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Glenn Beck

Did Immorality Lead to Recent Tragedies?; Foley Scandal Leads to Political Games

Aired October 04, 2006 - 19:00   ET


GLENN BECK, HOST: Coming up, the latest in the shooting tragedy in Pennsylvania.
Plus, CNN`s Lou Dobbs is here to weigh in on the death of the middle class. That`s coming up next.


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BECK: All right. The Westboro Baptist Church, is in the news. This is the Kansas church that claims that "God hates fags". They picket funerals of U.S. troops killed in Iraq, and they are at it again.

This time, they were planning on picketing the funerals of the Amish girls who were murdered in Pennsylvania. The group says that it`s -- the girls were killed "as a punishment for Governor Ed Rendell`s blasphemous sins" against them.

There`s good news and bad news here. The good news is, the Westboro Baptist Church is not going to go through with it. The bad news is why. More on that in a minute.

But first here is tonight`s point. Just as Osama bin Laden is an affront to God, so is the Westboro Baptist Church. They and their actions have absolutely nothing to do with God. And if they do, I am an atheist. Here`s how I got there.

These people in the Amish community have no idea what the "God hates fags" church is really all about and what they stand for. This is the same group of scumbags that holds up signs reading "Thank God for September 11". They have called our soldiers "lazy, incompetent idiots." The Amish, you know, these guys just want to be left alone and worship their God in their own way. Does anybody else`s heart hurt for them this week?

But the Westboro Baptist Church, no, no, they don`t want the Amish to mourn in peace. They are cockroaches who have come out from underneath the refrigerator to disrupt funerals. We need to stomp on them just like the cockroaches that they are.

As for the Amish, I feel so horrible for these guys. My first reaction when I heard this this morning was, if I lived in that area, for the first time in my life, I`d act as a human shield. I would stand between the Amish and the vermin from the Westboro Baptist Church.

The people at this "so-called" church will say that, you know, they just wanted to exercise their "free speech." Yes, yes, pipe down, moron, I get it. But is this really the sort of free speech that our Founding Fathers intended? No.

The problem is, there is no shame left in our society. The Founding Fathers expected us to be good people, and through our shared values, protect the most innocent among us. For as much foresight as they our Founding Fathers had, they could have never have foreseen the dirt bags like these guys. You know, we have retreated so far from sanity and decency in our country that our Founding Fathers, I fear, would -- wouldn`t even recognize the country they started.

I`m going to go out on a limb here and make a prediction. I feel it in my gut. I feel people have had enough of what is going on in our society getting away with people getting away with things that honestly should be criminal.

I feel the same way that Thomas Jefferson must have felt when he wrote the Declaration of Independence. He said, and I`m paraphrasing loosely, "Mr. King, people have begged you to listen to us. And you just won`t do it."

We can`t even get the government to listen to us now. We can`t get them to listen to us on spending, on security, on immigration, on partisan politics. We can`t get our court systems to listen to us. And if that continues, the people are going to rise up. And the actions of the Westboro Baptist Church is just another piece on a very large pile.

But I`m telling you, things like this, it`s going to be a fuse. And it`s going to be lit, and once that fuse is lit, it cannot be blown out.

Here is the reason the Westboro Baptist Church canceled their protest. Here is the real bad news.

Mike Gallagher. Mike Gallagher is a radio host that I sort of know, and he`s just trying to make a name for himself. And Mike, honestly, shame on you. This guy`s got like four listeners in the country, and he told the hate group that he would give them an hour of airtime if they wouldn`t protest.

Oh, Mike, how magnanimous of you. Gee, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like of like I do when Al Jazeera lets the other side be heard on their air in the name of peace.

I am not comparing Mike to Al Jazeera, but you know what, Mr. Gallagher? You are the stereotypical opportunist trying just to make a buck. And normally, I`m all for making some cash, but not when you`re making a buck helping to spread hate. Shame on you.

And that`s -- you know what? That`s what this dirt bag church is doing. They are using God to further hate. Sound familiar to anyone? That is why I put them in the same exact category as Osama bin Laden, except they haven`t beheaded anybody yet.

So here`s what I know tonight. Americans are about to rise up and say, "I want my freaking country back." People are going to stop relying on their government and start relying on themselves, and normally that would be a good thing. I mean, it`s both good and bad.

