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Glenn Beck

Why Does Society Sexualize Children?; New Movie Examines Islamic War on West

Aired September 13, 2006 - 19:00   ET


GLENN BECK, HOST: Tonight, we look at how our kids are being sexualized by our society and by pop culture. What can we do as parents to stop it?
Plus, this week the most dangerous men in the world are meeting for a little dinner party. Are our enemies lining up against us? Perhaps. And no one is telling you about it except us, next.

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BECK: The post-Katie Couric era began on NBC`s "Today Show", but the lady who really got the most attention was not the new co-host, Meredith Vieira. It was Deb LaFave, the Florida teacher who had sex with her 14- year-old student.

It was about 7:45 this morning. I`m standing in my radio studio, and I look up and see Deb LaFave and Matt Lauer. I mean, you -- America was waking up to a frank discussion about oral sex between a disturbed woman and a teenage boy. It was special.

Was this part of the "Today" program back to school series? I`m not really sure.

Here`s tonight`s point: I don`t care how good looking Deb LaFave is. She`s a child predator. She`s not a media superstar. She`s no different from the people like John Mark Karr, except she`s hot.

Deb LaFave, this is a story that, I`m telling you, this hacks me off more than I think any other story I`ve heard the last few years. Everybody keeps saying, "Oh, there`s nothing wrong with it. The boy wanted it." Of course, he wanted it! He was 14! Who cares what he thinks?

You know, when I was 14, I wanted to smoke; I wanted to drink; I wanted to have sex with hot women, too. That`s why my parents made all the decisions for me. I was a moron.

On the "Today Show", the interview with Deb LaFave, she tried to explain her actions by admitting that she was raped as a teenager.


MATT LAUER, CO-HOST, NBC`S "THE TODAY SHOW": Why didn`t you say, this boy`s raping me?

DEB LAFAVRE, CONVICTED OF STATUTORY RAPE: Just doesn`t happen like that. I had a lot of fear. You know, when somebody has that kind of control over you, especially at 13, I didn`t tell anybody.

LAUER: Who was this young man in your life? I mean, was he someone you were close with?

LEFAVE: Yes, he was actually one of my boyfriends.


BECK: One, one of my boyfriends. She was 13! You know what, Deb? This is why I teach my kids not to start dating until they`re 16. Actually, I`d prefer that they`d wait until they were about 47, but I`ve compromised on 16.

Don`t get me wrong. What happened to Deb LaFave, if she indeed was raped when she was 13, was tragic. But then she takes it, and she doesn`t turn it into a positive like educating kids. She starts molesting them. All she did was pass on her sickness to somebody else, for yet another generation.

So why is an admitted child molester getting the royal treatment from the media? Matt Lauer asked her that question.


LAUER: Why do you think you`ve got all the attention?

LAFAVE: I don`t know.

LAUER: I`ll say it. Do you think it`s because you`re pretty?

LAFAVE: I think so. And sex sells.


BECK: Oh, I can`t take it. Blood shooting out of my eyes.

Matt, let me ask you a question. Would you be giving a second of air time to this story if Deb LaFave looked like this woman? Oh yes, she`s hot, isn`t she? Haven`t seen her on "The Today Show", have you? This is a teacher that had sex with a student just like Deb LaFave, but I don`t know. I think the Band-Aid on her glasses has a certain "je ne sais quoi".

Matt, it`s almost like you know, as well, that sex sells, too.

We live in such a sick, schizophrenic society. We say that child molesters are evil, yet Deb LaFave is one of the first guests on "The Today Show". We say we care about our kids, but all we`re doing in magazines, child beauty pageants, and TV is sexualizing them.

And the result on our children, devastating. The average age at which a girl loses her virginity used to be 19. It`s now 15. During the same time period, the number of sexually active teens has quadrupled.

This is a colossal shift in attitude, and that is what`s making Deb LaFave a case of curiosity instead of what it really is, a tragedy and, dare I say it, a crime.

So here`s what I know tonight. We need to be clear and consistent. We`re either for child molesters or against them, whether it`s John Mark Karr or Deb LaFave. She should be treated the same way as anyone else who harms a child. I don`t know about you, but I`d like my son learning math from his teachers, not how to French kiss.

I also know we need to be clear and consistent on the sexualization of our kids. If you`re outraged every time you hear about a child sex abuse case, then you should also be outraged by the companies that are selling -- buckle your seatbelts for this one, I am not kidding you -- selling lingerie and lacey, padded bras marketed to 6-year-olds. Not kidding. They just went on the market. Does JonBenet Ramsey ring a bell to anyone?

