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What`s the President of Iran Really Like?; Could another Massive Terror Attack Happen

Aired August 14, 2006 - 19:00   ET


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BECK: Well, welcome back from the weekend. I told you last week one of the places to watch was Dearborn, Michigan, a town with the highest concentration of Muslims in the country. Well, recently in Dearborn a rally was held where thousands of Muslims were chanting anti-American slogans like "Hezbollah is our army." I am not kidding you.

It is an absolute crime that nobody has reported on this until tonight. We`re reporting on it, and we have much more on it coming up later on in the program.

But first here is what the media thinks they know today. According to his interview on "60 Minutes" last night -- did you see this thing? Blood shooting out of my eyes. Iranian president Ahmadinejad -- what I like to call -- I like to call him President Tom, is angry at President Bush. He says that America just wants to control all the oil in the region. Never heard that before. Bull crap.

President Tom is the head of the snake. This is the guy who will be responsible for the deaths of me and you if we don`t wake up soon.

Saw the interview last night, and I don`t know how you felt about it, but I`m thinking to myself, OK, I`m looking right directly into the eyes of the devil himself. Here are some of the highlights with Mike Wallace.


MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD, PRESIDENT OF IRAN (through translator): We want to have access to nuclear technology. We want to produce fuel. Do you not think that the most important issue of the world of tomorrow that is with the energy?


BECK: He wants fuel. I`m screaming at my television last night, "Mike, ask him, you`re a country that is basically floating on oil. Why do you need nuclear energy, exactly?"

Here`s another highlight.


AHMADINEJAD (through translator): We think that Mr. Bush`s team and the parties that support him want to monopolize energy resources in the world. Because once they have that, they can impose their opinions, points of view, policies, on other nations, and, of course, line their own pockets.


BECK: Absolutely -- this has absolutely nothing to do with, you know, you wanting to destroy Israel and create an Islamo-fascist planet. No, no, no. This is about Halliburton. It is. Who are you, fricking Howard Dean, man?

Here, finally, is one of my favorite parts where he issues a threat, sort of.


AHMADINEJAD (through translator): Please give him this message. Those who refuse to accept an invitation to good will not have a good ending or fate.

MIKE WALLACE, JOURNALIST: What does that mean?

AHMADINEJAD (through translator): Well, you see, that his approval rating is dropping every day.


BECK: I saw that, and I thought oh, good, now he`s Karl Rove. Thanks for the political advice, President Nut Job. Not having a good ending doesn`t mean Republicans will lose seats in the midterm elections.

I think -- if I may translate Iranian to bull crap to English what he meant was, "We would like to vaporize you and we will."

So tonight here`s what I know after watching this interview. I hate to engage in what Steven Colbert calls "truthiness," but you know, that`s pretty much all I got, you know, besides the volumes of facts.

President Tom wants to destroy America, period. He is a force for evil who is more dangerous than Hitler. Hitler really didn`t want to die to fulfill his sick vision. This guy does and will.

I also know that I am no longer going to call this a war on terror. Mainly because that implies that it`s kind of like the war on drugs. You know, something that will always be around, we just need to contain it. Just saying no doesn`t really work with crazy people.

We have to wipe this threat out completely, not contain it. We need to kill them before they kill us.

Here`s what I don`t know. This August 22, Iranian end of days prophecy I told you about last week. I don`t know if that`s going to happen. It`s not even my theory. It is the Middle East scholar Bernard Lewis` theory, who`s a genius, but I don`t know because honestly, I`m an American.

I can`t relate to, you know, a death wish unless it stars Charles Bronson. Then I`m all over it. Maybe it could be that`s just the way they speak to each other in Iran. I don`t know. It`s a chess game.

What Iran`s next move will be? Your guess is as good as mine. But I do expect pieces to move soon. I also don`t know how to defeat these people without wiping all of them out completely. I mean, our enemies don`t care about profiling or wire tapping; they just want to kill you. And they will.

It`s a good thing that the latest plot happened in London and not here, because if England had the laws on the books that we have, we wouldn`t have caught them. Ten planes, thousands of people, gone.