Here`s why it`s bad. Too many people will use these things like a border or even this as an excuse to get a rope. And others will exploit whatever they have to exploit for politics or ratings.

To prevent this from happening, we just need to be decent human beings to each other. We need to raise our families. We need to be with our kids. We need representatives to actually represent us. Otherwise, someone else will step in and do the job for us.

Here`s what I don`t know. I don`t know when this happened. I don`t know how it happened. But gradually, we have perverted our country and our values to the point where we now allow snakes like the Westboro Baptist Church to terrorize innocent people and then applaud opportunists who give them an hour of free airtime.

How did we ever get to this point?

State Representative Gibson Armstrong represents Lancaster County. Am I wrong on this?

REP. GIBSON ARMSTRONG, PENNSYLVANIA STATE HOUSE: You know, Glenn, as I`ve been listening, I think you`re exactly right. And you know, the first thing is people have to realize that the government doesn`t have all the answers. And I don`t think there`s a law we could have passed that would have stopped this sick man from doing what he did.

BECK: Right.

ARMSTRONG: I think that we need to understand that a lot of problems in our society are better dealt with my churches, by families, by communities and businesses.

BECK: You know, we have set up a system in our society that preaches really against that, that has torn our families and our churches and everything else -- everything else apart.

You know, I read a phrase written by Einstein when he was talking about how great America is. And he said the unique thing about Americans is they are really focused on the "we," and not the "I." I don`t know if that`s true anymore.

ARMSTRONG: You know, I am beginning to wonder myself. And I`m also reminded of a quote by John Adams who said -- I believe it was Adams who said that our Constitution was meant for a moral and religious people. It`s only inadequate for another.

And what he meant was, as you alluded to earlier, if we are not a virtuous people, we`re only going to see more incidents like what happened Monday and more groups like this hate church. If we don`t, as a society, start promoting virtue, and stop promoting vice, this is just a harbinger of things to come.

BECK: Yes, I agree with you. By the way, that was from the farewell address of George Washington, and he`s the one who said it. And I don`t know how many times I`ve quoted that, that address. I mean, he predicted all of this stuff. He said we are not going to be able to stand, unless, he didn`t say just a virtuous, he said religious people. And that -- people are like, "I`m spiritual." He specifically talked about religious - - you need that religious framework.

How are the people in your district? How -- have you met with the Amish people?

ARMSTRONG: I have. Talked to a few of them. Ran into one of the fathers of one of the victims on Saturday. And as soon as I leave here I`ll be going to the family`s viewing, one of their daughters. Talked to some of the neighbors. And was at a prayer meeting last night. They`re handling it as well as you could ever expect.

BECK: Can you pass on -- I`m sure they feel this -- but can you pass on to them how I think how deeply America is sorry for their loss. And I mean also, I mean, I feel some way, and we`re not in any way, shape or form, the guy who did this is just a sicko. But I just feel in some way kind of responsible that they look at us and just say man, your society is so sick. And they`re right. But I feel bad for it. Can you pass that on to them?

ARMSTRONG: Yes, I certainly will. And if I could pass on a message to our friends in the media, back off. They`re -- I`ve gotten calls today. They are hiding in bushes. They are not respecting people`s property. They`re not respecting the "no press" signs.

In fact, this blew my mind. I talked to one of the rescue workers Monday. He was trying to direct in the emergency helicopters who had to wait because the news helicopters would not get out of the way. And that - - I`ve got to tell you, that is sick.

BECK: You know, it`s funny that you say that, because my next question was to you is there anything we can do to keep the cameras away from the funeral? And I guess shame is the key to that. Gibson Armstrong, thank you for your service, sir. Appreciate it.

ARMSTRONG: Thank you.

BECK: Coming up, frankly, you know, I don`t know who`s more perverted, Mark Foley or Congress for playing political games with the story that has been unfolding in Washington.

Also, Lou Dobbs joins me to talk about America`s vanishing middle class. Does illegal immigration play a role? No.

Also, round 46 between me and Michael Gross, more ACLU craziness you are not going to believe.



BECK: Never send my kids to Washington. "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" needs like a porn track to it now. I think Mr. Smith went to Washington, and is now in jail serving 25 years to life for molestation and murder.