Here`s what I don`t know, I don`t really know how this cycle started. Are magazines and music videos providing the kids with something they want or do kids want these things because they`re seeing them in pop culture? Chicken and the egg.

Dr. Laura Berman, she is the director of the Berman Center in Chicago.

Dr. Berman, which is it? Which one?

DR. LAURA BERMAN, DIRECTOR, BERMAN CENTER: I wish I had the answer for you. I think they feed each other, in that maybe -- I mean, the media has always been on the cutting edge, and every generation looks at the next generation in shock and dismay, if it`s Elvis and the Beatles to what we have now.

BECK: Yes, but you know what? Hang on just a second. This is not a generational thing. Throw up the thong picture. Do we have this?

BERMAN: I know. It`s very -- it`s distressing to me, too. I think what happens is that the media outlets know what`s going to excite kids, and kids are simultaneously being corrupted by these media outlets.

BECK: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Wait a minute, wait a minute. That thong is for 6-year-olds.

BERMAN: I know.

BECK: What kid is excited by a thong? That`s in whole different territory.

BERMAN: Right. Well, I think the thong is a total -- it`s what she sees her mom wearing. It`s what she sees Britney Spears, when Britney Spears is performing and the equivalent today, you know, the thong sticking out of the pants. It`s what they`re seeing in the media as what`s hip and cool.

I don`t think that the 6-year-old is putting that -- or even the 11- year-old girl is putting that thong on, thinking ooh, maybe some guy is going to see this when I sexually interact with them. They`re thinking, "OK, this is what all the hip, cool people are wearing," and they`re inadvertently sexualizing themselves in the process.

BECK: OK. So is there a connection at all, because our daughters are starting to menstruate at 9. They`re starting -- 6-year-old girls are starting to develop breasts.

BERMAN: Right.

BECK: Good heavens! Is there a connection between these two things?

BERMAN: Nobody really knows. It`s unclear. We do know that girls are entering adolescence earlier than they did maybe 20 years ago, and we don`t know if that`s -- some theories are that there`s to many hormones in the milk. Others are that we have too heavy of a fat diet than we did in past generations. Nobody really knows the real answer. Perhaps it is from the stimulation.

BECK: Or could it be from -- roll the footage of the Bratz dolls. Could it be from this? Tel me what message society is sending to their kids when you see the Bratz dolls. Do we have the -- do we have the video of it? There they are.

BERMAN: Yes. It is -- and a lot of these dolls are wearing, you know, baby doll lingerie and leather sexy outfits, and it is very distressing and disturbing.

And I think, short of taking your child out into the country and raising them in a bubble, it`s next to impossible to shield them from all of this. And I think that the best that parents can do is use these as educational opportunities to really talk to their kids about how to make sense of all of this information and images.

BECK: Doctor, I mean, let`s be honest. Are you telling -- I think there`s a good percentage of American parents that -- there are more brains in a bowl of popcorn than a lot of parents in America, because they`ll all say the same thing. And please, correct me if I`m wrong. They`ll all say the same thing: "Oh no, my kids, they know the difference."

BERMAN: Right.

BECK: Oh, we talk about it all the time. I could take them, you know, to NC-17 movies and they`re 8, because well, you know, come on, they have that attitude.

BERMAN: They`re either in denial or they`re sticking their heads in the sand and just not paying any attention to what their kids are doing or watching or experiencing.

BECK: Or may I go another direction? Or they`re lazy.

BERMAN: Right.

BECK: They want to see "American Pie" themselves, and so they think...

BERMAN: I don`t have a baby-sitter, so I`ll take them along.

BECK: Exactly right.

BERMAN: Right. And you`re absolutely right. Obviously, intentionally exposing your kids to these oversexualized things or being lazy about shielding them is definitely not something that you know, I would recommend or endorse.

BECK: Right.

BERMAN: But when you really are trying to be vigilant and you`re trying to pay attention to this, you will -- you will hit your head against a brick wall if you try to shield them from everything and forbid them from being exposed to this stuff. I think you have to, instead of trying to butt up against it, use it as an opportunity to share your values and explore your child`s own values.

BECK: Or you go in my direction. I`m locking my children in the basement.

Dr. Berman, thanks a lot. Appreciate it.


BECK: You know, I personally think we`re selling our kids out, but as a society, if we don`t mind cashing in on our kids and their childhood, let`s at least really go for it. There`s a lot of money to be made. Nobody`s targeted the 5 and under set yet.