And finally, I`ve got to come clean and honest with you. In the food chain of life, I think I can eat a rodeo clown, but that`s a tossup. I am absolutely no Middle East scholar, so I don`t really now -- besides, you know, outside of "truthiness," whether this guy is really a nut job or just a wicked good negotiator, but Joel Rosenberg does.

He was a senior advisor to former Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. He is not a best selling author. His latest epicenter, why the current rumblings in the Middle East will change your future, will be released in October.

Joel, you saw the "60 Minutes" last night?


BECK: Oh, boy. Mike Wallace comes back and says, "Hey, he`s a good guy. I like him. He`s smart. He`s not an anti-Semite." Who is he, really?

ROSENBERG: Well, I was also concerned that Wallace called him rational. He`s not. He`s not reasonable. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad believes in his radical Shiite end-times theology that the end of the world is rapidly approaching and that it`s his mission, his responsibility, his religious duty, to launch a global jihad to hasten the coming of the Islamic messiah. That means destroy Israel, the little Satan, and destroy the United States, the great Satan.

BECK: OK, so Joel, there are two theories that I have, because I have seen the texts of the speeches that he`s given where he is telling his people prepare to rule the world and I`m going to usher in the messiah, and you know anything about Islam and these beliefs, the messiah only comes after the apocalypse.

The reason why this isn`t being reported in the mainstream media is two reasons, and tell me which one it is. Either people think that this guy`s just rhetoric or, you know, it makes you sound nuts.

GOLDBERG: Well, I think there`s a moral blindness going on in our country right now. To misunderstand the nature and threat of evil is to risk being blind sighted by it. People don`t take Ahmadinejad seriously either because they`re not aware of his views, and Mike Wallace did very little to help us understand this sort of religious end times thinking.

BECK: Horrible job.

GOLDBERG: Or they think that he`s Adolph Hitler when Americans saw him kind of preaching at the top of his lungs in the beer halls and didn`t really take him seriously. Either way, it`s moral blindness. And the problem is we were blind-sighted on 9/11 by an evil we didn`t see coming. I`m afraid that may happen again. That`s why I wrote epicenter.

BECK: August 22, the end times that Bernard Lewis is talking about, do you put any credibility in that? Do you think anything is going to happen on August 22?

GOLDBERG: I don`t know about August 22. I mean, Lewis is a smart guy, as you said. It could be. More importantly, Lewis was pointing to this end times radical end of the world apocalyptic theology which I write about in "Epicenter" in more detail.

This -- look, this is a very serious threat, and most Americans are not seeing this. And Ahmadinejad should have been asked by Mike Wallace last night why exactly during your U.N. speech last fall did you think that for 27 minutes you were surrounded by glowing light and that nobody in the general assembly hall was blinking? That`s what he said when he got back to Tehran.

He`s delusional. He believes Allah and angels are guiding his every wish, and the point is to destroy the United States.

He said last October, 2005, in the same speech in which he said he`s going to wipe Israel off the map, he said to the Muslim world envision a world without the United States. Is it possible? He asked? It is. And then he outlined how to accomplish it. This is what we`re facing.

Just August 1 he gave a speech saying he was going to -- the Muslim people were going to destroy the United States and Great Britain in their wrath. Ten days later we intercept this threat.

BECK: Joel, predict if they`re going to make a move. Are we sitting here with a guy who we can contain or are we sitting here with a guy who`s going to make a move?

GOLDBERG: He`s going to make a move. He just bought a billion dollars worth of missiles and weaponry from Russia.

BECK: What do you -- give me a prediction. What do you think it`s going to look like?

GOLDBERG: I think it`s going to be catastrophic. That`s what epicenter is about, is that you`ve got in Iran, teamed up with Russia, China, and North Korea, an attempt by this Muslim fanatic to destroy Israel and the United States. He has recently tested firing SCUD missiles off the back of container ships. That could hit Washington or New York in seconds. We wouldn`t even know it was about to hit.

BECK: OK, Joel. Thanks a lot. Appreciate it.

What happened last week in London -- I mean, I think to put things into perspective a little bit -- did you hear -- did you talk to anybody who was whining about, "They took my Chapstick away at the airport. And my crappy cologne, you know, I couldn`t take it on board. What are they, nuts?"