I don`t -- it`s really not the Jimmy Stewart world anymore, is it? I want it back! But take it from us.


BECK: Last Friday, ABC News reported that Congressman Mark Foley sent sexually explicit messages to pages in 2003. Later that day, Foley resigned. Yesterday -- a full four whole days later, this political ad came out.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It shocks the conscience. Congressional leaders have admitted covering up the predatory behavior of a congressman who used the Internet to molest children. For over a year, they knowingly ignored the welfare of children to protect their own power.


BECK: It`s unbelievable.

Let me repeat what that ominous announcer voice said in the beginning: "Congressional leaders have admitted covering up." Which congressional leaders have admitted covering up? I`d like to know. Please put them on.

They covered up the predatory behavior of a congressman who used the Internet, quote, to "molest children." Good God, have we really come to this already? Forget the fact that that is an outright lie. No leader has admitted to any cover up.

And even though it was completely disgusting and depraved, there is no evidence, at least at this time -- God help us, I hope there`s not -- that Foley actually molested anybody.

But the bigger issue here is that there is no seemingly way to stop this runaway political freight train from barreling ahead without any regard for the truth or any desire to actually fix the problem.

I said at the beginning of that radio bump, I don`t want to send my kids to Washington, do you? Well how about the page system? Has it been shut down yet? How are the kids that are there? Are they safe? I don`t know. We`re all worried about an election.

Yesterday, in the "Real Story" segment, I told you that this isn`t about politics. But today, in the wake of the ridiculous ads that are already taking advantage of this, I`ve changed my mind. You want to play politics? Great, let`s play hardball. Oops, wrong show.

Let`s talk about the fact that in 1983, a Democratic congressman named Gerry Studds admitted to having sex with a male teenage page. Let`s talk about that one.

And after the scandal broke, he atoned for it. He served another 13 years in Congress. The difference? In 1983, hmm, not an election year.

This is not about politics. You want to play the game, great? Let`s play the game. Terry Jones is the associate editor of "Investors Business Daily", author of a recent column titled "Did Democrats Page Mark Foley?" What is your thesis, here?

TERRY JONES, ASSOCIATE EDITOR, "INVESTORS BUSINESS DAILY": Well, my thesis here is basically this. It`s there are two elements to this whole scandal. One is the scandal itself. That was tragic and certainly inexcusable. Foley did the right thing to resign.

And the Republicans in Congress should look into this and see what was done and what wasn`t done and what could be done better in the future. All that is completely true and goes without saying.

BECK: Sure.

JONES: The other element of this, however, is the political side of it. And I`m afraid that the Democrats have been a little bit too gleeful in making political hay out of this.

BECK: Well, you -- you said in your column that you believe this was a planned October surprise. What evidence do you have of that?

JONES: Well, we don`t think -- we don`t think necessarily that it was a planned October surprise. But we do think the opportunity presented itself, and we do believe that Democrats and Democratic operatives knew about this and had the information ready.

There`s a lot of evidence that as soon as Brian Ross put the e-mails up on his web site, he immediately got zapped a lot more information from a Democrat-related group called "Crew." And that seems to suggest that they were ready for this. And ready to make a big deal of it as the election drew near.

BECK: How long did they know? Do you have any idea? I would love to see your evidence on this. Because honestly, you know what? If that`s going on, I want to crucify the people who are on the left and the right.

If you knew this was going on and did nothing, and you put kids at jeopardy, shame on you. And you deserve to be crucified.

But you know what? I`m not going to play the little games that everybody else is playing. I don`t care what party you belong to. I want to see the evidence. I`ve been ratting people like Nancy Pelosi out and saying shame on you. I want to see your evidence, and I want to see the same with you. Shame on the Democrats if they did it. Shame on the Republicans.

Can you help us with evidence?

JONES: Glenn, that`s a very good question. And it`s one of the things that should be looked into. We know that news -- several newspapers had got wind of the e-mails last year. I believe the St. Petersburg paper actually...

BECK: Wait a minute, there`s a difference between the e-mails, and this is the game that politicians are playing. There`s a difference between the e-mails and the IM messages.