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BECK: All right, coming up, President Tom on tour. In Cuba with his best buds Venezuela and Syria. Gee, I wonder what they`re talking about over a few mojitos.

Also, "Girls Gone Wild". They get a legal smackdown and unfortunately for you, my producers get an excuse to run really, really sick video.

And Hillary Clinton has a challenger, even though she says she doesn`t. That`s a challenger to her seat in the Senate. We`ll talk to him, coming up.



BECK: We have to decide as a nation, do we want to buy foreign oil from our enemies? Do we want to enrich our enemies, yes or no? I believe that if you ask that question and put it on the ballot, you would have 90 percent of the American public would say, "No, we don`t want to buy oil from our enemies." Great. Then let`s ban capitalism in this country temporarily from foreign oil.


BECK: We`re going to go into that in a little greater detail tonight at bottom of the hour in "The Real Story". Don`t miss it.

Now this week in Havana, leaders from over 50 countries are meeting as part of the non-aligned movement summit. Loosely, if I may translate bull crap to English, that means countries with leaders who really, really hate us summit.

Invitees read like a list of who`s who of U.S. enemies from Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba, and of course, President Tom is flying in from Iran, 90 miles off our shores.

After a few days of U.S. bashing, the summit will conclude with a signing of a declaration that, in part, condemns the attempts at hegemonic domination and the unjust international economic order. Are they -- you`re talking about us, aren`t you?

Now, for some reason, there`s not a lot of people talking about this little get-together. Maybe it`s because media attention on our enemies, especially if the enemy happens to have just a little bit Muslim in them, is often pretty scarce.

Maybe it`s because they think that people will start yelling "racist" and "hatemonger" at the first sign of any Muslim on the news.

And that may be one of the reasons why you`ve never heard of the new movie that is out -- kind of -- called "Obsession," the new documentary about radical Islam`s war on the west. It is a riveting film that relies on images from Arab television that is rarely seen in the U.S., including clips from people like Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, that will make you look at him in a whole different light.

So why isn`t this movie being distributed in the U.S.? Good question.

Wayne Kopping, director, editor, co-writer, the force behind this movie.

Wayne, why aren`t we seeing this movie?

WAYNE KOPPING, DIRECTOR, "OBSESSION": I think it`s going to take a very brave distributor to get behind this film. They`re going to need a lot of resolve, because as you pointed out, it seems like the 11th commandment is thou shalt not say anything about the Islamic community, even if it happens to be true.

BECK: And the truth, the most shocking truth that you reveal in this movie?

KOPPING: I think there are many things that people must understand about the radical Islamic ideology, but what we seek to show is that the attack happens in America, in London, Madrid, and we see them as separate attacks, but they really see them as separate fronts of a global jihad.

As you pointed out earlier, they have effectively declared war on the west, war on America -- war on America, and we haven`t recognized that yet, and that`s what we`re trying to show in the film and demonstrate by what they say in their own words to their own people, to their own children, on their own TV stations. And we reveal that in this film.

BECK: OK, and you also tie the Nazis together. In fact, if we can run a clip. This is from a former Nazi. This is what he says.


ALFONS HECK, FORMER HITLER YOUTH OFFICER: If you can`t learn from the events of Nazi Germany, you will not be able to grasp the true intent of the danger of the radical Muslim world today.


BECK: Why does he -- why does he say that?

KOPPING: Alfons Heck grew up as a former Hitler Youth officer, and he lived in that period, and he was a product of the indoctrination. When he looked around and he understood what was going on in the Arab world and he looked on the Internet and saw some of the clips that we show in the film, he recognized, this is the exact same hate speech, ideology, propaganda, that he grew up with.

And he started to -- he started to explore this a little bit more. And the audience is going to be shocked to find how deep the roots of radical Islam are in the connection with the Nazi ideology and with Adolf Hitler himself.

BECK: Yes, now see, we`re -- we`re showing the clips now, just of the images of just the Nazi salute, and I was blown away. I was watching a speech by President To, and then they had the army march past him. They`re doing the goose step, too. Is this a coincidence?

KOPPING: They know exactly what they`re doing. They know exactly why they`re doing it. In the film, we show Arab propaganda, where it is word for word, image for image, the exact replica of Nazi propaganda. They learned from the best in the business, and this is how they seek to unify their people in this global jihad that we mentioned earlier.

BECK: So how is anybody in America going to be able to see this?

KOPPING: We`re working very hard to get a distributor, but we`re not sitting back and waiting for a distributor to come to us. We have set up several screenings around the United States, around the world. And you`ll have to check our web site, And we have several of those screenings on our web site.

