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Glenn Beck

Orthodox Rabbi Blame Mideast Crisis on Israel; TV Show Exposes Sex Offenders

Aired July 27, 2006 - 19:00   ET


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hello! I am Ayman al-Zawahiri from al Qaeda. Whenever I`m in America, I like to watch GLENN BECK. He`s so feisty and opinionated, and pretty easy on the eyes, too, I must admit. So watch GLENN BECK before I try to blow him up. Death to the infidels.


GLENN BECK, HOST: I mean, you`ve got to laugh occasionally, don`t you?

Let`s begin right here with our World War III update today. Two days ago, Kofi Annan said that Israel deliberately targeted and killed U.N. soldiers in Lebanon. Wow! What an outrageous charge. He was outraged and demanded action from Israel and the world.

You know, Kofi, where was this outrage when people were crying out that U.N. soldiers were raping women and children in Africa, or when corrupt officials were stealing aid money from the children of Iraq to line their own pockets?

Kofi`s only seeming outrage was all over the front pages all across America in the last couple of days. But today, the story you won`t find on the front page for some unknown reason was this: according to an e-mail from one of the U.N. peacekeepers -- listen carefully -- quote, "We had numerous occasions where our position has come under direct or indirect fire from artillery and aerial bombing. This has not been deliberate targeting, but has rather been due to tactical necessity."

This was written in the battlefield by one of those U.N. soldiers. By the way, was not from just any U.N. peacekeeper; it was from one of the U.N. soldiers that was killed in the attack. He himself before the attack said this is happening, and it`s not deliberate.

The U.N. is not just incompetent. I have to tell you, I`m beginning to believe that they are a very dark force that answers to no one.

How about this story? A U.N. employee who used a U.N. diplomatic pouch to smuggle illegal drugs as part of a ring that brought 25 tons of drugs into New York in the past year and a half. Where`s the outrage, Kofi? Where is it? Media, where was that story today?

Why do we want them involved in anything? Really. Seriously. The U.N. has had a presence in the Middle East for decades, but they`re not allowed to fire a gun. No, they`re merely "observers." Well, guess what? I`m an observer, too. I`ve been watching the whole thing spill out into my living room on the television set, and I`m observing how useless the U.N. really is.

Now, I understand why some people want the U.N. to be in the Middle East. I mean, I get it. I`m with you. I don`t want to be the only policeman in the world. I`d like the rest of the world to help out from time to time. But to act merely as an observer is not only pointless; it`s totally delusional.

This isn`t just another skirmish. It`s not Vietnam. How I wish it were going to be something they could turn into Vietnam and be that happy. It`s not Korea.

This is -- I think to think that this is Vietnam or Korea is -- is to be in a complete state of denial. We are on the precipice of one of the biggest battles our country has ever faced. Its outcome is going to decide whether we go back to that life we were -- where we were fighting over the manger scene in our town square with the ACLU, or we go to a place where our children can wear anything they want as long as it`s black.

The U.N. and all our so-called allies need to be told, and need to be told now, either fight, or get the hell out of the way, because we will.

Here`s what I know tonight. Condi Rice failed in her mission to the Middle East. That`s important, and I have more on that later on the show. I also know that al Qaeda and Hezbollah are now teaming up to form a super group of nut jobs. And now things are going to get a whole lot worse.

I also know this is not about the Israelis and the Palestinians. That is a diversion. Both sides are being used by Iran. This is a religious war that directly affects me and directly affects you, because you`re the one they want to vaporize.

We can`t do what Chamberlain did with Hitler in 1938 and believe that peace and coexistence is possible. It`s not possible. They know that. And you need to know that, as well.

And just like you, just like you, you know, I just want to watch "American Idol", you know? I just want to hang out with my family and friends and, you know, eat Doritos until I have to unloosen my belt. You know, I wish my biggest worry was my pinhead boss at work. I do.

But we don`t have the luxury of that mundane lifestyle anymore, at least for a while. This war is real. It`s huge. And we need to start thinking and preparing for it right now.

Here`s what I don`t know. I don`t know why more people aren`t ringing the alarm bell. I mean, you ask people on the street. They can feel it. What is it going to take?

I also have no idea how the media can be so blind to the real story here. I mean, I have my theories, but we`ll get into those maybe later.

People like me are painted in the media all the time as war mongers. Believe me, I pray that I`m wrong. Please, please, dear Lord, make me wrong. But this is a real possibility, and the media and you need to wake up to it now and prepare.