BECK: What they saw in the e-mails, the newspapers walked away from and so did the Republicans. The IM messages are extraordinarily explicit.

JONES: And that`s where it gets murky. We do not know as of yet what the genesis of those were. They seem to come from out of the blue. The e- mail messages popped up late last year. There`s sort of, I would say, a cursory investigation of it all.

BECK: Right.

JONES: And people determined nothing serious had gone on.

BECK: Well, Terry I will tell you, I would like you to follow up. I would love to hear your evidence if you come up with it. I think it`s dangerous on both sides to speculate when we`ve got so much at stake.

Thanks for your time, Terry.

Now, once Mark Foley gets out of rehab, he`s got to make some decisions. Another run for Congress maybe? Not so much. Probably out of the question. I`m thinking, though. I think he`s got a future in show business.


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BECK: Every weekday you can hear my radio program on stations all across the country including 1140 WRVA in Richmond, Virginia. By the way, if you can`t find an affiliate in your area, you can sign up and listen online at my web site,

Now, on the same network that I`m on is George Noory from "Coast to Coast A.M." He`s also the author of a new book, "Worker in the Light: Unlock Your Five Senses and Liberate Your Limitless Potential".

He`s normally in L.A. but in St. Louis today.

George, you know, it`s almost serendipitous that we`re talking today. Because I -- with everything that is going on in the news, I sense -- I have such a sense of evil and darkness on this planet. And we are the ones who have to turn it around.

Now I`m a real religious guy. And I believe, you know, we need to unite that way. Your book really kind of is much more California in its nature. But you`re saying the same thing.

GEORGE NOORY, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Absolutely, Glenn. I have for years believed that we are all connected. We are on a wireless Internet.

BECK: Right.

NOORY: And in order to accomplish some of the things we need to accomplish. And that is, to avoid the tension, the evil, the horror that al of us seem to be going through over the last several years, we have got to tap into this Internet.

BECK: Yes, you know, it`s amazing, George, because it doesn`t matter if -- I was just having this conversation off the air today during my radio program with one of my producers. It doesn`t matter if you`re a hippie or the pope. You feel it.

And you know, you`ve got -- you`ve got the Muslims. You have Christians all saying that, you know, Armageddon is around the corner. You even have Mel Gibson coming out and saying look at the Aztec calendar. If I`m not mistaken, you probably know this. Didn`t the -- was it the Mayans or the Aztecs say that 2012 was the end?

NOORY: The Maya believe that 2012 is the end of something. We don`t know what it is.

BECK: Right.

NOORY: It could be the beginning of something enlightening. It could be the end of civilization as we know it today.

BECK: But that`s really kind of the -- I mean, that is the whole point of, you know, the return of the messiah, no matter what religion you have. Even the ancient Indians, the American Indians, believe that there was a great change of consciousness coming. And it`s the same story, just different people involved, right?

NOORY: There`s no doubt about it, Glenn. And again, my message in the book is merely to get all of us going the same way.

BECK: Right.

NOORY: Because if we don`t, we are really headed for one heck of a disaster.

BECK: So what is the -- what is the main point of your book on how to head in that direction?

NOORY: Let me give you a real brief example. And it was a recent one. A couple of months ago.

Barbaro, the horse that won the Kentucky Derby...

BECK: Yes.

NOORY: ... was going to be put down because of severe laminitis. His foot was falling off. They had to take the hoof away. He had a broken leg in the Preakness.

We concentrated that night on that horse. And we`re talking about millions of people. The next morning, the vet, who was ready to put the horse down, said, "This is a miracle. This horse is getting better. I`ve never seen anything like this before."

And now Barbaro is getting better.

People can change their own destiny when they get together in a mass consciousness for the good. Surround yourself with positive feelings, positive light, and it will change.

BECK: Yes, we do control our own destiny. Things don`t have to be this way. George, thank you very much, appreciate it.

NOORY: Thanks, Glenn.

BECK: You bet.


BECK: All right, let`s find "The Real Story" behind the news. This morning, I read yet another headline about the violence in Iraq. This time, it was a car bomb, Baghdad, killed 14 people, blah, blah, blah! I don`t know about you, but I get to the point -- I`m so desensitized by the violence in the Middle East that I don`t even read the stories anymore. And that`s a problem.