BECK: OK. Can you buy it online?

KOPPING: Absolutely. You can also buy it online, yes, absolutely. It`s on our web site,, and it`s available.

BECK: OK. Thank you very much, Wayne. I appreciate it. And best of luck to you. I hope the message gets out.

Back in a minute.


BECK: All right, you can hear my radio program every day on stations all across the country, including 610 WIOD in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Florida. Also, 570 KLIF Dallas, Fort Worth.

Let`s go to Los Angeles now. From KABC is Leo Terrell.

Leo, did you see the news about the "Girls Gone Wild" fine that came in?

LEO TERRELL, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Yes, sir, Glenn. And hello, I`ve been holding my driver`s I.D. to show age, just to make sure if I get in trouble. I`ve got my driver`s license, and...

BECK: I mean, may I tell you something? If this was "Leo Goes Wild", I don`t know if a lot of people would buy it, so.

TERRELL: You`re right, you`re right, but I just want to be sure. I want to be careful.

BECK: OK. All right. Good. Please, nobody hose him down. I don`t want to see him take off his shirt. It was -- how much of a fine was it, Leo?

TERRELL: Two point one million dollars, and it`s pocket change, it`s tip money, and I think, Glenn, it has an adverse effect. This is a multi- million industry. It`s a slap on the wrist, no jail time. And I`ve got news for you, it`s national news. Popular videos. And all you`ve got to do now is clean up his act, but you know, the show goes on.

BECK: So let`s recap a little bit. Here`s a guy who goes out -- I mean, these guys are brilliant -- evil, but brilliant...

TERRELL: Absolutely.

BECK: ... guys. They go out. They film girls, college girls, going crazy.


BECK: I`d like, a side note here for a second, Leo -- what is it exactly that girls go wild for? Because I wish I would have known that years ago, because they never went wild. They never even went a little crazy with me.

But -- and so he would film them, and they say now that he didn`t do his paperwork, which kind of strikes me a little as Al Capone, getting him on income tax evasion, doesn`t it?

TERRELL: A little bit, and also not worrying about the age, if they`re 17 or 18. There was a little inducement, apparently cash being exchanged to make the girls go wild, but yes, it`s the Al Capone analogy. He didn`t do his paperwork, his homework.

BECK: Right.

TERRELL: Now slap the wrist, pay the fine, but move on. You can still do the job.

BECK: Yes, and with Al Capone, at least we sent him to prison and he died in prison. This guy, you`re right, $2.5 million means nothing. He could make that in one night.

TERRELL: He could make that in one night. Every cable show at night shows these commercials. And he`s just gearing up for next spring, because he`s going to be all over the world selling these videos, encouraging young girls all over the country to take it all off, but just to make sure, show me that I.D. card, just to make sure we`ve got our paperwork for Uncle Sam.

BECK: Leo, did you -- are you a dad?

TERRELL: No, single.

BECK: OK, could you sleep at night if you did this for a living?

TERRELL: You know what? No. Me, personally. But apparently, Mr. Francis with his jets, his multi-million dollar holdings, he`s sleeping quite well. And I guarantee you, this -- if the government thinks this is going to have a deterrent, Glenn, it has a great adverse effect.

BECK: Oh yes.

TERRELL: It`s just geared up for spring `07.

BECK: Oh, yes.

TERRELL: I`m still just holding this. Holding my license.

BECK: I don`t think you`ll be asked to be on the video.

TERRELL: Well, maybe!

BECK: I will tell you that my mother used to say, when she was -- when I was a kid, she would say -- when I would be misbehaving, she would say I hope some day you have a kid just like me.

To this dirtbag that is in his jet, I say I hope some day you have a daughter and someone approaches her to pay her off to have her take her shirt off, and then we`ll see how you feel about it.

Leo, thanks a lot.

TERRELL: Thank you, Glenn.

BECK: You bet. Bye-bye.


BECK: All right. Welcome to the "Real Story." This is where we try to cut through the media spin to try to figure out why a story is actually important to you. The first one up tonight former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey. He taped a segment with opera yesterday. They`re going to air it next week. Coincidentally, the same day his new book is going to be released.

Now, most of the media headlines today are focused on his speech in 2004, where he told the nation that he was a gay American. But the real story has nothing to do with him being gay or even that he`s a despicable human being for cheating on his wife and his two children by having risky sex at highway rest stops.