And what I really don`t know is how people who have witnessed history, time and time again, can be so foolish to think that this is about anything other than extreme Islamists believing that Allah has commanded them to dominate the entire planet.

And speaking of denial, Rabbi Weiss, he is an orthodox Jew who is from New York. He believes that the state of Israel and Zionism are responsible for everything that`s going on right now.

Rabbi, with all due respect, what color is the sky in your world?

RABBI YISROEL DOVID WEISS, JEWS AGAINST ZIONISM: With all due respect, first I appreciate and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to be here.

BECK: Sure.

WEISS: And with God`s help I`ll try to convey to you the view of not Rabbi Weiss, but the view of Judaism. Judaism is something which has been given to us for thousands of years and was upheld by the religious leaders throughout the centuries, and Zionism started simply 100 years ago by nonreligious Jews...

BECK: OK. But your point, sir, is that if it wasn`t for the state of Israel, everything would be fine.

WEISS: The fact is that this is not a religious conflict, because Jews were living amongst the Muslim countries, we had the same difference of religion, and there wasn`t this deep rift between the two of us, the strife. And the rift was spotted when the state of Israel, of Zionist philosophy, came up to Palestine and created this mistrust and drove a rift between the Jews and their neighbors, the Muslim people. And if you would like to check the history, that`s your issue.

BECK: Right. So was it -- was the state of Israel the thought of it what drove the Germans to the Holocaust?

WEISS: By trying to blend together all the traditions and...

BECK: No, no, sir. Here`s what -- here`s what I`m trying to say to you. You are living in an absolute dream world. The Jews have been -- they have tried to be destroyed by almost everybody on the planet, driven out of almost every corner of this planet.

WEISS: We have to step back and understand again. Are you trying to philosophize or use your theories? Or are you trying to look at what God conveyed to us in the torah, in the Jewish teachings, where he told us that we should not transform Judaism from religion to a materialistic, nationalistic goal and also, that we are forbidden to attempt to exile (ph) by creating a state and there would be catastrophic results.

BECK: All right.

WEISS: Just add on to that that the Palestinian people living in -- the Muslim people living in Palestine, and as soon as the idea of banishing them and oppressing them, that is when the problem started. It`s a very clear fact.

BECK: Let me ask you this, sir, because if I understand you right, you believe you could live side by side. Just so you know last week in Tehran they executed a 16-year-old handicapped girl for not being able to say no to a married man.

They hung her while she was -- crying out repentance, people in Tehran sobbing. The mullahs there in Iran execute a handicapped girl for this. You believe you could live side by side with that evil, sir?

WEISS: Again, you`re theorizing.

BECK: No, sir, I`m asking you a question. Do you believe you could live side by side?

WEISS: The fact is that we have been living without a U.N., without any watch groups, the Jewish people, being God fearing and practicing their religion were living in Palestine, in all the Muslim countries, side by side, under the protection of the Muslims and Zionism, came and wants to transform this history and in order to legitimize their political movement and to put the blame on somebody else, they`re blaming it on religion. That`s wrong. That`s wrong.

BECK: Sir, I have to -- I have to tell you about it, sir. I have to tell you, you would have been, in Germany, the man who said, "No, really, go on in the train. You`re going to be absolutely fine." You cannot coexist with evil. I appreciate your time.

Back in a second with a sex offender on TV. Wait until you see this. But I -- first I have to leave you with this. For people like Rabbi Weiss, and if you don`t know that`s what really going on, maybe a good dose of reality is what you need.


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BECK: You say that there`s a difference between predators and what was the other term that you used?

CALLER: Sexual oriented offender.

BECK: I can`t believe I live in this country. Your husband, did I see him on "dateline"?


BECK: But that was pretty much -- could he have been on a "Dateline" special?


BECK: Bull crap to English, I think the answer was yes.


BECK: How is that not a predator?

CALLER: Mistakes, wrong choices.

BECK: What were the mistakes?

CALLER: Bad decisions that were made.

BECK: Your honor, whoa, what a bad decision.


BECK: Today, the president signed into law the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act. It was the 25th anniversary of the day that 6- year-old Adam Walsh was abducted from a shopping mall and killed by some sick, twisted, perverted animal. The kind of lowlife scumbag that lives in communities right all across our nation, could be living in your neighborhood. The kind of evil that will never change.

This legislation will establish a national Internet database, including photos, addresses, employment records, allowing law enforcement and communities to know where convicted sex offenders live and work.

You know, I have said this on several occasions on this program. But it is so true, and worth repeating. If we do not protect the most vulnerable in our society, we have failed as people.