I did see one headline about Iraq that did catch my eye. It read, quote, "Waiting for the imam`s return to Earth," end quote. That was the headline. It made me realize that most people on the planet have no clue as to what the real story really is when it comes to what truly motivates those who are causing the violence in the Middle East.

Now, I know when I say the word "imam" or "Mahdi," you know, you say that, and most people`s -- they start falling asleep. Somebody right now in Nebraska is searching for the clicker. I get it. Bear with me for 60 seconds. I`ll explain why this is so important for you to understand.

First, in really simple terms, the Mahdi is an Islamic figure who is supposed to return to Earth and it changes the world into a perfect Islamic society right before it ends. To many Muslims, the return of the Mahdi is an event as significant as the second coming of Christ is to Christians.

All right. Now, let me read you the words of the Iraqi cleric, al- Sadr, someone who has been a troublemaker from the beginning for the U.S. We should have killed this guy a long time ago.

He recently told a crowd of thousands that America`s primary purpose for the war is to prevent the return of the Mahdi. Quote, "This is all happening because the Americans are waiting for the Mahdi. Whatever they did in Afghanistan and Iraq are all attempts to hijack the Mahdi`s return."

Make no mistake: It doesn`t matter one bit whether you and I believe in the Mahdi or the messiah returning to Earth anytime soon. They do. They believe it. To those causing the violence, this is a holy war, and not just a holy war, but a holy war, a battle of biblical proportions, literally, not just for their country, but for the very coming of their savior.

Everyone always writes to me and says, "Glenn, OK, I understand the problem. What can I do to help?" Here is how you do it. You must pass this information onto everybody you know. I know it sounds nuts, but this is a piece of the puzzle that people just don`t understand.

People can`t comprehend that the intended outcome of this violence is all about Armageddon and the return of the messiah. It sounds nuts. We cannot count on the media to do the spreading of this word, because the media doesn`t understand religion. And I mean normal religion, not nut job religion only. We have to count on the individual people: you.

Next, we`ve been talking for the last few days about the new 700-mile fence that`s supposed to be built along some of the Mexican border. But the media now has shifted the story to how Mexicans are reacting to the fence. They`re begging -- begging -- the president not to sign the bill because it would make the border more violent. Right. How is that possible, Mr. Drug Lord?

The real story today is that illegal immigration has been so prevalent for so long that we can`t even recognize its consequences any longer. We all have focused on the people not learning English or the millions of dollars we`re paying in family aid for their children. But what about the less obvious effects?

In Los Angeles, I was there this weekend, I pick up a magazine, and I`m reading this story. Los Angeles is a city that is influenced by illegal immigration perhaps more than any other. The middle class, according to this article, has all but vanished. A recent report determined that over 71 percent of neighborhoods in Los Angeles are now considered to be either upper or lower class.

The middle class, which for so long has been the majority and the meat of America, is now relegated to a distant third place. Almost 500,000 households in L.A. earn less than $15,000 a year. Imagine earning $15,000 in a year where the average home costs more than $500,000.

Meanwhile, over 250,000 households have a net worth over $1 million. That is the greatest concentration of millionaires anywhere in the country, and the divide is only getting bigger. I read a report -- in fact, I read report after report after report, and nobody even dares to mention that illegal immigration might be a contributing factor. Gee, do you think so?

And that`s a shame, considering that it is not just Los Angeles that is being impacted. Of the top 10 cities with the smallest percentage of middle-class neighborhoods, seven of them are places where illegal immigration has been a huge problem, cities like Bakersfield, California, Houston, Dallas, El Paso, Tucson, Arizona. Gee, what do they have in common? Is this really a coincidence?

I`ve been telling you for months that this situation with our borders is just one piece of the perfect storm that is forming against us. And if you don`t think that immigration or a declining middle class is a big deal, just consider that there has never been a great society that has ever prospered with just rich and just poor. And neither will we.

So how do we turn this around? CNN`s Lou Dobbs has covered both the threat of illegal immigration and the declining middle class extensively, and I sat down with him earlier today.


BECK: Am I wrong? Can a society live without a middle class?

LOU DOBBS, CNN ANCHOR: Sure. There are societies all over the world living without a middle class. But this is America, and the middle class is the foundation of everything this country stands for: a land of opportunity; a quality of economic opportunity; a quality of educational opportunity.