No, no, no, no. The part of the story that everyone seems to forget is that Jim McGreevey resigned after his affair was allegedly with someone he put into a position he wasn`t qualified for, something that kind of opened him up for all sorts of potential blackmail. And worse yet, the position, an advisor to homeland security. Oh, that`s great!

In addition, people forget that McGreevey managed to run in less than three years one of the most investigated administrations in the history of New Jersey. It`s New Jersey, man. That`s saying something, James. The guy would make Tony Soprano blush.

So, as much as people will want to remember him as someone who was courageous enough to face his true self, me, I`m going to choose to remember him as a lying, adultering, crooked politician that risked the health and safety of not only his family, but his entire state.

And I`m thinking I`m also not going to be buying his book.

Changing gears now, let`s talk about the price of oil. Dropped yesterday to its lowest point since March. People are now saying that we may even get to see $2 a gallon gasoline.

But the real story is that neither of those things may be good things. Now, I know this sounds counterintuitive, but stick with me for a second. I`ve got to bring you back a few decades to 1979 to explain this theory.

The energy crisis, everybody was in a panic, but fortunately, we had a guy who was courageous enough, Jimmy Carter was in the White House. And on the 15th of July of that year, he delivered a ground-breaking speech to the nation on energy independence, in which he proved his uncanny ability to predict the future. Watch.


JIMMY CARTER, FORMER PRESIDENT: Beginning this moment, this nation will never use more foreign oil than we did in 1977, never.


BECK: This guy, never ceases to amaze me how wrong he always is. We`re now importing 63 percent more oil than we were in December of `77, but on the good side, at least Jimmy Carter was trying to do something about it. In `79, Congress approved the Synthetic Fuels Corporation and backed it up with about $88 billion in loans and price incentives. That is in today`s dollar $223 billion.

Its mission was to speed up the production of alternative oil and produce 2 million barrels of oil a day within seven years. Carter said this was bigger than the sum total of the Internet highway system -- or the interstate highway system, the Marshall plan, and the space program all combined. Six years later, company shut its doors.

Energy secretary at the time said oil prices just dropped too low to make the business viable enough. Wait a minute, oil prices were too low? Here`s the key. OPEC was concerned that America finally might be getting serious about coming up with a plan to make our own oil, so they decided to put an end to it. They crashed the price of oil.

Within six years, the oil prices fell from $37 a barrel to $14 a barrel. That made dumping billions into an energy program really not seem like much fun anymore.

Now, here`s the reason I`m telling you this story. You have to realize that our oil suppliers, they`ll do anything to keep this gravy train rolling. What we have to ask ourselves is, do we want to be in business with people who are using our oil money to arm themselves against us?

It`s time for us to make a decision. We can either be the short-term thinkers and cheer every time gas hits $2 a gallon, or we can be long-term thinkers and realize, this isn`t about the price of gas. It`s about the security of our country. Edwin Black, he is the author of a new book called "Internal Combustion."

Edwin, you did your book -- by the way, you did the IBM and Holocaust book, did you not?

EDWIN BLACK, AUTHOR, "INTERNAL COMBUSTION": Yes, I did, because that was involved with a terrible past, and now I`m looking at a terrible future.

BECK: Yeah. Tremendous book. I can`t wait to read "Combustion." What is the biggest lie that you came across when you were doing the research on this book?

BLACK: Well, the biggest lie we`re looking at now is that corn ethanol is good for this country. Actually, corn ethanol is going to extend our addiction to oil. It takes a gallon to a gallon and a quarter of petroleum to make a gallon of corn ethanol, and there`s more than a 50-cent little known government subsidy that goes right to the oil companies. So every time you think you`re helping the farmers, you`re actually helping the oil companies.

At the same time, Brazilian sugar cane ethanol is oil-free, does not require oil, it`s good for the environment. We have a punitive tax against that, more than 50 cents a gallon, and that keeps it out. So that`s the biggest lie we`re looking at now, is the next big fuel mistake is corn ethanol.

BECK: OK. Hang on. How about this, because I really thought you would say that one of the biggest lies that you came across is the fact that we are going to have to spend billions of dollars to change the infrastructure of our highway systems if we come onto, let`s say hydrogen cars.

BLACK: That`s another lie.

BECK: Right.

BLACK: If you want a hydrogen car, all you`ve got to do is get the Honda hydrogen car, when it`s going to be introduced in a couple of years, perhaps sooner. It`s going to have a home energy station. It`s going to be about the size of an air conditioner. It`s going to convert hydrogen right in your backyard or in your garage. It`s going to power your entire home and five cars. Honda`s going to sell it with the hydrogen car.