I don`t want my kid to be the next Adam Walsh. I don`t think you do. I don`t want my -- one of my daughters to be the next Jessica Lunsford. One community is taking the protection of their streets into their own hands. They`re using the power of TV with a public access show called "Sex Offenders Weekly Update".


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Raymond K. Anderson. Raymond Anderson is a level three sex offender. He`s a 56-year-old white male. Anderson was convicted on November 1, 1999, for attempted sexual abuse in the first degree. His victim, a 7-year-old girl.


BECK: Chris Papastrat, he`s a councilman in Binghamton, New York. You were the driving force behind this. Your motivation, sir, for Sex Offender TV, I would imagine that it came from you tried to pass a law and it was overturned by 15 dirt bags, was it not?

CHRIS PAPASTRAT, COUNCILMAN, BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK: Yes, it was, Glenn. We had a law passed by the city council prohibiting the -- or the movement of sex offenders around playgrounds, school grounds, and anywhere where kids would congregate, and it was taken to court by 15 sex offenders through the ACLU.

BECK: This is going to make my head explode. Do you ever think the ACLU -- when you hear their name does blood start shooting out of your eyes?

This comes from the president of the National Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abuses. They say this broadcast will only cause more anxiety for the offenders. My first response was good. What do you -- how do you feel about that?

PAPASTRAT: Well, we`re looking -- we`re looking not to cause anxiety for the victims and to protect victims, so the sex offenders if they -- if they`re caused a little extra anxiety, I think I can live with that.

BECK: Yes, I have to tell you, I mean, I`m not about, you know, hunting these guys down or anything like that, but you need to know where these -- where these people live.

And, you know, I wonder what you would do -- my wife and I had a debate when we were selling our house down in Philadelphia. We said if we knew we were selling our house because we knew a sex offender moved in next door. Would you say -- you`d never sell your house. Would you say that, "Hey, we`re moving out because of a sex offender"? Both of us decided we think we would have had to, but we would have never sold our house.

What would you do if a sex offender moved in next to you?

PAPASTRAT: I agree with you. It would be -- you would at least want to know that a sex offender moved in next to you and do everything you could to protect your children and move him out of the neighborhood, I guess. What else can you do?

BECK: You know, the cops, there`s a real problem with the sex offenders in the system that we have because the cops are overwhelmed. I mean, this is just -- they don`t have the resources to keep track. I think it was the guy who -- was it Jessica Lunsford had disappeared, hadn`t reported for parole for, like, six months. Cops just are overwhelmed. What can communities do?

PAPASTRAT: We took this approach, Glenn. The school district was mailing out flyers showing new sex offenders moving into the area and those that they were moving. It became a little cost prohibitive for the school district to keep doing that, so I came up with the idea of using public access.

And I reached out to a friend of mine, Steve Garlock (ph), who has a production company, and he gave his time and resources, which, you know, it was a lot of time involved in putting this thing together, and he helped make it happen. I talked with the then police chief John Butler and Mayor Buchy (ph) at the time. And they were all for it, and that`s why we proceeded with it.

BECK: It`s been on for a week. Have you heard -- have you heard from anybody? Have you heard from any of the sex abusers? Have they called up and are they outraged or...?

PAPASTRAT: Well, I`m sure they`re outraged. I haven`t heard that from them. But everything that I have heard from the public that has seen the program, they`re very glad that it`s on the air. There`s information on there that they didn`t know.

And let me clarify one thing with you, Glenn, that these are level three sex offenders that are featured on this show. They are the most likely to reoffend and the ones that the court has deemed the most dangerous and most violent. So we`re not -- we`re not just going after anybody here, this is just...

BECK: OK. No I -- I get it, you`re going after the hard core guys. Chris, thank you very much. And best of luck. We`ll follow your story.

Now it has been exactly one month since we first brought you the story of Kalie MacArthur, a developmentally disabled girl, sexually assaulted by her high school peer trainer. The response from the officials at her school, zip. Colorado Springs city council, zip. We`ll tell you about our call for help, next. Update.


BECK: I knew I wanted to be in radio ever since I was a little kid; 8 years old I knew what I wanted to do. And the station I always wanted to work at was 890 WLS. It was great in the `40s and the `60s and the `80s, and it`s still great today. Unfortunately, I don`t work there, because this dirt bag has the job, Roe Conn, of WLS 890 AM in Chicago.

Hi, Roe.