And towns, communities, cities without a middle class, you know, have turned their back on the heritage of the nation and, in my opinion, have assured a failure of our future.

BECK: Was Carroll Quigley right on the shadow government, on the companies taking over and really controlling everything? Because it`s really the only thing that I can put my finger on to say, "Why aren`t we doing anything about illegal immigration?" We`re run by companies now, aren`t we?

DOBBS: Well, both political parties are run by the very same people, corporate America, $2.4 billion in lobbying each year. No other special interest comes that close.

The power of corporate America -- and I`m talking about big business. I`m not talking about small business. There`s even a fiction in this country now that small business, medium-size business, and corporate America are all the same. They`re not.

Corporate America is working against the interest of the medium- and small-size businesses, are working against the middle class, destroying jobs, not creating them. Small business continues to create jobs in this country, more than 80 percent of them. But the truth is that corporate America is dominating our legislative and our electoral system.

BECK: Wouldn`t you go further than that? It`s not just corporate America. I mean, it`s global corporations. I think we`re being turned into MexAmeriCanada.

DOBBS: Well, there are some obviously who would like to do that through the North American Union. And I think the Bush administration should be held to account for what they`ve tried to do with the so-called Security and Prosperity Partnership. It`s absolutely disgusting, by any standard, what these elites have tried to do in this country.

And, frankly, I can`t wait. We`ve been examining this problem for some time, this story, this issue. I find these people so repugnant I can`t even express my disgust on a family broadcast like yours.

BECK: But I have to tell you, you know, you say this, and the way I hear you phrase that right now, it`s the Bush administration. And I feel the same way. I`m a conservative. I voted for Bush. I can`t even begin to explain what they`re doing. But it`s -- you know, I feel as if...

DOBBS: By the way, they can`t either.

BECK: I know they can`t. The Democrats and the Republicans are taking us to the same frickin` destination. One`s just taking us in a train, and the other is taking us in a plane.

DOBBS: Well, it`s about time people woke up to one thing, though: They`re taking us. But the fact that we`re rolling over and allowing people to claim they`re Democrats and claim they`re Republicans, and not a single -- you just described yourself as a conservative.

BECK: Right.

DOBBS: What the heck does that mean? The difference between a conservative and a liberal today, a Democrat and a Republican?

BECK: There`s a difference between a liberal and conservative, not Republican...

DOBBS: Let me tell you. You may in your mind have a fixed understanding of that. But as a political force and any way in which to express your political will, it means nothing.

BECK: Yes, you`re exactly right. You are exactly right.

DOBBS: Because if this country does not awaken to what we`re doing to our middle class and the fact that traditional American values -- independence, equality, self-reliance, the common good, the national interest -- are the values that we all should be working toward, whatever label you want to aside in partisanship, fine. But those are the values we`ve got to turn to, and we`ve got to become an aspirational society again.

BECK: What is going to finally wake us up?

DOBBS: Leadership. Leadership.

BECK: Where are they?

DOBBS: Well, I`ll tell you what: They`re out there. The fact is there`s so much noise and silliness over all of these wedge issues -- gay marriage, gun control, abortion, whether we have "under God" in the pledge of allegiance. For God`s sake, it`s America. If you want to say "under God," say "under God." If you don`t, don`t. It`s individual liberty, individual responsibility.

Why do we even allow the airwaves, the national dialogue to be polluted with this nonsense?

BECK: I`d just ask you though: Where are the leaders? I don`t see them.

DOBBS: The leaders...

BECK: The leaders, do you know who the leaders are?

DOBBS: Well, I certainly...

BECK: I mean, I don`t mean us as TV people. I mean the people. We, the people, are the only leaders, and that`s trouble, man.

DOBBS: Actually, I think it`s the only salvation. Daniel Patrick Moynihan wrote a very important book almost 40 years ago called "Participatory Democracy." And it was a time in which people were engaged in great issues, civil rights, Vietnam, talking about the future of the country. When`s the last time, Glenn, you heard somebody say, "I`ve got this five-year outlook on the nation. This is what I think we should be doing. I think this is how we should be committing ourselves"...

BECK: Right.