This is not a look into the future. This machine is available right now from Plug Power. Honda controls it, and BMW is beating Honda to the punch with hydrogen as well. There`s enough hydrogen flowing through this country in pipelines and trucks every day, right this minute, to fuel a million hydrogen cars.

One of the lies is we need to build a hydrogen highway. We don`t, it`s here.

BECK: OK, but this, actually -- you`ll never go to a gas station again, or a hydrogen station. You actually pump the hydrogen in your own garage?

BLACK: That`s right. The hydrogen will be manufactured right in your own garage in a small box that will also power your entire home. It`s called the home energy station by Honda. It`s made by Plug Power, and Honda is developing a car that they want to bring out in about three years. BMW is bringing one out next year that`s actually going to use a liquid hydrogen and a gas station.

BECK: Wait, wait, wait. This will power your own home as well?

BLACK: That`s right, everything. We have a .

BECK: These guys, I`ve got to tell you, only Honda could do these, because these guys would be dead, they`d be floating in some river if they were anyplace in New Jersey.

BLACK: Honda refuses to get involved with corn ethanol because it`s a bad idea. Hydrogen is the answer and it is either going to be BMW or Honda. They`re both racing each other starting point and we need to be with them.

BECK: Let me go through a couple of things because there`s some technology that`s fallen flat -- oh, I have 30 seconds. I don`t have time to do this.

BLACK: We`ve only had 100 years to get it wrong.

BECK: I know. I tell you what, we`ll have you back, because you`re a fascinating guy and you`ve done so much research on this. How long you been researching this book?

BLACK: This book took about 50,000 documents, 100 archives and about a year to cut through all the lies. It`s a century of lies, and now we need a nice, big moment of truth to bring this country back to energy independence.

BECK: That`s great. Edwin, thank you so much. We`ll have you back again.

That, my friend, is "The Real Story" tonight. If you would like to read more about the fascinating story about how OPEC crushed Synthetic Fuels Corporation or if you have a story to tell us about, please, go to, that`s with two ns. Click on "The Real Story" button and find the information there.

All right. Let`s go straight to Hill, Erica Hill, the anchor of PRIME NEWS on Headline News." Erica, what do you have for us today?

ERICA HILL, CNN HN ANCHOR: Hello, Glenn. This is a really interesting story. I actually saw this morning and I was kind of interested you guys chose it. A guy in Washington hasn`t shaved in five years and he`s got a pretty good reason why.

We`re going to show you Gary Waddell (ph) now, so you can meet Gary and his beard.

BECK: There he is, oh, a handsome man.

HILL: He`s a middle school teacher. He hasn`t shaved since the September 11th attack. The first week he plain just forget because he was following the news so closely that frankly he just forgot. But then he decided, wait a minute, I am not going to shave this beard until Osama bin Laden is caught.

So five years later, no shaving. He does trim the bead.

BECK: Very long beard.

HILL: Very long beard. His wife is not so happy about it, apparently.

BECK: His wife`s not happy?

HILL: His wife doesn`t love it. His three daughters think it`s not so bad. He says though he`s not shaving it off, even if he has to be buried with it, he`ll keep growing the facial hair.

BECK: How does the dog feel, that I`m sure is living in the beard?

HILL: I don`t know if they interviewed the dog.

BECK: I don`t know if this is true or not, but I have heard Cindy Sheehan is doing the same thing with her underarm hair.

HILL: Interesting.

BECK: I`m not sure if that`s true. Erica, thank you.

HILL: Get back to me on that.

BECK: I`m sure you want to know. Thanks.



BECK: This horrible -- you know, I saw somebody riding the bus to work today. I was driving in, saw somebody actually riding the bus in to work. Some people can`t even afford their own cars under this administration.

Of course, the bus was surrounded by the $40,000 SUVs. But the SUVs were only there because bush made those people buy them just to be able to support big oil. That`s all that`s going on here.


BECK: What a horrible economy we`re all trying to just struggle through.

Yesterday was primary day across the country. Let me ask you, honestly, were you as riveted as I was? I was glued to my set watching "Dancing with the Stars." Apparently, Hillary Clinton just squeaked by in a nail-biter. She won by only 70 points, and now she faces Republican John Spencer in the New York Senate race in November. He fired the first shot last night. He said, I`m not running for the Senate, or I`m not running for the Senate, I`m not running for president, and really that`s what she`s running for. He may be right. She has a war chest of over $40 million.