ROE CONN, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Thank you very much, Glenn. I do think that you are wearing a good Chicago hit man outfit.

BECK: I -- you like this?

CONN: Yes. It`s real good.

BECK: It`s my "Regis thought it was cool five years ago." I thought I`d wear it today.

CONN: You know, Larry King still thinks it`s cool, too.

BECK: OK. I don`t think we need to go down this road.

All right. Can we talk about big box for a second here? Here in Chicago -- let me lead you here, Glenn. I know where your mind is going.

CONN: I don`t know what you`re saying.

BECK: The big box ordinance just passed the Chicago city council. This very august body that gave you the fois gras law, that gave you all the other -- the no trans fat law.

They want to put the squeeze on Wal-Mart and on Target and on all the other big box stores, you know, Home Depot, everybody`s who`s got 90,000 square feet, $1 billion in business. They want to require that, to build a new big box store in Chicago, you`ve got to pay your employees up to $13 an hour for the entry level employees over the next couple of years.

BECK: What are they thinking? I read about this, and I can`t, for the life of me -- what is their thinking? But you know, besides, you know, destroying any businesses wanting to come into Chicago, what are they thinking?

CONN: Well, I think you`ll understand this, especially wearing that suit, Glenn. This is a shake-down is basically what this is. This is a make-work project for the city council friends who are lawyers, who are lobbyists, who are people who would be in the business of seeing that this thing either lives or dies, this piece of legislation lives or dies.

And interestingly enough, city council passes it yesterday, but they put a poison pill in it so that it will be easily overturned by a court and not have to start the whole thing over and over and over again. And the guys who pay are Wal-Mart, Target, and the consumers. They wanted to put these big box stores in impoverished neighborhoods where people could go get a gigantic thing of tube socks or peanuts or whatever you`re going to buy in that store.

BECK: And you could get a job there, as well?

CONN: Yes, exactly. And the thing is, the question was would you rather have a job for $10 an hour or $13 an hour, if you have a job that`s paying you $0 an hour.

BECK: Right. So what you`re saying basically is it`s the Chicago way?

CONN: Yes.

BECK: Untouchables.

CONN: Yes. All right now. Here`s the good news, though. As of yesterday the United States Olympic Committee, led by Peter Ueberroth -- remember him -- he`s the guy that brought the games to L.A. in `84, they have announced that Chicago, L.A., and San Francisco are the three finalists for the 2016 Olympics, at least for American cities, and then they have to compete internationally and all that.

Which one of those three is actually going to get it? San Francisco, I am told, is a long shot. Between L.A. and Chicago. And I think, given the fact that we won`t have as many Wal-Marts, maybe they could build Olympic stadiums.

BECK: I mean, Los Angeles has had it too many times. San Francisco, there`s too many nuts, I mean honestly. Let`s -- let`s be honest. You don`t want the world to come into San Francisco. The whole time you`d be, like, "Yes, but look at the pretty bridge. Look at the pretty bridge." It`s crazy.

CONN: Don`t look at the people. Whatever you`re doing don`t look at the people.

BECK: No, don`t look at them, just don`t talk to them. They`re crazy.

All right. Thanks a lot, Roe. Talk to you soon.


BECK: All right. I want to go over some of the headlines. I`m going to tell you here what you`re seeing in the headlines, why these are stories, but not for the same reason the media thinks they`re stories. And I want to start with the U.S. economy.

If you read "The New York Times" today, you`re going to think we are on the verge of a great depression, brother. But, you know, really, what else is new? The media has been telling us how bad this economy is for years now. Why? I think that`s because it sells papers, it gets ratings. And it helps people get elected that you like.

Good news is, it just doesn`t sell with the average person. I mean, here it is. Listen to this. If you believe that the economy is bad, let me explain and give you this one example of media spin from the "New York Times" online.

First paragraph in the article about the economy slowing, they say, quote, "In New York, tourism is receding." It`s receding? That sounds pretty bad. I mean, I thought only hairlines and polar ice caps receded.

So let me give you the exact quote now from the Federal Reserve Bank that "The New York Times" used to spin into the story and make it into the story they wanted it to be. Quote, "Activity in the travel and tourism sector generally remained at high levels or increased further. New York noticed that occupancy rates in Manhattan recently edged down from very high levels."

Edged down from very high levels? Wow. "New York Times," that`s quite a bit more positive than "tourism is receding."

