectation of winning. So fascinating to hear from him there but there's a lot of competition within the competition too.

Let's talk about that as well. Because this marks the first time you've got PGA Tour Golf is facing off against Liv golf series players as well. What

that going to mean?


RIDDELL: Yes, so I mean, in the majors last summer, all the talk was, is Liv happening whose going to leave? How does everybody feel about that? And

then it did happen and a lot of top golfers did leave. So, this is the first major, where they've all been back together. So, there are 18 Rebel

golfers in this field. Six of them are previous champions.

So they were all at the Masters dinner last year. And since Liv began, some pretty unpleasant things have been said, exchanges on social media lawsuits

have been flying around between the tours. So, you know, I think we expected a level of animosity when they all got back here together this

year. But so far, that doesn't seem to be the case.

The players from both sides have been speaking to the media. And they all say look, you know, most of them are just our mates. So, we're kind of

happy to see them again. Not all of them are our mates like that point has been made clear. But a lot of them just seem to be happy to be back

together again.

The Liv golfers have said they would love it if one of them could win because I think they would validate their tour. We will see if that

happens. But certainly on Sunday afternoon, if a Liver and a PGA Tour player are in contention, that would be fascinating.

CHATTERLEY: Spicy. We'll see. Don, great to have you with us and well done once again!

RIDDELL: All right.

CHATTERLEY: And that's it for the show. "Connect the World" with Becky Anderson is up next. And I'll see you tomorrow.