Is she unstoppable? Joining me now is the opponent, Republican candidate for the United States senate, John Spencer. Hello, John, how are you?

JOHN SPENCER, (R) U.S. SENATE CANDIDATE: Nice to be with you. How are you?

BECK: Good, very good. You`re challenging her to a debate. She`s pretending like she doesn`t even know your name. Does she?

SPENCER: Oh, I`ve met with Senator Clinton numerous times as mayor of Yonkers. She sat in my office for an hour and a half, so yeah, she knows who I am.

BECK: Yeah. Let`s be honest, do you think you`ve got a shot?

SPENCER: Of course I do. Of course, I do.

BECK: Really?

SPENCER: If we believe in our system of democracy and elections and campaigns, and if people will focus on the issues, Senator Clinton has been a failure for New York State, domestically, and I think she`s not sharp on the issues when it comes to fighting terrorism either.

BECK: All right, I`ve only got a couple of minutes, so I want to get to know you a bit. What I do with politicians, what we`re going to be doing here up to November, is when we have a politician on, we`re going to give him some yes/no questions. All right?


BECK: Because we only have time - you can choose one question, you say I want to come back to this one and answer, so choose carefully, because here we go. Yes/no only. Ready?


BECK: Islamic extremists are the biggest threat to the world has faced since World War III, and if we don`t win, it will be the end of the West as we know it, yes or no?


BECK: Illegal immigration is a huge threat to our nation?

SPENCER: Huge is dramatic, I`d say it`s a threat.

BECK: That`s not really a yes/no question.

SPENCER: I know. I break the rules.

BECK: Teachers unions are a large obstacle in the way of fixing our schools.


BECK: I will vote against my party if I believe they`re wrong.


BECK: The president is most right about?

SPENCER: Fighting terrorism.

BECK: The president is most wrong about?

SPENCER: Spending.

BECK: And the other party has this one right? What?

SPENCER: Nothing.

BECK: Nothing. You have nothing, they have no clue on anything?

SPENCER: I don`t follow the other party.

BECK: OK. All right. So I want to come back. Is there anything you wanted to explain on that? Because I wanted to come back to illegal immigration is just a threat, not a huge threat. What are you thinking, man?

SPENCER: Well, it`s -- well, huge. I mean, when you compare things to terrorism and, it`s a big threat. Huge is maybe dramatic. It`s something that can be arrested if we pay attention and secure our borders and do what we should have been doing for a couple of decades, secure our borders and have an immigration system that works, it`s speedy, and we`ve got it secure our borders. So I think it`s just a federal government that`s been asleep for 20 or 30 years.

BECK: You want to build a fence?

SPENCER: I don`t think a fence -- a fence? You know, listen, I can go on Google and look in your backyard with technology nowadays. I mean, we have the technology to secure the border. There`s areas that probably need a fence. There`s areas that do not need a fence.

So, I think we can put, you know, space probes on Saturn for God`s sake, we can`t secure our own border? Come on, we can secure it.

BECK: OK, great. John Spencer, good luck to you.

SPENCER: OK, thank you.

BECK: `Tis the season for political campaigning. But there is a positive side. I thought of this this morning, and I don`t know if he`s the right guy. We could have Brian Sack on, and for a change of pace, he can make fun of other people instead of me.

BRIAN SACK, POLITICAL NEWS NOVICE: OK, I am the right guy for that.

BECK: But, are you really?

SACK: Mm-hmm. I like to complain, I like to poke fun.

BECK: Do you know anything at all about politics?

SACK: I do. I read Wikipedia, I know everything. It changes constantly.

BECK: Let me ask you these questions. Islamic terrorism -- Islamic fundamentalism. We`re in a global war, biggest threat since World War II, we`re doomed if we don`t kill them all.

SACK: I don`t think we have to kill them all. I think that`s very drastic.

BECK: Really? Is that like the immigration thing?

SACK: We should talk it out.

BECK: Hug it out.

SACK: A lot of hugging.

BECK: So what do you know about - because what I`m thinking, Brian, is that you could kind of be our political reporter. You could go cover some of the races with the candidates like Spencer here, you know, that doesn`t, that`s really not going to get any media attention at all.

SACK: He`s not getting any attention at all. I didn`t even know he existed until today.

BECK: Neither did I.

SACK: How do you know the mayor of Yonkers does not exist and suddenly there he is, fighting Hillary? I feel for him. I wouldn`t want to go after Hillary. I wouldn`t want to touch her with a 10 foot poll. She`s like the death star and he`s like the little X-wing fighter. Stay on target, stay on target and then boom. I don`t know. I wish him luck.