So what`s the real story here? Let me give you the real story and a few facts. One, the economy grew in the first quarter of this year at 5.6 percent. That`s the fastest rate in over 2 1/2 years and way above the average over the last 10 years. Two, the unemployment rate is now at 4.6 percent, a five-year low. Three, consumer spending rose at an annualized rate of 5.1 percent last quarter, the most in almost three years.

Are you freaking out yet? We`re all going to starve to death. It doesn`t really sound like the Great Depression with me, but I`ll have to ask my grandparents what it was really like.

Now, story number two. Condoleezza Rice, this is where the headlines today are all about how she left the Middle East without a ceasefire agreement in place. But the real story is the context. It goes back to the exchange between George W. Bush and Tony Blair at the G-8 summit, you know, remember when they didn`t know they had the microphone on?

Everybody was so focused at the time on the president swearing and his talking with his mouth full that no one actually listened to the substance of what they were saying. Turns out it was pretty important. Listen carefully.


GEORGE W. BUSH, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: She`s going -- I think Condi`s going to go pretty soon.

TONY BLAIR, PRIME MINISTER OF BRITAIN: Obviously, if she goes out, she`s got to succeed, as it were, where as I can just go out and talk.


BECK: OK, Blair said, "She`s got to succeed. She must succeed." I played you that clip for you on Monday, and I wondered out loud just what Bush and Blair knew that made it so important for her to have to have success. Well, now trip is over, and she has failed. The fighting goes on. So what happens now? That`s the real story. Stay tuned.

Finally tonight, I want to give you an update on the Kalie McArthur story that we started telling you about exactly one month ago today. As you might recall, Kalie is a young, mentally handicapped woman from Colorado Springs who was sexually assaulted in her high school by her peer counselor. She`s got a mental age of a 4-year-old.

Now, I`ve been trying to get somebody from the city to talk to me about this case for weeks, but either everybody is taking some month-long vacation in third world country where they don`t have phones or they`re just dodging us. And that includes the good mayor, Lionel Rivera, who apparently is just too busy running for Congress to worry about his constituents being sexually assaulted.

Now, Mayor Rivera claims that he has no direct control over the school board. I`m sure he doesn`t. But as the mayor, don`t you have a duty to answer to your constituents?

Well, unfortunately -- well, actually, fortunately for my children, I`m not a resident of Colorado Springs. Mayor Rivera, he didn`t have to answer to me, but he does answer to some of you.

So if you happen to share my outrage on this story, please, here`s what I want you to do. Go through all of the proper channels. Don`t be a dirtbag. You know, be a decent human being. But grab your video camera, set up a meeting with your mayor, and ask him, where is his outrage on the Kalie McArthur story, why he`s not demanding answers?

You know, this story is so much bigger than just one girl in one town. I`m the parent of a special needs child. This story is about a system that doesn`t provide the weakest among us with the right structure, the right support system, or the right opportunities to succeed, or in this case protection, unless you fight tooth and nail for it.

And if you measure a society by how it treats its weakest members, then I`ve got to tell you, all of us, but Colorado Springs in particular, it`s getting a failing grade.

Mike Cook, he`s an attorney and a father of a handicapped child living in Colorado Springs. Mike, you`ve had to sue this very school district, have you not?

MICHAEL COOK, ATTORNEY: I have, Glenn. I represented a family, a wonderful family, by the name of Jack and Becky Seitsma (ph). We brought an action against Colorado Springs School District Number 20 regarding a claim under the Individual Disabilities with Education Act, regarding trying to secure appropriate services for their disabled son.

BECK: You know, again, as I said a minute ago, you know, I`m a parent of a special needs child, and you do have to -- I mean, parents are so overwhelmed, if you have special needs children. I mean, you`re fighting for your life every step of the way, and then when you have to go in and fight with a school, but in my case every time we have not had to push them over the edge and have to take them to court.

Things are different in District 20 in Colorado Springs. It`s not just you; it`s not just Kalie, but you`re also now representing yet another handicapped child in this school district.

COOK: Not in this district, no, but, you know, one of the experiences that we`ve had at least initially since I got involved in this -- and I got involved as well because, as you said, I have a handicapped child -- is that it really depends on the district.

And, you know, fortunately there`s some districts out there that take the approach where they will work with the families to try and reach some common ground. I guess my experience with District 20 is that there`s just been kind of a level of administrative arrogance, where when the parents go in and try to secure appropriate services, that there is the approach that they know what`s best and they don`t want to listen to the parents` side of the equation. And unfortunately...