Well, the TSA has relaxed the rules just a little bit. And we thought we`d help you out with the tips from the TSA, what you need to know the next time you fly.


ANNOUNCER: The TSA would like to alert you to the following airport security updates. The following carry-on items are now banned. Aerosol cans and mascara.

And keep in mind, liquids or gels of any kind are not permitted on board. This includes shampoos, conditioners, hair gels, suntan lotions, toothpaste, lens cleaner, cooking oil, motor oil, sexual lubricants, Coke, Diet Coke, Caffeine Free Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Coke Black, pina coladas, Harvey Wallbangers, Long Island Ice Teas and JELL-O brand gelatin.

So what is allowed, you ask? Snakes. "Snakes on a Plane", that is, starring Samuel L. Jackson, opens on Friday, only in theaters.


BECK: You know, I believe that the terrorist plot that was disrupted last week are one of many that are being planned all around the country and the world. I really think that our enemies are planning dry runs right now, going through them right now. I can only pray that our law enforcement is keeping up with them. So far, guys, hats off to you. You`re doing a tremendous job.

Friday, three men were arrested outside a Wal-Mart in Caro, Michigan, about 80 miles north of Detroit. Authorities say -- I love this -- they had about a thousand cell phones in their van.

The men say, "What? We were selling them for profit in Texas." Really? How much profit do you think you`re going to make selling the cell phones without the chargers? I`m just saying.

Three guys with names I could never pronounce, basically Mohammed, Mustafa, Abdul, something like that, they were all cell phone dealers from Texas. They were arrested for collecting materials for terrorist acts and surveillance of vulnerable targets for terrorist purposes.

Now two years ago Annie Jacobson -- I had her on my radio show -- she tried to warn us in her book, "Terror in the Skies: Why 9/11 Could Happen Again". She says recent activities like this and the failed plot in London, you know, really kind of make her look like a genius. Honestly, my words, not hers, exactly.

Annie, do you sense that there is something big coming?

ANNIE JACOBSON, AUTHOR, "TERROR IN THE SKIES": Well, you know, I like your use of the term dry run, and, of course, the president used that term over the weekend. And it`s about time that, you know, homeland security officials used that term, because it`s a reality.

I myself was on a flight that was a dry run. I think the threat keeps coming at us, and I think the sooner that people can realize we`re allowing dry runs to go on on our own commercial flights.

BECK: Annie, I will tell you that I mean, I had you on the radio show and your story is a fascinating story. Please look it up on the Internet. I don`t want to get bogged down on the details, but you say you were on a flight with the dry run. Security initials, FBI say, "No, you weren`t." This was really -- as much as it sounds, this was really a Syrian band that you were on the flight with. It wasn`t a dry run.

JACOBSON: I mean it was one of those please, people, look away, there`s nothing to see here, but, of course, there was something to see. I write about it in the book.

And what`s fascinating is that the Department of Homeland Security has spent two years behind the scenes working on a report about Flight 327. You can`t read it. I can`t read it, because it`s been classified.

BECK: Are you comforted by what we -- what happened in the last week that we disrupted -- we didn`t foil the plot. We disrupted a plot, or does this make you a little more nervous?

JACOBSON: Well, I think it`s terrific that British intelligence and their law enforcement there are willing to take preemptive measures. I mean, that is the key factor there.

I think after they had their, you know, bombings in the subway, they`ve completely changed their position on taking action before something horrific happens. I`d like to see the same kind of things happening here.

BECK: You know, I saw a survey where a lot of people in America just, they would rather -- they would rather not have their bag checked and be able to, you know, stand -- not stand in line for as long as they do than go through this hassle.

You know, I see the way El Al runs their airlines. In 35 years, not a single attack on El Al. Americans would never put up with it. I mean I flew El Al before to Israel. They`ll ask you personal questions. They`ll say, "What is -- politically where are you in this whole thing?"

And you`re thinking, "Can you even legally ask me that?" America wouldn`t put up with that, would they?

JACOBSON: They wouldn`t, I mean, but El Al is a great case in point of what should be done in our airports, and that`s behavior profiling. I mean, look no further than the example of Richard Reid, the shoe bomber.