DOBBS: ... "as a nation"?


DOBBS: We have fools on both the left and the right, Democrat and Republican, talking about their fears, their anxieties, their political correctness, their high-bound orthodoxies, whether it be in the media, whether it be their partnership, or whether it be academic, instead of independent thinking about who you are as an American and what we owe one another to assure that equality.

BECK: Lou, thank you very much.

DOBBS: Great to be with you.




BECK: You remember when the Dow hit the record last time? Bill Clinton was president. Yes, you probably do remember it, because it was literally the top story every single day, every day. "Look at the Dow." Now, it is almost as visible as Nicole Richie is from the side, almost, not quite. She`s still a little more visible.


BECK: ACLU is at it again. A U.S. district judge in Michigan has just ruled that they can proceed with a lawsuit they filed three years ago on behalf of the Muslim Community Association of Ann Arbor, amongst others, challenging the constitutionality of the Patriot Act. The ACLU says its clients have been hurt by the Patriot Act because fear of the law has kept people from attending religious services and making charitable donations. Boo-frickin`-hoo!

Former ACLU attorney Michael Gross is probably happy today. Michael, yesterday I had Mr. T on, and I thought I was nervous being around Mr. T. And then I remembered I got you tomorrow. Yes, I think I`m more afraid of you.


BECK: So what`s your problem with the Patriot Act?

GROSS: It`s unconstitutional, illegal, and anything but patriotic. Patriots were people who gave their lives so that we could be secure from searches without warrants. This so-called Patriot Act, which is an incredible piece of advertising with a mischievous title like that, gives all those rights away. You give away your security for a night light. Give me a break.

BECK: For a night light? What are you talking about?

GROSS: For imaginary safety. There`s no...

BECK: Imaginary safety? Tell me specifically about this case, sir. What is the problem?

GROSS: Getting the so-called security letter, which means avoiding a judge, not having to show probable cause. I mean, you do remember that the Constitution contains a Bill of Rights. The Fourth Amendment says we shall be secure in our persons, places and things from searches without probable cause and a warrant.

BECK: Pretty sure it says something like that.


GROSS: ... that`s all gone. That`s all gone.


GROSS: That`s all gone in a wisp.

BECK: All right. All right. Michael, here`s the thing.

GROSS: I`m serious.

BECK: We are taking -- I am serious, too, sir. We are taking steps, because we are at war with an enemy that is insidious. Now, you know, I`ve read the ACLU spin of the paragraph of the Patriot Act. You conveniently removed the part that says, "It shall not infringe on your First Amendment rights of free speech."

GROSS: Did you read the judge`s opinion, also from Detroit, federal court, this summer, who told our president, "You do not have the right to surveil because we are at war"?

BECK: Yes, right.

GROSS: The Constitution doesn`t have any exceptions for wartime. The Bill of Rights is still...


BECK: Is this the same judge that gave money to the ACLU, that judge? Because I read that judge. That was...

GROSS: You know, under the Patriot Act, I can go into the ACLU books and records and get your card issued to you. Be careful.

BECK: Wait a minute, my card issued to me?


BECK: Good God, did you sign me up? If I get...



BECK: You know who I saw today? I saw Norman Lear. I was sitting in the make-up chair today, and Norman Lear sat next to me. And I immediately thought...

GROSS: I hope it rubbed off on you. And I don`t mean just his make- up.

BECK: I immediately thought "All in the Family," and I know he was over there thinking, "ACLU, I hate you, Beck." That`s what he was thinking.

GROSS: The ACLU is the people -- that`s the organization that brought about the...

BECK: The destruction of America?


GROSS: ... saying the president is not the commander in chief of the people.

BECK: Oh, the ACLU is a joke, and you know it.

GROSS: Please, if that`s a joke, what are we going to do?

BECK: It`s a sad joke, isn`t it?

GROSS: What about giving FBI agents, on their own authority, letters that they can sign and avoid going to a judge for probable cause, so that they can go into your house, my records, your banks...

BECK: Michael, the Patriot Act has a sunset to it. If there`s ever, ever been any kind of abuse, I would love to meet the person that had their phone calls listened in onto. I would love to meet the people.

GROSS: You know that...