BECK: Well, this district is amazing, because they have said in this particular sexual abuse case that Kalie enjoyed the experience of the sexual abuse, and it`s phenomenal to me. The reason why I`m staying on this story, Mike, is because I have yet to talk to anyone, anyone in charge of the school district, of the town, of anything that has any power.

Let me ask you, as a citizen: Who is carrying the torch in this town for the weakest?

COOK: Well, you know, unfortunately, as you hit on, there are laws in place that protect the rights of disabled children. Unfortunately, those laws are only as effective as the individuals that are charged with implementing them. And sadly to say...

BECK: Is there anybody in your town that cares? Is there anybody that -- give me a name, somebody that`s willing to take a stand.

COOK: Well, I think that, you know, unless you`re the parent of a special needs child and kind of realize what goes on, that, you know, special education doesn`t get the attention that it deserves because, you know, in Colorado Springs here, we hear all the time about the standardized test scores, and concern about kids that aren`t meeting the requirements.

And when you talk about special ed, you know, there`s no accountability, so you have kids that are going through the system that don`t end up with the life skills necessary to live independent lives. And in my opinion, that`s just as tragic as graduating a typical child that doesn`t know how to read or write.

BECK: It`s a difference between not getting the right education and being raped in school. And it`s a sad, sad story. Thank you very much, Mike.

COOK: Absolutely, thank you.

BECK: All right. Let`s go "Straight to Hill" with Erica Hill, the anchor of "PRIME NEWS" on Headline News.

Hello, Erica, what happening today?

ERICA HILL, CNN HEADLINE NEWS ANCHOR: Hello, Glenn. We`re going to take you back to the Tour de France for a moment, how about that?

BECK: Oh, I can`t wait.

HILL: You just like it because it`s in France.

BECK: My favorite place on Planet Earth.

HILL: All right, so you know American Floyd Landis won just a few days ago. He`s standing there on the Champs-Elysee. Well, today we`re learning he apparently tested positive in a drug test.

The news was actually released by his team today. Apparently, Landis tested positive for high levels of testosterone after stage 17. That`s the day, you might remember, he jumped from 11th to 3rd place.

BECK: Yes.

HILL: Both he and his team say they`re really surprised by the test results. And keep in mind here, Glenn, this is just one test. You don`t want to convict the man. There`s still another test that has to be done.

BECK: Right, I think we went through this last time, and it turned out that -- what`s his face -- yellow bracelet man, he was fine.

HILL: Lance?

BECK: Yes, Lance Armstrong. He was fine. You know me.

HILL: Yes, he`s never been -- you know, yes.

BECK: Yes. But they accused him of the same kind of stuff. And here`s the thing. I mean, Landis should know, I mean, you have to cheat against France? Please. If you just get halfway through and they quit.

HILL: But, Glenn, you`re not really -- you`re racing people from all over the world, as much as I know you want to beat down at French at every opportunity...

BECK: All that matters is beating the French.

HILL: ... you`re racing against the rest of the world.

BECK: All that matters to me is beating the French.

HILL: Not just the French, my friend.

BECK: Erica, we`ll talk to you tomorrow.

HILL: Bye.


BECK: Oh, I`ve got to tell you, I can feel the hot breath of the weekend on the back of my neck, man, and it feels good. It`s time to check out the movies that are coming out this weekend. A.P. movie critic Christy Lemire is here to help us decide -- Christy?


BECK: It is the movie that people have been clamoring for. I believe there are people that are camped out to see "Miami Vice," the movie.

LEMIRE: Right, digging through their dresser drawers for pastel t- shirts with moth balls on them.

BECK: Yes, that`s great stuff. Have you seen this? Is this any good?

LEMIRE: You know, it`s Michael Mann`s pure, true vision, in that he`s totally free of the constraints of TV decency standards. He can shoot things up, and have more sex, and have more violence, and whatever. It looks amazing. It looks like "Collateral," which he did a couple of years ago in Los Angeles, a very gritty, very dark.

But it`s so serious, like, unlike "Starsky and Hutch," or "Bewitched," which, you know, they played with the campiness of the source material. It`s like deadly straight, like too much so sometimes, like you`re laughing at stuff you shouldn`t be laughing at.

BECK: I want to see this about as much as I want to see "Mama`s Family," the movie, or "Matlock," the movie.

LEMIRE: Or "Car 54, Where Are You?" There actually was a movie of that.

BECK: Yes, that would be -- yes, I know, and you probably went to see it. What else is open?

LEMIRE: You know, there`s a great movie called "Little Miss Sunshine," which opened in New York this week and is going to wider week after week. This was purchased for a record $10.5 million at Sundance this past year. It`s so funny. It`s a road trip -- you what? I`m sorry?