BECK: Is it true -- did you make a movie poster for .

SACK: I did, I had the graphics department whip something up. "Mission: Impossible: III." Do you like that?

BECK: Not so much, not so much. Brian, here`s the thing. Tell me something in politics that you`re interested in. What do you find is an interesting race?

SACK: An interesting race? Well, the one we just had, the one in Rhode Island, the Rhode Island 15 minutes of fame, I wish the guy`s name was Chaffee, because it would rhyme with Laffey and we could have had a good time making up graphics like this one, Laffey Chafee Daffy Taffy. But it`s Chafee. It`s unfortunate.

BECK: This is where you`re going.

SACK: They went for Lincoln Chafee, who was basically, the Republicans call him a rhino, the Republican in name only, but that`s who they went for, kind of the moderate McCainish kind of Republican. Apparently the other guy too Republican.

BECK: Can we show the graphic again? Show the graphic again, if you can bring that up. I think Brian is the guy to cover politics for this show.

SACK: Thanks very much.

BECK: I think you`re the man. Brian, we`ll talk to you soon.

SACK: We`re done?

BECK: We`re done, brother.

SACK: My goodness.

BECK: All out of time.

SACK: See you next week.

BECK: You bet.


BECK: All right, we`ll get to your e-mail here in a second, but let`s check in first with Nancy Grace to se what she has coming up on the show tonight. Nancy?

NANCY GRACE, CNN HN HOST: Glenn, tonight the search goes on for a missing Florida two-year-old, Trenton Duckett. According to his mom, she tucked him into his crib for the night, went into the next room to watch a movie with friends, went back in to find him gone with a slash in the window screen.

Then, surprisingly, the mom confirmed dead, apparent suicide. And tonight, new details have emerged, very disturbing details that this mother, now deceased from an apparent suicide, placed an ad in the local newspaper days before her son, two years old, goes missing, putting his car seat up for sale. Now, that`s a heck of a clue.

BECK: Don`t miss Nancy tonight, great story, 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. Eastern right here.

A lot of e-mail coming in about my offer to host and moderate a debate between President Bush and President Tom from Iran.

Barb wrote in, "Hello, Mr. Beck. If you get the chance to host the debate with that nut would you please invite me to sit in the front row? I`ll have water balloons to throw at him when the nut gets out of hand. I would so forward to that so much."

Let me just say this, this was the nicest one. Most of the other e-mails had to do with more rigid items that cause a little bit more physical discomfort for President Tom, so I doubt we`re going to be doing any kind of live audience if President Tom agrees to the debate on this program.

But here`s the problem, I`m not really a diplomat, you know? I don`t run in the United Nations circles. Surprising, isn`t it? Although, if I drive anywhere by the UN, I can usually see Kofi Annan`s blinds open up as he waves to me, usually with just one finger, but I`m assuming that means something different in his culture.

So, I need your help. Help me craft the perfect diplomatic letter that we can send on behalf of this program, an official request for President Tom to appear on this program. Go to to submit yours. Please, help the world heal.

This one comes in from Trenton, Utah, "Glenn, are you a mortician or a minister? Nice outfit last night."

Haven`t we passed the point of you making fun of my clothes, really? Roll the footage, will you? Here`s last night.

I know, I look, I look like, well, I look more like a `70s professor who is also selling carpeting in the evenings, but then I also solve crimes. Hey, thanks for playing "name that costume," Trent, I appreciate it. See you tomorrow on the radio, you sick freak.

VIRGINIA CHA, CNN HN ANCHOR: Hey there. I`m Virginia Cha with your "Headline Prime" newsbreak.

In Montreal, a young man wearing a black trench coat opened fire in a college cafeteria. This is amateur video from inside the school. Officials say the suspect was shot dead by police. According to police, one woman was killed, at least 19 people wounded.

It may have been a missed opportunity. This photo shows some 190 suspected Taliban members at a funeral in Afghanistan. Now NBC News says army officers wanted to fire but didn`t because of a military ban on attacking cemeteries. The Pentagon wants to know how the media got the picture.

In suburban Chicago, police thought they had a hostage situation at a bank, but by the time they went in, the robber was gone. All officers found were boys hiding in a bathroom. Police are still searching for the suspect.

And Grammy-winning singer Whitney Houston is divorcing Bobby Brown after 14 years of marriage. The couple`s turbulent relationship had been under public scrutiny for years. That`s the news for now. I`m Virginia Cha.