BECK: Every case that you bring up at the ACLU is hypothetical. "We could be listened to." I want to see the people who have had their library books taken out of their hands. I want to know those people.

GROSS: I can`t believe that you would give up the right to privacy...

BECK: I want to meet the people...

GROSS: ... for this false security.

BECK: False security, Michael? False security? What are you, afraid that we`re going to put a camera in your bedroom?

GROSS: It just so happens, right now, right now what we have to protect are those people who are plaintiffs in this case, who want to contact organizations outside this country who are doing charitable work for Muslims. And those people can`t do that any longer, because...


BECK: But, Michael, nobody -- you know what? I passed somebody...

GROSS: ... in Oregon, they get arrested and locked up because they`re Muslims.

BECK: The guy in Oregon? I think that...

GROSS: The lawyer who they thought blew up the Spain subways.

BECK: Right. I will tell you this, Michael, that I passed a Christian charity in the airport just the other day, and I didn`t give a dime to them. I don`t trust anybody with charities anymore, and that is the unfortunate truth. When you`re talking about fundraisers for Muslims, you know what? I think everybody is a little skittish on that.

GROSS: Open up trust...


BECK: And it`s not just Muslims, sir.

GROSS: Stop making us afraid. Stop dividing us based upon our races...

BECK: I`m not, sir.

GROSS: ... creeds, colors, country of natural origin.

BECK: I`m not. I`m not.

GROSS: Yes, you are.

BECK: Michael, no, I`m not. I got to run. I love you, you know that? Big kisses.

GROSS: Nice to be here.

BECK: And if you sign me up for that nut job organization, I`ll never forgive you.

GROSS: Thanks, Glenn.

BECK: Let`s check in with Nancy Grace now to she what she`s got coming up on her show tonight -- Nancy?

NANCY GRACE, HOST: Hi, Glenn. We go live to Capitol Hill and the growing scandal of high-powered Florida Rep. Mark Foley`s sex e-mails to young boys. Why is Foley in rehab and not in jail, Glenn?

BECK: You`re looking at me for answers? Don`t forget, you can check out Nancy at 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. Eastern.


BECK: All right. Let`s get to today`s "Ask Glenn."

This one came in from Gary. "Hey, Glenn, yesterday, you kept touting the new record in the Dow as evidence that we have a good economy. Why don`t you tell the whole story?"

All right, Gary. Here`s the whole story. The economy has some problems. We talked a lot about them earlier tonight. And while our government uses our credit like, you know, like an anorexic Hilton sister, the U.S. economy is still a dream to most of the world. Yesterday we talked about the Dow, weaving through the world`s craziness over the past few years for yet another all-time high today.

Now, I hate to be Mr. Boring Economist, but if you hold on, I`ll give you a treat, a little reward, with a guaranteed winning bet the next time you`re at a party. Hang on. I`ll get to that in a second.

But how about our employment picture? You probably know our unemployment rate is 4.7 percent. That`s lower than the average of each of the last four decades. But how does that compare to the rest of the world? Well, Germany, France, Belgium, and the entire European Union well above ours, 8 percent or above. Russia, Canada, Australia all higher than ours, as well. And for people like Corey Feldman or Corey Haim, that is about one billion percent, although that is an estimate.

The average worker in America makes over $16 dollars an hour. The minimum wage, while it`s being talked about in the media all the time, it is barely utilized at all. When Jimmy Carter was in office, he left office over 15 percent of hourly workers made the minimum wage. Now, 2.5 percent. Most of them are people under 25 or already retired, hardly the person just trying to feed his family of 60 and choosing between Eggo waffles and Levitra.

During the first half of the year, our economy grew faster than any other major industrialized country, and our home ownership rate is over 68 percent. The picture, generally a pretty rosy one.

But onto important stuff. Let me help your personal economy. Next time you`re at a party with a lot of hybrids parked out front, I want you to ask them: What race has the highest percentage chance to be on the minimum wage? What is it? There`s just no way they`re ever going to guess whites, but it`s true. Us whites have a 2.5 percent on minimum wage. That is more than blacks, more than Asians, more than Hispanics. Congratulations, whitey. The Man is keeping you down.

On that note, you can e-mail me at We`ll see you on the radio tomorrow and then back here tomorrow night, you sick freak.