BECK: No, no, that`s from the movie clip.

LEMIRE: OK, I`m sorry. I have no idea what`s on there.

BECK: That`s all right.

LEMIRE: So, no, like, it`s a road trip comedy, but it`s not, you know, overly wacky. The characters all feel like real people. It`s about this awkward, bizarre family, and they go on a road trip to the Little Miss Sunshine pageant in California. And they all are beautifully written. It`s this married couple. They`re directors, it`s their first film.

BECK: I like Greg Kinnear. I think he`s great.

LEMIRE: Greg Kinnear is in it. Steve Carell, being totally serious. He`s like this gay, suicidal, Proust scholar. He`s hysterical, but I love Abigail Breslin, the little girl in it.

BECK: How do you play that straight, if you will?

LEMIRE: No pun intended. Right.

BECK: No pun intended.

LEMIRE: I love this movie. I gave it 3 1/2 big, fat Glenn heads. "Miami Vice" only gets two big, fat Glenn heads, but "Little Miss Sunshine" gets 3 1/2. I love this movie.

BECK: OK, anything else? I mean, we`re at the end of the movie cycle, are we not?

LEMIRE: God, I wish. No, I mean, summer is still dwindling on. We haven`t even gotten to August yet, yes.

BECK: No, but I mean there`s nothing really -- is there anything that you`re waiting to come out?

LEMIRE: Not really. August just keeps getting worse and worse. You`ve got "Aunt Bully," which is the family film. It`s animated, Tom Hanks produced it.


LEMIRE: There you go.

BECK: Yes, that sounds great. How many fat Glenn heads?

LEMIRE: I gave it two. It`s just another animated film with all these stars in it, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts.

BECK: All right. Christy, thank you very much.

LEMIRE: Bye, thanks.

BECK: Talk to you again, bye.

All right. Now we go to Brian Sack, our public viewer and general nuisance. He`s the guy who is supposed to critique me. He takes your e- mail, and then he yells at me every Thursday.

BRIAN SACK, PUBLIC VIEWER: It`s not yelling. I`m not yelling.

BECK: That`s what it is.

SACK: It`s constructive criticism.

BECK: All right.

SACK: I`m your friend, your constructive friend.

BECK: Yes, what`s the constructive criticism?

SACK: Well, watching the show this week -- and you got me all excited -- because I`ll play the clip.


BECK: And don`t miss tomorrow`s program. We have a series starting tomorrow on the coming of the Messiah. We`ll do that tomorrow.


BECK: Don`t blame me. Do not blame me.

SACK: Where is he?

BECK: Do not blame me on this one, Brian.

SACK: Where is he? Where`s the messiah?

BECK: I don`t know.


BECK: No man knows when he`ll come.

SACK: All righty then.

BECK: Just saying.

SACK: He`s not calling ahead?


SACK: And Erica Hill, don`t we love her?

BECK: Uh-huh.

SACK: Oh, she`s so nice.


HILL: My husband would be the number one -- but I actually went home and I discussed this actual case with my husband -- you know, I`m just going to relax a little, hang out with the hubby and the pets.


SACK: I think she`s sending you a message: She`s off the market.

BECK: What does that mean? I know she`s off the market.

SACK: Slipping that husband thing in there almost every time.

BECK: Let me tell you something. Let me tell you something. It`s a cross I bear, and let me apologize to all the men in the audience. I am so sorry for how much your wife thinks of me all the time. It`s a cross I bear: Chicks dig me.

SACK: My wife likes you.

BECK: Really?

SACK: My dad thinks you talk over me too much. He just wants me to keep talking.

BECK: Yes, right. Your wife likes me because the choice is me or you.

SACK: Wow. Ouch. Moving onward, sir, I noticed something that when you signed off the other day, a little catchy.


BECK: Au revoir for now.


SACK: Hey, we`re speaking French.

BECK: You know, let me ask you this...

SACK: Rubs off on you, doesn`t it?

BECK: Let me ask -- I noticed the lapel pin here.

SACK: This is a different one. This is Poland and the United States.

BECK: Poland and the United States? Why all of the sudden Poland?

SACK: Well, my wife`s Polish, and she`s in Poland. And I`m in the United States. So it`s a 50-50 -- and I`m also in mourning...

BECK: Please tell me that somebody is stopping you from having children.

SACK: I`ve already got one. He`ll be 2 in a couple of weeks.