Of course, he tried to blow up that flight from Paris to Miami a few months after 9/11. And little known fact is that Reid flew on an El Al flight a few months before 9/11. He was probably doing surveillance or a dry run, and El Al profiled him.

They didn`t like what they saw in his behavior, and they sat an air marshal next to him for the duration of that flight of his from Amsterdam to Tel Aviv.

BECK: You bring up the shoe bomber. As soon as the shoe bomber happened, we had to take off our shoes. As soon as we find out that they`re going to smuggle, you know, gels in or whatever, we can`t -- you know, we can`t take things on. It always seems like we`re behind the terrorists. When do we start getting ahead of them?

JACOBSON: We`re way behind the terrorists, you know, but then there`s all sort of happening behind the scenes, which now in my reporting I sometimes get privy to. It`s really disturbing.

I mean, for example, the flight I was on two summers ago, which was a dry run for a future terrorist attack, I find out that at the time of that flight TSA had issued an urgent memo within the aviation world, saying be on the lookout for groups of men who might try to assemble a bomb in a bathroom.

Look what happened on my flight.

BECK: Yes.

JACOBSON: So, you know, we really need to wake up and smell the coffee. We need to smell the threat.

BECK: Thanks a lot.

Coming up thousands of Muslims demonstrating and chanting anti- American slogans like -- and I`m not kidding you -- "Hezbollah is our army." Maybe common in the Middle East, but this is happening in our own country. Media is ignoring it. Not this show. That story coming up.


BECK: My name is Glenn Beck. Thanks so much for viewing the show. In case you don`t know, I do a radio show, and talk radio is really changing. It`s just not -- you know, it`s not for your grandparents anymore, at least not the way I do it. And another guy who`s really changing the face of talk radio on our affiliate in St. Louis on 97.1 FM, Dave Glover in the afternoon.

Hi, Dave.

DAVE GLOVER, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: How are you doing, buddy?

BECK: Very good. What`s happening in St. Louis?

GLOVER: Like usual, sex, man. Sex, sex, sex.

BECK: Really?

GLOVER: Actually, we were talking today on the show about, you know, there`s this new case where a sex club was busted in a high school. High schoolers and some teachers...

BECK: What is -- what`s a sex club? For those people who are not cool enough. I mean I know, but...

GLOVER: It`s evidently it`s like what it sounds like. The kids got together and they made a club where you can meet others of your age, say 12, 14, and get together for anonymous sex, and then you talk about it. You know, that kind of thing.

BECK: That`s a club that wouldn`t have let me in. They would been carding me.

GLOVER: One of these days.

BECK: I`m sorry, I need to see your club admittance papers.

GLOVER: You and I need to have a dork-off one of these days.

BECK: I know.

GLOVER: To see who would win.

BECK: That was disturbing the way that was phrased.

GLOVER: But you know, Glenn, I remember when I was 13, 14 years old, just beginning my career. That was back in the days when guys and girls wore sweaters over sweaters, and put sweaters...

BECK: Yes.

GLOVER: They could have been wearing an Egyptian sarcophagus. It wouldn`t have mattered to me. I was still...

BECK: Yes.

GLOVER: And with the explicit lyrics, a study just came out that said kids who listen to sexually explicit lyrics are having more sex, having earlier sex. Once again, Pat Boone music had me ready to go. So I feel bad for these kids.

BECK: You know, I`ve got to tell you. I have from -- does anybody know -- and I think it`s Kenny Chesney on tomorrow`s radio program. And one of the questions that I want to talk to him about is the difference between country music and popular music.

Popular music, I`ve got to tell you, I hate to sound like my grandfather: "Music these days, you don`t even understand it." But it is really -- there is a difference between -- if you look at country music and the pop music of the day, it is so vile that I don`t know how -- do you want your kids -- how old are your kids, Dave?

GLOVER: I have an 11-year-old and an 18-month-old, and here`s the deal, man. It`s capitalism at work. Capitalism at its best. People have found a product that they can sell, which is explicit lyrics, explicit videos, and movies to kids.

Well, the big thing with that is that the kids shouldn`t be making those entertainment choices. It all, to me, comes down to parenting.

BECK: Yes. You know, I don`t -- I don`t understand how people think that you can put trash into your head, you know, where you can -- you can have your kids watch anything.

And I hear this all the time from parents who are yelling at my constantly: "Who are you, blah, blah, blah?" I know I`m not the best parent in the world. I`m just saying that how is it that you really think that your 8-year-old cannot be affected and can understand story lines on television? I mean, it`s -- I mean, you know what it is...

GLOVER: Because it makes the parenting easier.

BECK: That`s exactly right.

GLOVER: And here`s another one. Here`s the last thing to talk about today. A new study, actual study, came out that proves beyond medical questionability that women who are married after four years want sex less than their husbands.

BECK: No! How much did we spend on that survey?


BECK: Here, I`ll give you this one for free. No kidding!

GLOVER: What`s going on in scientist school when they graduate and cancer, AIDS, no?

BECK: Honey, I just -- I needed to go do a survey. I was surveying married women. Dave, thanks a lot.

GLOVER: Thanks, buddy.

BECK: Bye.


BECK: All right. Welcome to "The Real Story." This is the place in the show where we try to look past what the media brings to you and try to get down to the real issues.

Now, you know, if you`re like I would be if I were you, you`re probably looking at me and saying, "Wait a minute. You`re in the media." Yes, OK, technically you`re right. The difference is: I`m not a journalist, and I kind of wear that as a badge of honor. I don`t have to be fair, balanced, even, you know, mentally balanced or politically correct. So keep that in mind, especially the politically correct part, as I bring you the real story in the next three.

First, Mike Wallace with President Tom from Iran, the interview on "60 Minutes" last night. Big news today is that Mike Wallace apparently -- I noticed he has quite a man crush on President Tom. I mean, not only does he think that Tom is a reasonable man and an impressive fellow, smart as hell, but he also is, quote, "a rather attractive man."

OK, sure. As sickening as the thought is that, you know, Mike Wallace is apparently flirting with President Tom, that`s not the real story today. The real story is, is that we are finally able to look President Tom right in the eye. And I got to tell you, for me personally, I didn`t like what I saw.

I know there has been a lot written about, you know, President Tom comparing him to Hitler. And honestly, I mean, as nuts as it sounds, I agree with most of that. And I also don`t think that they actually go far enough. Wow, that makes me on the lunatic fringe, doesn`t it?

This guy`s on a completely different level. Don`t forget: Hitler was focused on inciting about 80 million Germans to rise up against the Jews. President Tom is working to unite the world`s one billion Muslims against the entire Western world, primarily us. The scale of this thing is frightening, and the more we continue to allow Iran to walk down the path towards joining the nuclear club -- which, I don`t know, do you get a jacket with that? -- the scarier the possibilities become for all of us.

Which leads me to the news today that we have now downgraded the threat level on plane travel from red to orange, and the Transportation Security Administration is now allowing you to bring on four ounces of liquid medicine like cough syrup. OK. Is it just me that thinks that maybe we shouldn`t be focusing on the cough syrup thing?

Headlines like that only serve to make us feel a little more complacent like the threat is over. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, in the same article -- here`s the real story for you -- the same article that writes about how the U.K. and the U.S. are downgrading their threat levels, they mention the fact that MI-5 in the United Kingdom has identified at least 20 different terrorist plots that could be activated soon. That`s great. What about the cough syrup?

Back here in the U.S., we have Arab men turning up with hundreds of untraceable cell phones, passenger lists, security checkpoint information. Then on Friday, the news of the next seemingly isolated incident broke, and that is three more young Arab men were arrested in Michigan. They had a thousand cell phones on them, most of them were, again, untraceable, the disposable kind, along with reportedly pictures and video of the five-mile Mackinaw Bridge.

One of their wives actually said to the Associated Press that, "I just believe they`re being targeted because they`re Arab." Right, right.

Here`s the deal, the truth that you`re not going to hear anywhere else. In these times, the ones we`re living in right now, it`s really not all right for anyone, but especially young Arab males, to drive around in their van with a thousand untraceable cell phones and pictures of a bridge. I`m just saying. I know that`s really going to hamper a lot of your plans, but that`s just the way it is in America now, all right?