BECK: Oh, I am so sorry. Is there a way -- can I call the state on you? What state do you live in, Brian?

SACK: I live in New York, ironically.

BECK: Really?

SACK: Yes.

BECK: I`m calling the state as soon as we finish. Next.

SACK: All right. Well, I wanted -- I gave you that snow globe, and I wanted to see...

BECK: I have it. It`s beautiful. I have it on my desk. Oh, come on.

SACK: Oh, what did you do, Glenn?

BECK: Who took a picture of it?

SACK: How could you do that?

BECK: It was a mistake.

SACK: Do you hate France that much?

BECK: Yes, I do.

SACK: I bring you a beautiful snow globe.

BECK: Yes, all the way across the ocean from France. I had it for five minutes. It slipped out of my hand.

SACK: All right. I don`t believe it for a minute.

BECK: Yes.

SACK: OK, another thing, you`re talking about some school there, and here`s a clip we have of that.


BECK: I can`t have Jesus in a manger, but my children are getting condoms handed to them by the math teacher.


SACK: First of all, what kind of math, algebra, trigonometry? And second of all, what kind of high school is that? I want to go.

BECK: One plus one equals many, many more. Yes.

SACK: Oh, yes, multiplication. OK. And another thing, Michael Gross, I love him.

BECK: I do, too.

SACK: He`s hilarious.



MICHAEL GROSS, CIVIL RIGHTS ATTORNEY: This is about funerals of fallen soldiers...


GROSS: Yes, it is. Don`t mistake this. We`re not playing games here with these crazy "God hates fags."


SACK: He just yells, I love him.

BECK: I`ve got to tell you, I want to have him over for like my Christmas party just for entertainment. I mean, you don`t need a band. You invite him over and just go, "Hey, the `God hates fags` people," and he`ll just come at you. "I`ll kill you!" That`s right.

Brian Sack, the public viewer. Thank you so much.


BECK: Yes.

SACK: Yes.


BECK: All right, I`ll get to hate mail in a second, but first, let`s check in with Nancy Grace to see what`s coming up on her show tonight -- Nancy?

NANCY GRACE, HOST: Glenn, tonight police bear down on a man they are naming as a suspect in the death of a beautiful Georgia mom. She was killed on her daily bike ride, and she was on a very popular bike path. It was called the Silver Comet Trail. And guess what, Glenn? The suspect just got out of jail on a rape conviction. We go live on that, analyzing the evidence.

And also we go live to Phoenix. The Phoenix serial killer is at it again, Glenn. Over the weekend, another name is added to the body count. And we`re taking your calls live. Call in, Glenn.

BECK: OK, thanks a lot, Nancy. Remember, you can catch Nancy right after this program at 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. Eastern.

Yes, it`s time for "Hate Mail." And Manny in Dallas writes in, "Hey, Glenn, thanks for showing us how much hate you have inside. Making fun of that protester last night for speaking her mind is the lowest of the low."

Come on, Manny. Nobody`s making fun of her for speaking her mind. She got up and disrupted the prime minister at Congress. I`m hammering her for what she did do when she did it. You can speak your mind and be respectful, can`t you?

Here`s another protester from today at the Bolton hearings. I love this. No, nice shirt. Did you make it yourself?

Pete writes in, "Glenn, you wouldn`t believe the speech Howard Dean gave down here in West Palm." Oh, yes, I would. "Cover it, or I never watch you again! Pete, West Palm Beach."

OK, I don`t think you need to threaten me, Pete, I mean, you know, with the U.N. on my mind, I could cave into your every demand like that. I think all you have to know about the Howard Dean speech is just the headlines. Here are the headlines, and they`re all headlines from the same speech, I kid you not.

Look at this. The first one is from the Associated Press. "Dean Calls Iraqi Prime Minister an Anti-Semite." OK, same speech, different headline. This one from the "Sun Sentinel." "Howard Dean Compares Katherine Harris to Stalin." Got him?

OK, last headline -- I love this -- from the A.P. again. Same speech. "Howard Dean Calls End to Divisiveness." That`s great. So, Howard, what are you saying? Should the anti-Semites and all the communist dictators just come together and work that out? Is that what you`re saying, Howard?

Let me be honest with you: I`m a conservative, but I`m not a registered Republican, you know? I mean, it`s the ideas. It`s not the parties that have my loyalty. But speaking purely politically for a second, Howard Dean has got to be the best thing that`s happened to the Republican Party since, I don`t know, Abraham Lincoln. I`m just saying.