Finally, everybody`s been talking about the Middle East peace agreement. Please! You and I both know the real story here is there`s not going to be peace in our day as long as we allow Islamic extremism to continue to flourish. Unfortunately, a lot of us are making the mistake that thinking outward support for terrorism only happens overseas.

I want you to take a look at this picture. Oh, OK, that`s great. That`s probably something right out of Lebanon, right? Sorry. It`s from Dearborn, Michigan. Over 35 percent of the population is Arab-American. A few weeks ago, over 10,000 residents turned out in the streets for a pro- Hezbollah rally.

You probably never heard word about it. You know why? Because the media is so frickin` worried about being politically correct or, worse, they`re afraid. Dearborn has been connected to untraceable cell phone stories the last couple of weeks. It`s also believed to be the place from where -- remember when they were pointing the lasers into the cockpits of planes? Yes, Dearborn.

If you ask the leaders of Dearborn, they`re going to tell you that most of the residents are pro-American and antiterrorism. Great. But even if that is true -- and I have no doubt that it is -- how can they stop the bad seeds from developing? How do you stop young Muslims who grow up in this culture from trying to mimic the terrorist acts carried out by the very people they`re taught to look up to and support?

Those who rallied openly in support of Hezbollah have shown me and you their true colors. They are Arab first and American second. And someday soon, the war of Islam versus the West is going to force them to choose sides. And unfortunately, I believe that, for some of them, the choice has already been made. And we, my friend, are the enemy.

Barbara Newman is a terrorism expert, coauthor of "Lightning Out of Lebanon: Hezbollah and Terrorists on American Soil."

Barbara, I feel like a nut job. Tell me I`m wrong.

BARBARA NEWMAN, FOUNDATION FOR DEFENSE OF DEMOCRACIES: You`re not wrong. We are softies. They are here. What you didn`t say about Dearborn is the population is mostly Shiites, maybe from the same villages as the Hezbollah in Lebanon. When they say that Hezbollah is their army, their shield, they completely dis-identify with the United States of America.

And you said "if they had to choose," they have chosen. They have chosen. There have been many incidents where the FBI has brought charges against them. It`s just never picked up in the media.

BECK: Barbara, why is that? I mean, I honestly -- I found this story last week. And I stood in the news room and I said, "Who`s seen this footage?" And everybody said no. And I said this is criminal.

NEWMAN: Because our whole society is too politically correct. The prosecutors in Detroit were telling me of a case where they have a guy hard, shipping military equipment back to Hezbollah. And they brought him to court, and the judge required no bond, thinking that they were targeting a Muslim.

You know, the justice system is wrong. We just do not recognize the threat, and it has happened here savagely for years.

BECK: Barbara, tell me -- I want to get through a couple of points. Tell me quickly if I`m right or wrong on a couple of things.

One, I believe that we`re just waiting for a few cards to be played and the Islamic extremist world is going to start uniting and playing cards. It doesn`t matter if you`re in Al Qaeda or what. I mean, all of these opportunists are going to come and band together.

Tell me, am I wrong? The future we will see, war in the streets here in America. Europe you`ll see war in the streets because these cells are - - sleeper cells will be activated?

NEWMAN: You`re right. I`ll tell you what a national security high official told me recently. He said that Muslim extremism was becoming a mass movement, not a fringe movement, a mass movement like communism.

BECK: So how do you defeat it? Let`s not talk about globally. Here in America, how do you stop this stuff?

NEWMAN: The Patriot Act, the NSA wiretapping, profiling. After all, who`s doing these things?

BECK: Well, wait a minute. Hang on just a second. Let`s look at the people they arrested in London last week. Some of them are white.

NEWMAN: They had converted.

BECK: Yes, so you`re saying profile Islam?

NEWMAN: That`s exactly right. And look for connections among friends, between and among. That`s why the NSA thing was so important. You have to see who these people are speaking to.

BECK: These guys, the wife said to the Associated Press, oh, gee, they`re just fundraising. You`re only targeting them because they`re Arabs. Tell me the cell phone thing. You buy into this? We`ve got a thousand cell phones where we discarded all of the chargers and we`re selling them?

NEWMAN: No, because this has happened over and over and over again. The risk that it could not be something legitimate is something we cannot afford to take.

BECK: Yes. Barbara, thank you so much. We`ll have you on again.

I will tell you that, I mean, all this stuff is all tied together. And I mean, it just -- jeez, man, is the world ending sometime? Is it going to happen tonight? If it does, let me tell you something: I`m going out and spending some money, you know, splurge, treat myself right. I hope I can find some discounts.


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BECK: Why the need to humanize evil? Do you really care what books Adolf Hitler was reading? Not so much. No. He plays with Eva. Oh, that`s great. And you guys aren`t married? Is there any thought -- what is this, "People" magazine interviewing Hitler? "Let me ask you something, Adolf. Is there a ring in your future?" I think I`m going to concentrate on the gas chambers. Why the need to humanize evil?


ANNOUNCER: And now, a GLENN BECK terror watch list update.

BECK: OK, here it is. If you watched the show last Thursday, you know that I believe that Hugo Chavez and Venezuela, they`re the next things to watch. Since then, you might have heard that Hugo Chavez traveled to see our good friend, Fidel Castro, over the weekend.

Apparently, the meeting very emotional, just two long lost friends sharing Fidel`s birthday together. Chavez called it, quote, "the best visit I ever had in my life."

Like I told you on Thursday, Hugo Chavez, not so good. He hates America. He controls a ton of oil. I mean, it`s Citgo. I really truly believe that if he sees an opportunity to strike at us with what`s happening in the Middle East, he will. We need to watch this guy closely.

We, of course, will be watching him here, and we`ll update you as we go along.

Now, for most people, seeing the war in Iraq is really limited to what they show you on TV. You know, it`s what you can read about in the paper. But what is it really like to be on the front lines? What emotions do you really go through when you`re putting your life on the line to fight?

First Lieutenant Mike Scotti, he wants the world to know exactly what it`s like. While he was on the front lines with the Marines -- he was on the push towards Baghdad at the very beginning -- he chronicled his time with a first-person account. The result, it`s a new documentary called "Severe Clear."


FIRST LT. MIKE SCOTTI, "SEVERE CLEAR": Hey, Mom and Dad, Dave and Dan, everybody else back home. Here we are in Jacobabad, Pakistan. It`s October 14th where you guys are, October 15th where we are. We`re standing post in a fighting hole, waiting for the Al Qaeda terrorists to come attack.

The days here are a little warm, nice and sunny. The nights are...


SCOTTI: The nights are filled with lots of bugs, and anti-U.S. demonstrations about a thousand meters that way, and gunfire. So it`s been kind of interesting. And I`ll be home before you know it.


BECK: Mike, thank you for your service, first of all, sir.

SCOTTI: I appreciate that.

BECK: What did you see that we don`t see? What was the biggest difference on -- I mean, we`re seeing it through this evil little magic box sitting in our living room.

SCOTTI: I think one of the things that I captured on video and that the kind of movie reflects would be the more intimate nature of being there. I mean, the emotions that I`m feeling don`t really come across a lot of times because I`m part of the fight. I have, you know, people that are -- their lives are in my hands. I`m making decisions that are shaping the battlefield, and it is life or death.

BECK: And you taped all of that.

SCOTTI: I did. I was able to tape -- I was able to film, because I would keep the video camera in my right hand and the radio handset in my left hand. And I was a forward observer over there, so it was my job to basically call in the artillery strikes and sometimes mortars, sometimes air strikes, when we would take heavy enemy fire.

So I was able to do my job because normally I`d have like a set of binoculars in my right hand instead of a video camera, so it kept me focused outward on the enemy.

BECK: You know, I haven`t seen the documentary, but I hear it`s pretty darn intense. I have a nephew that was just sent to the Sunni triangle, and we`re on our knees praying for his safety every day. Is this something, if you have a relative, family member, son, daughter, do you want to see this?

SCOTTI: I would want my relatives to see this. It definitely is something that family members -- your mother, your father, your loved ones, you know, husbands, wives, whatever -- would like to see, because when they do come back from combat, they`re probably going to need a couple months to decompress. They might not be exactly the same person that they were when they left. And I think that, by viewing, you know, a movie such as "Severe Clear," they`re going to have a deeper understanding of what it`s like over there.

BECK: How did this change you? How did going over there and fighting -- how does this change you?

SCOTTI: First of all, it makes me thankful for every day that I`m alive. It makes me more health-conscious. I cherish simple things in life, especially my loved ones, you know, my family, and my friends. You just kind of view things in a different light now.

BECK: Right. This doesn`t have a political message?

SCOTTI: It does not.

BECK: So whether you`re for war, against war, you`re going to be able to watch this without blood spurting out of your eyes and go crazy.

SCOTTI: Absolutely. And, you know, I would love for everyone to see this film, no matter what your political views are.

BECK: What are you going to get out of it? Me, I put it on, and I watch it. What am I going to get?

SCOTTI: You`re going to get a deeper understanding of what it`s like to be in a war. And the director is doing a phenomenal job of portraying that.

BECK: Is it important to know what it`s like in a war? Do you give any reason why we`re in the war? I mean, to understand the war is probably as important or more important than what it`s like to be in a war. I mean, I`ve heard war is hell.

SCOTTI: Absolutely.

BECK: I think that`s all I really need to know, isn`t it?

SCOTTI: Absolutely. I think that what this film does is it packages it in a way that the public is going to want to watch it because it`s actually -- it`s a story. And it`s being put together in such a way that, you know, in the 85 or 86 minutes, you`re going to feel like you`ve been through combat. It`s a good film.

BECK: So it`s a good Friday night date movie? "Yes, let`s get together. We`ll watch a little `Schindler`s List.` We`ll watch this." Yes, I got it.

Well, best of luck to you.

SCOTTI: Thank you very much.

BECK: Thank you for bringing the story home.

SCOTTI: Thank you.

BECK: Appreciate it.

SCOTTI: Thanks, Glenn.

BECK: You bet.


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BECK: Hello. I`m TV and radio`s Glenn Beck broadcasting from New York while my underground bunker in Montana is being built, reading your e- mail until everything comes to an end.

Jim in Miami writes, "Hey, Glenn, we`ve picked out a recipe for our August 22nd end of the world cake. We`re doing a black forest layer cake with extra cherry sauce to signify the blood of the non-believer. Thanks for freaking us out."

Jim, not a problem. You know, I`ve got to be honest. I`m not trying to freak everybody out. But, you know, people who are, you know, blowing up airplanes over the ocean with Gatorade bottles, that`s really their job. I`m just hoping that we recognize how serious they are, and maybe we`ll unite a little bit to stop them.

I was in a meeting earlier today. We were talking about the September issue of my magazine, "Fusion." "Fusion," you know, we comment on what`s going on in the world in a funny and we try to be interesting way. Eh. It`s both simultaneously a smart and stupid magazine.

But in our September issue, while we have tons of that in there, I wanted to do a couple of things. Here we are, we`re coming up on the five- year anniversary of 9/11. The first thing I wanted to do was debunk the 9/11 conspiracy theories that are being passed around the Internet by 14- year-olds, because somebody has to.

And the second thing is, I wanted to put down some of my own thoughts on paper, mainly how we`re five years away from 9/11. The promise that you made to yourself and I made to myself on September 12th that year, did you keep any of them?

Take a look at this Gallup poll from March 2002. You tell me if this seems like the America you live in today: 80 percent would give up some freedoms for security; 70 percent would require U.S. citizens to carry I.D. cards with fingerprints; 77 percent want all Americans to get smallpox vaccination.

Now, that survey was taken six months after 9/11. And, yes, some people were scared, you know, what could come. But unlike today, people recognize that they should be scared if we don`t come together and stop these maniacs.

But, Jim, since much of America isn`t in that mindset anymore, I present to you the lazy man`s black forest cake. Four ingredients: cake, pudding, Cool Whip, cherries. That`s it. The directions: You put them all on top of the cake and wait for the end of the world. There you go. Eat away.

On that note, we will see you tomorrow on the radio. Oh, yes, tomorrow on the radio, and tomorrow night here on television, if there is a tomorrow.


I`m going to go have cake. See you tomorrow.